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Pollution of the environment should be a serious concern in today's era .

Increased industrial activity such as mining has many disturbing the ecosystem
environment by felling trees and noise mining tools are used . Must find a way out
that is mutually beneficial reciprocal relationship between process development ,
resource extraction , and issues an Environmental contamination or destruction of
human life . Because in general , the development process has consequences more
widely to the environment or humans .
Environmental protection and management is a systematic and integrated
efforts are being made to preserve function and prevent environmental pollution
and / or environmental damage. According to Law No. 32 of 2009 on Environment
explained that efforts to address the problems of pollution consists of prevention
While the principal legislation for environmental management ( Law No. . 4 of
1982 ) , insist on sanctions for violations that occurred in the neighborhood of life
management specified in section 20 and 22, which states that the perpetrator or
the destruction and pollution of the environment can subject to criminal sanctions in
addition be required to pay compensation to the people who terrugikan and to the
state for the recovery of damaged or contaminated environments .
A number of pollution or environmental destruction which makes the rights of
the person or people living around the mining area to be disrupted is not sanctioned
reasonable not to say there is no sanction whatsoever . Various cases of pollution in
the world MINING until now not resolved properly . It is well known commitment to
the respect and protection of the environment adopted by the government is merely
an international public relations . These conditions are very favorable if the mining
entrepreneurs operating in the country have to deal with environmental
management standards are very strict . Poor policy management and enforcement
of environmental law in Indonesia can be traced from the EIA approval process
( environmental impact assessment ) .
Authority approval of an EIA document is still entirely within the EIA
Commission chairman , WALHI ( Indonesian living environments vehicle ) always
refused to use environmental management of mining companies , but in the end the
document is approved by the Commission for EIA , which is why WALHI suing the
Minister of Mines and Energy the Jakarta Administrative justice , relating to the

In addition to the many flaws in the trial and approval of the EIA ,
environmental enforcement and environmental monitoring carried out by the
relevant departments are also very weak , for example PT . Freeport Indonesia to
dump tailings directly into the river Ajkwa , pollution in rivers Muro and Manawing
by PT . Indo Muro Kencana , or runoff of cyanide drums PT . Kelian Equatoria Mining
in the Mahakam river , did not get a firm action from the government . If in the
company 's home country to be , it is certain that the activities can be categorized
as environmental crime , but in Indonesia , a lot of the reasons given by the
government , so that the company can operate more safely .
Weaknesses in respect the environment can also be seen in the CoW .
Respect for the environment is only included in a clause and not made explicit in
the terms of an agreement . Though none of the mining activity in spite of the
problems of pollution and environmental degradation , both activity areas and

Lack of commitment by the Department of Mines to the increasingly visible

environmental problems by allowing several companies to undertake exploration
activities in national parks such as Lorentz national park . Despite strong protests
from the public and NGOs , but until now not yet permit such activity revoked .