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client Community of Roosendaal

location Roosendaal

design 2005-2006

realization 2007

floor area 1350m2

programm Pavilion; stores, lunchroom

entrance parking

Stadspaviljoen Roosendaal
The city of Roosendaal (a provincial town in the southwest of the
Netherlands) wants to ban cars from the New Market in the
centre of town by building a huge underground parking. The
design competition for the new layout of the square, in fact the
deck of the two-storey basement car park, organized by the
municipality was won by Quadrat Urban Planning and Landscape.
An important architectural element in their entry was a
restaurant and cafe pavilion with an egg-shaped plan dividing the
square in two unequal parts with a 1 to 2 ratio. René van Zuuk
subsequently was commissioned by the Municipality in mid-2005
to elaborate the design of the pavilion in a very short time span.
The start of the building activities is scheduled for January 2006.

By no means should the pavilion become a rigid separating

element on the square. For this reason the side of the egg that
borders the larger but less dense part of the deck, is pushed down
to ground level. This intervention not only creates a smooth
transition but also creases in the roof plane, inclining up towards
the smaller but busier part of the square. These large wrinkles
are cut open and transformed into stairs and terraces belonging
to the lunch restaurant on the first floor. Instead of a boundary
the pavilion rather acts as an open-air stage.

The high side of the pavilion cantilevers over the main entrance of
the basement parking. The size of the void, the view on both
parking levels and the layered canopy created by the pavilion
overhang, provides the garage entrance with a theatrical style.

The pavilion has no front; it is universal, also in its

materialisation. It will be completely cladded in vertical wooden
lattice work. The transparent parts are merely hidden at the
incisions, between overlaps and under overhangs.
1 Entrance to parkinggarage
2 Vide


Floor -2

Floor -1
2 Vide
3 Store
4 Main entrance
5 Restaurant/bar


Ground floor

First floor

Second floor
6 Roofterrace


Northeast elevation

Northwest elevation