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Hanuman Mantra - 3

This Hanuman Mantra is a very secret mantra with unlimited power in it. This
Hanuman mantra brings instant results. One becomes exceptionally powerful
by chanting this hanuman mantra.
हह हनन मतत रददररतमकरय हनह फटद |
Hang Hanumate Rudraatmakaay Hung Phatt ?

Mantra for mental power
This is powerful mantra to increase mental strength. This mantra increases the overall
mental capacity of the individual. This Health Mantra has been given to me by a
knowledgeable person who practices it daily.
The procedure for the practice of this mantra is to recite it daily for a total of 540 times
for a period of 40 days, after which you attain Siddhi[mastery].If while reciting this
mantra you feel that the body heat is increasing too much you must stop and continue
the next day.
Om hrim mannas chetnayee phat ll

मह तरद
ॐ हदररह मरहनस चत तनरय फट ll
VALLABAM GAJAANANAM YEKA THANTHAM: this will help you to find your aim of your
life. You want to come out of your monotonous life routines and find your goal of life. You
need to be goal oriented. That is taken care of by Yeka Thantham.
Sometimes people comment “my time is not good”. And some say, “I don’t have
enough time”. To find the divine time and make things happen as well as to find time to
do your stuff, use this mantra.
For mental strength and will power chant this mantra. Use this mantra to tackle
manipulative persons.

chant this mantra after Hari Narayana Gopalam. To get Sarva Siddhi (super-man type skills) and to accomplish in your life chant this mantra Removing hurdles Do a RAM japa. Chant this mantra and do a dance. . you will forget your body consciousness. The word ‘Ra’ has the power of twelve Suns. Gopalam is a friend in need. One of the hardest things about battling depression and anxiety is the relentless mental torture of negative thoughts. immediately you will find help. It will remove any hurdles that you might come across. To fulfill your ambitions. Their stubbornness will go. It has so much power in it.Chant the mantra holding a glass of water and give it to children when they fall back to emotional black mailing. Like the animal spirit guide Wolf. When you dance. I discovered that mantras could help me battle my negative thoughts and give me courage to battle depression and anxiety. Achieve your goals and life objectives HARI NARAYANA GOPALAM HARI NARAYANA GOVINDAM GOPALAM GOVINDAM GOPALAM GOVINDAM (HEY) To achieve your goal you require this winning mantra.

. the stronger I felt. You can do it. I had found a way to create an upward-spiral! Here are my four other favorite mantras: Fearless in the face of failure. I believe in you. strength. I imagined everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Queen Latifah to Oprah Winfrey repeating it to me.” I imagined my healthy. strong. The more I used this mantra. confident self repeating it to me. I used this strength to keep taking baby steps to battle depression and anxiety. I imagined my friends and family repeating it to me.The first mantra I remember using was “Keep battling. This mantra helped me drown out my negative thoughts and gave me hope. and a feeling that someone was cheering for me to succeed.

Baby steps.Forward motion. baby steps. baby steps. . forward life.

Mantra to Increase Mental Strength in Children Youngsters or Old People मरनससक शसकत बढ़रनत कर मनतदर Mantra Om Om Om Ha Ha Ae Namh Mantra Vidhi .

मनततर : - ॐॐॐ . definitely you will not forget that lesson.To get power of the Shabar Mantra one can start chanting in any holy period like Holi. if they start chanting this effective or Influential mantra within 40 days you can see little changes.. Diwali or Navratro. Mantra Shakti can be active after 2100 japa. This mantra is very much powerful and with the help of this powerful shabar mantr even Retarded students can get improvement in their memory.. 2100 japa is only one time after whenever you are going to learn your lesson in starting do japa of this shaktishaali mantra only 21 times and then start your book lesson..

ह: ह: ऐ नमम वववध .