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Craven Desires
One must wonder, why someone with such bold opinions such as Craven Desires, would be so cowardly & refuse to name himself. One must wonder...what is he, himself, hiding? We all know the power of a pit bull type dog. We all know the damage that can be done by one in the wrong hands. An irresponsible pit bull owner consistently denies the power that lies within their dogs. Responsible pit bull owners (and yes, there are some) manage their dogs as they would any other strong force in their life, with knowledge & discipline. This will be an on going debate for the remaining years this breed has left on this earth...the politics will never go away. People will always feel strongly one way or another & trying to convince or sway someone to your side is probably never going to happen. Let's be honest - yes, a certain "type" of person is attracted to Pit Bulls. Your average white collar nerd is not going to be seen with a box head APBT in tote. People who are drawn to pit bulls have troubles & strife in their own life usually. Perhaps they themselves have been abused, neglected or mistreated. They probably feel misunderstood, just like the Pit Bull Breed. But that doesn't mean they are monsters. Not every person who can relate to bully breeds is a redneck from a trailer park or a black guy with a stash of crack. To argue your side, you must be educated about the entire subject. You must be able to be unbiased and relate to all involved. When you are so passionate & angry about your subject, you come off as a jerk who doesn't care about the opinion or feelings of anyone else. Know, and understand, that you are not completely right about everything. People are prone to hear your voice if you aren't so sneaky & under handed. If Craven Desires is in deed Xxxx Xxxxx, the attorney from Colorado...then he has a lot to lose by being exposed. The derogatory statements in his blog ( will not bode well with his professional partners. But, if this anonymous blogger is in fact not Xxxx Xxxxx, then he is someone who is obsessed with Xxxx Xxxxxx & Colleen Lynn. Someone

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someone who is obsessed with Xxxx Xxxxx & Colleen Lynn. Someone who took their irrational idealizations and ran with them. Someone who has no real passion or purpose in life...except to write this blog. So I warn you, friends, this blogger Craven Desires will be no easy task unveiling. If indeed he is Xxxx Xxxxx, that will come out soon enough. If he is not, I challenge each & every one of justice. Find who he is. Discover what makes him tick. Pick him apart as he has picked you apart. He traces IP addresses that touch base on his beware of that when posting comments. Perhaps people would be more inclined to listen to his opinions if he weren't so embarrassed of them. I urge you to contact Xxxx Xxxxx via facebook and let him know that this Craven Desires blog is now being assumed as written by him. Dozens of people nationwide believe it is him...perhaps he should read the blog & refute these accusations. I, personally, would love Xxxx's input.


The poetry of your life will be rehearsed by your followers...lead them correctly & you'll never be forgotten.


6 COMMENTS: Muffin said... NOVEMBER 12, 2009 9:51 PM Toxic Plebian said... I love this video. In ways that one should not love a video. NOVEMBER 12, 2009 9:57 PM Mackenzie said... Bravo, TP. My hat is off to your courage and dedication in exposing such vulgar, derogatory and potentially dangerous verbage being spewed and published under the guise of "Freedom of
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spewed and published under the guise of "Freedom of Speech." It is the most pathetic, narcissistic, and potentially criminalistic use of this constitutional right. Although, it is entertaining to note that the Craven Desire's blog has only the capabilities of what appears to be "free time" of some "loons" at a mental health facility. The continued deletions of our comments by Mr.Craven after his dedicated following of (3) drones respond in unison...only increase their moronic appearance. His/her disciples respond and then "poof" our comments are deleted leaving them commenting to the walls of their safe little "rubber rooms". Actually, quite humorous, really. Interesting and a bit entertaining, if you enjoyed the movie, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" er_the_cuckoos_nest.jpgway I am positive their room monitors and staff would love to be enlightened on their questionable and unhealthy 'free time.' >:) NOVEMBER 13, 2009 9:13 AM Anonymous said... Just to let you know, Craven Desires / Xxxx Xxxxx has really started a fire in the Pit world. We are a tight group of people that will always stand up for what we believe in. Does Craven / Xxxx realize that all types of people own Pit Bulls? Ex: Lawyers, Celebs, Hit Men, computer nerds (that could really fuck him up), military, UFC fighters, FBI Agents, Doctors, and yes Dog Men. Oh yea and even drug dealers. That is a wide range of people to target and piss off. I would hate to know that so many people were trying to find me, He has no clue who they are, or what they look like. Every stranger he sees he will wonder if they are one of us. I'm sure he will have the Craven Desire to shit in his pants, once the entire Pit world crashes down on him. He has pissed off some pretty powerful people. I hope he doesn't delete his blog and tuck tail and run like the scared piece of coward trash he is before they nail him. Oh yea "P" is really Craven/Xxxx too. Its another one of his tactics to make
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Craven/Xxxx too. Its another one of his tactics to make people believe he has support, when he only has 3 followers, Lol. He is a one man show with no real support..LOL NERD! Is the hair on your little tiny balls as red as the hair on your giant head? Hey Xxxx, go back to guarding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you lephrechaun lookin M / F. We're Pit Nutters, I guess you (Xxxx Xxxxx / Craven Desires & Company) are all Nutty Buddies. Boy Carma is a BITCH!!! Good luck Mr Craven, your gonna need it!!! Oh yea, any thing you Nutty Buddies say in reguards to this...Isn't going to matter now, so lets see what kind of stupid remarks comes from the Nutty Buddies Aka Craven / Xxxx & Co. I bet you call people of the darker race spear chuckers to. I know you've called the Gay people Fags, and women bitches, and while playin the role of P, always talk about Dicks, and where to put dicks, and how women have no dicks, and dog dicks, so I have to ask, does the P stand for Penis? How is all that going to look for a man in your official position. Oh yea your not Xxxx well I bet Xxxx will sure want to expose you once he finds out. No hiding then Craven. Google Craven Desires Xxxx Xxxxx and see how popular you are now...LMFAO BOOOHAHAHAHA NOVEMBER 13, 2009 11:54 AM Toxic Plebian said... Anon, that was the funniest comment I have ever read. I hope you didn't offend our friend Craven, otherwise there may be no Lucky Charms in your stocking this Christmas. Tsk tsk. NOVEMBER 14, 2009 8:44 AM Toxic Plebian said... Thank you Mackenzie! NOVEMBER 14, 2009 10:42 AM POST A COMMENT

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