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Al Ain University of Science and Technology

College of Pharmacy
Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience III
Course Code: 0201463

Training Manual

Student Name:…………………………………….
Student I.D.:……………………………………….

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience 3 (0201463)
Crd. hrs: 3 hrs
Contact hrs: 120 hrs
Prerequisite: (0201362)

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience 3 (0201463)
The course introductory pharmacy practice experience 3 is designed to be taken during the
summer, following the completion of the introductory pharmacy practice 2 (PHRM 062). This is
the third introductory pharmacy practice experience and is carried out to improve student's
practice skills in interaction with more pharmacists, assistant pharmacist and patients.
Consolidation of confidence, personal responsibilities and dispensing of prescriptions under the
supervision of the pharmacy preceptor (licensed pharmacist).
The trainees should widen their knowledge about the controlled drugs with regard to their
dispensing, storage, and order.
Emphasize will be given to how to check the type of prescription and patient consultation by the
registered pharmacist. Also during this course the student will be able to predict the prescribing
errors and the type of error, so, the student will be able to differentiate between the right
prescription and the one with error.
The training is expected to follow the eighth semester level. The training sites are expected to be
within the Abu Dhabi Emirate in order to facilitate monitoring by the college supervisor.

Selection of Community Pharmacy
Student applying for training must first find a suitable community pharmacy or hospital
pharmacy which accepts him or her for the purpose of training and supervision. Outpatient
pharmacy is accepted as community pharmacy. The college will also retain prepare a list of
recommended pharmacies and preceptors which will help the students securing the appropriate
site. The criteria for selection of community pharmacy are:
1. Complying with the requirements of HAAD and MOH

Managed by a qualified pharmacist

3. Found in a suitable place for the student and for the college supervisor (can be visited by
the college supervisor)

Learning objectives of the
1. Learn about the proprietary names and to which group of controlled drugs is categorize.
2. Read products labeling and leaflets of the controlled drugs available including their
storage conditions and return them back properly (with the consent of the pharmacy

3. Learn about the indications and contraindications of the controlled drug sold.
4. Learn about the strength of the controlled drugs (different strengths and dosage forms).
5. Learn about equivalent substitutes for different controlled drugs.
6. Learn about the pharmacological classes and pharmacological action to which the
controlled drugs belong to.

7. Learn about the signs and symptoms to which the products are prescribed.
8. Learn about administration of the controlled drugs (frequency and method).
9. Learn about drug-drug and drug-food interactions.
10. Learn about patient counseling and reconciliation for the conditions to which the
controlled drugs prescribed and strengthen communication skills.

11. Learn about how to read different prescriptions and predict if there is a prescribing error.
12. Write in the log book the errors in the prescriptions and categorize the types of errors.
13. Strengthen communication skills with the pharmacists and assistant pharmacists.
14. Prepare a standard report of the controlled drugs and the prescribing errors (explained

Have minimum of two years of professional experience in community pharmacy. Responsibilities of Introductory PPE 3 Supervisors a) College Supervisor 1. 3. professional society and community. 2. Have the responsibility of training not more than two students at any time. To send the students documents for their training approval to the HAAD (Abu Dhabi Emirate) and then to the ministry of labor after getting the approval from HAAD. 4. Be competent in the area of practice. Demonstrate a commitment to his/ her organization. 9. 7. 4. Demonstrate a desire and an aptitude for teaching. 2. Demonstrate the ability of having latest scientific knowledge in Pharmaceutical field. 3. 5. Take personal responsibility for medication dispensing and counseling. Demonstrate the ability to assess and document student performance. To prepare a list of students eligible for the professional practice along with their details. 8. Preceptor's Characteristics The Preceptor is a qualified pharmacist should: 1.Supervision of Introductory PPE 3 Introductory PPE 3 is carried out under the supervision of the College PPE 3 Supervisor and a preceptor who possess the following characteristics. To co-ordinate with the Community Pharmacy preceptor for: o Monitoring the professional practice program. . Practice continuous professional development and collaborate with other healthcare professionals as a member of a team. o Solving any problem hindering proper professional practice. 6. To prepare a list of community pharmacies and approved preceptors who are willing to cooperate to help the students secure training sites. Be involved in professional organizations. 10.

450 for each student completing the training. 4. The intern must exhibit a professional appearance in manner and dress.o Receiving students’ evaluation in sealed envelopes. b) Role of the Preceptor 1. Meeting with the students to discuss training activities and requirements when necessary. To report to the College supervisor after completion of PPE 3. it is not accepted for one preceptor to supervise more than two students at one time in order for the process to be effective and for the student to have sufficient contact time with the preceptor. however. 6. Regulations Governing Student’s Training Period 1. 8. 3. . 2. 5. She & He must wear the name badge at all time during PPE 2 (if required). To train the students as per the objectives of introductory PPE 3. the university has decided to compensate preceptors who fulfill the requirements and characteristics of approved preceptors by paying them Dhs. The intern must adhere at all times to the standards of dress behavior and code of conduct specified by the preceptor. To evaluate students for their performance during introductory PPE 2 in developing and demonstrating the explicit skills mentioned for each introductory PPE 2 objective. Examining the students following their completion of their training. This money is for the services given by the preceptors in the community pharmacies. 2. 7. Revision and evaluation of the prepared reports by the trainees. Registering students total scores. The money will be paid after the student has completed his/her training and the evaluation sheet with other necessary documents have been received by the college supervisor. To ensure the recording of all data in the logbook. Financial Compensation for Preceptors in the Community Pharmacy In order to encourage the acceptance of the students into different community pharmacy within the province of Abu Dhabi.

He or she should be aware of all laws and rules. 9. He or she must regard all information and activities relating to the pharmacy. personnel. the medical community and customers to be confidential and. The student will fill an application form (college form) taken from the college supervisor for the IPPE3 with his/her information in order to obtain initial approval after assessing student’s eligibility for training. copy of a valid commercial license and copy of the approved . The intern should never question the advice or directions of the preceptor in public. If the intern is regularly asked to violate laws or has knowledge that the pharmacy where the training occurs violates such laws. then he or she should immediately report and ask for change of training site or the preceptor. 5. active commitment. 2. Steps for Enrolling into and Completing the Introductory PPE3 1. After obtaining initial permission from the college supervisor. This application must be filled two to three months in advance before the expected training starts. but rather accept the as a means of learning. 8. He or she should never be hesitant to admit that something is not known to her and should seek help whenever needed. 7. but requires a continuous. 6. Learning is not a passive process. which govern her practice and should seek clarification of any points that are not clear. The pharmacist who will be in charge of the training (see preceptor’s characteristics) in the selected pharmacy must be named. the student is required to contact suitable pharmacies (see selection of community pharmacy) and suggest at least one community pharmacy of his/her choice with the names and qualifications of the pharmacists working in the pharmacy. He or she must keep in mind that the primary aim of internship is learning.3. under no circumstances will such knowledge be revealed to anyone. 4. Details regarding the establishment number. He or she should recognize that the best learning environment is one that fosters mutual respect and courtesy between the intern and preceptor.

The college supervisor will prepare a list of students along with their choice of pharmacies and will seek the approval for their training from HAAD (for Abu Dhabi Emirate). In order to help the students to gain acceptance into the community pharmacy and to help improve the training of the students by the preceptor in the community signature must be secured from the pharmacy (for submission to the ministry of labor). the list along with the information and documents obtained from the pharmacy (see point 2) will be used for an application form (ministry of labor form) to get the ministry of labor approval for each student. Those preceptors will be compensated for their services. 3. the college is holding a list of approved preceptor who will be willing to take responsibility for training. The following are details regarding the ministry of labor application and the documents required: . 4. After receiving approval from HAAD.


After obtaining the approval from the ministry of labor. 10. each student will be given the ministry of labor approved application with a copy of the list of students approved by HAAD. This letter may be issued initially after college supervisor gives initial consent to the training to help the student find a suitable community pharmacy training site. after ensuring that the student undergone proper training. The college supervisor will assess the results of the students in general as obtained from the different training sites for homogeneity. Only students who have their documents complete (training certificate for the 120 hrs. The student must submit a training report. Evaluation of Introductory PPE3 At the end of the practice experience. 7. The college supervisor will set a date to examine all the students together after the completion of the training. the community pharmacy preceptor will send the assessment results to the college supervisor confidentially. The college supervisor will. 8. 9.5. evaluate students’ reports and set a date for a general written examination. their responsibilities and will be given the necessary forms and documents. The student who got approved should register the training course in the university registration system. 6. After completion of the introductory PPE 3 the college supervisor receives preceptor's reports and evaluation sheets. Written exam will be given once and no repetition will be allowed. Each student receives a letter signed by the Dean for the preceptor who has the starting date and completion date of IPPE 3. preceptor’s reports and evaluation and student report will be allowed to set for the exam. The distribution of marks out of 100 will be as the following: . The college supervisor will set a date for all registered students who got approval for training to explain to them the objectives of the training.

Table containing the range of products marketed with the same trade name for the same company (containing the same active ingredient(s)). The product name and generic name as the title. 2.No. contraindications and side-effects. signs and symptoms to which the drug is indicated. dosage forms. Manufacturing company and the distributor (agency). The report should include the monographs of controlled drugs sold (see later). routes of administration. Each monograph should contain: 1. product sizes and prices. 4. Supervisor Assessment 1 College Supervisor Community Pharmacy Preceptor Attendance Adherence to 2 3 5 6 professional Maximum Score 10 Achieved Score 10 attitudes Skills acquired during training Report Assessment General Written Examination Total 10 40 30 100 Training Report Training report should be prepared professionally using Microsoft Word ® and submitted on time as a hard copy along with a CD containing the same contents of the report. . their strengths. and distributers (agencies). their corresponding pharmaceutical equivalents (up to 3). Indications. 3. medication type. manufacturing companies. 5. Therapeutic class and subclass and pharmacological action. cautions. prices.

2.6. The report should include copies of the training certificate. SCHEDULE I (CI. barbiturates. The drug has a currently accepted medical use.) SCHEDULES OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES Certain drugs have a potential for abuse that lead to physical or psychological dependence. including the mode and method of administration. C-II) Ex: morphine. student I. the month and year in which the report was prepared. Ex: heroin. Dose and dosing for different age groups of different conditions and severity. Patient counseling points. Federal government has placed these drugs into schedules & referees to them as controlled substances 1. college training advisor name.  b. The drug has a high potential for abuse. 8. There is a lack of accepted safety. C-I) Drug may not kept in pharmacy nor dispensed pursuant to a prescription (except for properly registered facilities for investigative or research purposes). Drug-drug and drug-food interactions and the severity of these interactions. amphetamines.  b. The report must have a title page containing the title of the report. the U.S. 3. SCHEDULE II (CII.D. 7. As a result.  a. Abuse of the drug may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. The drug has no currently accepted medical use. 9. student name. The drug has high potential for abuse.. ( but should submit the report on the second table containing selected commonly sold 25 products. C-III) . The following is a table which contains the five groups of the schedules of controlled substances. SCHEDULE III (CIII. Product storage conditions. Table of contents should be included in the report and any reference used in the report should be listed adequately on the last page of the report.  c. attendance record completed by the preceptor and student’s general report on the training.  c.  a. Original copies (or approved copies) of the previous certificates are submitted to the college training supervisor.

Controlled II drugs: Active ingredient Trade Name Methylphenidate Dextroamphetamione Amphetamine + Dextroamphetamine Morphine sulfate Oxycodone Oxycodone + APAP Meperidine Hydromorphone Methadone Fentanyl Oxycodone + Aspirin Controlled III drugs: Active ingredient Trade name .  b. Abuse of the drug may lead to a limited physical & psychological dependence relative to III. SCHEDULE V (CV. Abuse may lead to moderate or low physical or psychological dependence. II. 4.  c. C-IV)  a.  c.  b. c.   a. The drug has currently accepted medical use. schedule I should be considered the highest potential for abuse and schedule V the lowest potential for abuse. SCHEDULE IV (CIV. it is for research and investigation. 5. The drug has currently accepted medical use. The potency of abuse of controlled drugs should be I>II>III>IV>V. C-V)  a. The drug has a potential for abuse less than I. The drug has low potential for abuse relative to III. Controlled I drugs: It is not for dispensing upon prescription. Abuse of the drug may lead to limited physical or psychological dependence relative to IV. b. The drug has low potential of abuse relative to IV. The drug has currently accepted medical use.

Hydrocodone + Aspirine Acetaminophen + Codeine Butalbital + APAP + Caffeine + Codiene hydrocodone Controlled IV drugs: Active ingredient Pentazocine Pentazocine + Naloxone Pentazocine + APAP Pentazocine + Aspirine Propoxyphene Propoxyphene + Aspirine Propoxyphene + APAP Meprobamate Chlordiazepoxide Diazepam Oxazepam Clorazepate Flurazepam Clonazepam Lorazepam Estazolam Temazepam Triazolam Alprazolam Zolpidem Pemoline Trade name Controlled V drugs: Active ingredient Buprenorphine Diphenoxylate Trade name .

Table 2. Proprietary Name 1 Xanax 2 Valium 10 mg Example of Product Packaging . Selected pharmaceutical products available in the UAE in the year 2010 No.

3 Klonopin 4 Clonazepam 5 Alprazolin XR 6 Chlordiazepoxide HCl Clidinium Bromide .

7 8 Atarax 9 Zoloft 10 Prozac .

11 Imipramine HCl 12 Tofranil 25 13 Strattera 60 mg 14 Depo-testosterone .

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Deca-Durabolin .

Riche. Handbook of Clinical Daniel M. John Lazo.. Inc. by: Laurence Brunton. 11th edition. 2005. (Number: 59. Nicole Henyan. The McGraw-Hill Companies. by: Kelly Smith. 2010). Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics. March. Drug Data.The following resources may be used to help you in your report: 1.N. 2.. 2010. Keith Parker. Inc. 3. The McGraw-Hill .F. B. 11th edition. Companies.

Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach. Inc. Barbara G. DiPiro. 2008 The following format can be utilized to make up the training report (the student may add or delete as necessary): Product Title (Generic Name(s)) Manufacturing Company: Distributing Agency: . 7th edition. The McGraw-Hill Companies. L.4. Yee. Gary R. Matzke. Robert L. by: Joseph T. Wells. Michael Posey. Gary C. Talbert..

Product Range Details and Equivalent Products (you can add and delete rows as necessary): Trade Active name ingredien t Dosage Route of Streng Pack Price Medication Equivalent Pack Price Manufacturin Distributing Form Administ th Size Products Agency ration Group (Controlled Drug) Size g Company .

Therapeutic Class: Therapeutic Sub-Class: Pharmacological Action: Indications: Signs and Symptoms for the Main Indication: Contra-Indications: Cautions: Side-Effects: Dosage Regimens and Administration Method: Drug-Drug and Drug-Food Interactions: Product Storage Conditions: Patient Counseling: .

This application must be submitted at least two to three months before the expected commencement of the training period.Attendance Record Form Completed by the Preceptor. This form is filled on daily basis during training. All necessary documents must be furnished along with the filled application as was shown and explained under “Steps for Enrolling into and completing the Introductory PPE3”.Forms for IPPE3: The following forms will be used for the introductory PPE3 training purpose: 1. The student should confirm that all training pre-requisites have been completed or will be completed before the training starts. The attendance record should be signed by the preceptor who witnessed the students’ attendance. This section will be used to monitor the satisfaction of the preceptor site with the students training and to study their recommendations in order to improve the training process. 4. This report will be used to mark the students in accordance with the evaluation of students section by the introductory PPE 3 preceptor. the college supervisor may allocate a training site and a preceptor for the student based on availability. Alternatively. The form also leaves space for additional comments. the student is required to fill an application form requesting permission to training from the ministry of labor. 2.Trainee Evaluation Record Completed by the Preceptor. This form will be used to verify that the students have completed their training period. . The student must be approved for training before starting his/her training. 3.Training Request Application from the Ministry of Labor: After gaining acceptance from the HAAD.Student Request Form for IPPE3: This application will be used by the students and submitted to the college supervisor in order to gain initial permission to start searching for a suitable community pharmacy.

Although the students may have a copy of the evaluation. the conveyance of the evaluation results for each student must be done securely and directly to the college training advisor.Student’s General Report Form. The Forms are given in the following pages: . This report will be used to monitor students’ opinion about the training and the training site to help improving the training process. by postal services or by email (for verified e-mails only). in a securely sealed envelops by the student. This may be handed directly. 5.

The pharmacy preceptor must agree to actively involved in the training. Reason: …………………… Comments: Date and Signature: This form must be filled and submitted by the student to the college training advisor at least two to three months prior to the desired training period.: Gender:  Male  Female Major: GPA: Expected Credit Hours Earned after Completing Current Semester (before Training): Expected Graduation Semester/Year: Which of the following Pre-requisites Has/have NOT been Completed Successfully?  Human Anatomy and Histology  Physiology  Pharmacology 1 Which of the Pre-requisites is Currently being Studied (in this Semester.D. before the Training)? Home Tel: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mobile: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E-mail Address: Where in UAE You would Prefer to have Your Training? Once given the permission. you will be responsible for arranging a suitable community pharmacy in accordance with the characteristics set by the college training manual for the community pharmacy. . may arrange the training site for you. based on the availability.Al Ain University of Science and Technology College of Pharmacy Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience 3 (0201463) Student Request Form for IPPE 3 Student Name: Student I. Preferred Training Period for the Completion of the 120 hrs (≈ 15 Working Days): -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Signature and Date of Filling the Application: ------------------------------------------------------------This Section is to be Used by the College Training Advisor: College Advisor Name: Approval:  Approved  Not Approved. A letter may be issued by the dean for you to use it for arranging suitable training site. The college.

The student will collect the form at the end of the training period and should include a copy of it in the training report. Students I.. Preceptor Qualification: ………………………………………………. Al Ain University of Science and Technology . Student’s Details: Student’s Name: …………………………………………………...D..Al Ain University of Science and Technology College of Pharmacy Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience 3 (0201463) Attendance Record Completed by the Preceptor Preceptor Details Preceptor Name: ……………………………………………………… Pharmacy Name:……………………….. while the original is handed to the college training supervisor.: ……………………………………………………. Date Day AM In PM Out In Out Total Hrs Comments and Signature S Su M T W Th S Su M T W Th S Su M T W Th Total Hrs This form should be completed and signed by the preceptor at the training site. Phone/Mobile Number:…………………… Preceptor Position in the Pharmacy: ……………………………………E-mail address:…………………………....

D.Ability to read prescriptions . Students I..: ……………………………………….College of Pharmacy Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience 3 (0201463) Trainee Evaluation Record Completed by the Preceptor Preceptor Details Preceptor Name: ……………………………………………………… Pharmacy Name:………………………. Date: ………………………………………………………. Criteria Description Total Marks Allotted Attendance The student is expected to complete the training of 120 hrs... The sheet can be handed directly.. Phone/Mobile Number:…………………… Preceptor Position in the Pharmacy: ……………………………………E-mail address:…………………………. Student’s Details: Student’s Name: ………………………………………. by postal services or by e-mail attachment of scanned copy....Tidiness -Ability to organize medications into the proper shelves .. Al Ain University of Science and Technology . It may also be handed by the students using securely sealed envelop. Preceptor Qualification: ……………………………………………….Accuracy -Attention to details -Welcoming responsibilities -Working in a team and interaction at work ..Ability to use retailer software -Ability to resolve problems -Communication skills (with staff and patients) -Writing skills Total 10 Adherence to professional attitudes Skills acquired during training Marks Achieved Signature of the Preceptor 10 10 30 Additional Comments (about the student or to improve training process): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This sheet should be sent by the preceptor to the college training advisor directly as soon as the student training is over. The student should adhere to the predetermined training program timetable -Confidentiality -Professional awareness .

A copy of this form must be included in the training report. while the original is handed to the college training supervisor.College of Pharmacy Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience 3 (0201463) Student’s General Report Form Student’s Name: ---------------------------------------------Student’s I. .: -----------------------------------------------Period of Training: ------------------------------------------Training Site Name and Address: ------------------------1) What are the outcomes achieved from your training? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2) What is the extent of relationship between theory learned in your Pharmacy College and practice in the training site? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3) To what extent you believe you have gained skills and experience from your training? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4) To what extent were the site of training and the preceptor helpful in achieving the training goals? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5) How does this training help you in your future after graduation? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6) What are your suggestions to improve the training process? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7) Would you like to make any comment? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This form must be completed by the trainee “student”.D.

Disease state Drug name Brand B or Dosage Generic G Strength comments form Table 1:(continue) different conditions treated with controlled drugs (Bran and Generic name).Table 1: different conditions treated with controlled drugs (Bran and Generic name). Disease state Drug name Brand B or Dosage Strength comments .

Disease state Drug name Brand B or Dosage Generic G form Strength comments .Generic G form Table 1:(continue) different conditions treated with controlled drugs (Bran and Generic name).

Table 1: (continue) different conditions treated with controlled drugs (Bran and Generic name). Disease state Drug name Brand B or Dosage Generic G form Strength comments .

Table 2: (continue) list the prescriptions with errors of any type Disease state Drug name Brand B Dosage Stren or form gth Generic G Type of error and comment .

Table 2: (continue) list the prescriptions with errors of any type Disease state Drug name Brand B Dosage Stren or form gth Generic G Type of error and comment .

Table 2: (continue)list the prescriptions with errors of any type Disease state Drug name Brand B Dosage Stren or form gth Generic G Type of error and comment .

Table 2: (continue) list the prescriptions with errors of any type Disease state Drug name Brand B Dosage Stren or form gth Generic G Type of error and comment .

Table 2: (continue) list the prescriptions with errors of any type Disease state Drug name Brand B Dosage Stren or form gth Generic G Type of error and comment .