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No. 14- 9396 INTHE Supreme Court of the United States Cody Robert Judy, Petitioner, v. Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro, Respondent(s) (On Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court For the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals MOTION FOR A IFP (informa pauperis) RECONSIDERATION REVIEW ‘Comes now the Petitioner before the Court, pro se, and respectfully submits this MOTION FOR A IFP {informa Pauperis) RECONSIDERATION REVIEW. The Brief Main Points for reconsideration 1+ This Court would actually be in violation of previous Orders GRANTING IFP Status to the Petitioner in Case No. 12-5276 showing a much greater injustice in the Public Eye. This Case is much more popular in the Public Eye than that one with the watch dog of the Public Perception at least in social and web media's that include millions on FaceBook, Twitter, THE POST & EMAIL, BIRTHER REPORT, and the Petitioner's own humble Blog of 250,000 views now. That does not translate into dollars but simply the fact the public and Media consisting of 5 repotters from 2 major newspapers in every State of the Union see. BIRTHER REPORT is within the top 75,000 web sites in the world in traffic listed on and THE POST & EMAIL ranks within 250,000 with a paid prescription and a few pro bono articles. 2+ This Court also would be contradicting both the Federal District Court’s Order Granting IFP for Informa Pauperis status to the Petitioner on JULY 92014 as well as the REVIEW of such being GRANTED by the Tenth Circuit Court within a 12 month period of the current Case before the Court, ‘The current financial bank statements of the Petitioner included herein showing his circumstances have actually deteriorated and the Court's ORDER of paying the filing fees with the printing cost of the Petition would demonstrate 1/10 of the Petitioners total yearly income, representing in a ratio to that of Presidential Candidate Mr. Donald Trump to be approximately Billion dollars and a severe discrimination. Petitioner is offi lly living under what the Government stipulates as “Below the Poverty Level”. ‘Though the Petitioner has run for “U.S. President”, might the Court consider the fact that until a person is elected there is no “Presidential Paycheck”, and unless or until the Court grants Cert, reviewing the injustices upon the Campaign and Mr, Judy as a Presidential Candidate, he is severely inhibited by the “acts of injustice and Constitutional corruption” upon his person, as well his Campaign of past and present, for the People of the United States to see, and thus are ina state of hopelessness as well a lack of faith in Justice. Should the Court be ashamed that “Justice” be a popular characteristic upon a Campaign and Candidate, or would the Court assume “injustice” a preferred characteristic of both in the overall consideration of this Case is entirely up to the Court’s consideration. ‘While the Court is at liberty to hear a Writ of Certiorari while Motions are pending, Mr. Judy has indeed, in a consideration for Justice, launched an appeal to the Public for funds on the specific Motion and Order of the Court. The Public has responded with “Funds” for the “Filing Fee” that could be paid now, but the ‘printing cost’ are upwards of what has been raised at this time. The greater concern for Mr. Judy is that this Case be seen as a ‘hope’ for Justice to be believed in and to have faith in under the conditions of the Constitution, Should the Court insist upon this RECONSIDERATION OF REVIEW that IFP status be denied, simply on the basis that a Presidential Candidate shouldn't run unless his networth is that of a candidate like Mr. Donald Trump's 9 Billion, whose refused thus far to help with funds for this Case and been directly approached for assistance on Twitter, then the Court’s message is that Justice is only deserved by those who have money. The ratio of monetary responsibility is miniscule in comparison of Donald Trump and Mr. Judy and represents a gross injustice if the Court should deny this RECONSIDERATION. The Constitution requires that a Candidate for the Office of the President be 35 years of Age, 14 years resident of the United States, and a ‘natural born Citizen’, unless a “Citizen” at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution. There is no net worth requirement, previous elected seat requirement, or Family name requirement. The fact that a Federal Court has granted Informa pauperis status to the Petitioner and that is good for 2 12 month period of time in the least, should be considered more than sufficient for the U.S. Supreme Court to grant IFP status, unless the Court's determination is to lower the minimum standard of IFP status as Court Requirements while the cost of living raises, substantiating a greater injustice and burden upon the poor than now exist. 8 For the forgoing reasons, the Petitioner without redundancy prays the Court will reconsider the ‘Motion for IFP Status and grant such Motion upon the enlightened information herein submitted for the Court’s Consideration. Signed and submitted this 24” day of June, 2015. ae DECLARATION of MAILING CERTIFICATE AFFADAVIT In compliance with 28 U.S. C. §1746, reciting the facts and circumstances of service in accordance with U.S. Supreme Cr. Rule 29 (c) | do hereby declare under penalty of law that | mailed, via 11" class U.S. Mail and Email, a true and correct copy of the forgoing: 1 MOTION FOR A FP (informa pauperis) RECONSIDERATION REVIEW Postage pre-paid, to the RESPONDENT(s), by and through Counsel(s) of Record at: ‘And also: The Court & Solicitor General ofthe United States Solicitor General ofthe United States Department of Justice, 90 Pennsyivanis AVe., NW, ‘Washington, ¢ 20530-0001 Barack Hussein Obama ake Barry Soetoro et. a, Case No. 14-9396 Judy v. Obama et. al, US. Supreme Court 1 First street N.E ‘Washington DC 20543 meritsbriefs@supremecourt gov On this 22nd Day of June, 2015. Signature of Mailer /s/Cody Robert Judy, (bank. 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