More and more companies and individuals who use e-learning as a means of training and

education because they see the various benefits offered by web-based learning - the
internet is. From various comments made by, there are three equations in terms of
benefits to be enjoyed from the e-learning.
If the conventional learning in the classroom requires students to attend class at certain
hours (these hours are often clashed with the routine activities of students), then the elearning provides flexibility in choosing the time and place to access the lessons.
Students do not need to travel to where the lessons delivered, e-learning can be
accessed from anywhere that has access to the Internet. In fact, with the development of
mobile technology (with palmtops, mobile phones and even a certain type), the easier to
access e-learning. Various places also been providing free internet connection (at the
international airport and some cafes), thus in any way or at lunch time while waiting for
the meal is served, you can use the time to access e-learning.

â € œIndependent Learningâ €??
E-learning provides opportunities for learners to take control of the success of each
study, means that learners are given the freedom to decide when to start, when it will
finish, and which parts in a single module that wanted to learn first. He could start from
the topics that interest him or page first, or just get past the part that he thought he had
mastered. If he was having trouble understanding a passage, he could repeat again until
he felt able to understand. If, after repeated yet there are still things he understood, the
learner can contact the instructor, resource person via email or join an interactive
dialogue at certain times. If he had not had time to follow the interactive dialogue, he
could read the results of discussions on message boards available on the LMS (Website
manager). Many people who feel this kind of independent learning more effective than
other learning how to force to study with a predetermined sequence.

Many costs can be saved from the way of learning with e-learning. The cost here is not
only in terms of financial but also in terms of non-financial. Financially, the cost can be
saved, among others, the cost of transportation to a place of learning and
accommodations for learning (especially if the study was in another city and another
country), cost management administration (eg: the cost of salaries and allowances during
the training, instructors and personnel costs administrative management training, food for
training), provision of physical facilities for learning (eg, rental or provision of
classrooms, chairs, whiteboard, LCD player, OHP).

5 million. electronic learning can raise levels of learning interactions. among other things: productivity can be maintained and even improved because learners do not have to leave work being in the position occupied for training (the training schedule can be arranged and distributed within one week or one month). 1995) and K. Bates (Bates. Given the learning resources that have been packaged electronically and available to be accessed by learners through the Internet. from $ 7 million to $ 1. Non-financial costs can be saved too much. namely: Increasing levels of learning interaction between students with the teacher or instructor (Enhance interactivity). 1996) consists of four things. Not all the students in learning activities can be conventional. W. Wulf (Wulf. Hewlett-Packard could cut the cost of their training for 700 engineers for chip products that are always updated. dare or have the opportunity to ask questions or express an opinion on the discussion. may be submitted to the instructor once completed. among learners. the UK Open University has been utilizing the Internet as a method / media presentation of the material. If carefully designed. No need to wait until there is an appointment to meet with teachers / instructors. These limited opportunities are usually also tend to be dominated by a few quick learners and courageous response. Likewise. While the Indonesian Open . the opportunities that exist or are provided lecturers / teachers / instructors to discuss or ask for very limited. Cisco reduce training costs per employee of the USD from 1200 to 1800 to only USD 120 per people. Such a situation will not occur in electronic learning. among others: Buckman Laboratories succeeded in reducing employee training costs from $ 2. Learners who are shy or hesitant or less courageous have extensive opportunities to ask questions and submit statements / opinions without being watched or under pressure from classmates (Loftus. Learners are not strictly bound by time and venue for learning activities as well as in conventional education. 2002).4 million to $ 400. Allows the interaction of learning from anywhere and at any time (time and place flexibility). the learners can interact with these learning resources anytime and from anywhere (Dowling. 2000) cited comments are several companies that have enjoyed the benefits of cost reduction. while being able to keep doing their routine work. Unlike the case with the conventional learning. and between learners with learning materials (Enhance interactivity). competitiveness is also can be improved because employees can constantly improve the knowledge and skills relating to his work. In this regard. Aetna managed to save USD 3 million to train 3000 employees. both between learners with the teacher / instructor.000. the tasks of learning activities. Why? Due to the nature of conventional learning. While the benefits of electronic learning according to A.In terms of financial cost William Horton (Designing Web-Based Training. 2001).

Facilitate the completion and storage of learning materials (easy updating of content as well as archivable capabilities). and anytime. Learning opportunities is really wide open to anyone in need.University (UT). Likewise. anyone can learn. Anyone. With the flexibility of time and place. Interaction with learning resources is done through the internet. both of which are based on feedback from learners and instructors on the assessment results as the person in-charge or the builder's own learning materials. the completion or updating of learning materials in accordance with the demands of the development of scientific material can be carried out periodically and easily. the management of their own learning activities. Internet usage at UT is still limited to only the tutorial activities or so-called â € € œtutorial electronics? (Anggoro. Space and place and time no longer a barrier. Reaching out to learners in a wide range of (potential to reach a global audience). In addition. Knowledge and skills for the development of electronic learning materials need to be controlled in advance by the instructor who will develop electronic learning materials. Likewise. In the early stages.bottom of Form . use of the Internet for learning activities have been developed. Facilities available in internet technology and various software evolving helped facilitate the development of electronic learning materials. There must be commitment from the instructors who will monitor the progress of students learning activities participants and motivate participants as well as regular students. 2001). then the number of learners who can be reached via elearning activities or more and more widespread. improvement of methods of presenting learning material can also be done. anywhere.

and moneyconsuming. For various reasons some students may experience some problems with school attendance. But. in case something happens to the computers. And.Distance learning has been marked a shift in education. Thus. Online students can plan their schedule and learn whenever they can. The advantages of distance learning More and more people are choosing online education. Students have the possibility to take part in online discussions that mimics the regular classroom. Here are some more benefits of online education: The main advantage of online learning allows learning at home. Distance education is considered less time. Today. Second. online learning their saving grace. the majority of students prefer the traditional way of education. So. Foreign students who get the opportunity to not leave their country to enter universities abroad. it is difficult to calculate deadlines. finally. . students work tend to choose to learn online. Nowadays.Seperti not exist. online courses do not require additional payment for housing. face to face communication. students will have a loss of class. A student must be very determined and motivated. it will lag behind without a strict schedule. who's right? What kind of education is better? This article provides information for students about the pros and cons of distance learning. So. which makes getting an education at some colleges that are far more easily. If not. It is possible to record several speaking engagements on the video and using e-mail. Online courses do not provide adequate personal. This is most likely to socialize with students from around the country. still. almost everyone has a computer and Internet access. students who have jobs do not have to worry about the class there will terjawab. Living in another time zone. Distance learning deficiencies Distance learning also has some negative side: It is clear that online education is largely dependent on the Internet.

Indeed. the SBI was good. However. However. But. If for improving the quality of education. the SBI should be willing to follow changes in the field of knowledge and technology. Jamaris Jamna and Prof. Even behind the funds. SBI means that some subjects are taught in English. Among the developed mean that the SBI is to answer the global challenges. lesson plans and teaching materials in English. Some junior high school in Solo and the surrounding area has started to proceed into 'English Language School'.Program Stubs international school (RSBI) or often called SBI often raises the pros and cons. Head of Education Bambang Sutrisno said the city of Padang. Muhammad Zaim. But with mounting material that must be absorbed plus PR-PR is . discourse and praxis of the SBI program is looking more and more busy talking in the world of education in Indonesia. such as syllabus. we can not deny. lately. some education experts from West Sumatra. Now. the teachers of mathematics. it seems to be hampered by several obstacles. As an implication. including education about how the management process so that the program could be optimized. discourse and praxis of the SBI program continues to pose a number of issues. to what RSBI it held? Why the discrepancy between expectation and reality that happens? How is the right solution for that problem? To answer that question. it seems important for us to telisik first in depth the nature RSBI / SBI is. Continue. 2011). RSBI program is in line with the mandate of Law Number 20 Year 2003 on National Education System. as quoted by a newspaper published in West Sumatra on Friday (July 8. RSBI importance is to improve the uneven quality of education internationally. until at the age of 5 years. that is good. In the pioneering stage. a thick and sophisticated content. the implementation RSBI are the demands of Law Number 20 Year 2003 on National Education System and its implementation is also provided in the Minister of National Education Regulation No. the question. such as Prof. judge. RSBI in the city of Padang has not contributed much to improving the quality education. science and English language gets first priority to make an effort to improve themselves. here there were jokes that SBI stands for 'English Language School'. But in practice. Just look at their books. 78 of 2009. until now anyway. For example. SBI often highlighted sharply due to the phenomenon of which cited the amount of funds to students. if so. In simple terms. We know now this load of school children a lot. mathematics is explained by the teacher with the English and the students were asked if it would be in English. the government and or local government held at least one unit of education at all levels of education to be developed into an international educational unit. In article 50 paragraph 3 mentioned. The substance or nature of the SBI itself is not reached. In itself.

most of our school children are not bilingual. it seems that policy makers should reflect on how important the education management program toward a more optimal SBI. Especially when considering that the SBI program has a strong correlation in the improvement of teacher competence. has a high working ability. How in terms of teachers? Are the teachers of subjects other than English are able to better explain their subject in English? However. they do not learn English in depth and full. Therefore. capable of using ICT in teaching. which develops ideas about how management education should ideally be studied and associated with the management of SBI. the development of human resources (HR). (*) . I do not know if that launched SBI is understood that English as a subject alone is quite a burden. and pass the TOEFL score above 500. the SBI program will encounter obstacles that are not light. they must speak English. suddenly. when the SBI intends to create a more optimal. This is really heavy. it is important to get top priority. Without strong motivation. it makes sense. That's why. Well. both educators and education personnel. English must also be a means of understanding other subjects. we need to realize also. both internal and external. See load limit of the subject matter that goes beyond the child's ability to digest it. if the school is currently implementing the program encouraged the SBI. If it applied to children who are bilingual from the beginning (one of his parents came from English-speaking country and English from an early age have been used to communicate at home. Even some difficult subjects ingested by the students although it is explained by the Indonesian language. English is not their field. that burden must be shouldered by the students into two-fold multiple aliases. SBI program stakeholders should be able to also give motivation to all the components that exist in the educational unit. Teachers also bear the double burden. but rather covers various matters related to school improvement towards a global standard schools. has a professional certification of teachers. In addition pemodernisasian education management information system with information and comunication technology (ICT). the SBI. The essence of SBI was not just mastery of English managers and stakeholders. together with the Indonesian language).always flowing. It's not realistic. They must also have a relevance between the ability of the subjects who Amnestied. Especially if it's explained in English! Supposing. for SBI toward a more optimal. additional demands to learn English to understand other subjects are not logical and is a mental coercion. But we know. In college. This means that SBI is not merely good at speaking English. Now. the burden of school children now exceeds the burden of old school children. In terms of students. then teachers are required at the end of the SBI in addition to minimum standards of S-1 degree. Judging from the management side of education. This is where the importance of management education. All this indicates that more and more education of management science is required.