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Personal Statement

My name is Wang Yongsheng , a sophomore student in
School of Mechanical engineering Ningxia University . I am
very glad to have the opportunity to apply for studying in
University Malaysia Pahang as an exchange student.
Grown up in a village,but I have a very beatific family.My
parents are hard-working farmers . Although the family isn’t
rich, they love me and my lovely brother very much. Just
because of living poorly in their half of lifetime, they hope my
brother and I can study hard to get away from the fate and do
some meaningful things. So under the guidance of my father
and mother, I study very hard, whether in junior school or
middle school . “God helps those who help themselves” ,
which rings in my ear all the time.
After graduating from high school, in the process of a summer

I have a shallow understanding of the machine industry.

As we all know ,

mechanical engineering plays a very

important role in the national economy, which is concerned to
many fields , such as general engineering , aeronautical ,
chemical and nuclear engineering and provides a sufficient room
of choices for me to realize the dream of becoming a scientist or
a mechanical engineer. With this fact in mind, I decided to

and I have passed the exam of CAD skill grading. Besides.I also passed the College English Test Band Four. In last summer vacation , I entered the WuZhong Instrument Machinery Works(in northwest of China)for a one week internship. During this period, I became familiar with the design and manufacturing of some valve mechanism, and a series of advanced technology, this experience make me more curious in mechanical engineering. At the same time, I found that many good ideas of design could not be put into real life because of the backwardness in raw material quality and processing techniques. This fact impelled the related areas and enterprise to concentrate their research interest on materials science and processing. Materials science is the most fundamental and important subject. If we know well the fact of materials science, we will obtain a big leap. So I decide to set my research direction to .choose mechanical engineering as the major field to study for both my undergraduate and graduate study in Ningxia University. During nearly two years of study in Ningxia University, I learned a total of 30 basic courses, 13major courses. I also learned how to use Auto CAD and Solid—works to express parts of mechanisms.

I always go on. Applicant:Wang Yongsheng Application date:2015.22 .materials science . It is well-known that UMP is famous for materials science and mechanical engineering. If I can get the admission of UMP , I want to learn more about industry condition of Malaysia and the culture of Malaysia . With the hope hat become a student of UMP.5.