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2013 AREA 2 Soil and Water Conservation ,Irrigation and Drainage and
Allied Subjects
Monday, 8 AM to 1 PM August 26, 2013
Irrigation,Soil and Water Conservation
It refers to the composite parts of the irrigation system that divert water from natural bodies
water such as rivers, streams and lakes. My ganitong tanong din sa AE Board Recalled 2012
Answer: Headworks
2. The International Soil Science Society describes sand as a soil particle with a diameter of
Answer: 0.02 mm to 2 mm
3. The locus of the elevation to which water will rise in a piezometric tube.
Answer: Hydraulic gradient
4. Surface irrigation method where a much smaller area is enclosed by levees
Answer: Basin Flooding
5. The ratio of water beneficially used on the project, farm or field to the amount of water delivered to the
farm expressed in percent.
Answer: Water-use Efficiency
6. The ratio of water stored in the root zone during the irrigation to the water needed in
the root zone
prior to irrigation, expressed in percent.
Answer:Water Storage Efficiency
7. The ratio between water stored in the soil root zone during irrigation and the water delivered to the farm
expressed in percent
Answer: Water Application Efficiency
8. The ratio between the water delivered to the farm and the water diverted from a river or
expressed in percent.
Answer: Water Conveyance Efficiency
9. The sum of total static head, pressure head, velocity head and friction head.
Answer: Total Dynamic Head
10. The water is directed to the base of the plant. Water is applied to the soil through small orifices
Answer:Drip or Trickle Irrigation
11. The surface is rarely wet since the water is supplied from the soil underneath. This requires complete
control of the water table so that the root zone is kept relatively free of excess water but
continually supplied with capillary moisture during the cropping season.hindi ganito ung
my ganitong choices at sagot,basta basahin nyo n lng,marami kasing ganitong
question sa type ng
Answer: sub-irrigation
12. It is accomplished by running water through small channels or furrows while it moves down or across the
slope of the field
Answer: Furrow irrigation
In Earth embankment, on structures less than 15 m high with average materials, the sideslopes should
be steeper than_____on the upstream face
Answer: 3:1
Same above question but on the downstream face.
Answer: 2:1
15. Earth embankment question.What is the slope in blankets.eto lang natandaan ko.basta mgbasa na lang
kayo about sa earth embankment.

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2013 AREA 2 Soil and Water Conservation ,Irrigation and Drainage and
Allied Subjects

Earth embankment..about sa percentage sa isang part ng dam(eto ung mga choices,, 5%, 10%,15%
20%)basta my mga ganyang question. D ko lang matandaan ung exact words.
17. Earth embankment.waveheight computation in dam, given 50m yata,eto ung fetch or exposure in
meter(df) eto yung formula (h= 0.014(Df)2 )
Caused by the rising of warmer, lighter air in colder, denser surroundings.
Answer: Convective Precipitation
19. The process of covering the land surface with plant residues, plastic or other materials appropriate to
arrest loss of moisture through evaporation
Answer: Mulching
20. Climate of the Philippines.(choices,,a. Type I b. Type II
c.Type III
d.TypeIV )hindi ko matandaan
kung type II or type III ung question dyan, basta eto na lang mga meaning nila.
Type I. Two pronounced seasons, dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the
Type II. No dry season with a very pronounced maximum rainfall from November to January
Type III. Seasons not very pronounced, relatively dry from November to april and wet during
rest of the year.
Type IV. Rainfall more less evenly distributed throughout the year.
21. Type of Sprinkler with high Pressure.(choices, a. nyo na lang
type of sprinkler
22. Anung level ng pressure ng sprinkle kung ang value is 200 kpa?
a. low
b. high c.medium
d.very high
23. Anung level ng pressure ng sprinkle kung ang value is 300 kpa?
a. low
b. high c.medium
d.very high
24. Anung level ng pressure ng sprinkle kung ang value is 500 kpa?
a. low
b. high c.medium
d.very high
25. (choices a. Aquifer
b. Aquiclude
c. Aquifuge
d.Aquitard)basahin nyo na lang mga meaning nila
What is the depth of water in a trapezoidal channel with a side slope of 2 and carrying a 2.5
water flow? The channels bottom width is 1.5 meters and the flowing water has a
m/s.maraming ganitong question kaya practice nyo na magcompute
27. Trapezoidal weir computation,given the value of Q, b, s, R,P n,A,v.Find d? 3 question for this problem ang
binigay,same ang mga values pero hahanapin m lang yung value ng b or v.kahit d ka na
mgcompute,check m
na lang sa problem na binigay..
How many sprinklers with spacing of 7m x 7m are needed to irrigate a rectangular piece of land
125 m
x 190 m if the laterals are set parallel to the longer side of the field?
Answer: 486
One thousand two hundred and fifty cubic meters of water was delivered to a 10 ha farm for the month
of June in which consumptive use is estimated at 8 mm/day. The effective rainfall for the period was
150 mm. What is the irrigation efficiency? Sample prob na my ganitong katulad na question s 2013 ae
board exam.practice nyo na lang icompute yan..2 or 3 same question pero magkakaiba ang mga values na
30. Given a shallow tubewell with maximum discharge of 15 lps and a total dynamic head of 7
Determine the power rating of the primemover for the pump if pump and primemover efficiencies are 60%
and 55%, respectively.2 or 3 questions but different values were given.
31. Determine the irrigation interval for a farm with soil root zone having a field capacity of 200
and a wilting point of 105 mm. Assume that the consumptive use for June or August is 7.5
mm/day with

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2013 AREA 2 Soil and Water Conservation ,Irrigation and Drainage and
Allied Subjects
no rainfall and the allowable moisture depletion is 75%.basta try nyo na lang
icompute,my ganitong sample
na problem na binigay.
32. The recent monsoon rains have posted a nearly uniform rainfall intensity of 30 mm/hr over a
1,500hectare watershed area in Central Luzon. If the runoff coefficient is 0.15, what is the
m /sec? used the formula Q= CIA
33. Evapotranspiration in an 10 ha farm is 10 mm/day and percolation losses is 5 mm/day. What is
design discharge of a canal to be able to deliver a 5-day requirement of the farm in 24 hours if
efficiency is 75%?2 questions yata ang may ganitong problem ang binigay.d ko sure
ung mga values pero
ganyan yung binigay na prob.
34. Computation of Moisture content,given the value of FC ,PWP,AS and Moisture depletion
35. Computation,Given yung formula,pati mga values,substitute nyo na lang,2 to 3 problem,kaso ang
palabasin yung mga sagot kasi malilito ka sa mga values at unit na given,kaya try try lang
mapalabas yung result,kung hindi naman, mgwild guess na lang kung saan malapit ung
sagot.basta bahala na kau kung anu like nyong gawin..hehe
End Notes:maraming question sa Irrigation and drainage and soil conservation.more on terminologies and
values at marami ang computation,maybe more than 50% questions
36. The type of surveying that takes into account the true shape of the earth. These surveys are of
high precision and extend over large areas
Answer: Geodetic Surveying
37. The survey of bodies of water made for the purpose of navigation, water supply, or sub-aqueous
Answer: Hydrographic Survey
38. The type of surveying in which the mean surface of the earth is considered as a plane, or
in which its spheroidal shape is neglected, with regard to horizontal distances and
Answer: Plane Surveying
Consist of counting the number of steps in a required distance.
Answer: Pacing
Types of instrument
Measure relative humidity in air or An instrument used to measure temperature and water in
the atmosphere or Surrounding .,may ganitong question din sa AE Board Recalled 2010
Measure the intensity of direct solar radiation.dko sure ung exact words basta instrument for
measuring radiation yun..
Answer: pyrhelliometer
42. Measurement for static velocity.check nyo na lang yung mga different instrument and meaning
my idea kayo..
Answer:Pitot tube


Measure Specific Gravity

Answer: Hydrometer

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2013 AREA 2 Soil and Water Conservation ,Irrigation and Drainage and
Allied Subjects

44. Area bounded by a curve y =x-4 and y2 = x2 find the area of the curve
45. Probability.. About poker, given 5 hearts at dko na alam ung isa malay k kng ilan number ng cards
na ginagamit s poker,kaw baka alam mo paturo naman?????
Crop Science, Animals
46. What do you call the phenomena where plants flowers and speeds up in seed development under
low temperature or when chilled? Merong ganitong question din sa AE Board Recalled 2010
a. Vernalization : when seeds need cold temperature treatment prior to germination to trigger
note.nakalimutan k na ung ibang choices,kc yan lang din naalala ko at yan din sagot ko,basta bahala na kayo kung
gusto nyo kopyahin hehe..
47. A male sheep(ram) or goat
Answer: Buck
48. Aggregates pig in 1 birth farrowing
Answer : Litter
49. dko sure kung meat ng goat or meat ng cattle or ox yung binigay na question
Answer: Chevon for goat, Beef for ox
50. Computation of fertilizers, given the the weight of 1 sack of urea yata tapos ratio, 46 0 0,tapos
14 14,,basta yan lang naalala k,review nyo na lang para alam nyo panu mgcompute
Wala ko maalala na question for this subject pero merong binigay na question,review nyo na lang mga
terminologies.ewan k kung sa part1 eto pero parang meron yata basta basahin nyo na lang..

May 1 question












Parang yung question is cnu ang katabi ni draw or tools yatabasta.yan lang bahala kau metten agbasan ah..hehe
EndNotes:Basta ang gawin nyo na lang magbasa ng magbasa,Practice Practice sa pag compute at pagsagot ng mga
problem...:) review nyo irrigation and drainage soil and water.mga mahigit 50% yata,kunti lang sa
math,probability,,surveying at instrument and crop science,animal science and autocad. Kaya nyo


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