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COMMUNICATION EMERGENCY CONTACTS LOCAL AMENITIES/SERVICES STUDENT SUPPORT CONTACTS DAMAGES DISCIPLINE ENERGY & SUSTAINTABILITY HEALTH AND WELLBEING BANK ACCOUNTS RENT FIRE SAFETY FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT HARASSMENT INSURANCE INTERNET & TELEPHONY MAIL NOISE REPAIRS RESIDENCE LIFE SECURITY MATTERS KEYS SMOKING BUS SERVICES DRIVING AND PARKING VOTING UNHAPPY WITH YOUR ACCOMMODATION? CYCLING . • Morrisons .http://storelocator.jsp • Asda .uk/cps/rde/www_lidl_uk/hs.sainsburys.accom. Emergency Contacts back to top Emergency Sevices (Fire.http://www. telephone voice or • Lidl Environmental Health (Noise Pollution) • Contact Centre – during normal business hours After Hours Response – (Thurs – Fri 5:15 – 4 e-mails will be sent to your University SMS account. Sat – Sun 18:00 – 4 am) Please see relevant bank websites for contact info Tel: 0131 529 3030 Tel: 0131 200 2000 Post offices • Post office Branch locator: • http://www. Police and Ambulance): Police (Non-emergency): Keycom Help Line (telephone/internet provision in your room): Tel: 999 Tel: 101 Tel 0131 545 5000 or 1590 from your room phone Local Amenities/Services back to top Banks A list of eligible banks with which to open a bank account can be found on the bank letter in your MYED account once you check in to your accommodation.COMMUNICATION & CONTACTS back to top Check your sms e-mail account regularly • Please note we will communicate with you via a number of different ways.http://www.htm .com/storeLocator/ • Sainsbury’s In line with University policy. • Your site also has a Facebook page which is monitored by your Residents' Assistants and you can chat with other tenants living on your site/ house. For more information please go to: http://www. you must check this on a regular basis. and notice Supermarkets • Tesco . Details of this are available in your welcome letter.morrisons.xsl/785. The Advice Place Tel: 0131 650 2656 Free impartial advice and information on anything and or 0131 650 5772 everything provided by your student association (EUSA) • Student University Chaplaincy Centre Bristo Square International Office Tel: 0131 650 4296 33 Buccleuch Place http://www.ed. come to the Reception Centre.Student Support Contacts back to top Residence Life For assistance with welfare/academic concerns call or email Tel: 0131 650 2595 Student Counselling Service Library .ac. Email: accom. Kings Buildings • For opening hours please see: http://www. Pollock Halls between 09:00 – 17:00 Monday-Friday Tel: 0131 667 1971 or dial ‘0’ from your room 5/2 Bistro Square Student Disability Service Tel: 0131 650 6828 Library Tel: 0131 557 4444 Nightline Confidential Support for Students (8pm – 8 am) EUSA Tel: 0131 650 2656 Edinburgh University Student’s .ed.ed.George Square & also at Moray House School of Education http://www. Potterow – Bristo Square Email: advice@eusa.ed.George Square • KB House.

This means no holes in the wall and no Blu-Tac stains either. kitchens. common rooms and laundries) will be split between ALL the tenants in the House of Flats. • We’d like you to leave your room as you found it at the end of the year. breach of health and safety requirements. • For further information.ed. whether caused by misuse of the fire . DISCIPLINE back to top All students are subject to the UNIVERSITY CODE OF DISCIPLINE • Serious breaches of discipline. visit: http://www. Un-attributable damage in shared areas (this includes the stairwells. or use of illegal drugs will be dealt with under this code. Any damage caused by you or your guests will be charged to you. Do not damage or vandalise your flat including any of the furniture and fittings.DAMAGES back to top DAMAGES BE WARNED: You will be charged for damages! • Respect your accommodation and other residents.

but will help to limit increases in rents to meet increasing utility • While you are not paying the electricity bill directly.accom.ed. we’re actively working to reduce our environmental You will receive updates on your power consumption to help you take steps to minimise your usage. RECYCLING • Please use recycling facilities—more information available in Site/ House Office • Please ensure that items that may create a fire hazard are not allowed to accumulate in kitchens/pantries. • For more information on Energy and Sustainability in your accommodation please visit: http://www. please take measures to keep consumption low. • For more information on recycling in your area. and making our students and staff more aware of environmental issues.ENERGY & SUSTAINABILITY back to top • One of Accommodation Services’ major business objectives is “to operate in a sustainable and environmentally effective and beneficial way”. you are paying for the electricity consumed as part of your rent.ed. You may be charged for excessive use. With the introduction in 2009 of a Sustainability This is not only environmentally friendly. please visit: http://www.

this will help in the event of a medical emergency. cookers and microwave ovens. please contact your Accommodation Manager/Warden to discuss these. staff and students. The University has its own Health Centre. you should complete the medical notice in your room. Bristo Square: Tel: 0131 650 2777 www. you may wish to register there. Tidiness in the kitchen and security of food are responsibilities shared by the residents. Doctors & Pharmacy University of Edinburgh Health Service.pdf APPLIANCES back to t • The kitchens in self-catered accommodation are equipped with kettles. located in the Student Centre at Bristo Out of Hours Medical Advice: Tel: 08454 24 24 24 NHS 24 – provides health!fileManager/HealthandSafetyStudentGuidlines. After registering.HEALTH AND WELL-BEING back to top • Maintaining Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility.nhslothian. Additional heaters are not required and are also not permitted. available when GP Practices are closed .edinburghnhsdentist. fridges/ FEELING UNWELL? • Upon arrival you should register with a local GP (Medical Practice). Any such appliances found will be instructed to be removed.nhs. • If you have any special requirements linked to your health. Any additional appliances brought in by tenants for use in the kitchen must be fused and earthed to comply with UK electrical safety requirements. • Any adapters used must also comply with: http://www. which have not already been addressed. Failure to do so will result in Accommodation Services removing the items to store.aspx Dentist For a list of Dentists in Edinburgh please visit: • Additional cooking appliances are not permitted in To help you play your part please read our Health and Safety Guidelines for Students which can be found at: http://www.

ed. You will be able to print an approved letter for the bank from your MyEd record once you have checked into your accommodation. You can use your bank account to set up a Direct Debit mandate so that the money due for your rent will be collected For more information: . or driving licence if you are a UK Resident.Bank Accounts back to top Non UK Residents should note that it may take up to three or four weeks after your arrival in the UK to open a bank account. What you will need: • Confirmation of your UK address. • Visa (If applicable) • Unconditional letter of acceptance. • Passport.

uk o In person at the Reception Centre. Setting up a payment plan is part of the conditions of acceptance of your accommodation offer. This could also result in court action if a satisfactory conclusion is not reached. Exact details of the instalment amounts and the dates when these instalments will be taken will be sent to you within 2 months of the date of you accepting your offer of accommodation or at least 14 days before the first payment date. which means that each tenant is responsible for his or her own rent payments only. you should arrange to speak to someone from the Rent Payment Section as soon as you can. • Rent can either be paid in full by debit/credit card on acceptance of your offer of accommodation or either monthly or termly by either a Direct Debit drawn on a UK bank account or via a Recurring Card Payment plan against a Visa or MasterCard. This may have an effect on the following: your credit history. • If you wish to request a postponement of an instalment you must inform Rent Payment Section in AS Finance at least 10 working days prior to the next Monday to Friday. future offers of University accommodation and references to other landlords in the future. You can contact the Rent Payment Section: o By phone on 0131 651 2118 (keycom x 22118) o By email at accom. If you wish to alter either your Bank or Card details a new mandate needs to be set-up at least 14 calendar days prior to the next payment date. • Further details and important information regarding rent payments can be found at: • http://www. Generally the payment date is the 10th of the month or the nearest working day after this date. Their initial contact will incur costs of a minimum of 12% of the balance due and will be charged to you. an outside agency will be instructed to contact you regarding arrears. .uk/current-students/paying-for-your-accommodation/rent-payment/ If you are experiencing financial difficulties. 9 am to 5 pm • • If you do not respond to any arrears letter sent to you.accom.rentenquiries@ed.ed.Rent back to top • All tenancies are on a ‘sole and several’ basis. You will also be able to view these details through your MyEd account. Pollock

• Please ensure that you read the fire alarm notice posted in your room. but if the alarm sounds for longer than 15-20 seconds then you should vacate the building. THIS IS STRICTLY AGAINST THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR TENANCY AND WILL RESULT IN A FINE UP TO A MAXIMUM OF £250. The break-glass in each House should only be used in the event of a fire. Please note that failure to leave the premises is a criminal offence.00 • In the event of a fire. • Please do not use hairdryers. • All Houses are equipped with a Fire Alarm system. WEDGE OPEN FIRE DOORS OR DISCONNECT DOOR CLOSERS. A different call point is tested every • Fire Safety video (youtube):https://www. You may not re-enter the building until the Fire Brigade has attended the scene. the Fire brigade may press charges and you will be subject to a fine up to a maximum of £250 under the code of student CANDLES (including joss sticks/ incense) back to top Candles (including joss sticks/incense) are a fire risk and not permitted in University managed accommodation.FIRE SAFETY back to top The main causes of fire alarm activations are: • • • • • • • • • • • Fumes from cooking Toast and burnt food and grill pans Smokers’ Materials Steam (Including you should evacuate the building immediately. aerosols. You do not have to leave your room during an alarm test.ed. Each kitchen is equipped with a heat detector and each room with a smoke detector. directly under the detector head in your room. as this may activate the alarm and charges could result. joss sticks or incense burners Aerosol use Heaters For further information. you must ALWAYS vacate the building when you hear the fire alarm. NEVER COVER SMOKE AND HEAT DETECTORS. has ascertained that the building is safe and has given its consent for FIRE ALARMS & WEEKLY TESTS back to top • The weekly Fire alarm test is carried out by Accommodation Services staff. please visit: • http://www. straighteners. . • Any student contravening this regulation will be fined up to a maximum of £250 under the code of student discipline. irons and hair straighteners) Detector Interference Malicious use of fire alarm systems and extinguishers Disconnection of Door Closers Use of candles.accom. These have been installed for your safety and any misuse is a criminal offence.

• If you have expensive items which exceed the stated INSURANCE back to top • As part of your tenancy agreement.accom. On occasion. It will result in DISCIPLINARY ACTION (See section ‘D’ for disciplinary) being taken against including electronically. Damaged or expended equipment can cost lives. HARASSMENT back to top Contact your Warden/Accommodation Manager if you are suffering HARASSMENT • The University prohibits harassment of any type. you will be required to provide a crime reference number. This includes any threatening or offensive behaviour or language expressed orally or in writing. you automatically receive basic contents insurance for your room.FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT back to top • NEVER TAMPER WITH FIRE-FIGHTING EQUIPMENT. We recommend that you take particular care when using social media web sites. • However. • You are strongly encouraged to review the University guidelines on dignity and respect at the following website: http://www. . You should check the details of amounts insured on the website: http://www. • If you are making a claim in relation to theft.pdf • Please note that additional cover is required for bikes and mobile phones. Please research which insurance provider best meets your needs.ed. It is irresponsible. you are advised to take out further insurance to cover these. • NOTE: ANY tampering with fire safety equipment is viewed seriously by the University and the Fire Brigade. such activity has resulted in CRIMINAL CHARGES being pressed against students. if you use a fire blanket or extinguisher on a genuine please inform the House Office immediately and they will arrange to get it including a fine of up to £250.

hotels. Keycom has been able to extend local WiFi connectivity on a national basis offering students the use of 10. . To ensure a reliable and fast internet connection in your bedroom. • For more information about the internet and telephone services provided at this property please visit: The Cloud is Europe’s leading wireless network operator. restaurants.thecloud. so please check regularly. Their extensive network covers locations that include airports. please use the wired service as described in the instructions you will find in your bedroom on arrival’. railway stations. AS will use this to contact TELEPHONES back to top • Your room has a telephone. coffee shops and bars. As a registered KeySurf user you have access to local and national services using a single login. WIRELESS back to top • The Keycom wireless service is designed to be accessed in pantries.accom. please ensure upon your arrival that you activate this so that you can make and receive telephone calls and messages. business centres.INTERNET & TELEPHONY back to top • This property has internet aprovided by Keycom Plc. This service provides high quality broadband internet.ed.000 hotspots across • Through a unique arrangement with The Cloud. kitchens and common rooms ONLY. It is not designed to be used from within your bedroom. This does not mean that you will not get a signal in your bedroom. MAIL back to top Please refer to your offer of accommodation for your correct postal address. but that it is likely to be very slow. o To find out where to find a Cloud Hotspot go to: http://www.

If you have reported a repair. please contact the Pollock Halls Security on 6666 from your bedroom handset. please contact your Warden/ Accommodation Manager or AS Security. please visit: If you are experiencing a problem with noise.ed. please ask to see if you are in any doubt about someone requiring access to your room.NOISE back to top • Noise should be kept to a minimum after 10:00 pm. http://www. • Planned or routine maintenance will be notified 48hrs in advance. (Wardens & Resident Assistants) are there to provide opportunities for you to meet others and provide a supportive community for you to live in. contact numbers are listed in the contact information. Please do not assume that someone else has reported a repair. • For further information. REPAIRS back to top It is your responsibility to report REPAIRS needed in your accommodation • Any repairs required in your home should be reported either by e-mail to your site Accommodation Manager or on a repair form in the Site/House Office. you have granted permission for access to your home. RESIDENCE LIFE back to top The Residence Life team. Please do not rely on the Domestic Staff to report repairs for you – this is not their .pdf • Environmental Health (noise pollution) can be contacted by telephone if you have an issue with noise. They can also offer support and advice when needed. • Please note that University maintenance staff and outside contractors may require access to your flat and room to carry out repairs and maintenance. and special consideration should also be given during exam time. they usually haven’t! • In the event of an emergency repair and the site/house office is unattended.accom. • If you have not received an acknowledgment of your repair within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) of reporting it. please contact your Accommodation Manager/House Office again.accom. All University of Edinburgh personnel have some form of

and ensure the main door to the building is locked whenever you leave or enter the House. You will become familiar with the staff working in the House. The Security Team always carry identification with them to prove who they are. and they will arrange for any repairs required to doors or windows. If you require assistance from the Security Team. • In the event of your room being broken in to. Please do not hesitate to ask for identification from anyone who requires access to your bedroom. Please also inform the Security team on 6666. Security 24/7 based at Pollock Halls but available for all University accommodation sites. You can also contact them via e-mail at Security24-7@ed. • Do not allow strangers to enter the emergencies. but all University personnel should have either name tags or identification badges. • For the Security team to provide appropriate assistance to you please detail as much information about yourself and the situation you are reporting as possible. repairs Tel: 0131 651 2060 or 0 from room phone . to assist with lockouts. From the information given the Security staff will assess and decide whether immediate action is required or whether your email/call should be passed to an Accommodation Manager or the Residence Life staff for further please contact the Police on 101 to report the crime. It is also essential that you close your windows when you go out. please contact them at any time on 6666 from your bedroom handset or 0131-651-2060 from an external phone. even when you are in. • Accommodation Services employ security staff who are based at Pollock Halls 24 hrs a day. Thefts can occur when students leave their rooms unattended and unlocked.SECURITY MATTERS back to top Lock doors – ask for ID – report incidents back to to • Ensure that your bedroom door is closed and locked at ALL times. however briefly.

as this has implications for your safety. including the use of Please do not tag your keys with an address – if a tagged key is lost the lock will have to be changed.accom.ed.00 (Contact House/Site Office) (Contact Residents’ Assistant) (Contact Pollock Halls Reception Centre) SMOKING back to top All accommodation is non-smoking. the cost of replacements is £20.KEYS back to top • Please check link below for key collection dates and locations • Always report any loss of keys / swipe cards / fobs immediately to the site/house office. or if this is closed.lothianbuses. the following charges will apply: http://www. • Never give your key to anyone • See the Transport and Parking office website for more information on bus travel including the University shuttle bus service and the Traveline Scotland journey planner: www. • If you lose your key(s).uk/transport .00 £20. please contact the Police as well. A fine up to a maximum of £250 will be applied under the Code of Student Discipline if any resident or their guest/s are found to be smoking in any of our accommodation. to the Pollock Halls Reception Centre.ed. BUS SERVICES back to top • The University is served by a comprehensive network of buses which are largely provided by Lothian buses: www.00 per set. the cost of doing the work will be charged to you. If you think the keys have been o 09:00hrs – 15:00hrs o 18:00hrs – 23:00hrs o After 23:00 hrs £5.00 £5. If you are locked out of your flat and require assistance from staff to get back into the flat.

they can be contacted via the Reception Centre at Pollock transfers will not normally be considered before week 6 of the first semester. This charge covers the time and resources necessary to make the arrangements. COMPLAINTS b • If we have been unable to resolve any problems you have . However.ed. If you wish to transfer to another Hall of Residence or to a University Flat – and there is a suitable vacancy available – you can transfer on payment of a £50 administration fee.lothian-vjb. written permission to do so.UNHAPPY WITH YOUR ACCOMMODATION? back to top TRANSFERS back to to Read this BEFORE making arrangements to leave your accommodation • If you wish to transfer at any time before the end of your tenancy or visit: Voting back to top Use your VOTE • It is important that you register to vote. • To check your eligibility to vote and for advice on how to register to vote phone: 0131 344 2500. please follow the procedure outlined in: CAN I CANCEL EARLY? If you withdraw from University you will be released from you Accommodation contract otherwise you must find a suitable replacement tenant to take your adjust our systems and produce the required paperwork for any agreed transfer to take place. In line with your contract terms and conditions. you must first discuss the matter with a member of the Allocations Staff.accom. if you vacate your accommodation without receiving official. who will assess the situation and advise you as appropriate. you will be liable to pay all rents due until your accommodation is occupied by another tenant agreed by the University. or email: enquires@lothian-vjjb. http://www.

as this constitutes a fire hazard. keep car use to a minimum • To plan your • For information on the United Kingdom city car club see: • Bikes are not permitted to be kept in the CYCLING back to top Where there are secure BICYCLE SHEDS please use them (please do not use the railings and lampposts) • Cycling is a cheap and healthy way to get • For more information about car parking see the Transport and Parking office website: www.ed. Any bike left in the stairwell or landing will be removed. Please ensure you have sufficient insurance cover for your bike.CAR PARKING AND DRIVING back to top In the interests of the environment.edinburgh. You can plan your route around Edinburgh using the cycle streets journey planner: www.ed. stairwell or landing. stairwell or landing by taking a bike into or out of the building will be charged to • Cycle maintenance – the University provides a number of facilities for cycle maintenance for more information including free bike doctor sessions see the Transport and Parking office website: There is a network of on and off road cycle routes in • Tripshare is the University’s car sharing scheme for more information see: www. • Please ensure you have a good lock for your bike.cyclestreets. • Accommodation Services is not liable for any damage caused to bikes kept in the bike shed. . and that you remove it from the bike shed at the end of your tenancy. you can use Transport Direct’s journey planner: www. Any damage caused to the