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MB0043 –Human Resource Management
4 credits; 60 marks

Note – Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks
questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is
followed by evaluation scheme.
1 Explain the functions of Human Resource Management
Answer: Human resource management involves blending the traditional
administrative functions along with the changing concepts of employee welfare
in the organization. Organizations now regard employees as a precious resource
and spend more efforts to retain them. The retention of employees is dependent
on how they are perceived and treated in the organization based on their
performance, abilities and skills.
2. Define Management Development. Discuss
development methods.
Answer: Meaning of management development :





Management development is the process by which managers learn and improve
their management skills. Aspect of organizational development that covers
recruitment and assessment of executive level employees and training them in
leadership to equip them for higher positions. This process generally includes
development of cognitive (thinking, idea generation, and decision making),
behavioural (choosing appropriate attitudes and values), and environmental
(suiting management style to the situation) skills. The focus of all aspects of

management development is to enable managers to more effectively accomplish
their job as managers.

3. Discuss the concept of HRIS. Explain the applications of HRIS in
Human Resource Management.
Answer: Definition of HRIS: HRIS, HR Technology or HR modules are an
intersection between HRM and IT. It merges HRM as a discipline and in particular
it’s basic HR activities and processes with the IT field, whereas the planning and
programming of data processing systems evolved into standardized routines and
packages of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. On the whole, these
ERP systems have their origin in software that integrates information from
different applications into one universal database. The linkage of its financial and
human resource modules through one database is the most important distinction
to the individually and proprietarily developed predecessors, which makes this
software application both rigid and flexible.
4. Discuss the basic guidelines of a Disciplinary policy
Answer: The following are the basic guidelines of a Disciplinary policy:
1. Informal Resolution - University managers are responsible for
addressing conduct and behaviour issues as early as possible and for
taking appropriate action. Where appropriate, steps will be taken to
resolve issues on an informal basis without recourse to the formal
2. Investigation – Before disciplinary action is taken an investigation shall
be undertaken. Where the manager with authority to hear the case
considers it appropriate the contents of an investigation undertaken under
another procedure (e.g. Academic misconduct) may be used as part of this
5. Suppose you have joined as an HR and you have been assigned a
task to carry out the grievance handling procedure in your organization.
What according to you are the causes of Grievance? Describe in detail
the Grievance handling procedure

Answer: Causes of Grievancewe discussed the concept of grievance. Let us
now discuss the causes of grievance. Grievances can arise out of the day to day
working relations in an organization. Relations with supervisors and colleagues
also determine employee’s job satisfaction.
Grievances may occur for a number of reasons:
(a) Economic: Wage fixation, over time bonus, wage revision etc. Employees
may feel that they are paid less when compared to others.

6. Write short notes on the following :
a) Job Enlargement
Answer: Job enlargement is another method of job design when any
organization wishes to adopt proper job design it can opt for job enlargement.
Job enlargement involves combining various activities at the same level in the
organization and adding them to the existing job. It increases the scope of the
job. It is also called the horizontal expansion of job activities.
b) Job Enrichment
Answer: Job Enrichment, a job design technique that varies the concept of job
enlargement. Job enrichment adds new sources of job satisfaction by increasing
the level of responsibility of the employee in organization.

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