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(On 17th Feb’2015)

Department Of Instrumentation Engineering,
Sipna College of Engineering & Technology, Amravati.

The Department of Instrumentation Engineering of Sipna College of Engineering & Technology,
Amravati organized Industrial visit to VIDARBHA INDUSTRIES POWER LIMITED (thermal power
plant) at Butibori MIDC area Nagpur, for Pre Final Year Students. Visit was organized with the prior
permission and guidance of Honorable Principal Dr. S.A. Ladhake sir It was supported by HOD
Dr.G.P.Dhok sir. Total 30 students of Pre Final Year to visit VIPL Thermal Power Plant.
Visit started with welcome address by HR Manger Mr. Sawangikar sir ,VIPL Thermal Power Plant. He
gave brief introduction about Thermal Power Station. He also explains Principle of thermal power station
& also introduces Operation manager Mr. Mayur Chapate sir who had guided us throughout our plant
visit. We visited VIPL Thermal Power Plant which is based on sub critical technology. This 600 MW
power plant is one of the most compact power plants in the country.
The industrial visit was informative and helpful in providing real life exposure. Industrial visit proved to
be learning and fruitful experience for both students and faculty members. Around 30 third year
instrumentation Engineering students and 4 faculty members participated in the industrial visit.
The aim of this Industrial Visit is to introduce the concept of Project based Learning in the Engineering.
The concept of learning outcomes in Engineering is to include or improve the student’s technical ability
and knowledge, ability for lifelong learning, leadership and team work ability and communication skills
for sustainable development

The visit is planned to help the students achieve the following:

Gain the knowledge about the process units – Boiler, Pump, Condenser, Steam turbine, Generator,
Electrostatic precipitator, Coal Handling, Ash Handling, Pulverizer etc. & study the process flow

in order to assess their understanding from what they learned. AFTER VISIT SURVEYS Pre Visit Survey: As the start of the industrial visit students were asked to complete the pre visit survey containing questions related to the learning outcomes. 4. More over students will gain the subject learning outcome by means of pre. 3. students can frame some sort of knowledge about the process. curriculum development. Experience the importance of working safely. environmental pollution etc. . Understand how does the product of the plant interfaced to the world. CONCLUSION: Industrial visit provides the students Real time operation of Thermal Power Plant. These include student’s internships. Understand the concept of thermal energy conversion & estimate overall efficiency of power plant. By answering these questions. some set of question had been given to the students. of the industry they visited. 5. This after visit survey motivated the students to learn and ask more question related with their survey which is based on their learning outcomes. Operation.2. After Visit Survey: After Visit Survey After visiting industry. safety aspects. funded research projects. This has resulted in enhanced visibility for the students among their learning outcomes. Identify the input and output for different processes. Several broader educational partnerships have emerged as a result of these visits. PRE. student career opportunities. after and post industrial visit survey.