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Individual Reflection Journal

Ecat, John Anthony A.

Millenium Dev elopement Goals
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are eight international development goals that were
established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, following the adoption of
the United Nations Millennium Declaration. 1st goal in the millennium development goals (MDGs) is to
eradicate extreme poverty and hunger is the Philippines eradicate the poverty? For me its a big NO.
Because base on my research the percentage of poverty in the Philippines is decreasing BUT is it
enough?. Yes it is decreasing but still its a high percentage for a normal country. And for your
information did you know that poverty is seventh major problem of the Philippines and base on what I
have researched I believe that Philippines does not achieve the goal to eradicate poverty this is the
saddest fact about our own country the Philippines. 2nd goal of millennium development goals (MDGs) is
to achieve universal primary education. Is the Philippines achieve the universal primary education?. For
me its almost. Because the President Noynoy Aquino administration is implementing the K 12 program
which the student will go to school 2 more years in that two years the student will learn the basic of the
college so if they graduated at high school they can already work. But still I think the poverty is the major
problem for the education. Because all parents that affected by k-12 is complaining because some say
that only rich people will affected by the result of this project. And people who dont have enough money
cannot go to school. And because of that Achieving Primary education will not be easy. 3 rd goal of
millennium development goal (MDGs) is to Promote Gender Equality is the Philippines promoted
gender Equality?. For me it is a big YES! because base on my research. The Philippines is in the top
performer in the asia pacific in terms of Gender Equality did you know that were rank 9 (ninth) out of
142 (One Hundred Forty two) countries and were rank 1 (one) base on health and survival, educational
attainment as of 2014. Under politics the Philippines ranking further declined by 7 (seven) places to 17 th
Out of 142 (One Hundred Forty two). So I think in this goal Ill give the Philippines a Good job
because they promote Gender equality perfect.. 4th goal of Millennium Development Goals is to Reduce
Child Mortality is the Philippines reduced Child mortality? For me its a big YES! because base on my
research courtesy of National Economic And Development Authority (NEDA) the Philippines is on track
in achieving the goal of reducing child mortality but far from achieving goal of reducing maternal
mortality as of August 22 2014. 5th goal of Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) is to Improve
Maternal Health. Is the Philippines Improved the Maternal Health?. NO. Based on my research courtesy
of (ph.undp. org) the Philippines is in critical danger of not achieving the target on improving maternal

health by 2015. While the maternal mortality rate (MMR) had been declining over the past two decades,
from 209 per 100,000 live births in 1993 to 172 in 1998 to 162 in 2006 the rate of change has been
relatively low. In addition, the decline appears to have stalled making the target reduction (MMR) of 52
deaths per 100,000 live births by 2015 highly improvable. And I think one of the main reason why
Philippines have a high MMR is because it is attributed to inadequate access to integrated reproductive
health services by women , including poor adolescents and men. For one, significant number of Filipino
women lack access to qualified reproductive health services. Over half of births in the country occurred at
home, and a third of them were assisted by traditional birth attendants. Poor women are greatly
disadvantaged with around 75 percent of the poorest quintile have no access to skilled birth attendants
compared to only 20 percent of the richest quintile. And another problem that also cause by POVERTY
and also Family planning is the main factor for the MMR of the Philippines and I think that P-noy
should passed the RH bill to help our fellow Pilipino citizens. and I think the Philippines should always
look onto all the poor people to achieve the Millennium Development Goal.. 6 th goal of Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs) is To Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. Is the Philippines
combated HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases? For me NO. first the HIV. As what I have saying in the
fifth goal of MDG . person who undergo in sex should have contra captive to avoid the HIV. And the
problem in the Philippines is always increasing as of 2009 HIV increase 2 per day but as of now. The HIV
increase 5 per day.. and other main problem of this is the group of people doing the needle sharing and the
one who do this is also a HIV sick. They do it because they know that there is no cure for this so they will
share it by doing needling other person. second is Malaria, dropped from 1990 to 2009, from 123 cases
and 1.5 deaths per 100,000 population to 22 and 0.02, respectively I think for this disease is a big good
job for the Philippines. third the Tuberculosis there had also been improvements in the indicators for
tuberculosis in recent years. Specifically, targets for case detection rate and treatment success rate had
already been achieved in 2004 and have been sustained since then. Cure rate, on the other hand, is still
slightly below the 85 percent national target but it would be feasible. All these improvements may be
attributed to the strengthened implementation of the National Tuberculosis Control Program. Specifically,
the adoption of the DOTS strategy since 1996 has contributed to the achievement of the program targets.
7th goal of the Millennium development Goals (MDGs) is to Ensure Environmental Sustainability is the
Philippines ensured Environmental Sustainability?. For me its a yes. Because base on my research The
number of proclaimed Protected Areas (PAs) under the National Integrated Protected Areas System
(NIPAS) has been continuously expanding. From 83 proclaimed PAs in 2000, the number of proclaimed
PAs in 2006 increased to 103. There was also a significant increase in confiscated flora from 58 pieces in
2002 to 600 pieces in 2005. The number of confiscated fauna also increased from 175 heads in 2002 to
2,944 heads in 2004. But there is still a big problem pollution remains a problem particularly in the

countrys major urban centers. It is projected that the volume of air pollutants will continue to increase
due to greater industrial activity, heavy traffic and the large number of vehicles plying the streets, many of
which are smoke-belching public utility vehicles. And beside that did you know that An average Filipino
generates 0.3 and 0.5 kilograms of garbage daily in rural and urban areas respectively. This means that
every person living in the metropolis generates a half kilo of waste per day. With an estimated population
of 10.5 million, the total waste generated in Metro Manila alone could run up to 5,250 metric tons per
day. Yes we are achieving the Environmental Sustainability but still there is a big big problem that we are
facing the POLLUTION 8th goal of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is to develop a Global
Partnership For Development is the Philippines developed the Global Partnership for Development?.for
me. Its a YES!.. Did you know that the Philippines is an active participant in the ASEAN Free Trade
Area (AFTA) anchored on the Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) scheme. The applied tariff
scheme for imports in the ASEAN ranges between zero and five percent, with few requested exceptions
that may be subject to compensation. At this point, 60 percent of products in the inclusion list are subject
to zero duty. And because of that more and more investor invest in our country . In addition, the
Philippines is a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), an informal
grouping that is committed to open regionalism. APEC seeks open and free trade and investment in the
region by 2010 for industrialized economies, and by 2020 for the developing economies. And because we
are member of (APEC) I believe that we have reputation that country required to invest to that country or
the Philippines.