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Baker Hughes Inaugurates Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) with an Open House

HOUSTON - April 4, 2008 - Baker Hughes Incorporated (NYSE: BHI; EBS) held an open house today to celebrate the opening
of Phase I of its new Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) in northwest Houston.
"The CTI is a world class research and engineering center. This $42 million investment demonstrates our company's
commitment to developing new completion and production technologies," said Chad Deaton, Baker Hughes Chairman,
President and CEO. "Innovations created and tested here will enable our customers to maximize recovery even in the most
challenging environments."
"The CTI is capable of testing full-size prototypes of the next generation of downhole completion tools in a test environment with
pressures up to 40,000 psi and temperatures up to 700° F," said Bennett Richard, Director of Product Engineering. "While
there are test facilities that can test individual components at higher ratings, none are capable of testing the full-sized systems
with the volumes of gas required for such extreme high-pressure and high-temperature testing."
Completion & Production Research and Engineering
The CTI is designed to enable Baker Hughes research and engineering teams to achieve breakthroughs in technologies
focused on four important application areas:

Deepwater wells
Extreme high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) applications
Production optimization, and
Large-diameter "big bore" completions

The facility includes high pressure/high temperature test cells rated at 700°F and 40,000 psi, research labs for materials,
fluids, elastomers, composites and electronics, as well as prototype manufacturing capabilities.
CTI Campus
The CTI is located within a 14-acre campus that will advance Baker Hughes completion and production technologies by
providing a synergistic environment for cross-collaboration between Baker Hughes divisions Baker Oil Tools, ProductionQuest,
Baker Petrolite and Centrilift. Approximately 575 scientists, application engineers and laboratory technicians will conduct
research, engineering, development and testing at the CTI. Phase II of the CTI campus, consisting of additional office buildings
and research facilities, is expected to be completed by the end of 2008.
Research Laboratories
The CTI has research facilities are dedicated to investigating latest developments in metallurgy, elastomers, fluids and
composites for oilfield applications under challenging conditions.
Rapid Prototyping Capabilities
The CTI makes extensive use of Rapid Prototype (RP) equipment to develop plastic and powder deposition models for
visualization and functional analysis.
Prototype Machine Shop
The latest machining technology and practices are available, including multi-axis capability and EDM cutting technology, for
highly specialized prototyping needs.
Test Cell Monitoring
Customers, third-party inspectors, and collaborating engineers will use a specially built work space while viewing their tests and
monitoring the results in a safe environment.
Increased Customer Collaboration

Contact: Ron Bitto. Baker Hughes is a leading provider of drilling.The CTI supports enhanced Baker Hughes collaboration with our clients. Texas 77040 Tel 713 934-4100 . completion and production products and services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. Current projects include the development of a hostileenvironment permanent packer. +1 713 439-8391 Brenda Sharp. real-time casing imaging technology and integration of fiber optics with sandface completions. +1 713 625-4773 Baker Hughes Center for Technology Innovation 14990 Yorktown Plaza Drive Houston. formation evaluation. high hydrostatic packer setting module.