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Internet marketing

1. The role of branding in marketing the promises a company makes for its consum
ers through its branding image A logo or brand stands for your business and conn
ects your product with the consumer. Your brand is an asset and should be treat
ed as such. The creation of a brand is far more demanding than a simple naming
me. Using a brand is known to Represent your business professionally


Stay in the memory of the target audience
Inspire customer confidence
Every brand, like every person and business, has a unique personality. No two b
rands can have the same personality. A brand must
Invent its own style of communication
Prove its difference (why is this product better than competitor) Regularly inve
st in communications
A brand requires a promise to the consumer that holds true to the experience it
can reliably deliver consistent quality excellence, great customer experience et
c. A brand promise is the commitment to deliver made between that brand and its
audience. It s made, of course, in order to encourage that audience to buy. Ultima
tely of course a promise lives or dies on whether it is believed and delivered o
n no surprises there
but the promise itself is shaped by a range of factors: the
nature of the offering; the capabilities and capacity of the brand; the rival p
romises of competitors. What s often overlooked is that the character of the promi
se itself changes depending on the sector. Let me give an extreme example: a ret
ail-style promise made by a professional services firm would fail. Imagine if a
patent attorney promised her customers that they would love how our intellectual
property advice makes you feel . Sure, it s hardly a distinctive promise anyway, but
clients would be laughing all the way to the door. (Equally, a professional ser
vices firm s approach applied to selling domestic vacuum cleaners would be awkward
to say the least.) That s because the style and nature of the promise and the com
mitment itself needs to align directly with the priorities of, and influences on
, the decision maker. And that to my mind is where too many brand promises go wr
ong. They overlook how different the decision making processes are. Each process
, and the factors that drive it, should decide the premise of the promise. Busin
ess to consumer promises are most effective when they focus on excitement. Thoug
h the excitement factor itself may differ, retail brands and luxury marques gene
rally make promises intended to make the pulses of buyers quicken
be that becaus
e buyers believe they re getting a bargain, or they love the way something sounds
or looks. The promises of retail brands, for the most part, need a high level of
feel-good to be effective. Brands from Coke to Rolex understand this only too wel
l. Very, very different promises
but the goal sentiment is to raise interest. A
brand making a business-to-business promise must focus on the key priority for t
hat audience which is maximized value. Often the promise that best addresses tha
t need is one focused on minimizing risk. Again, the promise aligns with the dec
ision process. While for consumers, the decision driver is often one of spontane
ity and thrill, for a business audience, the key drivers in evaluating a promise
are around fulfilling business needs and representing an acceptable risk to the
business model. Reputations, personal and corporate, are at stake along with do
llars. For that reason, the B2B promise needs to revolve around reassurance
work will be delivered and the results will have both a positive bottom line imp
act and also help boost reputation.
5 steps of brand building
Customers experience your brand in numerous ways: products, packaging, price, ma
rketing, sales personnel, etc. Each of these contacts or touchpoints molds the c
ustomer's impression of the brand. Some of these touchpoints are obvious, like p
roduct performance, and one-on-one customer interactions. Other touchpoints, suc
h as the product manual, monthly statements or post-sales support, may be subtle
r in their brand effects. Your brand image creates expectations. It defines who

This will automatically a dd substance to the promise and define specific expectations for the customer. If the brand is a promise you make. and tools that drive . sporty performance and safety. how you operate. 3.a promise that must be kept. Both are touchpoints. dealer sales app roaches. For exam ple. techno logy systems) on the customer experience may be less intuitive but crucial to co nsistent delivery. your promise must be supported by reasons-to-believe. In ess ence. Identify the people. They also give the company spec ific direction for designing the customer experience through tangible customer t ouchpoints like vehicle design features. The impacts of behind-the-scenes employees are less obvious but no le ss important. All touchpoints are not created equal. The customer experience can't be left to chance. your organization can use a wide array of techniques ranging from quantitative research to institutional knowledge. F or example. These two reasons in essence define "intelligen t choice" and clearly set customer expectations. The methods you use will depend on the com plexity of your products. For example. Here are five easy steps to building a strong brand and an optimized customer experience: 1. Is it the experience you intend? Does that experience fulfill the promise you've made to the marketplace? By identifying the people. It must consi stently reinforce the brand promise across every customer touchpoint or the valu e of the brand itself is at risk. Identify your reasons-to-believe." What makes it an intelligent ch oice? Why should the customer believe this promise? To address this question eff ectively. and how you're different from your competitors. your brand image is a promise . Identify which activities don't align with your envisioned cu stomer experience. Look beyond employees that have direct contact with your customers. the manufacturer could frame its promise with two are. Your brand promise is irrelevant if your customers do not believe it. then the customer experience is the fulfillment of that p romise. advertising campaigns. Here's how: Determine how to express each reason-to-believe at each key touchpoint. at the dealership. Some will naturally play a larger role in determining your company's overall customer experience. and in marketing campaigns (the influential touchpoint s)? 5. Determine how to address them so that these components can be brought into alignment. The Final Word Every product or service you bring to market yields a customer experience. if your pr oduct is ice cream. A holistic approach to aligning your organization to consistently deliver the opti mal experience is essential. Align the organization to consistently deliver the optimal experience. and servicing process es allows you to create a simple touchpoint map that defines your customers' exp eriences with your brand. It should be actively d esigned and controlled in a manner that enhances your brand image. How do you generate customer demand? How are products s old? How do your customers use your products? How do you provide after-sales sup port? This comprehensive trace of your marketing. the impact of workflow processes and tools (i. Your ultimate goal is to have each touchpoint reinforce and fulfill your marketplace promise. how can you reinforce sporty performance (a reason-to-believe) in product d esign. an automobile manufacturer promises potential customers that Car XYZ is an "intelligent choice for serious drivers. processes. Once you have completed the above three steps to building a brand. you should be able to design your optimal customer experience. Each individual step in your business process contains a number of touchpoints w hen the customer comes in contact with your brand. 4. and your existing knowledge base . and customer service activities. commercial processes. . taste is typically more important than package design. and tools that driv e each key touchpoint. Identify customer touchpoints. To determine the touchpoints driving your customers' overall experience . but each has a different effect on our customers experiences as a whole. Therefore. processes. 2.. Similarly. Determine the most influential touchpoints. Walk through yo ur commercial processes. selling. Design the optimal experience.

The formu . 3 Social netwo rking continues to advance as the channel most observers believe will dominate d igital communication in the near future. Google is co nstantly being challenged itself by competitors like Yahoo! and Baidu.your customer experience. 1. unique. 2. for many businesses. easy-to-use search engine. mobile phones. Google be came number one and is now challenging many industries. Today. than they spend on e-mail. radio. you can actively design and control your own. reach new markets. Social networks are meeting places where users connect with one another by creating profiles an d searching networks for people to add as friends or followers. a number of search engines were fighting for dominance. With its fast. refers to the strategic p rocess of distributing. 2. including advertising. n ewspapers. inexpensive ways of connect ing businesses and consumers and has improved the flow and the usefulness of inf ormation. pricing products. optimized experience. and consumers have access to a greater variety of products and more informa tion about choices and quality. It is important that marketers incorporate multiple digital media into their marketing strategies. people spend more time on social networking sites. Digital marketing is essential. and employee s. Baidu is gaining ground with 75 percent of the Chinese search engine market. or e-marketing. Advertising Advertising is a means of communication to a target audience using mostly paid m edia such as television. The Intern et has changed how marketers communicate with consumers. community involvement and speaking at public forums o n issues important to a target audience. The role of internet and digital media for promotional channels such as adver tising and PR. Successful public relations programs high light company accomplishments and positive contributions to community. The Internet and information technology have dramatically changed the environment for business. Digital media are electronic media that function using digital codes Di gital marketing uses digital media to develop communications and exchanges with customers Electronic marketing. The defining characteristic of information techn ology in the 21st century is accelerating change. the Internet and print publications. promoting. It is a grow ing area that is quickly changing. When Google first arrived on the scene. and book publishing. New systems and applications a dvance so rapidly that it is almost impossible to keep up with the latest develo pments. The most important benefit of e-mark eting is the ability of marketers and consumers to share information. Businesses have the information they need to make more informed decisi ons. such as Facebook. and target markets more precisely. branding a nd services as well as specific product information. and discovering the desires of customers using digital media and digital marketing. Successful advertising programs include themes that communicate company mission. Marketers new ability to convert all types of comm unications into digital media has created efficient. The brand promise you make to the marketplace will be kept day in and day out across every key customer touchpoint. building a strong bran d. Startup companies emerge that quickly overtake existing approaches to di gital media. Baidu has al so announced it will create its own mobile technology to challenge Google s more t han 40 percent market share in mobile operating systems in China. Small companies with small advertising budgets can use public relations as an inexpensive medium to establish the compa ny name and communicate a brand image. Public relations methods c an include press releases. in attaining and retaining a competitive advantage. Despite its victory. suppliers. The Intern et allows marketers to communicate with consumers. The media for advertising a re chosen based on what market research has identified as the most successful wa y of reaching a target audience and the financial resources that can be applied to advertising based on the marketing budget. Public Relations Public relations is a communication method used by businesses to convey a positi ve image to a target audience and the general public.

interactive televis ion. or listening to the radio? 3. is inï¬ uenced by using the channel for pre-purchase resear ch and evaluation buys through the particular channel. for each customer segment and digital channel (e. self-service kiosks and smart cards. availability of appropriate resources and the appropriaten ess of the strategic vision that is guiding the implementation. 2 The value proposition should emphasize the unique advantages created by the us e of digital technologies for example.g. reading newspapers o r magazines. convenience (tesco. The signiï¬ cance of the digital marketing plan for a company s overall strategy will also largely be d ependent upon levels of technology adoption.49 1 Customer connectivity: the proportion of the target markets that has access to relevant technologies.How can your website support the inbound telemarketing efforts of your company ? Inbound Telemarketing When we become an extension of your company! Call Center and Telemarketing Solutio ns by OceanConnects Customised Telemarketing Solutions How we use inbound telemarketing for your business IVR (Interactive Voice Response) interactive set of menu options directing calle . It will also determine the extent to which organizatio nal change is required. analysis of the environment should take place in order to determine the likely relevance of digital marketing. advance d telephone systems. interactive digital TV or mobile). This process should al so help deï¬ ne the purpose of the digital marketing activities. Inte rnet. E-commerce initiatives can involve applying a wide range of digital technologies: Internet. Additionally . mobile and handheld digital appliances. 2 Customer channel usage: how often target market participants use online channe ls and how they use the particular digital channel/platform (e. investment and integration. electronic payment systems. utilizing such technolog ies may require signiï¬ cant changes to operations and working practices in order to ensure that the right skill sets (capabilities) and resources are available when required. 4 Implementation of the plan should be executed in a timely manner. marketin g and marketing communication strategies is important as it should ensure develo pment of a potentially successful digital marketing plan. choice (amazon. 3 Organizational change is likely if the digital marketi ng plan is to be delivered successfully. In addition.lation of the digital marketing plan is likely to be informed by four signiï¬ d interdependent elements. A good example to consider is how retai lers like Tesco and Sainsbury s have developed unique logistical solutions to supp ort online ordering. purchase or re search?). community (Facebook brings people together around the world). The value proposition created through the relative advantage afforded b y digital technologies should reinforce core brand values and be clearly articul ated to target offers round-the-clock shopping). 3 Online media consumption: how many hours each week are spent using the Interne t in comparison with traditional media such as watching TV. as a result. the success of the digital marketing plan is likely to be affected by senior m anagement commitment. offers the world s wides t and deepest range of books at very low prices). For instance.48 cant an 1 Strategic alignment of digital promotional activities with corporate. When assessing a target audience the following information will be useful. Consequently.g. EDI. a company should know the proportion of the target market that: makes use of and has access to a particular channel browses and.

while your customer is on the phone! We custom tailor programs to meet and exceed client to the appropriate department so they can have their queries handled faster a nd more accurately Live Answering Service: we take the calls when you cannot. How can we do tha t? Because we are in the office at all times passing on your customer s message to your on call employees so that your company can do its job. How can your database support your one to one marketing efforts on the intern et? One-to-one marketing. not only can we assist you in promoting the event. It's critical to know cus tomers in as much detail as possible: not just their names and addressable chara . Our system effective ly facilitates even the most complex up sell. hears or sees your add. in addition to registering. Why take that chan ce when you could make the most of every opportunity? We would be delighted to l earn everything about your company and products so that we can pass that informa tion on to your prospective clients! will support your customer acquisition effo rt by verifying all information captured and communicated relevant to your servi ce offerings. Event and Conference Registration: if your organizing an event or a confe rence. but we can also provid e Live Agent Registration.increase profits Customer service and support solutions it is common knowledge that retaining a c ustomer is much more profitable than finding a new customer.taking care of your customers before. AMERITEL records all calls taken for quality assurance purposes. so that no calls are left unanswered.increase customer satisfaction and loyalty . Breakdown service if your employees need to be on call 24/7 to rapidly assist y our customers when they call your number. comes across your br ochure.improve the services/products . There are four key steps for putting a one-to-one marketing program to work: Ide ntifying your customers.. we could save you the trouble of havin g one person in the office just waiting for a call to come in. Afterhours call handling when people call your company after hours looking for inform ation about your services and there is no one there to answer to phone your comp any could be missing out on potential business opportunities. which is then used to: . Once the task is comp leted just let us know and we fill in the report and have it sent to you. We can provide your company with both contact centre and help desk support solutions so that you can rest assured that all customer issues and queries are dealt with in real time and professionally. Our order taking system allows AMERITEL to c ustom script your program with logical call progression and work from your datab ase to look up customer information and update accordingly. Managing complaints effective complaint mana gement and problem resolution process allows organizations to obtain customer fe edback and data. This allows the customer to speak to a live person and receive the required information and clarification about the product. your company must be able to locate and contact a fair number of its customers directly. Accurate totals with applicable shipping and handling and taxes can be communicated. This way. 4..Answering calls ge nerated by direct response television / radio / newspaper advertising campaigns Catalogue or Information Requests: tell us how you want your calls answered. One-to-few or one-to-one communications with individua lized message and medium for each highly targeted market or individual customer. and special offer init iatives. the registrants can also ask for more information. cross sell. make sure they are well looked after. To launch a one-to-one initiative. making a phone call is often the first choice fo r contacting you. no client is greeted by a voicemail and so t hat you receive all messages accurately and completely Customer Service. during and after the purchasing of a product or s erviceOrder taking:whenever a customer visits your website. or at least a substantial portion of its most valuable customers. Competition line have y ou launched a competition or are you planning to and need assistance handling al l calls and/or gathering entering details from participants? We have the knowled ge and skills to take this task on and deliver accurate information back to you. We will just need you to provide us with information about your company and product s and our agents will familiarize themselves with all you want your customers to know.

Differentiating your customers. no matter which product line is involved.a one time questionnaire. The degree and ty pe of differentiation in a company's customer base will also help you decide on the appropriate strategy for a given business situation. For example. We do not believe this is a reasonable goal because our work suggests that (1) the value of techniques to any customer will vary wi th the role of the customer at any given time. at the call cen ter or on the company Web site. or any other department. Our research will explore this Person . for example. In rushing to reap the rewards of relationship market ing. This might mean mass-customizing a manufactured product. (2) the value of a technique to a business will depend on the kind of business objectives they have. phone numbers. I n every medium use d. at every location. or account codes). How can a company personalize the interactive web sessions with specific cust omers THE PERSONALIZATION VALUE SPACE When we talk about personalization we assume we are addressing a whole range of information types and possible values to customers and businesses. Interacting with your c ustomers. including various rule engines or user model based calculations. but their habits . that the "customers" who benefit f rom your one-to-one program may not he limited to the end users of your product or service. or it could involve tailori ng some aspect of the services surrounding a product-perhaps the way the invoice is rendered or how the product is packaged. relevant information.g. You need to recognize the customer at every contact point. Improving both the cost-efficiency and the effectiveness of your inter actions with customers is a critical component of a one-to-one marketing program . Remember. and (3) ther e are likely to be interactions between techniques resulting in a package of tec hniques that would be optimally effective. to inferring current goal intention (through gaze or click st ream). You will then be able to tailor your company's behavior to each customer in order to reflect that customer's value and needs. preferences. a company must adapt some a spect of its behavior to meet that customer's individually expressed needs. Ultimate ly. providing either better insight into a custo mer's needs or a more accurate picture of a customer's value. to attempting to identify emotional state (though facial expression Techn ologies vary in computational complexity. and so forth. Effectiveness improves by gener ating timely. Every interaction with a customer should take place in the context of all previous interactions wi th that customer. For example. Broadly speaking. however. T hese efforts include everything from identifying product preferences (through ex plicit questions). you are a manufacturer selling to retailers.. then y ou will also want to apply the principles of one-to-one marketing to create bett er relationships with your channel members and other intermediaries in your dema nd chain. and within every division of your company. up-to-date information at its Web site won't need to spend as much as it o nce did supporting a more expensive call center. a company that provides hel pful. Customizing your enterprise's behavior. Cost-efficiency improves by directing customer interactions toward more automa ted and therefore less costly channels.cteristics(such as addresses. In any case. customers are differ ent in two principal ways: they represent different levels of value and they hav e different needs. Our research was not aimed specifically at identifyin g a single "best technique". differentiating them will h elp you to focus your efforts so as to gain the most advantage with the most val uable customers. A conversation should pick up where the last one left off. marketing . Once you identify your customers. leading man y to misunderstand the entire discipline as simply an excuse for direct mail and telemarketing. it's easy for a business to overlook this critical fourth step. various projects within IBM Research are aimed at "knowing the user" on an indiv idual level and as a member of some category of users (e. If. the production or serv icedelivery end of your business has to be able to treat a particular customer d ifferently based on what was learned about that customer by the sales. And not just a snapshot . 5. whe ther the previous interaction occurred last night or last month. expert web user). to lock a customer into a learning relationship.

. software. whereby shared servers provide reso urces. This conception of personalization does not stand alone. featur e. product offering . feature categories (e. In order to achieve and build a more efficient online consumer relationship. personalization is con cerned with the value that might be realized by a customer and provider from sha ring information with one another. Security research has to do with the confidence that data cannot be compromised or taken by unauthorized sources.g. Interactive sessions keep potential buyers involved. Accurate responses to questions enha nce customers experience and result in a favorable view of the brand by the custo mer. will be used only as they allow. and prov ides them value.g.. a different personalization technique is suggested for e ach of the three phases described above. Add Value (Purchase). It makes it easy for customers to receive quality sup port and results in a positive customer The three distinctive steps for building online consumer relationships are: ï Get Consumers to Come (Pre-Purchase) ï Once There. Extending this.e. and data to computers and other devices on demand. Cloud computing is a natural evolution of the widespread adopt . ï Engage customers more fully.. How can a company use cloud services to personalize the service experience of customers? Explain in terms of 3 levels of services of cloud computing? Cloud computing is Internet-based computing. colla borative filtering. and ï Get Them to Come Back (Post-Purchase) In any of these three phases. Figure 1: Building online consumer relati onships using personalization Techniques 6.alization Value Space (PVS) through an examination of personalization policies ( e. and business context (e. The transfer of an automated chat session to a live chat agent or phone conversation minimizes customer effort and contributes to th e Customer s Lifetime Value. Autom ated web chat provides information directly to customers and deflects traffic fr om assisted support. click stream analysis).. Chat Enables Interactive Conversations for Online Customers Many customers initia l explorations of a brand s product or services occur on the brand s web site. levels of identity). interaction goal). Chat conversations provide the fol lowing benefits: ï Improve customer confidence. consumers have different objectives. permission marketing. we view personalization as closely tied to Privacy and Security research. Effectiveness = f (policy. While Privacy deals essential ly with users controls over information about themselves.g. Customer trust of an e-business develops through their perception that the data they provide is secure. We believe that both Customers and Providers view security as essential to proc eeding with any interaction between them. we view Trust as an im portant element of the value propositions for both customers and providers in an y interaction. The figure below presents a framework o f understanding for personalization methods complementarities through the variou s phases of building online consumer relationships as well as the optimum use of personalization techniques per phase. This reduces traffic flow and decreases handling times for those customers who seek assisted support. user characteristics (e. leadi ng to higher sales and customer satisfaction. This is the time for brands to ensure that online visitors receive the support they n eed and to provide a positive web experience. ï Provide faster response times.. business context)). scopes. predispo sition to trust. We believe that the effectiveness of personalization efforts are a function of these four components (i.g. inten tions and shopping habits. Customers often surf the web looking for product info rmation and services. user context. business goals). as with the electricity grid. In general. ï Simplify customer experience.

In t his approach. Software as a Service (SaaS). Deta ils are abstracted from consumers. Very few vendors actually provide an operating system. which can include operating systems and applications.ion of virtualization. load balancers. Th e consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure includ ing network. scaling up or down according tobusiness needs. the technology infrastructure in the cloud that supports them. service-oriented architecture and utility computing. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network. Cloud computing describes a new supplement. You can scale up by request ing more servers and reconfiguring the load balancer without purchasing more har dware. providing varying levels of se rvices to achieve this result. Th e consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud physical infrastructu re but has control over operating systems.g. Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)--The capabili ty provided to the consumer is to use the provider s applications running on a clo ud infrastructure. or even individual application capabilities. operating systems. servers. The three approaches to cloud computing are Infra structure as a Service (IaaS). consumption. who no longer have need for expertise in. These are the most important points to remember about IaaS: The lower levels of the stack are managed by the vendor. and cables. This vendor approach is called Infrastruct ure as a Service (IaaS) because a customer can rent the infrastructure without h aving to forecast and provision for the highest possible demand in advance. you are responsible for correctly configuring the rented infrastru cture. networks. You are still responsible for managing everything. The obv ious benefit of IaaS is that it frees you from the concerns of provisioning many physical or virtual machines. storage. The applications are accessible from various client devices t hrough a thin client interface such as a web browser (e. storage. and Platform as a S ervice (PaaS). and p ossibly limited control of select networking components The idea behind any cloud computing proposal is for you to pay only for what you use. Vendors supporting cloud co mputing can interpret this statement differently. deployed applications. and it typically involves over-the-Internet provis ion of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources. This excerpt from the recent publication Windows Azure Step by St epwill elaborate. servers. Infrastructure as a Service Some vendors provide the infrastructure to build solutions. storage. It is a byproduct a nd consequence of the ease-of-access to remote computing sites provided by the I nternet. and delivery model for IT se rvices based on the Internet.. operating systems. and you rent the har dware such as servers. a firewall. or control over. Software as a Service . but has control over the deployed applications and possibly application hosting environment configurations Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)--The capabi lity provided to the consumer is to provision processing. from the operating system to the applications. and other fundamental computing resources where the consumer is able to deploy and run arbitrary software. with the possible exception of provider-defined user-specific app lication configuration settings Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)--The capabili ty provided to the consumer is to deploy onto the cloud infrastructure consumercreated or acquired applications created using programming languages and tools s upported by the provider. web-based email). You can scale down at any time by reconfiguring the infrastructure you re nted from the cloud service provider. You then configur e these remotely and install your solutions on them. or storage. This frequently takes the form of web-based tools or applications that users can access and use through a web browser as if it were a program installed locally on their own computer.

Microsoft Exchange Online carries a per-mailbox charge. shielding you from all the underlying components. The key concepts to remember when dealing with PaaS are: The platform vendor provides and manages everything. application instrumentation and developer community facilitation. IP configuration. you have no control over the operating system that runs the service. In other wo rds. Platform as a Service The third approach is Platform as a Service. such as CRM. security. SaaS provides significant efficiencies in cost and delivery in exchange for minimal customization and repr . without having t o know what infrastructure the vendor uses to provide that service. These services may be provisioned as an integrated solution over the web.http://en. The Windows Azure platform fits best in the PaaS category. a nd name and dimension them. persistence. application develo pment.. collaboration. you can rent a service offered by the vendor and then confi gure the service by using the interface provided by the vendor. To config ure it. Software as a Service Software as a Service (SaaS) delivers business processes and applications. compared to tradi tional hosting solutions. storage. and e-mail.the delivery of a computing platform and solution stack as a service. nor any control over the software apart from what the web user interface exposes to you. and disk management. 2011. Platform as a Servic e. business-relevant service level. because it doesn t prov ide access to the underlying virtualization environment or operating system deta ils such as the network interface. state management. You receive a password for that user and nothing els e is necessary users can access their mailboxes immediately. you use a web application supplied by the vendor to request mailboxes.rm_as_a_service): . because the cloud provider manages all the hardware and operational aspec ts of the cloud platform.In another approach. Developers can begin creating the business logic for applications almost immediately. This approac h is called Software as a Service (SaaS) because you pay to use defined services . PaaS of ferings facilitate deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software and provisioning hosti ng capabilities. The Wikipedia definition for PaaS is as follows (Wikipedia. testing. In an SaaS model.wikipedia. you rent a platform on which you deploy your applications without configuring the infras tructure and without the limitations of the SaaS approach.. This proposed interface has little in common with the on-premises version of Mic rosoft Exchange. offers the potential for significant productivity incr eases. In this approach. you do not have control over nor are you resp onsible for the hardware on which the service is installed. Similarly. PaaS offerings may include facilities for application design. web service integration and marshaling. as standardized capabilities for a usage-base d cost at an agreed. from the network connectivi ty to the runtime. application vers ioning. For example. PaaS offerings reduce the developer burden by supporting the platform runtime and related application services.. or PaaS. a vendor provides everything required to run the application. database integration. deployment and hosting as well as application services such as t eam collaboration.. PaaS.. scalability. providing all of the facilities required to support the complet e life cycle of building and delivering web applications and services entirely a vailable from the Internet.

The consumer take s responsibility for configuration and operations of the guest Operating System (OS). and connectivity capabili ties that are delivered as services for a usage-based (metered) cost.)" The young planner then cocoons himsel f or herself away for a week after asking friends and relatives for examples of good planning documents. how on earth am I supposed to do this?. such as ap plication runtime.. Infrasrtucture as a Service Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) abstracts hardware (server. and storage access) are also standardized. 7. All infra structure and IT operational functions are abstracted away from the consumer. Describe the components of SOSTAC Model and show how they can support the keting strategy of the firm? SOSTAC Model was invented by Paul Smith. for applications written for a prespecified development framework. storage. The consumer takes on the operational risk that exists above the infras tructure. Happily not so with PR Smith's SOSTAC® tool.. offers an easy way to track the progress of the plan. standard. Action helps assign responsibility and deadlines for certain tas ks. Ser vice levels and operational risks are shared because the consumer must take resp onsibility for the stability. ba ndwidth. and overall operations o f the application while the provider delivers the platform capability (including the infrastructure and operational functions) at a predictable service level an d cost. Tactics breaks down the big picture strategy into s maller details. who is estselling marketing author. Common sens e prevails. helps list an overview of goals for the business Strategy helps provide a big pic ture plan to achieve the goals.. and then be tucked away into a deep drawer never to see the . and we can safely get on with producing a proper useful working plan ning tool. Of course most of the t ime the boss hasn't got the first clue about how to write a decent plan either it's all a big game . storage. He is the ginator of the planning system used by the entire world. software. international speaker and consultant. and virtualized operating environment that ca n become a foundation for PaaS and SaaS. no problem. (Oooer. Pl atform as a Service Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivers application execution services. Control. PaaS provides an efficient and agile approach t o operate scale-out applications in a predictable and cost-effective manner. Each of these 6 elements contributes an essential piece of the overall marketing plan.. architectural compliance. much midnight oil is burned. Its goal i s to provide a flexible. and netw ork infrastructure) into a pool of computing. and integration. SOSTAC focuses on 6 t important elements of any business mar a b ori mos Situation analysis. Service levels cover the performance and availability of the virtualized infrast ructure. asking what is the current state of the business Objective. and trying to gues s what exactly the boss (orbank manager) actually needs. and a needlessly complex business plann ing document is produced. So the inevitable reams and reams of pointless calculations and hypoth eses ensue. and Database (DB). Compute capabilities (such as performance. Traditionally the task of putting togethe r a decent business or marketing plan has been enough to strike fear into many a n aspiring junior manager or budding entrepreneur: "You want a marketing plan? I ncluding financials? By the end of next week? Of course. none of which is any use whatsoever.esents a shift of operational risks from the consumer to the provider. instead of something that will attract a jolly good bollocking for th e unwitting planner. storage.moreover most of the bosses who do know what they want do n't have the sense to coach the terrified underling as to what the plan should l ook like. IaaS is usually seen to provide a standardized virtual server. They are now used by blue chips Corporation around the world and also by many small business and organizations.

But i t s worth thinking about the full range of goals indicated by the 5Ss. Ke yword Research Everyone would like their pages to rank #1. You might think it important to rank well for the phrase real estate. Perhaps you re not so good at setting SMART objectives. Summarise your Situation in a TOWs matrix form of SWOT To give focus to your situation analysis I recommend this form of SWOT analysis. Ask yourself critically about the activities you personally and your organisation are good at. 4. describe 5 concepts. which begs the question rank for wha t? Not all keywords and keyword phrases are equal. incorporating them into other sections. and it is certai nly appropriate to use the ® symbol. or was devised by someone else who thought they' d fancy taking the credit for it. As a web designer y . Maybe you spend too much or too little time reviewing the situation. To help th is I recommend summarising your entire SOSTAC® plan within a table. especially when you consider all the information and misinformation readily available online. You should also setup specific goals in Google Analytics. and best practices Search engine optimization is a complex subject. You d do much better to target phrases that include Iowa and even better Des Moines. You don t need or wa nt to optimize for every possible keyword or phrase. The whole s greater t han the sum of the parts.. Let s talk about each of the above in more detail. which I do here on this page rather more free ly than normally because so many people have come to think that SOSTAC® just sort of grew on a wall or something. I d also say that for a student assignment. Get the balance right acro ss SOSTAC® Oftentimes. That said. The basic principles a re fairly constant and building a solid foundation in SEO understanding will car ry you much further that trying to exploit the tactic du jour. 8. there is too much time spent on analysis within a plan and not enoug h on setting the strategies. this is how your balance of content could look: S (20%) O (5%) S (45%) T (30%) = 100% 3. Why spen d time and money trying to get those people to your site. Make your goals SMART and link them to your analytics/control process Since digital marketing is so measurable. Some are typed into a search engine more often and some are more likely to lead to a sale. 1.light of day again. Iowa. 5. m y first tip is to use it to review your planning process and how you manage your marketing.). or develop ing strategies to support them or the control stage of assessing how effective y our strategies and tactics are and adjusting them? 2. Incidentally when accrediting the SOSTAC® model the official attribution is PR Smith (there are thousands of Paul Smiths. For example say you sell re al estate in Des Moines. In relation to SEO. SEO ca n be generally categorized into 5 different aspects: Keyword research Search engine friendly site development On-page SEO Link Building Analytics Each of the above is important and they all work together. here are some tips on how to use SOSTAC® based on my experience of applying it in companies and seeing how students apply it in assignments. it makes sense to be specific as possible about your goals by developing a funnel c onversion model. So as a rule of thumb. but is it? Someone looking to buy property in New York or Los Angelesisn t going to be interested in the homes you sell in Des Moines. Use SOSTAC® to revie w your process Before looking at how you apply SOSTAC® at each step to create a marketing plan. it s best t o make reference to AC relatively brief. Integrat e the different elements of your SWOT Oftentimes in a plan or report there isn t good flow relating sections. 1. This helps integrate SWOT with strategy. processes.

You call ite-commerce. Just don t count on the absolute numbers to hold true. Take some time and write down as many words and phrases as you can think of that relate to your si te with the understanding that this is simply the start of your research. The important thing to understand is that what a person types into a search eng ine reveals something about their intent and that based on the searcher s intent y ou d want different pages of your site ranking for different queries. They might type ecommerce. B rainstorming will only yield so many words so your next step should be to expand your list through some keyword tools. Look to your analytics package to see what phrases are currently brining peopl e to your site. These can tell you what you re already ranking well for and give y . Perhaps you also offer web hosting.ou might think it important to rank well for the phrase web design. If all of the above tools show that more people search for web design than website design. It s gre at that you develop with progressive enhancement. As a web designer your services might be affordable or professional. Is it web design or website design? Ad d qualifiers Our Des Moines Iowa real estate agent might add Des Moines. Developing A List Of Keywords To Target The first step in developing a keyword list is brainstorming. especially as a p rediction of future searches for the phrase. Consider the numbers more in relative terms in comparison to each other. All three types of q ueries are important and each could ultimately lead to a sale. o r both to most every phrase. but again is i t important? Are people searching for the phrases web design looking to hire a web designer or are they looking for information about web design. However someone searching for free anything isn t looking to buy. There are also a variety of more advanced key word research tools should you desire them. Unless you re offering something for free it s probably best to stay away from free as a qualifier . perhaps a defini tion? There are 3 types of queries someone might type into a search engine Infor mational queries searching for information from general to specific Navigational queries searching for a specific site or page Transactional queries searching w ith an intent to purchase You probably don t want to spend time ranking a blog pos t of information for a transactional query and you probably don t want people typi ng informational queries to land inside your shopping cart. Qualify your qualifiers You might be tempted to add a qualifier like free since so many people use the wo rd. As you cont inue to brainstorm phrases some themes should being to emerge. How many of your clients do yo u think search for progressive enhancement or even know what it means Look for s ynonyms Similar to the above seek the words potential clients will use. it s proba bly true. Here are a few freebies to get you starte d. Each of these wi ll likely become a keyword theme around which you ll build a more detailed list. Optimizing for professional web design services also optimizes f or web design services Services would also be a qualifier. A few tips about building keyword l ists: Find the words and phrases your customers use instead of industry jargon. It s unlikely that so many people are searching for web design in North Dakota and more likely that one or more web design firms in North Dako ta are searching for those phrases a lot to see how well they rank. The numbers are estimates. You sh ould be able to build a list of 50 100 phrases without much trouble. Google AdWords Keyword Tool SEO Book Keyword Tool WordTracker Keyword Discovery The last two also have paid options that will return a lot more phrases and have additional features for research. 8 of the top 20 phrases were specific to North Dakota web design. Do you only offer web design or do you also offer web development? Maybe you also offer WordPress development and Drupal development. You might specialize in ecommerce design or small business web design. Don t worry about the absolute numbers with keyword tools. For example when I typed web desi gn into the free WordTracker tool. Iowa. Someone finding h elpful information on your site may very well come back later and buy something.

CRM comprises of four marketing activities : Customer selection Customer acquisition Customer retention Customer extension Managing the sales process. SEO is an iterative process that can begin anywhere. Keyword Resour ces The above barely scratches keyword research. . Here are some free resources to add to your knowledge of researching and selecting keywords Keyword Research and Se lection (PDF) One of the best PDFs for understanding the process of keyword rese arch and keyword selection Keyword Research Guide (PDF) Real experts offer thoug hts on keywords for a fictional company Summary It s important to remember that SEO. is still only one way to attract potential clients and customers to your site. and other campaigns. what content you choose to create. Don t lose sight of the forest staring at a handful of trees. Improving customer s knowledge. service delivering and sati sfaction. 9. direct emails. while capable of providing a valuable source of traffic. Keywords help you define who your market is and what that m arket is looking for. especially if you ve yet to build your site or create the initial They ll also lead the way when it comes to how you develop y our site. Describe the 4 marketing activity of CRM and how each maybe applied to IM? CRM is an approach in building and sustaining long term business with customers. this can be achieved through e-commerce sites or in a B2B context by supporting sales rep by recording the sales process SFA (sales force automation) Campaign management. Most of the time it will b egin with keyword research. targeting.ou ideas about similar phrases you can also likely rank well for. A cquire and retain customers through a multichannel buying process and customers life cycle. and how that content is written. Think of SEO as part of your marketing strategy instead of your whole marketing strategy.