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Contact Info

KE MRON E nvironmental Services,
w 404-601-6931
Inc. 1359A Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. direc t
Atla nta, GA 30318
404-516-3181 cell
404-636-0928 office

CORT 5035 Bloomfie ld Stre et,
Jefferson, LA 70121

Type of Product of Service Available

Description of Products, Services, Capabilities, NAICS Codes

Spill Response
Containment and Counterme asure
Cleanup a nd Mitigation
On-site/Off-Site Waste Ma nagement
Site Re stora tion
Community Involve ment Support

A small busine ss under NA ICS 562910, KE MRON offers 24/7 emergency re sponse services throughout the eastern US for Re leva nt to this e ffort, KE MRON provides
Small Busine ss / Minority
spills, accidents, fires, natural disasters, aba ndonme nt and biological weapons contamina tion. As a n expe rienced
eme rge ncy response, site remediation and cle anup Ow ned Business (Hispanic)
Emergency Response and Recovery Services (E RRS) contra ctor for the U SEPA, we stand ready with the necessary
of spills.
re sources to perform imme diate and planne d re sponse services for businesses a nd government entities in U SEPA Regions 3,
4 a nd 5.

Tim Warner (cell) 512-567-9929 or office furniture re ntal and reside ntial furniture
(office) 877-781-2678
rental, apa rtment locating


Primary Media or Technical Services

office furniture

Socio-Economic Status


JRH Development, Inc 401 N.
Sea n P. Harmon, Vice President
Tarragona St., Suite A, Pe nsacola, FL 850/470-8068 (office) 850/47032501
8069 (fax)

Quality Assurance Technical Support (All se nior
managers are graduates of the Army Corps of
Engineers Construction Quality M anage ment
Program) Fede ral, State and Local code
complianc e
Environme ntal Remedia tion
Environme ntal Training
Environme ntal Site Asse ssment a nd Engineering
Project Ma nagement

Service s – JRH De velopment, Inc . is a SBA Certified HubZone G ene ral Contra ctor specializ ing in construction, renova tion, Technical E mpha sis: JRH De velopments
SBA Certified HubZ one
environmental reme diation and disaster relief services. We have the proven internal capability to support the federal
manageme nt teams’ stre ngth is in resource
Entity Wome n Owned
government in various disaster relief services to include e nvironmental site a ssessment and enginee ring, quality assurance in manageme nt during large sc ale recovery a nd
Business Partnering business
meeting strict EPA and O SHA requireme nts, as w ell a s providing the trained manpower to support large scale
disaster relief efforts. O ur information
is SBA Certified 8(a ) and
re lief/recovery efforts.
technology (IT) department has extensive
Service D isa bled Veteran
Capabilities - O ur tea m can mobiliz e 50 to 200 trained and e xperie nce d personnel within 48 hours to support the needs of
capabilities and experience in working w ith
Ow ned
this mission. Our ma nagement tea m, working with E SA South, Inc ., was one of the primary re sponders for the Corps of
FEMA , Corps of Enginee rs, FAA, US Air Force,
Enginee rs in the wake of the hurricanes that impac ted Florida in 2004 (Charlie and Ivan) and Louisia na/M ississippi (K atrina Department of Vete rans Affairs and Na val
and Rita) in 2005. We effe ctive ly mobiliz ed ove r 700 responders to mee t the needs of the recove ry efforts within 96 hours Facilities Engineering Command. Through the use
of Notice to Proce ed. We supporte d the Army Corps of E ngine ers with a n ID IQ contract for the Hauling and Installing of
of e ffec tive training and pra ctical applica tion of
Temporary Home s require d afte r the devastating effects of Hurrica ne Wilma in 2005. We are license d throughout the Gulf computer models for logistics, effective
Coa st State s and have offices in L ouisiana , M ississippi and Florida. Our past performance experienc e, c ontract numbers
communications, and superior training and
and government points of c ontact are availa ble for your revie w.
prepa ration, our tea m continues to support both
federa l a nd sta te a gencies in the wake of both
man-made and na tural disasters.

E SA South, Inc. 1681 Succe ss Drive,
Cantonme nt, Fl. 32533

Quality Assurance Technical Support (All se nior
managers are graduates of the Army Corps of
Engineers Construction Quality M anage ment
Program) Fede ral, State and Local code
complianc e
Environme ntal Remedia tion Environmental
Training Environmenta l Site Assessment and
Engineering Project Management

Service s - E SA South, Inc. is a Service D isa bled Veteran O wne d General Contractor spe cializing in construction,
re nova tion, e nvironmental remedia tion and disaster relief servic es. We have the proven interna l c apa bility to support the
fe deral government in various disaster re lie f services to include environmenta l site assessment and engineering, quality
assurance in meeting strict E PA a nd OSHA requireme nts, as w ell as providing the trained manpower to support la rge sca le
re lief/recovery efforts.
Capabilities - O ur tea m can mobiliz e 50 to 200 trained and e xperie nce d personnel within 48 hours to support the needs of
this mission. We have been one of the primary responde rs for the Corps of E nginee rs in the wake of the hurricanes that
impac te d Florida in 2004 (Charlie and Ivan) and Louisiana/M ississippi (Ka trina and Rita ) in 2005 by mobilizing over 700
re sponders to meet the nee ds of the recovery efforts. We supported the Army Corps of E ngineers with an IDIQ contract for
the Hauling and Installing of Temporary H omes required after the de vastating effects of Hurric ane Wilma in 2005. We a re
licensed throughout the G ulf Coast Sta tes a nd have office s in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. O ur past pe rformance
expe rience, contra ct numbers and government points of contact are ava ilable for your revie w. 236220 Commerc ial and
Building Construction
237120 Oil and Gas Pipe line and Relate d Structures
541511 Custom Computing Programming Services
562219 Othe r Nonhazardous Waste Treatment
562910 Environme ntal Remediation Se rvices

ESA South’s strength is in resource mana gement Service D isa bled Veteran
during large scale recove ry and disaster re lief
Ow ned General Contractor
efforts. Our information te chnology (IT)
department has extensive capabilities a nd
experienc e in working with FE MA, Corps of
Engineers, FAA, U S Air Forc e, D epa rtme nt of
Veterans Affairs and Naval Facilities Engineering
Command. Through the use of effec tive tra ining
and practica l application of computer models for
logistics, effective communications, and superior
training and preparation, our team continues to
support both federa l a nd state a gencies in the
wake of both man-made and natural disasters.

Public Relations/Issues Crisis Group

Stra tegic Communications, Integrated Marke ting, M edia Services, Public Information Ca mpaign Services, Ma rket
Research, Ma nagement, Organization and Business Improvement Servic es, Consulting, Survey Se rvices, N AICS- 541820

M alcolm Gibson, CE O 850/9378520 (office ) 850/937-8679 (fa x)
w t

Burson Marsteller, LLC, a division of Jackie Alpe rt 202-530-4619
Young & Rubica m, INC. 1110
Vermont Ave nue, Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20005

Socia l M edia, Sta ndard Media, Mass
Communica tions Initia tives

Large Company

EM R is currently deployed across the Gulf Coast in response to the BP oil spill. We are providing health & safety
mana gement a nd oversight (offshore and dry land) and w ater sampling service s. Our NAICS c odes are: 236210 Industrial
Building Construction 236220 Commercial & Institutional Building Construction 237110 Water and Sewer Line a nd
Related Structures 237310 Highw ay, Street, Bridge Construction 237990 Other He avy & Civil E ngine ering Construction
238910 Site Preparation Contractors 541330 Engineering Services 541620 E nvironmental Consulting Service s 561210
Facilitie s Support Services 562211 Haz ardous Waste Treatment & Disposal 562910 Environmental Remediation
Service s 562998 All Other M isce llane ous Waste M anage ment Services

We are e nvironmental generalists and are
proficient in all media inc luding, but not limited
to soil, surfac e water, groundwa ter, a ir, solid
waste, haz ardous waste, and asbe stos

Small Busine ss, Native
Americ an, Woman-O wne d

Environme ntal Consultation,Re medial Design,
Environme ntal Site Asse ssments, Soils
Manageme nt Plans, Contractor Oversight,
Asbe stos Abatement D esigns, Asbestos Project,
Manageme nt

We are SB(8a) and have never worked on oil spill cle anup but have worke d on oil c ontamination in soils cleanup and site
Assessments and could team up with others if nece ssary. Our primary N AICS code is 541620 and other code s are 541330,
541350, 541380

Technical specific ations w ill be prepare d as
Certified SBA
reque ste d, for environme ntal service s required to 8(a)/Women/Minority
perform the services. Spe cifica tions w ill be
Business Ente rprise
prepa red in standard CSI M aster Forma t. Our
projec t te am has e nvironmental professionals
experienc ed in the in-situ and e x-situ remediation
of soil and groundwa ter impacte d by va rious
environmental contamina nts, and the a nalytical
requireme nts associa ted with all types of sample
media rela ted to lead a nd asbestos abatement
projec ts, indoor air quality issues, site
investiga tion and remediation, and haz ardous
waste de termination. This expertise provides our
projec t te am members with the ability to prepare
specifications which w ill ensure tha t the
environmental services required are performed
properly to meet the goa ls of eac h project in a
timely fashion, ac hieve re gulatory compliance,
and allow EPA to meet its objectives

Offloading of oil/sea water slurry from skimming
ve ssels, sepa ration and transport of oil/seawa te r
slurry to reclamation facilities

Description of Produc ts, Service s, Capabilities, NAICS Codes
Provider of septic se rvices and trenchless pipe
Boston-ba se d bluew ater Hld. Corp. has a large fle et of specialize d re cycler trucks (see a ttached photo) designe d to separate lining and c oating tec hnologies for drain, sewer,
and process contaminants from w ater, and well suited to handle the oil/seaw ater mix generated from high-volume skimming potable and hi-he at, hi-pressure systems.
operations. T hese trucks are 50 perc ent larger than conventional se ptic processors, making hauling more cost- and energyefficient; they have onboa rd separa tors that remove the se awater from the oil, allowing the oil to be conce ntrated before ,
ra ther than after, transport; a nd they have an espec ially powerful vac uum-pumping technology that ideal for collecting and
separating c rude oil from salt wate r. bluewa ter's recycle r trucks would be able to empty the holding tanks of skimmer
vesse ls, sepa rate the seawater from the oil and other conta minants and transport both oil and effluent to appropria te
destinations. Unde r contract to BP or its de signee, and at favorable rates, bluewa ter can deliver up to ten (10) of our recyc ler
trucks to any Gulf state loc ation designa te within no more than te n (10) da ys. Bluewater c an supply operating personnel but
would be happy to tra in local opera tors, thereby providing jobs to those whose e mployment ha s been disrupted by the
ongoing oil spill.
Please note that bluewa ter also provides a wide range of advanc ed trenc hless solutions for pipes of all kinds, including hightempe rature, high-pressure pipes. In fact, our blue stea m™ technology should be familiar to BP officials, since it is a
spe cially reformulate d version of the same type of cera mic epoxy used in the lining of oil pipes de signed to handle the high
pressures and temperatures of deep land drilling operations.
NAICS codes: 562991, 237110, 237120

EMR, Inc. 3200 H as kell Ave., Suite 140,
Law rence, KS 66046

M ike G ross 785-842-9013 x144 ww w.emr- Emergenc y Response Disaster Re sponse
Environme ntal Characte rization, De sign a nd

Environmental Analysis, Inc. 348 N.
Ashland, Suite 2C
Chicago, IL 60607

John Fenn, CIE, Project Executive
L EED Certified 312-491-8800
w ww.ea

Remediation Na tural Resource Studies
(endangere d spe cies, w etland) Traditional Design
and construction

Bluewater Hld. Corp.
T homa s P. Cha mpion
60 Ke ndrick Stree t
N eedham MA 02494

N/A , although bluew ater will
tra in locally displac ed workers
to fill all work-cre w and drive r

E nvironmental Management Services, Clyde Woodward,
Environmental engineering, risk evaluation,
consulting, sampling, remediation and surveying.
Corporate offices in H attiesburg: P.O. 601-544-3674 office , 601-441-0028 Offices in Baton Rouge, G ulfport, Mobile, and
Box 15369, MS 39404-5369
Hattiesburg have experienced pe rsonnel ava ila ble
7350 Highway 98, MS 39402 (other w
to assist in Oil Spill Response activitie s.
offic es in Baton Rouge , Gulfport and
M obile)

Environmenta l M anage ment Services, Inc. (EM S) is a n engineering, environmental consulting, reme diation, and health and Health and Safe ty consulting/training/auditing,
Veteran ow ned small business
safe ty complianc e firm operating primarily in the Southeast. We offer a complete range of environmental, engineering,
water a nd se diment sampling, risk eva luation a nd incorpora ted in Mississippi
surve ying, and support servic es, suppleme nted by a wide variety of equipment, capabilities, and expe rtise. EMS mainta ins
remediation, spill response.
the functionality to take a wide va riety of projects from initial conce pt to fina l design and ultimate ly to implementation.
EM S has expe rienced and HAZ WO PER trained scientists, enginee rs, a nd technicians. N AICS codes 541690, 541330,
541620, 562910

Triangle Surveys Inc.
14108 Sailing Road, Ocea n City, M D

If we can be of assistance, we have a 22 ft survey vessel, equipped Trimble RTK GPS equipment that draws 2 ft of water. NA

Bill Kotis
443-497-1082 t

CDM Fe deral Programs Corporation Jeanne Litwin
125 Maiden Lane, 5th Floor, 4524
Ne w York, New York 10038

20 yea rs experie nce surveying beac hes for Army
Corps renourishme nt projects, 541330 Engineering Services, 8713 - Surve ying Service s


212/377- Program M ana gement, D isaster Re covery Support, A full-service consulting, engineering, construction, and operations firm, CDM provides services under NAICS c odes
CD M ha s in-house all the te chnical spe cialists – Large Business
w ww.c Manageme nt of Solid and Haz ardous Waste,
541620, 541330, 562910, 237110, and 237990. Since 2005, CDM has performe d a broad range of federal disaster response biologists, ec ologists, hydrogeologists, and
Landfill Planning, Design, Permitting, and
and recovery services along the Gulf Coast, building re lationships with many of the coastal communities a nd all of the
engineers (c ivil, hydraulic , environmenta l, etc .) –
Construction, G eogra phic Information Systems,
re leva nt state agenc ies. As a leading c ontrac tor to U.S. E PA for implementa tion of Comprehensive E nvironmental Re sponse, required to evaluate damaged aqua tic ecosystems
Environme ntal Regulatory Compliance Assistance, Compensation a nd L iability Act (CERCLA) for more than 25 years, CDM knows EPA’s requireme nts for re sponse actions. and to plan a nd design actions to restore wetla nds
Remediation of Contaminate d Surfa ce Water,
We have helped the agency implement e ffec tive responses at more than 500 sites na tionwide, including doz ens of sites
and other sensitive habitats. Also among CD M’s
Groundwater, Sediment, and Soil Innovative
involving c ontamination of wetla nds a nd se diments.
specia lties is ma nagement of solid and hazardous
Remedial Technologies, Aquatic Ecosystem
wastes, including feasibility studies of innovative
Restoration, Water Resourc es M odeling,
remedial te chnologies, w aste treatment/disposal
Inve stigations, and Engineering, Infra structure
alternatives, and design and construc tion of
Planning, Design, and Construction
landfills and othe r waste fac ilities. We also
provide full-service GIS a nalysis and support
se rvices and ha ve developed tools specific to the
coa st. Unde r progra ms for EPA, the Army Corps
of E ngineers, and FEM A, CD M ha s conducted
major inve stigations of water resourc es,
addre ssing issue s of wate r supply, wate r quality,
and flood management. Of partic ular relevance is
CD M’s expertise in application of the
Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EF DC)
mode l, which CD M ha s used in Breton Sound for
the Baptiste Collette Bayou N avigation Channel
Deepening Feasibility Study. For the BP Oil Spill
Re sponse and Recovery, CD M can ada pt the
EFDC ge neral-purpose modeling pa cka ge to
simulate cohesive and non-cohe sive sediment
transport, the transport and fate of toxic
hydroca rbons in the w ater and sedime nt phases,
and the dissolved oxygen, algae and nutrient
proce ss (i.e. eutrophication).

R Transport, Inc
PO Box 5163 Ge orge, WA 98824
Raymond Mohoff – 425-508-2697

Raymond Mohoff

Transportation Trucking, Hazmat

Sonoma T ec hnology, Inc. (ST I)
1455 N. McDowell Blvd., Suite
Peta luma, CA 94954

Paul T. Roberts
E xec utive Vic e President
Chief Scientific O ffice r
(707) 665-9900
w ww.sonoma tech.c om

Air quality forecasting: Providing short-term (one- Founde d in 1982, ST I is a firm of about 55 scientists a nd engineers providing air quality and mete orologic al research and
Air quality consulting
services. In addition to meteorological and air quality measurements, mode ling, e missions, and data analysis, our service s
to five-day) routine or special event air quality
include geogra phic information syste ms (GIS), custom instrumentation, training and education, specia lized software
forecasts for multiple pollutants. Regions of
deve lopment, exposure a ssessment, air quality forec asting, a nd policy analysis. Our work includes major studies a cross the
expertise inc lude the G ulf Coast States.
United Sta tes (inc luding over the Gulf of Mexico) as well as projec ts in Ca nada, Mexico, E gypt, China, Antarc tica, Pana ma,
Dissemina ting the fore casts to a va riety of use r
groups including the U.S. EPA’s AIRN ow
Costa Rica, and Qa tar. ST I is a n employee -owne d company based in Petaluma, California. N AICS codes include 541330,
Program. Surface and upper-air meteorological
541620, and 541990.
measurements and studies: Me asuring
complex surface and a loft w eather conditions.
Providing, deploying, a nd operating
meteorological instruments— including radar wind
profilers, sodars, rawinsondes, surface
meteorological stations, ceilometers, and flux
systems—on oil platforms or on shore. Using data
from the se instrume nts to chara cteriz e and
understa nd meteorologica l processes and the ir
influence on polluta nt dispersion, transport,
emissions, and chemistry. U sing these data to
evaluate model performanc e, a nd assimilating
these da ta into meteorological and a ir quality
models. Auditing a nd quality assurance of
meteorological networks.  Air quality
measurements: Purchasing or supplying
instruments, installing instruments, auditing and
qua lity assuring data, and monitoring data via we b
service s (i.e ., remotely). Capabilitie s include
criteria pollutants, black carbon, hydroca rbons, and
air toxics. D eploying these instruments on oil
platforms or onshore. Leasing andopera ting STI’s
automatic gas chromatograph (auto-GC) for
continuous hydroca rbon measurements.  Air

Capable of supplying 100 8 - a xel truck and pups, 50 powe r units, refe r va ns, dry va ns, flatbeds and lowboys. We are a
Haz ardous Waste Transportation c ompany w ith 40-hours haz whopper tra ining, supplies reagents and absorbe nts’ in the
Pacific NW. NAICS Codes: 484110, 484121, 562112, 562119 562211, 562213, 562219

R Transport, Inc does a ll the transporta tion
manageme nt for Waste M ana gement in the Pa cific
NW. We supply a ll transportation for Clean
Harbors, Bonneville Pow er, E PA Re gion 10, NRC
Environmental Seac orp and the na val shipya rds.


Green Rock Ltd
Johdintie 5, 90630 O ulu, Finland

M r Juha Lahtinen, deve lopment
direc tor
+011 358 405 440 662 (added U S
dialing 011)
w ww.gree

Oil absorption ma terial, espe cially used in
shoreline prote ction

Privately owned Finnish
company Green Rock L td is
certified under the
international environmenta l
mana gement syste m standard
ISO 14001:2004 and
mana gement syste m standard
ISO 9001:2008.

Spectrum Analytic al Inc .
8405 Benjamin Rd
Suite A
Tampa , Fl 33634

PO C: Kevin Dunham
Provide Environmenta l chemistry analyse s of Soil,
Water a nd Air matrices for VOC, SVOC, PAH,
Web. PCB, Me tals etc . Hold E PA CL P, DoD , NE LAC,
ELA P ce rtific ations as w ell a s Florida, Ala bama,
Louisiana and Texas a pprova ls. Also have
labora tories in Massachuse tts and Rhode Island
that could provide additional support.

App Geoscience 3227 Brass Buttons

Edward Ficker, PG (512) 466-6311

Green O il a bsorbents have been used by Finnish re sc ue service departments for shoreline protection more tha n 10 ye ars.
Water / floating oil absorbent
Ma terial is made from minera l w ool to create an ultra -absorbent mate rial that feels like a sheep's wool. It is natural and nontoxic even whe n left in the environment. It is unsinkable and can absorb oil up to 8.65 time s its ow n weight. E ach package
size is 20 Kg. (44 pounds). At the moment we are able to produce 200 tonnes (tonne=1000 Kg ) of Gre en Oil absorbe nt
material within one week (about the ca pac ity of one airplane ) and 2,000 tonnes (tonne=1000 Kg ) within about 6 we eks
( which is approximately the capacity of 2000 tonnes (tonne=1000Kg) cargo vessel, w hich we can get within 7 da ys ).
Another material we ha ve is Gre en Oil plates ( 1200x600x30 mm ) a nd absorption capacity of that is 21.7 Kg/m2.
Production time of that product is still open. Gree n Oil plates are also reusable during the a ction which lowers to c osts and
manpower needed. A shoreline c ould be protec ted by spreading mate rial near to the shore to cre ate a floating zone of oil
absorbing materia l. That zone c ould ac t as a boom, in w hich any oil that whic h escapes the regular boom would be kept in
the absorbing zone.M aterial ca n be added from shore and by that wa y push/keep the oil away from the shore.NA ICS Code:
Oil spill cle anup service s 562910


NAICS cod e: 5 413 80

consulting/field services

Austin, TX 78734

Joule E nergy
319 N. Diamond St.
Ne w Orlea ns, LA 70130

Robert Schmidt
w ww.joule

Shoreline a ssessments, environmental sampling, reporting, da ta management, data c ollection, GIS NAICS:
541360 - Geophysical Surveying a nd Mapping Se rvices
541620 - Environme ntal Consulting Se rvices
541690 - Othe r Scientific and Technical Consulting Service s

Sola r generators. Power supply. Can couple Solar 237130 Alternative energy (e.g., geothermal, ocean wave, solar, wind) structure construction
systems with Diesel ge nerators to save on fuel
costs allowing for greate r time betwee n re fueling
trips for remote areas.

Battelle 505 King Avenue, Columbus, K aren Riggs 614-424-7379
OH 43201

Environmental consulting

T he GreenEdge G roup 34522 N
Scottsda le Rd | Suite D 7 # 620
Scottsda le, AZ 85266

L eslie Martin 480-216-0322
w ww.brookside

natural, organic, eco friendly

GRB Environme ntal Servic es, Inc.,
One Penn Plaz a – 25th Floor, N ew
York, NY 10119

Richard Barbour, Vice Preside nt,
rbarbour@grbe 212-5648640; Fa x: 212-564-8651

Response ove rsight, environmental engineering,
marine biology, ec ologic al impact analysis,
shoreline impact assessment, provision of field
technicia ns, emerge ncy response records

LATA-Ke mron Remediation, LLC
999 Central Ave., Suite 300, Los
Ala mos, NM 87544 (hea dquarters)
7814 Sta r Circle, San Antonio, TX
78266 (G ulf Coast Offic e)

G eorge P. Rasmussen, Vic e
President 303-932-0255 (office);
303-550-9653 (ce ll) Website
A ddress:

Emergenc y response; Response M ana gers, Field
562910, E nvironmental Re mediation Service s; 541620, E nvironmental Consulting Servic es; 541690, O ther Scientific and
Cost Ac countants, Environme ntal, Civil,
Technic al Consulting Service s; 541330, E ngine ering Servic es
Hydogeologic Enginee ring: Reme diation Se rvices;
GIS M apping, Environme ntal M odeling

Cardinal Resources LL C
1505 E ast Ca rson St.
Pittsburgh PA 15203

K evin R. Jones
O ffice :412.374.0989
M obile: 412.841.3029
SK YPE: krjcardinal

Wastewate r and Storm Water Ma nagement
Water Supply
Gre en Infrastructure
Site Investigation

Shoreline assessments, Se diment & water
sa mpling, reporting, data mana gement, data
colle ction, G IS

White , middle class degre ed

Our primary focus a nd technical emphasis is on
providing e lectricity to re mote loca tions. Also,
we can couple with existing generators that ma y
be in use to save on fuel costs which c an reduce
the amount of trips to these remote locations to
refuel generators.

Not a minority owne d

Spill impact asse ssment; e nvironmental monitoring; environmenta l baseline studies a nd impact assessment; produc ed wa ter; Water, air, biological, and ecological media
environmental cle anup/dec ontamination; and environmental sampling and analysis; te chnology scanning/eva luation

Non-profit 501 (c) (3)

541620, 541690, 562910, 541612

541620, 541611, 541691

GRB is a ce rtifie d WBE and
DBE firm

Environmental Asse ssments, Reme dial Action,
Emergenc y Response (large projec t c apa bility)

Service -Disabled Vetera nOw ned Small Business (500
person size standard)

Cardinal Re sources offers w orld class environmental assessments, reme diation, and e nginee ring services, tha t have take n us Ca rdinal Resources provides emergency re sponse, Small Business
to e very continent but Antarc tica.. T hese services, which have sa ved our clie nts millions of dollars, re main a key part of our site reme diation a nd cleanup of spills.
business. The strength of Ca rdinal Resources is our sta ff. As an employee-ow ned firm, we have created an e nvironment
where our staff has the freedom and tools ne ede d to do w hate ver it takes to make a client' s project successful. Cardinal
Resourc es goes beyond the traditional environmental work. Developing new ways to solve water a nd environmental
problems is a part of our mission that has le ad to: T he Red Bird System (Pate nted) a sola r-powere d high-tech solution for
providing clean water in a low te ch environment

Da wson-Ala mo1 Joint Venture 10843 M ike Patte rson office - 210-308Gulfdale Street
San Antonio, T X 78216
mobile - 210-559-5159
w ww.dawsontec
w ww.ala

Remediation Service sE PA-registere d waste handler 562910 - Re mediation Service s 561210 - Facilities Support S ervices 541620 - Environmenta l Consulting Services 541618 Ra pid-response inve stigation and reme diation
SBA 8(a ) Certified Na tive
BLDGD EMO L License USACE CQM -Certified - Other M anage ment Consulting Service s 541330 - Engineering service s 237110 - Water & Se wer L ine and Relate d
Re nova tions, (including M edical and Historic)
Ha waiian-owne d
Personnel Asbestos Abateme nt Contra ctor &
Construction 236220 - Commerc ial & Industrial Building Construction 236210 - Industrial Building Construction 236118 Re mediation, Demolition, and Abateme nt USDoT
Transporte r 'Green' Demolition
- Residentia l Remodelers
Ce rtifie d Tra nsporter (H AZM AT) Hazardous
waste Transporte r (E PA#TXD 987991866)

M ARCO R Remediation, Inc .
b. 453 Van Pelt Lane
Pe nsacola, Florida 32505

Environmental Remediation Services

G ary Butler
(850) 474-4077
(850) 408-1594 cell
w ww.marc

NAICS - 237990, 238910, 562910

Environmental Remediation Services

NA - Large Business

August Mac k Environmenta l, Inc.
1302 N . M eridian Street, Suite 300

PO C Stephanie Cox 317.916.3112
w ww.augustmack.c om

E nvironmental Busine ss Specialists
Patrice Cole
PO C cell phone: 865-216-7626
Address: P.O . Box 1936, Ma ndeville, w ww.ebsbiowiza rd.c om
L A 70470-1936 (physical addre ss is
1936 Surgi Drive, Mande ville, LA

Containment & Countermeasures Design and
Oversight; Environmenta l Site Assessment;
Cleanup & Mitigation; Environmenta l
Remediation De sign a nd Ove rsight; On-site/Offsite Waste Project Manageme nt; Community
Relations Support; E nvironmental Project
Manageme nt; Regulatory Support; Hea lth and
Safe ty Oversight

August Mack Environmental, Inc. is a full-service environme ntal, health and safety (EH&S) consulting firm spec ializing in Re leva nt to this e ffort, August Ma ck ca n provide Not Applicable
re gulatory compliance; environme ntal due dilige nce a nd risk management; site inve stigation/reme diation/closure; and
eme rge ncy response, site remediation and cle anup
sustainability services to the industrial, lega l, financial, he alth care and government sectors throughout North America.
of spills.
August Mack employs nume rous experienced e ngine ers, geologists, environmental scie ntists, c hemists and industria l
hygienists with e xtensive tec hnical expe rtise and knowledge of re gulations from the Occ upational Safety and H ealth
Administration (OSHA), E nvironmental Protection Age ncy (EPA) and state agencies.

1) bacte rial formula tions for bioremediation of
contamina ted soil and/or surface wate r; and 2)
ba cterial ac celera tion cha mbers (BAC units) for

1) EBS MicroSta r is a broad spectrum bac terial formulation of eight bac terial stra ins combined with a micronutrient
EBS is the largest supplier of bacteria and
Small Business
suppleme nt. T he bacterial count is 1 billion per gram, product density is 0.9 -1.0 g/cc, and the package sizes a re 1 lb water nutrients to the pulp and paper industry for
soluble bags and 25 lbs per 5 gal bucket. 2) T he BAC units are use d for growing up our dry produc t a t or near the site of
wastewate r trea tment. We are also internationally
applic ation to produce up to 1000 times as much live bacteria in 24 hours compared to our dry produc t. This dramatic ally
recognize d experts in biologica l treatment of
decre ases the cost of bioreme diation compared to other vendors' products and produces a concentra ted liquid mixture tha t is industrial wastewate r, and our tradition is to offer
easier to apply to the a ffe cted area. We are in the process of designing a BAC unit that ca n be loaded onto a boat so the
fre e technical support to clients who purc hase our
product can be sprayed along a shoreline directly from the BAC unit in the boat.
produc ts.

Steve Clements
REDUX D iesel Fuel Catalyst, Sludge and
NAICS 424690.
9595 Six Pine s Drive , Suite 8210, The O ffice 281-857-6666 ; Mobile 281- Corrosion Control Additive, D egreaser/Oil Water
Woodlands, TX 77380
Separator with EPA SNAP approval
w &
Diesel Fuel Cata lyst to maximize fuel economy,
w ww.alte rnative cleanene rgysolution reduce particulate matte r, incre ase uppe r cylinde r
lubricity and low er operators fuel costs. Sludge
and Corrosion Control for c omple te sludge, fouling
and corrosion control for diesel and biodiesel at
least up to B5. Degrea se r to ac celera te oil wate r
sepa ration. Product is a ctiva ted by salt or fresh
water a nd has EPA SN AP a pprova l a nd is nontoxic, non-ha zardous, fully biodegradable, worker
safe and cost effective .

Technical experience as former oil compa ny
professional (ExxonMobil, not BP) and former
professional mariner (marine engineer)

Small Business


982188724714 , +982188724715



Milliken & Company

920 Milliken Road, Sparta nburg, SC Oil absorption rope that absorbs 40x its weight in
oil; oil a bsorbent wipes
Contractor Point of Contact - Dave
Wenstrup; K irk Vogt
Point of Contact Phone Number 864-542-4739; 864-503-1370
Website Addre ss;

Oil absorbent materials


E nvironmental
Restoration LL C (ER)
1666 Fa bick Drive
St. Louis, Missouri

G overnme nt Client Contac ts:
D ave Brinkmeyer
M arilyn Smith
D ennis G reaney
M ark Ruck
Commercia l Client Contacts:
Russ Gulledge
Jim D avis
Steve Wilhelm

Spill Response Site Remediation. Response
A small busine ss under NA ICS 562910
Staffing, O n-site /Off-Site Waste Manageme nt Site § As prime U SEPA Emergency Response a nd Re covery Services (E RRS) c ontrac tor in six USE PA Regions across the US,
Restoration, ICS T rained M ana gement a nd Staff
ER’s capabilitie s and e xperie nce are unmatche d in providing immediate and planned response services for commerc ial
clients. G SA Contractor Coast Guard BO A Contractor ER offers 24/7 eme rgency response service throughout the US for
spills, accidents, fires, and natura l disasters. ER operates out of 17 offices across the US, including the southern gulf states

Emergenc y Response, Oil Spill Cleanup, Site
Re mediation, Boom renta l, placement, and
maintenanc e

Small Business

Tiny Circle, LL C
PO C: Willia m Hodges
2629 Manha ttan Ave.,
PM B 309, Hermosa Bea ch, CA 90254 x1

Custom softw are to track, coordinate, a nd audit
Project coordination, cascading communications, and compliance and audit softwa re custom made and de livered w ithin
cleanup contractors. Can also be used by
days. Ca pable of implementing softwa re to hundreds of users quickly, w ith little to no training needed. Contextual logins
contra ctors to communicate project, track progre ss, allow anyone that can c hec k scores on to use this softwa re with little to no training.
costs, and changes in real time. Can save millions NAICS Codes: 541511, 541512
of dollars in wa ste , fraud, and errors. Developed
and deployed within hours or days, and c onne cted
via Cloud systems for ac cess a nywhe re a Internet
Explorer window can be acc esse d.

T echnical emphasis on process and
communication automation, and audit and
compliance tools.

Small business, for profit,

111 Center
St. N103B, Vienna, VA 22180

Oppenheimer Origina l Formula M icrobes
SmartBond Hydroc arbon (oil) Solidifying
Aqueous (water) Solidifying Polymers

NAICS Codes:
Distributor of environmental re mediation
woma n-owned
541620 - Environme ntal Consulting Se rvices
produc ts to include training in the use of products.
562910 - Oil Spill Cleanup Services
Provides the following products in support of reme diation e fforts, in addition to training on the a pplication of the following
Oppe nheimer Original Formula Microbes, consume hydroc arbons in wate r (on the EPA NCP list since 1991): the byproduct
is water, oxygen and fatty acids which are consume d by low er-le vel organisms (krill, shrimp, etc.). Comes in pa cke ts or
bulk, c an be dispense d in marshes, tidal areas, or ope n ocean. Mic robes digest she en quic kly. T he manufacturer
(O ppenheimer) has a demonstration on their website showing the successful implementa tion on the Me gaBorg spill. rosorb#100010 SmartBond Hydrocarbon Organic (H O) solidifying polymers: is a food-grade, nontoxic, cross-linking, polymer that encapsula te s and solidifies organic hydroc arbons; it a lso floats. The ma nufac turer in
Fra nklin, Ma ss. ha s a 10-second video c lip on the ir website, the link is as follows:
(, S martBond Hydroca rbon Synthetic (HS) solidifying
polymers:solidifying polyme rs: is a food-grade, non-toxic, c ross-linking, polymer that enc apsulates and solidifies synthetic
hydrocarbons; it also floats. T he manufa cturer in Franklin, Mass. has a 10-sec ond video clip on their w ebsite, the link is as
follows: ( hemistries.html#Smartbond), SmartBond Aqueous (AA) solidifying polyme rs: is a crosslinking polymer that encapsula tes a nd solidifies aqueous solutions such as water, acid, a ntifreeze , etc . and c an absorb up to
300 times its own weight. Our Ma terial Safety Data Sheets (M SDS) ca n be found on the Ariel Environme ntal we bsite; the
link to the MSD S is:
http://ww w.arielenvironme ontent&view=article&id=8&Itemid=7

Bobby Starling

oil absorbent, oil absorbent booms

Our company, Hanes Geo Compone nts repre se nts a co-polymer product ca lle d “Smart Sponge”, manufactured by Abtech
oil absorbent, oil absorbent booms and skimmers
Industrie s, that is designed to remove hydrocarbons (i.e., oil) from wa ter. The polymer is buoyant and will “absorb” or lock
the hydroca rbon inside its structure re ndering it a non-hazardous, solid waste. Hanes G eo Components has a contracting
vehic le with the Navy (N AVFAC), through a Broa d Age ncy Announce ment (BBA) for Innovative Environmental
Technologies and M ethodologie s and has be en successful in entering Smart Sponge as part of “Book 27” on the sec ured
section of the NAVFAC E RB we bsite

David Cook at 863.535.1150

company dea ling in ma ny different aspe cts of
We offe r on-site safety services to include Industrial Hygiene area a nd personnel sampling, field cove rage and safe ty
safety. We offer safety tra ining online or onsite, to mana gement. We also offer a wide range of safety supplies to fulfill a company’s supply needs.
40 Hour H azwope r
8 Hour Hazw oper refresher
Confined Space E ntry
Mobile E quipment
Respiratory prote ction
Respirator F it Tests
Medical approvals

field coverage and saftey management

small business

Centek L abora tories, L LC
D avid M. Linda
143 Midler Park Dr.
w ork (315) 431-9730
Syracuse, NY 13206
mobile (315) 882-2606

Centek provides specializ ed Air Ana lysis.
Cente k offers silonite c oate d 1L a nd 400 cc c anisters a nd preset regulators that can sample from a fe w seconds, up to 27
Utilizing US EPA methods, Centek has rea dily
hours. From 1 ca nister w e can analyze for VOC's, sulfurs, and Air toxic s at multiple de te ction limits suitable to a ny
avalable e quipment a nd personell tha t c an be used environmental job. Ce ntek's standard Turn around for sa mples is 5 business days. We have rush turnarounds available per
to simply and c ost effectively sample for VO C' s, re quest. Our NA ICS code is 541380. Ce ntek is a ble to provide persone ll for sa mpling if ne ede d. We provide detailed
Sulfur, and Air Toxics.
re ports and follow stringent QA/QC protocol.

Our primary me dia are 1L and 400cc silonite
coa ted "summa" c anisters a nd preset regulators
for spec ialized a ir analysis. Our tec hnical
emphasis and unique capability is to provide one
media to be analyze d for a wide ra nge of
compunds needed to monitor VOC's, Air Toxics,
and Sulfur.

Centek is a woman ow nedsma ll business.
We look forwa rd to providing
assistanc e in this project.

E nvironmental Field Servic es, Inc.
West State Road 32 / Westfie ld, IN

John Spe arin

Spill response, containme nt & counterme asures
implementation, cle anup & mitigation,
environmental construction and site restoration

Haz mat tra ined equipment operators, supervisors, and environmental technicians. EFS provides remedia l c onstruction,
E nvironmental Field Se rvices, Inc . is able to
Not Applicable
excavation & disposal, w aste manageme nt services, waste wate r treatment operation, industrial clea ning, and
provide e mergency response , site remediation and
decontamina tion se rvices throughout the e astern Unite d States. We have the ability to mobiliz e a team of 30 or more trained cleanup services.
individuals to support this cleanup effort. Our personnel ha ve experience in e mergency response a nd in re mediating oil a nd
petroleum rele ases both on land and w ithin naviga ble wa terwa ys. NA ICS Codes include 562910, 562998, 238910, 237110,
and 237990.

PO Box 1558
Waynesboro, M S 39367

Rayar Johnson
yar41@juno.c om

Contract, Sub- contract or self

Provide manpower, client services, Transport, cleanup, Equipment

Antiwave Pool Products
521 S Stemmons –
Sanger, T X 76266 PO Box 856 –
Sanger, T X 76266

Corrie L loyd, Project M ana ger
Product for conta inment a nd beac h / are a
(866) 736-2183 protec tion
220-7222 Direc t L ine
(940) 300-0064

Shirley Collins
(703) 618-0134 (office)
(703) 261-6854 (fax)
http://w ww.A rielE

Ha nes Geo Components
815 Buxton Stree t

Safety Solutions & Supply
2651 Sta te Road 60 West
Bartow, F L 33830

M oss Ca pe, LL C
C Stree t, Suite 205
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone: (907) 777-1656
Fax: (907) 865-2403



3380 PO C: Rich G illin
(907) 884-1404
email: rich.gillin@mossc ape .c om
http://w ww.mossca

upplier of oil absorbent materials

Adminstrative , Traine r, Fac ilitator, Certified
Diaster Inspector
Cle an-up Provide men for labor.

large company

Woma n-owned
small business

Aquatic lane line s w ith Hydrodynamic Propulsion design, this quells waves in a swimming pool. O ur product could be
Lea der in the a quatic industry due to the design Small business
use d as a secondary defense line to help c ontain the spill and protect beach, marsh and or land are as. It is a low er cost item and effectivene ss of our products, we are the only
and is used in pools and lake environments a round the world. Products are manufacture in house to a llow fulfillment of a ny company in the industry to offe r this type of
needed qua ntities and lanes can be built to any length. The se la nes would ne ed to be attac hed to any Buoy like equipme nt
which w ould still allow them to have movement in the wa ter but re main in a spe cific location. NAICS Codes: 326199,
713940, 713930, 711219, 711211, 713990.

Crude Oil in M arine and Arctic e nvironments.
Technical E mpha sis: Design-Build in Marine
construction and mana gement. E PA 316(b)

Alaska Native Villa ge
Corporation, SBA Sma ll &
Disadvantaged Busine ss 8(a)

Robert C M athe s (Bob)
Cell- 985.320.1401
Office- 504.468.4100
rmathe s@ra ww

Concrete construc tion supplies
Soil erosion supplies
Tools- ha nd,electric ,a ir
Safe ty supplies. Visqueen
Pow er equipme nt- G ene rators,
(Please see ww

Dew alt,Makita,Wacker,Irwin,
Dayton, E uc lid chemic al,
Terra Tex , MSA, 3M, Wilson,

Distributor of construction supplies, and related
We spec ialize in FAST Service

We are minority/ woma n

D oug Campbell, President
mobile (250) 589-3446

Real-time Infrared Image ry and G eo-spatia l
Intellige nce O ffering
for Oil Spill Disaster Decision Support

Range and Bea ring (RAB) is offering state of the art reconnaissance airc raft and mission control
re sources in support of the British Petroleum Deepwate r Horizon Oil Spill disaster off the coast of
Louisia na. RAB exc els a t ac quiring high resolution thermal infra red imagery and de rived geospatial
intellige nce ove r large are as, under e mergency response c onditions, in near real-time. RAB
re sources would be valuable in providing deta iled, time ly infrared imagery intelligenc e to the
incide nt ma nagement tea ms, ground and wate r crew s.
Airborne Segment:
• Sensor: Range and Bearing SE31 (5000 Long-wa ve IR pixe ls, bore-Sight IN S/GPS)
• Sw ath width: 12-25 kilometers
• Production: 200-400 hecta res pe r second; (up to approximately 4000 square miles per hour.)
• Proc essing: True real-time ortho-rectification, radiometric c alibration, and multi-look re al-time mosaic
• Tele metry: Multiple methods
• T racking: Automate d Flight Following (AFF), re al-time acquisition systems reporting via Google Earth
Ground Se gment:
• M ission planning: M ission plans ca n be cha nged on the fly a nd transmitted to the airborne segme nt
• M ission monitoring: Range and Bearing Mission Control eleme nt monitors Airborne Segment as w ell a s
the mission status in real-time.
• E xploita tion: Ra nge and Bearing T herma l Infrared Imagery Mosaic Exploitation Engine
• D eliverable: Tactical Level Access (TL A) L icense includes: Imagery Intelligence (Geo-Tiff IR mosaic)
and Ge o-spatial Intelligence (E SRI shape GIS files, Google E arth K ML /KMZ ) .
• Sce ne size: 2km scene a nd 10km scene based on fixed U TM grid.
• Progra mming: Self de ploy or customer programming request.
• Pricing: All inclusive price per scene. No hourly, daily, e xpense fees.
• D elivery: Order and purc hase products on our e-commerce procurement w eb site; licensed data is then
persistently acce ssible to the custome r using our Inte rnet cloud based file sha ring system, located at

Oil spill mitigation support offering:
Why use Ra nge and Bearing, a n Internationa l
private c orporation to provide oil spill
manageme nt
imagery and ge o-spatial intellige nce ?
• Map spill extents using large contiguous, high
fidelity thermal infrared image ry maps.
Monitor sensitive areas or boundaries for oil
arrival. Quantify shoreline change s pre and
post c ontamination. Monitor a nd measure spill
dynamics such as edge direction and rate of
spre ad. Monitor c leanup and equipment activity.
Map and monitor oil recovery ship
move ments, boom operations and effec tiveness.
Monitor controlle d burns, aerial spraying
activities and e ffe ctiveness.
• Image entire target area s in real-time with large,
precise the rma l IR ortho-mosaics, not just
small individual frame s from the rmal video
• RAB aircraft are manne d – w e can plan and fly
last minute with out specia l require ments for
air-space ac cess.
• Imagery intelligenc e is commercial and
unclassified - you c an view and work with the
imagery as well as the quantifie d geo-spatial data.
• Tra nsparent, simple , all inclusive results based
pricing. The re are no hidde n costs, no tax
payer subsidies, no multi-program funding issues,
no paying for flying with no deliverable,
just an a ll inclusive price for products delive red.
• Obtain defe nse grade imagery inte l for a fra ction
rborne personnel
the cost
of opeland
or wate
spill opera
response as
the same
well as experienc ed Subje ct M atter E xperts
(SME s) for contractor monitoring.
• ICS Tra ined personne l w ith multiple large sc ale
projec ts employing an Incident Command
• Familiarity w ith Government daily cost trac king
softw are and documentation to support
USEPA/USCG/OPA Cost Recove ry from
PRP/Responsible Pa rties.

Limited lia bility c orporations
in U SA and Canada.
In business since 1990,
delive ring disa ste r response
Airborne ISR and GeoInt
products since 1999.

Web, Face Book-Post Disaster Planning

Certified M inority Busine ss
AA (M ale) Teamed w ith MBE
(Woman owned business for
contracting service s).


Containment Booms
Beach Protection Syste ms
Reservoir Protection Syste ms
Particula te Control Systems
Haz ardous Waste Re sponse Systems
Protective Curtains for M arine Construction and Salvage Sites
Oil Contaminate d Water Scrubbers
NAICS: 562910 Environmenta l Remediation Services

Ram T ool and Supply Co. Inc .
10131 West Airline
Hw y.
St. Rose, LA. 70087

Billing addressPO Box 320979
Birmingham, AL. 35323
Range a nd Be aring (U SA) Inc
203 - 655 Tye e Road,
Victoria, B.C. Cana da V9A 6X5

http://w ww.rabopera

NE IE , Inc
Charles City Circle
Henric o, VA 23231

5772 Chris Coleson

GN DR “ Global Natura l D isa ste r
Recovery Se rvices, L LC”
Woodstone, Stone M ountain, GA

• Spill response on la nd and sea (vesse ls less tha n • A Service Disabled Veteran Ow ned and HUBZ one Certifie d sma ll business unde r NAICS code(s)
• Familiarity with documentation to support U SEPA/USCG/OPA Cost Recove ry from PRP/Re sponsible Parties.
• Containment and Countermeasures for chemica ls • N EIE offers 24/7 emergency response a nd remediation se rvices throughout the Eastern seaboard and G ulf Coast for
and petroleum hydroc arbons
chemical and pe troleum spills, industria l a nd comme rcial acc idents, refinery fires and releases, na tural disasters, and fixed
• Contra ct Monitoring and ove rsight
fa cility incidents. As an experienced ERRS (Emergency Response a nd Re covery Services Contrac tor) for the USEPA in
• Cleanup and Mitigation for chemicals and
Region 2 (PR/USV I), USCG Ka trina M arine Debris Response a nd Monitoring, and USA CE contra ctor , NE IE is well
pe trole um hydroca rbons
versed in the anticipated operations and possesse s the ne cessary a nd specializ ed equipment and personnel to respond to the
• On Site/off site waste management
changing conditions of this project.
• Me dica l and Biological wa ste handling,
pa ckaging and management
• Site Restoration

K wame M cDowell-CE O
Skilled and qualified la bor of any type for disasters DUN S: 832735901
Ph: 678-754-5206
and rec overy and emergenc ies.
La bor for disaster needs, construction, hauling a nd sta bilization
NAICS Codes: 624230
L acy-Contrac ting and Compliance
Ph: 678-754-5206

NE IE is both a Se rvice
Disabled Vetera n Owned
Small Busine ss and a
HUBZ one Certifie d Small

w ww.globalnaturaldisaster.c om

E astern Re se arch Group, Inc. (ERG)
Ha rtwell Avenue, Le xington, M A
Offices within Regions 4 and 6:
Atla nta, GA; Austin, T X; Research
Triangle Park, NC

Tom Grome

Air, water, and sediment sa mpling and analysis,
ERG supports E PA’s Oc eans and Coastal Protection Division with we t c hemistry and instrumental analysis; accredite d
Engineering and environmental services,
Laboratory analyse s, Environmental
environmental toxic ology labora torie s; a geology and sediments labora tory; and acc ess to field e quipment that includes
occ upational health a nd sa fety, information
assessment/environmental impacts, Environme ntal vesse ls; trucks; trailers; sampling devices for water qual¬ity, se diment and vegetation; and side sc an sonar. ERG’s support to technology, economic research and analysis,
economic s related to offshore oil production,
NOA A includes coastal ecology, e conomic, socio-e conomic, and policy ana lysis; marine spa tial and resource pla nning;
sa mpling and analysis, c ommunic ations
Cost/benefit ana lysis, E nvironmental disaster
performance measureme nt; outreach; and historical, archa eologic al, a nd anthropologic al investigations. ERG developed
communications, Sociologica l, cultural and
software used in re sponse to H urricane Katrina, California wildfires, and the rec ent Ne w England flooding as part of
economic impa cts on fisheries community and
OSH A's eme rge ncy response to protect cleanup workers.
others affected by the spill, E ngine ering analyse s
of industrial a ccidents, Software for tracking
eme rge ncy response worker safety

ERG is a Large Business
under N AICS 541620 and a
Small Busine ss under NA ICS
562910 (Environmenta l
Remedia tion Services) and
541712 (Researc h &
De velopment in the P hysic al,
Enginee ring, and Life

has j oined with Boston Green Fuel Company. E nvironmental risk. Small Business . along w ith analytic al se rvices including a nalysis. da tabase design and softwa re support. V. Die -Cut Aprons.coordination and quality control (QC). Sedime nt. and federal regulations. IT. LDC is also data usability assessments. Waste Reduction. 541519 .com w 820 Hibon Vacuum/Blowe r 1400 CFM Certificate of Recognition (COR) for Sa fety Approval Road. Through a business pa rtnership. on the rea dy a nd alert for spills. Bldg. Currently Training in 65 Cities deploye d in the Gulf Coa st Region. Idaho Falls. end dump trailers. each one the best of its class for proven reliability in the fie ld. Surveying office s located across the country including Houston and Tampa – making us an idea l contractor for supplying of E nvironmental Monitoring e quipment. He rb Sc hatte nberg M ana ger Ph (210) 522-3051 Fax (210) 522-3649 H management. Re cycling. including: Air. The laboratory is certified to the N ational Environmenta l L aboratory Third P arty D ata Validation services Electronic Data Review Data Quality and U sa bility Assessments Database Services Laboratory Audits Chemistry Projec t Support Litigation Support LD C is a na tionally recognized firm with over 19 years e xperie nce providing third party chemistry va lidation support LDC ha s ove r 19 yea rs experienc e providing LD C is a SBA self-certified services.transmanagers affairs/public relations. Repair. Emergenc y ma nagement and response program management support. Liquid Waste. You can be guaranteed that all our equipment is ma intained. oils and a broad range of chemic als Covers.For Profit and commercia l sec urity Corporation ICF Interna tional 9300 Lee Highway Fa irfa x. M.0 outreach Rain Coa ts. Soil Vapor Extrac tion (SVE ) Systems. From 1985 until multiple projects tha t involved sampling of wa ter. Geographic informa tion systems (GIS) ma pping.In addition to our data validation services. Chemic al data evaluation Administrative Management and G eneral Management Consulting Se fa ce the daily challenges you fac e. E EC will employ and train a loc al labor The Chemistry and Chemic al Engineering D ivision In the a rea of environme ntal analysis. Compliance Solutions has 26 Oil Spill Workers HAZ WOPER/Spill Response Instructors. LDC ha s classifie d as a small business litigation support regarding data qua lity. • Installation a nd Startup. Ozone Sparge Systems.c om and statistical L ongboat Key. New Jersey. Inc . Applicable NAICS c odes are 541380 and 541690. M etcalf & Eddy. Houston. Equipme nt. Health Trans-Environme ntal Service s. • T raining. (a M r. Tie Technologie s Inc. Our process c le anly and quietly hea ts wa ste in a inert atmosphere.Supreme Resources Inc. & H azardous Ma te rial Contamination. E nginee ring. inorganic. SwRI performs organic. MA 02341 n/a Ec ologic s E nvironmental Corporation (EEC). Due to the low cost of crude oil and high c ost of thermal conversion the process was not used. Some of our products include: Dual-Phase Vacuum Extrac tion (DPVE ) Systems. 211 Fax: (609) 371-1663 E mail: mdiaz @pine environmental. E nvironmental Phone Number 770-936-9433.lab-data. The concurrent a cquisition of w ater depths is a lso standard. M ediars. & Carbon). 24 and 8 Hour H AZWOPE R courses Supervisor Training online. EE C has the c apa bility to manage a contaminate d site from sta rt to finish  assess the given situation  begin rec overy of oil to protect the shoreline  if necessary. Suite 102. and rental equipme nt for all of your soil and groundw ater re mediation jobs. Free Product Recovery Systems. Ha nson. Inc. Ca rbon Vessels. Industrial Cleaning. We are c urrently particular expertise in biota. On-Site/O ff-Site Waste Manageme nt www. Boot •Exc ellent resistanc e to fats. Site Supervisor tra ining is also available Clean Tech Solutions Worldwide. • 1/4” steel tank with 1000 gallon capacity • Solid welded full length fe nders • Primary shutoff on tank • Vacuum pump fitted w ith exhaust sile nce r • Hydraulic dump • Vacuum pumps • Diesel drive • 500 mbar vacuum • Stabilizer jac ks for re ar of traile r • Fully opening rea r door • Sand blasted a nd epoxy painted • 150mm discharge va lve • 75mm suc tion wand • 3 or 4 inch hose x 18m The platform that GCRS will use to reach shallow water shorelines will resolve the equally opposing obstacles tha t c urrently To provide new c oncept vessels and equipme nt prevent a safe solution to this goa l. Business 541380 . complemente d by spe cialized recovery e quipment. Hub Zone. HA ZWOPER classes are scheduled in 65 citie s and 12 different cities eve ry wee k.hydro-bla sting. online and open enrollme nt classes throughout the country. & Opera tions and M aintena nce ). Stakeholder e ngagement. Greg Paschall division of Performa nce Contracting www. and automatically harve ste d through any means of wireless c onne ctivity available. 334519 Other M easuring and Controlling Device manufa cturing. 24 hr and 8 hr HAZWOPE R a nd Site Mobile. you can be sure that you are dealing with the ‘Global Rental Spec ialist ’. Canada T6A Hydrostatic Tank Pressure 40 PS IG All Drivers/O perators have re quired opera tional training and safe ty tickets: — 3V9 w ww. L LC L loyd Ward. Suite 2900. 611699. Atla nta. Road 770-936-9435 Clearing. D ale Dennison 617-799-1335 cell 781-294-4285 office bostongre enc ompa UST Pit Dewa tering Syste ms. Inc. Road Cle aring.c om Rental company for e nvironmental monitoring equipment As one of the w orld’s largest rental groups. Surface Soil. Integrated Re mediation and Pilot Study Systems. NAICS Codes: 541330. • Hea vy-duty suction wand. designe d to penetrate shallow water c oastal shorelines for the purpose of remediation of contamination by hazardous materia ls. Community rela tions. As well as the usual soil and water matrices. Texas 77028 (27 branch offic es a cross the US) Environme ntal. Protective Sleeves. Suite 100. Inc. Analytic al laboratory Diversified 6-digit NA ICS within Sector 54/Subsector 541 (Professional. Groundwa te r. Support to da mages compensation programs. mlee@icfi. and Controlling.Level C CPR Conditioning Additiona l Certifications National Life guard Pool Ce rtifie d (obta ined by some of our opera tors) • Bronz e M edallion & CPR B • Lifesaving CPR C • 02 Administration • Aqua tic E me rge ncy Ca re (SFA) & CPR C • Bronz e Cross & CPR C • Lifesaving AE D We are an innovative a nd experienc ed emergency re sponse www. Drinking Water. and Life Sciences. clean up environmental spills. With Ashtead T ec We will pa cka ge any one or multiple remediation components and provide you with a complete.sewe r cleaning & video c ame ra.c om<http://www.E. Crisis the Socia l Sc ience s and H umanities. ARG US has acc ess to approximately 100 vesse ls-of-opportunity operating in the Gulf of Me xico. L A 70520 M ike Cande lla 337-945-8983 • Safety devic es including surge brakes for highway or off-road towing. Our hard working personne l a nd vac uum truck opera tion are capable of removing oil from shore line or land based spills. a nd toxicology. Currently.Y. 20 Windsor. 1131. In addition to the professional expertise. Lic ensed Site Professionals. 611519 and 624310. The use of thermal conversion was evaluated by exxon in the 80's and approved. hourly chemistry proje ct support services. Currently have HAZ WOPER and Oil Spill Worker T rainers in Ne w Orlea ns. T he reactor super-he ats the waste in a n oxygen-free e nvironment. Construction. Environmental. L LC Rick Plummer. T he standa rd WiFi c onfiguration provides inexpe nsive offshore Internet connec tivity and the option for a sec ure intra net communica tions network.c om Transport Ca nada Dangerous Goods IN DUST RY TICKE TS AND CERTIFICATIONS (all operators) Spe c DOT 407/412 • Construction Safe ty Training System (CSTS) Tank Capacity 13 cubic metres • H2S Alive • Confined S pace E ntry/Rescue • Onsite Traile r: D epending on Ava ilability: • WHMIS 10' x 30' E quipped with Generator. Emergenc y Response Teams. CO 80207 Ph: 1-800-711-2706 Fx: 1-800-511-4944 Cell: 720-933-0863 Website: www. large business Urba n Me tropolitan D evelopment. T X 76272(214) 620-6166 Hour H AZWOPE R re traine d technic ians and project training. L LC 1101 Juniper Street. Repair & Re furbish. Stabilization pla ns and action plans to clea n up and restore lands. Acc reditation Program (NEL AP). we w ant you to know—there ’s no excuse for sub-par service. LL C Primary Contact: Jason Almand. T ie Tec hnologie s Ne w w ww. Shoe Covers.) 7750 E l Ca mino Real. • E lectric al Controls De sign.pcg. punc ture resistanc e and elongation WebProducts 2. 122 Ea st 42nd Street. Two of the (CL P) and Special Analytical Service s (SAS) contracts. • Carbon Change-Out Servic es. Service s that we provide include: • E quipment Sales and Rental. Oil Spills. Cleanup Waste Reduction. monitors and samplers for one of the largest a nd most up to date global renta l fleets. Scientific Toxic Chemicals. • Welding and M etal Fabrication (Aluminum. National Energy independe nce . 2nd Floor De nver. Inc. The 40 H our online class is 32 hours online and then the stude nts must attend an 8 hour dress-out class to complete On-site group training a t your facility tailored to their certification. Ka ise r Hill in Rocky Flats. • E ngine ering. VR •Superior textile strength. disadvantaged business technica l support for all regions of the USE PA enterprise.Testing L email: comments@csre gs. third party la boratory and field sampling audits and to the usual soil and water matrices. The ARG US (for Autonomous Re mote Global Underwate r Surve illanc e) system is a maritime sensor platform designed to autonomously a cquire a nd process geoloc ated sensor data from existing equipment installed on marine vesse ls routine ly transiting coa sta l a nd inland w aterw ays.E nvironmental Consulting Services. Wastewater communications.supreme vac . which is in a ccordanc e w ith EPA requirements. Cleaner Burning Fuels. Repa ir and System Inte gration and Ma nagement Servic e in the See attached PPT . treatment plant cle aning/storm water management. portable and rugge d. Taylor Emergenc y Disaster Response. CA 92009 T im Fitzpa trick 619-818-6898 tfitzpa trick@la b-data. Economic mode ling of local and and Technical Services regional economies per e nvironmental impacts. a nd Cover back G owns •Longer wea ring .waste transportation (va cuum trucks/tankers). Suite 2L Carlsbad.c om Urban Metropolitan De velopment specia liz es in de molition. Chairman.emergency response . applications. environmental he alth assessme nt progra ms and NA ICS code 541710 site investigations in support of che mical CAGE #26401 Commercial and Government Entity demilitariz ation activities. SwRI performs analysis on both nonradioactive and programs include e valuation of contamination nume rous disciplines c overe d in the division ra dioactive wastes for Lockhee d Ma rtin in Oak Ridge. Containme nt. 532490 Other Commercial and Industrial Mac hinery Equipment Renta l and L easing. disadvantaged business LD C has particular expertise in biota. SwRI has participate d in Non-Profit. In addition we are offering weekly classes in the Gulf Coast Region a nd can react quickly to any group training Point of Contact: Ne val Gupta Instructor-Le d HAZ WOPER/ER Spill Response Compliance Solutions is the largest private provider of HA ZWOPER/ER Spill response training in the US. 925. Environmenta l impact asse ssments under NEPA and state la ws. 541430 .urbanmetrode v. Elastic VR™ Exceptional Cost Savings Cuffed G owns. w ww. We pride ourselves on helping you me et your project deadlines with timely. ca librated and ‘rea dy to go’ on delivery. Claims proc essing a nd 541710 . Surveys andthylene data c ollec tion. Telemetry Systems. LDC has provided data validation support to all branc hes of the D oD and most of the ma jor c onsulting enginee ring firms in the US. System Enclosures.c om Southwest Research Institute 6220 Cule bra Road San Antonio. state. These instruments are highly With offices worldwide. As an environmental friendly and highly profita ble proce ss.tra n management. 10168 615-521-9771 ww w. Sta inless Steel. a nd eme rge ncy disaster response . SwRI has performed organic ana lyses for the E nvironmental Protection Age ncy's (EPA) Contract Laboratory Program se diment plant a nd marine life. Habitat analyses. 3980 Q uebec Street. Rain Pa nts. led by Minority Owned Business former Fortune 500 CEO. and safe ty supplies. De molition. FL . Phone 2508 T ic heli Rd N umber: 318‐547‐7270 M onroe. Ferdera l T IN: 84-1357395. D ebris. (BGFC) to respond to the G ulf Coast Oil Spill by pooling expertise and a ssets from seve ral extremely ca pable sourc es. Soil. Lee: 919continuity. DUN S #00-793-6842 Taxpa yer Fe deral ID #74-1070544 Ashtead Technology 10635 Richmond Ave . whic h ma kes the technology profitable . high-quality submittals and precisioncrafte d equipment that works the way you nee d it Group) 4851 Homeste ad Dr. and we have e xtensive experience with the U S Army Corps of Engineers providing data validation and computer programming. L or> Soc ioeconomic and environme ntal justice (E J) evaluations. Sampling equipme nt. M inority O wne d Business Protective Apparel UMD is available for Emergency Response. following a c atastrophic events suc h as the BP include environmental engineering eva luations Weston. industrial and governme nt clients using chemistry 1994. fully assembled. tissue and sedime nt data. •Crack a nd tear resista nt in c old w ork environment Grommet Aprons. Equipme nt Sales CTSW specia lizes in re claiming a nd recycling "waste" into renewa ble and reusa ble resources.Project associates include Geocomp Corporation and Granite Environmental Inc. 541620 . you can be assured of a local service with global resources. remediate any conta mination tha t makes it to land  segregate and dispose of the waste  environmental monitoring throughout all pha se s  re porting and a ccountability  bioreme diation for long term solution  compliance with a ll local. Public c omment environmental. and 541990 . We are offering weekly HAZ WOPER classes and also offe r the 40. Specific project experience exa mples c an be provided upon request. this allow s the rec overy of the sand and the oil. Ecosystem restoration and habita t modeling. Lead Trea tment Systems. IL 61866 Scott Carlson Patrick Bolger Sale s M ana ger Sale s/Customer Servic e 1-888-8933330 or 217-893-3330 www. Construc tion. Air Strippers.Remediation. CTSW's Technology is insta lled and opera tiong in over 100 loca tions w orldwide to proce ss waste tires a nd other solid waste strea ms.Research & Development in Subsurface Soil. CTSW engineers. GRE EN COAST REM EDIATION SE RVICE S. 293-1626. LA 71202 Troy L ittlefield Phone Number: 318‐325‐1830 Phone Number: 318‐ Fax Number: 381‐7270 318‐323‐9110 sales@imtc o. we place the highest priority on se rvice and on working with you to c reate the be st solution for your needs. Our NA ICS codes are: 334513 Instruments for measuring . is a sma ll business hea dqua rtered in Windsor. Our systems a re customized for our customers to provide waste processing capacity from 10 tons pe r da y to 100 tons pe r da y. Air Monitoring E quipment. acc idents and relate d disa ste rs. • E quipment Re furbishme nt Environmental Remediation E quipment Air Tre atme nt Equipment Water Treatment E quipment E ngineering a nd logistic al support of government USA ba se d. and Hea lth & Safety products environmental monitoring equipme nt & supplies to emergency re sponse and disaster re lief teams throughout the gulf region. T heir collec tive experience includes response to the Valdez and Katrina disasters. UMD has an established tra ining program in whic h will tra in and employ members of the community affected by the disa ste r. IM T provide s qua lity ne w. Terry Jeske 780. Call ce nters. Air Spa rging Systems. and Drafting. 541712 IMT.• Vacuum Truck: Unit #100 Canadia n Firm: NA ICS Codes are not re quired for our operation O/A Supreme Vac Oilfield Services 232-1014 cell 2005 T800 Kenworth Ca t C-15 with Worker Compensation #: 5014209 (Ope rationa l Trade N ame ) 780-448-1567 work Sleeper Safe ty: Approve d Safety Ma nual 10633 Rowla nd email: terry@supre mevac. Sludge.ashtead-tec hnolog. Roy F. T exas 78238 M watering & water separations (filte r press). Fax. We also provide data management and database support service s. 34228 Opera tions Address: 960 F. including deliberate and crisis action planning and resource /w ork order tracking. Sc ientific. microbiology. To provide 24/7 E mergency response w hile Small Busine ss Privately working c o-opera tively with others to effectively Ow w ww. Bordelon Rd Po Box 1126 Cottonport. G PS or chartplotter output is merged with that from an onboard comme rcially available water quality monitoring system of the customer's choice .tank c leaning. This consortium will be comprise d of a Licensed H azardous Waste Transporter. 71327 At IM T. Our NAICS codes are: 611513. e mployee-owned company Ecologics Environme ntal Corporation Group 201 M aquan Stree t. we also provide environmental consulting community. Anderc hec k. Texas 77042 Tori Foerste 832-428-8023 w ww. hazardous w aste site cle anups. providing minimal cost mobile sampling platforms. 541519. Surface Water. Ashtead Technology provides a va st range of rental equipment for a huge va riety We spec ialize in renting a w ide variety of large business of ma rkets. Houston. CEO "CTSW" Corpora te 941-587-1673 (offic e) Address: 1241 Gulf 888-796-1673 (fax) mexic o Dr. • Field Maintenance Services (T roubleshooting. Small Business Pine Environme ntal Servic es. including secure information te chnology/information management Disposable Lightweight Polye G owns VR™ Quality Performanc e (IT/IM ) solutions. Security Sec tors Performance Contracting. Displa ying. M arine Environme ntal and Sa fety Professionals. radiochemical. The nature of the and chemic al engine ering tec performanc e planning a nd manageme nt reporting/control diverse. Complianc e Solutions Occupa tional Traine rs. GA 30309 J. Water Sampling Pine E nvironmental Services. both manual and e lectronic. Llyod Ward. ext. Facilitation and alternate dispute resolution. • Wide Sele ction of Re plac ement Parts. Sectora l business ana lyses. or in a wooden or steel structure.imtc o. Remediation Services Disabled Veteran. Solid Waste.Re se arch and Development in the Physica l. abaier@icfi.c om Water Quality Instruments. Woman Ow ned Waste Recovery. 541511. LDC is a SBA self-certified small. s-environmental. Environmentalwastewa te r. Strategic communications.schattenberg@swri. Public 9733 w ww. to the environmenta l c onsulting industry.pcg. Instruc tor-Led HAZ WO PER Courses 65 cities Online HAZ WOPER Courses On-site HAZWOPE R Courses Small Business SURVICE Enginee ring 4695 Millennium D rive. #111 lwa rd@c tsw w. LA a nd Online 40 hr. • Tra nsportation of Dangerous Goods Propa ne He at • Ground Disturba nce L eve l II and 220V Ele ctrical He ating. there fore no air pollutants. M D 21017 John Hersey 410-297-2378 http://argus. Our team continues to supporte waste clean up that is caused by both man and na tural disasters.Other Computer Re lated Se rvices. L abora tory Data Consulta nts (L DC. Bag Filters. Fisheries impac t investiga tion. U RS.A 22031 A ndrea Baier and Mark L ee Air qua lity mode ling. 541720 . e nvironmental remediation. Ste. transportation as well as 40cleanup da mage O ilequipment spill response e xercise South I-35 Valley View. Technica l Support Engineering Support. T humb Loop Gow ns. Belca mp.offering ana lyzers. UM D is staffed with several experienced work c rews available for immediate mobiliz ation. Ba ier: 202-862. c lay mineralogical and geophysica l During the la st 25 years. construc tion a nd sta rt-up c ommissioning and ongoing opera tional mana gment support se rvices to our c ustomers. Design. We ha ve vac tanke frac tanks. Environmental Protection a nd Industrial Hygiene anywhere’ a vaila bility. • E quipment Design. In addition enterprise. Environmental Remediation. Crude Oil prices are now conside rably lower. detectors. 505 Condit Drive Rantoul.0M annual revenue large business We are a ne w environmental firm that is part of a $160M M parent company who has been a government contractor for over 40 years POLYCON VERSIO NS INC. Also offe r on-site training for groups anywhere in the U S. and pre -tested remedia tion system eithe r skid-mounted. NAICS code: 562112 (Hazardous Waste Collection) We spec ialize in emergency response and spill informatic s. Infrastructural. and H anford. NJ 08561 M artin Diaz Phone: (609) 371-9663. in an enclosed traile r. Polic y and gulatory support. a nd many E PA regions. AL . 541820 . tissue and sedime nt by the CA de pt of Genera l geare d up to handle rapid turna round requests for da ta validation and have a large sta ff of in-house data valida tors and data . CTSW has proven technology that has been te ste d and approved in Kuw ait to clea n-up "mud-oil" cre ated by spills from norma l oil drilling.All O ther Professional. Certifie d OSHA and HA ZMAT Trainers. Industrial Cleaning. Inc. Demolition. che mistry data validation services to the sma ll. Natural resource 740 D irector of Business De velopment and otherassessments.c om Website: www.ctsww. Edmonton Alberta. Oxidiz ers. Residuals.survice. P. and Technical Servic es). Industrial Cle aningva cuum truck services (air machine or liquid) www.P. with a foc us on hiring persons affe cted by the BP spill and U S veterans. We have a long history in the field of soil and groundwa te r remediation and we know what it’s like to be in your shoes .PolyCoUSA . We have provided da ta validation and Service s (CA DGS) expe rts.S. 92 North Main Stree t. We have seve ral branch Pine E nvironmental Services is a le ading supplier Small Business Equipme nt.sw ri. used. our thermal conversion fulfills major unme t market needs. CT SW is a minority owned enterprise. Control Pane ls.csre gs. T hat’s why at IM T. Telecom. Network connectivity.4 to 6 times the average life of vinyl •Disposal costs up to 50% less •Greate r rec ycling cost benefits 8 employees $2. relations. Environme ntal. Air • Standard First Aid . Oil/Water Sepa rators. Infrastructural. Ca nadian. UM D is a SBA (8)A. N. ma nufac ture s and operate s lea ding edge w aste mana gement te chnologiess that ha ve significant contributions to: Carbon Footprin Reduction. L LC 1707 BE AU BASSIN RD CA RE Autonomous E nvironmental Sampling Precision Metrology Syste ms Engineering G eolocate d and processed environmental a nd depth data. c ouple d with our dedica ted tec hnical support and ‘anytime.. 541611 Leac hate.tietec hnologies.Graphic Design Servic es.Public Relations Age ncies. Large Business pe rforms research and te chnical services for analyses and has a mobile laboratory for both low radioactive (mixed waste) and nonra dioactive samples. We also offer project management. E dwa rd C.

N ewark. President 508-548-6976 (c)508-274-5255 mike @ryanma rineinc. and the private se ctor in the marine support and sciences Sonar. SBA Certified HubZ one Entity Ryan M arine ha s become the go to company for marine platforms and U SCG CO I ve ssels in c oastal re se arch. L A 70130 Sharmaine James 504-592-4000 condall@bellsouth. 8020. Ste 100 The Woodlands. pe at sorb. 423990. contra ctors Commercial assistance tow ing and emergency response. Air Strippers. non-toxic sta te n/a Water Solube Fertilizers Sole Proprietorship.c om 8(a). Filtration and D esaliniz ation systems for Home. www. Extensive Equipme nt Pool. 713-269-2545 75115 w ww. H2O and amino a cids / prote ins which are doug@e nvironmental. Inc. 4235. 423990. beac hes. MBE w ww.Polyboots. to a ssist WH OI. petrole um products. TX 77381 281. U nder PSC codes: 4235. L A 70114 K enner Rogers 504 307-8082 keymeltec h@be llsouth. Consultants NAICS Codes: 562910 . and removal of access matting. John Paparone 706 Woodla nd Church Road. 48' (49) COI Work Vessel. We have pumps available. 8540. 995-4442 Fax: 602-944-4958 Cleaning Agents. Henry. expe rt at cre ating advantage by providing a Water and Soil broad range of quality. remediation n/a Remediation MBE . 423830.C. S C 29582 http://T riadenvironmentalconsultant s. Smith 1100 Poydras 504-799-2294 off. Florida 33960 Global Commerce a nd Construction DBE. Site Assessme nt. Waste Disposal. L A 237-5797 mobile 70122 khenry@essential98. 6840. Contac t: L ane Wolleson Ph: (318) 435-7587 (800) 433-3055 ww w. construction & 213112. la nding mats--all eco-friendly—full service setup. 541513. landsca ping. maintena nce . innovative and effective immuno-solutions to the Pharma ceutic al. Company truck Apparel( Aprons.keyme ltechnology.6516. Under FSC codes: 8540. Water Quality a nd Environmenta l Remediation Diagnostics. Glove s. K aty TX 77494 D oug Da llmer – Services Ma nager Bio Reme diation Tetrasolv c an provide biologic al treatment for the re mova l of hydrocarbons. Gravity Core. Shawn Ivey Principal/ Senior Geologist 2508 T ic heli Road M onroe. NC 27587 www. 562212. environmenta l cleanup and re stora tion se rvices. n/a Environmental Services Multiple Qualifications within our organization. For 20 years. K im T. 541690 n/a large business Informa tion Technology Utilize d Standa rds of Good Prac tic e guide lines published by the Information Sec urity Forum and the N ational Institute of Software Inte gration. L LC. L A 225-381-2991 70767 dde armond@amra d.362. Enviornmental Remediation. 70163 w ww. 611420 K ris Brow n. Suite 2900. portable roads. We also have a co-op rea dy w ith tra in loa ds of straw.sdix.Frocks. Suite 425 New Orleans. All equipment can be tra iler mounted for mobility food sourc e for small organisms. 423490. a quatic pla nt removal and/or transplanting.O..craisgroup. tre e se rvices (trimming. Large Business SDIX M icha el Jones Toxicity and Conta minant De tection 111 Pencader D ISO 9001:2008 Certified Oil spill containment booms and skimming systems. Waste Tra nsportation. 3645. L A 504-460-2804 cell.MFG Bio-Based “Gre en” sustainable Coatings. 541330.GOM EZPINEST RAWLL C. 562211. etc . equipment. and use r ma intenance prospective and re comme nded solutions that aligned with known se curity issues.with trailer a nd equipment: sampling as nee ded (duplicate GPS.362. is an e nvironmental and engineering consulting firm c omprised of professionals dedicate d to providing our clients with innovative and c ost-e ffec tive solutions to their environmental and engineering nee ds. Wetlands access and operations pe rsonnel for expedient c onstruction of te mporary access roads and operational site s into wetla nd environments. L amonte industries. industrial clea ners a nd de odorizers NAICS codes 3251.Organo Clay up to 2000 GPM trailer units Within 48 hours. Side Scan Oce anographic Institutions. 4120. Develope d changes to c urrent c omputer installation procedures that inc reased security while re ducing cost and reducing security profile . SMAL L BUSINESS Aquatic Plant M ana gement. wastew ater. 541360. Solvents a nd Strippers w hich exceeding South Coast Air Q uality and 2014 EPA standa rds.gsate c. 453210. Currently HASWOPE R c ertifie d. site cleanup. MA 02543 Capt. Areas(tex-fla)U PS Fe dE X. New Orleans. extension contour A small busine ss under NA ICS 334516. temporary roads. Tetrasolv provides all types of mec hanical filtration inc luding sand. disa ste r rec overy. Also. Up to 60. 6117.ivey@ppmco.. Inc 504-283-5797 offic e or 5041505 Se ville Drive. 5680. 237310 full servic e se tup. Under SIC codes: 4959. groundwate r. Williams architectura l. Environmental consultants. 5075. Etc. 113210. Offering supervision. explore d critic al applications from Information Security. 5063. 424990. M IT. a ll ec o-frie ndly acc ess matting. Organic and Bio6210.wadsworth@america nmarsh. debris removal. Our mobile slurry systems would go to site. De nver. and air monitoring/ permitting 541330 & 541611 w Gulf South Animated M otion Technologie s. a nd dive support for day trips or extended cruises. 530 The resa Stre et PO Box 500 Clayton NY 13624 Landing c rafts with capability to carry up to 55 NAICS code 423860 Marine T ransportation Shallow water ac cess tons of and beaching with equipment and Personne l. Hubzone.Bouffant Caps. O ur vessels and cre w are highly trained for the deployment and recovery of Ocea nographic equipment. Direct Line Mec hanical Filtra tion – parkmats. Port Allen. have brought Ryan Marine Inc. Ne w Orlea ns. Bioremedial products for clea ning wildlife. and re mova l.0556 Jere mykellogg. Environmental Compliance Assistanc e Small Busine ss Establishe d 11 Jan 2010 w t Bioremedial products Jeremy K ellogg Inc . 423710. wa ter sampling. L A. Ke nner. restoration monitoring/research service s. 85202 T heodore Sosnicki. Z 245. 4120. se tedsosnicki@gogre enw orldproducts. and costs w hile incre asing accuracy and relia bility of re sults.6813 Keith Pearson – 281. 532411. Extensive experienc e in all fa cets of cost effective Triad E nvironmental (2) U S Coast Gua rd 50 Ton M aster Me rchant M ariner Captains with Towing E ndorsements produc t recove ry and c le an-up of petrole um based Consulta nts.8454 Venus. minority owned. www. CEO . etc Regula tory Compliance E nvironmental John Tice M onitoring Consultants. spray biological slurry onto the open ocean. tempora ry roads.703. OSRO Number 245 SDT INDU STRIE S. Boot ww w. Se award Service James A Wadsworth North-Centra l Regional Sales Mgr. FL 34953-4911 construc tion) Biologist/Oce anographe r with toxicology NAICS code: 541620 experienc e Wate r and sediment sa mpling nea r and off-shore Near shore and off shore water a nd se diment 32' sampling boat .offers the e xpertise with over 20 years of experience supporting equipment pool to include T-Remus. Spill. S114.all msds & psr available online n/a La rge business with a history of partnering with woman owned. Inc. 9310. 1711. 4110 and AG96. Inc. MPI Tested Interior Wall Paints a nd Non-Fa ding natural tints. All phases of Natural Area 985 Project Management E ssential Environmenta l E ngine ering. LA 704 47 G ina Crais 809 6824 gha rtman1@hotma il. 5099. 600 Technology 65' Research Vessel.c om access matting. 5211. LL C 13 6 Seclu ded Fore st Way. 444190.Box 477 Contaminates/Chemica l Clea nup. NAICS 332312. soil. FIFRA Regulatory Complia nce . Oil Containment Boom Unlimited 541620 Bio Remediation MBE C ra is Man age ment Gro up. 919-740-0546 Wake forest. SDIX has deve loped antibodies whic h adva nce its customers’ immuno-ba se d work . 541370. 541320. Sustainable. equipme nt and Ma ts (DURA-BA SE) designed for expedient c onstruction of te mporary access and operation sites in wetland e nvironments. a gricultura l drill planting. We have offices dbihun@setenv. DBE. Potable /Non Potable Water N046. ditching (small scale). Language skills 552 environmental engineering and consulting se rvices environmental enginee ring including services such as soil. River Rd. 9150. w ww. Womanowned.gogre enw orldproducts. 423. 541618. small business Manufacture and Distributor Service Connecte d Disabled Veteran Owned Business. liquid concentrate Veteran Owned Business ST RA D ENE RG Y SE RVICE S USA LTD 1600 Broadway/Suite 2400. Systems Enginee ring. Triad E nvironmental Consultants. BOX 1125 985-630-4703 MAND EVILLE .amrad. Website: www. Safety Items. 424950. Universities. 3530. 5999. L LC Joane ane A. Wilson Jr. grassing (sod. Aqua-Guard Spill Response Inc. 237990 US Navy. NAICS: 541511. 423420. 424690. La. Desoto T X. 541370. dispe rsants: NAICS Code: 424690. fence installa tion se rvic e.545. pla nting). Working with federal.delivering anyw here in the world esp. Suite (504) 799-3653 remediation services. 562213. L LC Rodney W.362. G SA contract numbe r: GS07F0136U Tetrasolv Services 5106 G rand Vista. engineering. 214 Fair Avenue www. state and local athorities as Small Busine ss focusing on well as marine transporta tion. 325510.Solar / Wind power renew able e nergy systems and E nergyStar® lighting and w ww.Ma x spe ed . Industria l n/a skill people to work and industries member of hispanic chamber Ke ymel T ec hnologies 233 E liza St. c ontract plant growing (loca l ge notypes). IL 60090. Mini Rover. possibly 7 days (765) 643-3941. skid-ste er loader operations. mana gerial and end use r levels using workflow documents. Remediation (EPA Approve d 2007). Not c urrently ISC qualified but will take this training if Oil Bio Reme diation Product. J046. Mad isovi lle . Ryan Marine Inc. B. 3999. CO 80202 M ark Goosma nn (970) 462-2115 www. 423840. the Gulf Coa st Equipme nt .483212. 541370. labor.thefirstgogreenstore. labor. bac khoe operations. public outreach. Training prople to clean. 2001) Fax: +1 604 980 9560 E mail: ronb@aqua guard.Isolation G owns. L A 71295 water soluble fe rtilizers for purposes of providing nutrition for microbial populations necessary for bioremediation of pe trole um and other contamina nts into a natura l. broadc ast planting. 7930. family owned business. forestry management and consulting services. t Environme ntal consultants. Monitoring w ill determine if further treatme nts are nece ssary. PO Box 733 Woods Hole. temporary/portable roads Privately held American small business GSA contract holder (via partner).com Hospital.000 gallons a minute. etc. 423610. Spill Response and kits. environmental studies and consulting se rvices. New Orleans. 8105. Remediation 562910. 2930.Re mediation 541620 . re mediation of marsh/we tlands.reducing time. Commercial or Munic ipality. is a sma Full-Line Distributor of: Chemicals & La boratory 10 ye ar-old c ompa ny w ith warehouse/office in Ba ton Rouge. 562112. 444120. Working knowledge of South Florida w est coast and keys. Distributor MBE. LA 70112 coordination r_w illia ms@threefoldllc . Environmental site assessment and remedial DBE planning including soil and groundwa ter sampling to deline ate area of concern and extent of contamination for petrole um releases usually relative to underground storage tank (UST) opera tions. 8010.. Large Business (SBA Subc ontracting report on file) T hree Fold Consultants. 422340 Hats. Spill Response w ww. 423740 a nd MFG with 541330. 713. 54710. and T X.African American JC Cle aning Se rvices L LC 1101 Vetera ns Blvd. 424210. 9150 and 9310. GO MEZ PINE ST RAW D ANNY LA MONT E P. Baton Rouge.Coats. 4442 Toll-Free: 866identific ation / classification . (2) Small sha llow draft vessels useful for transportation of pe rsonnel/mate rials. Inc. Canada Office: +1 604 980 4899 (e xt.Includes Mobile solar/w ind operate d w ww. 541519. environmental engineers n/a Environmental engineering MBE . Phoe nix. Oceanographic Monitoring/Surve ying/Collecting Equipme nt. MO . 423930. 4130. vetera ns. activated ca rbon and organo clay. L LC the exclusive distributor for Vanguard Risk M ana gement. motor driven brush cutting. 9999. removal. or that re quire protection. food se rvice 1875. Centre Park Blvd. towing and place ment of 20 + ye ars experienc e with emergency response/spill c lean-up surfac e waters. Oil/Water Separation Design SDBE R & S Enginee ring and Consulting Terrence Rice L LC 1427 Sumner 504-462-0474 Street terrence_ric e@yahoo. COM PINE STRAW BALES BARRIER & CLEANUP ECO FRIENDLY NATURAL PRODUCT M INORITY. William Johnson (Pre sident) Consultation / Training / Project Ma nagement / 1703 N orth Oce an Blvd. 302-456-6789 x21255 Technologies DE 19702-3322 w ww. a nd Food Safety markets. Small business DE 19702-3322 Our emphasis is the purifica tion of w ater through small business biological or conventional trea tments. n/a Aqua guard small business Kata hdin Ana lytical Servic es. EPA Cleaning. com Local: 602-944Containment and countermeasures. fertilize r applications. wheeled loa der operations. 4610. N ew Orlea ns.6800 PO C: M ichae l Sparks – 281. LA 70062 Juan Carlos Ramos 504-342-2969 or 504-400-1028 ramosjc215@cox.) NAICS Codes: 115310.globalcommserv. 526138. 3646. groundwater. 5331 and 8999. Bra d Ferguson 525 E. 7930. O nly byproducts from trea tment are – CO 2. extensive Small Business marine work force. etc. GIS Da ta Collection/a nalysis. Lucie. e xcavating services.Native American Condall Consulting 1215 Prytania St. Y299. soil implements (tilling. ma intenance.esoinc. tractor mounte d loade r operations. Small Support Boats. green se al approved product line ISO -9001 & 14001 . SQL.MFG True Ze ro V OC D urable . SDB . Long Lasting.523. 5198.ze p. Wheeling. 541340. 483211. Standa rds and Tec hnology publications. Data base Design.2 ft dra ft . absorbing oil residue. M ain Office Phone . See our complete list of clients and equipment pool @ www. Inc .com Beside s bioremediation. Hard 423430.totalgro.americ an-marsh. 541611.setenv. La. G overnme nt Agencies.aqua in IL. N ewark. 7389.E. SDIX is a biote chnology company. 6250. 423840. Remediation.jcc leaning. 561210. air quality a nd haz ardous waste. polluta nts. 23710 Engineering / Inspections / Testing La small business ARS International D aryl D eArmond 2609 N. 225-925-2468 w wilson@gsatec. Air M onitoring.stradenergy.ryanma rineinc. (Mobile) 402-202-5557 1444 SW Patricia Avenue RCEM C. Biologist 941. 541620. Inc. incorpora ted 25 years Z ep Inc. oil boom for shallow wate r be ache s and difficult area s to access for oil realated clean up. ME 04074 G reg Lull or Willard Warren 207/874-2400 Environmental Testing Laboratory NAICS Code-541380 Surface Water. Small Woman-owne d Business SET E nvironmental. NAICS. 423730. 8010.Respirators.S olar / Wind powered HVAC AC & Heating systems. 9413 N. AZ. and dive industry. We are a company who manufactures Industrial and municipal pumps small buisness Jeremy Kellogg 315.6830 www. www. t cleaning services comercial. and ma rshla nds that are contaminate d. biosw ab. pe rsonnel. re sults should be HAZ SDIX 111 Pencader D rive. Systems. portable roads. Networking. OK. (DBA GSA Wholesale & Medical Supplies) 3053-B Old Forge Dr. North Environme ntal Clean Up. 4110. (843) 251-3699 Hands on Spill cle an-up North Myrtle Beach.Tyvex Full range of products a nd first aid ite ms Go Gre en World Products. Hydrola b -w . 541380. Sc arborough.Cove ralls. crew and Bottom Sampling Dredge. 8a. historical land preservation. 541350.c om fixtures. 4610. Inc . Bio-Based. and many other Institutions and Unive rsities in the ir continuous marine projects. 541512.Face masks. Activa ted Carbon. We designed a secure re plac ement proc edure for change manageme nt at the Cybe rsecurity. .ryanmarineinc. What we do not have is the ship to put the equipment on. 423690.Tetrasolv. full mulching se rvices. We produce mobile syste ms up to 2000 gpm. ca pabilities is 10. Ne wpa rk M ats & Integrated Services L LC 2700 Research Fore st Dr. landing mats. PPM Consultants. 423610. and Plankton N ets stores move ment. Pre sident / Bio-Green Rene w AKA Renew Organic BIOA small Service Disabled Veteran Ow ned Disadvantaged Business in a certified HubZ one under NAICS c odes: 541620. Wate r Quality Testing. 562910 1515 Poydras Street. 70470 WWW. (site unde r Port St. M ike Ryan. WOB. Developed me thods for incre asing network security by re -aligning network da ta flow to ke ep sensitive data housed in se rver fa rms and not flowing a cross non-sec ured wires. LA 71202 Ph: 318-323-7270 Fax: 318-323-6593 E -mail: shawn. Supplie Engineering 541330. P. 70808 Woodrow J. 6210. comme rcial Our exceptionally maintained vessels. 454390. 423490 Bioremediation. Inc. ww w. 2851.E nvironmental Solution.000+ nearby and a vailable. 325611. sediment a nd bulk materials.).gree nplanetpa ints. Industrial. excava ting/dredging/e arthmoving. he rbic ide/insecticide applica tion. E ngineered Process Group Ce ll Phone # (928) 254-8723 james. E valuated bac kup and a nti-virus solutions and de signed methods for c reating a seamless netw ork with redunda nt fa il-over. willing to travel and provide cost e ffe ctive environmenta l solutions.Environme ntal Consulting Service s PPM Consultants. Inc. INC. 42339. me cha nica l contra cting services.threefoldllc. and Systems Inte gration. Abestos. D on Bihun Corpora te office 847-815-8920 (Cell) is loc ated @ 450 Suma c Road. Ryan Marine Inc . Central Ave . groundw ater.essential98. tractor mounted post hole digging.55+ knots 50 M cable and Vandorn wate r samplers) Cruising speed 25 knots Can mana ge or be assigned to a S CAT team beachable if nec essa ry (Shoreline Clea nup Assessment T ea m). 339999. Box 805 Winnsboro. SVE later for biological enhanc ement. surgery.

Our tec hnologies do not a dd anything to the ocean but rather translocate existing biogeoche mistry a nd nutrients to layers where they ca n be more bene ficial. Product is shippe d as a liquid. N ASA. Laboratory analyse s. of Educ ation. Americ an Indian Ow ned. 238110. dispose de bris. hazardous materia l c ontainment. Fl 33186 Oz zie Cruz O zzie Cruz Atmocean Inc . SBA Certified H ub Zone Firm.Our projec t manage rs are all degreed environmental scientists. workspaces. Aquatic safety testing ha s been conducte d on ProBiotic Scrubber. CAN BE SUPPLIED WIT H NOT ICE. We spe cialize in environmental pe rmitting. A certified HU BZOne small business with large progra m ma nagement consulting background. Bechte l/Ashbritt-Katrina Disaster. endangered teamed up w ith Geosyntec Environmenta l w hich enhance our capabilities and service s. Programs involving BioLynceus would require support from BioLynceus' technica l te am to a ssure correct implementation. NON-FLAM MABL E. 532420. e cological and 1004 228-875. air. 238320. underground utilities. T he main requirement is that the ProBiotic Scrubber Solution be in direct contac t w ith the GO LD COAST CHE MICA L SA NDRA ROT H. for the identification and assessme nt of organic and inorganic contamina tes. mana ged services) NA ICS Code 423430. Ma rtin D ougherty (president) see below for POC. Americ an Indian Ow ned. commercial construc tion. She lf life of product is 1 Year from the time of shipment. marine spa tial and resource pla nning. We re ly on a team approach to bring creative solutions to our clie nts – helping to reduce environmental harm. Quality Control Support. 541511. Soil/water/air sampling and analysis. Inc. Autonomic Resources has deve loped the gene ration 1.GOL DCOASTCHE MICA L. M IKE SA LIM with full e xamina tion of the types of programs that demonstrate the c ompany's capabilities including revege tation and pla nt/soil health projec ts. Texas 78757 Rosemary M. SUIET 100. sampling devices for water qual¬ity.locate d in Colorado. wetla All construction re lated. those laye rs of ocea n will no longer support life and this will casca de up and down the food cha in as well as to higher a nd lower depths. suc h as aqueous. 238290. U S Army Corps of E nginee r. WATE R BA SED. Suite 607. 334112. M A 02421 Offices within Regions 4 and 6: Atla nta. intellige nce a nd the Department of Defe nse agenc ies. 236210. D epa rtme nt of Homela nd Security and Na tural Resourc e Conse rvation Services. 238130. DOT Certified with FE MA. AND OTH ERS. Construc tion Management. 611420. Sociologica l. Purchasing/Shipping/A&R: Patrick enyzymes. and air coasta l e ngine 4512 S. and excellent written and verbal communication avenues. and Life Sciences).ABLE HQ. MATE RIALS. 236220. L LC James Bowman Autonomic Mobile M esh . FL 33155 Proje ct Manageme nt. certified via on-the -ground. we possess the ww w. FL 33759 N ETT IE CROY TEMPORARY LABOR (ALL SKILL LEVELS) 727-724-2600 WWW. 238340. These produc ts can be used to trea t on-site (floating island. If the oxygen gets deplete d.. Inc. Air. 325998. 7700 N. 334119. AMM allow s for quick deployment and easy operation. Europe and wave-driven upw elling oc ean pumps. North Port. Ha zard Analysis Assessment Truckla has performe d work for clients such a s US De partment of Interior. PACKAG ED IT IS A LOW-FOA MIN G DET ERGEN T CONCENT RATE . NCD provides a value-added perspec tive and contemporary solutions to tra ditiona l land-use planning. T X.oacconstruc tion. new construction. 1032 M S 39564 w ww. Program Manageme nt & Pla nning Storsoft Technology provides a diverse array of hardware. IN 46745 In regarding this situa tion Carter’s Contracting M inority-Owned business. so it's highly mobile. 541515. in order to decompose a nd bio-degrade the oils/hydroca E arthBalanc e® 2579 N. 236210.Primary Technic al Emphasis: Site specific micobial enhanc ement / bioaugmenta tion produc t(s) for degradation of oil in the environment. ERG developed communications. information assurance.c om mobile w ireless ne tworking solution providing civilian. clea n up and re-construction. including barrel and bulk volume. pillows. Program D r. Permitting. CEO solution provide d by BioLynce us. Environme ntal Service s. 561410 8(a). alteration and repair. Enterprise . 562910 Remedia tion Service s Professional. PG Scrubber is manufa ctured a s specialty blends used Sale s Support: Be cky Haugen. scalable. on a variety of environmental samples. 237210. Suite 205 E ste s Park.BioLynceus does not have c ontrac ted applic ators or contractors for implementation of the product.49G). 954-436-9292 M S 39501 http://w ww. LL C 16708 M innich Road H oagland.autonomicresourc es. sa mpling and analysis. PDSI is also a distributor of all sa fety products. Solid Waste Engineering.. Inc. 541512.S. la ndow ners a nd gove rnment age ncie s who demand experience with c ommunity-based conserva tion planning and cost-effective . STE AM CLE ANING AND CONTINGE NCY PL AN FOR EM ERGEN CY PRESSU RE WASH. Wyman. N AICS Code 238910 Removal & D emolition (D BE Code 0051. Santa Fe. w ww. economic s related to offshore oil production. a lternative to push surfa ce water Na tural biological re mediation. GA. S Corporation. 1800 courses) IT Staff Augmenta tion (250. 238160. a nd Logistics M inority-Owned/Small Disadvantaged Busine ss/ 8A-Certified/HUB-Z one Baer Engineering a nd Environmental Consulting. our mission is to alw ays mee t our customer’s expec tations. (ERG) 110 Ha rtwell Avenue. With our current IDIQ contract we have groundwate r). Software for tracking emergency re sponse worker safety DEDICATE D AN D MAN AGED H OSTING 518210 541511 541430 541513 SERVICES IN A SECURE FISM A / NIST COMPL IANT E NVIRO NME NT. 334613. industria l rugs. LLC is a demolition c ontrac tor specializing in the recovery of assets from industrial property through dismantling. c oastal area.11C). Soil.and tha t the natural microbial degrada tion of this oil is consuming a vailable dissolve d oxygen. tra nsportation and disposal. working with Corps of Enginee rs Disadvantaged Busine ss (includes IDIQ Contrac t) and USCG. COM (T HIS PRODUCT IS ON THE N ATIONAL CAN BE USED IN NORM AL CLEA NING . T his experience ba se Rigging. Toledo Blade Blvd.926. HE AVY CLE ANIN G. trailers. Our core c apa bilities involve the implementation of stra tegic LAN / WLAN / WAN deployment and support. M OBILE PRE VEN TIV E M AINT ENA NCE LL c www. site work.000+ secret/top secre t personnel) Telecom Se rvices (broadband.c om w ww. Box 1499 / 255 Pa rk L Computer Ha rdware . In the ca se of the BP oil le ak. along with some of the large st state. truck a nd hea vy e quipment. L ane Suite 103. Industrial hygiene. doing work in the Florida K eys and are experie nce d in w orking in the Florida Keys. create ec onomic growth and increase mea ningful employment. Revie w of e xisting strate gies.truckla. contouring land and re vegetation. We are headquartered in Florida and have offices in Central and South Florida. contamina tion asse ssment and remediation of soil. NAICS Code s: 541330 spec ie s evaluations. IN 46745 Phone 260-424-0330 Fax 1-877-507-0410 E -mail customersupport@ke nergyllc. M S 39182 Rexal Heidelberg 601-218-4419/601-619-9300 Logistics Support. socio-e conomic.biolynceus. M iami. Professional Services. and acc ess to field e quipment that includes occ upational health a nd sa fety.0H) E SS L aboratory a division of Thielsch John Gaspari E ngine ering (401) 461 7181 185 Franc es Avenue jgaspari@thie lsch. AL 36421 Cody Carter (ofc) 334-222-6670.ProBiotic Scrubber is compose d of live sales@biolynceus. storm-water manageme nt.naturalca pitaldevelopment. 517410. hydro-carbon digesting microbes. 238140. marine. oc ean dow nw elling pumps downward (downwelling). We are a federal Small Business Administration 8(a) firm. OUR NAICS COD ES ARE : 325188.S. CLEA RWATER. Consulting for site /projec t is available for the use and applica tion recommenda tions. NAICS Code 238290 Rigging Services (DBE Code w ww. 23263 Harmony Church Rd. c ommunic ations Cost/benefit ana lysis. A WATER S OFTE NER AN D CO NDITIO NER.baereng. M S 39180 Mailing Addre ss: P. O ur e nvironmental consulting servic es include wetla nd permitting and e ndangered species surveys. Cell Phone: 305-342-8691 Civil Engineering.Products are spe cified to the exa ct site a nd requires protocols for application as de termined by the technical team a t BioLynceus. Our se rvices are used to meet various regulatory Large business permitting and reporting requireme nts. Wic kham Rd 12-513 w ww. Inc . Environme ntal vesse ls.conservation service s and project mana gement Government Stree t. 607 Ce rrillos Rd. Austin. water a nd air. Engineering ana lyses of industria l ac cide nts. All past performance is positive with the federa l government throughout the Southeast and US Virgin Islands. w ww. Clean-up. Softwa re. Cary NC 27513 John ne tw ork/internet connectivity via sa tellite bac ktechnologie s related to da ta center automation. 100% WOM AN OWNED . all underground utilities. M ississippi Soil & Logistics Support Services Wate r Conservation Commission.c om E d Fitzgera ld ruggedized. and sediment sa mpling and analysis. na tural areas mana gement a nd built-environment designs. spill response kits etc. Kendall Drive . environme ntal health and safety. O ur goal is to deliver performa nce ed_fitzgera ld@autonomicre sources. Worked Firm. wa ve-drive n Our unique te chnologies capture w ave e nergy to ge nerate upwe lling of deep water.pdsi2000. NOA A includes coastal ecology. 541513. CLEA NER DEG RE ASER. large business salvage a nd site c le an-up. electrical conduits. rolls. Soil. State Dept. Experience with very large technica l integration programs ($200 million plus) and a ssessments of large ( remediate refinery sludge. (E NVIRON MEN TALLY SA FE IN T HAT TH E PRODUCT CONTAINS NO HIGHLY T OXIC SOLVENT S AN D THAT THE SURFACTANTS CONTAIN ED ARE CONSID ERED 95% BIODE GRADABL E AS D ETE RMIN ED BY T HE SHAKE FLASK T EST. PDSI is a certified 8(a)/SD B.esslaboratory. 517310. economic research and analysis. SEVERE CL EANING. water resourc e manageme nt and cultural ecology – connecting c ommunities with the AM ERICAN DATA TE CHNOL OGY.storsoftcorp. Mobilize and Supervise Work Crews.000 products) IT T raining Services (50 vendors. Our firm strives to understand organiza tional challenges to position best-ofbreed technologies and solutions on-time and under-budget. with the Coast G uard and have crew s available to a ssist in the restoration. 237990. FL 33156 Eduardo F.c om M elbourne. BIO-DEGRAD ABLE. 238910 Site Prepara tion Contractors. support. California wildfires. 517110. WE ARE A SMAL L BU SINE SS AND HU B-ZON E CERT IFIE D AN D WE ARE A GSA CONT RACTOR. Box 821711 Vicksburg. Not applicable A RG ELIO MAL AGON 305-218-9835 305-256-6655 w ww.BioLync eus Biological Solutions P. Insured and recently ce rtified as a 8(a) SBA Contractor. Progra m offices. M iami. 238330. can provide crisis relief with the ability to For-Profit Organiz ation. Inc.erg. N ON-CORROSIVE TO FE RROU S ME TAL. cultural and software used in re sponse to H urricane Katrina. P.511511. and side sc an sonar. E xc ava tion enables K E ne rgy to provide execution and oversight for a w ide range of proje cts w hile demonstrating quality se rvic e to our clients. Engineering SBA 8(a) Certified. and manage ment Small business. Site Remediation. remodeling. Contracts. Woma n-Owned. marshes.COM DISASTER SERVICES.self powered. E astern Re se arch Group. 541512. and historical. NAICS Codes 221310. FL 34289 Sarah L aroque. ES Consulta nts. SHO RT TE RM BUSINESS 8(a) CE RTIFIED OR L ONG T ERM Autonomic m NAICS: 541620. 325320. water. PMP. 541690 Technical Natura l Capital Cra nston. tissue and free produc t. Habitat Re stora tion HUBZone Certified Spill Response. next 919-653-5597 K eese jfk@a utonomic resources. many of whom are c ertifie d Project M ana gement Professionals (PM P). GOLD COA ST CHEM ICAL HAS BEE N MANU FACT URING AND DISTRIBUT ING CH EMICALS FOR OVE R 25 YE ARS. polysacchrides. 562910 (Environmental Reme diation). sediment. 454113. Gulfport. Le xington. & NON -POL LUT ING. loc al and federal government age ncies. wireless mesh netw ork capable of breadth a nd capabilities of an e merging technology integra tion firm that customers seek.atmoce an. We are a US-based firm AMM (Autonomic Mobile Mesh) solution as a that se rvices nationa lly as well as interna tionally. soil contaminate d sites from fuel. Asset Recovery. 238910. CO 80517 888-823-7404 970-586-3391 970-577-1387 (Fax) Tec hnical & Produc t Informa tion: ProBiotic Scrubber is a hydrocarbon remediation Rick Alle n. information assessment/environmental Contaminated Material Excavation Marsh La nd Protection Hydra ulic & M echanical Dre dging Erosion Control Wetland M itigation Minority-Owned business. amino a cids & nutrients that are D unn purchasing@biolynce us. M ana ger K E nergy. 3256612. NM 87505 M AG CONSTRU CT ION 7812 SW 34 T ER Miami. Small Business w ww. absorbents. Inc. SDB. floating islands. BioLynce us is a n environme ntal company. www. OIL SPILL CLE ANUP) T HIS PRODUCT IS A THIS PRO DUCT IS USE D IN T HE IN DUSTRIAL.kenergyllc. 2210 Front Stree t. marshes. Petrole um OAC Action Construction is an SBA 8a certified construction firm located in Mia mi. ERG is a L arge Business under N AICS 541620 and a Small Busine ss under NA ICS 562910 (Environmenta l Remedia tion Services) and 541712 (Researc h & De velopment in the P hysic al. Physic al Address: 1411 Cherry Stree t – 102 Vicksburg. NON-TOXIC. Training. security servic es) Program Management (planning.c om 16708 Minnich Road Hoagland. Andalusia.Custom Computer Programming 541512 – Computer Systems D esign Services 541519 – O ther Computer Related Services 514614 – Proc ess. and the rec ent Ne w England flooding as part of economic impa cts on fisheries community and OSH A's eme rge ncy response to protect cleanup workers. 238390. timely solutions be nefiting wetlands. Small Business Scie ntia Globa l. Reme dial design. virtual HU BZ one small business. NAICS Code 484220 Hauler (DBE Code 0054. H UBZone. 12540 SW 130 Street. We can provide products and service s to many countrie s throughout the Americas. . PM Support. profe ssiona l w ork force a nd equipment specia lized for se nsitive a reas. ProBiotic rick@biolynce us. The Gulf of Mexico c ould become one huge dead z one.561320 Ba se d on services we provide(labor) I am not sure n/a how to answer these last two. soil. and rugged. sewer and w ater lines. Bonde d. We have exc ellent crews spe cializing in a ll building construction phases. wireless. SBA Certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Busine ss Carter's Contra cting Services. asse mble at the lea st 50 trained and expe rienced Woma n-Owned Business. (N CD ) is a w omen-ow ned environme ntal consulting and project management firm in South Mississippi specializing in natura l resourc e manageme nt. a nd anthropologic al investigations. Oc ean Springs. ERG supports E PA’s Oc eans and Coastal Protection Division with we t c hemistry and instrumental analysis. and telecommunications systems consulting in contingency operations. N AICS Code238910 E arthwork Embankment & Excavation-site pre paration (DBE Code 0051. VP (941) 426-7878 slaroque @ea rthbala nce . Wetlands delineation. Environmental environmental toxic ology labora torie s. 321-733-1971 w ww. clean up. Physical Distribution. e conomic. eme rgency response and (E ngineering). Inc. NCD serves a wide range of private and public clients. Slab and Footing Removal Scrapping of Metals Asset Re covery Rigging Heavy Rigging of Equipment & Machine ry Rigging & Dismantling of E quipment Mac hinery M oving Excavation Energy. and policy ana Professional Dive rsified Services. outreach. SBA Certified Small Disadvanta ged Business. etc. 238220. n/a w p:260-424-0300 F:877507-0410 E :miageiger@aol. Enginee ring. 811212. a geology and sediments labora tory. com de ployed units or personnel in forward operating NAICS Codes .ProBiotic Scrubber ca n be shipped in containers that are optimal for the site.9242 We provide environmental consulting. Native Americ an Ow ned.CONSTRUCTION.32C).ca rters-contracting. Personnel. K E nergy D emolition Contrac tor M aria (Mia) G eige r. water quality and wildlife. PRE SIDE NT. weathered diesel in wastewate r trea tment plants. a nd Water Resources Engineering NAICS Codes: 541330 and 541620 Ecosystem Restoration a nd Environmental Consulting Ea rthBa lanc e® is a HUBZone Certified ecosystem restoration firm. SBA removal. IT CONTAIN S N ONE OF T HE 327 CA RCINOGE NIC SUBSTANCE ON T HE EPA L IST OF HA ZARDOU S PEM BRO KE PARK . e tc . VP by BioLynceus to trea t hydro-c arbon contamina ted Sale s & Busine ss Development area Kevin Crawford # 864-809-5893 n/a n/a WE we provide onsite preventive maintenanc e for small business OA C Action Construction. secure . SBA Certified Hub Z one Firm. Community ne tworking Technic al:Restoration Planning and Impleme ntation . T he programs have been in use since 1994 in the United State s. (cell) 334-303-8497 and (fax) 334222-3838 (e-mail) ca rtersc ontrac ting@hotmail. including nongovernmental organizations. Certified SBA 8a small business-Hispanic American Ow ned Philip Kithil 505-310-2294 www. multi-a gency) inte rnational relie f and assistanc e programs. 7756 N orthcross Drive.800. Our organiz ation E ngine er contractor and environmental is dedicate d to provide top quality se rvice with an emphasis in build long term rela tionships w ith our clie nts. hazardous materia l Disadvantaged Busine ss. SBA Certified 8(a). FL 32901 Program manage ment. cloud computing. pa cking supplies. employees to provides remediation and clea n-up SBA Certified Small of soil contamination. USA CE / NE PA pe rmitting. bio-assays. WE CURRE NTLY PROVID E HOST ING SE RVICE S SEVE RAL GOVT. FEM A. ga soline and diesel as well as holding ta nks from wa sh-down areas for heavy equipment. Demolition. NAICS Codes: 115310 – Support Activities for Forestry 519190 – All Other Information Servic es 541511 .) where the oil has impacted la nd and aquatic areas.We ma nage vege tation on public la nds w ith an expe rienced. Site asse ssment. Ma g Construction.a ll types of mec hanical re pairs la rge a nd small ABL E BODY LABOR 3040 GUL F T O BAY spec ia lty ble nded to provide the optimal ba la nce of Phone: 888-823-7404/ 970-586microbial action for reduction a nd remedia tion of 3391 hydro-carbons. AN D BU ILD ER POWDER TO RAISE AND BU FFER PARK RO AD 0044 CONCENT RATE D STATE AND TAN KERS pH. Sinc e our founding in 2002. softw are and servic es that powe rs business and governme nt Tech organiza tions globally. As a Certifie d 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB).BioLynceus has prepared a website: http://cleanupgulfspill. 237310. providing network and Internet ac cess to forwa rd oriented c ontrac ting that exceeds the expe ctations of our customers by providing the most responsive service in the industry. FL 33009 WWW. Please call for more info. monitoring and a pplication strate gies are prescribed and utilized. mro. Unit 204. pans.Communications:Communication strate gies.magconstructions. re ports sugge st large pools of oil is ac cumula ting at depths of 2000-3000 fe et . front-line presenc e. AG ENCIES INCLU DIN G U. logistical support. It requires minimal setup and bre akdown times a nd employs a sc alable modular design using the be st technology available. IT IS OWNED BY SAND RA ROT H. as well as complete site work. Inc. is fully L icense d. 541519. archa eologic al. DU RH AM.LIGHTINDUSTRIAL. Certified 8(a ) Program Ca rter’s Contracting aided in seve ral disa ster Participa nt. We operate a na tive plant nursery a nd insta ll native plants to re store damage d ecosystems or create new ones. ww w. 541519 camps/bases a s we ll a s emergency response agencie s requiring internet/network connectivity in the field to support disa ste r response efforts. natural and sustainable produc ts that do not ha rm the environme nt and work to re new a nd replenish contamina ted soils and wa ter. Safety M anagement. Hubz one Company direc t distributor of Ma nafacturer of Spilltech whic h supply pa ds.ea rthbala nce . multiproject/program tra cking a nd coordination in corporate or field offices. Suite 211 Austin. Natura l Capital Development Le ah Bra y or Cynthia Ramse ur environmental consulting. We currently have an IDIQ contract Construc tion. Na tive Ame rican Ow ned. NAICS Codes: 237990 Othe r Heavy and Civil Engineering. to dete rmine compliance with both State and Fe deral environmental regulations and to assess potentia l present or future environme ntal liabilities. FL 32940. Our sta ff is restoration highly tra ined and we used the most innovate construction system available . 325611. others affected by the spill. President Tele phone: 305-412-8185. NC 27703 ProBiotic Sc rubber programs can be used in are as that are a lready impac ted including coastal are as. c oncre te a nd asphalt pa vements. w orking with organic. business intelligence implementa tion and software development service s. We currently are disposal. 238350.scientiaglobal. trucks. 237990 a nd 238910 classification. E nvironmental disaster performance measureme nt. Volunteer mobilization. PRE SIDE NT “PREM IER 99” IS AN OIL WASH. wate r (surfa D -U-N-S Number: 847167439 Federal ID Number: 26-4512103 Demolition Total Plant & Fac ility Demolition & Wrec king Selective Demolition & Dismantlement Concre te or Stee l Silo Demolition Foundation. Autonomic Resources is an information tec hnology and service integration firm servicing U nited States Fede ral governme nt Fede ral IT Se rvices Contractor specializing in 200 Cascade Pointe jmb@autonomicresourc es. 541620 (Environmental Consulting). COM PRISED O F N ON-IONIC AND SPE CIALTY PRODU CT S 2790 S (954) 893IN 55 GA LLO N DRUMS IN A SURFACTANTS. and water.esconsulants. (321)917-4247 office (206)202-4126 fax n/a .com Analytical L abora tory Services of environmental samples ESS L abora tory (NIACS 541380) provides compre hensive analytical testing services. Immediate remediation is critical. MIAMI BLVD . MARINE AND OIL FIEL DS. M ha ul. 100% Hispanic M inority. 562910. including other dispersements or protocols w ill be considered in the application a nd impleme ntation strategie s.The a pplication information would be determined by site and would be customized to the entire site's considera tions.O. a bsorbent socks. NC Tom Grome 513-791-9400 ww w. Research Triangle Park. PO C: Da rrell M ack Website: 7777 N . se diment and vegetation. Product can be distributed to existing project tea m for implementation. 236220. Minority Storsoft Technology Jonathan Evans 1910 31st Avenue . Corp. D ept. w aste oil in wastewa te r trea tment plants. Our expe rience is over twe nty years in the construction industry. Our core areas of e xpertise include the following servic es: Off-the-shelf Compute r Hardwa re/Softwa re (over 500. Inc. 237310. BioLynceus has the a bility to provide consulting for the use of BioLynceus produc ts. RI 02910 w ww. T ec hnical Writing and Contrac t Administration WBE and DBE certification Truc kla Service s. 532420. BioL ync eus is a vete ran owned company sinc e 1994 BioL ync eus is a partially female owned c ompany since 2006 BioL ync eus is a smallbusiness . ERG’s support to technology. T hreatened a nd Endangered Spe cies habitat surveys. accredite d Engineering and environmental services. Scrapping of M etals. mate rial handling. ProBiotic Sc rubber products are manufactured in the U. 517212. we have served c onsumers and sma ll-to-me dium businesses. Our skilled personne l have exte nsive projec t management experienc e. Smith.loc alweb. tra cking. #3. programs wetla nds.The progra ms ha ve been used to http://w ww. Construction relief projec ts (Hurrica ne Ivan & Wilma).O. diesel fuel. 1200 instructors. Atmocean pumps are pow ered by wave kinetic energy and do not add a ny chemical to the oce an. syste ms engineering. open source a doption. M ANA GED / DE DICATED HO STIN G SM ALL WOMA N AN D SERVICES INN SECURE NIST / FISMA M INORITY OWNED CO MPLIANT E NVIRO NME NT. providing remediation programs across the U nited States.

424690. 541690 / Sa fety Consulting Services 6201 Hilltop Drive Pensacola. H azardous clean up re ntal equipment and products.Fitters.Administrative Mgmt & General M gmt Consulting Services. N ELA C Certified w ww. Suite 109 Da nia Beach. N iagara Falls. Environmenta l. site characterization materials. Lauderdale. and mixe d use . 541620. Agile was founded to ensure our customers a re armed with the ne cessary tools and knowle dge to create project outcomes exceeding stakeholde rs expecta tions. Then more as prosperity allows. Sha rp w ill a lso assist in disseminating information to the affect communities by: 1) Mass Media – Distribution of information to loca l c ommunities 2) Marke ting – Ma rketing information to the communities 3) Community Development Organizations – Meeting with CDC’s and distributing information 4) Industries – M eeting with the industries affected with information NAICS Codes: 922190. Inc. natural disasters. FL 33309 Lyle Johnson. Applicable NAICS Code s: 562910.. Geophysics. XE I Corp can de ploy immediately to any sta te in the Southea ste rn U .c om NAICS 333319. Health a nd Safety Products. a nd single and multibe am hydrographic surve ys. Conta iner n/a n/a small business E MC. Air. Spill Re sponse Biodegradable Surfactant/Oxidize r. their equipme nt. T ransportation. O kee chobee. Equipme nt for digging. It conta ins no silic a dust a known carcinogen. FL 33312 Jose A. Environme ntal. field se rvices Small business Small Busine ss under NA ICS code : 541380. Keith Cash 4355 Interna tional 770-935-4124 Blvd. Physical Distribution.Vernita Harris P. 541519 Other Computer Re lated Se rvices. WC . non-toxic material that conta in naturally occurring Master Se rvices has available produc t te chnical Disabled Vetera n/ Minority microbe s that consume oil hydrocarbons. Flamma ble vapor Suppre ssant. fume s. 238990. Water well drilling. Air Monitoring Equipment Rental and Sales Woma n Owned Small Business construction small business Safety and E cology Corporation (SEC) 2800 Solway Road. Frac Tanks. L td We spe cialized in the w elding a nd fabrica tion for Pipe Welde r/Fitter. FL .226. Wayne Sims (Work) (803) 462-2153/ (Ce ll) (803) 600-7941 w ww. hydraulic . Gonza lez. NAICS M aster Service s and Supply 4319 Se ven Tree s CT. Scientific .Materials Re covery Facilites. 562119. mapping a nd computer equipment nec essa ry to handle a ny surveying project. TX . Conduct focus groups/ market research w ith Small businesses and other stakeholders We are in the Central Contractor Registra tion (CCR) 1881 w Pure Air Control Services A la n Woznia k 4911 Cree kside D r 1-800-422-7873 ext 802 w ww. 562910 Remediation Se r.392. LLC Point of Contact . beltpress) dry excavation. Grenada . Environmental Evalua tion. FL PRO. Rive r Rd. 561410 Document Preparation Se rvic es. 238910. Services and Emergency Response Services Business education. 237310. O ur bridge construc tion with methods will be fair and professional. T X 77429 w ww. Environme ntal decontamination.PondZorb is a 100% natura l oil absorbent tha t may be used to control oil discharges on na vigable w aters and adjoining shoreline s. Petrole um Products. found in most mineral absorbe nts. N M 87106 M aria Ha nners (505) 266-0190 / mha nners@agilegroupusa. Biodegrada ble Surfactant/Oxidizer. 562211. 561110 Office Administrative Se rvices.we have a strategic netw ork of alliance pa rtners in Texas a nd Louisia na. and equipme nt to deliver aspects of comprehensive surve ys. Our mission is to provide turn-key servic es in an M y pa rtner and I have bee n effort to assist the BP Oil Spill c le an up in an struggling for the previous 4 environmentally friendly. O nce risks to individual workers.551114.561210. Servic e Disabled Vetera n Owned Business XE I CORP Occupational Safe ty & He alth Consulting / Ha zard Occ upational Safety & H ealth Consulting for all types of business inc luding construction and maritime industries. promotiona l stuffe d animals and packages to send to workers/victims and their and deliver innovative promotional produc ts and fa milies to provide comfort and relief. Biodegradable Surfactant/Oxidize r.basultoconsulting. Sha rp w ill compile all the concerns and issue s and prioritize the data into similar sec tions. We are able to handle waste FIN 74-1558440 710 (713) 931. Remediation Services. See NA ICS codes be low: in the region. Work with L oca l a nd Small Business firms in any workforce re deployment. it can be place d along the booms as needed to immediate ly remove oil from the surface of the water. N ative Ame rican/Veteran labora tory testing services.cimaeng. from the point of colle ction to the disposal site. Sharp Business Consulting Services. Agile c onsultants are professionals who possess an average of 12+ years of experience in implementing comple x multi-million-dollar programs and enterprise project mana gement initiatives. e mployees. and Emergency Response and Recovery Services contractor to D OE. M S 39563 William Ha rris Phone # 228-623-9353 e-ma il: w illia m. 532310. BU CK LEY JR. EM C has experie nce performing various type s of surve ys such as first.Building Inspec tion Services. Barricades. D econtamina tion. Center Point. D ocument M anagement. Cle ans Oil from soil. Business Development and Community Outreach Community outre ach in impacted are as of the Gulf Coast . We have employe e operators and equipment / vehic le lease ava ilability as Cheroke e (713) 473-2502 Scheduling. and paint thinner. D OT compliant shipping. Sma ll business for SFWMD. Inc.O wne r Supplies & Plastic Alternative 713-703-9300 Produc ts) 12320 Barker Cypre ss Rd. M S 38901 Cell: 662. Bottles. D emolition. since Rita and Ka trina expedient manner. Project M gmt. has be en perfecting its role EM C is a multi-discipline surveying company encompassing the disciplines of hydrographic . we Radiological Instrumentation stand re ady with the ne cessary resourc es to perform immedia te and planned response service s for businesses and government entities in USE PA Regions 3. hotel. Asset Manage ment. F L & email: lajohnson1@aol. manage. ge ar oil. c oastal and beac h mate rial disposa l.hadinc. mineral spirits. Obj ects. 541710. 561730. website . re cognition programs. M eade. RTK / OTF surve ys.5166 Drive .pureaircontrols.Eme rge ncy and Other Relief Se rvices 541350. and Sand Deactivation. M etals. GPS for both routine and complex surveying challenges. 238910. and H uman Resourse. and turn-ke y solutions third order horizonta l and vertical control surveys. 541990. strong Professional Surveying Team with the Capabilities: EM C has a staff of ove r fifty (50) profe ssiona l personnel with the knowle dge and experience to mana ge all resources.1872. It is used effectively for spill response a nd vapor suppressant for oil. rucksacks. Rush Turn-Around-T ime capabilities. Reme diation. PhD 775-450-5988 Scientific and Technical Consulting We provide advic e a nd assistance to businesses and other organizations on scientific and tec hnical issues inc luding Earth We ha ve experience in a ll e nvironments including n/a Science. Structure Welder.Emergency Planning.Other M anage ment Consulting Service s 541511. and effectively identify & control occ upational hazards posed to voluntee rs. N ORM surveys a nd NORM education. As a n expe rienced Water. 541611 Administrative Management and G eneral Management Consulting Se rvices 541614 Proc ess. Small Busine ss / Minority Primary? Code NAICS Code 's Description "Buy G reen"? (1) Small? (2) E merging? (3) 236220 Comme rcial and Ow ned Business (Hispanic) Institutional Building Construction Yes Yes 238990 All Other Specialty T rade Contractors. or exhaust. 562119 Other Waste Collection. 541614 Process. 541620 Environmenta l Consulting Services. spe cializes in occupa tional risk identification a nd mitigation by performing comprehensive audits of individual or c ontractor duties & responsibilities. and resource the ir portfolio of projec ts to improve ove rall business performance. Soil. L LC 1804 Bull Street. Woman. TX 77042 Sinc e 1984. Fl. 541350 Building Inspection Services. N ORM surve ys and NORM following are as: site chara cteriz ation and assessments. topographic . se cond. the majority of Agile consultants are certified Proje ct Management Professionals (PM Ps) by the Project M ana gement Institute (PM I). 562111. Ideally suited to work in conjunction with standard booms. ES&H manageme nt.T his product can be used to a bsorb a nd suppress the va pors of environmental remediation. 562998 Response and Re mediation of Oil M aterials in Water. Ecofriendly. and retain Six Sigma certifications aligne d with proce ss improveme nt me thodologies. 531320. Evalua tion. kerosene.M arketing Consulting S ervices 541614. SharePoint portals. Stea m cleaners are also a specialty because they typically use le ss wate r and re quire less electricity to operate than a high pressure hot water washe r. PCB’s.A lte rnate 713-688-2223 303 Cypress. Busine ss measure.flenviro. EM C presently has twelve surveying crews assigned throughout the southwest. E MC ha s collecte d and mapped over two million To assure our role as a quality surveying provider. 541618. This data will then be provide d to FE MA. spills. SVO C’ Sevenson E nvironmental Services. 2)Tier T wo (Responsive Phase) – Sha rp w ill provide a call ce nter 1-800 numbe r for the communitie s being affected by the oil spill specific information regarding their community. Portal Development a nd Maintenanc e. exhibits a nd display pe rformance apparel for better impressions and conc epts. and IT mana gement resourc es. 813920. Petrole um Products & Haza rdous Wastes. TN 37931 D onald Goebel.Offices of Physical. E nvironmental Environmental Sampling. Ga s Analyzers. training.c om Alle n. M any units ca n be opera ted off of gene rators if re quired otherw ise w e do have e ngine driven systems available as w ell that would only require a w ater source.dualzorb. We have Maritime and L ongshorema n' s Workers Compensation c overage for all employe es. a nd Logistics Consulting Service s. Air Monitoring E quipment.eagleinstruments. a nd Hazardous capabilities for VOC’s.Third Party Administration of Insurance and Pension Funds 611430. EM C has we have built a extensive expe rience pe rforming cadastral and bounda ry surveys for both gove rnment and priva te age ncies. Lyle Johnson (954) 978-6400 Laude rdale. LA Ea gle Instrume nts. G A. and Supplies. c ooling vests. highly variable construction budgets. In addition. Environme ntal Remedia tion. L aboratory owned. retail. NAICS Code 541690. 541690. surve ying and mapping for any clie nt. Fort L auderdale. etc. steam generators. Safety Equipment. Inc. NAICS Codes: 518111 Internet Service Providers and Web Searc h Portals. E valuation of Pollutants. TX 77207 713-446-4660/cell WWW. 562219.497.Professional and M ana gement D eve lopment Training. Houston. Absorbs all types of liquids of any visc osity. 811310. M ark Mattox (President) Headquarters: 2472 Sunset O ffice : 662. ARS also provides laboratory analysis via our Louisiana based lab. a nd a Ce rtified Photogrammetrist. FSES has over 37 years of experience. Protec tive Apparel. a nd contra ctors w orking in the current affected are w ww. final sta tus surveys. police and company women..Insurance Coverage Consulting 541611. Sharp will start the (Responsive Pha se ). industria l. LA 71363 Website: www. Gas and Civil industrie s as well employe e NAICS 332312 leasing on seve ral different c rafts. DoD. 921190. Ge ology. SC 29201 Ea rth Sc ience / K atharine K util (561) 715-4426 email: kkutil@flenviro. NAICS Codes: 541370.e du 100% Na tural N on-Toxic O il Absorbent. T X 77506 billycruse@ya Impact Strate gies Consulta nts. 423840. tote s. Soil. Payroll. L LC PO Box 2858.Sha rp w ould like the opportunity to provide a 2 tier call center that will act as a vehicle to disseminate and provide informa tion to the communities directly a ffec ted by the oil spill. (CIMA) is a Professional Engineering Firm specializing in Construc tion Engineering a nd Inspe ction Services.sevenson. 524298.sharpbusiness. and Technical Services.O. Soil Remediation product.226. Environmental Sampling. Suite 302. Physica l D istribution. Remediation Equipment and Products. petroleum ba se d products such as a cetone. M cNab Road. VP / alternate : M icha el House 716-284-0431 http:w ww. Environmental Equipment Repair and Calibration.Impac t06. / Savannah. FAA and private sector clients in the Southeast. aba ndonme nt and biological weapons contamina tion. (E me rge ncy Yvonne Killings . Beresford. and multiple c lient re quirements. Sioux has bee n manufa cturing hea vy-duty industria l c leaning e quipment since 1939 and has supplie d Cleanup equipment thousands of units to oil companies for cleaning on the offshore rigs. 562211.Logistics Ma nagement/E ffic ienc y Mgmt Consulting Se rvices. 611420 Computer Software and Applic ation Training Woma n owne d Small Busine ss Drilling servic es for the following…Hollow ste m auge r for monitoring wells. Produc t Consulting Services w ww. process. Surveying. emergency. joseagonzalez @cimaeng. 562920. Inc. Temporary Shelte rs.All O ther Professional. 562213. Scientific and Technical Services. Safety Tra ining. Jr. Primavera P6. 541360 Hydrographic and L and Surveying and M apping Large Business Interna tional Inspection Tec hnology. When mixe d with oil filled sand or environmental expertise on produc t use. Central Florida) FSES has N ELA C ce rtified laboratories in Ft Boa t rental also available. Environme ntal Sampling. SEC has over 150 experienced HAZ WO PER and OSHA trained technicians and professionals re ady to mobilize in response to the oil spill cleanup efforts. (Louisiana costal native residents). LCC 117 Bryn M awr SE Suite 106 Albuquerque. Small Business for SFWM D.Americ an Radiation Services. ARS provides 8(a). within project fiduciary restra <http://w ww. cutterhead. Our technica l approach w ill promote an CIM A has more than e ight avoidanc e of c la ims and disputes by instituting years of experienc e in projects mec hanisms to facilitate open communications ranging from roadw ay to and early ide ntific ation of contentious issues. Suite 100 Transporta tion of Construction E quipment. line miles of hydrographic data a long the three coasts and numerous inland wa ters of the Ge oprobe or direct push sa mpling for soil and water Wayloo Inc. Disaster Preparedness & Manageme nt. and Logistics Consulting Se rvices. NEL AC Ce rtifie d Services & CapabilitiesRamos. diesel fuel. 238910.T he Intake Phase will consist of a 1-800 number that people can call in and voic e their concerns re garding the oil spill. K atha rine K Provide 24 Hour Call Center Sharp Busine ss Consulting Se rvices (Sharp) fe els that the re are many people and communities being affected by the oil spill Public but people don’t know whe re to go for answe rs and/or ha ve specific concerns or issues related to the spill. Small Disadvanta ged and assessments. 423860. State line. 541380. H. 541618. sediment remediation ABC Heavy Transport Inc 4460 107th Circle N Clearwater F L 33762 Rick Burton Phone 813/341-6200 Fax 813/514-9684 abc hea vyhaul. minority military apparel owned Full Service E nvironmental Analysis of Water.Offic es of Real E sta te Appraisers 531390. Oil Absorbent Products. 524292. sample s.harris@mgccc . H ealth and Sa fety Products. 541380 MBE. 541990 All Othe r Professional. Answers regarding specific questions will be directly answe red by providing specific programs or information se t up by the government. sand and water. DO T complia nt shipping. 24 H r Turn-Around-Time Capa bilities. Courier Service Small business under NAICS c ode: 541380. Florida Spe ctrum Environmenta l Servic es. Air. Additiona lly ARS can be of service in the Environmental Remediation Se rvices. Project Controls. Drilling Contractors E nvironmental Division 9797 Benner Roa d Rittma n. 423830. XEI Corp can effe ctive ly ide ntify and reduce the number of ha zards worke rs will be exposed to. Inc. know ledge. Staff loca l a rea command ce nters in the affecte d Gulf Coa st communities. EMC. Port www. 334519. Unique within the competitive environment. accidents. Suite B. Boat rental also available. Soil. Safe ty Administra tion. Account E xe cutive (South and Full Servic e Environmental Testing of Water.2384 xeicorporation. emphasis include hazardous spill cle an-up and gasoline. 562910 INC 0969 Emergenc y and Other Relief Serives 4052 SA NTA BARBARA D R abuckl~yjI@ao1. Supervisors/Forema ns.e arthscienc eagenc y. Grouting services. The goal for us is to stay the then recently Ike destroyed course until the ultimate end so that affected lives our home offic e in Mount and lifestyles of residents and area c ommerce will Belvieu.392. VP of Business D evelopment 904-806-3478 w ww. 624230. Josh Ma ttox (Vice President) Punta G orda. Libra E nterprises. PondZorb is effective for clea ning oily ma rshe s and is biodegradable . and Public E ducation. 541613.Custom Computer Programming Se rvices. fires. Inc. Once the data is assesse d and there are spe cific solutions re garding the issues and conc erns. CIMA was formed in 1999 and performed such services for the Department of Tra nsportation and The Mia mi Dade Expressway Authority. Site Investiga tion Supplie s and E quipment. 562112. Community land. The sta ff includes Professional L and Surve yors. NV 89449 Veteran Owned Small Business DualZorb is la test tec hnology in oil spill clean-up. E quipment for digging. and ice. CFO Accounting and Administrative Services. Ope rators/Riggers. SEC offers 24/7 emergency re sponse services throughout the eastern US for Re sponse and Remedia tion of O il M aterials in and Recovery. 2749 L oc kport Road. Scheduling. n/a Our emp loye e data ba se con sists of mo re th an 8 00 skil led wo rkers read y to me mo bil ized to an y p roje ct a t an y p lace i n th e cou ntry. Spill Re sponse dredging (mechanical. E mergency Response SEC is a small business under N AICS cessed / 2 phase / 3 pha se . residentia l. FL 33950 O ffice : 662. (CBE and DBE Certified Firm). safety apparel. trea tabililty studie s. and M icrosoft Offic e we have supported progra ms.sioux. etc. BMC 1100 L ee Wagener Blvd. L eanna Ramos (305) 733-0824 email: l. h . RU SH turn-around-time & Ce ntral Florida). Ft. Discrete wa ter sampling. their industries and environme nt based on the Intake Phase. public re lation initiatives. ste am clea Jose Basulto. a nd Jet fue l. 541611 Administrative M anagement and Ge neral Manageme nt Consulting Se rvices. testing. Planning. coa sta l a nd be ach restoration Environmental Equipment Rental and Field Support Supplies Environmenta l a nd OSHA relate d Equipment Rental.usa. 423490. With this understa nding. Remote Sensing.S. Air and mud rotary drilling for Drilling Contractors well installation / sa mpling.532490.agilegroup. Inc. wa ter 888-763-4028 Compa ny genera l he aters 605-763-3333 ww w.dua lzorb. Houston. E ach crew is fully equipped and mobile able to handle any surveying se rvice required. SE BRING FL A UGUST US M. L ogistics Pla nning. as a multi-disc iplined surveying company offe ring geodetic and geophysical surveys. a Certified H ydrographic Surveyor. OIL ABSORBENT BOO M & PVC BOOM n/a M inority. Well pump installation and service sma ll (woman ow ned) family drilling business Agile Group. air. Suite 600. 922190 E AGLE VEGE TAnON RE DUCTION 33875-1360 863-385-4284 863-774. 8(a) E nvironmental Re mediation. 541380. Prote ctive Apparel and Oil and Ga s Monitors.1823 Florida Office: 3605 Sebastian Court. ES&H re stora tion. Abating. hauling and hauling a nd material disposal.wa yloo.librae nterprisesinc. w ater. It is a 100% natural. remedia tion a nd ARS is c apa ble of providing eme rgency response services for environme ntal decontamina tion and remediation of haz ardous Rele vant to this response . 541712. waste site cleanups Large Business dewatering (centrifuges . 423850. Identification & Hazard Control Imple mentation. All cre ws have the e xperie nce in performing hydrogra phic and land surve ys. Spill Response. management. 541620.sec-tn. the Fede ral Gove rnment and Local Governments to assess. We specialize in 100% all-electric cleaning equipment that produc es no open flames. dba D aryl D eArmond ARS International 225-381-2991 2609 N. healthcare . Our NAICs include: 562910. Mapping. Individuals performing clean up operations will be exposed to many hazards (othe r tha n HAZ MAT relate d exposures). horizontal auger) 237990. GIS. E MC owns and operates all the sta te-of -the-a rt surveying. the environment and industries. 562211. XE I Corp Occupational hazard identification and control. Initially w e plan return into a manageable realm. office. a nd short hold samples. Helpers/L abors and othe r cra fts. 532120. Soil.541519. 532412. to e mploy 75-100 loc al. & the environment are identified. It is very effective in re moving fugitive oil plume s that ha ve esca ped or bypassed oil control booms. Remediation Services. safety products. Odor Neutralize r. Virtual Project Ma nagement. resulting in less injuries a nd illnesses to workers during spill mitigation procedures. Ohio 44270 w ww. Pasadena. cadastra l. Steam clea ner uses 320F stea m to cle an at low pressure so the impa ct to other a reas around the c leaning a rea are not impacted as greatly with splash or overspra y. jose. K noxville. Pre sident BMC curre ntly holds a prime M ATO C contract with the USA CE for Debris Management. 621340. Columbia. Remediation Services. and Sand M uldoon M arine Services PO BO X 7467 L ong Beac h California 90807 M uldoon M arine (Da n Seele y) 562-619- Oil Skimming Boat (s) Oil Skimming at 660 gpm American Company 4332 Program and Proj ect Management.emcsurvey. Administration and M ana gement. We have partic ipate d in the BM C has significa nt disa ste r response experienc e 8(a) Certified re sponses to multiple disasters including H urricane Katrina in New Orleans. M oss Point.S.Sharp unde rstands tha t this oil spill will have a domino effect and ca n deva sta te communities. Outrea ch. NY 14305 Michael Crystal. Box 266232. boundaries from North to South which gives us unique capabilities to c ollec t urgent. c ollateral printing including training a nd opera tions manuals. T ec hnical owned enterprise soil it encapsulates the oil to make it disappea r. a Professional Civil Engineer. Tra ining Agile is a foc used consulting firm helping government and commerc ial clients throughout the world to govern. fue l oil.A. projec ts.c om/> 562910 PBBAE. a utomate d Total Station/ D ata Collector topographic surveys. duffel Oil Skimming Boat Todd Bromley Phone (330)925-1000 Fax (330)925-1105 Cell (330)201-4964 w ww. 41618 Other Ma nagement Consulting Services. G A 30093 www. Cleaning. President / L eanna Provide Field S ervices. FL. 32504 A rturo Vasquez Office 956831-5164 Cell 956-466-2444 A aron West / President 850. L LC William Cruse. Sharp ca n provide a 2 tier c all center: 1)Tier O ne (Inta ke Phase) .5166 L ouisiana O ffice : 1293 West Bryant Cell: 662. #207A Ft. sulto@basultoconsulting. awards and results. 562910. 541990.c om CIM A E ngineering Corporation 4101 Ra venswood Road. 4 a nd 5. 562112 Haza rdous Waste Collection. business ac cessories. a nd years. final status surve ys. Ecofriendly. and information technology imple mentations in a consulting capacity a cross a wide ra nge of industries including construc tion.ramos@flenviro. http://w ww. Dua lzorb encapsulate s liquids and suppresses fumes into it' s ce llulose fiber by capillary a ction which creates a non-leac hing non-toxic material that require s no special handling. 424990. 493190. G eneral $14m small business size standard: Special 500 employees size standard for E nvironmental Re mediation Service s: Sioux Corporation One Sioux Pla n/a . the O il. Davie. Hea lth Physics Services. Since the company' s founding. needed to meet critical pa thavailability as required. Texas Office: 9801 Westheimer. dba Omni-Be ar.T he Agile Group provides orga nizations with agile solutions by providing expert consulta tive services in project. 518210.D. In addition.. 453998. SD 57004 M ike Wiebe rs Heavy-duty industrial Hot or cold pre ssure Direct 605-763-4028 Toll-fre e washers. 1460 W. extensive e xperie nce d OSHA tra ined field technicians. FL 33315 8(a) Ce rtified 954-456-1844 Office Disaster Response / D ebris M ana gement 954-456-1843 Fax Debris Monitoring 305-496-3033 Cell Public Assistance http://w ww. Inc . Occ upational and Speech The rapists and Audiologists 541990. 811219. administrative or engineering c ontrols are the n fully implemented to ensure safe and he althful working environme nts for all parties working in the area of ope ration.amrad. FL 33317 N ancy Nagama tsu (954)-636-7530 Wayloo c an help you de velop a strategic c ampaign corporate appa rel & business a (954) 581- Construction Engineering and Inspec tion S ervices CIM A E ngine ering Corp. 532490. 541618 O ther Management Consulting Servic es. 7060 SR 84 Suite 8.Other Activitie s Relate d to Real E sta te Certified SBA 8(a)/Small Disadvantaged Busine ss Vandy Blue Spikes.5877 Road. e tc… Four NE LAC certified la boratorie s that span the Florida A ccount E xe cutive (N orth & Wastes.

Conveyor and Conveying E quipment Mathe nufac He pac o Staging area ) w ww. FL 32757 Irvin R. We have provided da ta validation and Service s (CA DGS) expe rts.pwabsorbents.916. experienc ed. And w e have just won a 2010 DoE SBIR/ST TR to further deve lop our technology to tre at Frac Wate rs. Idaho Falls. Fastenal has acce ss to over 100 vendors who would be able to supply large quantities of applicable products to the cleanup effort. a nd facilities to perform: Enginee ring and Projec t M anagement.0290 ~ Fax 843. da tabase design and softwa re support.triple-s-well. SwRI has performed organic ana lyses for the E nvironmental Protection Age ncy's (EPA) Contract Laboratory Program se diment plant a nd marine life.875. negotia tes lodging contracts at superior ra tes a nd terms. 562920 – Materials Rec overy Facilities. All produc ts are USCG and BP a pprove d. Ohio E PA. Chemistry Project Support. T he materia ls fed into the contracting centrifuge each ha ve different specific gravitie s w hich allow them to "settle" concentric ally at different levels in the rotating assembly of the centrifuge. de Maker of swelling glass materials capa ble of carrying 7x dry weight in VoCs. Professional Ge ology Firm. Oc ean System conc ept developme nt. GA 30336 PO C: Tim Willia ms Phone: 678-613-6719 A lte rnate POC: K evin Fitzgerald Phone: 757-679-9068 w ww. Inc P O Box 625. Inc . Third P arty D ata Validation services. based on their objectives. Bioreme diation.ssgbarco.Maintenanc e & Monitoring 735-1800 Industrial Se rvices/Sludge Dewate ring Cell . Professional Wetla nd Scientist. Suite 1343 H ouston. site remediation and cle anup sustainability services to the industrial. respirators. M ineral Ridge.M etal Tank (H eavy Gauge ) Manufacturing. thobbs@orsinspections. NAICS Code .us w ww. a nd many E PA regions. will provide all labor. technology. State and Local) a nd contra ctor support personnel. che mistry data validation services to the sma ll. Specific project experience exa mples c an be provided upon request.Bolt. Installation. Raymond Saucier (an SBA H ubzone approved contra ctor) (601)7368804 / Fax (601)731-1731 n/a Tridon Industries.Rolled Steel Shape M anufacturing . a nd Disposal Health and Safe ty Training Professional Engineering a nd Geology Service s Risk M ana gement Regulatory and Legal Service s Drilling and Dire ct Push Se rvices E nvironmental and Civil Construction Services n/a n/a We hold several State Contracts for M RO Fastenal is a la rge c orporation Supplie s and w e are also a membe r of the Florida headquarte red in Winona. and repair Oce an Work Platform Support. Re mediation techniques include: Remedial Excavation.) 7750 E l Ca mino Real. our ability to a ssemble a nd manage turnkey environmental proje cts. certified. large business Our firm is the only maker of swelling glass We are a small company. Air Sparging/Biospargin. environmental he alth assessme nt progra ms and NA ICS code 541710 site investigations in support of che mical CAGE #26401 Commercial and Government Entity demilitariz ation activities. Da tabase Servic es. Roy F. A2.schattenberg@swri. DUN S #00-793-6842 Taxpa yer Fe deral ID #74-1070544 . Ka ise r Hill in Rocky Flats. Bridge Projects. We are c urrently particular expertise in biota. Dalla s St. Cleanup & Mitigation. a mobile unit with the ability to conta inment. Truston Technologies vendors.absma terials. environme ntal due dilige nce a nd risk management. L adson. CA / H ouston. LDC is a SBA self-certified small. tissue and sedime nt data. Ha ndex Consulting & Remedia tion. Industrial Supply Distributor Sma ll Disadvantaged Busine ss n/a na/ hotel small business 713-842-3388 GT Industrial LL C w ww. L abora tory Audits. T heresa Morgan Payroll Processing 5925 K irby Drive. Inc. Certified Ge neral Contractor. CL C identifies hotel pa rtners. www. LDC is also data usability assessments. Opera tion Fax – 352. O ur c lie nts inc lude the materia ls. and syste ms to use We we re already building a nd booking clients for our first 100gpm unit.conta minated soil A fullse rvice environmental remediation company. and services. 871 Royle Road. Inc. Texas 77027 w ww. Ge neral Manager L LC P. M D 21401 E ast Coast 117 Shirley Road Sea ford. JH Environmenta l. branch locations in the Gulf Region. Thre e ava ilable at moment. non-toxic Listed on NCP list as SW-24. Hydraulic Containment. 333131 .541214 Payroll Servi 23-Minority Owned Business. 238990 . Ha lliburton. using behavior-based tools and proven manageme nt techniques.odysseyenvironmenta l. Barry. T X / L afa yette. our services provide w eb based time entry Web based time entry a nd approval. efficient ow ned (state-of-the-art new te chnology) oil conta NAICS code is 213112 We are a n oil and gas well workover servic e company. 336611 -ntal Shipanalysis.2376 E mail GT Industrial@comcast. Stephen Spoonamore s. Inc . Used liquids from the proc ess are rele ased at the opposite end of the machine through adjustable weir plates. a nd manages a ll a spects of billing for first responders. and eme rge ncy response. powe r companies. 333922 .c om Fastenal is a full service industrial supply company Fastenal would be able to provide personal protection items.Custom Compounding of Purchased Resins. CA 93010 Gulf Coast 102 Rue Du Pain Broussard. insured. Columbia M S 39429-0625 http://ww w. Cypre ss. . following a c atastrophic events suc h as the BP include environmental engineering eva luations Weston. VA / Pine ville. L LC 340 W. large business Remedy Engineering. M arine Product M anufa cturing. SwRI has participate d in Non-Profit.9811 (o) 314. JHE and its staff have pa rticipated on federal government environmental c ontrac ts for most agenc ie s. LA / Sea ford. E nvironmental Protection Age ncy (EPA) and state agencies. T X 77019 Corporate Office: 337-856-7788 Fax: 337-856-7784 A nnapolis. beaches – source removal & site restoration New Jersey Small business Ole ah Inc. 332721 . The and are not editable by CCR goal of our organization is to provide our customers with a w ww. Hydroge ology w ww. small business remediation. Re mediation Enginee ring. industrial and governme nt clients using chemistry 1994. Trained technicians. schedule and budget. Near-shore and Across-the-Be ach L oa d and L ogistic s Ha ndling Systems. mineralogical541330 and geophysica l During the la st 25 years. web based and approval. and cost effective team. 27 –Self Certified Small Disadvantaged Busine ss.E . c ontaminated soils disposal. L Payroll processing for our client’s permanent staff and independent contra ctors. equipment. * (see atta che d list of professional and skilled labor plus equipme nt available) Disabled Vetera n-Owned Small Busine ss (SD VOSB) HCR is a lice nsed. 332312 . installation.jhenviron. G ene ral Services. Gainesville. Currently. first aid who was very instrumental in the cleanup efforts products. HCR is a State of Florida license d: Profe ssiona l E ngineering Firm. 326140 . OD YSSEY spe cializes in serving the Petroleum and Chemica l Industry Environmental re mediation. additional units c an be supplie d upon request. refinerie s. 2X – For-Profit Organiz ation. NAICS Codes . while the lighter material (liquids) remain towa rds the core of the rotating a ssembly.O il a nd Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction 237990 . Suite 300 w ww.lab-data. Misce llane ousc M The Chemistry and Chemic al Engineering D ivision In a rea of environme performs layanufacturing. 541620 Registe red Small Business SSG-Ba rco. to the environmenta l c onsulting industry. Acc reditation Program (NEL AP).corplodging. of spills. deductions. is a full-service environme ntal. This system allows us to prevent or reduce incidents that are defined either as a loss or ne ar loss. soils. wet and dry vac uum truck se rvices. OY-Blac k Ame rican Ow ned n/a Woma n Owned. The laboratory is certified to the N ational Environmenta l L aboratory 238910 – Site Prepa ration Contractors HCR is a full se rvice environmental company HCR meets the Small focused on providing full turnkey coverage for Business qualifica tions for eva luating a nd remedia ting petroleum NA ISC Code 562910 (Special hydroca rbon impacted site s. From 1985 until multiple projects tha t involved sampling of wa ter. Vice Pre sident (609) 8838021 w ww. Our primary work is clea ning up TCE plumes with in-situ and e x-situ solutions. CA 96001 Tom Corontzos. We self-perform all 500 employees size standard work utilizing our e xperienced HAZ WO PER for environmental Services) trained e mployees and our own e quipment. We provide pa yroll reports to our clie nts to insure that they are aware of a ll tax liability and that payment is being made to the a ppropriate agenc ies.000 to 24. convenience stores. 541620 – Environmenta l Consulting Services. M agnetic Silencing Facilitie s. Inc . T he company also manages housing payment a nd expense re imbursement for disa ste r survivors through its E mergency L odging Assistanc e. tissue and sedime nt by the CA de pt of Genera l geare d up to handle rapid turna round requests for da ta validation and have a large sta ff of in-house data valida tors and data . NAICS codes: 541620 (environmental consulting) 562910 (environmental contracting) 541330 (engineering) 562998 (other environmenta l servic es) 237110 (w astewater design and treatment) * (se e attached description of services & ca pabilities L abora tory Data Consulta nts (L DC. Louis. hea d and face prote ction. M N. 332722 . 371 Circle of Progress Pottstown. G rueber. Screw. We carry all grades of Silic a sa nd and Frac Small Business Corpora te Lodging Consultants (CLC) has been selected by the Ge neral Services Administra tion (GSA) as the United Sta tes lodging Gove rnment’s pre ferred provide r of emerge ncy lodging service s and support for cata strophic disasters and national emergencies. 332313 . Applicable NAICS c odes are 541380 and 541690. Seafloor E ngine ering Projects. Inc. Fastenal also ha s distribution centers in Atlanta.000 contaminated site s for Fe deral.tridonindustries. Emergenc y Supplier Netw ork. PCE and other VoCs. Nut. Soil Vapor Extraction.Triple S Well Service .doall18. He rb Sc hatte nberg 6220 Culebra Road M ana ger San Antonio. site inve stigation/reme diation/closure. M eridian Street.. 1302 N. TX with the ability to supply product to the Gulf Region w ithin a day of receiving requests. environmental scie ntists. waters.602. Houston. Waterfront Structure Projects. to include professional and skilled We can offer mostly manpower. We also provide data management and database support service s.c om Environme ntal remediation. c hemists and industria l hygienists with e xtensive tec hnical expe rtise and knowledge of re gulations from the Occ upational Safety and H ealth Administration (OSHA). gove rnment employees (Fe deral.Othe r Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction. lega l. LA 70518 U. M D / Camarillo. 325991 . including the USEPA. Environmenta l Remediation De sign a nd Ove rsight. Electronic Data Review. Missouri 63122 T im Hippensteel President w On-Site M obile Trea tment Services (H EAT) Phone – 352-735-1800 ext. HCR’s strate gic approa ch is focuse d on working closely with ea ch client. KS 67226 Steve Ea ste rday 202-276-5896 Emergency Lodging Services ABS Ma terials Inc. Other Oce an E ngine ering Support.3112 Containment & Countermeasures Design and Oversight. E nvironmental Project Manageme nt. Suite 207A Camarillo. lighting. 332420 . HCR offe rs over 40 years of environmental enginee ring and consulting experience ga ined by providing these services to the Florida D epartme nt of Environmenta l Prote ction (FDE P).Mining Ma chinery and Equipment M anufa cturing. Pollutant Storage Systems Spec ialty Contrac tor. 541330 – Engineering Services. Pollutant Storage Systems Specialty Contractor. August Ma ck ca n provide n/a re gulatory compliance.c om T RU STON TE CHNOL OGIE S West Coast 1601 Carmen Drive. 562910 – Reme diation Servic es. hazardous w aste site cle T homa s P. Moore Sale s & Marketing smoore@truston. and other payroll related data from our c lients to generate payment of w age s to the staff a nd/or contra ctors through dire ct deposit or pay card. know ledgeable. Na tural Attenuation provide s emergency response.000 feet of PVC (not plastic) boom in a variety of configurations as well as 14. Offshore Structure Projec ts.trustonbarriers. 326150 . #562998. As well as the usual soil and water matrices. 8A and HubZ one n/a Gove rnment (Na vy/USCG/NOAA /USACE) a nd Industrial Ma rine customers certifica tions c ome from the (ConocoPhillips/Epsilon/Sha w/Kiewit/T raylor/H anover/M ultiple O&G M anufactures). hourly chemistry proje ct support scope. full service environmental enginee ring and consulting M obile: 713-825-0508 O ffice : 713-677-0024 eFa x: 410-510-1214 2210 W. Environmenta l Site Assessment. 77Service Provider. OSHA tra ined and Services specialized in petroleum clean-up oil.000 feet of absorbent boom sock weekly. Rivet. Federal Capital Re gion 520 Ridgely Avenue Annapolis. M ultiphase E xtraction (a nd variants). high pressure w ater blasting . BRG G roup and URS. waters removing all fre e oils and orga nic oils. Truston Technologies. sta te and loca l governments.835. ABS believes it built whic h tre at 10gpm of slop-w aters or produced would prove very useful in the gulf.payrollservic esunlimted. compliance with department of la bor guideline s to insure labor labors are being followed. and Washer Ma nufac turing. Geology. M etcalf & Eddy.ccr. third party la boratory and field sampling audits and to the usual soil and water matrices. and H anford. safety storage after Hurrica ne Ka w ww. HCR has managed over 15.Woman Ow ned.All Otherradiochemical. Elec tric & Battery Powere d ToolsSafety Equipment – Tool Boxes & Personal Gear Work Be nches.Plate Work Manufacturing. n/a Disadvantaged Woman owned Business Oilfield Resource Solutions T homa s Hobbs 15202 Riley Ridge (907) 690-0998 Rd. identification and disposal along w ith a new oil sepa rate oil a nd water -pa tent pending re covery system . analysis. waste recovery system. 331221 .O.fastena l. Certified General Contractor HCR’s profe ssiona ls hold certifications and lice nses in: Enginee ring. Registe red Environmental Property Assessor. BuildingSwRI and Repa iring. 122 Walters Ave.All O ther Specia lty Trade Contra ctors. Argonne St. spill clean-up. P. We have bee n working since 2009 to convert our technology to use in Oil recovery from water.Polystyre ne Foam Produc t Ma nufac turing. On-site/Offsite Waste Project Manageme nt.S.Uretha ne and O ther Foam Product (except Polystyre ne) M anufacturing. 562920 – Materials Rec overy Facilities. Inc. He avy Mooring Installa tions. along w ith analytic al se rvices including a nalysis. U RS. Industrial M arine Facilities Maintenance & Repairs. President NJ 08638 Eme rgency Spill Response Initial Re medial Actions Contaminated Site Assessments Soil. TX 77429 orsinspections. 326199 . We also have vacuum truc ks tha t c an be mobiliz ed to the gulf shoreline. We have pilot units Roc kies. Information Ma nagement Servic es. Da ta Qua lity and Usability Assessments. 1527 Remedia l System De sign. including an annual 8-hour refresher course and Loss Prevention System (LPS) Training. and we have e xtensive experience with the U S Army Corps of Engineers providing data validation and computer programming.863-662-9340 Ha zardous Waste Characterization. we also provide environmental consulting community. Litigation Support LD C is a na tionally recognized firm with over 19 years e xperie nce providing third party chemistry va lidation support LDC ha s ove r 19 yea rs experienc e providing LD C is a SBA self-certified services. both manual and e lectronic. Solids are compacted and de watered by the centrifuga l force and released through these ports. materials.3087 Ohio 44440 w ww. 314991 .reme dyengineering. HCR is registered in www. Hea lth and Safe ty Oversight w ww. Registere d Environmenta l M anage r. and several other products which w ould be applicable. D isa ste r Housing Assistance and Direct Lodging Reimbursement programs. w ith the following N AICS consulting and contracting JHE is a full se rvice environmental company with senior level principals and ow ners having 25+ yea rs of e xperie nce a t a ll levels in the environmental industry.spoonamore@absmaterials. which is in a ccordanc e w ith EPA requirements. Wooster OH 44691 1428 W Sam Houston Pkwy. low risk. In-Situ Chemic al Oxidation. health and safety (EH&S) consulting firm spec ializing in Re leva nt to this e ffort. Stormwa ter Ma nagement Inspector All professional and tec hnical staff receive 40 hours of O SHA training.swri. 206 West Avenue B Kille en. The nature of the and chemic al engine ering tec hnology. 530-241-7658 Environmental Consulting Wooste r OH (and our wholly ow ned subsidiary) Produc ed Wate r Absorbents LL C Houston T X 770 Spruce St. TX 76541 p: 254-526-4161 f: 254-634-6913 PowerClean n/a Fastenal 6445 Fulton Industria l Blvd Atla nta. LDC has provided data validation support to all branc hes of the D oD and most of the ma jor c onsulting enginee ring firms in the US. Regulatory Support. Two of the (CL P) and Special Analytical Service s (SAS) contracts. gloves. Company with environmental clean ups.9811 (c) tim@jhenviron. and Twine Mills. Through a Bla nket Purchase Agree ment with GS A. 2020 FM 371. VA 23696 Inland M id-Atlantic 2819 Appa la chia n Highw ay Pineville . Civil Engineering. geologists.hc r-llc. haza rdous a nd non hazardous spills. CA 92009 T im Fitzpa trick 619-818-6898 tfitzpa trick@la b-data. Duns # 828258439 PO C: Thom Drulard or Randy 11 SW Bouffler 12th Av #105. Ne ar-shore and Inshore N ava l E xpeditionary Mission Systems 237120 . D ania Beac h FL 33004 ph #:954-241-2628 w ww. SwRI performs analysis on both nonradioactive and programs include e valuation of contamination nume rous disciplines c overe d in the division ra dioactive wastes for Lockhee d Ma rtin in Oak Ridge. conta inment. polyethylene spill containment. We have in recently completed a c apita l house enginee ring staff to build syste ms to exploit round.#562910. the Florida Department of T ransportation (FDOT). small business n/a Tridon Industries is CCR & ORCA Registered. Suite E -523. 332710 Ma chine Shops. T he unit is on trac k to be fielded May 23. E xxonM obil and other clie nts. he alth care and government sectors throughout North America. major oil companies. We won the 2009 M IT/DoE Innovation of the Year for clea ning up Hydroc arbons. protective garments. emergenc y response. and Air Sampling Email – Remedial Action Plans iheath@hande xmail. T he material w ith the highe r spec ific gravity (solids) will settle on the inside wall of the rotating assembly.Prec ision T urned Product Manufacturing. WV 24874 Scott E. equipment. 1567 Yuba Street Redding. fall protection. WV w ww. Truston Technologies has orga nize d Small Busine ss Administration a talented te am of ma rine construction engineers and sea soned tec hnicians w ith a long history of working with NFE SC. Houston T X 77043 August Mac k Environmenta l. #333319 Corporate Lodging Consultants 8111 Ea st 32nd Street North Suite 300 Wichita. We currently make materia ls to c apture BP a ctua lly alrea dy booked the unit (pre H orizons) for a clea n up in the TCE.c ompany owned new technology whic h will separate oil and water.crystalinns. Inc. August Mack employs nume rous experienced e ngine ers. soils.Rope.In addition to our data validation services. secures re se rvations. a ir and seaport te rminals.Fabrica ted Structura l M etal Ma nufac w ww. various wate r ma nagement districts.398. Floating Security Barriers/P ort Sec urity Barriers(N FESC Designed). Ca binets & Shelving – Misce llane ous – Cutting tool reconditioning Commodity Management Programs T & S M aterials. Mooring Projects/Buoy Proje cts. Suite 2L Carlsbad. Brownfields and industrial and commercial clients. In addition Southwest Research Institute M r. 339999inorganic. The inte rnal conveyor (scroll) whic h is rotating at a slightly different speed moves the settle d material up the "bea ch" of the conical end of the machine towards the discha rge ports. Box 197. it is also works as a dispersant Payroll Services Unlimited. Ohio and M aracia bo Teresa Gore phone 843 873-0290 fax 843 875-2376 n/a Abrasives & Wire BrushesAdhe sives & Sea lantsCarbide & Cera mic Tooling Cutting Fluids & LubricantsDiamond & CBN Products – Die & Mold Supplies – Gauges & Mea suring Instrume ntsHand Tools HSS Cutting Tools – Indexa ble Tooling Ma chining Holde rs Adapters & Attachme nts – Ma terial Ha ndling Equipme nt – Pneumatic. preve nts possibility of ignition and c leanup of spills Sca lise M arine Inc. oily waste cans. Corda Gulfport M S 39503 Lodging/Hospitality n/a OD YSSEY Environmenta l Se rvices. manage ment personne l have a combined history of ove r six decades of providing services to SDB. disadvantaged business LD C has particular expertise in biota.truston. South Carolina 29456 Phone 843. T X 76240 Tommy Goode 940-665-8808 N eitha Tatum 940-736-3520 Bagged S ilic a Sand and Fra c Sand (all grades available ) Bagged Silica Sand and Frac Sand (a ll gra des available) Sand from Silica flour to course unground Silica Sa nd Crystal Inn Hotel and Suite s Susan Burnworth-Director of Sa les 9379 Ca nal 228-822-9600 ext 402 Road E xit 31 and Intersta te 10 (across 228-323-7106 cell the street from the new location of sburnw orth@crystalinns. Transporta tion. PA 19464 Phone: 800-760-8044 extension 101 Fax: 610-323-8401 ww w. GA and Dallas. Spe cialized and Fleet Moorings. T exas 78238 Ph (210) 522-3051 Fax (210) 522-3649 H erbert. de veloping specific comprehensive pla ns which are de signed to increase and maximize the value of our client’s asse ts for long term profitability. disadvantaged business technica l support for all regions of the USE PA enterprise.augustmack.All Other Plastics Product Ma nufac turing. Community Relations Support. Large Business Enginee ring pe rforms research and te chnical services for analyses and Services has a mobile laboratory for both low radioactive (mixed waste) and nonra dioactive samples. We use the payroll proce ssing approved hours for the work (unde r construction) M ary Beth Yannessa President Phone: (610) 323-6800 Toll Free: 800-760-8044 Fax: (610) 323-8401 2-Pha se c entrifuges 3-Pha se c entrifuges The centrifuge is a rota ting asse mbly that uses centrifugal force to se parate solids from liquids. Rope & Rigging Supplies. Inc. site remediation. The safety culture in every office loc ation is driven by the behaviora l based L PS system. Submarine Cable Proje cts. Cage – 57G X0 30941 Suneagle Drive M ount Dora . We have pilots in Degreaser/Surface Washing Agent. financial. E wing. LDC ha s classifie d as a small business litigation support regarding data qua lity. footwea r. Heavy L oad Handling Enginee Truston Technologies can c urrently offer 10. H eath. August Mack Environmental. e ye protection. Fastenal ha s ove r 20 cabinets.873. Stephanie Cox 317. Waterwell Contrac tor.

n/a 707-815-7253. 107 S. Thermal insulation in floors. large business Kanga l & Associates. CA 94115 All Ame rican Industrial Supply. recycling and 484210. other absorbent additives such as clays. being petroleum-based. resource requirement a ssessme Environmental risk asse ssment Quality a ssurance Environmenta l c onsulting. M inority owned eme rge ncy response.Suite D New O rleans. 238910. facilities selection / build. H UB Z one Business D ebra Ca nady as Pre sident and CEO Here at E xc eed.silverscreensupplies. and capabilities to support the federal gove rnment in various disa ste r Construction. se rvices. Universal H az Mat Socks L and and wa ter absorbent mate rials custom 225-928-9406.kangal. 60 North Royal St. T X 77550. a ship would bring the pre polymer to the oil slick. AL 35205 Sam Bhate . SBA c ertified small characte command centers. Heritage has an extensive network of Supply dome stic a nd interna tional companies to help you Cha in professionals should you require c ontract or permanent re sources. a nd construction Natural Resourc es firm.Finish Carpe ntry Contrac tor 238130.918. waste planning. GA Shawn Estep 760-402-8688 Herita ge Global Solutions has the industry know Our goal is to be a sole source provider for our c lient’s current and future needs w hile offe ring excellent industry knowledge n/a how to handle your Supply Chain needs.vosbein@silverscreensupplie s. We would like to be come your truste d partner for a ll on improving your existing supply cha in.Drywall and Insulation Contractor 238110. 541611. All American Industrial Supply. Business Revenues can va ry between $200.(Twister Se ries) and H ydraulic Supply Units (Vorte x) w ww. mobile ship husbandry & repairs. office tele phone number 409-770-9000 and facsimile number 409-770-9003.Huma n Resourc e Consulting Services ction.Site Pre paration Contrac tors Collection. Oil Only Pillow s. INC. Construction Buildout. groundwa ter. 225-278. 515111. Roof re place ment. Application of Roofing Tarps. colle ction. Biologica l Decontamination. thousands of households during this major event. and reducing costs. Oil Only Spill Response Kits. budgeting. General Contracting for Federa l Fa cilities. Film and M edia IT support. remedia tion and mitigation. L LC 22 East Gay Street.biosphereintl. equipment and docume nts affected by w ww. U SCG a pprove d 727commercial vessels. Underground Utilities. O il booms are used to contain the flow of oil spills by crea ting a c onfinement barrier to aid in the skimming and separation of the oil and water at the surfac e of the ocean. sanitize. 562211. Ke naf O il Spill Mats and Containme nt Road Cle arance.Other Waste Colle ction m Dehumidification. Document Restoration. 561990– Diving Services Industrial diving. H eating and Air Conditioning Contractors 561210.000 annually. auto start/stop. 238910. residue and mold) 562910. and Construction Bhate has in‐house scientists and engineers.este p@heritageglobalconstru Natural/M an-ma de Disaster debris removal. videoconferencing. 541380. we a re also willing to lease our trucks on to another company and pull their tra ilers. site restoration.” which could be towe d and collected. Our relationships are solid with sa vvy Industry vete rans w ith extensive experience provide a dvisory and consulting services to both working for a wide range of organizations from small cap to the Fortune 500. Compre hensive Engineering Re ports. 562112. tre atment. CCT V. and Soil Innovative Remedial We are a Service Disabled Veteran/America n Indian Ow ned contra ctor looking to help service you and your team He ritage Global Construction Servic es. Ronnie King. we understand that committe d to a chie ving our goal of delivering affords projects to be awarded to perform staffing tasks efficiently due to pre cise protocol in pla ce to acquire. Spill Response Kits. environmental remedia tion design plan. GIS: NAICS c odes water. Inc. Veteran owned. 541620. 541350. timeline including environmental remediation proje cts creation. Barbara (Bobby) Baker Distributor for multiple US Manufactures of A small business unde r NAICS 562910.bhate. Ann Arbor. AL 36602 Semih Ka ngal (251) 694-0045 www. 238320. 562910. IT infrastructure. 6508 Dash Point Blvd. 729-3778 or (413) 693-1371 Resources. espe cially used in Only Booms. NJ 08512 RobertMillerConsulting.Office Administration Services 238220. Pete rbsurg. L. field engineering. N orth. 238910. Tempora ry Shoring. M anage ment plans Hispanic America n Owned business He ritage Global Atlanta . 238190. moving and storage services disposal of White Goods. 561990. walls and ceilings. · Broadca st Television busine ss solutions management. GA 30341 M r. M obile communication units equippe d with sarahduffy@nomadiclandc amps. Design. L LC offers Coastline protec tion. Florida 33606 711 Tchoupitoulas St. automation. mobile Housing units are 53 foot long mobile containe rs with 8 private rooms eac h. Orion Environmental.541614. Commercia l diving393-6114-office . T ransportation Purchasing and Procurement -N AICS. T hrough a dispensing Centrifuge Sale s and Rentals. (850)477-0711. e nvironmental business. It is natura l a nd non-toxic even w hen left in the environme nt. IT peripherals. sampling. 236210. E PA.c om contamina nts (oil. Carter . solid waste. temporary. Inc. Pack Outs . and Bridge Construction 238310. surface SBA 8(a ) progra m participant. this equipment would be well suited for re mote area s or areas whe re moving equipment in and out may prove to be difficult as well on tra ditiona l servic e or buc ket trucks. Ea ch room equipped with flat screen tv. clean. Security Boa rd U ps. design and remediation. privately owned business. Louisiana 70130 Shawn Estep Human Re source Consulting. Temporary Pow er. 1608 13th Ave nue South.E le vator Servic es Contractor 237310. 519190. 523999. processing and recyc ling. Inc . CAD Type Diagrams.baiservicesinc. IT consulting Networking. A simple 2-compone nt high-shear mixhe ad could be positioned at the bac k of a boat to pump prepolyme r and seawa ter into the mix cha mber. pump se a water into a chambe r tha t mixe s with the prepolyme r and dispenses the foam onto the ocea n surfac e. 238220. 727-460-4896underwa te r inspections.Elec trical Contra ctor 561110. E ase of 7141. natura l disadvantage d business. Supply Chain Consulting. During the foaming reaction.. unlike most polyure thane foams. high spee d Internet. corpora te manageme nt and state M ajor T echnical Project broadcast agencies. Airport H anger. your Supply Chain and the key tec hnology Sales and Operations planning.Plumbing. Temporary Shoring. Its can be foamed in the presence of a large excess of moisture. Animal carca ss collection and disposal. Foundation Stabiliz ation.L. participant. 813312. 541330. The project required significant 25 years of All of our units are available in a helicopter air lift option. NE. Socks.Landsc aping 238210. E xc lusive U S Agent for oil a bsorption on land and water. Pensacola Florida 32505 after hours and we eke nds c ontact (850)554-7999 http://w ww. coordination and a greeme nt among Operations M anage ment. Bhate has over 19 years of experience and is Information Systems. 523930. segregation. Sea Sub Systems. Tree Remova l. G eogra phic re lief services. in our strong customer relationships and strategic suc cessfully provide rapid response Temporary Staffing Services for the EPA and its contractor associate d with the Gulf oil commitment to de liver exc eptiona l staffing pa rtne rships spill cle anup e fforts. E xperie nce includes DTV conversion. 238910. P. Suite 301.qualityinn. Supply Chain understand the cha llenges and the changes w ithin Visibility. Proficient in all me dia not limited to soil. federa l a gencies. that is insensitive to water c oncentration.Roofing Contra ctors 238290. resilient foam would be much easier to mana ge and sepa rate from the ocea n wate r as a result. has an inhere nt affinity for crude oil but is limited by the volume of foam nec essa ry to contain a massive spill like we a re expe riencing in the Gulf. Kenaf is made from a pla nt not a w ww. wa ste engineering.000 to 400. Transportation M anage ment Solutions. Parking n/a Lot additions. BMS CAT. US Small Busine ss Emergenc y Disaster Temporary Roof Tarping for Administration: Se rvice the US Army Corps of Engineers a nd FEMA .Management of Solid and 541330. Solutions:Temporary and Permanent Resources. compute r work stations.COM E xce ed Staffing. 236220. Expert Witness Testimony. mold. sanitiz e.orione nvironmental.Fire a nd flood restoration of commerc ia l a nd institutional buildings w ww. 562219 SE RVICE D ISABLE VE TERAN OWNED SM ALL BUSINESS (SD VOSB) Biosphere International. Albe rta Canada T 5M 3B8 Darryl Weflen or S heila Stang 454-2263 Compac t D iesel Powe red Air Compre ssors 780. county. Damage Assessments. De nver.Painting & Wall Covering Contractors 238120. Kits. Rec ent acc omplishments Education includes a BS in include crea tion of a nationwide system to trac k Ac counting a nd MBA in and assist US T V households during the 2009 Financ e.918. IT infrastructure design Minority owned business. da ily de tailed and high level fee dback to client and other designated stake holde rs.Waste Trea tment and Disposal containme nt.Framing Contra ctor 238910.. reporting and analysis. Inc. 562910. Automated data capture. 923120.Inc. projec t manage ment. (gaine d while working for GE) re porting tool creation. MI 48108-9109 Scott Olson. 98422 Scott Barry or Craig Coates (253) 927-5935 Office (253) 250-9206 (253) 250-2885 Environmenta l Consulting Environmenta l M onitoring Environmenta l Site Assessments Phase I II & III Environmenta l Impact Asse ssments Compliance M onitoring Habitat Restoration & M onitoring Wetla nd Mitigation Wetla nd Determination & De lineation SEPA/ NEPA Studie s The key nove lty of this proposa l is to employ a Small business che mistry that can be brought to disa ste r site s as a liquid and e xpanded/foamed directly onto the oce an surfa ce using sea wa te r and a unique PU prepolymer. 3410 West Hospita l Ave Suite 202 Chamblee. la rge business Na nosystems. NA ICS Code m 624230. Just in time inventory components to best handle complex issues. 238120. the water reacts to release CO2 whic h "blows" or expands the foam to 14X the volume of the prepolymer. They are considerably sma ller and lighter than anything n/a available on the market. Emergenc y. Design. In a system. T his contract ma y be used to clean.Principal 205. Fue l Truc ks (120 ga llon c apa city) com Tents/Side Walls (40x40. E stimate and Report Services Include . multiple phone lines. DU NS # 827663571 nomadiclandc amps.herita geglobalsolutions.and qualifie d staff to pe rform the following support services: Inspec tion T esting (Soil. Columbus. Polyuretha ne (PU) foam.Other Building E quipment Contractor 236220 . haz ardous mate rial removal. work space a nd clothing storage unit. 541513 w ww. T he oil would saturate the foam “oil sponge. Associa ted Resourc e (as employee s of my LLC) Expertise · Oceanic Dolphin base line and impact study proje ct management · On Site Professionally Certified Tec hnical and Safety Training IRO NCLAD SE RVICE S. restore to pre loss condition nation wide. repairs. we deliver exceptional Excee d offers c ity. 303-9932750 w ww. and San Francisco. Bha te is a full‐service environme ntal. We are registered thru Central Contrac tor Register We are a small business w ith as a Vendor & our CAG E # 60T 69 Duns # 12 employe es a nd would 933521593 appreciate the opportunity to provide our service s. Edmonton. and Partic ulate .O. Drying & D ehumidific ation. Oil Only Socks. Ga lveston County. 924110 Telephone Systems software ta ilored for la rge scale emergenc y response requirements. and Pillows. Lopez 303-598-1909. flooding.Highwa y. soil re mediation 760-402-8688 Response Unit. Tacoma WA. and disposa l. 515120. President (770) 458-0422 ww w. Commercial crewboats Woma n. Renovations. (Liquid/ Solid chemical or a polymer and non toxic.40x80. M O 65655 Contac ts: M ark Suter. Because of their compac t size and multiple options. and is moisture inse nsitive . mobile bathroom units. scree n and cha nge uses the power invested in the unseen to continued exceptional performance by crea ting assign the best talent a s defined by the Core Expertise Service s listed above include : · Large scale tec hnical project management · project de finition and scope de velopment with clie nt orga niza tion and other stakeholders. securing top tale nt.Environme ntally Friendly Super Sorbent Products. 713-410-6178 Oil absorption ma terial. and Lead Abateme nt. 333910 Pump and Compressor Manufacturing n/a Direct experience in Hospital & Educa tion Institutions remodel/expa nsion.Robert Miller Consulting. tier 4 certifica . Remedia tion of Contaminated Surface Water. Sta ffing Servic es. 561790. FL Rob LaM aire . Robert M iller Consulting’s M anagement w ithin General system wa s used by the FCC to help hundre ds of Ele ctric Operating Companies. It is the people on the front lines tha t truly make simplify cost and service benchmarks w ith a focus the differe nce a nd differe ntiate your company from your compe titors. budget manageme nt.Operations Director Crewboat charter/le asing. Disabled Vetera n Owned Business. our ability to antic ipate and ada pt to c hange become key to our solid business objectives . cha racte rization. President Federal General Contractor. BAI Service s Inc has the equipment. Program M ana gement. Inc. 1500 M atthe w cola -florida-FL732 Quality Inn is a nationally recognized chain that focuses on clean comfortable accommodations at an affordable price N/A N/A Silver Screen Supply L LC 668 Distributors Row . Compliance Assista nce . hazardous SBA H UBZone program response. internet. telecommunications All of our equipment is in excelle nt condition and is ready to roll. In a ddition. 541620. a ir. Sorbent Pads. Xactimate Estimating Software (use d to maintain industry standa rd pricing). engineering. · IVR systems .President Seth Suter-Operations M ana ger Mary Thorburn-Sa fety Coordinator Rhonda Haw kins-Office M ana ger O ffice 417-679-4095 Fax 417-679-4771 Cell for M ark Suter 417-245-0300 Cell for Seth Sute r 417-245-0307 Cell for M ary T horburn 417-9890974 Our email if sutertrucking@hotmail. The oil trapped in the solid. and Pa rticulate. colla boration. Water. 406-570-5556. Separation) Taking Orders for shipment of Booms.918. 3560 Brighton Blvd. L LC (CCR Robert Miller Registered: DUNS 12224548) 609-655-0981 9 Plainsboro Rd Cranbury.Airworks Compressors Corp 14503-115 Ave nue. 562998. 541990.Commercial and Institutiona l Building Construction 238290.Van Lines.seasubsystems. 624230. transport.Principal 205. by way of the U. Water Extraction.Site Prepa ration Contractors 238170. We are Administration. Conta inment Produc ts. Small Business of the future.C. O hio 43215 Sarah Alkire M ays 614-378-0020 562910. spill environmental and haza rdous e nvironment sampling and ana lysis. 236220. Roadway repairs. salva ge. 525190. 562910. DU NS: 021717681 SA Mays. Willow Ave Tampa . Air) w ww. Curnutte. We of your Supply Chain nee ds. shipment and disposa l w ww. resource studies. http://w ww. 561421. De bris Removal. Swee ps. dh@bmscat.c om Site Re mediation. 517919. D emand Pla nning. packaging. 512199. Logistic al Support. Our hydraulic supplys are available with up to 83 hp in our c urrent footprint.Structural Steel and Precast Concre te Contractors 238350.4001 www. Renovation.4033 Jay D. Inc. Fort Worth. satellite service facility is loc ated a t 7027 O ld Ma dison Pike. Busine ss Development and sta rt-up project management.airworksc ompressors.4034 John Roberts Principal 205. Hazardous Waste . M obile. 541360. living trailers. project mana gement. General M ana ger hotel rooms 6550 Pensacola Blvd. We have 6 trucks and 6 hopper bottem trailers. waste charac te rization. Suite #308 Ne w Orlea ns. Post Office. Prope rty Da mage Appraisals. ma npow er ma nagement. Demolition. CO 80216 Shawn R. web pa ge. Texas. quickly ide ntifying and innovators of today become the industry leaders recruiting servic es to State and Federa l Agencies. We and top of the line customer service . Asbestos. afford E xc eed with the a bility to provide staffing solutions na tionwide. high surface area foam matrix capable of soaking up at lea st 10X its mass in crude oil.Poured Concre te Foundation & Struc ture Contractors 238320. Gonzales. 303 Arthur St. 238140. complex tec hnical Small business ow ner. stakeholders to cre ate Interac tive Voice Response 524298. G alve ston. Suite 300 Birmingham. L A 70123 Mobile Steam Power Washer/Decreaser (with holding tank) Temporary Facilities/Environmental Cleaning 100% Woman O wned Business Contac t: Casey Vosbein 100-300kw M obile Generators ca se y.c om Small. the liquid emulsion could be placed around a nd into a contaminate d area as the foaming rea ction take s plac e to form an absorbe nt. 76107 D on Haggard. 12/24 volt booster pack. 518210.M oving and Storage. NAICS codes: LLC works directly with clients and other 213112. 541340. Oil designe d for maximum absorption ra tes. 236220. BOX 521 Ga inesville. dry. communication and office vehicles. Warehouse Manageme nt Solutions. and OSHA requirements. 40x120) 504-737-0555 Mobile Air Conditioning Units (10-20 tons) 504-909-0092 (Cell) Table s and Chairs 504-302-9569 (Fax) Layout Board/Flooring w ww. Suite 242. Army Corps most of Engineers PU foams cannot be produced in Small Disadvantaged Business the presence of Protection Environmental a large excess Agenc andy non-quantified amount of water.herita geglobalconstruc tion. M anage ment & M anpow er T O: PO BO X 15088 SPRINGFIE LD. We are able to custom build whatever would be required with minima l lead time. 519110. O ur e xpertise in differe nt disc iplines the Ne w Americ an Worker. 562211 (SOQ Attached): Professional and fie ld services. Permitting. Mold Remedia tion . We currently possess the mana gement c apa city and experience re quired to reinve nt what is see n. Emergency response for e nvironmental haza rdous spills. like the oc ean. Demolition of unsafe structures. Catastrophe 562910. Hazardous Waste 562211. Small Business Mo'Tel L LC DBA Quality Inn Ryan Fendt. a truly green produc t. Groundwater. disposal. Custom Tracking M A 01115 Software WWW. 4645 95th St. 512110. St. dry. environmental risk assessment. 541690. AL 35806. 562910. sta te and federal government and private sec tor c ustomers a varie ty of customize d services : E xc eed believes that change is constant and the small business contra ct/temporary staffing support and direct hire designed to assist in Human Resources Management Lighting Robert Miller Consulting. 562119. technica l support. Sediment. a nd deodorize buildings and the ir contents that are affe cted by storm damage s. In recognizing the changing fa ce of as well as other private sector companie s. 6236 . 236220. welding ( see website http://www. NAICS: 561320-Tempora ry Staffing Service s shawn. LL C Texas at 305 21st Street. ra dio remote.and expands to over 14X its liquid volume . NAICS Code: 326150 Ure thane and Other Foam P roduct (except Polystyrene ) Manufacturing BAI Se rvices Inc. Digital Ima ges. project time line mana gement. 238990. Nanopol™ is a nisoc yanate capped liquid pre polymer that is easily foamed in the presence of a large amount of wate r deionized or salt . Infrastructure Planning. 238160 . .c om reduction. On line systems reporting / data fe bobbbaker@c ox. Inc. Therefore. Technology Integra tion M anage ment. Including: business planning. Asbestos & L ead Abatement. VSAT technology sate llite . Certified M ember of Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE C) Sampling. The foa m floats on the surfa ce of the ocean. Computers.c om for fully capabilities sta tement. Re stroom upgra de. L LC 38466 B Baker L ane. Booms. Nanopol™.IRONCL ADSERVICESINC .samaysllc. Huntsville. Can quote poly or kenaf Particulate for maximum application and removal of produc t. All of these units ha ve the ability to be tied into a truck cha ssis' fuel and cooling system as well. 562920 GSA ha s issue d contract GS-07F-0087T to BMS CAT.bmsca t.a Bhate Environme ntal Associate s.aa centrifugerentals. work pla n deve lopment chemistry SWOB/SDB Nomadic L and Camps 1925 Pierce St. lookout towe r. 236118 waste. deconta mination. E nvironmental Re gulatory knowledge able of CERCLA . Ste 6 Sarah D uffy Eme rgency disaster shelters. Suite 108. has deve loped a unique prepolymer that it belie ves could be used a s an oil sponge in marine oil spills. Certified Wome n Owned Small Busine ss.S. etc. 541611. Built-Up M AIN ST RE ET SU ITE 2004 MAIL (860) Construction. ac tivate d carbon.demolition.[headquarters].Siding Contractor 561720. Aide d in the re lief efforts for Hurric ane K atrina as well as ma ny other natural disaste rs nation w ide. Our 8(a) and H UBZone Certifications. 401 West M organ Road. Building Deconta mination. Every unit can be configured with several differe nt options including but not limited to fuel tank. 541612. We have a multi‐disciplined staff with proven Landfill Planning. Our air compressors are available from 40 to 185 cfm a t 185 psi. corn husks. Busine ss Development Polyurethane foam for oil absorption (734) 276-1472 Nanosystems. In addition. 800-433-2940 e xt restoration & cleaning of struc ture s (buildings). Construc tion Management Microsoft Project Scheduling n/a L eo Suter Trucking Inc. D isaster Re covery Support. regulatory matte rs. We provide services under NAICS c odes 236220.Facilities Support Services Specializ e in large scale. contaminants or excessive moisture. We w ould also be able to lea se a ny type of trailer needed for the work that is available .tools. NAICS CO DES 236220. a s we ll a s in our efforts to achieve succe ss long-term. maintaining a c ontingent workforce. M ats. PPE K its. public relations. could be ea sily incorporated and impre gnated into the foam matrix during foaming to accentuate the oil absorbency. L A 70737 bba ker@aacentrfugere ntals. Street.

HA SP developement. organic performances. Scientific a nd T ec hnical Consulting Se rvices. etc…). PA 19341-1393 USA Phone: 001 (610) 363-8010 pumps D irect Dial: 001 (610) 280-1213 Fax : 001 (610) 363-0971 E -Ma il:howard. 2373.deltajanitorialproducts. Hazmat certified. 541990 . an SBA Certifie d Hub-Zone Business Aegis Professional Services emphasis is Services.. De contamination. 238910 . An instance of the softwa re is also installed on a machine within the scale house so users are a ble to monitor the unattended activity. etc… .6702 Fax: 254. natural GRB can provide 24/7 professional services. Injec tion and Free Product Removal in se diments and sludges. We have a "S ta te of the Art" surface supplied air diving system with hardwire communication similiar to what the Na vy use s. dispute resolution.riggs@netzsch. All Types We ca n handle general labor. G L12 8JD . All Safe ty aspe E J M etals. state and local governme nt agenc ies in Consulting Service s. natural DBE resources da mage assessment. cold mixed asphalt (CM A) process for impacted soils sma ll business ente rprise Low altitude a erial inspection a nd evidence collection using stabilized high definition video equipment with mapping capabilities.12kts Power plant . +44 7803 019223 (c ell) equipment effective equipment for separating oil from sea w ater and making the sea wa ter clean enough for overboard disc harge in Wickw ar. 237120. field sampling (air. By re quiring ze ro input from a sc ale operator a nd minimal input from a driver. so this boat will take a 150 swe ep out of the oily mess a nd deposit that recovered oil in our holding tanks. na tura l resourc e provision of field te chnicians. 488.H. 422610. Emphasis on making the wa ter clean enough (in accordance with current G oM discharge specifications) to be discha rged back into the sea Alderle y is a public limited company.ebsinfo. of containment boom Oil Spill Supply Co. environmental (2) Real Property Practic e. transa ction support. 238. Branch Manager (713) 715-6218 Fax (713) 715-6221 WWW. BB&J focuse s on identifying opinion of cost.oilspillsupply.541620 Certified Vetera n Owned Small Busine ss VOSB. sorbants. Respiratory Protection.linkedin. a Gator or Polaris vehicle as well as any other larger vehic le (HM MWV. skilled and any other personal you re quire. beach sa nds..Our team c an mobilize tra ined and Training.000 (ft^3) or 11. it doe s not emulsify.cgb. van. strippers. 621399 Small business. fire Cle anup. e cologic al impact assessment. 541620. marine biology. restoration field sa mpling (air. It produce s soapy. 3112233. transactions are comple ted quic kly a nd easily as the driver weighs on the sca le . Environmental Health a nd Safety Training.E . Cook. Projec t expe rienced personne l and e quipment within 48 hours to support the agenc y requirements.gis1.c om Alc edo Consulting and Alderley G raeme Murray Alcedo Consulting . Bra dburne . Federal. Sa fety Officers with EMT /Para medic certifications (337- w ww. 562910. P. w ww. 707 View Point Roa d.c om Website: www.755 Barrels Service speed . environmental scientists. manufa cture biode grada ble booms that absorb 20 times the re weight.Suite 201 Utic a. 561612 .755 barrels) a nd it is tanker. REC has strong experienc e in the development and day-to-day opera tions of the Incident Comma nd System. 11. Consulting Service s.elec tric/hydraulic Fuel capacity . e nvironmental contingent liability. wate r. SOL UTIONS NOW™ NITE O WL is an unattended system developed to increa se productivity and efficiency w ithin a facility. Hortonville. Pickup T ruc k.O . Environme ntal Site Assessments.canberracorp. Sta te BB&J is organized in five practices that align with c lient areas of e nvironmental business: (1) Financ ial Advisory Practice . M ain Street. NE TZ SCH Pumps North America . One Penn Plaz a. Mt Pleasant. On-site Mobile hospital Catastrophic Triage U nits. plate separators. We have demonstrated capability to support federal. ww w. This pump has been designed for the oil spill in the Gulf coast. NAICS Code: 561320 n/a small business Sherry La boratories-LA 2417 W. FTIR. 3112. Woodstock GA 30189 Rick Controy (404-626-4984) G eorgia. have subcontracted to Internationally known Richard Barbour Vice President w ww. specia lty products) 541611. 488999. Courier services able to work in MS & AL . SBA Certified H UB-Zone and Small Busine ss Status http://w ww. response records manageme nt. LL C 108 Dixie Drive. Box 40 ntekLabs Code. That is why this pump will be a perfect solution. 541690 . E nvironmental Support Servic es to inc lude Photographic and Graphic Support. 221310 . T he SOL UTIONS NOW™ NITE OWL Unattended Syste m is c onfigured to communicate with the scale indic ator loca ted inside an unattende d box to capture transaction information. refrigerated and hea vy e quipment ha uling. Arnolds Field Estate . standby rescue. of products that provide s on site training and distribution and training of application specific c leaning John Brina r/Project M ana ger Rabe Trucking (228) 533-2124 Office (228) 363-3313 Cell We curre ntly have a 280 foot ve ssel that is a small This vessel is capable of holding almost 500.O 586-243-8532 cell w ww. state. 23711. chemical applications and Technical emphasis on corn oil. shoreline impa ct asse ssment. Othe r experiences include training of other companies in rive r/creek boom te chniques to contain and colle ct relea se d hydrocarbon spills. civil e nginee rs. It ca n utiliz e any water source and has on an onboard manua l pump for bac kup. AL 36567 A ndrea Allen (251) 214-2484 P O Box Chuck Allen (251) 747-5131 w ww. PAH’s. TX 76621 Phone: 281. 431-9731 Syra cuse. Ame rican cre w and Natura l Systems Analysts. PID. shoreline impact Distributor of various oil spill clean-up material: cleaners. marine biology. specialize s in manufacturing high pressure systems for deconta mination. USCG Bruder Bluff. We are inte grating their portable decontamina tion systems into the military supply syste m. free product 510.17. She is rigged as an oil skimme r and has an rigged to take a 145' swath out of the floating oil. California. 541611 Re sponse da https://twitte r.alc edoconsulting. 53249. and state voluntary cleanup programs. NAICS Codes Manageme nt. 562910 Provide products a nd training for janitorial. In addition. 874 Dixon Blvd. Sc ientific and Technica l Support.. EJ M etals is a Small Busine ss. Doug Cha rlton (415) 613-8125 Quality Assurance tec hnical support. Dearborn Street.All O ther Professional.. 2111. 483. Inc 8304 L ong Point Houston. Texas. 201 W. solvent de greasers. 100% organic material encased in industrial mesh 12" diameter X 10' lengths. M etals. NAICS Codes 541990. Rogersville . Environme ntal Support. Inc. St. VOC’s. and scientific diving (mussels/sna ils/sedime nt samples) data colle ction for Alaba ma Power Company on rivers within the ir service territory. Response ove rsight. MS 39572 (228) 533-2124 JBWarehouse s@aol. environmental/civil/che mical NAICS Codes: 541620. wash.Testing L aboratories. e nvironmental engine ers.744. 541922.. employee protection equipment. 989 289 5101 989 289 5101 Training. G A. Boston. spe cializing in. SO LUTIONS NO W™ software ha s been designe d to interface to any scale device on the market today and is conclusively oriented towa rdsthe customer’s unique operation. floor finishes. this produc t is in the NASA Hall of Fame for oil re mediation. Suite Alderle y Systems manufactures certain types of equipment tha t is used in wa ter clea n-up e. 541614. Inc 1266 Robert T.Skimme rs Centek L abora tories. focus is L A. 484230.centekla bs. Inc K evin Quinn. of ta bletop (10-75) and area exe rcises (+800 individuals) for USDO T (PHA SM) Pipeline Spills in LA for worse-ca se discharge spill scenarios. Related to the oil spill. 42412. AL 35652 Rob James. hot water and can disperse any agent. Briller and Johnson. Jacobs.g. http://w ww. M I 48858 M aster 100 ton inspected vessel. Inc. LA 70508 Carlyle Bourgeois ph # 337 962 2551 Near comple te environmental testing lab. Ge ographic Informa tion Systems (GIS) 212-564-8640 Office 516-650-1784 Cell rbarbour@grbe nv.. Wash. 951 net tons Capacity . F L 33831 w ww. Leger 654-1300) Louisia na Pa ramedic s with Safe ty Certific ations.c om L uke Gatlin. Labor Staffing. S an Francisco. Transport. Winter Park. Washington Sabal Tra nsport.000 gallons Adde d.541690. ava ilable. a ssist. UK w ww. DBE size standa rd 541620.consultanc y in process design Alce do Consulting deals exclusive ly with the upstre am oil industry and spec ialises in production che mistry issues and the Syste ms Ltd +44 1454 292286 (office ) Alderley– manufa cture of oil / water separation process design of sea and produced water treatment equipment. Canton Ave . Photogra phy Aegis Professional Service s is a Certifie d Vete ran Owned Small Business (VOSB). Amarillo.940 EACH/340 RPM Steering .com 19793. Solutions Now 319 S.globalsafetymedic s. air monitoring.000 gallons of recovered oil (or if you’re an oil guy. (806) 679-6951 [mobile] Amarillo. 424590. 233. President/Chie f Hydrogeologist bioenhancements a nd surfactants. 488390 Environmental services La rge Corporation Gonzales Labor Systems. Inc. In particula r. They c an also build customized systems very quic kly for specific applic ations. 28 ft hard top pontoon boat for sampling.24. Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Monitoring and M apping SBA 8(a ). 562910 – Reme diation Se rvic es Corrective Ac tion. 48831. J Rabe Trucking is also CCR registered. trading for over 20 years. shoreline impact analysis. Jeremy Ba rnes 863-287-5432 Transporta tion se rvices including ta nk. NA CIS Code 562910 We have a Minority Partner n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 825 W. C. Ae rial Photography.. Suite 712. skin ca re. Specialize d transporte rs for any freight ne eds.. ca rlyle b@sherrylabs. references available. degreasers. We A complete line of oil remediation products.5. Sherry L abs is experie nce d in RE CAP a nalytical progra ms. Cocoa. IL 60654 M r. waste stream manageme nt. w ater sediment) field technicia ns. CHM M. Air Monitoring a nd Safety Oversite.bbjgroup. Spill Prevention a nd Countermea sure s Plans and public outreach. safety professionals. Box 109 Abbott. H ealth and Sa fety tra nsportation relate d re sponses as well as counter terrorism re sponses. Wiseca rver P hone : 985-3102266 Fax: 985-375-1187 mfg. and Technica l Se rvices. 25th Floor Ne w York. Please keep in mind our pumps ability to be shear se nsitive. certified in LA.582. Consolida tor expe rience in manufacturing. Scientific a nd T ec hnical and Disaster Support Servic es.noble-eng. 4883. industrial and Support. LA 70086 M ark Aylor 225-473-8116 w ww. Atlanta. 562998.c om . resources damage asse ssment. EPH. Cleaning of tank ba rge s and processing of ha zardous products – NAICS: 562211. c hemical engineers. EPA. ready to help.O. and it is able to me et the high flows that are required for this application. operated reme dial equipment. or local re quirements. sixth issue). flatbed.Water Supply and Irrigation Systems.Environmenta l Consulting Services. 24 Hr. Scientific. Here are the vessel specs for your edification: VE SSEL SPECIFICATIONS ---------------------Overa ll le ngth . Sherry Labs provide d support to EPA R6 and their c ontrac tor during Hurric ane K atrina. Preside nt P hone: 210-246-3052 E ma il: luke gatlin@aegisprofserv. Suite 100. small buisness E nvironmental Aquatics. USCG 100 ton Master (inspected ve ssel. Buoya nt and lightweight sections designed to inte rlink to form absorbent/protec tive barrier to minimize da mage/impact from environme ntal hazards suc h as offshore oil.Gree nSorb. BB&J’s Pollution Management small business. Superfund cle anup. Inc PO C: Charlie Riva s. IL.5926 E mail: sales@solutions-now intl. water quality/fisherie s/scie ntific diving small buisness Chemicals Dispe rsants. haz ardmaninc@gmail. G RB has a staff of 100 personnel and has obtaine d the commitment of ove r 40 ana lysis. NJ. providing the proven answ er for managing valuable Advanced Weighing and Tracking Solutions ERP da ta resources with leading edge te chnology. Work – 920-779-9923 Vacuum and Firefighting Systems Cell – 920-5381917 http://w Helicopter services: J Rabe L ogistics LLC 5447 H wy 604 Pea rlington. BP is one of its biggest EPA approved Oil Spill Absorbent Globa l Sa fety M edics.6' Weight . manufa cturer of chemic als with over 45 years expe rience in business De lta Janitorial Products : start up company 2010 providing services and products to customers across the Gulf Coast Ha zard Manageme nt. etc. hydro-cyc lones..13' Fre eboard .netzschusa. 624230. effe ctive ly remediating impacts in ac corda nce proje ct management. coalescars and filters. P. approaches tha t a re both c onsiste nt with the interruption c laims support. personnel (M arine biologists.. ecological impac t Small business. RCRA TCLP Compliant Absorbent after oil has been absorbed 424690 National RE MT-P pa ramedic s. M I 48317 Oil eating Mic robes .e EJ Me tals of Hortonville. etc . DOT. GSA Environmental Services Contra ct # GS-10F-0211W j. transportation. L LC D avid M. Community Outre ach Environmental and Scie ntific T ec hnical Support Community Outreach State s of America http://www. Louisiana ba se d company with speciality products Woma n Owned Enterprise to assist in the c leanup. hard working and concerne d local people. 42469. 1715 South Morrison Blvd. environmental site asse ssment. (4) Regulatory Compliance Prac tic e.. remedial bench testing in Track U p Corp 9438 U S 19 N ST E 168 Port Richey. As you ca n see this is a ve ry effecting tool for oil rec overy and would go a long wa y in keeping the beaches oil free. We have six offices located throughout the U nited States in Chic ago. strea m re stora tion. TPH -D. hurricane re sponse. 200 Winery Road. Box www. Expe rienced. shuttle recovery. NY 13206 Unite d D avid@cente klabs. gisprofserv. In va luation. Gottfried 407-718-3880 w Ke al LLC 1565 Columbia H wy N Rick T urner 803-642-4300 www. Resourc e Practic e.2 re versing diesel engines Direct to 2 conventiona l propellers HP . n/a Riva s E nvironmental Consultants. Primary NA ICS 541330 Engineering Civil/environme ntal engineering HU BZ one business. 40 Hr. cleanup oversight. Third St. 4842. Capabilities .. CA 94941 James A. TX 79114] Spill Response Cleanup Opera tions (Level A-D) / n/a Fue l Spills/Chemical/Biological Releases De lta Ja nitorial Products LL C 98 L oxley. Quality Assurance Technical Support.O. small business Photographic w ww. O SHA. MA. Capabilities include: ana lysis.1643 gross tons. hazardmaninc @gmail. and Environme ntal Response Technical Support. Ha mmond. NY 10119 Offices in N Y. emergency response records fie ld sampling. dispersants. shadow consulta tion. business environmental liability valua tion se rvices and risk manage ment services that support of transac tions.O. disinfe cting. Training: OSHA: Hazw oper. liability asse ssment and Pittsburgh. marine science.. EPA 165. engineering. 621910. Mill Valle y. 541380 . 562910. AL 36551 De lta Ja nitorial Products LL C 23040 A M cAuliffe Dr Robertsdale . 311225. woma n owne d sma ll business and is also HubZone rated. 541620 . 488320. PA. 23799. 590-1098 cell microbes for petroleum de grada tion 415-381-5195 office EBS Biosolve nt.G. construction insura nce c laims and cove rage.Marine Support for Environme ntal Remedia tion. Enginee ring Services. President 256-762-2854 Noble Engineering Assoc iates. AR & T X. 8Hr Refresher and Supervisor. and loc al code compliance. NIMS compliant. Twenty yea rs experienc e. VPH. CA. Graphic Services. the oil is encapsulate and rendered harmless a nd then biodegrades. Inc. 236210. Chicago. Portable open oc ean skimmers that can collect up to 45000 barrels of oil pe r da y. a nd (5) Natural Practic e offers services focused on costremediation. 48411. e nvironmental/civil/c hemical Small Busine ss engineering. we can de termine the most costAlderley House. L os Angeles. Capabilities. fisheries. It is highly flexible in that it can also provide showe r capabilitie s in the field for deconta minating pe rsonnel. Quality Assuranc e T ec hnical various disa ste r response situations including spill response. Of particula r rele vance to this situation are services in the: (1) with fede ral. (3) P ollution Management Prac tice.c om We ca n produce 40 tons of oil eating microbe s per day from 22 portable units and ca n ra mp this up eve n further.G.grbenv. Chris A. 484220.280' Beam . Pinhook Road L afayette. WBE. restoration analysis. It is a small 4-ma n lift system mounte d on a skid that ca n be put on the bed of a Kubota (w hich the y can include). habitat restoration. porous and non. dump. drilling ma y ha ve a negative impa ct on the Bioassa y Division of Sherry Labs-L A. natural resource damages. Spreader Arms to drag oil booms for aid in oil recove ry arms to extend 50 out from each side of vesse l. Consolidated Tank barge Se rvic es 7740 H wy 18. Services. marine biology. Jr. etc Permit Required Confined Spa ce entry. wetlands Natura l Resource Pra ctice: ecological func tions a nd values services tha t include the de velopment and use of ecological developing strategie s to remediate impaired restoration. and closed sites involve d with RCRA Security Gua rds and Pa trol Se rvices .com NITE OWL software is themarket leader in w eighing and data trac king solutions.rivasworldw ide. from BTE X/TPH-G. G reg T yll C. L LC 119 Pickering Way E xton. 2000 County Road 559. benthic.sherrylabs. Permit Re quired Confined Space . PPE. NAICS Code s 541620 cleaning of se diments. LL C (BB&J) 500 N. Industrial high volume shore skimmers. service credits (mitigation ba nking) in restoration and cle anup projects.Oil E nca psulating Biodegradable Booms . Linda n/a 3154319730 Business: 315-882-2606 143 Fax: 315M idler Park Ave .O. sludge s. 311225. President Portable H igh Pressure Decontamination. and. 235.Gonza le sla borsystems.6' Extre me Beam . Florida 32789 Pete r K. clays.full load .removal (in-situ). absorbent pads.Site Preparation Contractors . and other dealings where it is ne cessary to mone tize known and potential environmenta l intended future use of the property and mindful of management.66. BB&J ha s successfully investigated. 541690. and the (2) Financial Advisory Prac tice: propertie s. and records manage ment. E nvironmental. Sampling. PID. P. disinfecta nts.barnes@sa & solvent Janitorial Produc ts ( c an liners.541620 ORGANIC SORBENT OIL BOOM D avid Headley/Strike Forc e 407-2331834 ph e mail rammjamm_0@ya hoo. WI 54944 RTG Recovery Systems 8243 Hall Road . skin care. Inc . Wash fighting and many othe r applica tions.Other expenditure s. Florida M BE (woman-owned) Environmental Consulting and GIS Ecological and H abitat Assessments and Monitoring. FL 34668 Ronald Beasley 727-534-6831 trackup@gmail. ecological impact WBE analysis. n/a small business w Aegis Professional Services w ww.Canberra Corporation: porous clea ning. Transportation Average Professional Enginee ring and community outreac h Service s include environmenta l a nd pollution control plans. Veteran Ow ned Experience includes development and facilitation Hispanic-owned business. TX 79118 [P. James. FL 32922 Carol Noble . 541330 minimizing long-term obligations and acc ordance with GoM spec ifications.E nvironmental Bio-Systems. CA . Randy Niblett: ove r 40 yea rs industrial and he alth care industries. be nch testing biosolvents. hydrocarbon re lease monitoring/testing. sediment) provision of construction manage rs. 321-639-9224 321-7493379 w ww. LA 70403 GRB Environme ntal Servic Water quality.45' Draft. OSHA Ce rtified 30 -511 Safety Officers with exte nsive offshore/onshore oil/gas industry experience. FID. 423840. 541690.. TX 77055 Betty M artinez. rec ords management specialists) loca l to the G ulf Coast. T he current ban on deepwate r GoM Sherry L abs is ve ry experienced with L DEQ Analytical & Bioassay.c om Oily wa ter sepa ration service s.4 Air Monitoring for Hazmat 4G NM125SY 01L pump tha t is use d for Oil/Water separation. tank barge cleaning. M onitoring. emergency management dama ge assessment. Oil/Water separation small business n/a small business n/a small business .M arine support for spills.alderley.

methods/equipme nt/personnel. Manufacturing. CEO 315-274-9111 ww w. marine contractor P&R Acce ssories. ProBiotic Sc rubber ca n be shipped in conta iners that are optimal for the site. Busine ss Process treat hydro-ca rbon contaminate d areas. Le ad E nvironmental Scientist. Aqua Sync can distinguish between large numbers of fresh a nd weathered pe troleum produc ts such as w ith full exa mination of the types of progra ms that demonstrate the company's capabilitie s Website for BP Spill: including re vegetation and plant/soil health projects. 323115. Dra wings. approximate ly 10. PA 15065-3901 Company: NRP G roup Inc 9131 E .com A mir H. M ilton Reservoir Rehab Projec t.biolynceus. marshes. Complete Life Cycle Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Ma nagement Support.Ra mon L aTorre. netting or va cuuming. with a produc tion means of a n unlimited supply. Texas 77289-0524 New Produc t D eve lopment Proposals. Establishe d and proven At-Risk Environmental Job Training Program . 811310 Commercial and Industrial Ma chinery and Equipment (exc ept Automotive and Elec tronic) Re pair and Maintenanc e 92216 Fire Protection. Engineering.bfaenvironme ntal. Potsdam. tra ctors small pontoon barges. Box 1499 / 255 Pa rk L NxGenUSA Corporation/GreenS treamSolutions. Program Ma nagement. fa st and c ost effective manor in the bioremediation of hydrocarbons. N AICS codes: The applic ation information w ould be dete rmined by site and w ould be customized to the entire site' s considerations. Ma in Sail is focused on he lping our comme rcial and government clie nts ‘navigate’ to a chie ve their desired results.523. Vendor has.we tlabora tory. Comprehe nsive Oil & Gas Property Economic Analyses Reports M ergers & Acquisitions Packages. We have the ability to provide this housing w herever is needed and w ithin short notice. 37th St. Environmental/Technical Consulta nt to N ASA K ennedy Space Center. Suite 119. Signs Now 077 1903 Poydra s Street Ne w Orlea ns. Authority For Expenditure (AFE ). supporting monitoring and clea nup decisions in real time. Ad-Hoc Business Safety Development Repre se ntation. 54133 Engineering Services. NV 89431 355-0202 nick@w etlabora tory.183.mainsa ilgroup. and Related Services 532120 Truck. (Gulfsouth) 716 E. 541330. Fa miliar in installation of Have been in the area for 15 years. Fueling and Tra nsport Command. technic al.000 pounds) of PRP gra nulated produc t which is ideally suited for application via aeria l In situ bioreme diation. D ocument 'Fw : D elive ry Status Notifica tion (Failure)'</REM > </NDL > NRP Group Inc. Veteran Ow ned Business. please see website. NAICS Codes = 721.pierspusinc. L A 70433 N orm Murray Phone: 985-892-4720 Fax: 985-867-9012 Cell: 985-705-5980 E mail: normmurray@msn. Use. Aqua Sync can genera te. Cleveland.. helping to gauge the e fficie ncy of a variety of clea nup processes. available Mustering instantly hundreds over the of Internet. Have marine pumps. report. N ew Orle ans. Bowe n Isla nd. AquaSync ca n store. re gistered professional engineers. understanding of c urrent and pending legislation. Inventions and Patent Applications. We provide services and solutions delive red by the right people. 1089 Groundwater and Sediment Sampling.bedroc ktec hnologies. GSS H-1 Spill Handler Cemtrex Inc 19 E ngine ers Lane. mol).com Covered by US & Inte rnational Patents Non-toxic to the environment. name d "Bio.541380 Anions MWMP Microbiology (D rinking Water. ne sting a reas. 139 – 2º Pavimento – São Franc isc o 24360-440 – Niterói – RJ CNPJ: 39.pic kupoil. UV and TD LAS n/a Spe ctromete rs (mobile and installe d) trace ambient ga s monitoring systems n/a n/a Aligned De velopment Strategies. installation of seawalls. metabolic ra te for optimum performa nce in a safe. Suite 205 E ste s Park. PD As a nd smart phones allow ing data to be gathered from remote locations worldwide .com Hydrocarbon (Crude Oil) Absorbent Product -"PICK -UP" Modified cellulose fiber (all natura l) product that has been used in the clean up of oil spills in lakes. (Gulfsouth) 716 E. a nd 237990. We have a c omprehensive www. reports and graphs in a variety of popular electronic formats. Program/Proje ct Manageme nt.comContactdifficult phone #:access 604-947-7677Website address: http://www. BFA provide s services under NA ICS codes 541620. PRP/WAPED . BFA offers technical Management (407) 896-8608 ext. it only reacts to the oil Suspended in wa ter. or provide a full treatment servic e. E nvironmental Assessme nt. 8a Stars G WAC. Contract Development and Review Reports. Houston. temporary housing n/a Barnes. 206 Freedom L ane Na trona He ights. Jr. Ohio. De nver. and pre-de fine d parameter groups for oil reporting. LA 70080 Philip H. VP Scrubber is manufa ctured a s specialty blends used tre atment pla nts. Leadership Consulting and Tra ining. Procureme nt Packages. samples. resulting solid will float to the surface to be re covered Can be used to remove oil from objects and animals Multiple Ways of a pplication: Can be applied to the spill dry or suspended in wate r. Business D eve lopment M ana ger Phone Number: 216-472-5100 http://w ww. or provide a full treatment servic e. equipment X-Vac Vac uum excavation equipme nt Beijing Hi-Vac China's leader in industrial vac uum systems Echo Sw eepers Wide cleaning and tight maneuve ring. Products are specified to the exact site and requires protocols for applica tion as determined by the technica l te am at BioL ync eus. Process O ptimization. ma ngroves.667 DN1 Environmentally Friendly Degrea ser and Cleaner 801 n/a Hi Vac Corporation 117 Industry Rd M arietta. Covington. Spreadsheet/M anual/L abora tory Data Input. Reporting. Blvd. and Technical Services. Suite 370. 541519. 51224 Sound Recording Studios.deposition or application by L arry Bartram – (903)932-5000 lebcorrtech@gma il. 541690. Hi-Vac Corporation Vacuum systems for industrial Since 1969. G le nn Je Roc ky M ountain Soil Sampling Inc. M ain Sail.nrp-inc. 42472 Petroleum and Petrole um Products M erc hant Wholesalers (e xce pt Bulk Stations and Terminals).com Gary T umlinson – (512)470-1853 gtumlinson@comcast. 9131 E . The Mate rial Safety Data Sheet (M SDS) is on our w ebsite. The test methods for Total Water a nd soil sampling. de sign. 5416 Ma nagement. fuel oil. name d "Bio. a nd trades personnel. Inc. K S 672262010 (Headquarters & L ab) Louisia na Operational Address: NRP Group Inc. 237 He avy and Civil Engineering Construction. vetera n owne d sma ll business http://w ww.rmsoil.000 cubic fee t of"PICK-UP".c leanupgulfspill. 541513. Geographic Information Systems M apping. LL C 20820 Cha grin. Consulta nt to U S D oD . Adame s 850-939-8808 w ww. Phone Number /e-mail – (775) Greg St. a nd Construc tion. Owner – or. PO Box 5108 41 Elm St. c ente red on the latest enterprise technologie s and process improvement and ma nagement philosophies. diesel fuel. Budge t Proposa w ww. LL C P. BioLynceus is an e nvironmental company. 519130: Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Porta ls. E quipment Spec (12 nautical mile s. ProBiotic Scrubber programs ca n be used in D unn purchasing@biolynce us. sales@biolynceus. *OilBuste r. Chief Bioremediation Produc ts. Main Sail provide s Spill 561110. Product is Purchasing/Shipping/A&R: Patrick shipped as a liquid. 541614. 56 Administrative and Support and Waste Ma nagement and Remediation Services. Surface Wate r Certified SBA 8(a) M inority President/CEO Manageme nt. Compre hensive Business Plan Development. Directional and Safety Signs. labor-intensive http://gre enstreamsolutions. animals & fish Can be used to get oil off of animals It encapsulate s any oil it comes in contact with It will adsorb up to 15 times it’s we ight in hydrocarbon It does not absorb wate r. In a bsence of military tra nsport shipping time FO B to New Orleans. n/a small business n/a small business . and c onsultants to collaborate easily and instanta neously on a c ommon platform. Rui Barbosa.The "Bio-Kat" products (NRP-10 & NRP-20) a re metabolic stimulants that are a ll natural non-microbial products that T he formulation of environme ntally safe n/a Kat". Indepe ndent Program and Proje ct Management Technic al Re view Valida tion & Verification Audits and Recommendations. Six-Sigma . 541513 Firm Internet/ WEB. 44122-5323 Spill Response Proje ct M anage ment. and L ife Scie nces (e xce pt Biote chnology). fa st and c ost effective manor in the bioremediation of hydrocarbons. 551114.goa dsi. 3364 Aerospace Product and Pa rts Ma nufac turing. providing a wide range of business service s to our commerc ial and Support Servic es government clients. rete ntion walls. Raushaad (ADSI) 1900 L H arvey (M arketing/ Business stre et. 325412. Phone: 888-823-7404/ 970-586etc. combination sewer je tting a nd vac uum units. N W suite 600…Washington. M ade and produce d in Louisia na. Resea rch & Development Reports and Recommendations. pilings etc. NRP <NDL > can provide produc t w ith operational oversight of its applica tion. Technica l and M anage rial Pre se ntation Development. e ngine Marine contractor. Water mana gement e xpertise necessary to effectively develop and protect vulne rable na tural resourc es. Consulting for site/project is ava ilable for the use a nd application recommendations. soil c ontaminated sites from fuel. We take pride in our reputation w ith our clie nts in providing the highest quality se rvices at very competitive c osts. Process Flow D iagram Interpreta tion. Our ow nership and ma nagement tea m ha ve been involved in the business ente rprise technology market place since its infanc y. *Bio. and will provide produc t w ith operational suppleme nt the indigenous and/or seeded microorganisms with micro-nutrie nts and cellular enzymes to increase the (Failure) oversight and/or full service treatment applic ation. * soil sample collection. Scientific . We offe r fully furnishe d temporary housing in the Unite d States. Piers Plus Inc. Technical and Business Conferenc es. Public Relations. Chief Enviornmental Scientist/Compliance Officer under contract to Offic e of Special Tra nsport. Produc t on hand sufficient to cover an area of 15 square eco-sensitive areas not a ccessible utilizing http://w ape dbioboomr. Proc ess Safety Analyses Reports.369. Bio-Sok. trend and present data over a wide range of sampling locations and for thousands of different c hemical parameters. NIACS Codes: 325998.000 Bio-Booms (sufficient to cre ate ba rrie r line 100. 8(a). Box 890524. it ca n be pumped below water leve l to reac t w ith the oil and bring it to the surface Can be dispense d with spre ade rs or modifie d fire extinguishers It can be a erially distribute d to c over larger areas It can “corral” the spill by distributing it around a spill Uses no specia lized e quipment to be distributed. 541380 Testing Laboratories.. via hydro-seeder from boats or from other platforms. 927 Space Research and Tec hnology Small Busine ss Florida CCorporation Bria n Conley. 561312. and distribute tre nds. a nd. 611430 Professional and M anage ment Development Training.c om JEN KINSO N ENT ERPRISES . AquaSync ca n be opera ted from any de vice that runs an interne t browser .. Replace. a mino ac ids & n/a Rick Alle n. and RV (Recre ational Vehicle) Rental and L easing. N agi Soas – (575)631-8407 nhs_engineering@yahoo. Sc hedule. (BFA E nvironmental Consultants) 1215 Prytania Street. PA is estimated a t six (6) busine ss days (by land transport <truck> ). Soc ial Media Ma rketing Systems. G round Water. providing environmenta l reme diation programs across the U nited States. 4th Ave. Hosting. 4th Ave.nrp-inc. Vola tile and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds. Comprehensive Reservoir Analyse s Reports. Scientific. 541511. Plan. N UBA Wate r Projec t (Sudan) 2005-2010. Trailer acc essorie s. visual Scie ntist Boom. Data can be trended over spa ce and time for literally hundre ds of sa mpling loca tions w orldwide. Environme ntal E nginee ring. The programs have be en in use sinc e 1994 in the Unite d States. CO 80517 888-823-7404 970-586-3391 970-577-1387 (Fax) Tec hnical & Produc t Informa tion: ProBiotic Scrubbe r is ProBiotic Sc rubber is composed of live hydro-carbon digesting ProBiotic Sc rubber products are manufactured in the U. miles. Inc. IT Staff Augmenta tion 541219.N RP of w ater and w astewater systems for oil.hi-vac. Waste Wate r) Genera l Chemistry TCLP compounds Priority Polluta nts Mining Chemistry Nutrients / Low-leve l N utrients Pacific N orthwe st Snow fighter’s (PNS) Corrosion testing Organic ana lysis Point of Contact: info@rmsoil. Sale s . Ca nada 339950. OH 45750 Paul Wagoner 800 800 1016 740 374 2306 w ww. and will provide produc t w ith operational suppleme nt the indigenous and/or seeded microorganisms with micro-nutrie nts and cellular enzymes to increase the metabolic stimulants for the Biologica l Treatment oversight and/or full service treatment applic ation. marine sediment.O.The "Bio-Kat" products (NRP-10 & NRP-20) a re metabolic stimulants that are a ll natural non-microbial products that Eric Ward . Product can be distributed to existing project team for implementation. idea lly suited for use in estuaries. Interface Control Document (ICD). U tility Traile r. Root Cause and Correc tive Action Analyses & Design Reviews. British Colombia. analysis. and Retrofit Instructions Emerging Small Disadvantaged Minority Female Owned HUBZone Company. Configuration Ma nagement. allowing precise fingerprinting of a particula r plume of contaminant against the noise of background contamination. BioLynceus does not have contra cted a pplicators or contrac tors for implementation of the areas that are alrea dy impacted including c oastal areas. Inc Corporate office 249 S. inland wa terwa ys and shore line for the past 17 years. 518210: D ata Processing.751/0001/26 I. bioa ugmentation. Audits. Programs involving BioLynceus would require support from BioLynceus' technic al team to assure c orrect implementation. Ana lyses. for review. 221320. Fe rland and Associa tes. at the right time .000 linear feet in le ngth conventional. Visual M itigation M anual De velopment Project for US DO I/BLM /DOE. LLC is an ISO Re sponse Project M ana gement. V P Business D evelopment 1-631-756-9116 w ww. Inc. Point of Contact: Norm Murray P hone: 985-892-4720 Fax: 985-867-9012 Cell: 985-705-5980 E mail: normmurray@msn.Fw: Delivery Sta tus Notification Small business entity Kat"..G . CO (in progress). Project Scope. The programs have be en used to remedia te refinery sludge . 721199 small business small business We are a service disa bled.c om w ww. D ebris Removal BFA is a n environmental enginee ring and hydroge ologica l c onsulting firm establishe d in 1994. 5417 Scientific Research a nd Developme nt Service s. on-hand. diesel fuel. Shelf life of product is 1 Yea r from the time of shipment. Vendor is capable of producing 20. BioLynceus has prepa red a w ebsite: 3391 http://clea nupgulfspill. Installation/Initiation/Operations Instructions.from laptop computers and desktop computers to handheld Bedrock Technologie s. Wichita. floa ting isla nds. 541330. Certificate of Activity Rea diness (CoAR) Documents and Reports.w eebly. land soil 213111. Emergency Power G ene ration. http://w ww. N orth BioL ync eus is a vete ran owned company sinc e 1994 BioL ync eus is a female ow ned company sinc e 2006 BioL ync eus is a smallbusiness . L A 70433 Western E nvironmental T esting N ic k Ross L abora tory 475 E . ProBiotic hydro-carbons. and Critical Chain Project Management (T he ory of Constraints) uniquely e nable us to provide the most effic ient solutions for your busine ss needs. Mixed streams of contaminants in a w ater body can be traced ba ck to their pollution source . inc luding other disperseme nts or protocols will be conside red in the application and imple mentation strate gies. Bioremediation Age nt (Bio-Nutrie nt). Since it is Web-based. weathered die se l in wastewa ter Sale s Support: Be cky Haugen. wetlands. Pedro R. AquaSync ea sily allows the migration of toxic contamina nts to be monitore d in real time . BioL ync eus has the ability to provide consulting for the use of BioLynceus products. 30 tons (60. Geospatial charting 511210 // AquaSync was built for the management of che mical analytic al data a nd proce sses. Safety Re view s. CEO a hydroc arbon remediation solution provide d by nutrients that are specialty blended to provide the optimal balance of microbial action for reduction and remediation of rick@biolynce us. odor and c orrosion c ontrol for 325998.000 feet of Bio-Boom per 24 hour cycle. 541611. engineering services from w ater resource development through the disposa l of wastew ater effluent. 5415 Computer Syste ms Design and Related Services. Trending. D ebris Removal Americ an) Office: Remedial Design. Systems E ngine ering & Integration. allowing summarized Program and da Project ta to be Mamade nagement. Chie f Scientist. D evelopment) DC 20036 w ww. munic ipalities.pickupoil. and RFQ Packages. Resnick. geologists and other professionals provide a full range of environmental consulting and OSHA HAZWOPE R. polysacchrides. We supply porta ble industrial vacuum cleaners. reporting and graphing c apa bilities. and a t the right price to guarantee your continued success. – (216)2463541 amirsoas@sbcglobal. 541620 <VIE W OF2AD84460:86D47BA5ON85257754:0047F907> <NOT E OF2D92594B:DEB656AEON85257758:003EFE73> <HIN T>CN=DCM AIL 4/OU =DC/O=USE PA/C= US</HINT> <REM>D atabase 'Eric Ward'. industrial floor & truck mounted sweepers. it allows different a gencies. Ste. sta tionary vac uum systems w ith centra l piping and UltraVac Mobile industrial vacuum loade rs. Soil. 541512. D ales James (Principal).signsnow new orle ans.. Eco-friendly and biodegradable in its stored and re ady to use state . Inc.c om natural and sustainable produc ts that do not ha rm the environment and work to re new a nd replenish contamina ted soils and Website for Corporate: wate r. Government Solutions Small Disadvantage Business (SDB). Pre sident 281-309-2050 O. ana lysis a nd trending. N AICS codes: 562910. BFA is an SBA 8(a) Sediment. Rele vant to this effort. BioLync eus Biological Solutions P. KS 67226-2010 (Headquarters & La b) L ouisiana O perational Addre ss: NRP Group Inc.a venidasuites.S. Se nsitivity Studies and Reports. Ma in Sail. 37th St. Modified Cellulose Fiber Hydroc arbon Absorbe nt SBA 8(a ) CertifiedCompany #303987 Ponte c Engenharia e Comércio Ltda n/a Av. Hi-Vac Corpora tion has built a reputation as a global manufacturer of durable a nd cost-effe ctive industrial applications clea ning equipment. Surface Water. --> Company is prepared to immediate ly provide up to 75.c o Reliability Block Diagrams. Farmingdale NY 11735 Ravi Nara t E d Rapp – (713)826-7202 ed0818@hotmail. On contact. FL 33619 D aniel Gorman. <REPLICA 8525772C:007F138F> 325998. “PICK-UP"is disperse d directly onto the hydroca rbon spill. Engineering. Sparks. contractors. Comprehensive IT Syste m Designs. 48532 Limousine Service. "P ICK-U P" selec tively enc apsulates hydroca rbons for easy re mova l by skimming. more than 25 yea rs ago. Aquatic safe ty testing ha s been conducted on ProBiotic Scrubber.ce mtrex. grea se can provide produc t w ith operational oversight of its applica tion. and spe cialty Aquate ch Sewe r cleaning ma chinery and contractors. North Wichita. Haz ard Re ports. and fats. Installation . metabolic ra te for optimum performa nce in a sales@hi-vac. 2004-2006. Barnes. enyzymes. 213112 Support Activities for Oil and Gas Operations.40 H our OSH A HA ZWOPER Tra ining (L imitless Vistas). Environmenta l Job Training – 40 Hour Business Ente rprise (Africa nCell Phone: (407) 353-4200 Hazardous Waste . 5418 Advertising. monitoring and applica tion strategies a re prescribed and utiliz ed.Global Spill Solutions. LA 70130 Patrick A. Enterprise Resourc e Planning. Ma nagement of Solid and certified MBE. it can be used in a slurry with no loss of effectiveness Afte r encapsulation. Resources Syste m Mode ling and Planning. Our strengths in enterprise a pplications arc hitec ture . Chief Scientist. With predefined reporting thresholds and acc urate ge ospatial tracking of both sample s and sampling locations. 61142 Computer T raining. and vacuum exc ava tors to meet the ne eds of most manufacturing industries. 561410 a nd 561421. Petroleum H ydrocarbons (T PH). waste oil in wastewater treatment plants. H ubZone program Bioremediation Age nt (Bio-Nutrie nt). mobile and truck mounted vacuum loa ders. Soil. LLC Reagan E. 541620 industry and municipa lities. 541712: Research and D eve lopment in the Physical. Preside nt 888-553-9943 Fully furnished. Re view of existing strate gies. turbidity curtains. Installation. BioVendor has. 541513. graphing and charting spills ha ve been a part of its me thod database since its inc eption. a s well as the source and gra de of unrefined petroleum. Covington. n/a M inority Woma n-Owned. DH S M entor-Protégé Program participant US Veteran-owned business Data Information Technology/ M ana gement Consulting 541512. Space Mission Design Reports. on ha nd. 221119 Other E lectric Power Generation. Soas M . Website: www. Job Site.6699 Website: w ww. IT Staffing 9001:2008 Ce rtifie d U. and Technical Consulting Servic es. 221112 Fossil Fuel Ele ctric Power G eneration. and imple mentation combined with our expertise and expe rience in process improve ment through Lea n Ma nufac turing. Gra phing.(281)923-9175 reraw e@hal-pc. suite d for application via a erial deposition (' Eco-Vaccination'). T ampa. 541519. 541620. Global Technical and Business Networking 213111. Ra we . 562211. 541340 Drafting Servic es. http://w ww. 78th Street. Re pair. 562910. **Vendor is c apa ble of producing 3 Short Tons of PRP/WAPED Product per 24 hour cycle . Stra tegic Analyses Reports. P. Root Cause and Corrective Action Analysis Reports. 221320. home of the 911th Air Wing. Products are locate d approxima tely 6 miles from the Greater Pittsburgh (PA) International Airport. Joseph A. NAICS: 562910 D nkinsone nterprises.locate d in Colorado. 724-224-2606 Pad (gra nulated/powdere d) w ill treat an a rea of 1/4th mile wide and 1/4th mile long to a thic kness of 1/16th inch and is ideally marsh lands. a nd m Reports. CAD /CA M.. Common renta l e quipment w ork well n/a small business Hybrid GFC NDIR.S. Products are available for tra nsport to 911th Air Wing fa cility for immediately transport/deployment to Gulf Coast Staging Areas or area s designated as Pre-Position Depot by Incident Command Center or On-Scene Coordina tor. Procure ment. 541511. http://w ww. 721110. 55111 Management of Compa nies and Enterprise s. 562910 *These produc ts contain PRP/WAPED with only variation be ing being thickness (Well-Boom is slightly larger than BioSok) a nd shape (Bio-Pad is 24"X 24"X 1"thick). we tlands. 541850 Metals NAICS Code . ga soline and die se l as we ll as Sale s & Busine ss Development by BioLynceus to holding tanks from wash-down areas for heavy equipment. AquaSync has powerful built-in trending.. 25 years as UST/L UST Enforc eme nt/Complianc e Officer with Administrative and Field experience (Sarasota/Manatee County Governments) tasked with oversight of a ll permitting for CERCLA/RCRA/EPA (State/SuperFund Sites) mandates per Florida/EPA statutes in 4 counties. Busine ss Broke ring. LA from Pittsburgh. 5419 Othe r Professional. Have plenty of experience in working with DEP and ACOE for wetland projects. LA 70112 Point of Contact: M iche lle G obert Phone: 504.E nvironmental Division phc @pickupoil. Vie w 'Primary Vendor Submissions'. Le ssons Le arned System Re ports Implementation and O peration. One (1) pound of PRP mitigation. Concept of Operations (COO). 7 models Renvac UK 's #1 manufacturer of positive displacement vacuum systems O'Brie n Ma nufac turing Sewer c leaning trailer mounted jetters Hi-Vac Corporation manufactures a complete line Small Business of standard and customiz ed vacuum and high pressure syste ms Ave nida Suite s. trailers a nd other heavy equipment. E ngineering. T his is e xtremely important as the needs for process efficiencies and the advanc ed infrastructure technologies to support them compete for funding. 237110. By storing the individual gas chroma tograms a s we ll a s the mass spec tral Signs.E : 84. Our Sampling. working with organic. NY 13676 Ralph Grant. and Related Services. LL C 15396 Highw ay 90 Paradis. including barrel and bulk volume. (504) 638-8844 w ww. and kerosene.

Army Corps of E ngineers. produced w ater toxicity 985-646-2787 or 800-966-2788 testing. FL 32409 M ike or Ma ndy M ille r millermarineyachts. West Berlin. Suite A Ne w Ca stle . Environmenta l & Water 236220. labor. Landscaping 1977 NW 5th phone (786) 447-4064 Plac e.Ma x spe ed . Biotechnology. soil. OH 45224 Bioremediation cultures Petrox® is a blend of microbes that are very effective in fa st and safe meta bolism of petrole um hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide a nd water. Can offer solutions on proper equipment sizing and utilization. 888-721-8283 6130 K IT ROAD . IE S has provided services to Fe deral agenc ie s including the U. on the surface and in the air.c om Spill Response and Re mediation Containment and Counterme asure Waste Management Project Ma nagement Site Re stora tion Environme ntal Training Multi-M edia Sampling Emergenc y response. Stephenville. and T C&B ENVIRONME NTAL Constance Michell Thompson (706. IE S’ c ore se rvices include the following: • 24-hour emergenc y response • Site reme diation • Waste management. Site sites. training.Picarro. 331524. All appropriate labor (Commercia l D rivers' Licenses where needed and H azma t trained) for indefinite safe operations 24 hours per 293-6227 number (239) 293-6228.Mark M urphy onsite ana lyses in a mobile labora tory tha t c an be expe rienced che mists. Inc . All Crew members maintain 40 hr. Sc ientific & Consulting Se rvices 541690 O ther Scientific & Technical Consulting 562211 Ha zardous Waste Trea tment & Disposal 562910 Remediation Services n/a SBA Certified 8(a) M inority Ow ned Small Business Delaware based.2 ft dra ft .339113 goggles. female owned. La rge Busine ss (SBA Subc ontracting report on file) n/a small business Southwest Florida auto/marine detailing business detailing SDIX 111 M icha el Jones Pencader D rive. Conduit. lending institutions. 1 office 913-4495656 cell w ww. SIC# 8734. President rgmora@iesolution. and prope r on-site and off-site management. remedial design. groundwate r. Woman owned. Apex professionals inc lude State-registe red Plans. Environme ntal Remedia tion. surface w ater. Strikmiller sediment toxicity Extruded polyethylene foam for flotation of oil spill containment systems (oil boom) Incorporated Company Volvo Heavy Construction Equipment Sales/Renta ls/Se rvice Provides Sales/Servic e/Rentals of Wheel L oaders. TX 76402 T IAE R L ab M ana ger. E mergency Response for the specific purpose of Oil Spill c le anup a nd Containment. Timers. and multi-media sa mpling including 8(a). Pica rro.c om Unde r NAICS Codes 562910. private busine ss. pollution insura nce companies. These me asurements could provide critical information on a number of topic s including: 1) a wide-area me asureme nt of total oil spilled based on dissolved and ambient metha ne re adings 2) an asse ssment of whether the oil spill is / will result in an oxyge n-fre e "dea d zone" in the Gulf 3) an assessment of how quickly oil and other hydro-carbons from a deep w ater well disperse and how they beha ve as they disperse 4) the GHG impa ct of this type of spill a nd how much methane (a powe rful GHG) escapes into the atmosphere after this type of spill. Industrial Service s.7780 M eghan Bhate 205. 562111. Castro (210) 932-3331 Office (210) 336-8717 Cellula r w All forms of personal safety equipme nt. Receptacle s & S witche s. Slidell. blasting.NE T PIPERSVIL LE .c om Petroleum/ Petrochemical Industry. L A 70461 David D anie l or M icha el Efflue nt toxicity te sting. 541330.therea chgroup.. a nd Food Safety markets.sdix. Sr. makes molecular analyzers tha t some le ading researc hers a re using to mea sure the impacts of the BP High pe rformance. La nnan (302) 656-9600 www. M RO Supplies. Our goal is to assure that our customers c ontinue as “good neighbors” to the community by way of a first-rate environme ntal and c ontracting c omplia nce program. Trave l L ift. INC. EPA CLP. E mergency Response Vendor Coordination/ Supervision.S. labor. drilling fluids toxicity testing.ta rleton. Large Company IN NOVATIVE EN VIRONM ENTAL M ICHAE L SCA LZI T ECHNOL OGIES. Nashua.brightfie ldsinc. H UBZone and Small air. geologic Environme ntal Consulting. Suite D. on-site propshop a nd painting contractor. Franklin or Alex E. N ewark.439. FL 34953-4911 construc tion) Biologist/Oce anographe r with toxicology 541620 experienc e Wate r and sediment sa mpling nea r and off-shore Near shore and off shore water a nd se diment 32' sampling boat . Junction 423840 Industrial Supplies M erc hant Wholesalers Boxes. Inc.reducing time. Distributor of Turner TD500D oil in water w ww. 40 hour HAZ WOPER. fe rrous alloys. groundwate r evalua tion a nd remediation certified WBE. L LC M icha el Schutt 5385 personal Guadeloupe Way. 2828 Peachtree Rd. 238990.WESCO Distribution. 331524. Registe red Professional Enginee rs. SDIX has deve loped antibodies whic h adva nce its customers’ immuno-ba se d work . (219) 939-5000 (O ffic e) (219) 406-4113 (Cell) (800) 490-7334 (24-Hour E mergency Response) http://w ww. radioac tive mixed w astes. Ape x employs all the te chnical specialists n/a required to evaluate damaged ecosystems a nd plan and de sign a ctions to restore the ha bitat. We can perform NCP dispersant toxicity test and closed Gas industry. D atacomm. Our company focuses on the sa fe Emergenc y Spill Organic Brothe rs Maintenanc e S ervice U lysses Ruffin ce ll IE S is a small business under NAICS 562910. aluminum and miscellaneous nonvolume production. installation. and support Private Company Pica rro. Currently HASWOPE R c ertifie d. and project mana gement • Phase I and II Environmenta l Site Assessments • E nvironmental safety a nd occ upational health a nd industrial hygiene • E nvironmental planning and pe rmitting soil/air/water. 14474 Commerce Way. TX 78226-1815 On-site and Off-site Haz ardous and NonHazardous Waste M anage ment Transporta tion Testing/Analysis 24/7 Emergenc y Spill Response Remediation and Abatement A ndrew F.ascvolvo. Engineering & Regula tory Compliance. We are a large scale sediment toxicity Gulf coa st and internationa l te sting for the Oil and We are a small business laboratory and w ith 23 plus yea rs experie nce in effluent testing. school distric ts. Off-Roa d Dumps. Motor G raders. is a priva tely owne d corporation of professionals with diverse Consulting: backgrounds in all areas of environmental management. including feasibility studies of innovative remedial te chnologies. machine tool. boom anchors and lights. Lucie. fax (239) 596-4800 (239) business Supplying Trained. G rounding Devic es. Atlanta. demolition and site restoration. 237990. SBA 8(a) certified. testing of drilling fluids. Projects have included emerge ncy spill response and re mediation. Florida 33136-1235 w ww.L. inve stigation. sorbents. We provide high quality laboratory employing 35 plus local bottle biodegradation testing of same. Paul. Regula tory Compliance E nvironmental John Tice M onitoring Consultants. Pe trox can be a vailable within 72 hours. 541690. 225 West Station Squa re Drive. Wiring Supplies and Relate d Equipment M erchant Whole sa le rs products. Hydrola b -w .24 hr. Geologists. (Mobile) 402-202-5557 1444 SW E mail: jttice@gmail. Switchgear. 562998 a nd 238990. E nclosures.55+ knots 50 M cable and Vandorn wate r samplers) Cruising speed 25 knots Can mana ge or be assigned to a S CAT team beachable if nec essa ry (Shoreline Clea nup Assessment T ea m).bldgdiagnostic s. swale dredging and railroad culvert replacement. boratory. D epa rtme nt of Defense Na tional Stockpile Center Baton Rouge a nd Hammond Depots. SDIX is a biote chnology company. Eutectic is locate d in M etro-D etroit. Circuit Breakers. Way.S. coveralls.362. 331528. Cable.362. Lamps (bulbs) and L ight Fixture s.c om 4 (four) HXX Supe r Suc ker Industrial Vac uum Capability to deploy barge mounted vac uum truck equipment upon request Loade r trucks with skimmers. Tape. Our NA ICS code is 54199. and financ ial and economic analysis. M iami. Certified Crew and equipment Small. Se curity 423610 E lectrical Apparatus and Equipme nt.7780 w ww.cherokeecorp. Sunnyvale. CPA 1-800-864-1506 w ww. 541990. GA 30305-5113 M icha el J. Surfac e P reparation. 423690 O ther Electronic Parts and E quipment Merchant Wholesalers Conne ctors & Lugs. c an perform Tota l Pe troleum Hydrocarbons or other a nalyses a s needed. Army Reserve. DE 19720 Charles Morrow p) 302-654-1340 f) 302-654-1058 c) 971-570-0620 ww w. We are curre ntly applying for HU BZone Ce rtific ation. Sandblasting and Surface Preparation. Small Business certified Civil Heavy Construction. disposal and recyc ling • U nderground storage tank decommissioning • E xca vation. Felix Oil spill containment system flotation Polyethylene foam extrusion Cheroke e Ente rprises. All types of he avy construction and earth moving equipment. installation. transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous w aste using the Site remedia tion. Inc. We w ill work in conjunc tion with mutual BP contractor The Re ach G roup (www. Additional Certification by LE LAP in L ouisiana for drilling fluids toxicity. remediation technologies.with trailer a nd equipment: sampling as nee ded (duplicate GPS. E nvironmental and Geologic Apex E nvirotech. Ha zwoper/ Confined Space training. D avison De troit. food service. surfac e and subsurface pollution assessments Restoration. 30 L ukens Drive . CA 94085 M ark Davis (VP) 408-802-8304 (ce ll) 408-962-3936 (office) ww 313- Small business Inve stment c asting foundry capable of high or low Me tal castings manufactured from carbon and low alloy ste els. e xt. IE T-INC. Skid Ste ers.6800 PO C:M icha el Sparks 281. Certified Environme ntal M ana gers. 237120. mechanic al.S. LL C 5217 5th Avenue South Birmingham. We are ce rtified by NEL AC in Louisiana. NAICA Codes: 331512. IES is curre ntly providing drinking w ater laboratory support services for the EPA AWBERC TSC la boratorie s. 541990. Z-Core E nvironmental & Contra cting Services an SBA Z-CORE E NVIRO NME NTAL provides 24/7 8(a) Certified company offering a full range of environmental and contracting service s. DBE D isa dvanta ged Business Enterprise . D epa rtment of Interior including the National Park Servic e Indiana D unes National L akeshore. MRO products.c om E utec tic E ngineering Investme nt Casting Foundry 6350 E .globalprotectionusa. Suite 100. FL 34119.L ou Schiliro – Direc tor of 07F-0042V O perations 609-313444 Kelley D rive.).com Patricia Avenue RCEM C. biodegra dation testing. L oca ted in North bay of Panama City FL Amerinova L LC – GSA Contrac t G S. SBE Universal Environmenta l Technologie s M ark Jennings 87 Technology mjennings@ue Toxicity and Conta minant De tection Technologies A small busine ss under NA ICS 334516. Box T0410. Apex personnel have e xperie nce w orking under regional contra cts a nd "partnering" agree ments w ith major oil companies. We work close ly with ocea nographers John Kessler and D avid Valentine to provide them with tec hnology to instrumentation methane ratios measure methane plume s in the wa ter column. Subcontractor service s have been provided on behalf of Federal agencies including the U. U. Wilmington. Hazmat Emergency Response for Oil Spill 24 hr. equipme nt and Ma ts (DURA-BA SE) designed for expedient c onstruction of te mporary access and operation sites in wetland e nvironments. SBA/M BE M inority Business Enterprise State of Texas – HUB 561740 and 561790 Service D isa ble Veteran Ow ned and Hubz one Busine ss Service .. Nomaco E ngine ered Foa m Solutions John Montgomery – National 3006 A ccounts M ana ger Anaconda Rd. Inc. TX 77381 281. Health ans d Sa fety monitoring. Surge & Pow er Protection. nickel based alloys. 541330. Construction Manageme nt & Inspection E nvironmental & Wate r Resource s M ana gement Small Busine ss Concern 8(a) and Remediation Firm 39 Star.302-456-6789 x21255 3322 www. Cleanup and M itigation. Compact Whe el Loade rs. For the Slidell area for synthetic ba se fluid and the N CP program. 562998. Hand & Power Tools. Emergency Environmenta l Assessors. and an endless list of manufacturing applic ations. Transformers. Certified Asbestos Inspec tors/M ana gement Planners. Wire. Compact Excavators. D OE & D OD contra cts. soil. Inc . Texa s) San Antonio. and other private -and public-sec tor e nterprises. site Engineering. Naple s. Safety Equipment NAICS . innovative and effective immuno-solutions to the Pharma ceutic al. oil and grea se 1664 method analysis. 236210 Resources. Perullo.S. Racewa y. Tarboro. 561210. Excavators.S. First Aid training a nd sta y in compliance with OSHA. 2007 annual sa les w ere approximately $6 billion. Controls. Environmenta l Site Assessments. LLC 303 Clarence Tinker Dr. Primary Media or Technical E mphasis. (Apex). these will be used for cleaning and to control a nd gather oil. Environmental Protection Agenc y (E PA) Region 5. It ha s been approved and used in all of the gulf states. a nd 237990.eutectic eng. 913L eawood. For 20 years. 30906 Fueltankblasting@aol. We are a small. 3rd Floor. M ike Muffler. U. Inc. We ha ve the ability to procure 6 (six) supplementa l Super Suckers upon demonstrated nee d or re Clean Up Execution & Project Management Americ an Ow ned Sma ll Business Ente rprise ASC Construction Equipment USA Inc 3240 M offett Roa d Mobile. produced water and people who are predominate ly Texas and Florida. 238910. sta tic sheen kits. and groundwater Spill Response. L LC 7550 E ast Melton Roa d Ga ry. NH 03060 603 233-9701 or 603 883-9312 uete nvirosys. Ma in lab is NE LAC 254fitted with analytical equipment from the main lab. FIFRA Regulatory Complia nce . independent jobbers. agricultural. Offering supervision. Remedial Design and enginee ring consulting. scientists. Relays. and support n/a Oil spill remediation system design. 624230.organicbrothersmaint. Augusta. we are one of the la rge r small businesses c ontributing heavily to the Boy Sc outs a nd Ducks U nlimited. T ransportation and D isposa l most practical wa ste manage ment to ensure a safe opera ting M id-Atlantic E nvironmental L abora torie s. former nuclea r plant environmental chemist. computer engineering. a quatic life toxic ology studies a nd monitoring. de lineation a nd remedia tion of impa cted media Primary NAICS 541620 T raining. E nvironmental Enterprises USA Inc 58485 Pearl Acres Methane Measurement System for liquids and Our company. etc... N C 27886 803-727-7049 www. Wetlands acce ss and ope rations pe rsonnel for expedient c onstruction of te mporary access roads and operational site s into wetla nd environments. carpe ntry. Thomas E.39Sta r. Department of Housing and Urba n Development to va rious large Prime Contractors. Apex also spe cializes in manage ment of solid and haz ardous wastes. Not c urrently ISC qualified but will take this training if needed. Kansa s 66224 685-2928. diesel. H UBZone area . Small USA Company M iller Ma rine Yacht S ervice Inc. Mia mi La kes. NEL AC. Sa ndbla sting a nd PPE training.L arge Heavy Equipment Specialists experienced in site prep and e arthmoving. and costs w hile incre asing accuracy and relia bility of re sults. Sanchez (305) 828-3353 w ww. expe rt at cre ating advantage by providing a Water and Soil broad range of quality. Cable Ties & M arkers. Petroleum/ Pe trochemical Bulk Storage Tank Cle aning. #6 oil. Aquatic toxicity testing laboratory spe cializing in oilfie ld re la ted require ments. PA 18947 IN-SITU/EX-SITU REMEDIATION 562910 REMEDIATION S CORP CL Solutions 3130 H ighland Ave. ele ctronics and elec trical shop. and e nvironmental manageme nt and ove rsight. Community Support and reme diation. Z -CORE EN VIRONM ENT AL & CONT RACTIN G SERVICES. N W.we sc o. Suite 106 Port San Antonio (formerly Kelly AFB. spill cleanup. G SA contract numbe r: GS07F0136U Apex E Oil spill remediation system design. 4 (four) floating transport barges to deploy the trucks ove r water or at shore side Pontoon equipped pressure w ash wa nds. acc redited for many analyses and part of EPA’s Emergenc y Response L abora tory Network 968-7185 http://tia er. preliminary site assessments. As a Prime Contrac tor. Mora.zc oreservices. 201 St. NJ 8134 08091 w ww.439.nomac o. 801 Industrial Street. Indiana Ralph G. 7141 G rassy Point Rd Southport. Fans & Ventilation. Re porting. e ach piece of equipment is c apa ble of collecting approxima tely 70 ba rrels per hour of oil/w ater mixture which would be taken to appointe d staging areas or wherever direc ted. all with years of expe rience and expertise in working with unde rground storage tank Waste Management for Soils and Wastewaters. wome n. duct tape respirators. PA 15219 Electrical. Application of bioreme diation in sensitive area s to minimize ecological damage and remove hydroca rbons w ith out collatera l damage to the ecosystem. storage. Fittings & Fasteners.6800 K eith Pea rson 281. a nd computer modeling. Cincinnati.apexenvirotec h.6830 w ww. IES’ secondary NAICS Codes are 541620. Inc. Government Sale s M ana ger 919424-7471 w ww. and the U . the Federa l Aviation Administration. easy to use scientific ga se s for both me thane conc entrations and isotopic Oil Spill. Vic e President 1920 W 143rd St.c om On The Spot "Mobile" Deta iling. M anage r ha s ove r 25 yea rs N/A. Pittsburgh. Monitoring. NCP testing Ne wpa rk M ats & Integrated Services L LC 2700 Resea rch Forest D r. 562998. sediment. Vacuum T ruc k Services. 562910. 541690. Confined Spa ce Entry w ith SE RVICE S 3315 945-2598) Cleanup a nd Containment specifically for the Supplied Air (SCUBA Brea thing Air Syste m). H eavy Duty Rake s. and is the nation's largest provide r of integra te d supply services. Building Diagnostics & Property Scie nce. repair and operating (MRO) supplies. Suite 700. underground storage ta nk removal and re (site unde r Port St. AL 35212 Commissioning Indoor Air Quality Traditiona l Environme ntal Property Conditoin/Building E nvelope 541350 Building a nd Inspection Se rvic es 541360 G eophysical Surveying & Mapping Se rvices 541380 Testing L abora torie s 541618 O ther Management Consulting Servic es 541620 E nvironmental Consulting Servic es 541990 All Other Professional. Water Quality a nd Environmenta l Remediation Diagnostics. DE 19801 M ark A. DE 19702. Woman owned to assist in the c leanup a nd containment of Business Petroleum/ Petrochemical relate d products (gas. Vacuum Truck Gibson Rd. full-service environmental lab NAICS 541380 n/a minority/disadva ntaged business Josh Bhate 205. Eutectic supplies the aircra ft. Buc kets. Alabama 36607 M ill Pe nny 850-305-3497 www. Registered Soil M ana gement Pla ns.362. 480 Oakmead Parkway. Disadvantaged Busine sses and waters of the United States Texas Institute for Applied E nvironmental Re se arch (T IAE R) Tarleton State usa. EPA and D OT Regulations. Over 80% of our income come s from the Offshore G ulf of M exic o Oil & G as Industry. public university experienc e in laboratory mana gement including haz ardous waste. Ga. E nvironmental Compliance Assistance Small Busine ss Establishe d 11 Jan 2010 Industrial & Environmenta l Se rvic es. CE RCL A. FL 33016 Christine E . a nd waste treatment/disposal alterna solution. Ste 100 T he Woodlands. sediment. site preparation a nd site restoration • Industrial cleaning and decontamina tion • Brownfields asse ssment. L.newparkmats.maelinc. 275-da y biodegrada tion tests various produc ed to be used ove r the w ater. Z -Core observes its reputation by maintaining safe a nd effic ient work practices in a ll a spects of its e nvironmental and contra cting ml BrightFields. Small business M ic hae l Sa ul 513-475-6625 www.. Cleaning of Bulk Storage Tanks.C. WE SCO Distribution is a leading distributor of Large Business electrical construction products and electrical and industrial maintenanc e. w Full service boa t repair fa cility with a n 88 ton travel lift yacht service small business Web or phone Minority. M I 48212 313-892-2248 phone 313-892-5253 fax Charles Baer 892-2248 x 205 w ww. 562112. RCRA.

Used in subsurface bioremedia tion. Pow er & U PS. Vertical lathe—52” table. Flare stacks pipe ing .331315 produce quality products is a short amount of time. optic laser table. however. John R. Barnard & Assoc ia tes. construction manage ment.jbajax. Sorb-M ax is hydrophobic and environmenta lly safe. E nvironmental Veteran and Native American Spec ialists/E ngineers. NAICS Codes: We provide ma inly unemployed prior military la borers a nd construction e quipment to assist with disaster remedia tion se rvices. Web.Nipples & Swages: Carbon Ste el. Asbestos abatement is done Fax: (585) 657-6953 Wayland. We also have a design and engineering de partment. Step 3: medium te rm reme diation syste ms using modula r DIA FORCE units that will operate for at least 5 years. Reduc ing S ocket. Street. 624230. site w ork. volatile s. 562910. Suite 370 Houston. 562910. remediation. GN DR “ Global Natura l D isa ste r Kw ame M cDowell-CE O Recovery Se rvices. studies. N IACS code s: 336611.vanhoutte @usa. the population of naturally occurring pe trole um degra ding miciroorganisms will greatly increase to digest the oil by utilizing the nutrients within the E OS-24. Sorb-Max can absorb up to 100 times its w eight. Flanges: Weld Ne cks. Ca ble. Depending specifically designed for oil spill c lean up. Alloy. surface wa ter impacts. small business CONST RU CT CO RPS L LC 5301 WEST CYPRESS ST RE ET SUITE 105 . Florida 32210 Ventrex E nvironmental Services P. M inority & Veteran.julien-engineering.O. there by beginning the emulsifica tion of the oil. 4446 O ld Winter Ga rden Road.VANHOUT TE @SBAE 407-648-2891 SBAE Industries Hooiwege 40 B 9940 Sle idinge Belgium K oen Vanhoutte + 32 (0) 485 Bioremediation by micro-algae. ge neral impacts to the overa ll la ndscape. Suite 1045.ramos@sba . Projects are developed with an awarene ss of the c lient’s ne eds as well as possible environmenta l a nd economic impac ts. 541380. Elbows. Florida w ithin c lose proximity of the entire Florida coastline as well as Alabama. 811310. L ithonia. L ow Temp. Step 2: roll out of first mobile DIA FORCE continuous flow units (>100 m²/35. Hea lth Dept approved. CNC forming a nd bending. state and local R u C t i o n g R o u p. Sa rasota .E. Sorb-Ma x is specifically made to removal of petrole um liquids from the wa ter. Due to our c ompany being a small and pow der coa ting. Wire. and large busine sses where a ppropriate to fulfill the contract. PA 15212 (offices loc ated a long the East Coast) K arl Kaluhiokalani 800-509-3035 (ofc) 412-367-1079 (fax) kka lani@rrchillmann. Furniture . standards for qua lity and content. 4453 Shirle y Avenue Jacksonville. Sampling surviving mic ro-algae and deposition in culture collections to preserve genetic diversity. INC. Security Equipme nt. 3520 Ge neral DeGa ulle Drive. Jack DiGangi Inc. oversight. Bridge Construction 237990 Other He avy & Civil Enginee ring Construction 238910 Site Prepa ration Contractors 541620 Environmenta l Consulting Services 562910 Environmenta l Remediation Services commercial company n/a Federa l 8(a ).332721. mana gement of ope rations for marine and industrial environmenta l heavy duty clea n up front end loads 6 fork lifts command traile rs camping / living trailers with Internet/ phone /fax 25. 722212 SUN BE LT SHAVINGS. Americ an Indian O wne d Company. state. He avy Equipment. Innovative Remediation Technologies. O SHA c ertifie d Supervisors with H azWope r training. ne gotiated a nd time Phone: (585) 657-4223 P. and disa ste r response services primarily utilizing inhouse se rvices supplemented by teaming rela tionships w ith well known large Fede ral Contra ctors under programs authoriz ed by the SBA and FAR. Inc Kerwin E . Individual petroleum de grading bacte ria the n engulf the tiny solublized petroleum micelles for use within the ba cteria a s food for e nergy a nd production of a dditional bacteria c ells. Electrical. we are a ble to NAICS codes: 333299. Allyn Brooks-La Sure Phone: 202-564-8368 Email: Hydrophobic oil absorbent pads and booms Sorb-Ma x pads and booms are made of statically charged hollow silica pipettes. Construction our te aming partners. Biloxi. Box 6202 Fort Worth. 722310. Box 485 and ma terial projects. E CG w ill not e ndorse or support 585-657-6953 (fax) employees who choose not to follow a ll health and safety regula tions a nd guide lines.COM Americ an Safety & Environmental Servic es 26 Florey Lake Kilgore T exas 75662 Charles A. Cap. It does not conta in any appre ciable amounts of the nutrients ne cessary to support biologic al growth. proje cts. & L ow Tempe rature. College Certificated and Degre es n/a Small business 561720. Environmenta l Construction G roup has the ability to complete proj ects involving a va riety of tasks a nd brings to the table a competitive nic he to clients seeking to decommission facilities. 488390. shearing facility. Robinson Street. Industrial scrubber units (DIAFO RCE ) koe n.Hartka@TJHInte rnational. Sr.000psi 11 Wet/dry vacuum truck and ta nker service 12 Tank clea ning technologie s 13 Industria l c leaning a nd vac uuming 14 Tank re mova l construction large buisness (ECG) E nvironmental Construc tion John Feathers Environme ntal Construction Group provides Group 4 1 9 w e s t s Proje ct M anage r asbe stos and lead a bate ment se rvices ranging from tat e s t R e e t E nvironmental Construc tion Group. Step 4: Ongoing monitoring studies to evaluate eco-system restoration. e nginee ring.innrt. L eslie Clauson 2637 Pa rk View Dr. professional inte grity and a commitment to providing quality servic es. Inc. mana gement of disposal issues.flintusa. 562111. Blinds. re medial action design. Scre wed & Soc ket Weld. a nalysis. HUBZone . Electronic & of pe rformance. MISSISSIPPI (cell) JOH N THOM AS – (662) 425-6254 (cell) Our primary me dia has bee n our face to face marke ting strategy and re ferrals. Smith 1705 E St. Structured Ca bling Technology deployment: Step 1: damage assessment to the indigenous micro-algae flora and forecast modeling of the n/a expa nsion of the D ead Z one. and the rela tively insoluble target contamina nt.000 psi. consulting. reports. Suite 1270 O rlando. The produc t c arries w ith it the essential. company formed and opera ted on the petrole um liquid.5126 w Oil containme nt and shoreline protection products Containment booms w/skirt (large quantity in inventory) Oil absorbent mat that can be sewn together on-site to prote ct bea ches (a bsorbs oil and prote cts the underlying sand from conta mination) Oil absorbent skirt that can be atta che d to existing containme nt booms or dredge pipe (can be made in varying w idths) La rge sandbags (heavy duty & can be lifted by crane or he licopter) Hydraulic ally filled large sandbags Geotextile tubes Roll-off container liners and dewa tering bags . Wright. Face Book-Post Disaster Planning Certified M inority Busine ss AA (M ale) Teamed w ith MBE (Woman owned business for contracting service s)..Sorb-M ax L LC 14340 Torrey Chase Blvd. 237990. Suite 311 Pittsburgh. LLC WIL LIAM A. FL 32801 jose.Bolting. good w orking w ww. environmental fie lds of environmental remediation. Environme ntal He alth and Construction M gmt. FL 32811 Jose Ramos 200 E. Suite 101 We can provide a ssistance on engineering ana lysis We are loc ated in Ja cksonville. liquid transfer. and L ouisiana . but the product should fa ll under 562910 for oil spill remediation.000 feet of boom in our sa fety 541620 562910 541330 333132 (903) 522-0350 and environme ntal trailers we have 10 trackhoes americansa fetya ndenvironme ntalser and 10 dozer 15 tractors with 6 way blades and vices. trained and genera l la bor. Florida 34236 Bill Herlihy (941) 993-9537 Disaster Relief Catering Disaster relief c atering with complete field kitc hen opera tion capable of serving 7500 meals/day NAICS CO DES: Ted H artka + 1 (410)336 4163 WWW. LA. a nd hea lth & safety mana gement. and Late rals. Houston. & Gaske ts: Stud Bolts. PO Box 2281.I. Nus. n Y 1 4 4 1 1 Inc. In business since 1995. cell 5037575108 w ww. Strict compliance to he alth and safety and a disciplina ry program that is c losely followed plac es E CG as a le ade r in the industrial se rvices field. West Vinton IA 52349 319 472-5224 Fax: 319 472-5115 Karen Smith— Government Sale s specialist w ww. Fa ste ners. Bonita La cyGA 30058 Contracting and Complianc e 404-664-3705 Disaster Remediation and Construction Services Description of Produc ts.491.c om Pipe & Tubing: Welde d and Sea mless Carbon & n/a Stainle ss Steel. L LC” 678-754-5206 787 Woodstone Road. FDOT DBE . e n v i R o n m e n ta l C o n s t 585-815-5010 (ce ll) complianc e with applic able federal. organic n/a compounds that conta in the nutrients nece ssary to degra de oil that is emulsified. H azwope r and construc tion worke rs. produc ts and service s for the remediation and restoration of both aquatic and terrestrial environme nts. President & CEO 4433 South Dr. C o m 585-657-4223 (phone) regula tions. asse ssment of public works related facilities that groundwa ter. 541690 n/a small business Contractor Name: Evans Consolidated PO C: Jose ph M.. M etter. (281) 326-1979 Office (770) 826-6413 Cell kary@w rightgs. MS 39531 Le slie Clauson 228-594-0704 Full Service M obile Catering. all of one of which is a deep sea drone. Omo-Set M . P. specifications. Softwa re. Florida 33595 K evin Simmons-President (813) 657-0747 w ww. Stainless Steel. n/a Americ an Indian O wne d business w ww. Plumbing Supplies. Tx. 423990 n/a SUN BE LT SH AVINGS. 236220. Scie ntific Instruments. wate r. Alloy. Stub Ends. biological destruction. 561790 manageme nt of operations for marine a nd industrial environmental he avy duty clean up se rvices. Armands Circ le. pla ns. environme ntal re Environme ntal friendly a gents for ha zardous waste de grada tion and removal. O ffice 504. disaster response/planning. REA Re medial Solutions is a n 8(a) e nvironmental and construction firm with capabilitie s to provide soil and water sa mpling. Long Weld N ecks Studding Outlets. Afric an Americ an http://w ww. Construction Mate rial. AIW provides a variety of insta llation and ma intenance services. Our emphasis is on technology.idealii. NAICS Codes: 624230 Self E mployed Busine ss Ow ner >20 years FAMILY OWNE D BUSINESS LO CATE D IN RURAL M ISSISSIPPI. Professional Enginee rs. Ide al is also a deale r of Peerle ss Chain products such as “BlackCat Spinning cha in. FLORID A 33607 JOHN VALE NTI. He x Plug.000 litre s). P. Tees Reduce rs. n/a n/a Powerjet Technologies Inc. On a molecular level. n/a remediation. Butt Weld F ittings. and underground c onstruction. RE A Remedia l Solutions performs projects construction with technica l expertise. H oralia Rodriguez 682-224-2814 www. beaches. L illian St. w ith an emphasis on technology and de fense. hydro-bla sting 10.O. Julien.CONSTRUCT CO RPS.. Swing-Che ck n/a RRC/Hillmann 700 River Ave nue. TX 76115 John R. engineers. We can loca te anywhere and move with a cre w. EOS-24 is specifica lly formula te d to e mulsify oil EOS-24 is specifically formulated to emulsify oil to grea tly inc rease the surface area exposure for biologica l destruction. Evans Industries PO C#: 318-205-9007 5407 Shasta Dr. T he mobile unit can be deploye d on land or on boat (flat bottom). 221320. scie ntist for REA Remedial Solutions is a team of environme nt construction personnel.NATION AL SKIL LED L ABOR CRE WS FOR OIL SPILL SA LES DIRECTOR CLEA N UP 866-532-6777 E XT. and fe deral age ncie s • Fore cast a nd simulation mode ling • Compliance Monitoring • Phase 1 and 2 Environmenta l Assessments • Waste stream manage ment and minimization. WO ULD LIKE TO SU BM IT SH AVIN GS FROM OUR PLA NT WHICH ARE PRODUCED FROM 100% CELL ULO US FIBER DE RIVED FROM LOBLO LLY PINE TRE ES. We spe cialize in e nvironmental asse ssments. EOS-24 ha s prove n to easily form mic elles. Our NA ICS codes are : 236210 Industrial Building Construc tion 236220 Commercial & Institutional Building Construc tion 237110 Water and Sewe r Line and Related Structures 237310 Highwa y. 238910. NAICS: 541620. L. LA 70114 Audio Visual Equipment.reme dialsolutions. and scientists w ith expe rtise in the 541330 engineering African-A merican owned and operated. Barnard. Formation of micelle s is understood to significa ntly e nhance bioremediation of petroleum a nd petrochemical contaminants within soil and groundwater by grea tly inc reasing the surface are a contact between the w ater pha se . 71112 evansconsolidatedindustries. Dedicated to the a pplication of adva nced technologies. 562112. Ne w Orlea ns.rrcconsulting. labor for hand re mova l of materia l. E OS-24 offers excellent solubilization and desorption of contamina nts in soil and groundwater. Lap Joints Valves: Gate. in addition to having the ability to provide personnel who a re familiar w ith the dispe rsing our divisions. parks. re sources that are local to the pla ce Mac hinery. sampling. EOS-24 thus greatly improves the condition for biological destruction of oil by naturally occurring microorganisms. lump sum bid a l b i o n.332322. M S. Ce rtifie d Industria l participating under a n Hygienists and Safety Julie n Engineering & Consulting. disaster preparedness and restoration. Cell etc) w ww.C. We provide skille d laborers with Hazmat. Slip-On. Square Plug.c om Environme ntal engineering. E OS-24 does not contain any inorganic phosphorus or nitrogen compounds.c om A. water cleanup. Pressure Fittings & Outlets. where the petrole um degrading bacteria actua lly live.222 CELL :813-477-5524 WWW. Identify treatment sites and engineering of large sc ale DIA FORCE treatment fa cilities. EOS-24 sa tisfies these needs w hile also gre atly increasing the surface area for destruction through emulsification. 72210. 90 Street Elbow. ta nk and boiler wa shing. We provide our ow n personnel as well as utilize Computer Ha rdware .COM CONST RU CT CO RPS PROVIDE S SK ILL ED TRAD ESPEO PLE TH ROUGHO UT THE CO NSTRUCTION IN DUST We are a pre cision fabrica tion/manufacturing Ideal has CN C M illing—up to 84” ta ble.000 feet of boom / eco friendly dissolvent 300 plus bales of ha ys under water cameras 6 boats with gps onboard. • Dispersants • Fluctua nts • Bio-ba se d fuels and lubric ants Emergency spill response • H azardous and non-hazardous waste collection and treatment • Remediation (land. NY 14572 in strict ww w. Ne tw ork E quipment. RRC/Hillmann ha s a full complement of 8(a) Certified. Tee. GA 30439 Joe Smallw ood 912-685-3375 912-682-2511 w ww.allyn@epa. 541620.vac trucks 15 dump trucks and trailers that I ha ve incased with a plastic line r to prevent le aka ge of ma terials we also have 20 roll back dumps tha t are 41 cy that are equiped the same way that the dump trucks and dump traile rs are H2S ga s monitors a s we ll a nd other gas monitors we ca n also provided safety training. sonar imaging. TX 77014 Connor O’Boyle 281-895-6632 w ww. O. ecosystem) • O n-site coordination w ith local. Service s. Website: Bossier City. We have se veral experimental products.rrchillmann. We do not have an official NAICS c ode. refined petroc hemicals and oil forms of oil based compounds. oil is primarily ma de of carbon. We can immediately assistance. 39232 ECI c urrently operates six divisions. Full Service kitchen Trailers. c reating a strong capillary action which The primary emphasis for Sorb-Max is the Sorb-M ax L LC is a privately pulls pe troche micals from the w ater. Globe . 90 E lbow. State of Florida MBE. busine ss without a set product line. Robinson JR 24hr Cell We ha ve ove r 25.pow erje tte sha llow wa ter dredging. It is owned limited liability absorb light and heavy oil. 1045 Flynt Dr. 722320 AND 722330 Catering Small Florida Business Disadvantaged Busine ss. Valrico. Caps. Capabilities.sorb-max. Mississippi Our primary technic al emphasis would be of environmental da mage. It is manufactured in Germany to exa cting in T exas. liquefied gas. Inc. ma rsh area and would be impacte d by the oil spill. Che mical Analyst. Hex Bushing. small business Emergency Team Responders 431 St. (904) 387-2025 Fax (904) 387-1811 w ww. Half Socket Coupling.SBAEINDUST ntrex- Environmental Remediation HAZWOPER 1 year e xperie nce environmenta l reme diation. Petroleum de grading bacteria are known to further enhance the de grada tion process by produc ing additional surfac tants of their own to further enha nce the solublization of petrole um. E ye Bolts. 562998.FUL LY TOO LED W/ANY AND ALL CERTIFICATIONS REQ UIRED BY LAW. Bacte ria will not grow to any signific ant destructive le vels at the oil/wa ter interfa ce in an oil spill event bec ause of a general lack of these esse ntial nutritional ne eds. 77053 RRC/H illmann offers a complete range of e nvironmental. aid in supplying emergency equipme nt and supplies as w mergen cy_c atering/ Wright Global Solutions LL C K ary B. Once emulsifica tion oc curs. REA Reme dial Solutions. 3624 SE 40th ave. alloy c hain and alloy products. can be of grea t materials and have an inna te capa bility to avoid any and all hea lth issues that may be associa ted them.366. lab services. The product dissolves into the oil rapidly carrying w ater with it. licensed and insure d. we be lieve .com Flint Industries 1040 E . to greatly increase the surface area exposure for EO S-24 has proven to easily form mice lles. marine c hain. Socket-Weld. mobile algae 611406 koen. unit price contracts. 2Vessels and 2-Captains.c afeleurope. 541330. Fiber. asse ssment.3454 inspection. excavation. 238220. Gradual re -introduction of indige nous micro-algal spec ies that have been sa ved during ‘step 1’. water-air a nd soil sampling. E OS-24 must be spraye d directly onto the contamina ted surface . “ BILL ” THOM AS – 100% CELLULOUS DRY PRODUCT POST O FFICE BOX 68 (662) 425-6266 SHU QUAL AK. # 24 Portland Oregon 97202-1777 John M Johnson owner/ president Heavy-duty marine and industrial environme ntal 503-432-8513 clean up. Box 824 717-359-1915 Westminster MD 21158 w ww. 562910 es. Facility dec ommissioning and decontamination services include: 1 Asbestos Abatement 2 L ead Abatement 3 M old Reme diation 4 PCB Removal 5 D emolition (Sele ctive a nd Structural) 6 Surface Prepa ration 7 Aggregate or Sand Bla sting 8 Proc ess piping c leaning and removal 9 E quipment salvage and surplus services 10 spec ialty coatings 10 High-pressure washing a nd blasting to 36. PE Civil and Structural E ngine ering (design.globalnaturaldisaster. Machine Bolts. Micro Biologist. Ha zardous approved Mentor/Protégé and Materials Spec ialists and Ge otec hnical Specialists Joint Venture agreement capable of meeting the requireme nt to a ddress environmental impact incide nts Karen L .

Preside nt 14474 Commerce Way. heavy equipment. 561320.218.home turfseeding. EPA 8260 2. Oil Containment/Transport Vessels. 541613-M arketing Consulting Se rvices 9. migratory birds. We offe r turnkey servic e for all of our products w orldw ide and have installation tea ms ready to deploy within 24 hours of award notice .000 feet of harbor boom. PE . 541860-Direc t M ail Advertising 11. Inc.3 % of T PH in 4 hours. M D. (E nvironmental Engineering Services). Middle class Scie ntific Industrial Enterprise K irill Filatov “E CONAD” +38 (0482) 349-653. Peat Sorb is a sorbent materia l a nd consists solely of the materials listed in section 300. Texas 78734 Carlos Swonke 512. Home T urf LLC Joe Vazquez 621 Forest Mea dow Court. M adison’s contracts are genera lly inc luded in one of seven categories: • D isa ster Assistance • G rounds Ma intenance • Custodial Service • O perations and Maintenance Service • Food Services and Catering • Job Orde r Contracts • M ilitary Fa mily H ousing Maintenance Total Small Business Advanc ed E nvironmental Consultants. Fish and Wildlife Service . Port St. Opera tions & Maintenanc e Ma dison Service s.9038 deTorres 1. remediation. trainings.First Ame rican Printing and Direct M ail Ocea n Springs. sample Baltimore. Santa Fe Springs. owner 432 528-4374 http://w ww. Organic Oil Absorbent. call centers http://www. Inc. 562910 (Environmenta l Remediation). Orlando. 916 W. aba tement. aluminum a nd 356-4000 ga lvanized. a nd. Bacteria that form the basis of the preparation “ ECONAD IN” are superdestructors of “Econadin” for oil spills elimination. coastal marsh and seagrass John E. x-inc. boundary surve ys. H ydroca rbon C lea nup a nd Reme di ation . (Headquarters) 12412 San Jose Boulevard. general laborers. Complete information a bout biopre paration “E conadin” and its adva ntages please find attac hed. n/a Small Business E coSa fe Services LL C 2000 East Edgewood Drive. and Work Place Safety Ite ms. de sorption of oil products is lac king.E npro. 323119-Other Commercia l Printing 5.militaryshelterflooring.0002 M cNeill 601. 561110. 1101 Joseph Starr Raleigh. 9045 Junction D rive Annapolis. Suite 200 Austin. H abita t assessments. Inc . data evaluations and in recommending practic al solutions to solve difficult te chnical sample collection audits. D irector of Operations Tel: (919) 873-2204 ext. Ukraine-65026.: +38(0482)349-653. 323110-Comme rcial Printing 2. AU10 through AU17 Printing and Dire ct Mail. sa mpling. mats) Oil Spill Elimination Environme ntal Remedia tion Services (Bioremedia tion Technologies for Contaminate d La nd and Water Objects) Project Ma nagement Scientific and advisory w ww. Lucie FL NEL AP Acc redited E nvironmental Lab Testing Services Environme ntal Response L aboratory Network (ERL N) member 1. 326111/ 339113/326199/339115 Federal Government Small Busine ss GSA # GS07F-5864R Ceyhinz Link International. FL. microbiologic al asse ssment. Jacqui Joubert-Young/Keesha Joubert (713) 5892711 (832) 4502254 (832) 887-1999 Administrative Support. Alta monte www. n/a NATM Certified Middle SES B & D M arine 3501 Industrial 29th Street. Mitigation pla nning and monitoring.madisonse rvices. adve rtising. 541690 c ivil engineering. permitting and technic al support. 561422-T ele marke ting Burea us and Other Contac t Centers NAICS Codes – 423840. Regulatory Compliance. 407 339 5984 (219) 481 Newburyport Av. 541519. Inc . ECOSA FE solution ble nds togethe r na tural nutrients. Icn Jefferson Flowers 1. construction monitoring. re mediation technology options. Tel/Fax. Small Disadvantaged Busine ss Fortis Environme ntal Group. All reports Web available SCE E nvironmental Group. n/a n/a Blanton & Associate s. Florida . In. CHE RO KEE CRC. US EPA and US Coast G uard approved . SBA 8(a) Tribal Ow ned Oil Absorbent. Information Distribution Certified minority ow ned business (Native Americ an owned). 561720. multi state business registrations including TX .O. vacuum n/a NATM Certified Middle SES M ike Ge rald's Trailer Depot 6800 Airline Hwy Baton Rouge.S.The prepara tion is environmenta lly frie ndly. 561710. boom. Plant M ana ger Printing. Dia meter 13 and 20cm. pilot te sts.Manufacturer of utility trailers. SCE has done work in the past at many natural disa ste rs. and document preparation.riococo. 100% engineering. We have ex-situ equipme nt and methods where we ha ve degraded from 60% to 99. FL 34946 D amon Vernese 772-332-6567 w ww. 238910. Inc Jody Cordaro PO Box 9166. regulatory compliance. Box 80327 Midland. O K 918-582-9110 (o) Waste Disposal Options a nd subcontra ct with 74107 918-607-9110 © Incine rator Disposal Option. 23rd Street Tulsa. Bacte ria ensure total absorbent booms. 33016 w ww. 323114-Quick Printing 3.c om Soil and G roundw ater Evaluations. MS. oil skimmers. 541513.331. technic al ana lyzes professional training and all matters conc erning the generation of analytical data to support e ffe ctive compliance decision making and aspects of litigation. asbestos inspections. 228-818-2328 fulfillment.56211. P. re gulations we commonly work with include the Endangered Spe cies Ac t. Well Installa tion a nd Abandonment Business Ente rprise interpreta tion.5 and 300. 5 Lakewa y Centre Court. Restoration CHERO KEE CRC.mike geraldstrailerdepot. Oxygen. G rennell 407-468-3171 NY 10017 We also have loc ations in bgrennell@eventdec k. Burlington. fore man. manufactures and sells products to the environmental industry for biological treatme nt of pe trole um hydroca rbons. Lange ronovskaya str. matrix sampling. 323122-Prepress Se rvices 7. MS 39130-1639 John Lange 856-4346 w ww. environmental ma nagement. Research and Development. 3. site deve lopme nt. Jct.cherokee-crc. The city of Odessa. Bacteria l pre paration “E conadin” ECON ADIN (Hope for Ecology) is a new ge neration bacteria l pre paration based on avirulent oil-oxidizing bacteria which SIE “E CONAD ” provides biopreparation absorb and destruct oil Trash quality a ssurance.FAPD M.). 63341 Cell (314)910-3053 Fax (636)798-3103 www. m abateme nt.939. etc. PA 18519 www. aluminum and ga lvanized. rec ord keeping. Hea lth & Safety officers. Specia lized in Custom Fabrication Oil Skimmers. 8a graduate (fully certified ) lead inspe ction . a nd full line of along w ith parts and w ww. sections 300. We ca n supply environmental Woma n Owned. Odessa +38 (066) 740-46-49 65026. problems with laboratory ope rations. 541219. L angeronovska ya str. asbestos inspections. 562910. Analytic al Excellence. Ow ned Business E nterprise .562112. MD 20701 Jessica D. L LC Cheryl Cohe nour Environmental Safety Monitors and Sa mplers. safety monitoring. Oil oil hydrocarbons. Fort La uderdale. LA 70805 M ike Gerald 225. re mediation and and w aste manageme nt and disposal.calicoindustries. etc. w ith 8a a pplication pending. 8(a) M inority 323115-Digital Printing 4. Jackson. T X 75038 Website: www. Alta monte Springs. 7 and 30 kg polyethylene bags. agency directives.S. U. track mounted monitoring well drill rigs. Inc. PPE (persona l protective equipme nt). e tc. 561990 n/a DBE http://travaillellc. and geographic informa tion systems (G IS) analysis. hyper we tting age nts. 541990. It has been demonstrated and proven to work in 10 countrie s. environmental management. field re gulatory consulting services.1041 Beesley 1. Our coastal and marine e xperience includes: surve ys for sea turtles. 562211. Our primary NAICS Code is 541620. Na tive American Tribal Ow ned. In addition to NE Spil l Resp on se. 541512. privately held company that provides a wide variety of services to Agencie s of the Fede ral Disaster Assistance. 562112. training.O. EPA 6010. 561330. ECON ADIN is produced by E CONAD Sc ie ntific-Industrial Ente rprise SIE «Ec onad» Ltd. 812 Point Plea sa nt Place. 541611.c om/ Oil absorbent mate rials (Oil absorbent booms. marine mammals. Oil absorbent booms w ith polypropylene or synthetic or orga nic absorbe nt. DOT and permitted hauler of hazardous wa ste .3.915(g) of the National Contigency Plan (NCP). surfactants. regulatory ana lysis. microbiologic al a ssessment. 323121-T radebinding and Re lated Work 6. 561410. NC Historically Stormwa ter and Wastew ater Servic es. HI 96795 Contac t Pe rson: Joe Corre a Contac t N umbe r: 808-228-9391 n/a n/a n/a n/a E NPRO Services. Currently.EcoSafeServices.novasafety. trainings. 571 NW Mercantile Pl. Labor Pool Gove rnment and the private sector. site assessme nts. Quality Assuranc e. We provide innovative environmental servic es including Traditional Field Services inc luding sampling and NCDO T Disadvantaged Services re medial investigation and fe asibility studies. c ompliance audits.advanc ede nviroconsultants. Remediation Waste Collection). surfac tants. Box 1639 M adison. 562998 n/a Woma n-Owned Business Enterprise w ww.606. Solutions-IES is an aw ard-w inning Situ Soil a nd Groundwater Remediation. 237990. pe stic ides. Professional Ge ologists and scientists. site assessments. safety glasses. to your company. resourc e manageme nt. Inc.badmarine . e tc. NA ICS code: 541380 3. FL . SEA WATER Small Business small business M cClain Trailers. 41669 Ahiki St. Army Corps of Manageme nt and Program Manageme nt. engineering design. quality syste ms manageme nt. 2112 Wyoming Ave Jaime National E nvironmental Policy Ac t (NEPA) complianc e. TX 77020 Britton M cClain 800-747-3059 www. Inc . FL 32308 n/a 541330. immobilize d according to special technology on pea t. Arc heological and historical surve ys. API training and medic al monitoring. Emerg ency Re spon se Experi ence In simple terms? EcoSafe . oil a dsorbent pads. Solutions-IE S has a curre nt contract with the USACE for environmental services and several BOA contra cts w ith NAVFAC SE. Florida 32223 (Principal Office) 110 E. White or orange c olor. and N ational Marine Fisherie s Servic e coordination and pe rmitting. 541710 (Research and D eve lopment Physical & L ive Scie nces). NC 27607 ww w. E PA 8270.863. ge otechnical Inc.flowersla bs. III onad. EPA Flowers Chemica l L aboratories.cherokeecorp. Suite 211 L ake land. Velasco 915-778-9300 w ww. In contrast to other a bsorbents. direct mail. 5450 E xe cutive Place. w ww. Ana lytical microbiologists. Jacksonville. M inority O wne d. L LC 10105 Brookshore L n. c ommunity outrea ch. a nd full line of parts a nd repair. Federal Sales M ana ger-GSA Contrac t A dministra tor 800-638-0828 x 283 / 301362-2317 x 2 www. site remediation and scientific destruction of oil hydrocarbons to the end products of degradation – H 2O and CO2.blantonassocia tes. Site NAICS Codes: 541620 (Environmenta l Consulting Services). Solutions-IES retains a diverse sta ff of licensed Profe ssiona l E ngineers.2 days Ca n provide safety training for voluntee rs and non-technic al peronnel. Solutions-IE S. field mea sure ment eva luation. Our personne l have worked extensively in all environmental media w ith va rious types of c ontaminants including solve nts. CA w ww. Soc k-in-net (sorbent+polyester tube+ nylon net) construction. (Jack) Farrell. gloves. 7203 Cowart St Houston. G eogra phic da ta development and a nalysis Blanton & Associates is an environmenta l c onsulting firm specializing in pe rmitting. Suite 2A 601/946-4551 mobile proje ct management. PPE items. 562112 (Haz ardous Re mediation System Design and M aintenance. It can a bsorb oil up to 10 times of its ow n weight. L ength – 2 and 3 me ters Privately owned Ukrainian Scientific a nd Industrial Enterprise “ ECONA D” Ltd. Environmental Consulting Large Business Cheroke e Ente rprises. 541690 Environmental Cleanup. Environmental Protection Private Business Nova Safety Products. state la ws a nd loca l ordinances. She lf life in aerated stora ge space is up to 5 years. Ste 103.28 a pp. that breaks hydrocarbons into its basic elements (Nitra tes. M inority Business. We have a satellite offic e in Pensacola .D587 Seeding and Erosion Control. an organic substrate . construction ma Manufacturer of boat trailers. 541330 Site Characteriz ation and Asse ssment.FortisEnvironmental.c om OSHA trained personnel and support equipment (pressure washers. Carbon Dioxide and w ater). T raditional Field environmental consulting. 561312. 115 Fax: (919) 873-1074 E mail: Safe ty supplies: spill containment. 14th Floor Ne w York. Inc. Underutilized Business. boundary surve ys. This produc t meets the definition of a "sorbent" a s specifie d in Title 40 of the Code of Fe deral Regulations (CFR). HUB Certified T RAVAILLE . 812 SW H arvey Green Dr. Clean Water Act. construction and construc tion management Southwest Environmenta l Products P.915(g) (1) of the N CP. We own two RCRA TSDF Subpart B ha zardous waste fac ilities. 541430-Graphic De sign Se rvices 8. Modifications of existing equipment. EOS Remedia tion. Suite 401. AEX specialize s in providing scientific a nd da ta review and valida tion. FL 32701 Ana lytical. Solutions-IES has personne l on staff with e xperie nce performing e nvironmental sa mpling during disaster events (Hurrica ne Katrina ) and re building damage d areas. As you will see env. 1333 Corporate Dr.Disaster Response/Assista Ben 50 E ast 42nd St. environmental planning.c om M adison Servic es. More over water sanitary indexes improve. (AEX ) is a n independent strictly c onfidential c onsulting firm of environmenta l experts. regulatory c ompliance. L LC 2560-2 Barrington Circle onad. Madison FL 4. engineering a nd remediation firm.aspx Analytic al E xc ellence. 4235. supe rintendents. 237110. c ommunity outrea ch. Temporary roadways/tent floors Signature is the world’s largest manufacture r and supplie r of temporary flooring solutions.DB. and liaison with gove rnment age ncie s to support data Calico Industries. We are recognized globally as a leader in technology for the bioremediation of petroleum hydroc arbons and chlorinated solvents in groundw ater applications. proce ss controls. (DUNS # 883061561) 2 Flynn Ave nue. Defianc e O ffice (636)798-3056 M O. At the moment we a re able to produce 30 000 liters (20ft c ontainer) of E CO NADIN within one w eek.. Inc. WATER. The bacte rial preparation on the basis of and advisory assistance multipurpose ba cterial destructors promotes clea ning the environment from e cologically harmful polluta nts (oil products. The ECONA DIN ca n be applied manually or by Absorbent Spray. Oil Response Contractor No Special Ow nership Status 3901 w ww. coastal ha bitat Consulting-method selection.Box № 172. site developme nt. Woman projec t manage ment. ecosystem restoration. Florida 33301 9Principal Offic e) Soil and water assessment and cleanup n/a Contamination and oil spill cleanups 8(a) firm. Ce rtified 8(a) Remediation. surfactants and petrole um hydroca rbons. Vac tor (Turbo Vac Trucks). LPS tra ining. 541330. 3980 Ove rseas Highwa y.602. etc. hurric ane s and environmenta l c risis’s and our employees maintain OSHA training. and ww w. non-toxic and odorless.O. Nowell Marine M anufac turing.c om L arry Kastner (850) 385-5872 Fax: (850) 385-5874 L arry@FortisEnvironmental. e nvirone mental assessments.703. 601/362-1788 off engineering. The preparation needs no hard-realizable and costly collection afte r sorbing! When using this prepara tion natural oil oxidiz ing microflora of sea environment is not suppressed but activated. gloves. OSH A Ha zwopper Trained Technicians. Inc. laboratory evaluations. is non-toxic mix of natura l nutrients. we have a large amount of OSHA trained personnel (85-125) available for immediate mobilization for the BP oil spill. LL C . 541330. It is supplie d in 1. Suite 120 Irving.5040 w ww. Surfa ce. Small business. complia nce a udits. Our subsidiary. equipme nt operators.) SCE is a nationwide c ontracting c ompa ny that provides personnel for oil spill cleanups as well as natura l disasters OSHA trained personnel throughout the US.c om. labora tory evalua tion and monitoring. finishing.28 P.c om Icon: Commercial Ec oir Contac t Pe rson: Sha n Hala mba Cell Number: 972-841-5367 n/a n/a n/a n/a Contractor: Shoreline Restoration of Ha waii. IT & Project Manageme nt NAICS Codes: 517919. Work Place Safety items Ma nufac turer of polye thylene trash liners. quality assura nce professionals and enginee rs. ge otec hnical Small Business. is a small. 562998 (All Other M isc ellaneous Waste Management Services). spill response trucks. construction mana gement. 562910. Suite 1700. AEX provides services re lated to proje ct management.mcc laintrailers. Louis Minority Business Council M arjory McQuerry. 562910. and a variety of other E xe cutive Orders. Inc. Can deliver most items 1 .co lead inspe ction . seagrasses and oysters. mana gement. SDB. National Historic Pre se rvation Act. Inc. regulatory compliance. Signa ture Fenc ing a nd Flooring Jason Frew 212-953-1116 ext 313 Syste ms jfrew @eventde ck. Fort Pierce. De signs of equipments and other ex-situ methods are ava ilable upon request. Springs FL 2. Jim Carter. 541810-Advertising Age ncies 10. Environme ntal w repair. remedia tion. Labor Pool. Biologica l surveys. respirators.264-1095(office) 512-535-8727(c ell) E mail: csw onke@blantonassociate s. FL that can be use d to stage re sources. D eJonnette G rantha m-King c ivil engineering. laboratory a udits. WASTEWATER. +38(048)72216-58 econad@blac ksea. Wetland delineation. M arathon FL 3.swe pus. MS 39206 construction mana gement. D ickson 570-383-4151 x104 City. and e mulsifying agents to cre ate a homogeneous na tural solution that degrades organics in the w ater phase by REDO X reac tion. Christine Franklin. 541620. VT 05401 Jeffrey Simone – General M ana ger O SRO Certified Large Oil Spill Response (802) 488Contractor – 17. marine response boats. chemists. Brow ard Boule vard. Texas 79708 541620. field monitoring.c om. LA .com Spreading Sorbents (Hay or Straw) onto oil slick via mechanical straw blowing e quipment Spreading Sorbents (H ay or Straw ) onto oil slick via mec hanical straw blowing equipme nt 561730 – We are CCR a nd ORCA Registe red (DBE) Disadvantaged Business Ente rprise-Certified by the M issouri Department of Transportation (MBE) M inority Business Enterprise – Certified by the St.Ste 111. Ukraine w ww. U. Clean Air Act. From tent floors to tempora ry roadways we offer a complete line of flooring/access products. w ww. F L 33803 G eneral Mark Beesley 1. E ndangered Specie s Act compliance. 221310.durade ckmats. M iami La kes.

DE 19808 SBDE. PERE Z IS A 8(A). 5235 T amiami Ct. a s we ll as an array of informa tic s solutions and mobile laboratory expe rtise. and w ildlife habitat. GA 30605 Na tional Registry of E nvironmental Professionals PO Box 2099. PhD.Soil Prepara tion. & Infection Control to N oise Pollution abatement & Building Ac oustics Ec oForce is a collabora tion of e nvironmentalists.Passes the Pa int Filter L iquid test method (9095) .Public Relations/Me diation 5814 cell Water Q uality Sampling and Asse ssment 608-897-8641 office Hydrologic and H ydraulic Analyse s Stream Stabilization & Restoration w ww. Tamma ny Pa rish and a re closing c onstruction on slope repair to n/a the Comite River in East Baton Rouge Pa rish. wate r and sewage. 561110 L &S Consulta nts. socks. consultants. is emulsified and exists in the form of droplets. M INORITY WO MAN OWNE D FIRM CERTIFIED TH ROUGH TH E SBA. inc luding other dispe rseme nts or protocols will be considered in the application and implementation strategies. 238170. P.g. and Life Sciences 541690 Other Sc ientific and Technica l Consulting Services 541330 E nvironmental Engineering Services 541370 Surveying a nd Mapping Se rvices 541990 Other w ww.c om health projects. coastal female owned c ompany since area . VP by BioLynceus to trea t hydro-c arbon contamina ted tre atment pla nts. marshes. streams) Brodhea d. D arre n Gagnon. marine vegeta tion and other sources of bac k-sca ttered light. Vic e President / Engineering. EPA Region IV approved c ontrac tor. Inspec tion & Remediation 6187 M emoria l D rive. budget.Fish and Wildlife Conservation.Saves Mone y.362. arc hitec ts. Box 256. The system ca n spe edily and accurate ly monitor the quantity of oil in a give n area. Landsc ape Architec ture. M ankato MN ww w. As such we have performed na tural resourc es c onsulting as it perta ins to preservation a nd conservation of Service s and construc tion work throughout the United Sta tes a s we ll a s individual projects in Toronto. Box 1499 / 255 Pa rk L ane. Dublin.KING AIR A90 AIRCRAFT – FAA -CERTIFIED TO CARRY SE NSOR AN D PROCESSIN G EQUIPME NT http://ww w.Civil Engineering and Erosion Control Services 541340 . ce ll 919. are not covered in a specific NAICS Code. L&S is a vaila ble on short notic e. 541620 E nvironmental Consulting Servic es 541690 O ther Scientific Consulting Servic es 541990 O ther Professional.Programs involving BioLync eus would re quire support from BioLynceus' technical tea m to assure correct implementation. e tc.E. bulk quantities in the forms of loose fill. w ater column spe cialists. modeling. gba rtholome w@pinpointe nvironme Prec ision 5. PL ANTE CO has deve loped and demonstrate d multiple sustainable low. and Peru and natura l resourc es. engineers.Ec oForce Inc. soil c ontaminated sites from fuel. a nd 237790 Fax: (504) 737-0680 mail@ls-consultants.GIS and Ge ospatial Mapping and Land Surveying Services 541620 . Planting.6927 and oil measurement system for oil on or in water. McCain available for rent. renta l trailer-enclosed boiler plants ready to be of se rvic e during cle an Re ferring to the oil spill situation. Marketing Construction Inspection (CI). Scientific. P roduct can be distributed to existing project team for impleme ntation. Nurseries a nd Gatherings of Forest Products 115112 . informatics and consultation Large Business Program/Project Ma nagement. Primary Contact: Improved D HR O il Se nsing by Airborne M arine. water resource managers. and restoration construction Acoustic Consulta ncy 5235 Tamiami Ct. Such monitoring c an greatly assist teams evaluating the thoroughne ss of active clean up efforts and aid in stra tegy a nd planning proce sses governing future containment and treatment missions. and drainage.a gilent.O . a nd terrestrial ha bitat.Will not lea ch . flora . IL 60025 Richard Young. These units a re available for rent from our Alaba ma loca tion. ADH pe rsonnel have up to 30 years of experience in serving both the profiling. contractors. 562910. including barrel and bulk volume. 238910. Chairman & Hyperspectral Laser-Induced-F luorescence oil from other sources. hydro-ge ologists.locate d in Colorado contact with the oils. AL 35124 K yle McCain (administrative a ssistant – Debbie H ancock) (888) 662-0123 http://w ww. 703-955-7510 x121. 236116. PEI estimate s that oil amid vegetation at or nea r coastline or oil on valua ble sensing can be pe rformed to depths well in excess of 1 me ter given present conditions in the Gulf.methods-net. Diver surve ys of a ffec ted areas and photo quadra nt analysis. C2D provides pre-construction EA/E w ww. Cape Coral. Cape Coral. strea m stabiliz ation & restora tion. Oversight | Business Process Manageme nt and M odernization | Q uality Assurance Proje ct manageme nt. geologists.a Small certified 8(a) business. RORE. Systems Integra tion | Data Exchange. c urrents. Sales. PinPoint Environmental areas that are alrea dy impacted including c oastal areas.environme ntal scientists. maintain M anufac tured in USA small to fluid hot between 110 to 140 degrees medium factory Group II 10181 NW 58 St. 2850 Ce nterville Road environmental soil and wate r sampling. Planning (P). Service of Environme ntal and Safety equipment Perez. Re ntals. Roofing Construction. As an e nvironmental consulting a nd natura l resource s manage ment se rvices corpora tion. individually owned NAICS Code: 541620 My company crea tes areas tha t a re healthy. PinPoint Environme ntal Inc. It c an ope rate during nighttime as well as daytime hours. planning. Mc Ca in Enginee ring curre ntly owns a nd has in stock. Athens. High Springs Florida D aniel Ga rcea u 888-856-0240 w ww. mounted inside trailers. compliance. LC/M S. These products can be use d BioL ync eus is a partially to tre at on-site (floating island. 541513. 238350.O. Although boilers in general.adhenvironmental. He have rece ntly c omplete debris removal for Bayous in St. 541519. quality a ssurance. Sterling Heights. 541511. We provide the professional team to train and manage a loc al w orkforce in site re mediation. sales.Drafting Services 541370 . Elec trical contiguous U nited States. Mold Preve ntion. 8. Woman-Owned . ntal. 541620 E nvironmental Consulting Service s 541712 R&D in the Physica l.concept2delivery. and monitoring for earthworks. engineers. ADH’s staff is comprised of storm ADH provides HAZ WOP ER trained emergency wate r and wate r quality manage ment professionals. 33619 E ric Morgan T EL: 813-628-4200 Cell: 813-417-8125 Fax: 813-628-4224 w ww. 423840. heat pump water heater Heats water or glycol. Suite 4 Chantilly. environmental remediation.Farm M anagement Se rvices 115310 .Site Prepara tion Contractors 541320 . Operations 831-477-2003 office 831-295-3242 cell w ww. etc . (614) 339-4457 Chicago IL . 541620.c om Sorbe nt Ma terials – Fiberte ct CS (Cotton Soaking) NAICS Codes: 423490 . holding tanks from wash-down areas for heavy equipment. CDL drivers. It detec ts and measures oil concentrations on land down to 100mg/m2. Suite C. PE I predicts it will be able to ra pidly distinguish De epw ater Horiz on BP oil from G ary Bartholomew. N AICS Code = 541620 Small Business Key Attributes of Eco-mend: . gary. 541330. etc. Decision Support Solutions Primary NAICS Codes: 518210. Miami. turbulence. 2205 Candun 227. 541380 E cologic s E nvironmental Corporation D ale Dennison Group 201 Maquan 617-799-1335 cell Street. L A www. sc ience & technology e xperts from the USA and UK. Primary codes under the NAICS are 541310.S.3700. 238190. busine ss 8(a). BioL ync eus has the ability to provide consulting for the use of BioLynceus produc ts. e nvironmental planners. The programs have be en used to remedia te refinery sludge . During the task of any project. the extended are a of a n oil spill beyond the surface oil and the rate of oil propagation. We offer a broad scope of services including Civil. la nd-based a nd oce anographic wa ter geologists.Land Subdivision 237990 . hydrology. Gita Murthy 858-404-7393 www. Ste 6 Kemah.Floriculture Production 113210 . Business Inte lligence. in order to decompose and bio-degrade the oils/hydroca rbons.Foreign Corporation Environment Real-T ime Remote-Sensing Hyperspectral Laser-Induced-Fluorescence Detector and Analytics Platform. 6566 Brian Rood Tel: (734) 693-38617 Cell: (810) 407-0049 G lobalEnvironmentalL LC. 8(a) Disabled Veteran. Victor Pedraz . FL S®-AM LiD AR provides positive identifica tion of oil types by measuring induced fluore sc ent spectra a nd running DHR Oil Spill Da mage Assessment by Airborne re sulting signatures through an exte nsive library of Spectral Fluorescence Signa tures (“SFS”). plume mapping and de linea tion.para Restoration (enda ngere d spe cies. contract docume 334516. 238160. and pillows of various size 70808 M cCain Enginee ring Company. CEO Detector and Analytics Platform. 336611. safety officers. innovative strategies. Inc. CE.pla ntec o. the approval process. 0480 541618. water quality and soil monitoring devices.Robert V Se el – EcoForce 6187 Memorial Drive. 238310. Mec hanical. P elham.The applica tion information would http://w ww. Romania. PE . corpora te exe cutives. a nd 100% Minority ow ned U. 238120. 424690. programmers. Pollution Control & Prevention Mold & ba cteria prevention & remediation Acoustic s – Architectural.empowe rdistribution. oceanographers. and enda ngere d spe cies asse ssments as well as construction-phase Detector and Analytics Platform. enyzymes. provides dedicated planning and sound N ew Orle ans. Mapping. Our pe rsonnel are has the capabilities of assigning such disciplines as environmental spec ialists. weathered die se l in wastewa ter Sale s Support: Be cky Haugen. 9. 541620.Crop H arvesting. vesse ls. HUBZone (application pending). te chnicians. natura l a rea mapping. graham_robinett@a gilent. We offer a wide variety of NAICS codes including: 236210. eco friendly & fre e of disease. L&S Consultants. w ater quality. We provide spe cialist e nvironmental consulta ncy se rvices in: Air quality – D ata Collection. It detec ts and measures oil concentrations down to 1 ppm in w ater. trea tment plants. waste oil in wastewater treatment plants. CO 80517 888-823-7404 970-586-3391 970-577-1387 (Fax) EPA/OSHA Training Small Business Spill response Smaller company capable of about 50 employee s + equipment n/. Inspec tions 236115. Air Quality Consultanc y. Our specializa tions include highways. Structural. Suite 205 E ste s Park. 541320. 15 gallons/hr using only 680 watts and providing free 5. monitoring and applic ation strategies are prescribed and utiliz ed. Eco-mend product Applied E cologic al Services G ary Pa radoski Natural Resourc e Assessme nt. 541620.Hydrophobic and will not absorb wate r . T hese boile r pla nts each have the ability to produce hot water and/or steam equal to hundreds of pressure Engineering is prepare d to provide large washers which c an be used to help w ith any clean up efforts on land or aboard ship. Product is Purchasing/Shipping/A&R: Patrick shipped as a liquid. e nvironmental scientist. land planning. H AZWHOPPE R trained labor G. ga soline and die se l as we ll as Sale s & Busine ss Development area s. 541350. LL C 3656 Centerview D rive. remedial action AD H Environme ntal 3550 N orth Ma in Stre et Soquel. Debra G . Suite 16. testing technicians. and service of Environme ntal/H ealth and Sa fety equipment/consumable supplies. sediment testing/data interpretation.5799 www. native seed ha rvesting & plant production. and. Small Business 8(a). AP C 317 Burgundy. Conversion/M igration | Data Warehouse. Inc . Long-term Sampling a nd Monitoring Including: Oil pollution w ater column profiling (fluorescent instrumenta tion). engineers. 238390. O ntario. 541330. 238190. P. LLC 706-316-3535 337 South M illedge Avenue. M Engineering and Construction Management firm Certified Small Disadvantage Business (SDB). confined space. ma rina and coastal structure permitting.firstline tech.c om Environme ntal. specific ations writers. 237310. 238150. 410-423-5338 direct solutions for Environme ntal. c apa ble of responding rapidly. We have se veral experienc ed senior sc ientists ava ilable for long-term land-based and oc eanographic monitoring consultation and implementation as describe d in "T ype of Product of Service Availa ble".appliede co. A biologist by degree with professional experienc e a s an EPA contractor for Supe rfund projects and USA CE c ontrac tor c ollecting a nd interpreting contaminated sedime nt and wa ter samples. Acute and chronic toxic ity texts of water column and benthic organisms. and the ge neral public on la rge (e.Reduc es w aste volume by up to 80% compared to clay products Our NA ICS Codes a re 32512. and guidelines. bridge s.334515. Steam and Hot Water.M eets and exceeds E PA. and Cultivating 115113 . 237210. CEO solution provide d by BioLynce us.htm Conce pt 2 D elivery. we tland. L azare Inc.usenvironmental. engineering response. Scientific & Tec hnical Services 541360 G eophysical Surveying & Mapping Se rvices 518210 D ata Processing. including the following: engineers. WBENC AND LAM BC. 236210. Improved D HR O il Spill Damage Assessment by Airborne M arine-Environment Real-T ime Re mote-Sensing Hyperspectral Laser-Induce dFluoresce nce D etector and Ana lytics Platform. FLS®-AM LiDAR produc es data for a varie ty of missions and supporting post processing sc ena rios. L andscape Architectural Service s 541330 .roreinc. Tec hnical & Produc t Informa tion: ProBiotic Scrubbe r is a hydrocarbon remediation ProBiotic Sc rubber is composed of live hydro-carbon digesting microbes. applic ations. Wind and Wate r Erosion Control G raham Robinett Chemical analysis instrumenta tion and informatic s Agilent Tec hnologie s is a world le ade r in chemical analysis. Our unique ability to mobilize to remote areas has Service s given us the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects devoted to the conse rvation and preservation of wate r quality. The system is highly effective in monitoring a marine oilspill’s outer edge s w here oil has submerged. Produc ts are spec ified to the e xac t site and require s protoc ols for applica tion as determined by the te chnical team at BioLynceus. and structure insta llation.standards. remedial engineered gre en remediation product applica tions. is a small business. 322121. feasibility studies. Contracting Officer: Marine -Environment Real-Time Remote -Sensing 2. booms. ocea nographic sediment public and private sectors in the following NA ICS Codes: cha racte rization and biological assessments.656.Land-Use Planning and D esign. ckoche r@adhenvironmental. e lectronic measurement a nd life science applica tion solutions. SDB and IV&V | Geographic Information Systems (GIS ) |Document Manageme nt Systems. Community ana lysis of benthic infauna organisms. a mino ac ids & Rick Alle n. The main requireme nt is BioL ync eus is a smallthat the ProBiotic Scrubbe r Solution be in direct business . Ste . cultura l quality monitoring expertise. Mitigation.pinpointenvironmenta l. Data Mart Systems. GC/MS. 236220.ProBiotic Scrubber programs can be used in D unn purchasing@biolynce us. products we provide from air.Will reduce hydro-ca rbon vapors by up to 90% . 238140. schedulers. Woman Ow ned Chemical analysis instrumentation. RE M Environme ntal and Sa fety Training. akapoor@firstlinete ch. Our work includes inventorying native vegetation. 236118. FLS®-AM LiDAR can also play an important role in future volunta ry or regula tion driven monitoring programs designed to provide early warnings of less profound or obvious spills. GIS. Prima rily by Ma chine 115116 . 562910. 881310. cost estimators.Scientific and Technic al Consulting Services 561730 . Glenview. 900 Anders Ln. Conservation and Wildlife Organizations 924120 . airports. w etland. depending on wate r clarity. N orth Carolina 27523 Global Environmental Borroughs Ave. Innovative Reme diation Products. Industrial Workplace Noise. 237110. AE S integrate s E ngine ering. debris removal. 541330. Florida (407) 694-6020 Crime Sc ene & Disaster Recovery Additional * Offices In: Orla ndo FL . M onitoring.c o koneill@pinpointenvironmental. Tissue bioac cumula tion of toxins in wa ter column and benthic organisms.Environme nt. and construc tion administration. Review of existing stra tegies. 236220 Improved D HR O il Se nsing by Airborne Ma rine. It detec ts and measures be low-water oil down to 5 meters in de onsultants. Ohio Florida Infection Control & Prevention (Head Offic e) E coForc eInc@aol. FL . c oncrete structure s.Land Contouring and Revegeta tion for Remediation Servic es 813312 . BioLynceus is an environmental company.400.T he only know n absorbent mate rial ( PL ANTE CO Environmental PO C: Grace Gra y Consultants. The programs have be en in use sinc e 1994 in the Unite d States. environme ntal engineers. Benthic contamination of sediments. We also Our primary service is Environme ntal Consulting La rge Busine ss – Consulting provide construction and nursery se rvices for ecological projects. Q uality Assurance/ Quality Control mana gement a dvice while having a full understanding of General Contracting & Construction Genera l Contractor.Nursery and Tree Production 111422 .334513 M ETH ODS Technology Solutions. floa ting isla nds. IMPROV ED OIL-SENSING FOR MARIN E ENVIRONM ENTS . We can also provide up n/a to 20 vacc um truc ks and 15 vactors to assist in the c le anup M cCain E nginee ring Company. Petroleum and Food Areas relevant to the BP Oil spill include HPL C. Small Busine ss – Construction have c ollaborated with many other firms with compleme ntary services. MI 48314 Corry Platt. Analysis and Diagnostics. L and Manageme nt.FUL L ANALYTICS T EAM AND AIR CREW ON STANDBY TO DE PLOY TO GU LF ON SHORT NOT ICE m 914. profe ssiona l geologists. emergency response and Investigation 813920 and 813312 Coastal Safety & Environmenta l. Inc. L A 70112 D arre ll Cherry O ffice : 504-584-5103 Cell: 504-444-2164 Earthwork of any type. WE ARE AVAILA BL E TO BE SOL E SOURCED FO R ANY JOB AVAILABLE AND CAN M OBILIZE O N A M OME NTS NOT ICE. Many resource s available inc luding (6) 2005 and up 70bbl vacuum truc ks. N ew Orleans. and ICP-M S environmental and petroleum 443-310-9158 cell applications.mccainengineering. Fore nsic Acoustics. turnkey innovative reme prod03. Inspe ction w ww. Training & Public Spe aking Our Enginee rs hold numerous global environmental patents a nd international public ations. G lobal Environmental Servic es is headquarte red at: minority/woman owned Proje ct manageme nt and information management certified professional services Our mate rial is a vaila ble in la rge. GIS developme nt and mapping. These boilers are self-enc losed a nd can quantities of hot wa ter and/or steam in a single be parke d nearby and ready for use as needed. M iami FL. educ ators. 541620. Hanson. and Technica l Se rvices 562119 Other Waste Collection 611430 Profe ssiona l a nd Management Development Training 611519 Other Technical and Trade Schools Certified SDB.biolynceus. project objectives. working with organic. BioLync eus has pre pared a w ebsite: http://cle anupgulfspill. India.244. 238990.5576 www. progra m ma nagers. traffic engineering. natural and sustaina ble products that do not harm the environment and w ork to rene w and replenish conta minated soils a nd water. a nd data base mana gement personnel. BioLynce us does not have c ontrac te d applic ators or contractors for implementation of the product.BEST-IN-CL ASS AIRBORNE OIL-D ETE CT ING FLS®-AM L iDAR SENSOR AND ANALYT ICS PLATFORM Toronto. requireme nts. Hyperspectral Laser-Induced-F luorescence .811219. Data base De sign | Data manageme nt. Aquatic safety testing has Phone: 888-823-7404/ 970-586been c onducted on ProBiotic Scrubbe r.Landsca ping Servic es 562910 . we tla nds NAICS 562910 Remediation Service s specia lists. diesel fuel. 8a. Self-enclosed boiler plants. Preside nt. lift sta tions.0100 How the solution w ill benefit IATAP identified oil-sensing "gap" areas: Improved 1.Support Activity for Forestry 237210 . air quality and robotics Extensive experienc e in the nuclear power industry Experience in natural disaster recovery (military) Air Quality Consultanc y Mold Pre vention. E ngine ering. marshes. up operations. Natural Area s M apping Restoration Construc tion Services Native Seed H arvesting and Plant Production Ecology Civil Engineering Landsc ape Arc hitecture GIS & Geo-Spatial Construction Nursery Agilent T ec hnologies. data and information Software Engineering (including Web Portals). medical. Automated Workflow Syste ms | proce ss mana gement. 422990. VA 20151 PO C: Amit Kapoor. and a fter a spill . 236117.c om thoroughly familiar w ith all applica ble Federal Airborne real-time oil-detection oil-identification 6. 238330. 541370. SDB. Inc. Roger Largaespada. Emergency 847-724-6631 Response. 4734 225. 260 Soil and water Dr. and H.Fore st. It detec ts and measures oil films on water down to 1 micron in thickne ss. and ANSI G uidelines a nd Standards . Corry Platt (C2D founder and president) brings first-hand experience carrying complic ated.P. biologists. Environmental Rental Corporation 1202 Tec h Blvd Suite 108 Tampa . Ohio Air Quality Consultanc y E nvironmental Inc. Consulting for site/proje ct is available for the use and applic ation recommendations. D ublin. 541370. and 17921 Smith Road. during. US L ead Environme nt Real-Time Remote-Sensing . PLAN TECO provides sustainable technology consulting. M A 02341 781-294-4285 office Environme ntal Remedia tion Environme ntal Training Environme ntal Site Asse ssment a nd Engineering Project Ma nagementg. Initial Spill Response H AZWOPE R traine d staff spec ia lizing in wa ter quality monitoring and sampling. 5151 Shoreham Plac e. It performs real time hyperspectral a nalysis allowing pilot and tec hnician to conc entrate scans to indicative area s.Environme ntal Consulting Se rvices 541690 . . CE P office 919. 8(a) Non-profit organization L A 70119 w ww. Baton Rouge. 238320. deck hands. Planning. adsorbe nt) on the market . Inc.e-pe rez. controversial projects from pla nning through response to construction a nd monitoring working hand-in-hand with scientists. Phone: (866) 900-0480 / (504) 737. water quality sampling and assessme ProBiotic Sc rubber ca n be shipped in conta iners that are optimal for the w ith full 3391 examination of the types of programs that demonstra te the company's capabilities including revege tation and pla nt/soil http://w ww. $60 million) construc tion projec ts and smaller projects. Our NAICS code s are: 111421 . supervisors.541360 G eophysical Surveying and M apping Servic es [Possible NAICS CODE ] 1129 Blue Ja ys Way K evin O’N eill. marine operators. 647. Site specific micobial enhancement / BioL ync eus is a vete ran bioaugmenta tion produc t(s) for degradation of oil owned company sinc e 1994 in the environment.. 8(a) a nd a Small Disadvantaged Busine ss (SDB) Disadvantaged Busine ss Enterprise (DBE) M inority Business Enterprise (MBE) Small Busine ss Enterprise (SBE ) Petroleum Remediation Product. FL 33178 Carlos A Valderrama 786. NAICS# 562910 First L ine NAICS Codes: w ww. 3. 237110. drum skimmers. w hich is self-enclosed inside a tra iler and would come closest to Code #423720 Plumbing a nd Heating Equipment and S upplies (H ydronics) under the subca tegory of can be set up in whatever location needed. Inc. Time and Labor be fore. (QA /QC).0992 Jamestow n Avenue. From Mold Inspection & Remediation. a nd GIS/Ge o-Spatia l consulting services with Ecology. Environme ntal Noise Evalua tion and Control.000 btu of cooling in the process heat pump tec hnology 115 volts 6amps. we unit. Inspec tion & Reme diation Infection Control & Prevention Acoustic Consulta ncy Crime Sc ene & Disaster Recove ry Netw erks Inc 631 SE D iamondback G len. we tlands. Project Manageme nt (PM ). O ur staff Coordinator / darreng@lsFeasibility Assessme nt (FA). environmental cost bioremedia tion technologies. 238110. Mechanical Systems (Noise a nd Vibration Control). These Hea ting Boilers. 2002 M cCain Pa rkway. fea sibility studies. Roofing Contractor & Inspec tion S ervices Ma t (unde r rec onstruction) environmental consulting Le d by a na tionally Certified E nvironmental Professional. shore. Wea therization. 238910. dredging sediment/water + dredging assessments/pe rmitting. professionally certified enginee We spe cialize in rentals. It distinguishes oil from hydrosol particles. GC. Inc.423450. Reports a nd Solutions Infe ction Control.consulta nt. Inc. Shelf life of product is 1 Yea r from the time of shipment. It c an distinguish old oil from new oil. 541330. Environmental Issues – PhD small business Extensive experienc e in oil fields Worldw ide patents in acoustics.coastalse. a nd victorp@ls-c onsultants. OSHA . inspectors. 238340. hydrologic and hydraulic Scrubber is manufa ctured a s specialty blends used hydro-carbons. 238130.Heavy and Civil E ngineering Construction 238910 . Produc t a nd System D esign. Hosting & Re lated Servic es We have five HAZWOPE R traine d wate r quality specialists ready for imme diate deployment. WI 53520 773-507. units c an ea ch provide high/low pressure steam and/or ve ry high volumes of hot water.c leanupgulfspill. administrative office support staff.Other Professional Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers BioLync eus Biological Solutions P. 541512. 7. sales@biolynceus. Cleanup and Reme be dete rmined by site and w ould be customiz ed to the entire site' s considerations. TX 77565 Chad He nson 979-236-4242 w ww. Suite www. and historic pre se rvationists. Suite 3. Canada M 5V 3T3 PinPoint Environmental Inc. CA 95073 Christian K ocher V. ProBiotic nutrients that are specialty blended to provide the optimal balance of microbial action for reduction and remediation of rick@biolynce us. hydrogeologists. and on an eme rge ncy as-needed basis throughout the e ntire 223 North Rendon Street CEO / rogerl@ls-consultants.) whe re the oil has impa cted 2006 land and aqua tic a reas.

MA 02543 Capt.registerne lson. 519130 . and monitoring for earthworks. Program Management Oil.offers the e xpertise with over 20 years of experience supporting equipment pool to include T-Remus. 562910 Training. NE PA Assessme nt and Complianc e Oil.Contract environmental support w ith respect to sample colle ction. Program M ana ger Offic e 614. Ja mes. 334511 .both in sha llow and deep water environments. 562112.ecospheretech. 423450. Marine M oisture Verde’ Environmental Solutions 3766 Tanglewilde L orne Gla dden-501-499-0298 Jackie Me tz. M cLea n VA 22102-3703 Susan H allman. HC can manufacture tanks with a variety of re sins including chemic al resistant or fire reta rdant. worked for E PA /DEQ and have ma ny certifica tions including Certificated Safe ty Professional (CSP).6270 Law honA ssoc. 975 E astwind Drive. 541990 . CEO. L G 919 889 3241 (cell) Be. and the ge neral public on la rge (e.Ge ophysical Surveying and Ma pping Services. catering/breakfast/lunches/dinners/snacks/delivery Small Business honeybaked802@hbham.Re mediation Service s. medical supplies.E quipc o capabilities include e verything from a pplications technic al support to c ustom electronics de sign a nd machining/fabrication. We also help mitigate conflicts betwe en communities. 423840. Self-inflatable Booms and other type s of equipme nt re ady More than 24. and more.. 541330.Security Syste ms Services (except Locksmiths). both coastal and inland Registe r-N elson is a servicedisabled. MM BC Sec tion 8 certified sma ll business. 333911.D. 78160 Chris Mills Fiberglass product design and fabrication. 532412. corporations and gove rnment through community outreach. Air Quality M onitoring and Asse ssment. w ater Ryan Marine Inc. Concept 2 De livery. 237990 US Navy. L iaison with regulatory and c ommunity age ncie s. disa ste r relie f.Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal. It continually goes around skimming 7 foot wide path. SE RVICE D ISABLE D VET. Our tanks can be used for recovery and c leanup of birds. Se award Service s.Engineering Services. CO 80104 M iche lle Louisia na 70058 504-371-8920 or 504-451-7033 Fax 504-328-1586 email: djvanone@aol. 1 Webster Street Arlington MA 02474-5307 D enyse DuBrucq. microe nterprise and microfina nce ). Skimmers and other relate d equipment We are Expa ndi Systems – a le ading E uropeans supplier a nd manufacturer of oil spill re sponse equipme nt. 541990 Our staff has ma ste r level trained professions possessing years of combine d hands on experience . We a re participants in several ac tive Corps of Engineers IDIQ c ontrac ts and c an be reac hed through those contract vehicle s.. L LC PO Box 1780 Castle Roc k. 541930 . Ide ntific ation of loca l w aste handling. turtle s.O. Agents on the NCP SheenMagic ha ve been used by e nvironmental remedia tion contrac tors. 541990. At the moment we do have significant amounts of oil booms in stock 18" Containment Boom with absorption c apa city: Containment Boom. 423810. Solinst. and many other Institutions and Unive rsities in the ir continuous marine projects. fishe Hydro Composites. Containment Boom with absorption capacity.saic. LL C specializes in group conflicts and community development. 446199 mate rials. L amonte industries.Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (e xce pt Satellite). regulators. N orth Carolina 27523 Corry Platt. Westerville. training. image ry analysis. AR 72022 P.. HC has the ability to de liver produc t to South L A. M ike Ryan. Guida nce .c om NEPA doc uments government agencies and possess a deep unde rstanding of governme ntal processes and proc edures. HAZ WO PER T raining Water Q uality Monitoring and Assessment.483212.Computer Fa cilities M anage ment Services.draytongroupinc . Furthe r. 333319 . habita t assessme nt. CE P offic e 919.All Othe r Professional. Hazardous M aterials and Ha zardous Waste Profe ssiona l E ngineering Se rvices Remediation Service s. our staff of biologists a nd ecologists covers a wide spectrum of e nvironmental dsmith@registe rnelson. Waste management. 811310. 532411. oil spill traje ctory analysis. 2205 Candun Drive. Our service and ca libration laboratory is c ertified and a uthorized by many of the most rec ogniz ed instrument manufacturers such a s YSI. than 6500 ft/day transpotation We are available imme diate ly and can be reached a t a ny time. 541380 w ww. and Repa ir/Calibration services of environmental monitoring and sampling instruments. Wetland M itigation. 611519 .se P hone: +34 876 71 63 00 Cell Phone: +34 618 38 28 81 Oil Containment Booms. engineers. marine biological survey. and state/fe deral permitting. Ohio 43081 Shawn Ansbro. Soil and Sediment remediation (Oil and Hazardous Materials) Le d by a na tionally Certified E nvironmental Professional. Environme ntal Consulting S ervices. Service s . 562910. communica tion specialists and deve lopment professionals. AL 36608 M ario Rivera-Ge neral Manager Bria n Wetze l-Store Ma nager office 251. Hydroc arbon Vapor in air Dete ctors (FID and PID). human hea lth and ecological risk asse ssment. O ur vehicles are lice nsed and fully insure d and we c an provide proof if needed. Bryant. 54710.G ene ral Warehousing and Stora ge. The boats can c an run along a c ourse or the boats ca n sit in one place draw ing w ater into the skimmer Fiberglass flat bottom catamara n boats with 7 foot wide skimme r trea ds hung be tween the pontoons that travel between rollers simila r to a tread on a bulldozer or army ta nk . Hydroca rbons in Soil Ana lyzers. LLC 2230 US Hwy 87 E Stockdale T X. 811310 Drayton Group provides labor support for all types of reme diation. Water and se diment sampling. a nd community de velopment programs (such a s jobs programs. Globa l T ransitions & Developme nt. Arlington MA 02474-5307 T: 937 766-4660 e: A irWarsD efense@aol. Documentation mana gement. w e have inc reased our manufa cturing 18" Fixed flotation Containment Booms: More capacity dramatic ally and can me et demands for large quantities rapidly. 541512 Computer Systems Design Servic es. and Technic al Service s. $60 million) construc tion projec ts and smaller projects.501-551-6567 Protective Clothing. Stockbridge. and air. c ommunity relations planning and information te chnology. O il Content Analyzers. specializing in support se rvic es relating to all industries ne eding highly tra ined and expe rienced light industrial and general labor for any size project. foodservice la rge -scale ca tering capability .5799 ww w. this tread is 7 feet wide and skims oil from the surfa ce of the wate r. N avigation. Opdyke Road Suite D Auburn Hills. microenterprise a nd microfina nce ). Gas Chromatogra (c lic k on items in bottom boxes Technology Website: http://www. O wne r originally from New O rleans and well aqua inted with the ba ckroa ds and bayous of South L A. Managing G eneral Partner A irWars De fense lp 1 Webster Street. face mask. crew and Bottom Sampling Dredge. 562211 . Assessment and Monitoring. soil. Small Busine ss / Minority Ow ned Business AirWars De fense lp CEO . Ac count M ana ger 703-6768424 w ww. 423490. 561621 . a new ca tegory crea ted for these products. O ur vessels and cre w are highly trained for the deployment and recovery of Ocea nographic equipment.conc ept2delive ry. representing the late st technologie s in environmental monitoring a nd sa mpling. Side Scan Oce anographic Institutions.c om/foxvide o n/a Minority partner http://davidbre wster. 541720 .3100 fax 251. 483211. Ryan Marine Inc . corpora te exe cutives. commercia l O ur e xce ptiona lly maintained vessels. energy. 541620 . Ambient Air monitoring. Fluorometers .com/ Power Point: Vide o Demonstration: www. Sa les. political strategists.343. Infrared Spectrophotometers.c om . controversial projects from pla nning through response to construction a nd monitoring working hand-in-hand with scientists. honore d as environme ntal fe llows. Gravity Core. Scientific. 813920. LLC (202)271-5340 G le nn E. A MIN ORITY (IND IAN). NAICS. 423440. N AICS Code = 541620 Environmental and E mergency Response Woma n Owned Small Training. Due diligence audits of waste storage and disposal sites. G overnme nt Agencies. Hosting. and structure insta llation. Universities. NC 27601 Contract consulting services . spill response. (830) 996-0020 ph (830) 996-3145 fa x (504) 858-8619 cell E mail: chris@hydroc Cryo-Technology 213112 – S/A Oil and G as O perations 213113 – S/A Coal Mining 237990 – Heavy & Civil Engineering Constr. On site supervision of fie ld personnel. 424990. 807 M ize L ane . both on the coast and inla nd. Brew ste r.3700 cell 919. Public O rder & Sa fety 928110 – National Sec urity technology that triples the thermal opera tion range small business in fighting fire s and crises E xpandi Systems S weden AB Riksvegen 18 91433 Nordma ling Contac t Pe rson: Jon Nygaard E mail: jon@expa ndi. CE O 865 776 8343 w ww.Data entry.344. extensive small business marine work force.Other Comme rcial and Servic e Industry M achinery Innova tive applic ations of te chnology and Ma nufac turing.541620 Ecological consulting services rela ted to surface waters and w etlands. 562910. 562910 . and spill clean-up.5200 Cell 614.gtd-llc.O ther T echnical and Trade Sc hools Large Business Drayton G roup Inc. Protected specie s surveys vetera ns Butch Register a nd Mark Nelson.425.P.Othe r Scientific and Technical Consulting Service s. a nd Nautical System a nd Instrument M anufacturing. 423830. L ouisiana 70003 Raymond A. w etland and beach assessment. Mini Rover. 541820.g. Environmental consulting and contract sampling services.ryanma rineinc. 532490.c om w ww. 541370 . Corry Platt (C2D founder and president) brings first-hand experience carrying complic ated. 561210. E-SAFE is a safe and e ffec tive wa sh for wate rfowl and mammals whe n diluted 1:10 w ith site Kingdom Environme ntal Age ncy Sche dule as available Distributor of Medical & Safety Products.. 541511 . air monitoring/modeling/analysis. H ydrocarb She en Remover are for naturally occurring microbes in the spill are a soil or waters. Water.ryanmarineinc. Brown D amon Willia ms (504) 236-6222 (225) 910-6873 (225) 208-1744 Environme ntal Training Industrial Hygiene monitoring Environme ntal Site Asse ssment a nd Sampling Project Ma nagement NAICS code: 541620. 488390. 488490.Administrative Manageme nt and Ge neral Manageme nt Consulting Se rvic es. Business (WOSB) Transporta tion a nd Disposal Spec ialists T he Original HoneyBake d Ham Co. Hargett Street Raleigh. risk evalua tion a nd remediation.Other Ma nagement Consulting Se rvices. 922190 Expertise in me thods of de tection of oil or hydroca rbons in water. ocean circ ulation modeling. President 548-6976 (c)508-274-5255 mike @ryanma rineinc.T esting L abora tories. We spe cialize in ta nks for aquaculture n/a and aquatic animal husbandry as w ell as w ater capture and holding tanks. sediment testing/data interpretation. information campaigns and other tools that address the underlying issues that stand in the w ay of ha rmonious relationships.E quipco provides Rentals.Translation a nd Interpreta tion S ervices.Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Se arch Portals.Oil in Water Analyzers. cryoraininc@a ol. dredging sediment/water + dredging assessments/pe rmitting.5" Sorbent boom: More than 25. Apex. sampling. We build strong communities through our te am of attorneys. Inc.c om Owners: D avid L.Register-Nelson is a full-service ecological consulting company with a broad range of expe rtise in aquatic and (678) 432-2636 (office). and dive industry. Thermo Ele ctron. and the private se ctor in the marine support and sciences Sonar. Dete environmental consulting L awhon & Associates. M IT.325120. Ma nufac turing 334517 .Analytica l L aboratory Instrument environment.656. GA 30281 R. Darrell Smith. 334290 . 541712 . G loves. compliance. E -SAFE and Listed a s Surface Washing.h2otech. and a ir Products .000 ft per day n/a manufa cturing facilitie s in both Spain and Sw ede n. 541990. 921190. A biologist by degree with professional experienc e a s an EPA contractor for Supe rfund projects and USA CE c ontrac tor c ollecting a nd interpreting contaminated sedime nt and wa ter samples. have brought Ryan Marine Inc. strategic consulting. Electronics Engineering California State Certified Small Busine ss 33151 US SBA Standards Ce rtifie d Small Busine ss Veteran Owned Business Global T ransitions & Development. On site supervision of field personne l. 424340. See our complete list of clients and equipment pool @ www. 562998. w ater qua lity.343. and other c lean up media. NAICS Code .com http://verdee auditing. Jr. 611430 Consulting woman-owned small business Global Services.48' (49) COI Work Vessel Oceanographic Monitoring/Surve ying/Collecting Equipme nt Small Support Boats Extensive Equipment Pool Spill Response E cosphere 541620. NAICS: 541611. We have 7. Small Business w ww. PO Box 733 Woods Hole. ma rina and coastal structure permitting. communications support & probabilistic risk assessment.c om 888-655-4442 Main 888-655-4442 ext. TN 37862-3027 James Hatcher. RAE Systems. 424690.Wired Telecommunications Carriers. V. Partne r 2100 M eridian Park Toll Free 1-888-234Boulevard 5678 extension 107 Concord. 334516. Compliance assurance . 541370. Wetland De linea tion.Other Compute r Related Service s 541611 . PLL C 115 1/2 E.CryoRain Inc. documenta tion. Inc. 423860. 532310. MI 48326 D avid Bryk Spill Recove ry Disaster Recove ry 24 Hour M anpower support services Remediation Ultra H igh P ressure Hydro-blasting Dry Ice Blasting Project Ma nagement Grit Blasting NAICS: 213112. corrective action design. Our staff brings project expe rience from over 250 communities and more than 20 c ountries in the following a reas: community conflict mitigation.2345678. Oil/Water Interface M eters. Surfac e M odife rs. 541620 – Environmental Consulting Services 541712 – R&D in Phys. Shore side clean-up. 2210 Richla nd Park Dr. 541618. Enginee ring.Custom Computer Programming Se rvic es. 3851 Airport Blvd. Servic e Christopher Mille r. 541360 . 423850. 493190. Biological Environmental & Safety Technologie s (BE ST) 8814 Vetera ns Memorial Blvd Suite 3275 65' Research Vessel 508. SM ALL BUSINESS w ww. TX 77063 Desiree Burnley Qua lity. Sevierville. suspended matter and sediment n/a E QUIPCO Rentals. We also build many tanks for aquatic a nimals. 105 Office 586-604-0507 Cell dbryk@draytongroupinc. NAICS Codes . 236220 . 811219.9982 w ww. and safety engineering. This process results in no ha rmful residuals.Gla dden & Metz. Life Scienc es 922160 – Fire Protec tion 922190 – Other Justice . 453998. We are ca pable of many sizes of tanks and troughs be it for holding dirty booms to animal recove ry and c leanup. T hese products are both Listed on the United companies since 1998. 720-328-0872 w ww. Scie nce Applica tions Inte rnational Corporation (SAIC) 1710 SAIC D rive.equipcoservices. work force skills. and environmenta l restoration (foc using in w etlands and chemica l) strea ms). and enda ngere d spe cies asse ssments as well as construction-phase inspection.Add a dditional services/skills available Revie w of e xisting emergenc y response pla ns for adequate recognition of worst-case scenarios. 5 or more wide to clean a very wide are a of w ater. w orkforce skills. vete ran-owned small business.Environmenta l Consulting Services 541690 . 532291. NA ICS : 326199 HC ha s the capability of providing tanks for imme diate use in clea nup efforts for soiled booms. document review and c ontrol Ryan M arine has become the go to c ompa ny for marine platforms a nd USCG COI vesse ls in coastal researc h. ge ographic /spatial information systems. 2295 N . the oil recovered is scrape d off with a squeegee onto a c onve yer . a nd restoration. 493110 .000 ft per day for immediate shipment. Environme ntal permitting natural resource surve ys. to a ssist WH OI. Hazardous M aterials and Ha zardous Waste Project Supe rvision a nd Ove rsight Environme ntal E nginee ring Service s.a llmandbopats. 541513 . Environmental Services E nvironmental and Safe ty Spe cialist (703) 989-0553 or email: Environme ntally sa fe hydrocarbon remediation 325611 and 325613 n/a products. 541330 . Mobile. The boats can be hooked side by side to make wide skimming pa t small business Ma nufac turer of fiberglass products including tanks and other specia lty products.Other Communications Equipment M anufa cturing.Irradiation Apparatus Manufacturing.Surveying and Mapping (e xce pt Geophysic al) Services. Arkansas 72089 gladdenme tzinc . CA 94520 w ww. Aeronautic James and James Tra nsportation Servic es L LC 2213 E astmere Stree t Ha rvey. and sediment sampling . Permitting and Complia nce M onitoring. ha bitat restoration planning and design and restoration. OSH A training (other tra ining? ). M any of our staff of environmental professionals have w orked in state/fede ral w ww. soil. record ke eping. petroleum site assessments. 334513. communications strategies. Capabilities . Hazardous M aterials and Ha zardous Waste NAICS Codes: 541620.8103 vma il 251. 334516 . 517110 . re al-time oil plume mapping and physica l ocea nographic da ta c ollec tion. and Plankton N ets stores move ment. 334519. 541618 . Hazardous M aterials and Ha zardous Waste Profe ssiona l Consulting Services. corrective action de sign a nd remediation implementation. brackish or sa ltwater. Ecological studies including wetlands and habitats Service s . 532420.c om/ News Interview : Oil. Remedial Construction Servic es Oil. Sales. undersea/littoral environment/sensors/buoys/hydrographic surveys/visualization. storage and disposa l transportation services minority owned ope rated company ja mesandja mestours. A drie nne S Ja mes Allmand Boa ts 10570 SW 184 Terr miami Florida 33157 Todd Allmand 305 396 3727 w ww. We a lso de signed the skimmer to clean saw grass without damaging the environment. E-SAFE E nvironmentally Safe Cle ane r designed to rapidly convert the hydroca rbon cha in into shorte r factions that are in effect simple sugars tha t become nutrients and SheenMagic. and Related S ervices. Our staff ha s been selecte d to speak on environmental panels. wildlife and fisheries. spe cialties including botany.ecospheretech.Research a nd Developme nt in the Social Sciences and Huma nities. 518210 Data Proc essing. Our inve ntory of rental equipment is one of the la rge st and most varied in the industry.expandi. e tc Air IH M onitoring Environme ntal He alth and Safety Consulting. Environme ntal sampling (physical. 517210 . collection of suspended matter (sediment traps).h2otec hnologiesinc. The boats are designed to be hooked together side by side. ma mmals or a variety of other animals that may be affected by this situation.818. c ritical infrastruc ture and he Consulting services: community conflict mitigation strategic consulting communications strategies community development progra ms (suc h as jobs progra ms.honeybakedonline.362. a nd dive support for day trips or extended cruises. small business D avid C. due to the oil spill disaster in the Mexican Gulf. 4226. absorbent 42145. Inc. Engr. emergency management direc tors and industria l NPC. and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology).also have multiple units across Gulf Coast Area corporate-owned store Register-N elson Environmental Consultants 45 Parkland D Rentals and Sale s of equipment used to detec t oil and hydrocarbons in wate r. 551114. 511210 . OSHA training? owned. Rushing Partne r n/a H2O Techonology Website: http://www. Pinkowski. Houston. biologica l. expertise supporting national security. 42184. environmenta l documentation.Register-Nelson ha s a staff of a pproximately 20 profe ssiona l biologists/ec ologists. I have extensive experience with respect to the collection of water c olumn samples (and standard sampling equipment). Box 933 Bryant. Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). Suite C. che mistry & toxicology. Suite 190. remedia l tec hnology and product Plutus Environme ntal Technologies. contractors. Toxic Gas Detectors. GPS mapping Capabilities . E-SAFE is Lice nsed in California as a Shore line Cleaning Agent and She enM agic has pa ssed the require d testing procedure for inclusion but has not been submitted for licensing.Search. 541519.Commercial and Institutiona l Building Construction. Led by EPA and Corps (770) 500-9593 (c ell). C2D provides pre-construction EA/E w ww. Inc. 562998 Certified environnmental and safety professiona ls Sma ll Business Minority Equipment Stock Pile management.Softw are Publishers. 42183. 541519 . surface oil recovery vessels We are boat builders and can build c hea p surfac e oil rec overy boats that are designe d to c ontinually skim a 7 foot wide n/a swath of oil tha t is then carried to a barge by conveyer belt.hydrocomposites.Re se arch and Development in the Physica l. Toxic Air Monitoring.

P. and government clie nts me et their infrastructure needs. N ative Americ w (unde r construction) Environmental Services OSHA regulatory training. Inc. Hyung D ong +82-11. . We have equipme nt rea dy to dispatch immedia tely including spot coolers. H VAC. L afayette. CA 92116 Environme ntal Remedic ation. Systems. E xchange . Prteside nt 770-426-5701 mobile 678-778-3965 I was a broa dca ste r during my military ca reer and small business a radar approach controller. Email: maxonc@maxonconsulting. T hat starts with transpa rent pricing mode ls. California state(specific to oil spills). Ste 301 San D ie go. GOVE RNME NT DISCO UNT S. oversight. Environme ntal & OSH A training E nvironmental. SB.423840. 541512.D ata Quality Manageme nt Plans. CO NSTRUCTION AND HO SPITALITY FACIL IT IES As a retired OSH A Administrator . Suite 103 Jacksonville. Highway Streets & Bridges. O hsol's unique approac h to e mulsion bre aking is the result of twenty years of resea rch and deve lopment. In addition. Soil & Water Sampling. KOREA The main ingredie nt of pe troleum is hydrocarbons.c om CELL PHO NE PLA NS AND RADIO COMM UNICATIO N (FREE RAD IOS) CEL L PHONE AND RAD IOS FOR COMM UNICATION DURIN G OIL SPILL CLE AN UP. Landfill Planning. (504)947-8081 ShaverRemediation. installations. A VIP Grand Events. Cate ring. HU ET.sherrylabs. 562998 · Equipment Stock Pile management · Shore side clea n-up · On site supe rvision of field personnel · OSH A tra ining? · Documentation mana gement · Waste mana gement o Identifica tion of local waste handling. privately owned emulsions. turn-key pric ing and work hard to make sure that the pric es a re competitive and structured to be understandable to the decision make rs. Whittle. Deployment.Temporary Help Se rvic es 561330 . Booms. CO NSULTING AND SAFET Y TRAIN ING FO R INDUST RIAL. a nd effe ctive manner. e nvironmental data base Oil spill database manageme nt (including SA S.000 gallons every 24 hours as bulk produc tion begins.541620. n/a Boulevardlimo. Project M ana gement o Project Cost/Sc hedule Engineering o Project Administration o Project/Business Analysts o Project Information Analysts/Spe cialists o Project Financial Analysts o Other Projec t Specific Roles o SharePoint Site D esign. E merge ncy T ent She lters International region. 339115. My work also included assignment as the Safety & Hea lth Ma nager for OSHA at the 1993 World Trade Cente r bombing. 541618. With our mobile kitchens. T hrough past enginee ring and ope rations ma nagement roles in the petroleum industry. Others . Soils (CE RCL A). .com 2840 A dams Avenue. Mats Spill Containme nt Equipment Spill Kits and Containme nt Berms Stormwa ter Erosion Control Products OSHA Training and investigation. and Soil. 30064 702.210. Civil Construction. Region ll I have formed a consulting group of former OSH A offic ials Area Dire ctors Industria l H ygienists and Instructors. QA /QC procedures..L iste d under USE PA Design for the Environme nt (D fE).com NAICS Codes: 339113. and on-site te chnical support. Light Tow ers. (N EPA). 332420 .c om Gla dden & Metz. GA . Ltd.Testing L aboratories 541618 .c om Rental and Sa les of Temporary Air Conditioning Big Chill M obile Air is trained and has experienc e dea ling with emergency disa ste r response all over the Nationa l / for Military Base Camps. Potable Bathrooms. 541614. toxicologist. Mike Pittman. We refuse to play the force majeure card. E nvironmental Baker.iL aw.bigc hillac . SDVOSB Analtyics. 42184. 1054 Chesterfield Plac e. the Clean Water Act (CWA).316211. 8(a) DBE WOSB CPUC Big Chill M obile Air D anielle M anzella PO Box 4493 Winte r Park. industrial. SharePoint Site s for Proje ct Workspaces) (5-6 da y initia l deployment) o Subscription based Web-Ba se d Colla boration/Communication Solutions (Sha repoint Sites. San Diego. Projec t Manageme nt Information System. 8300 M anche ste r Rd.All Other Professional. vertica l tent coolers. SAN BRUNO CA 94066 18005815001 EXT 304 H ARVE Y N EVARE Z U S Regional Account Manager SPRINT-NEX TEL 800 581 5001 ext. Disaster response is the founda tion of our busine ss and the core of our strength. 722310. Silt Fences. all aspects of the National Environmental Policy Act Ecological Risk Asse ssmen.Professional and Ma nagement De velopment Training Environmental Sampling and Cleanup Service Disabled Veteran Ow ned Small Business EN CO N International. N CP Product Schedule under Surface Washing Agents. priva te. Modular Office Secondary: mwalker@coltsafety.All Other M iscellaneous Waste Manageme nt Services 611430 . o Due diligence audits of waste storage a nd disposal sites.c om Project Ma nagement Servic es. We wa nt to make sure our resources are a vailable to you and we do that by not overselling ourse lves.Ne w Construc tion. Pittma n.Meta l Tank (Heavy Gauge) Ma nufacturing. . data base business. LL C 1112 5th Stree t Gretna. T his expertise positions the BWI team a s a leading expe rt in emulsion tec hnologies w orldwide. Design. CCR Cage Code: OBP94 registere d by ORCA.H azardous Waste Tre atment and Disposal 562910 . 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business certified by SBA Environmental consulting. quality control. Inc. 561320 Guild Tec hnology Corp 8758 Alison Dr. completely from rene wable resources. GPS. FL 32217 G le nn Olson www. benthic invertebrate minimum zones (as a proxy of oil impacts to ma rine water bodies). U SAF. Re surfacing. Wate r and Sewe r Line and Related Structures Construc tion. Remediation of Contaminate d Surfa ce Water. Houston T X 77002 A ngel Cosme 713-328-6840 w ww. (504) L A 70053 H eidi K. Inc. and safe st products to use in this clea nup effort.S. Fl 321-222-8282 w ww. Using eco-friendly te chnology. Site Work. 55 gallon drums. iL aw professional Associates.SC-1000 is one of the most effe ctive.423450.Professional Employer Organizations 561790 .org Protective Clothing. Pillows.c oltsafety. LLC O ffice : 601.Othe r Services to Buildings and D wellings 562112 . 238910. Arnold Systems.Othe r Scientific and Technical Consulting Service s 541990 .com 866-731-1034 n/a Ma rtinEnviro is a full-service. Gingkowell Co. We are registere d with CCR under Cage code 1B6w0. 446199 mate rials. with DH S/FEMA I wa s the safety and hea lth mana ger a t 9/11 afte r the atta ck. gene rators.85 favoring water phase.CAGE Code 77628 M artin Environmental Solutions. . Delivery ava ila ble in tanker truc ks. 541330 . Trash w ww. LDEQ NELAC Certified in Louisiana.c om Slop oil processing-emulsion breaking BWI is a U . Groundwater M odeling. BWI currently ha s a new 2. G erald Whittle. & data interpretation. 541712 SIC: 8711.Biobased surfacta nt cleaner that's non-toxic . mainte nance.Re gulatory Environme ntal Regulatory Compliance Assistance. non-reactive. 238990 . business founded in 1924. Security Program M ana gement.315191. IOE I offers e nvironmental construction Assura nce . a nalysis of hydrocarbon degrading bacte ria. 541519. NC 28079 A ric Axness. 70508 Jerry L andry/Kevin Dischler/Ca rlyle Environmental & Bioassay laboratory testing Bourgeois services 1-800-737-2378 or 337-235-0483 M inority O wne d Sma ll Business. NV 89130 D ia ne Ha le 897-4906 702-897-8210 Fax dha le@herse rvices. IO EI also offers compre hensive e nginee ring. Arkansas. Secho Gu.Can deliver up to 50. Ma rtinEnviro offers c ommercial. #7. a nd the Clean Air Act (CA A). In addition. M O 63144 Primary: Bill Schubach /Sec onda ry: Full line of industria l safety products including M alynda Walker Persona l Protec tive E quipment a nd spill control Primary: 314-961and cleanup products 4414/Secondary: 702-289-4737 E mail addresses: Prima ry: bill@coltsafety. NA ICS 237110 Groundwater. a nd the Recovery Act OSHA HAZWOPE R. medical supplies. 541710 oce anographe r. non-ionic with HLB of 13.c om Contac tMES@martinenviro. established environmental consulting firm dedic ated to solving environmental issues problems a nd issues.All O ther Spec ialty Trade Contra ctors.5943 (cell) Temporary Structures. G loves. and aquatic toxicity test design/interpretation for effects assessment GIS services). NAICS Codes: Primary . Environme ntal Site Asse ssments. D eve lopment. accident investiga tion during OSH A career a nd Disaster Assistance . Mobile Showers.Re medial Remediation a nd Compliance to include the Comprehensive Environme ntal Response.4040/504. de sign. service. Laboratory IO EI specialize s in providing expert Project M ana gement a nd superior technical se rvices for all phases of Environmental Environmental Ma nagement. Ste 237. 233320. La nd Clearing & Fill. re frigerator trucks and laundry trailers. impacts to marine manager (S AS Re gistere d Partner & complete certified woman-owned and taxonomy. M arietta. E ngine er (W) 704-684-1958 (C) 864-680-5084 aa xness@gunk. .. Compensa tion. bi-lingual/Espanola with expertise in Construc tion. a s we ll a s produces a clean wate r effluent with no free oil. Ma rine O ur staff includes Master a nd PhD level ma rine Small woma n-owned NAICS Codes: Receptacles.Brite Water Interna tional 2600 South Shore Blvd Suite 300 L eague City. .>100.g. sta ndardization.702-7542 Advanced Oil Decomposition Technology small business . 236220. 504-628-6222 & Wate r Systems. face mask. we apply our experience and customer Surface Water. Colt Safety. Gas Transmission U SACE. corporation based in League City.315211. · documentation. In addition.e nconinterna tional. Opperating Contracts and No This firm has an understa nding of both energy Circulating Capital produc tion systems and environments where Employees will be added on a they're locate d. 25 pa ssenger bus n/a small business HE RServices. (985) 626. 561210. clean surfaces and herd oil for skimming in a safe . He re is how n/a we ca n support you: · Project M ana gement a nd Project Management Office Support Services: o Project M ana gement P rofessionals (PM P) o Project M ana gement O ffic e Support – allenm@ioenvironmental.neva rez@L2wireless.0509 Base Camp Se rvices. e ngine ering.Wastewate r Trea tment Plants 7673 Mec hanical — HVAC. Complex Manageme nt of Solid and Haz ardous Waste.O ther Scientific and Technic al Consulting Services. Environme ntal Consulta tion. Sharepoint Portal Services Project M ana gement-Projec t M ana gement Offic e Support Servic es to assist you with the Gulf Re covery effort. dry. 8731. site inve stigations/testing.maxonconsulting.Engineering Services 541380 . Sewe r Baker Ready Mix. We can provide hot and cold running wate r where none is ava ilable and e mergency food w hen sanita tion a nd supplies are nonexistent. We have a capacity to handle a pproximately 12 base camp feeding opera tions a t onc e. non-carcinogenic .vipgra ndevents. 561990 . Revege tation. Chung. aquatic disadvantage d business (UCP ba cteria.M artinEnviro. Draina ge. absorbent NAICS CO DES: 42145. Re mediation. 562910 Paving — Levees. As a disa bled ve teran ow ned business. readily biodegrada ble. assisting the FBI & all federal agencies. and Geographic Information System (GIS) servic e. Wattles Soc ks.cosme consulting. G ene ral w ww. Permitting. Scott Underground Utilities — Sanita ry Sew er. TX 77063 http://verdee nviro. and/or 275 gallon poly-totes.Site Prepara tion Contractors 541330 . 237990. Maritime & Special industries. M axon Consulting. G eogra phic Information Systems. and Technical Servic es 561210 . 8823 Sa n Jose Blvd.6914 (cell) mea ls per day Restaurant Quality Food. Ha rry Solhj oo. the work historically performed by BWI management spa nned a broad range of emulsion issues in refinerie s and oilfie ld operations. Water Filtration Plants. Scientific. will not form We offer biobased surfacta nts and solvents that Small.O. Environmental Control M . 2546 San Clemente Terrac e.Re mediation Service s 562998 . This e xperie nce gives BWI direct insight into the strengths and wea knesses of the competing products a nd allow s BWI’s sta ff to speak directly to customers’ concerns over these processes. Fie ld Monitoring.Othe r Management Consulting Se rvices 541620 . Consultation for Applic ation of Solution Systems Solution Sysytem Application Support Naic s: 541690. Soil and Water Analysis. and trailer mounted dx units. . IO Environmental and Infrastructure Inc. which means w e will do wha teve r it takes to provide the quality servic e w ith which our na me has become synonymous. We use best manageme nt practic es to ke ep project costs low and Database Manageme nt. physical #38136) interpretation 541690. 304 (phone ) 650 952 1019 (fa x) harvey.713. SBA SDB w ww. cost e fficie nt. including hydrocarbon fate & transport (at sub ng/g levels). Suite 1400. Cut using a catalytic c oupling ring. and for aqua tic toxicity. consulta tion and need to ba sis until full term support can range from interpersona l to ne twork contracts a astablished maintained and w ill genera lly open to ha nds observation and support whe n needed.All Other Support Services. Ce ll: 619417-6014. BWI mana gement a nd affiliates ha ve evaluated a nd opera ted many of the competing emulsion brea king technologie s.HE RServices. No environment and system e ngaged to 11551 lorraine rd gulfport ms 39503 Bria n Che valie r 228 697 9388 I have 2 lincolns 2 limos 10 cap. and project ma nagement solutions to help comme rcial and Safe ty (currently non published) Consultion for Solution Systems. · Add additional service s/skills a vailable · Review of existing emergency re sponse plans for adequa te recognition of worst-ca se sce narios. VIP Gra nd Events provides large eve nt catering to include. Conversions. biologic al oce anographe r. the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Mobile K itc hens. GL ADDE N & M ETZ .Safety & H ealth M anager with DHS/FEM A for eleven years.000 barrel per day Ohsol plant staged in Houston that can be deployed in response to the Horiz on Deepwater incident imme diate ly.c om SAFE CA RE (R) SC-1000 Aque ous Clea ner Concentrate.Engineering Services. Inc . w ww. Indian Trail.Environme ntal Consulting Se rvices 541690 . we have the a bility to se t up a virtual self-supporting city in just a few hours. 562112. 562910 . 541380 . Project Server. M unicipal a nd Public Works. Mechanical Work.L ifts oil from surfaces suc h as ma rine life or shoreline/marshes for cleanup and also "herds" oil on open water to make skimming e asier. H osting o Subscription based Proje ct Information Systems (Ra pid deployme nt via the Web (M icrosoft Proje ct Professional. Willia ms III CEO / Primary Researche r gfw iii@guildtechnology. aqua tic toxicity test de sign & da ta of oil dispersants and petroleum hydrocarbons. OSSHA. SM ALL BUSINESS 32793 PO Sherry La boratories-LA 2417 West Pinhook Road.423490. G roundw ater.316999. COM MUINCATION. accident prevention DH S/FEM A tra ining w ww. document revie w and control Ce rtifie d environnmental and safety professionals Sma ll Business Minority female owned. 722320 Small Business Air. Drainage D enneau. field sampling/sampling design coastal & deepwater surveys to map oil spill impac ts. primary Technica l Ability We have comple te. and increa se e fficie ncy and proje ct profita w ww. 561730. Fueling Fa cilities. Our ce rtified technic ians are a vaila ble 24/7 to provide any and all necessary delive ries. T he O hsol process is a n/a continuous. FREE PHO NES SPRIN T NET WO RK -COMM UNICATION BEST NE TWORK IN T HE COUNT RY. Concrete and Asphalt Paving Piping — Industrial Piping. 42183. Arkansas 72089 gladdenmetzinc. Oklahoma & Texas L aboratory testing services: Environme ntal & Bioassay toxic ity analysis Large business Distributor of Medical & Safety Products. .Facilities Support Se rvices 561320 . 8732. back to nature . financial. safety audits. IS A M INO RITY (INDIAN).Oil Sorbe nts. Inc. Houston. · Compliance a ssurance · OSH A tra ining (other training? ) · On site supe rvision of field personnel · Lia ison w ith re gulatory and community a gencies. 541690 . and government clients a wide range of consulting. n/a n/a Cosme Consulting 1001 Texas Avenue. Texa s that holds the pate nts for the Ohsol process.ilaw pa. Ple ase direct us to the decision makers to help with this national e nvironmental disaster. Assessment Report. Design. Boile r Installations (504)733-3040 U SACE. Web-Confere ncing) (5-6 day initial de ployment) 541618. Fe eding up to 30. Inc. T X 77573 Chris DeBerry Vice President-O perations Brite Water Inte rnational (713) 213-8983 phone (480) 287-9795 fa x cdeberry@britewate limo service We would supply to the federal government drums or totes of liquid conce ntrated oil degra ding bacteria specific to the clean ENVIRONM ENTAL/H YDROL OGICAL up projects.R.Marine Work.Remedia tion Services Cre ek Servic es. 1487 Fabrication. benthic ec ologist. Box 933 Bryant. INC. we turn these hydroc arbons into w ater and c arbon dioxide. 624230. Sediment.315992. Refrige rated Food Storage A VIP Grand E ve nts ha s worked for almost 4 decades to build a solid reputation of quality. SE RVICE D ISABLE D VET. benthic community analysis. Air and Soil analysis Construction. Instant Messaging. A lle n Mc Afee Cell (619) 206-1158 O ffice (619) 280-3278 ioenvironme ntal.000 + Cheryl Sypolt: 601. o re cord keeping. Arva da CO 80005-4813 Box 372081 Honolulu. 35-2 Jamw onDong. LA.000 gallons of SC-1000 w ere used during the E xxon Valdez oil spill cleanup. storage a nd disposal sites. 238890. Portfolio. Richard Brown: 601. w ww. . AND IS E CO NIM ICALY D OIN G GREAT. drug te st results. 4226. and derived cost efficient. CA 92122 Cynda M axon Tel: 858-552-0964. First Aid/CPR.665. D isaster Re covery Support. Inc Raoul M . 541620 Environmenta l Consulting Services. Verde’ Environmental Solutions (703) 989-0553 or email: Environmental Services 3766 Tanglew ilde des@westbourneenvironmental.8733 Solutions sight through information rega rding Currently Dormit.guildtechnology. oxygen sc ientists: hydroc arbon chemist. L ouis.541511. GIS). 541711.Testing La boratorie s.H azardous Waste Colle ction 562211 .com Radiator Spe cialty Company 600 Radiator Rd. relia bility and c ustomer Ba se Camp O perations and Catering is our re lationships. a nalysis of hydrocarbon degrading mammals. maritime physicals). asphalt & conc rete materials testing NAICS Codes: 238910 .514690. and analytic al services. physical proc ess that breaks emulsions and recove rs clean. but not limite d to: · Disaster Rec overy Feeding · Plant Shutdowns · La rge N ational Events · Facility Ca tering · Cafe teria Fee ding NAICS Codes: 624221. Nationwide Telecommunications Environmental Service s sma ll w oman owned company small business Woma n Owned. showers. Oracle. Remediation M anage ment. Business Development Biobased aqueous surfactant cleaning solution. H eavy Construction. our catalyst dec omposes petroleum back to wa te r and carbon dioxide. Robbie Bailey. Generators. (504)286-4412 Building Construc tion. understanding to our e nvironmental and infrastructure programs to offer top-quality service a nd ensure satisfa ction. HI 96837 G eorge F.. DU NS # 847753584 n/a small business HA RVEY NE VAREZ 1000 CHE RRY AVE SUITE 130. FSC:42. All but one have current health & sa fety c ertifications to work offshore & in dee pwa ter re gions around the world ( 303-255-1474 http://w ww. T im Jones 7307 Remcon Circle Suite #103 915-833-3740 w ww.gemtek.mobilekitche nsbyvip. QA /QC te sting Soil. SPRIN T IS THE L EAD ING CEL L CARIERR IN TH E COUNT RY. · Data e ntry. PO Box 751523 L as Vega s. . 238990.E xxonMobil a nd Shell continue to use SC-1000 today to clean oil off of terminals a nd tanks bec ause of the c leaning effectiveness and safety of our product. Hightower (Office M ana ger) 504-362-9432 fax 504-362-0130 Buildings 236210.Radiator Spe cialty Company is the exclusive North American distributor for Gemtek Products. salable crude oil.423850. Cleanup Ac tivities Soil & water remediation Construction. Boa ts & Buoys U S D ept of Agriculture . A-sung-Bldg. St.

M ana ger Ware housing Bruce M itche ll.Construc tion. 236220. FL 33760 Ben Cross. Attorney Ge neral’s O ffic e of Texas. Bloodborne Pathogens. schedule and budget. loc al 484110 M otor freight carrier.pods. fishe ries. less-than-truckload (LTL ) 484122 LTL (less-than-truckload) long-distanc e fre ight trucking 484230 Automobile carrier n/a 236220 . 238210. Wholesale Distribution also interacted w ith Equipment. PO DS also The PODS Enterprise has 10. long-distance Buildings. a nd Fixture M anufa cturing 333515 . Suite 120. won one E mmy and w ere part of 2010 Oscar winning documentary. Products quipment. 561312 NAICS: N AICS -541612. Guidance. Texas Comptroller of Public Ac counts.Re se arch and Development in the Physica l. PODS E nterprises Inc (PODS) Ben Cross.Re se arch and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities 541930 . Plocha rczyk Jr. Oc ean Alliance / University of Southern Ma ine 191 Weston Road. See (attached) executive summa ry of re cent global toxicologica l progra m. President Billy Horton.Environme ntal Consulting Se rvices 541690 .com n/a n/a n/a POD S E nte rprises Inc (PODS) PODS Corporate Headquarters 5585 Rio Vista Drive Clearwater. 2930 Old Houston Rd #11 Bra nch: 3900 Essex L n Ste 555 Houston T X 77027 3540 S I-10 Service Rd W Ste 200 Me ta irie LA 70002 Belle Le a Ac res. 561311 Employment Placement Agency 561312 Executive Se arch Services 561320 Temporary He lp Services First Hand G overnment After Ac tion report w riting. PODS also maintains fleets of sma ller trucks that can deliver single containe rs to affected are as. CEO /CFO Phone #: 352-347-0818 & 352209-1097 (M owM aster a division of Belle L ea Ac res) Transfac Capita l. Large Business HD Supply White Ca p Construction Supply 1268 Uppe r Kingston Rd. less-than-truckload (LTL) 484122 LTL (less-than-truckload) long-distanc e fre ight trucking 484230 Automobile carrier trucking. ge neral freight.561110. biopsying marine ma mmals (NMFS permit # 13545). T he 281-847-2000 x110 Woodlands.Motor a nd Generator M anufa cturing 423310 .778 478 7706 Staffing and Recruiting for Temporary. w omen metro-area a long the Gulf Coast. T EXAS 78217 PH ONE: 770-605-4338/210-2403870 FAX: 210 -579-6991 E MAIL: don. Jackson 9450 G rogans Mill Rd.Gulf Coast 721310. long-distance. E xxonM obil and other clie nts. the E PA. 35 years total pe troleum relate d expe rience. Texa s 77380 ww w. environment.Hand and E dge Tool Manufacturing 332213 . SU SAN STANLE Y RE GION AL INC. refinerie s. in water. Government Sales M ana ger 727-538-6342 727-538-6484 http://www.561210. They ca n be used for storage . and veteran owned. b.nativevisongroup.brookecompanies. a nd restoration. not an MBE Harvest Natural Orga nic Sorbent in proper stewardship.Surveying and Ma pping (except Geophysica l) Services 541380 . NAICS Codes 484210 Used Household and Office Goods Moving 493110 General Warehousing and Storage 493190 Other Warehousing and Storage 531130 Le ssors of Mini-warehousing 484110 Container trucking services. Detection. loca l 484110 Trucking. human hea lth and ecological risk asse ssment. small business organicwildc rafts.Gulf Coa st Booms = (c able lined) 18" PVC yellow or orange. He Ele ctrical &Bay Electronics Supplies Equipme Plumbing Supplies & E quipment. shrimp. Government Sales Clearwater. 423730 small business a. Lincoln M A 01773 781 259 0423 ex 15 978 760 1784 w ww.Compute r Based Training . CA DRE works w ith some 24 safety councils nationally and our te am ca n help acce le rate worker training needs. Administrative Servic es a nd Human Re sources Native American Owned and O perated.Othe r Building Mate rial Deale rs 532412 . Managed O il Spills in Galveston in the ea rly 90’s inc&luding the nt.000 L F / D ay production . Canada v1w 4m3 H ome 250 766 3722 G abe. Ce rtifie d: WBE NC Certificate # 230842 100% WomenOwned HUB Ce rtifie d by TX Comptroller’s Office VID #1721136510500 SBE Ce rtifie d by TX DOT #21553 Minority/Woman Business (Re gistered HISD Vendor) Certified: WBENC Certificate # 230842 100% Women-Owned HU B Certified by T X Comptroller’s Office VID #1721136510500 SBE Certified by TX DOT #21553 M inority/Woman Business (Registere d HISD Vendor) Extensive government report writing for World Combat/Critic al Situations (after a ction reports). marine biological survey.Machine Tool (Meta l Cutting Type s) Manufacturing 333513 .Othe r Computer Relate d Service s 541611 .com/homedamage -and-eme rgencie s/disasterrecovery. hydroca rbon impacted site s. utility. local 484122 G ene ral freight trucking. AL Carl Jone s. 532411 Boa ts = (aluminum hulle d) flat de cks. Administration.Othe r Management Consulting Se rvices 541620 .L awn and Garden Trac tor and H ome Law n and Ga rden E quipment M anufacturing 333120 . 541519. Privately held small business.Othe r Scientific and Technical Consulting Service s 541712 . w omen supplies. 541512. 3. 5415618. on the the distribution and effects of oil and toxicants a t a c ellular leve l. 541990 Management Solutions Service D isa bled Veteran Ow ned Small Business CADRE Solutions G roup. staging of goods and reverse logistic s. FL .Machine Tool (Meta l Forming Types) Manufacturing 333514 .Spec ial Die and Tool. Plywood.Othe r Construction Mate rial Merchant Wholesalers 423710 . and a sset-ba se d Financing and management lending. 75. pipelines. Inc Small and medium-sized busine ss financing We provide funding to small and medium-sized businesses through accounts rece ivable financing.Othe r Communic ations Equipment Manufacturing 334511 . Petrole um Opera tions – Ekofisk Offshore N orth Sea Platforms.Lumber.Custom Computer Programming Servic es 541512 . che mistry & toxicology. ha bitat restoration planning and design and restoration.Wired Telecommunications Carriers 517210 . 541611. Supply Chain Manageme nt Tools and Systems BROOKE STAFFING COM PAN IES. General Sa fety. re al-time oil plume mapping and physica l ocea nographic da ta c ollec tion. w ww. ocean circ ulation modeling.Roofing. 8a and 484210 Used Household and Office Goods Moving disabled-veteran owned 493110 General Warehousing and Storage distributors in the Gulf Coast 493190 Other Warehousing and Storage region.Air and Gas Compressor M anufacturing 335312 . H eath. work barge s / tugs . quarter barges. Scientific.USA 300+ Roll-off dumpsters and trucks . petroleum site assessments. PODS NAICS Codes also has non-profit. HCR’s strate gic approa ch is focuse d on working closely with ea ch client. Legal Assista nts.Ce ment Manufacturing 327320 . n/a T he AIM Group. Inc. CE O 205-999-8018 Spe cialists in providing Sa fety T raining using 3D technologies and instructiona l a ides that accelerate the training proc ess (HAZWOPE R.Saw Blade a nd Handsaw M anufa cturing 332510 . Containers can be placed onsite on pa ved or non-pa ved surfaces. Ac count M ana ger Corporation (SAIC) 703-676-8424 1710 SAIC Drive .whitecap.H azardous Waste Tre atment and Disposal 562910 . The containers can be se rvices 90% of the shore line. corrective action de sign a nd remediation implementation.transfac . Eme rgency Action Planning.Administrative Manageme nt and Ge neral Manageme nt Consulting Se rvic es 541618 . 928110 Ma n camps Relocatable buildings 562910. and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology) 541720 .Translation and Interpretation Services 541990 . Prattville .com Jerry E dler. merchant wholesalers" 423390 Other Construction M ateria l M erc hant Wholesalers BRANAE ' 688 Discovery Drive. Suite 570.Se arch. Safety and He alth consultation. c ommunity relations planning and support.hcr-llc.Pump and Pumping Equipment M anufac turing 333912 ./ NATIVE VISION G RO UP 1777 N EW L OOP 410 SUITE 600 SAN ANT WEB SIT E: www.Construc tion and Mining (except Oil Well) Ma chinery and Equipment M erchant Whole sa lers 444130 . Government Sa les PODS Corporate Headquarters M ana ger 5585 Rio Vista Drive Bruce M itche ll. Wide Variety of Products IT NAICS Codes: 541620..541990.Hardware Stores 444190 . HCR eva luating a nd remedia ting petroleum has managed over 15. furniture and clean up equipment to the shore s. Brownfields and work utilizing our e xperienced HAZ WO PER industrial and commercial clients. D irk. de veloping specific comprehensive pla ns which are de signed to increase and maximize the value of our client’s asse ts for long term profitability. A Service Disabled Vetera n Ben Helstein Ow ned LL C 713-548-7350 10101 Fondren Rd. L LC ww MRO/OE M Supplies and Equipme nt.All Other Professional. L ake Ma raca ibo Venezuela and in Texas. Groundwater. G abe Cipes or Dirk Stass 4870 Chute WEBSITE: w ww.Cutlery and Flatware (except Precious) Manufacturing 332212 . ma rine observations from Belle L ea Acres vesse l.C. furniture and clean up equipment to the shores. served in numerous ca pac ities for se veral State and Federa l a gencies inc luding. and Fore stry Ma chinery and Equipment Rental and Lea sing n/a small business Ia in Kerr 100 ft researc h vesse l O dyssey (specs attached) . a nd Wood Panel Me rchant Wholesale rs 423320 .Computer Fac ilitie s M ana gement Se rvices 541519 . T he y are used to store surplus materia l. Tra nsportation. Jig. loca l 484110 Trucking. Consulte d to G ene ral Chemical on remediation.Hardware Merchant Wholesalers 423810 . Operation M ainte nance & Monitoring Industrial Services/Sludge Dewa tering H azardous Waste Cha racterization. 30941 Sunea gle Drive M ount Dora . n/a Ha ndex Consulting & Remedia tion. SBA Ce rtifie d Small D isa dvantage d Business. plankton.000 contaminated site s for Fe deral. Veteran Owned Small Business M inority O wne d Small Disadvantaged Business (Self-Certified) M etro H ouston Certifie d Small Busine ss Enterprise (SBE ) State of Texas H istoric ally Under-U tilized Business (HUB) Locate d in a Fe deral HU BZ one M ember . The breadth of his expe rience includes he lping draft a nd pass oil spill le gislation which c reate d the Sta te Oil Spill Response progra m in the Texa s Ge neral Land O ffice in 1991. Woma n-Owned Small Business . etc. air monitoring/modeling/analysis. air-ride equipped 53’ trailers that can deploy resources na tionwide . Houston. Responsibility for biore mediation a common practice w ith numerous projects and studies that we re conduc ted at the Exxon Valde z.Internet Publishing a nd Broa dcasting and Web Search Porta ls 541330 . 531130 Le ssors of Mini-warehousing 484110 Container trucking services. Training. AL 36067 Jim Allen. general. F lorida Coa sta l marine re se rch. FL 33760 M ana ger 727-538-6342 727-538-6484 http://w ww. CEO D on Edle r. L LC 257 East 200 Birmingham. energy.Computer Syste ms Design Services 541513 . G overnment Sale s M ana ger PO C Phone : 334-491-8368 E MA IL: jimallen@w hitec ap.O ther Technical and Trade Sc hools 326122 .Profe ssiona l Analyst and Expert Witness for the largest Oleum Spill in United Sta tes.USA Vacuum Truc ks = 70 bbl / 130 bbl . 6575 SE 135th St. NOA A and the Marine Spill Response Corporation. long-distanc e 484230 Waste hauling. They a re use d to store surplus ma terial. President A lte rnate: Gary D Zac kery. scope. Millwork. L ega l—Attorneys. major oil companies. www.G ene ral Warehousing a nd Storage 511210 . Parale gals. Ware housing POD S has a dedicate d fle et of flatbe d. members of Safety the oil Supplie industrys and and E environmenta l c onstituencies during numerous visits to Prince William Personal Protective quipment. Ala bama 35806 G ary Crockett M ana ging Director 1-800-467-9913 w ww. Environmental. HAZ CO M. vessel ferry operations for sma ll groups. air-ride equipped 53’ trailers that can deploy resources nationw ide. Wildcra ft n/a Cat tail with stem. 541611. and safety engineering. factoring.Experienced in Opera tion Spec ialty: Petroleum and Chemica l Assessment .Construc tion Machinery M anufacturing 333210 . They c an be used for storage.Softw are Publishers 517110 .Colle cting and preserving biologic al sa mples. 541511. loc al 484110 M otor freight long-distance Buildings. a ir and seaport te rminals. long-distanc e 484230 Waste hauling. staging of goods and reverse logistics.Analytical Laboratory Instrument M anufac turing 334517 .Nume rous capacities including he lping pass the legislation in 1990 that founded the Texas O il Spill Prevention and Response Program. Suite 102 Huntsville. President. incre ased Sorbent a nd boom performance. nonhaza rdous.000s of containers POD S E nte rprises Inc is an in the Gulf Coast region and delive rs containers to enterprise made of smallse rvices 90% of the shore line. 34491 352-347-0818 belleleac o@aol. Ca se M anagement.All Natural Sorbent. and Rela ted Service s 519130 . habita t assessme Initial Re medial Actions Phone – Contaminated Site Assessments 352-735-1800 ext.eL earning HCR is a lice nsed. 423720. prefabric ated nonwood.Othe r Commercial and Servic e Industry M achinery Manufacturing 334290 . ge ographic /spatial information systems.Data Processing. picke d up and stored offsite if ne ed be.Plastics Pipe and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing 327310 . Contract and Direct Hire 1. merchant wholesalers" 423390 Other Construction Ma terial M erchant Wholesale rs The PODS Enterprise has 10.Security Syste ms Services (e xcept Locksmiths) 562211 . HCR offe rs over 40 years of HCR is a full se rvice environmental company environmental enginee ring and consulting experience ga ined by providing these services to the Florida D epartme nt of focused on providing full turnkey coverage for Environmenta l Prote ction (FDE P). PODS also has non-profit. long-distance. fish and whales. and Na utical Syste m and Instrume nt Ma nufac turing 334516 .L ysanderE lectric. Tra nsportation. contractor monitoring of recove ry project and cle an up. and Air Sampling Fax – 352-735-1800 Remedial Action Plans Cell .aspx Portable S tora ge Containers.aspx POD S Brand Containe rs siz es: 8’ x 8’ x 16’ 8’ x 8’ x 12’ 8’ x 8’ x 7’ POD S has a dedicate d fle et of flatbe d. There are secure business franchise owners. cre w. trained e mployees and our own e quipment. remedia l tec hnology and product evaluations. VP 936-435-9000 Office 936-581-0127 Cell Website Addre ss http://w ww. prefabric ated nonwood. M ega Borg whic h re mains the largestCustodial oil spill on the Texa&s E Gulf Coast.Gulf Coast GeoTube s (or e qual) . Power Transmission Supplie s & Equiopment Sound following the Exxon Valdez disaster. Siding.theprosourcea dvantage . c ritical infrastruc ture and he alth.branaec onsulting. Inc. IT.c om PO C: Casimir S. building ma terials. convenience stores.3dc adre. sterile c ell line ve ssel & c rew ca pable of ga thering base line da ta laboratory aboard research vessel Odyssey (photo attached). local 484122 G ene ral freight trucking.pbs. Hosting. D ie Set. full service environmental enginee ring and consulting firm.56131.Irradiation Apparatus Manufacturing 493110 . Incide nt Commander.Testing L aboratories 541511 .cell 250 938 6381 Ke lowna (HE AT) Remedial System D esign. Ae ronautical. TX 77096 Environmental Services.G ulf Coast 238910 Ea rth moving equipment . oil spill traje ctory analysis. 541620. Government Sa les Portable S tora ge Containers. E nginee ring. Rd. corrective action design. Process Improveme nt. w etland and beach assessment.Re ady-M ix Concrete Manufacturing 327331 . 5415614. Inc. various wate r ma nagement districts. 441222. M ining. a nd Disposal Health and Safe ty Training Professional Engineering and Geology Services Risk M anage ment Regula tory and Le gal Servic es D rilling and Direct Push Services E nvironmental and Civil Construction Services Instructor Led Training . to provide temporary shelter and to transport stora ge facilities that may also be used in e very Some are minority. Suite 350 Salt L ake City UT 84111 E ric Myers 800-458-6056 e xt 102 www. metro-area a long the Gulf Coast.Engineering Services 541360 . E xte nsive public polic y experience in environmenta l a ffairs a nd local government issue s. 423620. and Rela te d Construction Ma terial M erchant Wholesale rs 423330 . Stone . we have streamline d our process and eliminated certain fees for ve ndors of the spill. ge neral freight.863-662-9340 O n-Site Mobile Treatme nt Services w ww.Geophysical Surveying a nd Mapping Se rvices 541370 . Containers can be placed onsite on in the Gulf Coast region and delive rs containers to enterprise made of smallpave d or non-pave d surfac es.Sawmill a nd Woodw orking M achinery Ma nufacturing 333512 . air. Small Busine ss operations.JE ADJUST ER INC. and Technical Servic es 561621 . 8a and disabled-veteran owned distributors in the Gulf Coast region.theAIM group. insured.oceanalliance.Gulf Coa st Pumps . stora ge facilities that may also be used in e very Some are minority. general. etc. FL 32757 Irvin R. M anage d tha t program and the Research a nd Developme nt component of that program for 4 yea rs during which time he managed 12 million dollars of Dire ct R&D money and also levera ged more than 8 million dolla rs annually in a dditional R&D which focused on everything from biore mediation capabilities. Installation.Brick. Accounting and Finance 2.Hardware Manufacturing 333112 . 10333 Richmond M ANAG ER Ave Ste 450 Houston TX 77042 713-337-2222 Houston w ww. to advanced LIDAR dete ction for Oil Spills. Navigation. nonhaza rdous.N ational Federation of Independent Businesses(NFIB) Teaming Partner w ith Applied Industria l Tec hnologies. TX 77340 Primary: Arnold D Ortiz . 423120. founding a nd managing the Clean Gulf Conference in 1993 whic h is still toda y the premiere oil spill and environmenta l mitiga tion confe rence in the country a nd performing as the principal of his own Public Relations / Gove rnmental Affairs firm for more than a deca de. the Texas General La nd Office. 1527 Soil. President E mergency S pill Response E mail – iheath@ha ndexmail. There are secure business franchise owners. to provide temporary she lter and to transport supplies.Concrete Block a nd Brick M anufa cturing 332211 .Wire le ss Telecommunica tions Carriers (except Sate llite) 518210 . building ma terials. the Florida Department of T ransportation (FDOT).org Have a PBS partnered we bsite High SE S – 501C3 Registered www.Re mediation Service s 611519 . ha ve provided content for charity 40 documentarie s.edler@na tivevisiongroup. communications support & probabilistic risk assessment. and Insulation Ma terial Me rchant Wholesale rs 423390 .000s of containers POD S E nte rprises Inc is an maintains fleets of smaller trucks that can deliver single conta iners to affected areas. Transporta tion.541618. CTO n/a Lysa nder Supply Solutions.Cutting Tool and Ma chine Tool Ac cessory Manufacturing 333911 .c om/home damage -and-eme rgencie s/disasterrecovery. The conta iners c an be picked up and stored offsite if need be . 541690.G ulf Coast Skimmers . undersea/littoral environment/sensors/buoys/hydrographic surveys/visualization. based on their objectives. People and Equipment M cLea n VA 22102-3703 information te Prosource. Rec ords Manageme nt.Commercial and Institutiona l Building Construction 333319 . image ry analysis. sediment. c. We self-perform all powe r companies. L LC.c om Summerhill Organic & Wildcrafts ltd. GSA Contra ct H older GS -10Fn/a 0139W Disaster Recovery. Because of the nature of the spill.saic. and veteran owned. sta te and loca l governments. 541513. 562112 Reclaimation / Cleanup n/a Small Business Scie nce Applica tions Inte rnational Susan H allman. Ma nagement Consulting. Innova tive applic ations of te chnology and expertise supporting national security.. Chris A.

cost estimators.N on-Flamma ble . 424990. 1603 S. Water. planning and sound management advice CEO / rogerl@ls-consultants. Strategic slippery. Our spe cializations include highways.ironwoodcompanies. 541330‐E ngine ering Service s.SolarWaterE ne rgy. (PPI) A ndrew Ballard 6618 E. NAICS Codes: 488999 – 561210 – 561320 – 624230 . Bioaugmentation . and Temporary Innovation Kitchen Design and Supply G regory Byrnes 1465 727-365-7136 f 727-447-2803 w ww. 334516. Preparing media for transport and 2. other a. Our inve ntory of renta l e quipment is one of the largest a nd most varie d Electronics Engineering in the industry. Lab Manager L td. the anti-microbia l hand-sanitizing formulation kills 99. 541370. se awater. Certified Ha zardous Materials M anagers and Certified International Fire Service Ac creditation Congress Ha zardous Materials Instructors. airports.S degrees in Ha zardous Materials M anagement. ALSI has worked with many consultants on projects supporting various federal programs including: analytical testing to support a Comprehensive Long-T erm E nvironmental Ac tion Navy (CLE AN) c ontrac t.Commerc ial and Industrial Ma chinery and Equipment (exc ept Automotive and Elec tronic) n/a Repair and M ainte nance 333911 .THUNDERBOLT POLISH 888-526-5852 n/a G OVERNM ENT PO INT O F CON TACT : JEAN NIE E VANS G SAHEL PNOW@GMAIL. program managers. Personnel Security. President 954-730-7707 w ww. Alberta. wa ter and sewage. Proficie nt and experienced in mana ging and maintaining project documenta tion as require d by va rious governme nt authorities.doesn’t dry the skin . TX 75248 POC: Care y Blanc hard – 214-7257317 ww w. Accounting and Service s.Technicia n. CA 94520 Christopher Mille r. 561210 . 423440. Lea d/He avy Metals Remediation Ironwood Compa nies is a small busine ss with OSHA haz -ma t c ertified employe es specializ ing in environme ntal re Emergenc y Management. engineering remediation plans for the removal of petrole um contaminate d soils and groundwate r. US Postal Inspection Service.analyticallab. Engineering and Permitting. allow ing the harshest soilants a nd dea d germs to be ea sily removed w ith a damp sponge or single water NAICS: 325611 . drainage. Below are a few be nefits to the professionals and volunteers charged w ith cleaning up the oil spill: . 562910. We employ va rious 5060. 453998.SkinWea r is an advanced ha nd sa nitizer that serves as an a lternative to antiDan Ziegler 631-774. Process Re engineering. site etcTest . groundw ater. 423450.E. COD . CA 93277 Ground Contamination Small Business WBE status pending .c om Soils Reme diation. 424340. M A 02563 M ark E. EM S. b. Inc. n/a n/a Small Busine ss/Woma n Ow ned • Water Re sources • Wetlands Protec tion and Mitigation • Emergency Response Pla nning and Tra ining • Coastal Resource Assessments Small Business Deltha Corpora tion E arl Washington . Sa les. Data available. and Fore stry Ma chinery and Equipment Rental and Lea sing 532490 . bridges.Soap and Other Dete rge nt Ma nufac turing L &S Consulta nts. The D OD EL AP a pplies to DoD operations. 3. Spectrophotometers. Fac ilitie s Consulting Se rvices. Opera tional Plans. Financial Planning a nd aftermath of the storms of 2005.Hydrocarbon Digesting Mic robes consist of various microbial strains a nd bioche mica l nutrients for ana lysis. 423490. 90 Route 6A . 532420. 899-3 (Environmenta l T raining Services). Certified Small Disadvantage Business (SDB). re quirements of fe deral.T. and Cana da. Emergenc y Response Planning and Contingencies. a nd technology service s Solar Water Energy ha s patented a new and e xciting tec hnology tha t c onverts saline wate r. a. CA 90815 Terence Wong. private & public response teams. Hydrocarbon Vapor in air Expertise in me thods of de tection of oil or Dete ctors (FID and PID). we supported HUD housing relief and stabiliza tion efforts across the Sta te of L ouisiana. the most current contract is the contract for Ana lytical Service s Supporting the U nregulated Contaminant Monitoring (U CMR 2) Progra m for sma ll w ater systems a cross the na tion. During the task of any project. A. Inc. GC FID / PD or GC MS to detect hydrocarbons inc luding BTEX . 238990. 128 • Baseline Water Quality Analyses (near c oastal mne lson@horsleywitte n. EPA under N AICS code s 541620 (Environmenta l Consulting Service s) and 542910 (Environmental Reme diation Se rvices). M BA. planning. Inc. N ASA. Hazardous Waste . NAICS: Commercia l E quipment/Supplies 423400 532411. 532490.. Site Ea rthwork. Pre paring workplans and Service s include applic ation of Biore mediation Tre atment on water or la Service: Air. Infrastructure Planning. Financial and Program Our firm mobilized hundre ds of experience d professionals and staff to respond to federal and loc al government needs in the Compliance M onitoring. environme ntal. w ww. 3419 (403) 21912th St. Che mical of conc ern include volatile re finery a nd petroc hemical wastes. Specia lists for Bulk Cargo & Ra il). ALSI’s laboratory is operational 24/7 – Monday through Sunda y.541511 Horsley Witten G roup. • New self cleaning strainers. HW currently holds contracts with both GSA and the U .Emergenc y and Other Relief Se rvices 922190 . EnviroCare ha s represented the maritime and ma rine industry as a membe r of the Homeland Security Area Maritime Security Committee for the U SCG Sector Miami. TX 77541 Horsley Witten G roup. Environme ntal Clean-up. and Sa fety Activities 928110 . resource ma nagement.nwenvirometrics. 561210. Wate r purification plants ca n be constructed on-shore and contained steam cleaner. ca pable of responding n/a ra pidly. w here testing is being performed in support of e nvironmental re stora tion programs. quality a ssurance services. Small Business permitting. RAE Systems. state and local organiz ations that re present our corporate mission and goals.e.Combats spore activity of clostridium difficile .367.M oisturizes skin ALL DAY L ONG . enforcement background working with media many roles w ithin our state w ww. DO.E . 253. Vic e President / victorp@ls-c onsultants. • Florida Building Constructor • Alfa Laval Ce ntrifuges and • Florida Pollution Storage Tank Contractor • Dorr O liver PCH 30 Centrifuge 350 GPM.Anti-Bacterial .Construc tion. Our service and c alibration laboratory is certified and authorize d by ma ny of the most recognized instrument manufa cturers suc h as YSI. solid. 922190 California State Certified Small Busine ss 33151 US SBA Standards Ce rtifie d Small Busine ss Veteran Owned Business Ironwood Companies. ALSI offers services nationwide using ne xt-day se rvice provided by ma jor overnight and ground carriers.Service Establishment E quipment and Supplies M erc hant Wholesalers 532412 .On ea ch layer. 423860. and contract documents. provides dedicated planning and sound management advic e while having a full understanding of program. MBA degrees in associated fields.envirocare inc. soil. industrial. NC 27612 w ww.*Services -* Equipco provides Renta ls. 541990. E SP is prepare d to a ssist the EPA a nd GUlf Coast imme diately with many ve te ran sta ff consisting of: eme rge ncy medical personnel. Using IC for M ajor Anions and ICP MS for M ajor Ca tions Soil Analysis: Using GC FID.OTC . Consulting. Oil Content Analyz ers. construc tion and agencies. medic al and food service communities. rest rooms. 17818 Highw ay 65 NE Ha m Lake. Public Orde r. our c ompa ny w as involved w ith FEM A recovery re lief efforts including hauling. Response Team. 223 North Rendon Street Ne w Orlea ns. Preside nt. In addition. representing the la test tec hnologies in environmental monitoring and sampling. 333911. L ong Beac h. Product use d is BioWorld Biore mediation Tre atment which includes two te chnologies: Soil and groundwater. Our work demands close contact with local EPA. Asbestos Remediation. Visa lia . and non-pathogenic. ALSI recently tested eme rge ncy water sample s from JFK for glycols te sting. Environmental Impact Assessme nts.retains natural moisturizing oils . L LC. government agencies. Sandwich. HUBZone (application pending). 423850. With clients located throughout the Unite d States. Design and Construction. in orde r to coordinate with federal and state efforts and local government needs. 70114 m Fina ncial M ana gement Se rvices. 562910. Might (I said might) do an equa l or better job than Dawn in the re mova l of oil from wildlife.horsleywitte n.c om multiple a gencies.6766 (offic e) / Services. Bay 2. Inc. architects. 541519. E nvironmental Re stora tion programs. 236210. sa nitize r. WA 98584 Small Minority Owned Edward L awson We provide HAZWOPE R T raining and Consulting Provide training for Hazardous Site Workers and Supe rvisors (24. L aw Enforc ement. No. CO D. engineers. herbicides and non-corrosive. containment and clean up. P. Brunk – Environme ntal analytic al testing of soils. programs. and PCA representative s and has given us expe rience in managing petroleum spill issues to completion. Ste 204 Analytical Laboratory Servic es. military se rvices. M SIH 562-209-7080 n/a Hea lth and Safety Oversight. ALSI maintains NE LAP acc reditation in PA. M ining.benchmarklaboratories. Manageme nt Support. . Oil Containment Products 1210 RedRental Gum Anahiem. M itiga tion & Permitting • Risk Asse ssment Freeport.R. the a pprova l process. Servic e 2100 M eridian Park Boulevard Concord. Since 2001. the sec ond patent owned by SWE.for multiple industrial. silicon/alc ohol-free weave tha t forms a bond on the skin in 4 protective laye rs.COM T im-c arrie @thunderboltpolish. 90504 1. 559-936-3695 Bioremediation using EPA approved hydrocarbon de grading microbes. 899-7 (Geographic Information Se rvices). We are a full service laboratory providing ISO 17025 a ccre dited ana lysis for hydroca rbon contaminate d air. a nd on an emergency as-needed basis throughout the entire contiguous United States. concrete structures. tre atment pla nts. Crensha w Street. E ngineering and Ge neral Mgt. 541620. 7765 ST E 112-349 Corporate Website : Raleigh. rated for 150 GPM. Principa l • Oil Spill Response Planning (508) 833-6600 ext.b. Marketing Coordinator / darreng@lsconsultants. solid waste. 423810. http://www.Hypo-allergenic Fred M ason. Inve ntory (508) 833-6600 ext. Widely available and acc epte d by educa tions. Collection of soil and 1. In addition. M iddletown. D eve loping response w ww. E SP stands rea dy to provide an array of services and is flexible to change with new demands for security. Deltha Corpora tion is a professional services firm providing services under NAICS c odes 541219‐Other Accounting Deltha Corporation’s strength is in progra m and 3520 G ene ral Degaulle Drive. 541330. Network provided a broad range of services to federal and private sector customers including federal disaster response a nd recove ry other tec hnical and administrative staff and c an Manageme nt and Support. 811219. 541990. and c onstruction administration. Cost effective and ea sy to use . NJ and Louisia na and A2LA DOD-ELA P ac creditation. Bioenhancement . private industrial corporations. CA. on the beach etc. Soil a nd water sampling.Facilities Support Se rvices n/a 561612 . Inc . project objec tives. 12801 Auburn Street De troit. hydroelectric pla nts and ma ny public and private Universities and the ir training entities. progra mmers.innovationkd. 238990. . Inc ident Action Plans. Supply Manageme nt. scullery are a a nd refrigerator/free zer walk-in unit. 3147 or 717-319-8537 SKW Partners LTD 2263 W.Armored Car Service s 624230 . 170 Wildwood Dr Se Shelton.858. services.FDA compliant a nti-microbial ha nd-sanitizing formula tion . non-toxic.americasresponseteam. and more. non-flamma ble. M any personnel belong to na tional. Company performe d tra ining for U S D epa rtme nt of State. D isaster Re covery Support.thunderboltpolish-kc. The excess thermal energy also can improve the effic ienc y of existing power genera ting plants. administrative office support sta ff. Wilton M anors. T orranc e. hydrogeologists.SkinWearU SA.Kills Pow er distribution NAICS Code: 54138 ISO Acc reditation: ISO 17025 Air Analysis: Using GC FID. Oil/Water Interface M w ww. 40. Demolition.Other Commercia l and Industrial Machinery a nd Equipment Rental and L easing n/a Precision Pne Response personnel from ware Support Website: w ww. and Repair/Calibration services of and air.All Other M iscellaneous Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing 423810 Construction and M ining (exc ept Oil Well) M achine ry and E quipment Mercha nt Wholesalers 423830 . licensed site professionals. soil and wa ter servicing public and priva te entities world wide . facilities manageme nt and support and quickly de ploy human resource s to support w ww.Non-toxic . Inc. and n/a most contamina ted wa ter into pure w ater utilizing solar ene rgy. brac kish w ater. design. testing technicia ns. It has a full cook line. Have available personnel with spec ia l qualifica tions as Environmental Health & Safe ty. Our sta ff includes engineers. 551114. Pe nnies a day per w orker. Toxic Gas Detectors. Senior Toxic ologist. 300. 80). wa ter.c om Phone: (866) 900-0480 / (504) 7370480 Fax: (504) 737-0680 541310. Response (i. qualified firefighters and former USCG. Hydrocarbons in Soil Analyzers.Silic one Free . e mergency 504. vehic le. sludge. (H W) is a small business.T he special Bioreme diation E nhancer formulation ma ximizes the ability of the microbes to re produc e groundwate r using standa rd profe ssiona l and thrive in the waste system.E SP D irector Corporate Headquarters: Primary POC Number: (919) 3021200 G Street NW Suite 800 2326 Washington.Controls odor and perspiration under gloves . gove rnment and priva te entity efforts. sta te. FDAproje a nd cts.9% of germs. NAICS codes include: 562910. D O. dirt is “packed” into micro groups that lift and release awa y from the skin. SINs inc lude 899-1 (Environme ntal Consulting S ervices). M ason Geologic. This role has included performing mock fuel spill simulations all the major oil companies. 541620 middle Environet 1827 X imeno Aveue. 532120.Air and G as Compressor Ma nufac turing 333999 . Program M ana gement. For over 23 ye ars. Llc DBA Primary POC: Stacey Bauer E nhanced Se curity Professionals . BS & BA degrees.M ore effective than any produc t on the ma rket . Site Restoration. environmental analysts. the sola r the rmal energy store d in e ach plant is circula ted and reused again and a gain. L&S is available on short notice . 541350. Inc . support a dministrative support and progra m ma nagement support to numerous government agencies including. private and public entities. Fort Harrison Ave . CA 92806 Ge nerators 20kw to 4M W. all levels of H azardous Ma terials Emergency Personnel rec eive d me dial relations training from Our corporation was formed 360-893-3838 (office ). Rentals and Sale s of equipment used to detec t oil and hydrocarbons in water. Nelson.*N AICS Codes -* 325120.All Othe r Miscella neous Ge neral Purpose Mac hinery M anufacturing 335312 .Motor a nd Generator Manufacturing 335999 .com/Press/ 4140 cleaner bacterial hand soaps that don’t protect the skin after washing. We also supply Kitchen equipment and smallw ares if needed for other areas requesting this. assessment CIBA. 334513. schedulers. BioWorld Biore mediation Tre atme nt is environmentally safe. Private company duly Incorporated. Deltha Corpora tion has provided facilities support. We ha ve ca pabilities to house over 100 cases of water/Gatorade and ice. and 899-8 (Reme diation and Reclamation Service s) in all labor c ategories. non-toxic. Inc. Air. financial ma nagement Analysis. water matrices. contractor-operate d fa cilities a nd formerly used defe nse sites. L abora tory Services: AL SI has the capacity. Small Business 8(a).com OnPoint Holdings. minority owned business E QUIPCO Rentals. pla nners.N ational Security Enhanc ed Sec urity Professionals is prepared both logistically and financ ially of providing the necessary eme rge ncy response services conc erning the growing hazardous material disaster (BP Oil Spill). 532412. project ma nagers and 504. 624210 small business S.0058 (cell) Manageme nt. 190TH ST. Wate r Analysis: Using GC FID . 541330. Audits and Assessments NorthWest Envirometrics. Deltha Corporation has manageme nt spe cialists. Soil Analytical Analysis E nviroCare. This produc t c an be dispersed via boa t. 541618. Calgary.Pump and Pumping Equipment M anufac turing 333912 . Site Security. O SHA. 541513‐Computer Facilities Management Services. 561110-Office Administrative Servic es. Construction. Skin Protector. and 237790.americ asresponseteam. Using ICP MS for M etals Analysis. hydrology. ALSI has also provided analytical testing for several EPA contracts in support of various types of testing programs. sbrunk@ana lyticallab. 541618-O ther Manage ment Consulting Service s.Bio-degra dable . a nd local environmenta l regulations.skinw earusa. a nd 100% Minority ow ned 811310 . Pollution insurance policy a vaila ble for revie w. practices. 532411. T he surplus heat in the system produces elec trical powe r through a Solar Thermal Energy Conversion System. and historic preservationists.pow erplus. Stanford University and UC Da vis. *Ca pabilities -* Equipco ca pabilities include eve rything from applications technical support to custom elec tronics design and machining/fabrication. 541712 Susan E ngle.esppro5. 561210-Fac ilities Support Services. engineering. We can provide a full time c hef to provide mea ls for volunte ers/workers. M I 48223 Plea se c ontact: D ia nne Peck 313-544-7117 office 313-215-1934 cell w ww.9% of germs . and e mergency manage ment personne l. N atural Disaster Response. computer modelers. Benchmark La boratorie s “Calgary” Rob Bitcon. 238910.S. Budget Formulation and E xe cution. Awareness. 8808 Canada.Industrial M achinery and E quipment M erc hant Wholesalers 423850 . Incident Command and Haz ardous Materials O n-Scene Incide nt USAF Public Affairs Ce nter of E xc ellenc e. Solinst. 921190. Partne r oll Free 1-888-234-5678 extension 107 w ww.Persiste nt germ-killing capacity for up to 8 hours with a single a pplication . n/a and soil sampling Small.c om PO C: Care y Blanc hard – 214-7257317 w ww. Louisiana. DC 20005 A lte rnate POC Number: 888-3773434 E dw ards M ill Rd. budget. Analytic al se rvices provided by AL SI are designe d to meet the se rvices. Personnel ha ve attained PHD de grees. 541330. w astewater. Site Safe ty Plans. 541380 – TE STIN G LABORATORY ALSI is a full-servic Power Plus K evin Cornejo 702-429-8898 w ww. la w with personne l that fille d 222-5262 (cell) response pla n development and coordination with Comma nd. 423840. institutional. N . organic compounds. 541611-Administrative M gt. land asse ssment reports. Inc. BOD. N avy sinc e 2001. The Sola r Distillation System combines wate r de sa lination technology and solar power to make fresh wa ter and render it as potable water for irrigation or industrial use . Me xico.Non-Alcohol-based . and air Products -* Oil in Wate r Analyzers. inorganic c ompounds. Suite ew ashington@delthacorporation.delthacorporation.Othe r Justice. PAHs. L&S Consultants. L andfill G as Mitigation. Comme rcial Containme nt Boom • Amphibia n Tra ck Vacuum Vehic le Capabilities: Contain oil spills in navigable wate rs. sediments. geologists. 237120. From the EPA-Cincinnati Offic e. Fluorometers .E nvironmentally Frie ndly. Gas Chromatogra phs. 493190. a ir.ppi-america.espde fense. FBI and with pe rsonnel from multiple re fine ries. In addition. PAHs. Emergenc y Response for fire. petroc hemical fa cilities. Our sta ff has the capabilities of assigning such disc iplines as e nvironmental specia lists. c. 813920. From EPA Region 2. EnviroCare has spe cialized in Wome n Owned Busine ss the maritime and ma rine environment performing Enterprise . In support of the rec overy efforts related to Hurric ane s Ka trina and Rita of 2005.a second line of defense . O perations. soil. Emergenc y Medical Personnel. • Training Workshops for Coastal Communities • Emergency Response Planning for Coa sta l Communitie s (include s Na tional Incident Manageme nt System and Incident Command System T raining as w ell as e mergency response exercises) • Environmenta l Pe rmitting • Wetlands Protec tion. 16910 Dalla s Parkw ay Suite 116 Da llas. • Florida Petroleum Remedia tion Clea nup Contractor • Dorr O liver BH 36 @ 1000 Centrifuge GPM and • E nvironmental Consulting including Design. using 717-944-5541 Ext EPA methodologies. http://vimeo. equipment repair A. Department of Navy and State of Louisiana. 128 • Coa sta l Wetlands Re source M apping and mne lson@horsleywitte n. In a ddition. 532310. non-haza rdous. and ma intenance of FEM A Project Scheduling. full-service environmental science and e ngine ering firm located in New E ngland but with a na tional reac h.M ainta ins a ge rm-free environme nt at the dining areas.. including Governme nt-owned. Hwy 332 979-230-9003 w ww.FDA approved. T 2E 6S6 w ww. large business based on $12M avera ge ove r 3 years. N Y. through onsite support. GC FID / PD or GC MS to detec t hydrocarbons including BTE X.Continue s to protec t under gloves . w etlands scientists. construction. administrative ma nagement and support. FL 33305 • Oil Spill Containment Booms. 236200. and insta llations. HDPE /Leachate Proce ss Piping.S. 541690‐Other Sc ientific and Technica l professionals including e nginee rs.Security Guards and Patrol Service s 561613 . Ne w Orlea ns. BO D. Within e ach la yer.Increased sa fety z one of protection . or plane. Disadvantaged Small Business Mobile Kitchen We have a 53’0” mobile kitchen ca pable of providing meals for 2200 people per day per meal. Sales. lift sta tions. federal Industria l H ygenist.He lps Fight Staphylococcus Aure us (Staph Infections) .com area s/receiving wate rs) w ww. T hermo Ele ctron.c om Victor Pedraz . Disposal.A. GC FID / PD or GC MS to detect VOC’s and SVOCs inc luding BTEX and other aromatic compounds. specifica tions w riters. 34 Dogwood L ane. Inc. Administra tive and G ene ral tempora ry housing. environmental monitoring and sampling instruments. E nvironmental Solar Wate r Energy. a ctivities. 811310. Housing Ma nagement. Wildlife Rescue. ALSI’s e xperience: ALSI w as a ccredited by A2LA in Dec ember 2009 as a D OD EL AP laboratory a nd has provided a wide va riety of analytic al se rvices unde r federal programs through contra cts w ith the U SACE since 1998 and U. SkinWear’s re volutionary formula cre ates an all-natura w D arre n Gagnon. Inc. Industrial H ygiene . traffic engine ering. Marine Moisture Controls. MN 55304 Randy S wanson 763-434-5156 w ww. LA 70119 Roger Largaespada. program mana gement. 424690. assessments. HazM at personne l. Fleet Manageme nt. 532291. small business Rental Generators and Temporary Power Distribution for Man Camps and Equipment 221112 221122 811310 237130 Small Business POWER construction. Gra nts Manageme nt and Support and Opera tional Department of E ne rgy. fac ilities and instrume ntation to ana lyze a varie ty of matrices including offering high quality environmental testing drinking wa ter. Can be c ustom de signed in length a nd depth to accommodate project • Non-Amphibian Trac k Vacuum Vehicle environment. independent laboratory 2. Voluntee r Training. Infrared hydroca rbons in water. staging area s Temporary pre-sc reened and certified support pe rsonnel across multiple re sponsibilities. Certified age ncie s. PA 17057 Veteran Owned n/a Scott A. regulatory complia nce . HAZ WO PER and Safe ty Training. operation and mainte nance costs of plants are very competitive whe n compared to reverse osmosis.equipcoservices. Petrofund Lic ensed. non. 832 NE 26th Stree t. inspectors.

M A 01854 PO C Jason Tevepa ugh Sale Rep. Business Process Management. & site charac teriza tion. a nd Development Repre se ntation. LL C P. IT infrastructure. 541380. a reliable.occutec. We a re capable of feeding up to 10. Rags& Glove s Unlimite d Inc. New M exic o 87701 M obile 505-259-3004 Phone 505454-0830 glenvironme ntal.995 . most EH S a ctivities. Environmental and M arine Engineering Dredging. 541611. Ottawa.jetstreamlv. Suite 201. OCCU-T EC maintains a nationwide netw ork of fuel ve ndors strategic ally positioned across the country. and is a self certified Small Disadvantaged Busine ss Jetstre am Construction 5190 South Arville Street L as Vega s. 10 grande rue. mobile va cuum loading unit for the pneumatic removal of dry mate rials. Ana lyses. Services Contaminate d Soil T reatment. 531312 & 53. Company website: w ww. Certificate of Activity Rea diness (CoAR) Documents and Reports. Photogra phy Aegis Professional Services is a Ce rtified Veteran O wne d Small Busine ss (V OSB).rbr-global.6140 Suite C-8 w ww. All hoses. Dre dging. MO 816-994-3425 64116 w ww. Plan. 561410 a nd 561421. The vacuum system moves material to a debris body for carta ge to disposal site.jac ky-courtigne. design and remediation ove rsight.O. Produce d from 100% Recycled plastics of all types. managing. manufactures and integrates high performanc e industria l gra de IP vide o and audio Megapixel vide o. onsite support. Comple te Life Cyc le Engineering and Engineering. reporting. O ur instructors have the e xperie nce a nd expe rtise to provide workers with top-notch guidanc e in the challe nging are as of safety and environmenta l manage ment.000. Project Manageme nt. Soil. 877-2072774 w ww. Water.S. Ga. 611430 Professional deve lopme nt training 811310 E lectrica l genera ting equipment maintenanc e se rvices. logistics. We take pride in our reputation w ith our clie nts in providing the highest quality se rvices at very competitive c osts. Ne w Mexico 87701 Point of Contact: La s Vegas.gameda yevents. 531110. trainers and field technicians...provisions. For the depolluting product. 1333 N.211. pH. B2070 Z wijndre cht. Bioreme diation. turbidity. and Environme ntal Response Technical Support. 221119. O RCA. 541922. Franc e M Be rtrand G OURDY Phone number: + 33 (0) 248 76 12 69 Fax Number: +33 (0) 248 76 04 97 Natural Absorbent a nd depolluting product for grounds. Technical and Business Conferenc es.754. an SBA Ce rtified Hub-Zone Business Aegis Professional Services emphasis is Services. with expertise that extends beyond familia rity with OSHA . sampling of soil. Innovation. Re sponse Project M ana gement. NAICS codes include 561621. Dra wings. n/a http://w Environme ntal Assessment. 98422 Scott Barry or Craig Coates (253) 927-5935 Office (253) 250-9206 (253) 250-2885 w ww. M SHA and USACE standards to include industry consensus sta ndards and safe work practice guidelines established by ANSI. CTD is not affe cted by conta mination by pollutants or fouling. sludges. small business 562.c om Bulldoze rs.000 Big business Ea rthwatch Waste Systems Inc 4950 G ene se e Rd Ste 170 T homa s F Wagne r 1-716-681-6433 ea rthwatchwaste. Blvd. Floating La yer Environmental risk manageme nt and assessment Small Business including: data collection.Our team c an mobilize tra ined and Training. We have demonstrated capability to support federal.000. DH S M entor-Protégé Program participant OCCU-TEC 4151 G uy H olt. Codes: 561421. K1S 3Y 7 D r Frank Johnson. 3G w be ache s shore line m Buildings. We provide services and solutions delive red by the right people. Veteran Owned Ce ll + 44 7740 777 502 ww w. 213112. Pre mium High Technology & m Reports. Beth T rent-Me tz Port-A-Pit Bar-B-Que Ga me Day Catering Spotlight Catering P. jouet sur l’aubois. (note: If ne ede d we have access to more equipment. Ad-H oc Business Action Ana lyses & Reports http://w ww. 541620.9341: Office M ississippi 39560 248.S. 541712. a nd munic ipalities. M ain Sail. Woman-Owned company w ww. Mechanical and Patent Applications. OCCUTE Cs’ environmental tec hnicians a nd project manage rs are proficient Water quality monitors and recorders CTD plus multiparameter recording inc luding UV. G arre tt H ill M cDowell Blvd.5779 w ww. Comprehe nsive Oil & Gas Property Economic Analyses As a problem solving solution provider. surfa ce water. a nd Insta lla tion/Initiation/Opera tions Instructions. 5416. and Office Space available. E nvironmental Support Servic es to inc lude Photographic and Graphic Support. E nvironmental Sampling.000 to X2nSa t Inc . 5415. Our spe cialists in industrial hygiene can anticipate . and Retrofit. cellular communica tions a nd video storage and retrieval servers. skid ste er loade rs. T his combination of these services and products a llows our c lients to deploy powerful. Scheldedijk 30. 541512. 541513.) Onshore & offshore cleanup. Compre hensive Business Plan Nxtec Produc ts PO Box 7185 M acon. Process Flow D iagram 3364. Contract Development and Review Reports. and others. O. industrial and Support. Comprehensive IT Syste m Designs. Environme ntal Support. 51721 Anika and Associates. a nd Construc tion. N.longbeachcallcenter. 42472. 702-400-6860 cell w ww. T he L iquid Ring Ace is a powerful.c om GO LDE N ENVIRO LLC PO Box 2862 Boise . Interpreta tion. Canada.562. 248. facilities security & surveillance. hazardous material site cha racte rization and reme diation / restoration oversight. ware house. and groundwater. Recommendations. and Critic al Cha in Project M ana gement (Theory of Constraints) unique ly enable us to provide the most efficient solutions for your business Environme ntal Sampling.Enviromental Solutions Carita Trumble. backhoe loade rs. E quipment Spec ification. Inspec tion T esting (Soil. 5417.00. we offer posts that compete with traditional steel t-posts (mostly imported from China or India) and standard wood posts. Business D eve lopment M ana ger Phone Number: 216-472-5100 US Veteran-owned business Disposal expertise Spill Response Project Manageme nt. 54133.000. Soil Washing.O. G uzzle r equipment is new/refurbishe d directly from Guzzler in August. BSMT L evel E xete r. Le ssons Le arned System Engineering Services Concept of Operations (COO).988. 611430. 201. 551114. 541690. IP CCTV.C. and in second pa rt. Project Scope. Cell: 678-428-0828 Building Assessme nts for re stora tion & repair Fax: 404-629-0231 Home: 404-349-1992 Facilities Management SBA 8A Ce rtifie d – Blac k American DI-DE C Ha ven 1025. Space Mission Design Reports. than $5 M illion. online or in mobile classrooms. 5419. 366 D r. gholt@occutec. site chara cteriza tion. 519130. K enneth R. Budge t Proposa ls. is a small (seven employees) professional consulting firm. Authority For Implementation and O peration. from the Panha ndle to Ke y West. Chl-a. Rainw ear and Clean up Kits.detection of crude oil Seapoint Turbidity M eter (STM ) . defining effective loc al a nd wide a rea communica tions control infra struc ture and integra ting the appropriate softw are applications. Community Outre ach Environmental and Scie ntific T ec hnical Support Community Outreach JEN KINSO N ENT ERPRISES . Ma in Sail is focused on he lping our comme rcial and government clie nts ‘navigate’ to a chie ve their desired results.goodsucce E mail luke gatlin@aegisprofserv. 18320. 2299. tables. Sa fety. O il Recovery. Emergency Response Pla Project Ma nagement Support Services Disaster Relief Se rvices Emergenc y Fue ling Environme ntal Characte rization Remediation De sign a nd Ove rsight Environme ntal Sampling Air and Water Quality Consulting OCCU-T EC ma intains a G ene ral Service s Administration (G SA) contract sche dule and blanket purchase agre eme nt for environmental training a nd consulting service w ww. TN 37857 Ryan Law son 423. This product allows breaking the molec ular cha ins of hydroca rbons. And it allow to accele rating the natura l biodegradation of the pollution. AZ 85029 603- point of contact: M arvin Ke yser phone: 954-384-3176 w ebsite: G ator Absorbents . 21st Avenue. 56. “Green” Ja nitorial Supplies. Main Sail provide s Spill 561110. Program/Proje ct Manageme nt. General EHS Services Capabilities include exposure or environmental sampling. For this product we have the biggest stock of natural absorbent in E urope with more 800. heavy duty. Inc .decnv. Box 890524. inland and coastal waterways and we tlands area s. We are a certified vendor of the Americ an Red Cross and most of the powe r companie s in the State of Florida responding to catering/ refreshment services air conditioning.P. Without risks for the environment. Florida 33684 Scott Skornschek President Cell: (813) 918-1289 O ffice : (813) 888-8252 Fax: (813) 882-3912 1-800-642-3129 ww w. air.c o Reliability Block Diagrams. at the right time . E nvironmental. NAICS Codes: 541620 progra ms. Interface Control Document (ICD). federal and state agencies. 541690 Safety consulting services. Omni Rigid Posts. 541380. marshes. Quality Assurance Technical Support.graffitiexpressions. Soc ial Media Ma rketing Systems. H ealth and Sa fety tra nsportation relate d re sponses as well as counter terrorism re sponses. Pre sident 281-309-2050 New Produc t D eve lopment Proposals.000. Environme ntal Site Assessments. Inc. CA 95926 http://tuscanenvironmental. Cleveland. G A E mail: Janitorial – including landscape cleanup such as kendavis@goodsuc cesscompa ny. it has bee n elec ted product of the day at the pollutec show. 31209-7185 CRSI. Re pair.oil detection. Process O ptimization. to our commercia l a nd gove rnment clients. NFPA. Global Technical and Business Networking Expenditure (AFE ). E Ca ll Center. Gloves. T he vacuum module is powered by the truc k' s diesel engine and is coupled to the Truck's transmission by transfer Environme ntal Planning S ervices and GL E nvironmental. When normal. LL C 49 Mountain Brook Drive Candle r. wire le ss mesh. Ae rial Photography. Sediment Dewate ring. w ww.000 liters of absorbent. OCCU-T EC energy services offer emergency response fue ling during hurrica nes and other natura l We can provide the tents. 61142. ON.mainsa ilgroup.00. 531120. Solidific ation. Offic e Manager Two Interna tional Trucks with Guzzler L iquid 602-678-0851 Ring Ace vacuum equipme nt for sale. Skimming. Safety Sampling strategy development. scalable video surveillance systems to enha nce production efficiency a nd facilities security. 541519. 541511. Indepe ndent Program and Proje ct Management. slurries and liquids from re mote and ina ccessible locations through suc tion lines eight inche s in diameter a nd smaller. Box 15481 Tampa . Fuller 13210C 10Speed Transmissions n/a w/OD . Scott Harris or Dr. Me cha nica l D ewatering. Price for the 1998 is $122. Capabilities . 541612. Belgium M r Guy Pomphrey (pomphrey.) which is used for more 20 yea rs by the servic e of gasoline of the French army.517510. E nvironmental Dredging. our product be comes a Rigid PV C that is incredibly robust. re ady 423990 to apply graphics Signage.Communica tions and c omputing re sources for remote locations Environmental site assessments. 339994. 541330. Safety Re view s. Thermal Desorption.seapoint. Ste. 44122-5323 Bria n Conley. We are the e xclusive world distributor of a natural hydrophobic absorbent for hydrocarbons / oils on water and wet grounds. Inc. Root Cause and Correc tive Reports and Recommendations. Installation. providing a w ide range of busine ss services Support Servic es a nd….Our consultants include Certified Safety Professionals (CSP). M ergers & Acquisitions Packages. Atlanta. 541614. with annual sa les/revenue less ware house. 541620 Environme ntal and site re mediation consulting. Davis Facilities Manageme nt including: PO Box 310226. Logistics Disaster Relief Tuscan E nvironmental (CA Small Steve Kampfen. Mustering hundreds of e ngine ering. Installation. M y thoughts w ere to set -up sta ff break are as Kitchens & BBQ M achines) to multiple locations along the c oast under tents providing chilled bevera ges and place for them to rela x. Trucks are located in Phoenix Arizona. 454311E mergency Fueling De nise Galle gos a nd T im Leftwich dba : G L Environmental. ID 83701 E ric E. 5418. 562910 CCR registered w omanowned sma ll business Truck bodies a re 1998 and 1999. NE. w e will be able to produce betwee n 50. pe rime ter software and commercia l off the she lf COTS components. hurricane re sponse.000 pe ople pe r da y. 561312. Systems E ngine ering & Integration. Inc . Inc. a nd it has be en received the innovative trophy the municipal and local authoritie s trade show. 11030 N.deme . Kansas City. Jeff Mather 775-7707 w ww. Projec t expe rienced personne l and e quipment within 48 hours to support the agenc y requirements. NAICS Codes Manageme nt.L. Texas 772890524 G le nn Je nkinson. Radius Security Solutions Jeff Sandine 13215 SE Mill Plain Blvd 800. Root Cause and Corrective Action Analysis Reports. 541340. wirele ss networks. food & bevera ge (M obile disa ste r relie f catering. n/a It’s called Gra nofibre® H.c om sa fety related signage . Todd P age . Graphic Services. It is used by the fire brigades of France. Design Reviews. ha zardous and nonhaz ardous. quality control and c ontrac tor oversight for: air and water quality.562. SBA Certified H UB-Zone and Small Busine ss Status small business 31131 561720 = Ja nitorial 561210 = Base Facilitie s Operations 541513 = Fa cilities M anage ment 238990 = Construction Cleaning 541330 = D aily Facility E ngineering Preventive Maintenance M inority w ww. Site Characterization Soil and groundwater hydrocarbon c ontaminant impact assessment and remediation M arrie d White M ale w/ n/a n/a re cently de veloped our O mni Rigid ' Coastal Posts' to be utilized as retention de vices for atta ching a ll types of erosion n/a control and a bsorbent devic es in wetlands. 541990. 28715 K . and.G . NAICS codes are: 54162. 51224. 518210.Good Success Company. 2009. c onne ctions and manuals a re included. 541620. Picture of trucks and specific ations of L iquid Ring Ace attached. Sc ientific and Technica l Support.4894 D irect: 978 . CA 94954 283-8003 w ww. printing for safety notifications. Immobiliza nkinsone nterprises. limited on-hand fuel supplies are insufficie nt and local re-supply not n/a We specialize in shallow draft. (2) 30’ Vessels. NAICS Codes include: 541330 E nvironmental engineering se rvices. and beachfront are as. 54199. 6189 Suite A Chico. 541712. technic al. breakfa sts or even dinner is necessary. Technica l and M anage rial Pre se ntation Development. 927 Packages. NV 89118 Rich Bla gburn 702-373-6976 cell Tim D ombroski V. ASTM . Assessment of quality of results Manufacturer of instruments RBR is a Canadian small business Aegis Professional Services L uke Gatlin. eme rge ncy eve nt planning and project ma nagement. 541690. distribution and manufa cturing spac e. Ohio. Waste Manageme nt Services. 66 Shirley Ave L owe ll. Sediment Large Company BAI Se rvices Inc. Replace. Procureme nt Packages. storage containers.goldenviro. we can NAICS CO DES: 315992. Cell: 978 .com Trucking and disposal of any/all wa ste stre ams. Inventions Program and Project Ma nagement. inc luding HAZ WOP ER. Remediation Services Sma ll H ispanic Woman and Veteran Owned Business SAS JACKY COURTIG NE SAS JA CK Y COURTIGNE. LL C is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified U. yet both user-friendly a nd eco-friendly as a 100% Recyclable produc t . mana gement. 322291. We use our in depth knowledge of IP video. NAICS 541620 whose purpose is to Environmental Services Documentation. and Disaster Ma nagement and Pla nning 541690. and a t the right price to guarantee your continued success. P. 237. computing equipment. Consulting Service s. h-resolution long-range optics. Chemic al Oxidation. 541712. Environmental Complia nce provide environmental consulting services to private sector industries.000. a nd trades personnel. Six-Sigma . 221112. BOCA. Audits. notification banners. Ky 40533 Spencer 859-619-1741 iesollc. Air) Environme ntal Consulting Environme ntal M onitoring Environme ntal Site Asse ssments Phase I II & III Environme ntal Impact Assessments Compliance M onitoring Habitat Re stora tion & Monitoring Wetland M itigation Wetland De termination & Delineation SEPA/ N EPA Studies n/a Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Protection Agenc y Small Disadvantaged Business RBR L td 27 M onk Street. Keith Waller Avenue Le xington. 213111. Environme ntal Occ upational Training mission is to assist our clients in achieving a balance betwee n environme ntal stewa rdship a nd sustainable development. Preside nt Phone 210-246-3052 Photographic Documentation. LL C 20820 Vanc ouve r. de sktop re mote power systems to integrate cameras into rugged systems that meet our customer’s needs for industria l c ontrol. 48532. sampling. Configuration Ma nagement. 6508 Dash Point Blvd. dust-free. Procure ment. and DO. 208-342-2990 ce ll 208-863-2956 fax 208-385-9407 w ww. Personnel Sampling. We also could provide box lunc hes. responsive a lternative is esse ntial. CAD /CA M.guy@deme. n/a systems. site assessment. Scientific a nd T ec hnical and Disaster Support Servic es. L agunation Oil. Owner – or.c om w ww. pumps. L.x2nsat. Haz ard Re ports. 541513. dump trucks. OCCU-T EC can provide a n expe rienced staff of environmental. a nd implementation combined with our expe rtise and expe rience in process improve ment through Lea n Ma nufacturing. 532120.OCCU-T EC's training solutions includes hundreds of occupa tional safety and health courses.Ra mon L aTorre. efficient.C. shuttle recovery. Land Rec lamation. Remote focus is on using our scientific expertise to identify technologica l solutions and imple menting the m in the most costAdvisory Servic es in support of environme ntal effective ma nner consistent with ea ch client’s wishes. w hee l loaders. Enginee ring.346. Our ow nership and ma nagement tea m ha ve been involved in the business ente rprise technology market place since its infanc y. Box 368 45 Wate r Stree t. Our Services. sa nds. Sc hedule. ICS/N IMS/a ll other EH S training. 2399. Resea rch & Development Technic al Re view Valida tion & Verification Audits and. Proc ess Safety Analyses Reports. Pe taluma. surveillance applic ations.995 . pairing w /SUVF distinguishe s oil from CDOM Seapoint Chlorophyll Fluorometer (SCF) n/a small business Bio-Remediation absorbants 9999 n/a small business IESO. Quality Assuranc e T ec hnical various disa ste r response situations including spill response. Contact Cente r. IT Staff Augmenta tion 541219. 423450 supply your a gency w ith all types of Wiping Cloths SIC CODE S: 2211. generators. w ww. Instructions Emerging Small Disadvantaged Minority Female Owned HUBZone Company. in G eoscie nce (1998) & 13 years of experienc e in the environmenta l field Graffiti E xpre ssions 109 Apple Lane. And we have in our range of product a depolluting product for grounds (lands. Contamina te d Sedime nt Tre atment.541690. Se nsitivity Studies and Reports.541620 Certified Vetera n Owned Small Busine ss VOSB. Rele vant to this Building we bsite: w ww.1947 jtrags@comca st. Enterprise Resourc e Planning. ma nagement control. w ww. Our Services. 2676 Rags. Anderson gisprofserv.Business Brokering. Pric e for the 1999 is $132. These solutions typically involve sele cting cameras. T his is e xtremely important as the needs for process efficiencies and the advanc ed infrastructure technologies to support them compete for funding. 624230 Disaster re lief services. Environmental Health a nd Safety 707. wate r and soil sampling. PO Box 1746 L as N M ulberry Drive. Both ha ve CAT C-10305HP@2100RPM engines. industrial sites O ffice : 888-958-7772 (toll fre e) Facilities Engineering – M echa nica l & Electrical. Long Beach.6685: Ce ll mdew itt@provisions. Business Enterprise #1328460) 530-514-2669 or 530-894888 M anzanita Court. centere d on the latest e nterprise technologies and proc ess improvement and mana gement philosophies. a nalysis.112. Manufacturing. Ma nagement Support. Contaminated Water Treatme nt.spotlightc atering. va cuum truck. 562910 n/a Satellite communications equipment. M atthe w DeWitt 21120 Johnson Road. spe cializing in. 2221. Our stre ngths in e nterprise a pplications architec ture. Emergency Power G ene ration. Phoenix. Leadership Consulting and Tra ining. WA 98684 Rapid-deployment hi-resolution 3G w ireless surveillance ca meras for rugged e nvironments Radius Security Solutions designs. n/a registere d in CCR. network equipment. recognize.000. design. state and local governme nt agenc ies in Consulting Service s. 541614. G eogra phic Information Services (in support of environme ntal programs). Intl I180S 18K front axle and Ea ton 08454P 45K Tande m re ar axle. NH 03833 P.baiservice sinc. Written Pla ns. evaluate and control the factors which may adversely a ffec t the health and safety of personnel on land or water. Stabilization.T RULY GRE EN! Due to the composition of our products. President +1(613)233-1621 www. Comprehensive Reservoir Analyse s Reports. c hairs. more than 25 yea rs ago. 811310. etc . remote support Computing and Networks Small Business Sensors for oil detec tion and environmental monitoring Seapoint Ultaviolet Fluoromete r (SUV F) . RFQ 55111.portapitbbq. hea lth and safe ty proje ct managers. process production efficiency. Re al estate development and manageme nt with an Small to me dium size business expertise in managing and deve loping office. Tacoma WA. Houston. 541618.448.omnirigidposts. IT Staffing Ma in Sail. . 2381. it a llows to reinforce the natura l bacteria’s who are present in soils.000 litres per month from September. n/a Sea point Sensors. Stra tegic Analyses Reports. etc Female owne d sole -proprietor. 92216.CE O (828) 273-5446 (Cell) (828) 633-0352 (Fax) sales@omnirigidposts.radiussecurityinc.

sizes 13 gal. Rakes. Clearwater. 4907 Wilderness Glen Ct. LA Bruce Voellinger (678) 794-1375 BruceVoellinger@gmail. n/a small business Torcom.c om w ww.30 . 90.T. conducting AEM G roup has 25 professionals with deca des of 8(a) S DB. and much more. For NAICS Codes: 541620. oil and gas industry environmental analyz ing the information collected during these studies. They provide rapid (5min. AL 35045 D avid Charles M asselli.midw estrake. bea ch and marshland conta mination. gloves. Inc. re spira tors. environme ntal impac t statements. Texas. We have demonstrated capability to support federal. hard hats. We can analyze most types of air samples and can provide the correct sampling me dia and information to get you sampling quicker. William Ge hrs SEABRIGHT BIOSOLVENT™ 22131 US Hwy 19 North. Being the manufacturer of key products affords us the capa bilities to react quickly disaster relief tools. re covering these hazardous liquids w ithout the ha zards in a ma nner substantially more effic ient necessity of sending large quantities of them to hazardous waste repositories. woma n-owned bioaccumulation/bioconcentration of oil industry polluta nts. oleophilic . CleanStart. n/a The Perfect Answ er. fate Small.c om Certified Vetera n Owned Small Busine ss VOSB. twisted. CleanStart. Plymouth. gre atly reduces the pote ntial impac t of the oil spill on the Gulf coast a nd contains the oil spill for oil collection. ve rsus the days or w eeks conventional me thods need to control compara ble fires. water borne oil plumes a nd slic ks. Service s. PODS maintains fleets of smaller trucks that can deliver single conta iners to affected areas. hollow. NAICS Codes 484210 Used Household and Office Goods Moving 493110 General Warehousing and Storage 493190 Other Warehousing and Storage 531130 Le ssors of Mini-warehousing 484110 Container trucking services. Quality Assuranc e T ec hnical various disa ste r response situations including spill response. Our mission is to provide turnkey logistic s to electrical utilities. Clanton. he aring protection. Photogra phy Aegis Professional Service s is a Certifie d Vete ran Owned Small Business (VOSB). the Coa sta l Z one Ma nagement Act (CZ MA). Gulf of Mexico oil coming in c ontact with the submerged device will perme ate through the oil permeable walls of the device and be colle cted in the fortified pipe. Direc tor. We a re a na tionally recognized firm working c losely w ith clients. conducting ambient air quality sa mpling and testing.pods. and restocking se rvices Available for furniture sales. Cle anSta rt. The oil permeable-wa lled devic e includes a c hemical process-walled collection component. They c an be used for storage. Squeegees.aa clab. building ma terials. that is environmentally sa fe and worker friendly n/a Florida Biodiesel. pe tro chemical/ refining a nd environmental clean up Laundry. inc luding. gla ss. Government Sales M ana ger 727-538-6342 727-538-6484 http://w ww. our technica l e mpha sis will inc lude: conducting e nvironmental site assessme nts pe r the applicable state and fe deral regula tions. NAICS Codes: Analytical capabilities include: Hydrocarbon analysis using EPA methods TO -15.Toxic air pollutants using EPA TO-15 and other G C-MS methods. De sc ription of Products.5379927 Fax. 30 ga l.) sampling and analysis.NCASI and SCAQM D agenc ies. 541620 – Environme ntal Consulting Services pollutant dispersion in a quatic environme nt. We are one of the largest science-based environmental consulting firms hea dqua rtered in New England with a staff of over 200 spec ia lizing in biology. Ae rial Photography. NAICS Code – 562910 spec ia lized ingredients that has proved succ essful 2. Industria l. performing environmental proje cts for comme rcial and public Enterprise (MBE) operation and mainte nance (O&M ) of remediation systems (managed two RCRA site s). comforter se ts and pillows) Supply and Distribution management and Bunk Bedding consulting Dinning room Linens/ Towels/ Rugs/ Pic tures/ L amps/ Bla nkets Ele ctrolyte Beverages and drinking station supplies Delivery. TO-14 a nd PAM S (C1-C10 speciate d Hydroca rbons).florida biodieselinc.and e ven minute s -such ha zards (depending upon blaze severity). 080.The devic e collec ts lea king oil dire ctly and indirectly -and-eme rgencie s/disasterrecovery. The device is 1x10-5 to 1x105 feet long fortifie d pipe with 1x10-2 cm to 1x105 feet inside diamete rs including 100 ft diameter with walls exte rnally perme able to oil. landfill gas and other types of air sampling and analysis. Warsaw. Box 1674. E nvironmental Support Servic es to inc lude Photographic and Graphic Support. metal and plastic cylindermiddle shaped e nclosure. Limited Liability Company SEA BRIGHT BIO SOLVENT ™ is a methyl ester based "polar non-ionic solvent" made from vegetable oil. EM AP sampling. providing US T/AST “environme ntal database se arch” projects for 37 re mediation/management se rvices. Restrooms .com Office: 727-724-2600 Fax: 727-7237240 Cell: 727638-2345 Email: paul. Speciated sulfur compound a nalysis using AST M D-5504 modified for low levels. T he tec hnique use s forced upw ard oil motion and suction. and providing regulatory Mississippi. 541712. 541690 – Othe r Scientific and Technic al Consulting Service s. 25 Ke ssel Court Suite 107. alloys. respective Wetland Reserve Programs (WRP). The thickne ss of the w all may vary from 1x10-5 cm to 1x105 feet including 6 in thick. methodology developme nt.c om Photographic Documentation. and porous media oil collection methods. Email luke gatlin@aegisprofserv. and the process is repeate d.) soil acc urate analysis of hydrocarbons to sub-PPM levels. Small Busine ss. Small Disadvantaged Busine ss.AST M. state and local governme nt agenc ies in Consulting Service s. Aquatic Rakes. safety vests. Forks. delivery.The device provides an oleophilic hydrophobic oil-capturing water permea ble drag-net to be moved vertic ally through the underwa ter oil spill a reas to remove oil from the G ulf of M exico. and Florida) for their enforce ment support services. All of our equipment is designed and installe d for long term Dinning Fac ilitie s. Belisle (504)858-1316 w Biodegradable trash bags & dispensing The devic e provides a massive semi-pe rmeable enclosure to be built around the major oil spill area. IN 465811674 Todd Sandbakken 800-815-7253 w in. labor intensive me thods that beach area s of petroleum-based haz ards a t an estima ted ra te of 10 miles per day. made in USA by vete rans a nd people with disabilities pac kaged a nd assembled in a urban enterprise zone.NAICS Code s 541380 and 541620. 100% Biodegradable Plastic Veteran ow ned small business.. E sq.gequip. Assessment for clean-up and reme diation of oil contamination. T he c ircular or rec tangular sha ped enc losure is open in the middle for the positioning of the Gulf of Me xico oil spill and has outer e dges ranging in width of 1x10-3 – 1x103 fe et. WI 53711 Contac t : John Poehling Phone 608 276-0702 Fax 608 276-0702 Cell Phone 608 225-1614 w ww. Na tive Ame rican and transport of pollutants in marine environment.3813915 21 michele. resource541690.SBA H ubZone Business. along with the expe rtise to report this information in a concise and impact analyses for E PA.P. TX 77449 John http://ww w. H ealth and Sa fety tra nsportation relate d re sponses as well as counter terrorism re sponses. Environmental Health a nd Safety Training. Large Business Small. 40 gal and 55 gal with mil rating to fit the c lean up stre ngth Multi-D isc iplined Sta ffing Provide r: Disaster Response & Re covery. and re stora tion and remediation studies. LLC’s ne edlessly expose large numbe rs of individua ls to product/equipme nt/service c ombination can extinguish petroleum-based fires within hours -. performing contamination experienc e in ma naging multi-media M inority Business deline ation investiga tions in soil/groundwater. a nd woven to form a regula r pa ttern with very fine spaces between the threa ds and wires and ma de of and cove red with oil-attracting wate r-repe lling materials. Product – “ Cle an Kool”. T he y are used to store surplus materia l. na tural resourc e. qn. E ngine ering. vehicles and othe r equipment ne cessary to the succe ssful implementa tion of monitoring programs Devices to stop Gulf Oil leak and clean Gulf oil plume massive.541620 Advanc ed E nvironmental M ana gement G roup 44339 Plymouth Oa ks Blvd. etc. station set up. performing environmental site asse ssments (E SAs). M iche le Sanseverino VIALE FRA NCESCO DE BLA SIO. hurricane re sponse. Normandea u qualifies a s a small business under NAICS 541712 Researc h and Development in the Physica l. 1000 Westinghouse Drive Suite 1 Ne w Stanton.discountsa fetygea r. fall protection.e. organizations. to provide temporary shelter and to transport distributors in the Gulf Coast supplies.c om n/a Professional Staffing-A. or high oil conc entration areas from the upper surfac e of the Gulf down to the Gulf floor. exposure asse ssments n/a n/a n/a n/a BKW Environme ntal Service s 2330 Pasadena Blvd Pasadena. c) oil perme able-walled de vice includes a chemic al proce ss-walled colle ction component. LL C 800 La y Dam Road.000s of containers POD S E nte rprises Inc is an 8’ x 8’ x 16’ in the Gulf Coast region and delive rs containers to enterprise made of small8’ x 8’ x 12’ se rvices 90% of the shore line. Re cruiting and direct placement service s. and supplies Supply and distribution. merchant wholesalers" 423390 Other Construction M ateria l M erc hant Wholesalers Atmospheric Ana lysis & Consulting. Sucha Pa rmar 805-650-1642 info@aaclab. Capa bilities. etc… BKW ca n offer bette r pricing and availability than some of the current vendors due to the ma rkup be ing induce d on every produc t. 1534 E astman Ave.. Simpsonville. boots. Ashley Sale s and L easing LL C 810 W Highway 30 Gonzales. habitat assessment and restoration. sediment. Capabilities . ES&H. supporting investigation to identify PRP for contaminate d sites. NAICS Code: 54 – Professional. tools & mate rials Small Business (including safe ty) to construction companies/projects.SCA QMD Certified. Ka ty. E nvironmental. M anufa cturing.We also specialize in environmental services rela ted to the licensing and permitting of proje cts potentia lly impacting marine and estuarine environments. ambient a ir. fitte d she et. Oil Mop. LL C w ill c onduct produc t/equipment/service combina tions that efficient opera tions a nd effic iently and safely eliminate petroleum-based produce superior results in environmental ha zards from both land and wa ter. Under our National BPA from the wate r. threads and wires knotted. L ouisiana Bedding sets (including mattress. Suite A Ventura. spe cializing in. Normandea u works w ith clients to me et environmental regula tory requirements. forklift.hodges@ablehq. multi-year n/a sa mpling and monitoring programs w hich involve the sampling of environmental media (sediment. 8(a). tra nsportation and trea Long-H andled Tools. Mobile Command Centers. a combination of 1. Alabama. Preparing environmental documentation from the N orthw est to the E ast Coa st and a djac ent coastal waters.. M ultiple training progra ms that include OSH A approved courses: 4 . permitting and environmental monitoring. and improve our communities. 100% Biodegradable . Ale xandria. Our ability to provide products during gre at demand has e arned our company great business relationships. risk assessment testing. 423440. long-distanc e 484230 Waste hauling.A AC is well equiped to support the air sampling requireme nts (pre-certified sampling media and e quipment in stock) of a major oil spill. long-distance. L A 70127 D r.c om Our products include safety glasse s and goggles. CEP. treated stainless ste el. Ma ny distributors are involved in Supply Efforts. 348. Cots and Linens. companies with the quickest response a fter a major disaster. 423610. Inc . e tc…With over 125 loc ations in 25 states our tea m provides imme diate relief to our customers. general. The device ma y be dra gged through oilsaturated are as from just below the Gulf upper surface down to the Gulf floor. NAICS 326111 n/a Telephone Answering Services Telemarketing & Contact Centers Privately Owned and Operated. Suite 205. performing w etland assessments. performing environmental risk asse ssment investiga tions of the oil spill. Lighting . c onducted EPA studies. Service – T he application of Clean K ool to land petroleum fueled fire s occurring at la nd. twisted. programs involving both divers remote sample processing.Fixed ga se s. We own and operate a ll of our equipment and are not equipment brokers. performing risk USDA.construc tionge ar. Other NA ICS codes inc lude: 541620 E nvironmental Consulting Services and 541690 Othe r Scientific & T ec hnical Consulting Se rvices. loc al 484110 M otor freight carrier. re ntals with industrial e nvironments in mind. The massive enclosure immobiliz es the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. and 2. Consulting Service s.AvantiCorporation. T hreatened and E ndange red Spec ie s Act (E SA). and providing regula tory complianc e enforcement support services to the agenc ies. Proc. Catering . M BE and SBE Ce rtifie d. Preside nt Phone 210-246-3052. disaster needs 24 Hours. LL C’s approa ch ca n cleanse than curre nt manual.. is cleaned of the oil. indoor air. and veteran owned.N IOSH . staging of goods and reverse logistic s. and Capabilitie s – Cle anSta w ww. Services. Mattress and c ontents are compressed a nd se aled for easy storage or shipping Office and Home Furniture Box inc ludes: 8in Polyuretha ne memory foam mattress. loca l 484110 Trucking. We curre ntly are selling to many Vendors of BP i. L LC’s product/e quipment/se rvice and water borne pe troleum-based e nvironmental combination rapidly sta bilize s and ca ptures petroleum-based produc ts. NAICS Codes Manageme nt. shovels. L LC is a c ontrac tor c apable of conduc ting emergency in the safe. Pow er/HVAC.We offer unlimited free c onsulting and c an provide R&D.sanseverino@fluidote cnic as 70123 BARI anseverino. fully staffed Availa ble sizes. 319. regulators. Norma ndeau maintains an exte nsive fleet of vessels. shuttle recovery. full. local 484122 G ene ral freight trucking. Clea nStart.aspx Portable S tora ge Containers.Our team c an mobilize tra ined and Training. and cal kg. Marine adgeable nd estuarine studie s often baseline monitoring substantiaprepared l sampling Field sampling (water. The containers can be disabled-veteran owned picke d up and stored offsite if ne ed Field kits for ana lysis of hydrocarbons in w ater and Hanby kits have been utilize d at marine and inla nd oil contamination sites since 1987. Our dee p and broad background as both environmental and public involvement consultants provides a wealth of knowle dge and experience in disciplines ranging from environmenta l a ssessment and permitting to stakeholder interviews and fac ilitation. Servic e Re ntals Inc 10934 H azelhurst D r Houston T X 77043 Robert "Buck" Come gys 281 830 4164 www. d/b/a Able Body Labor & USL &H Staffing 3040 Gulf to Bay Blvd. T he device provides a massive. a nd some metals.e. Round Point & Square Shovels. 423810. Graphic Services. President 281-391-4257 www. Inc. we have performed ove r 1800 assessments using EPA methodologies and dispe rsion models. 33759 Paul Hodges n/a O ps. work gloves supply c onstruction equipment. including project manageme nt or consultanting High SES Online Stores. long-distance Buildings. and Technical Services.40 hour courses. Inc is a female c ontrolled and operated gisprofserv. CA 93003 Phone: 805-650-1642 Fax: 805-650-1644 D r. etc. 864-243-5452 Ext 216 SC 29680 ww w. Marke ting 5LQK 4) & Sales 3423 Fork Shoals Rd. impact extensive evaluations of impa ctsand from oil a nd gas incollection. and othe r meta l c asing. protect and restore our natural resources. Forma ldehye a nd other ca rbonyl analysis using EPA method TO-11. Fast Bags Corp PO Box 83 Basking Ridge N J 07920 E dwa rd J M aynard 302-540-6144 E M@ba gups. Office:(703) 741-0402 M obile:(703) 967-3476 1. assessments.. first aid kits. 727-678-0073 FL 33767 http://w (603) 637-1115 w ww.bkw environmental. shore lines in the gulf oil spill disaster. BKW also handles onsite Manageme nt of Supplies a nd logistic s to any w ww. trea ted stainless steel. Hanby. w omen POD S has a dedicate d fle et of flatbe d. 532412. Government Sa les M ana ger Bruce M itche ll. meet regulatory require ments. Onsite Ma rine. President 703-916-1660 www. nonhaza rdous. T he device is 1x10-5 to 1x105 feet long fortified pipe w ith 1x10-2 cm to 1x105 fee t inside diameters including 100 ft dia meter with wa lls externally permeable to oil. a nd the mana gement of their valuable resource s.We analyze air samples using methods approved by the E PA. Scientific a nd T ec hnical and Disaster Support Servic es. less-than-truckload (LTL) 484122 LTL (less-than-truckload) long-distanc e fre ight trucking 484230 Automobile carrier trucking. FL UIDO TECNICA SAN SEVE RINO G eneral ma nager n/a SRL M r. FL. ge neral freight.torcom.publishing@gma Live Answering Service and M essa ge Dispatching 561421 Service 561422 Lone Worker / Remote Worker M onitoring IVR Automa ted Call Cente r Services In Bound Ca ll Center Out Bound Call Center Telephone Claims E nte ring Dealer / Product Locate Service Mass Eme rgency Notification and syste ms. payroll se rvices utilizing our mobile branch offices when needed or requested.CARB. biota). b) oleophilic hydrophobic oilcapturing water permeable drag-net. threads and w ires knotted. furniture and clean up equipment to the Joseph Ziegler (225) 716-0553 (225) 315-2990 Z iegle r1004@ya hoo. disabled ve teran and a minority c ontrac tor. Clea ning Supply Ne twork. Quality Assurance Technical Support. 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act (CWA). Stora ge Fac ilitie s. a nd other metal and ma y also include flexible oil-resistant materials including plastics.We ha ve a large varie y of sa mpling equipment including Summa ca nisters and flow controlle rs ava ilable at all times. Mobile Shower T railers. 541620. performing ambie nt air sampling for human-health risk assessments. efficient c apture a nd removal of and extende d operations throughout the Unite d States in response to the onset of petroleum-based environmental disasters pe trole um-based e nvironmental haz ards and hazards. Description of Produc ts. Cell.c om Hanby Env. w oman-owne d business. Midwest Rake Company is a manufacture r of long-ha ndled tools which a re currently being used to clean up the beaches and Spec ialty oil cle an up tools. Michigan 48170 M r. method development.O. hydrophobic porous backing across the e ntire back surface of the drag-net is also provided. Ware housing POD S Brand Containe rs siz es: The PODS Enterprise has 10. performing environmental (a ir. T he e nclosure may exte nd above the upper surfac e and into the floor. The Perfect Answer Inc. and upon drilling platforms. The 1x10-5 to 1x105 feet vertical height devic e. PO DS also metro-area a long the Gulf Coast. Clearwater.S. and build products for immedia te demand and use. Sufficient resources and inventory re adily ava ilable Custom 'Bed in a box' for a dditional be dding ne eds or temporary camp/ shelter Sales/ Leasing options 40in X 16in box. our sta ff has developed a proven approach to evaluating practical measures for testing minimizing adverse impacts and maximizing be neficial proje ct benefits. Environme ntal Site Assessments. an SBA Certifie d Hub-Zone Business Aegis Professional Services emphasis is Services. The outer edges of the e nclosure inc lude a se mi-permea ble membra ne contacting the oil spill and Gulf wate r in the center of the e nclosure and a chemical proc essing unit imme diately adja cent to the semi-permeable me mbrane and between the membrane and the enclosure tita nium. Please conta ct us for more information or Tel. 8a and pave d or non-pave d surfac es. all colors for docume nting needs. Toolite Shovels. environme ntal and huma n health impa ct asse ssments. Projec t expe rienced personne l and e quipment within 48 hours to support the agenc y requirements. Sc ientific and Technica l Support. aluminum. BK W is se t up a s Direct Distributors with many Ma nufac turers for every angle of the spill for all supplie s POD S E nte rprises Inc (PODS) PODS Corporate He adquarters 5585 Rio Vista Drive Clearwater.c om Mobile Slee per Trailers . and L ife Sciences. E ma il BKW specializes in D isa ste r/Catastrophe ja red@bkwenvironmental.We have over fifteen years of expe rience in source testing. absorption and chemic al re action. rakes. wate r quality. soil.norma ndeau. T he thickness of the wa ll may vary from 1x10-5 cm to n/a 1x105 fee t including 6 in thick. We also have one of the largest biologica l laboratory base on the E ast Coast Norma ndeau routinely conducts la rge . 25 N ashua Road Bedford.festivetents. T X 77502 Jared M . PA 15672 Clay Carroll 724-925-5640 w ww. Profe ssiona l. CleanStart. dependent on Gulf depth. Re se arch and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA). VA 22312 Lynn Petraz zuolo. industrial and Support. Environme ntal Support. USES. and secure Office furniture 10 acre s adjace nt property in G onzales. delineation of conta mination and deve loping remediation options. Ge neral Equipme nt & Supply (Gage # John Millener. Scientific . LLC provides CleanStart. Tra nsportation. performing reme diation of contaminated site s (soil/groundw ater). There are secure business franchise owners. M idwe st Rake Company Environme ntal consulting and management services Normandea u Associate s. 2 pillows. Construction. and woven to form a regula r pa ttern w ith very fine spaces between the threads and w ires and ma de of and covered with oil-attracting w ater-repelling materials. the Gulf ofsample Mexico. N H 03110 E lizabeth E varts bevarts@normandea u. . FL 33760 Ben Cross. N ew Orleans. Lab. and the public to seek solutions that enha nce ec onomic development. conducting PCB sta tes (inc luding the states of Louisiana. 813312 this proje ct. region. Containers can be placed onsite on also has non-profit. re move s oil.B. T he drag-net is dragged through underwa ter oil-saturated are n/a Ava nti Corpora tion 5520 Cherokee Ave. 541922. Inc.service rentalsinc . 303.. environmental impa ct a ssessments (E IAs). a ssisting in the insta lla tion of remediation systems. M adison. kg. performing mold/asbestos/lead-based paint assessments. 562910. providing O&M se rvices at soil/groundw ater remediation sites. e tc. SBA Certified H UB-Zone and Small Busine ss Status Providing environmenta l project management se rvices. and the Marine M ammals Protection Act. providing sound scientific services for both onshore a nd offshore c lie nt (In progress) n/a Atmosphe ric Analysis and Consulting is a full service environmental la boratory specia lizing in air pollution sample Air analysis. William R.10 . and Environme ntal Response Technical Support. inc luding Federal and state statutes to include Sections 301. biodegradation focused manner required to mee t project objec tives.hanbytest.O SHA.(E Response Supplies.ablebodyla bor. prefabric ated nonwood. Flooring .c om Poehling@torcom. sea . Inc. Ama rjit Sidhu (Sid) 734-354-9070/248-8908243 (mobile) w ww:environme ntal-he lp. NE LAC certified in Florida .c om Orleans Resource Cente r 7901 Lafourc he Street. We have exte nsive data manage ment capabilities for processing and assessment.ablehq. Coordinator w ww. partnership with both a both on an eme rgenc y and extended basis. Sleep Tents. An oil-ca pturing. Small Busine ss. Community Outre ach Environmental and Scie ntific T ec hnical Support Community Outreach Services. Mississippi.Normandeau is an environmental consulting firm in business for over 40 ye ars. tools & materials. is made of corrosionre sistant titanium.T exas and New Jersey. 8’ x 8’ x 7’ stora ge facilities that may also be used in e very Some are minority. surface wa ter. is the ma nufac ture r of SEABRIGH T BIOSOLVE NT™ oil spill shoreline cleaner. 562910 studies.Aegis Professional Services L uke Gatlin. le asing. biota) for measurement of biological physical and chemic al parame ters. ecology. Brooms. Festive Tents L. Florida Biodiesel. N ail Disaster/Catastrophe Response Supplies n/a E mergency 24-Hour Line 281-222.and field sampling along with our analytical ca pabilities. top w ww. vegetation. but at the cost of the item to BP. Sinks/Ha nd Wash Stations Turnkey Logistics Providers large quantity (thousands) of pairs of rubber coated construction e quipment. 532490. M arine & Safety Supplies) 5661. Inc. Sec tion 10 of the Rive rs and Harbors Ac t (RHA ). La off I-10 Living sets Fleet de livery Alabama. regulatory c onsulting. and ne ar a leaking oil ope ning deep in and near the floor of the Gulf of Mexico and provides a n oil collection technology used to collect an a dditional degree of oil spille d or leaked deep in the Gulf of M exico compared to presently available technologies. asse mbly. safety clothing. Section 103 of the Ma rine Protection. w ww. and 2 pillow cases Equipeted with loading bays. air-ride equipped 53’ trailers that can deploy resources na tionwide . but not limited to.000 sqft2 Warehouse staging area. assessment/ma nagement. toxicity Knowle aboutenvironmental Gulf of M exico coastal and require marine long-term environments. Inc.9909135 info@fluidotecnicasanseverino.

President 13800 West Rd. Some ac complishme nts are Ha z-M at Technician. ETC.E. Straight Trucks 24-26’. Large business enterprise SpawGlass’ strength is providing clients with gene ral contracting and construc tion manageme nt services tha t include : construction ma nagement. Ge neral Project ma nagement and logistica l c oordina tion. n/a Carolina Erosion Control Inc. 236220. Finally Cle an breaks down and dehydrates the n/a hydroca rbon cha in through an endothermic /exothermic reac tion that creates safe internal he at at the molec ular leve l to virtually eliminate all types of hydrocarbons and ac ids.medicalandsafetysolutions. 205-960-7266 Donnie cell. Systems Imple mentation.Finally Cle an is an environmentally frie ndly product tha t doe s not incre ase Chemical and Biologic al O xyge n Demand levels. Suite 300. along w ith expe rtise in fa cility support. dec on pools.) NAICS CO DE: 484110. Suite 600 ww w. groundwater a nd/or w astewater treatment syste m design and operation/ma intenance. 561210. M ississippi and multiple other states. archiving.c om GVRSAI (GV R Syste ms Automation. 298 Pineapple Grove Way. Digital Ima ges. water. and design build pricing alte rnatives. IN. environmental re gulatory agency coordination. and deliver contract personne l a nd field teams for oil spill clea n-up throughout the gulf coast. We are a full service environmental laboratory providing analytic al se rvices for solids. Project Ma nagement. South Carolina 29649 R. Mold Remedia tion. Software (use d to maintain industry standa rd pricing). County of Alameda. Application of Roofing Tarps. Garren.Waste Trea tment and Disposal containme nt.Van Lines. 238110. PO C: Gladys V. Florida 33411 M arty S ummer.Environmenta l e ngine ering and geological engineering consulting servic es. MY TWO BROTHE RS AND I OWN THIS COM PAN Y. Range. 562211. Mobile . engineering project mana gement. NAICS: 561320-Tempora ry Staffing Service s shawn. Remedia tion Services) wastewate 1-800-770BOO M (2666). Document Restoration. the replacement of COD and BOD elevating products with Finally Clean results in lowe rwaste mana gement c osts! Joseph B. 107 S. Animal carca ss collection and disposal. enginee ring services. Foundation Stabiliz ation.S. 541620.0722 x-14 direc t. M icha el Emmons. contamina ted 562910 Environmental se diments. a nd Contractor Oversight. Technical Staffing/ Contract Field Teams Small Business Concern oil a bsorbent booms/pads/rolls and oil containment booms oil absorbent booms/pa ds/rolls and oil containment booms SMALL BUSINESS 423390 Othe r Construction Mate rial Merchant Wholesalers . M assa chusetts. in addition to providing immediate response to other situa tions a s needed. haz mat suite s etc). L LC 679 Emory Valley Road Suite A. Roya l Pa lm Beac h. water a nd se wer line (229) 382-8770. Prope rty Da mage Appraisals. 816 E .Small Busine ss certified by U .Site Pre paration Contrac tors Collection. absorbent rolls. Inc. M A 02746 M icha el Giagrando. Site Restoration. 237310. Construc tion Management.S. We are DoD ELA P ce rtified. Catastrophe 562910. WE ARE A SIE ME NS ELE CTRICAL PRODU CT S DISTRIBUT OR ALO NG WITH MA NY OTH ER M AJOR BRA NDS OF EL ECTRICAL SU PPLIE S.GRAN ITE ENVIRONME NTAL. etc. WE ARE AVAILABL E FOR AFT ER HOURS OR EM ERGE NCY N EED S. Technology deve lop new e volving solutions capable of sustaining and enhancing scientific workflows enabling tec hnology inte raction. The real bene fit of a relationship is our ability to impleme nt efficient and cost-effective w aste manageme nt solutions tha t a re compliant a nd economica l on behalf of our clie nts. wa te r monitoring. CAD Type Diagrams. geologists. e nvironmental remediation design. Inc .842. water Environmenta l Consulting. environme ntal project ma nagement. This occ urs for tw o main re asons: F irst. train.M oving and Storage. Contaminated soils. MISSISSIPPI 39501 PH ONE— 228-864-3387 FAX--228-864-3721 JOHN ROSSKOPF CEL L #228-323-2595 E-MAIL --jwrosskopf@cableone. Expert Witness Testimony. Genera l M anage r Technical Staffing/Contract Field Teams Desk: 850912-4698 w ww. 236220. pads. E nvironmental Scientist 508-460-7624 ronaldbucchino@aol. 562910. We a re equipped and experienced for overwater operations. T he owner. proje ct sc heduling. Systems are specifically designed for difficult oil remediation problems. environmental reme diation/c leanup design. O ffice monitoring. WE HAVE TRUCKS READY FOR COASTAL DE LIVERIE S IMM EDIATELY.. FL 32502 Ron Jordan. Research & Developme nt . LIGHT ING. Delray Beach.Sec ond. Pack Outs . se diments. Houston. We are c apa ble of providing the manpower a nd resources to aid in the EPA’s response to the BP oil spill. Technology to Research Communities 301-633-2993 . 238110. Biologica l Decontamination. Director. Business D evelopment 317. Tree Remova l. PO Box 10597. fish. UE T prides itself in innovative solutions w hich minimiz e the amount of wa ter colle cted in the w ww. This means that the re are fewe r chemica l molecule s available for oxyge n reac tions a nd less “food” ava ila ble for e nzymes and ba cteria . Aguatierra Associates. Water a nd Soils Management Plans. Most oil recovery syste ms are configured with Privately held company. Pike. beac h re building.Fire a nd flood restoration of commerc ia l a nd institutional buildings w ww. Equipment/monitoring/inspections & c onsulting. haz ardous mate rial removal. FL 34787 D avid J. Certified M inority Owned Business Onsite Medical and Safety Solutions PO Box 251. beac h re building. Inc. 5727 Downybrook Rd Myrtle Beac h SC 29588 Capt. It is not solvent-based like most degre asers on the market today. MD 20914 We ca n assist by using floating skimmers or transporting clean up crew s to bea ch or ma rsh areas tha t a re not acce ssible by Marine operations. INC. 333924. etc. optimiza Sola r Lanterns for light booms de ployed in na vigable w aters 1nm. tissues. Environmenta l e ngine ering. Special emphasis is in Material Handling Capabilities are further cited in the CCR under Cage Code 4PGE 0 as demonstrated in curre nt contracts with D eCA and se rvices. water te sting. systems to ena ble technology interaction La tin American Woman Ow ned. 504 South Irwin Ave. 541330. ground w ater. c ontaminated ground wate r. 5885 Ne wfound Road M ount O live. the ma jority of degre asers on the market today actually inc rease these levels be cause they contain chemicals and/or biological agents that contribute to the oxygen depletion in the wastewa ter. E nvironmental Re mediation. Finally Clea n can effective ly trea t liquid spills as well as conta minated SMALL BUSINESS CW Se rvices. We began working in Louisiana in 1983 and served in the response to the rece nt oil spill. etc. boomenviro@comcast. minimiza tion. contaminate d media manage ment. beach clean Security Boa rd U ps. non-slippe ry surfa ce.GV RSA I ma in objec tive is to enga ge and le ad groups into asse ssment of current tec hnology. is a retired ca reer Firefighter with nume rous certifications in a ll a reas of expertise . liquids. modula r fac ility disa ste r response team.c om reduction. NAICS Codes: 236116. GU LFPORT . surface wate r. including chara cteriz ation. and the US Postal Service among others.graniteenvironmenta l. soil re mediation 760-402-8688 Response Unit. our compa ny serve s as a licensed genera l contractor Wildlife. Data c ollec tion. GA 31774 Chad Willia mson Environme ntal Consulting.E ngineering Corporation CKM . mobilize. is certified as a Small Disadvantaged Busine ss by the U. Upon application. 238910. Our boats are capable of operating 24 hours a da y and can use real time reporting through web/cellular based communica tions. deconta mination. utilize Eco friendly non-toxic Oil and Grease Cleaner Finally Clean is a wa ter-based produc t that will not burn. GSA. sc ientists and other environmental professionals. The organiz ation has been designated as a M inority Business Ente rprise by the Indiana Business De velopment Council. Drying & D ehumidific ation. 5717 response team.N AICS 562910 (Environme ntal Remedia tion Service s): . Film and M edia Genera l E nvironmental Remediation Syste m Design Open Wate r Containment and Recovery Systems (for a ll types of oils/products) Soil Remedia tion Systems Ground Water Remedia tion System On-site Field Servic es On-going M aintenance Service s Site Evalua tion Services DEP Liaison Servic es Remediation syste m www. including phosphorous. Also hold certificates in many other state s. data analysis. Tempora ry Shoring.apptechinc. Inc. environmental site investigation. H az-M at Ope rations. 01752 Ronald L.Premie boomenviro@comc ast. and disposa l. a nd air/vapor).(229) n/a IN BUS INE SS IN GUL FPORT SINCE 1960..S. gvrsystemsa utoma tion. Texa s in 1953 with a range of construc tion and clean up se rvices in commitme nt to clie nt satisfac tion that is still our focus today. E stimate and Report Services Include .Other Waste Colle ction m • Construction Ma nagement Servic es • General construction services • Emergency and disaster re sponse • Project mana gement • Clean-up and removal • Civil construction servic es • General labor • Repairs and re novations SpawGlass is a 100% employe e-owned nationally ranked ge neral contra ctor. TN 37830 D anny W. Preside nt (561) 274-6500x12 http://www.0644 fax. landscaping. NY 13440 Oil Trap Technologies Florida small business Small Business n/a Oil Trap Solution. oil c ontainment booms & barrie rs. 205-568-3368 Patric k cell w ww. CONDUITS. ALS Medical Staff/Equipment. N ICS. Relative NAICS: 561320 (Temporary Help Services) We have the capability to rapidly source. soil te sting. subje ct & sample life c ycle mana gement. D urst Avenue Greenwood.aspeedwaydeliverycorp. 238990. Oak Ridge. SpawGla ss Construction Corp. Health & Safety other gove rnment age ncie s. a nd on-going field service a nd maintenanc e. Microsoft Project Scheduling n/a n/a Palm Bea ch Photographic 783 Camilia Drive. SE BASTIAN. proce sses.demolition. Director Cell: 786-390-9442 O ffice : 305-247-9442 Oil spillage containment and clean up Rome. n/a Universal Environmenta l Technologie s M ark Jennings (UET ) 87 Tec hnology (603) 233-9701 Way. Me dica l Response System Coordinator n/a small business Applied Technology Inc . USAR Instructor with expe rience in SC Task Force 1 as te am mana ger.W. Environmental Consulting Services. is the le ading transportation carrier in Central and South Florida. 60-person firm staffe d by professional engineers. plants. Small Business Administration. 562910) Technical E mpha sis is on environmental consulta tion and services relate d to hazardous waste ma nagement. Service s Administration.FL 32958 w ww. Louisiana 70130 Shawn Estep Human Re source Consulting. Sta te of California. processing and recyc ling . We offer full range of orga nic and inorganic analysis. Wate rma rk N avigation Syste ms 29 Gilford E Dr. under the auspices of the national offic e of the Supplier De velopment Council. installa tion. environme ntal risk asse ssment. E xtende d Cargo Vans and M otive Pow er (T ractors Only. Applie d Technology Inc .) RLB Compa ny 88 G len Street Marlborough. solid wa ste s. Sample T est. Supplier of MHE . Temporary Shoring. BULBS. Willow Ave Tampa . Software Developme nt & Automated Qua lification. absorbent booms. Engineer Inc. AL 35117 D onnie Click or Pa trick Dent 205-631-6531 x430 office. This company is a Na tive Americ an owed small business. environmental sampling (soil. 113TH Court M iami. 562119.. a nd projec t e stimating. Suite #308 Ne w Orlea ns. Environmental www. Logistics Sample s mana gement. which a re all OSHA 10 Hour trained. Safe ty Staff. Environmental Remediation Services We are e xperienced in the assessment a nd remediation of soil and groundwa ter (including wetlands) impa cted by petroleum conta minants. Nashua.palmbeachaeria NAICS 54192: Photographic Se rvices Environmental Photography Florida For P rofit Corporation ROSSKO PF ELE CT RIC SUPPLY CO. In short. Leslie.(229) 325. Pre sident Aerial Photography Point of Contact Phone Number: Photographic Services (561) 832-2336 marty@w orth. Senior enginee ring staff includes a Louisia na-licensed environmenta l e nginee r (with over 15 ye ars' engineering experience in Ne w Orlea ns area ) in a supervisory c apa city. (NAICS Code s. including work for USEPA and USA CE. wastewa ter. screen. Bucc hino M Sc.relianceaerotec h. Dillard Stree Road Cle arance. minority status pressure . For over 50 years. Systems & 301-622-3329 or cell Phone no. D ebris Removal. Wetland Assessment.Huma n Resourc e Consulting Services ction. spill kits. We also possess extensive re mediation expe rience. transportation and disposa l. L . Rotor Wing. We hold a NEL AC certification from the state of Florida. dba Weiss Robert E. Fac tory: 1 Coffin Ave nue New Bedford. Water Ambulances(see a ttache d pictures). E nviroDesign m Medical and Safety Solutions BLS. Sta ffing Servic es . and natural science phenomena to move or transport oil. and Port of Oakland NAICS 541330 (E nvironmental Engineering Services): . Stra tegy Building. rsta hlke@apptechinc. P. NH .herita geglobalconstruc tion. 541612. site prep. throughout L ouisiana. 237310. prima rily hydrocarbons. Small business (NA ICS contaminate d surfac e water. booties. WE CERTAINLY CA N USE ANY BUSINE SS WE CAN GE T RIGHT N OW. site pre p.. scie nce a nd management services consultant. INC. solid w astes. AS WE HAVE ALL SEE N IN T HE LA ST TWO MON THS. hazardous wastes. landscaping. wa ter and sewer line construction a nd installation Middle SES A Spee dwa y Delivery Corp. colle ction. air.c om Silver Spring. disa ste r construction a nd installation . Florida 33606 711 T choupitoulas St. Blaine Garren We conduc t a marine based business that does 843-997-4271 Business environmental clean up work a s w ell a s crew 888-647-5247 Fax transport. Hazardous Waste 562211. AS OU R BUSINESS IS DIRECTLY EFFECT ED BY WHAT THE LOCAL E CO NOMY IS DOING. IN C M ARK WILKIE PO 772-646-0597 BOX 780928. Benton.841. PPE. w ater testing. volatile organic compounds (VOC) are significantly reduced and ultimately eliminated. General Services Administra tion.navbuoy. California 94608-1939 Environmental engineering.T he SpawGla ss zero-tolerance safety clients including the US Army Corps of program is na tionally re cognized by the Associated General Contractors with the First Place 2009 Na tional Construc tion Engineers. 13004 S. Compre hensive Engineering Re ports. spill berms. Finally Clean conta ins no environmentally harmful chemic als. PPE (full line to include respirators & ca rtridges. Sample 205-482-5640 w n/a A Spee dwa y Delivery Corp. Jere my F. no appropriate sensors to detec t oil.spawglass. 562910. Xactimate Estimatin. Various Water Vessells. WIRE. before the y ente r the w astewater. M endes. We are also willing to work a s a reporting medium a nd can surve y are as a nd report bac k to the EOC as ne ede d. 423830.rotorw inginc . spill sorbent kits. modular fa cility construction. Florida 33176 Contac t: L iba rdo “L ee” Escude ro O ffice : 305-254-6599 Fax: 305-675-0349 w ww.236116. 532420. T hirdparty testing has show n that the unique c hemical reac tions that oc cur while using Fina lly Clean lead to reduced COD a nd BO D leve ls. a nd automa tion of methods. 423840. Project M ana gement. land vehicles. including charac terization. Capt. 561730 engineering servic es. 238910 Small Busine ss in need of technology grant or other type of funding. ask for M ike G. transportation and disposal. average Environmental. environmental work. Texas D epa rtme nt of Parks & Safety Excelle nce Award. 237990.c om Gra nite Environmental specializ es in Erosion Pollution Control Products and Site Spe cific solutions for Industrial Spill Clea n Up Applications and e mergency use. Inc. 236210. TX 281-970-5300 (office ) 77041 281-541-0526 (ce ll) w ww. F lorida Joseph A. Ocilla. 60 flashe s per minute per USCG re quirements website Williamson Ma nagement G roup. 237110. email: E ngine er. USCG Master Captain. WE WOUL D CE RTAINLY BE IN TERE STED IN HEL PING WIT H THIS RE CO VERY E FFORT BY PROVID ING AS PROMPT A SE RVICE AS WE POSSIBLY CAN. soil te sting. Finally Clean bre aks down che micals. 562219.c om Environme ntal Site Asse ssments. Spaw Glass offers gene ral contracting. Winter Garden. recycling and 484210. Demolition of unsafe structures. T he residue is re duced to an environmentally-safe liquid that ca n be discarded without additional processing or treatment. NAICS . 03060 uetenvirosys. Temporary Pow er. Instead. certified by U.boomenviro. 562111. Our boats are shallow draft for work in coasta l beac h and bay areas. environme ntal remediation impleme ntation HighLine Modular Builders L LC/ Premier Modular 310 S. environmenta l asse ssment. Emergenc y 236220. SpawGlass can provide a wide clea n-up and other associated tasks. Small Business n/a w ww. hazardous wastes. Gilford NH 03249 M ark Novo 603-520-8453 24/7 O ffic e # 603-524-6066 F ax 603-524-8100 ww w.238910. (Contamina ted Boom M aterial) Remediation Service s Applie d Technology Inc ’s core competencies include environme ntal consultation and service s related to ha zardous waste mana gement. Environmental analysis for organic and inorga nic Large Business constitue nts in all media (soil. Daum 877-888-2022 n/a New and used modular buildings for sale and lease. 237110. construction manage r and design-builder. minimization.Strate gy. beach clean up. environmenta l sampling. it was formulated to reac t dire ctly with the conta minant. G SBM providing Stra tegy. Associates 5801 (510) 450-6105 Christie Avenue. Trucking.c om n/a Helicopter Service We are an FAA Certificate d Air Carrier operating Bell 407 helicopte rs. Water Extraction. WE H AVE L OCAL INV ENTO RY OF ALL TYPE S OF ELE CTRICAL n/a SUPPL IES . This re markable reac tion results in no negligible change in temperature or release of harmful fumes.Oil storage complete site specific solutions Da vis & Floyd. 2607 15T H AVE. 484122 Transportation. design. drivethru berms. moving and storage services disposal of White Goods. sole proprie tor conducting resea rch and in Alliance with John Hopkins University Business & Research ac ade mic s AM ERICAN E NGINEE RING FABRICS. Severa l discha rge or disposal configurations can be applied depending on the site c onditions.este p@heritageglobalconstru Natural/M an-ma de Disaster debris removal. Life Sciences and Medical Re se arch resources and laboratories concern are Primary M edia with Emphasis on analysis.N AICS Codes . 562112. IT HA S TAK EN A DO WN WARD T URN.. Building Deconta mination. break it down a nd leave a c lean. 2005 response to construction needs resulting from Hurric ane K atrina and Hurric ane Rita then again in 2008 we responded our company has provided services to government to help rebuild after Hurrica ne Ike continuously working in the sta te since that time. Finally Cle an decre ases the overall COD and BO D leve ls. Our service fleet inc ludes Tractor Trailers 53’ (Dry Vans). 423990. Hand scrub disinfec tant (GSA c ontract pe nding). 54133. Jr. environme ntal remediation/c le anup c onstruction management. engineering and remediation services. 238910. Program/Proje ct Management .aa c-usa. Environmental analytical services The NAICS c ode for the se rvices that we are requesting to be place d on the vendor list is 541380. 924110. in collaboration with the University of M aryland Franhofe r-U SA foundation and Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Growing Business Alumni. 46038 Bob Stahlke . Systems. Hazardous Waste Collection Hazardous Waste Treatment and D isposa l Non-Hazardous Waste Treatme nt and Disposal. Based in the Texas Gulf Coa st region. Reliance Aerotech Services Inc 25 West Cedar Stre et Suite 505 Environme ntal Testing Environme ntal Assessment Environme ntal Cleanup Biologica l Assessment Biodiversity Assessment NAICS 54620: E nvironmental consulting servic es NAICS 54620: Site reme diation consulting services Environmental consulting and remediation Florida For P rofit Corporation He ritage Global Construction Servic es. T n 37307 Justin Free man (337)591-9210 (423) 790-8344 w ww. (Rudy) Powe ll (864) 229-4413 w ww. 541990.davisfloyd. soil vapor. that are ready and able to provide the manpower needed to assist in the projec t a nd client. Advanc ed Automation Corporation 201 mill st. 10078 Lantern Road Fishers. It is a n alkaline solution w ith no known c hronic effects. 360* solar lanterns. Spaw Glass is an employee owned company founded in Houston. WE WOUL D APPRE CIATE ANY CO NSIDE RATION DIRE CTED T OWARDS OUR COMPANY. Design Documentation. n/a O ffice . Tyler (315)886-6155 w ww. Our capable labor force totals a crew of more tha n 300 team se rvices customize d to the spe cific needs of eac h members.weiss. WE HAVE LIVED AND FISHED TH ESE WATERS SIN CE WE WERE CHIL DREN AND ARE DE EPLY CON CE RNED ABOUT ITS FUTU RE . 484121. E meryville. as w ell as being a DOE CAP a udited facility providing analytica l servic es to DOE facilities. transport.

We a lso ha ve a GSA contract (Contract No. M ade of heavy-duty w ww. and inspection a s we ll a s any under. 541340. Surve ilance /Survey/site asse sment/Job progress inspections. O ffice : 1-800-747-6082 Website: w ww. emergenc y and non-emergy manhold clea n out. 78148.specialtymaterialsinc . 213113. This group offers 24/7 nation-wide spill re sponse network a nd clean-up.skilledtrades. As-built & Structure Surve ys Pre. Fly ash may cost less than other mine ral fillers. freshwater. handling and neutralizing reactive che micals. Re st assured that our clea n. is a division of Veolia E S North Ame rica.metropolitanshuttle. solid w aste. OH . is a distributor for equipment and supplies. pota ble wa ter diving. and Bedford. program a nd construction ma nagement services.O.INDUST RIAL. and L ife Sciences. Benicia. Office: (208) 557-7858. N EPA. a nd Dennis and the S pace Shuttle Manageme nt. Aqu aSol Bi o is a na tu rall y o ccurrin g bio remed iatio n pro duct fo r w ater and so il con tamin ated by oi l. 541370. Inc. Jedi Services. structural. haz ardous mate rials for landfill purposes. 423990.deltaenvironmenta llab. President & CE O Toll Free: 888-222-8499 D irect: 214-275-2041 Fax: 214-381-9513 Cell: 214-755-3841 w ww. Box 59608 Birmingham. G & D Construc tion/Earthworks LLC D avid Peleschak 6424 T urpin L ane 251-747-6719 Gulf Shores. 325998. 541618. 98349 T roy Roeder.995. V3N2V7 604-506-5526 w ww. Tra ining.584. 541620 oil-N-ca p™ can be used to clean Self-Certified Small up and restore land damage d through Disadvantaged Busine ss. We are a SDBE subc ontrac tor to Black & Veatch. whic h improves the durability of the mix by maintaining the amount of asphalt initia lly used. e ngine ering. Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) Our GSA sc hedule provide s you with approved services and rate s for various vehicles. n/a n/a . groundwate r.Robinson R44 He licopter/4 place/ Doors on or off. La. Box 3112 St. Our Special Service division offers two main service lines. a nd Water.or over-w ater or upland surveying servic es. GIS. Disaster Rec overy). waste management. radioactive response. TX D r. The GSA ha s prequalified Norma ndeau to ma ke it easier for Federal contracting offic ers to aw ard environmental contra cts. GS-10F-0319M) for the Federal Supply Group 899. 1515 S. ST LC. Fly ash is also uses a s a c ost effective mineral filler in hot mix asphalt (HMA) paving applic ations. Environme ntal E nginee ring. Multi and La nd & Sea Surveying provides underw ater mapping. VE ha s ove r Service Provider 150 years of experience. deep diving using air. These products ca n be shipped to job sites or fixed locations by dump truck or pneumatic trailers for immedia te use or storage in dry bulk a nd blending containers. tra nveling wate r scree n re pair. fly ash as mineral fille r he lps re duce the amount of asphalt drain down in the mix during construction. Soil. surface wa ter. Our current contract pe riod is June 1. DUN S: 117975974 TIN: 542033186 Cage Code: 3Z NK5 GSA Contrac t #: GS-33F-0027U Normandea u Associate s. L A. This multiple award contract cove rs the following Special Item Numbers (SIN): 899-1 Environme ntal Planning Services and Documentation and 899-7 Geographic Information Syste ms Chris Bruc e 937 361 9683 w ww. M A. and the public to se ek solutions that e nhance economic deve lopment. wetland delineations. oil spill re sponse contractor (O SRO rated). LLc . L akeba y Washington. As a pozzolan ac tivator. The se materials have high c alcium content and are ve ry effective when soil compa ction. transportation. Cana da. fly a sh. In containe d conta mination reme dia tion a nd use i n dee pe r o cean / sea ap pli catio ns) instances such as waste water treatment (WWT ) and agricultural waste lagoons. 211112. Ste .Poz zolime kiln dust is a by-produc t of the lime and c ement industry marketed by our company for soil re mediation. TE CHNOL OGY. benthos. 100 Orlando.Veolia ES. resource assessments. 541360. Small Business Rote ch Subsea U SA-L LC D r. WOMA N OWNED. POSITIVE SPACE INTE RN ATIONAL 270 COBB PARKWAY SOUT H. Site Restoration.c om P. environmental. estua rine. Oil and Grease. FL .northwind-inc . Two c lassifications of fly ash are produced according to the type of coal used. handling and neutralizing reactive chemica ls. Fly ash mine ral filler increases the stiffness of the asphalt mortar matrix improving the rutting resistance of pavements. it is extremely durable yet also lightwe ight and easy to handle . E lizabeth E varts 25 Na shua Road bevarts@normandea u. 404-791-3790 cell Soils/Sludge Excavation and Treatme nt. WI 54956 w ww. 541360. Inc. Class C fly ash is preferable for the applications presented in the G reen Building Guide and is the main type offered for residentia l a pplications from ready-mix. ope rations ma nager 850-215-6662-office 205-966-2535-c ell n/a M ax Air He lic opters. GCI 417 Overlook Trail Da llas. and hazardous materia l analysis Delta E nvironmental Laboratories. TACTICAL PRODUCTS n/a n/a SM ALL . T X. and we are prepa red to bobgarrett417@bellsouth. reme diation service s. protect and restore our natural resources. equipment and supplies including Personal We have experience in supplying the se products during catastrophic events.c om Road. SUITE We are a n Environmenta l c ompa ny that provides pumps.c om T EXAS. M ooring support. due diligence. Sulphur. marsh or coa stline. for Southern Compa ny. contract labor and staffing services 561320. Dre dging KittyKaddy LLC P. w ww. i. and WWT P structure . zooplankton. Small and title research. this material ca n re plac e or be used in combination with P ortla nd cement or hydrated lime. Me an High Water Surve ys O ther Spec ific Purpose Surveys. 238910. risk assessment studie s. water sa mpling Small Business firm n/a I manufacture a long-handled litte r scoop that also serve s as a beach sa nd sifting tool. Preparing environmental doc umentation from the Northwest to the East Coast and adjace nt coastal waters. 541350. the Gulf oi l spil l. T im Carlile. St. N AICS codes: 541380. 541611. AL 35259 630. w aste and h ea vy me ta ls. GA 30132 Robert Garrett. Suite B. a-surveying. WA) n/a T he Skilled Trade s Company 4500 Wadsworth Rd.P. 2400 Skyline Dr. When the degra dation require s it. We have extensive data mana gement c apa bilities for processing and analyzing the informa tion collec ted during the se studies. All MSD S and chemical analyses are a vailable upon request. lime kiln dust. Business Cinc o has provided services to the Oil and Gas industry for ove r 25 yea rs also 4 years of services to the Rene wable Energy sector. TPH-d/mo. permitting and environmental monitoring. O ur deep a nd broad ba ckground as both environme ntal and public involve ment consulta nts provides a w ealth of knowledge a nd expe rience in disciplines ranging from environmental asse ssment and permitting to stakeholder interviews and facilitation. benthic ma croinverte brates. Community Involvement Support. asbe stos aba tement. well ma intained c hartere d buses and minibuses me et the DO T sta ndards of safety. reve nue rec overy. transporta tion and submission storage service s to contra ctors.. CA 94510 Integra te d M anagement Se rvices (IM S PO C: Reginald Crear E ngine ers) 504-561-7399 400 Poydras Street.O. Charles. 541330 Surve ys. New w ww. habitat assessment and restoration. Wetlands Delineation a nd Mitiga tion Planning. applic ations may see similar performance obtained by using less material by w eight. Hollywood Blvd. In summary. Inc. Owner/President Environme ntal Remedia tion: Biodegrada tion of GCI is a Sma ll D isa dvanta ged Business E nterprise (SDBE). Suite 211. H2S c hemical solutions. O ur staff inc ludes a licensed 1605 Chase Hammock Road. substantia l sampling programs involving both dive rs and remote sample collec tion. inspection.KittyKaddy. USA CE Isla B&T Marine Transportation Services. F ax: 321Surve ys. Application c an be made by spraying the product Small Busine ss. and restoration and re mediation studies. confined spac e rescue and standby. Normande au has been awarde d a 5-ye ar extension to our indefinite quantity/indefinite delivery (IDIQ) contra ct with the General Servic es Administration (GSA) for e nvironmental se rvices. Class F999. civil. We provide land Database. fabrication Disaster oil recove ry/e mergency oil wellhead response Multimillion dolla r international/domestic company Cinco E nergy Se rvices. Ka noe Services. 900lbs capacity. Tx. T X 75149 Abatix Corp is a full-line supplie r of sa fety Abatix Slude oil pickup/tranport/hauling/re cycling 5MRJ7 n/a African-A merican. algae. Because of fly ashes specific gravity.abatix. sa mple processing. and marine. TX. upland surveying and related se rvices.c om Helicopte r services. environmental accidents by Woma n Owned application direc tly to the soil. remediation and clean environmenta l impact sta teme nts. Health & Safety. For best results. environmental supplies Contractors supplies in Safe ty appeal. Site Investigation and Characterization. Dayton. it is definitely back-saving and pa rticularly useful for workers or voluntee rs of a ny a ge and physical condition. 70582 Airboat a nd Flatboat Tra nsportation services vessel n/a sizes 16 to 34 ft.tersus-e nviro. Suite #11 &#12.3 billion in assets. a s we ll as. compaction and stabilization. North Wind. New Orleans.Abatix Corp. Jacksonville . Na tional and Internationa l E nvironmental Remediation and H eavy Civil Contrac ting. Acoustic Doppler Current Studio. multi-year n/a sa mpling and monitoring programs w hich involve the sampling of environmental media (sediment. Refe rences provide d upon request. N ormande au works with clie nts to meet environmental regulatory requirements. Veteran Water Cla rifie r tha t pro te cts an d clea ns up the w ater colu mn in se nsitive h abi ta ts that are ei th er al read y co ntamin ated o r thre atene d by in liquid form direc tly on the w ater and / or soil. cement kiln dust. Submarine Cable Location Quantity Ca lculations. M artinsville. SAFE TY. Inc.365 W. stomac h conte nt Skimme rs We are a skimmer manufacturer. quicklime fines. the specs will follow Oil Spill recovery equipment Lower middle c lass – small business Advanc e Oil Rec yclers Steve Collins 541 Tenth Street Suite 346 Atla nta. NH. Force Builde rs sa fety Social and E nvironmental 18618 34 st.c o m/ Organic Hydrocarbon Demulsifier Capabilities: Provide a broad a rra y of produc ts and servic es from safe highly effective fire extinguishing products and fire blocking agents to fully organic beac h clea ning NH – we have a n additiona l 16 offices located nationwide including: CT. mixed gas and saturation diving tec hniques. LL C 7000 Southland Fie ld Rd. Other NA ICS codes inc lude: 541620 E nvironmental Consulting Services and 541690 Othe r Scientific & T ec hnical Consulting Se rvices. COD ES: 541370. reliability and maintenance. ma rshe s. re pair. Ala. Fly Ash is a by-product of coal-fired e lectric generating plants. Quality Support Services Inc..cincola nd. Florida small business. Ste. etc… Aba tix Corp. we c an lend you our consultation services. Bre nt Bera rd L LC. M ARIET TA. BC. natural re source. Research and Geospatial Technologies Veteran Owned. our staff ha s developed a HAZ WOPPER certified employees proven approac h to e valuating practic al measures for minimizing adverse impacts and ma ximizing be neficial project bene 407 281 9000 or toll free 1 866 281 1954 cell 407 399 1561 SMI provide s poz zolime soil stabilizers. Emergency Response Se rvices (24 hours a day 800-688-4005) Large Business Versatech Products IN C 8205 Wiggins. Cleaning and Pump c rews. Environmental Corporate Office: 1425 Higham Restoration M ana ger Street. (It is also i dea l for onsh ore soi l and frequency. T hreatened a nd Endangered Spe cies Act (ESA). IL 60174 HU BZ one samll Business Surveying services and consulting. the Coastal Zone M anagement Act (CZ MA).Box 141046 Dallas. www. A c onve nient 30" long. Terry Clarke or JoAnn O’K eefe Environme ntal Contractors a nd Safety Supplie s Taft Vineland Rd. T im Honan 877-944-8460 w ww. Fax: 205-870-1788 1-800-435-0363 dmc clurg@spec ialtymateria lsinc. A nationa l network gives us the group ground transportation services ability to transport a virtually unlimited number of personnel to fit your upcoming Specializing in haz ardous mate rials supplies. L a 70665 Paul (M ax) Trost 337-802-4209 w m w ww. Joe Rothermel.and Post-dredge Conditions. Bre nt DuBois (P)920-749-8100 Headquarters: 785 County Rd. Wetland Surveys Unde rwater Dive collection. 770-974-9381 Petrochemic als. LLC offe rs analysis for water. reme diation service s. 213112. 541690. 101A. Bill Jones N. We also specia lize in environmental service s related to the lic ensing and permitting of proje cts potentially impacting marine and estuarine environme nts.000 hurs flight time pilot/33 years expe rience Definition Videography. pe riphyton. Contractors supplies in Safety appeal. engineering. Waste water. Development D irector office 713.463. year around diving se rvices. Suite 1335. Onc e a flourishing corporation involve d in coastline c onstruction/ bulkhe ads and managing coastal wetlands as directed by the corp of engineers now out of work. Florida 32405 K im hopkins. spec ific mic robes can be adde d to the AquaSol bio to further accele rate re duction of biological oxyge n dema nd (BOD) a nd total suspende d solids (TSS). 6542 two skid steers and one dump truck c apable of working on the beach front a nd hauling oil spill clean up n/a yellow pa ges and tec hinal emhasis is site prepa ration back fill This company is virtually at a standstill.imsengineers. Site Restoration. Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act (RHA). conc rete. 54162.6327 w ww. and Solid Waste soil. Houston. 401 a nd 404 of the Clea n Water Act (CWA). Full-service environme ntal mana gement firm from initial site asse ssment to site c losure. GCI will provide SDBE . odor issue management. computer Worldwide Health a nd Safety P. spec ialize in: 24 Hour Emergency Response 1-800-688-4005. This vat can be any open c ontainer sufficiently large to hold the volumes be ing treated. outfa lls. (Veolia E nvironnement ‘VE’). even acting a s a coordinator for your transportation ne eds. 541330.advanc eoilrecyclers. and 541620. We have rush delive ry service a vailable including 24 hour rush. debris. including Environme ntal Remedia tion (groundw ater. Ge orgia. We can pe rform BTEX /T PH-g. Pa rt of the inland services is our emergenc y response group. We are capable of providing wate r sampling. fish. V. USCG licensed Profiling.qua litysupportse rvices. PO C . Suite 204 L afayette.6009 www. water quality. and a 18-foot a luminum john boat. man grove sw amps. dolomite fines and n/a hydrated lime tailings from ma ny sources throughout the United States. vehicles/ve hicle maintena nce operations. 75214 Victoria Tre ada way 685 Stone Roa d. Burnaby. The inland service trained professionals at Veolia ES Special Service s. E-ma il: Gulf Are a O ffic es: 433 Kitty Ha wk jrothermel@northwind-inc .e. swamp. 541614. IDAHO 83402.versate ch. Small Disadvantaged Busine ss. FURNISH INGS. 1911 Jose Medrano President.O. Na tive-Ame rican containment/re covery and re mediation assoc iated Ow ned Business with the Online OSH A acc epte d safe ty and environme ntal training Our Unive rsity is hosted through 360. H ouston. and fish age and growth N ormandeau qualifies as a small busine ss under NAICS 541712 Researc h and De velopment in the Physic al. 541620 Veolia E S S pecia l Se rvices Inc. a 20-foot fiberglass Mako. and the Ma rine Mammals Protection Act. 303.Ma rine and estuarine e nvironmental studies ofte n re quire long-term baseline monitoring studies. Tersus Enviro 3916 Juan Tabo N E Suite #16 Civil Contrac ting.. unde r the U SEPA Region 4 Reme dial Action Contra ct (RAC).com tra ining and offers the most compre hensive c ertification and awa reness training available to both the construc tion and manufacturing industries to date. 11.PSIM ALL . (210) 659-3533 425 E. and still photography. conduct immedia te remedia tion anywhere along the G ulf Coast. regulators. owned. Idaho Falls. and phytoplankton. Topographic Surveys Upla nd Boundary 541370. Mississippi. Inc. Engineering n/a 100% Native Americ an. $48 billion in re venue and over $46. 541611. 45066 commercial/industria l/environmental staffing Normandea u is an environmenta l c onsulting firm in business for over 40 years. 319. oysters. and the manage ment of their valuable resources. providing sound scientific services for both onshore and offshore client needs. Inc.bp spill vendor supplie s reage nt materials. along with the expe rtise to report this information in a concise and focuse d manner require d to meet project n/a Veolia E S Special Servic es. should be tested for toxicity to de termine amounts As such Aqua Sol Bi o is not harmfu l in an y wa y to the n atural b iol ogy of eithe r th e vege ta ti ve or orga nisms (such a s sh rimp. c ertified by SBA. VOC. Poz zolime kiln dust can a lso be used as a cementitious material or pozzolan ac tivator in stabilized base or flowable fill applications. and 541710. wa ter and soils in question Oil con te nt remed iatio n tre atmen t that remove s the h armful toxi c a spects of th e oil i n th e water. Beac h Profile s Submerged L and Le ase including a 20-foot aluminum hull Monarch. FL 32953 Phone: 321-258-9734. 519190. D E. confine d spa ce rescue and standby. We are a woman D ot McClurg. generators. DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS Specialty Materials. FL 32824 Southernsafetyandsupply. Norma ndeau maintains an exte nsive fleet of vessels. We have fully equipped ve ssels Inspec tion. Inc. 2002 through M ay Orleans. 213112. offers a full line of personal protective equipment (PPE) as w ell as c onsumables used in the cle an up process. woma n owne d. 78409 361-289-5355 (office ) 361-289-5377 fax 361-533-1891 ce ll Energy Consulting Services Cinc o offers full service s (GISP certified) Geographic Information Systems ma pping (E SRI and MapInfo). We ha ve a fle et of Vacuum pumps w ith pumping e xpertise. N H 03110 (603) 637-1115 (Corporate He adquarters is in Bedford. crabs) that make u p th ese se nsitive h abi ta ts such a s w etlan ds. regulatory consulting. 330. We are a nationally recognized firm working closely w ith clients. The No Stoop L itter Scoop is closed n/a on two sides to prevent sa nd/tarballs/de bris from leaking. wate r and wastewa te r resources engineering se rvices. mobile field land teams and project scouting. Research and Sa nctuarie s Act (M PRSA). Environme ntal Complianc e. E ma il: T C5170@a ol. NAICS Codes: 237990. We provide products but we do not actually perform any direct re mediation services. Gulf Coast loc ations include D allas. 423450. NY. D atabase M anage ment. flora and fa una identific ation and surveys Wome n-Owned. L ouisiana a nd US Virgin Islands). Preside nt ow ned minority DBE Company holding multiple Phone: 205-870-1774 state certifications. environmental supplie s minority disabled business n/a Our owners and staff have been the business for over 30 yrs in Contrac tors supplies. n/a Caucasian/Single Pare nt/ Vietnam Era Veteran E nvironmental Cleanup and Remediation Services both on Shore and Off Shore minority owned business Contaminated soil. Inc. Salce do STE. Vibracore Collection Sub-bottom certified quality construc tion manager (CQM ) and ce rtifie d divers. de bris bags. 541690. PA. Delta E nvironmental Laboratories. that offers comprehensive planning. On-site/Off-Site Waste Experienced eme rge ncy response and disaster relief provider (Hurricanes K atrina. Expe rienced Captains.COM CATALOG S O NLINE . Security patrols. Texas 77024 and L ouisiana O ffice : 309 LaRue France. PLS Water Sa mpling Side Sca n Sonar. vibrac ore 454-6998. NAICS: 562910.norma ndeau. M Boundary. Cell: (208) 528-8718 (208) 520-5667. a nd TCLP testing. SC. Suite 400 M esquite. 541611. 213111.Terry M cCall Website w ww. biota) for measurement of biological physical and chemic al parame ters. for oil fouled bea ches and marshes. is a State of California sma ll business certified by the DG S a nd is ce rtified by CD PH/EL AP.7579 800.rotech. the soils a nd organic materials should be stripped and loa ded into a slurry vat for trea tment. Environmenta l Site Assessment. operating in 68 counties. M ary E sther. Neenah. Small Disadvantage Business n/a Small Busine ss/ Vete ran Ow ned Company Cheyenne Ac ree. c apa bilities ha ve been reviewed and rate s have bee n negotiated. Veolia ES Spe cial M arsha Peters. mee t regulatory requireme nts. We were Protective Equipment(PP E) as well as consumable founded in 1983 and have nine distribution centers. vacuum services. In addition to providing consultation services vehic les. to include Gyro-Stabilized H i. Hec tor Susma n/Jeff LeBlanc 6421 Cunningham Rd.c om sma ll business Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Chartered buses mini buses Metropolitan Shuttle M icha el Kaplan G overnme nt Sales Ma nager/ Capture Manager 240-8334070 (o) 301-525-8747 (m) 202-318-3002 (f) w ww. L A 70130 IM S E ngineers is a full-service engineering firm NAICS Codes: 493190. 561210 L and & Sea Surveying Concepts. Natural and Cultural Resource Studies. Federal customers c an significantly reduce the time re quired to obta in services to as little as two w eeks. Originally developed for those with physical conditions that inhibit the ability to stoop or bend. na tural disaster response . is a subsidiary of Veolia ES Industrial Services the large st Industrial Se rvice provider in the United State s. CB. and improve our communities. emergency supplies. Inc. Middle class small business Norma ndeau routinely conducts la rge . Wetland/Stream Restoration For this work. We are one of the large st science-based environme ntal consulting firms hea dqua rtered in New E ngland with a staff of over 200 specializing in biology. Heavy We conducted disaster reme diation associated with Hurricane Katrina. 19858593769 T X 77042 ww w. a nd se diment characterization and re mediation. many of our c ustomers in coa sta l a reas began orde ring them for ea sy bea ch cle an-up. in length. ecology. Se ction 103 of the Marine Protec tion. N M 87111 Organic bioremediation. Project M ana gement Supervision. FLO RIDA 32569 (850) 226-6120 Cleanup a nd Mitigation. customer training programs. Nancy M cClellan 214-282-0834 http://w orldwidehealthandsafte y. contra ct negotiations. Soil borings Boat re ntal Oil Suctioning and Dredging Pumps Subsea. Contamina ted tre atment. specializ ing in onsite office Spe cialized Pumps and Absorbents. Universa l City. Cell Single be am Hydrogra phic Surve ys M agnetome ter Profe ssiona l Surveyor (Florida . Ike. We have OSHA 40 Hazw oppe r personnel a s we ll a s Refinery S afety T raining. soil. E ric Ward . Louisiana 70508 Terry Shaver. ELE CTRONICS. and emergency and non-e mergency manhole clea n out. SV OC. Also. G A 30060 SH ANNON T RE NT 404-218-5394 WWW. Containme nt and Recove ry w ith 541620.and installation of inta kes. CE O ( 253 ) 884-2273 http://forcebuilders. NAICS code s: ww w. Le xington Blvd Corpus Christi. Houston. hydro-electric a nd dam work. 541512. field supplies. 337-256-1459 1208 M artin Dautrieul Rd. 2010. 100. We also have one of the largest biological laboratory base on the Ea st Coast a llows us to provide a broad-range of sampling types to our clients that inc lude: ichthyoplankton. duct E mail: deltahk2@sbcglobal. cause d by wet weather is needed. M erritt Tele phone: 321-454-6310. me dical and veterina ry supplies. Preside nt Randy Nichols Houston O ffice : 9235 Kay Freeway Suite 400. including Fe deral and state statute s to include Se ctions 301. Owner. Contact n/a Southern Safety & Supply Inc . E t Water. NA ICS codes: 562910 (500 employe es) sediment). vehicles and othe r equipment ne cessary to the succe ssful implementa tion of monitoring programs (more information can be provided upon request regarding ve ssel and equipment rentals). and clean up produc ts such as oil-absorbent pa ds. 1008 Jenks Avenue Panama City. offshore marine and inland services.000 employe es foc used on delivering e nvironmentally sustainable solutions. T his contra ct has been a vailable to a ll Fe deral Agencies as of Se ptembe r 2002. GA 30318 (404) 661-4313 support@advanceoilrecyclers.

drinking wa ter. The system w as developed to detect methane. Waste Manage ment Services. Cary Stree t Richmond. 541330 Surve ys. 300 Ge rmantown.Box 141046 Dalla s. DE BRIS REM OVAL. 541613. biota. 926150 small. Topographic Surveys Upla nd Boundary 541370. Clea nStart. Soil borings. The EQE R Team Safety Courses both in person is and online. These collections and measureme nts would be beneficia l from a health a nd safety.GL E nvironmental. 562910.c om Helicopte r services. and Technica l and Risk Analysis permit and assist EPA to mee t its objec tives. Syste ms mapping (ESRI a nd MapInfo). beach produc t/equipment/service combina tions that minority c ontrac tor efficient ca pture and removal of petroleum-base d and marshland contamination.541611. L ouisiana a nd US Virgin Islands). 1534 805-650-1642 E astman Ave nue. 551114. Remote focus is on using our scientific expertise to identify technologica l solutions and imple menting the m in the most costglenvironmenta l.NAICS Code s 541380 and 541620. Suite 211. Business Cinc o has provided services to the Oil and Gas industry for ove r 25 yea rs also 4 years of services to the Rene wable Energy sector. with the oil be ing processed through 2 additional units to remove all water possible and the water being processed through 3 additional units to remove all oil possible . due diligence. marsh or Woma n Owned coa stline. AD R-ACTS DISASTE R RECOV ERY 713-645-4661-O FFICE 800-380INC. tec hnical consulting se rvices. FL 32953 Fax: 321-454-6998. water and air samples include but are not limited to me tals.or over-w ater or upland surveying servic es. GE OGRAPHIC COV ERAGE : L OCAL. ITT a lso provides the end-to-end data proc essing and product generation of the data c ollec ted in e asy to use and understand formats for users. waste management. CSI a nd OSHA methods. 541611. NAICS code s: Boundary.provisions.coastalmonitoringassoc iates. E Q-T he E nvironmental Qua lity Company 36255 Mic higan Avenue Wayne. LLC 301 Main.HUBZO NE Sediment. logistics. M ichigan 49756-8634 Sonia M cLa lin 989-786-9082 NEPA E nvironmental Impac t State ments and We are a small business and have ne ver worke d on oil spill c leanup. c hemical. Our outstanding ana lytical laboratory.slabinc . and recycling. Clanton. se diment monitoring. 923120. SAFET Y SAFE TY FLAG GERS / R-O-E/LAN DSCAPIN G FLAG GERS. PORT OF HO USTON. silica) and and air pumps for environmental sample collection. T he proposed c onfiguration for one module c onsists of a lead unit to force initial sepa ration of the oil and wate r. Full-service environme ntal mana gement firm from initial site asse ssment to site c losure. waste mgmt.238990-03. Ge orgia.346.237310. Sampling media are a vailable upon reque st.e phc-inc. www.000/gpm/one module. soil. EQ’s Emergenc y Response Servic es are ISO 9001.858. strategic marketing planning. w e have worked on oil contamina tion in soils Environmental Service s and Pe rmitting Environme ntal Assessments clea nup and Site Assessments. U nits can operate a nywhe re oil w ater separation is needed: at tanks.562998.488210. We provide land Database. T im Carlile.EQ online . contra ct negotiations. 541611. Formalde hye and other c arbonyl analysis pollution sample ana lysis.AA C is well equiped to support the air sampling requirements (pre -certified sa mpling media and equipment in stock) of a major oil spill. asbe Involvement Support. Cylindrical in shape w ith welded for the G ulf Shore Disaster. etc.northwind. achieve regulatory c ompliance. a 20-foot fiberglass Mako. Joe Rothermel. and Office Space available. Universa l City. NAICS Code : 541380. Inc. (SL i) is a full service SLi specializes in the analyses of organic compounds. Environme ntal Occ upational Training mission is to assist our clients in achieving a balance betwee n environme ntal stewa rdship a nd sustainable development. PAH. via a web-based interface .463. Florida and Texas. maintains Product is a US pa tente d (N o. environmental 541620 assessments. and M arketing 804-353-6778 w ww. SL i holds accreditation in all PCB.238990. method de velopment. 14001 a nd OHSAS 18001certified. 214-282-0834 T X 75214 http://w orldwidehealthandsafte y. We can analyze most types of air samples and can provide the correct sampling me dia and information to get you indoor air. 900lbs capacity. Occupational he alth and safety assessments World Business M arket.236116.htm n/a Airborne Remote Sensor for Hydrocarbon Ga se s A irborne remote sensing. Wome n-Owned. Air Small Busine ss.and field sa mpling along with our analytical ca pabilities. building DBE w oman-ow ned. Pittsburgh. TO-14 a nd PAMS (C1-C10 speciated service environme ntal laboratory specializing in air Hydroca rbons). NA ICS codes: 562910 (500 employe es) 83402. nationwide ne twork of service providers. PLS 1605 T ele phone: 321-454Chase Hammock Road. water sa mpling Caucasian/Single Pare nt/ Vietnam Era Veteran equipment Small Business firm n/a . Ike. Oil skimming.F. Environmental Cleanup a nd Mitigation. 213112. Inc glde nise@flash. N EPA. D atabase M anage M ax Air He lic opters. Chemica l a nalyses of bulk SLi spec ializes in the ana lyses of organic SL i is an indepe ndent.Documentation. 11. using methods approved by the EPA. air. Dredging Cinco E nergy Se rvices. 425 E.561790. LL C 800 Lay D am Roa d. Disaster Rec overy). Development Randy Nichols Houston D irector Office: 9235 K ay Fre eway Suite 400. sola r porta ble shelter n/a HU B. Multi and La nd & Sea Surveying provides underw ater mapping. S. Natural and Cultural Resource Road. ticke ting se rvices. safety. & 541380 PO C: Shandra Cupp O ffice # : 301-428-9898 ext. L LC is a contractor capable of c onducting emergency and e xtende d operations throughout the Unite d Cle anSta rt. T REE REM OVAL . Custom chemical analyses can be developed in-house w ith our tec hnical staff. The AGIL E Access/IAS system has two opera tion vantage points: The versa tile ingest processing of new data and the user a ccess and da ta retrie val processes leve raging a free view ing tool. CITIES. 213112. 624230. CleanStart. LL C’s approach ca n clea nse beach areas of pe troleum-based haza rds at an estimate d ra te of manner substantially more e fficie nt than current 10 miles per day. Suite 204 L afayette. IND USTRIE S: AG ENCIE S. IDAHO O ffice : (208) 557-7858. Wetland Surveys Unde rwater Dive collection. including. and site investigation and re mediation.. Capa city of through-put is direc tly relate d to diameter of unit. ENV IRONM ENTAL M ONITOR. SLi holds ce rtific ations and accredita tions in nume rous states whic h include haz ardous wastes. ma intains stored Certified SBA internal components consisting of a direction-turning manifold. 541620 Ge omet Technologies. the discovery utility and dissemination of high-resolution ge ospatial intelligence/image ry in se conds as compare d to traditional systems (that can span minute s. EQE R stric tly follow s all re gulatory guidelines required by local.We offe r unlimite d free consulting a nd can provide R&D. T he AGILE Acc ess/IAS system provides a broad user community. security se rvices. jet fuel. Inc. la bor intensive methods tha t needlessly hours -. 531110. many square miles c ould be covered per day to augment in situ colle ctions. Sea grass and she ll fish assessment and restoration. Logistics Disaster Relief M atthe w DeWitt 248. Site Restoration. NAICS: 562910. Preside nt Cheyenne Ac ree. AL 35045 D avid Charles M asselli. hazardous wa ste characterization.CM BL . 5. L LC 20251 Century Blvd. Hollywood Blvd. professionally a nd effic iently (see attached list). We are interested in teaming up with others if nec essa ry. NAICS . USA CE Surve ys. Inc. allow ing us to mana ge emergency spills cost effe ctive ly. MBE. Speciate d sulfur compound analysis using ASTM D-5504 modified for low levels. state and federal authorities.236115. Long Beac h.SBA H ubZone Business.561790. TREE CU TTING AND ME ASURME NTS. 541340. FLO RIDA 32569 (850) inc.238910. scientifc .com “Clean Kool”. Submarine Cable Location Quantity Ca lculations.6009 Houston. ndsea-surveying. Acoustic Doppler Current Studies. NY 14606 Randa ll Bass Airborne Re mote Sensor for Hydroc arbon Gases CleanStart.E TC cutte r.332999.c om Wetlands Delineation a nd Mitiga tion Planning. 541620. 531312 & 53. Suite A. SDB. health a ssesments. and upon effic iently and safely eliminate petroleum-based environmental hazards T he drilling platforms. industrial hygiene & O SHA service s tra de service s.9341: Office 248. 561510. a nd commercial ana lytical testing environmental lead testing categories (EL LAP) by NE LAP. LLC provides disabled ve teran and a ingredients that has proved successful in the safe.c om Schneider L abora tories. 423450.c incoland. EL LAP/NL LAP. a nd petrole um fue led fires oc curring at land. Since the system is employe d on an airship or airplane. system. public he alth progra ms. Large Business Small Hispanic Woman and Veteran Owned Business L and & Sea Surveying Concepts.Surveilance/Survey/site assesment/Job progre ss inspections.a nd eve n minutes -.OSHA. a combination of specialized 562910.COM E MAIL: ACT SDR@A OL. Small Disadvantaged Busine ss.We analyze a ir samples Certified. than $5 M illion. Our NAICS c ode: 315299. and still photography.Toxic air pollutants using EPA TO-15 and other GC-MS methods.6685: Cell mdew itt@provisions. federal and state agencies. It ca n operate efficiently over low bandwidth conditions down to typical modem speeds – while opera ting effectively ac ross distressed networks. groundwate r. enterprise -re ady imagery manageme nt and disse mination system that can consolida te data from disparate systems and dramatically reduc e the time nee ded to delive r crucial data. Environme ntal Remedia tion (groundw ater. 561599. COD ES: 541370. sta ffed with trained. including e nd-to-end data processing leaks in underground natural gas pipeline s but has since been used to me asure the amount of methane see ping from coal and product generation. application of Clean Kool to land a nd water borne based products. Ventura CA info@aaclab. We operate with an extensive fleet of specializ ed equipment and materials to handle spills of all leve ls and type s. health program a dministra tion NAICS codes . Texas 77024 a nd Louisiana w ww. a nd the analytic al requireme nts associa ted with all Endangered Spe cies) types of sa mple media re lated to lead a nd asbestos a bate ment projec ts. Anika and Water Sa mpling Side Sca n Sonar. LAND SCA PE MA INT ENAN CE . w ater borne oil plume s and slicks. including Higham Stre et. wate r and porewater contamination. L LC’s product/e quipment/se rvice combination c an extinguish pe troleum-based fires within 93003 http://w ww. a sbestos. Remediation Services 571-203-7317 http://w PO Box 1746 L as Vega s. 561110.SBE ME TRO.COM MON ITORS. and metals in various NE LAC accredited.561790. O ur staff inc ludes a licensed Single be am Hydrogra phic Surve ys M agnetome ter Profe ssiona l Surveyor (Florida . 561499. swamp. Boat rental. but not limite d to. Multiple barge-mounted module s on multiple ba rge s could be asse mbled and staged nea r plume to reduce amount of oil getting to shore along w ith re ducing the amount of dispersants needed. HubZone Certified units can be custom-sized to any application and tailored to pumping c apa cities needed. Environmental Complia nce provide environmental consulting services to private sector industries. and inspection a s we ll a s any under. Environme ntal Complianc e. L a 70665 Paul (M ax) Trost 337-802-4209 w ww. 541690. Inc. 561410. CIM .236220.541990. yea rs of e xperience in source testing. environmental and climatic standpoint. COL LECT ION MON ITOR. 541690..SCA QMD sampling and analysis. upland surveying and related se rvices. Our 505-454-0830 Services. 299 Cell# : 301-728-0018 w ww.237310. Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) Company website: w ww.We ha ve a large variey of sampling equipment inc luding Summa c anisters and flow controllers a vaila ble at all time s. Definition Videography. WBE and hygie ne laboratory. 78148. 226-6120 Health & Safety. REG IONA L DEBRIS REM OVAL . 541690. CA 92107 w ww. compounds.sediment). M ike Wright Emergency Response Cleanup Services (614) 537-4999 (800) 839-3975 24-Hour E mergency Response ww w.561730. SV OC. Re al estate development and manageme nt with an Small to me dium size business expertise in managing and deve loping office. 922120. 562112562219 24-hours a day. IH (organic. other scientific . the AIH A. and construction. D r. w astewater. New M exico 87701 Environme ntal Planning S ervices and GL E nvironmental. M D 20874 n/a We sell Personal Protective E quipment and Persona l Cooling products. materials.We have over fiftee n using E PA method TO-11. Wate r quality and oil spill tra jectory modeling. As-built & Structure Surve ys Pre. A deployable. e ngine ering. oil c an be rec ycled. are able to respond spill reports. hydraulic fluid. warehouse. Codes: 561421. E sq. distribution and manufa cturing spac e. county.EQ also offers 40-Hour H AZWOPE R Training and 8-H our OSH A treatment a nd disposal options.Ple ase contact us for more information or deta ils. ambient air. sea. EQ’s eme rge ncy spills from start to finish. metals. We can provide sa mpling media matrices including paint. for oil foule d beaches and marshes. Community M ary E sther. a nd Dennis and the S pace Shuttle Corpora te Offic e: 1425 Restoration M ana ger Manageme nt. CleanStart. IT T's AGIL E Access/IAS system is a deployable . is a small (seven employees) professional consulting firm. Site Investigation and Gulf Are a O ffic es: 433 Kitty Ha wk 5667 Characterization.988.O.000 hurs flight time pilot/33 years expe rience IT T Spac e Systems Division 800 Lee Road PO Box 60488 Roche ste r. Robinson R44 He licopter/4 place/ Doors on or off. pe trole um-based e nvironmental haz ards in a waste repositories. asbe stos and meta ls in various matrices. safety fla gger. NE LAC certified in Florida . ecological risk asse ssments. COMM UNIT IE S. Project M ana gement Contaminated soil. focused Q uality bulk asbestos.Fixed gases.T RAIN TH E TRAINER SAFET Y FL AGGE R.maxairhelicopters. disposa l. Ida ho Falls. WAST E MAN AGEM ENT . Ma xine Walters Consultants Environmenta l D ata 412-341-5281 Validation Inc http:w ww. pote ntially rendering water suitable for disc harge ove rboard. tre e 624221. no coalescers. debris. flora and fa una identific ation and surveys Worldwide Health and Safe ty D r. 2512 W. 213111. Suite B. the soils and organic materials should be stripped and loaded into a slurry vat for treatment. document pre paration.HISD. recovering these haz ardous liquids without the necessity of sending large qua ntities of the m to hazardous both on an eme rgenc y and extended basis. ASTM . WBE.NCASI and SCAQMD a gencies. TE XAS 77021 WWW. professionals worldwide . G eogra phic Information Services (in support of environme ntal programs).CARB. Beac h Profile s Submerged L and Le ase including a 20-foot aluminum hull Monarch. deep water.c om North Wind. Me rritt Island. ha zards Schneide r Laboratories. Cell Phone: 321-258-9734. Inc. De nise Galle gos a nd T im Leftwich dba : G L Environmental. in partnership w ith our in-house Emergency Response T ea ms. 6310. We have fully equipped ve ssels Inspec Surveying services and consulting. to include Gyro-Stabilized H i. exposure Building we bsite: w ww. Sulphur.(depending upon blaze severity). We are capable of providing wate r sampling. a sbestos. Additionally. (210) 659-3533 jrothermel@northwind-inc . however. 9757-24 HO UR L INE &FAX 5330 G RIGGS RD. with annual sa les/revenue less ware www. SUIT E A119 WEBSITE : HO USTON . a nd se diment characterization and re mediation. 213113. office 713. DEBRIS REM OVAL COM PAN IES. Nancy M cClellan P. environme ntal. application direc tly to the soil. reve nue rec overy. We are a sma ll business with seven Permitting (Federal.561421. Inc . EQE R has the resource s to handle nationw ide Large Business clea nup and reme diation w ork as well as transportation a nd disposal of ha zardous and non-hazardous wastes. 541512. detection and IT T Geospatial Syste ms ha s developed an airborne remote sensing LIDAR system to dete ct and mea sure methane mea sure ment of hydrocarbon gases such as conc entrations at ground surface le vel to a high degree of accura cy and confidence . Research and Geospatial Technologies Veteran Owned. lea d and industrial materials. AIH A / environmental. reme diation of Biologica l Surveys (including Threatened and soil and groundwater impacted by various e nvironmental contaminants. 516-810-4991 San Diego. 519190. (208) 528-8718 Ce ll: (208) 520. LL C’s product/equipment/service combination rapidly stabilize s and c apture s petroleumenvironmental ha zards from both land and wa ter. We are also NV LAP accredited for Louisia na. a nd munic ipalities. GIS. Small and title research. Mississippi 39560 Call Center.624230. biologic al. PO Box 1746 L as Vega s. swamps.itt.cle anstartllc. When the degradation requires it. travel. 541620 oil-N-ca p™ can be used to clean up and restore Self-Certified Small land da maged through environmental accidents by Disadvantaged Busine ss. Sales.a aclab. indoor and outdoor quality issues.ACTSDRON LIN E. Sucha Pa rmar Inc.NIO SH. risk assessments. no filters. Our Environme ntal Program Planning Ma nagement expe rience provides our environme ntal professionals with the ability to pre pare terms w hich will ensure that the Environme ntal Regulation D eve lopment environmental service s require d will me et the goa ls of each proje ct in a time ly ma nner. We can assist our clients in dete rmining the best method for handling their waste streams through our inter-compa ny disposal site s that offer treatment. enterprise beds and landfills. NM 87701 Phone: 505-259-3004 Fax: 505-454-0893 JBK Fue l M aintena nce Systems LL C 2706 County Road 612 Lew iston.c om Assessment of se diment. mobile field land teams and project scouting. site remediation services. Current estimates of flow for a 6’-8’ diame ter unit are 800-1. Ste . wetland delineations. 562211. vibrac ore Profiling. Environmenta l Site Assessment. State a nd Local) environmental professionals expe rienced haza rdous w aste dete rmination. E-mail: Studies. Our technical staff is w ell trained in nume rous analytica l methods w hich include EPA. T his va t ca n be any ope n conta iner sufficiently large to hold the volume s being tre ated.A n/a 1326 O range wood Avenue. On-site/Off-Site Waste Experienced eme rge ncy response and disaster relief provider (Hurricanes K atrina. VA 23220-5117 G reg Brow n. Louisiana 70508 Energy Consulting Services Cinc o offers full service s (GISP certified) Geographic Information. clea n up. or even days). 7-days a we Advisory Servic es in support of environme ntal effective ma nner consistent with ea ch client’s wishes. VP Contracts.. M BE and SBE Ce rtifie d. Along w ith the raw data. Certified Small Business Coastal Monitoring Associate s Chris Smith Environmental assessment services 4741 O rchard Ave. #24E . 21120 Johnson Roa d. SBA. Our 3004 Phone Services. 541360. STATE S D EBRIS REM OVAL . DE BRIS M ONITORS/ R-O-W/T RAINING COLL ECTIO N MON ITOR. HEL PING AGE NCY’S BE IN CO MPLIANCE. 531120. Mooring support. expe rienced profe ssiona ls NAICS Codes: 562998. T he product has no moving parts. wipes. T EXAS. States in response to the onse t of petroleum-based environmental disa ste rs and haz ards. CleanStart.T exas and Ne w Je rsey. Laboratory ce rtifica tions include IAHA IHL AP. Wetland De linea tion. Vibracore Collection Sub-bottom certified quality construc tion manager (CQM ) and ce rtifie d divers. Mississippi. Me an High Water Surve ys O ther Spec ific Purpose Surveys.geomet. M I 48184 EQ ’s E mergency Response Services (E QER) offers a 24-hour e mergency response hotline to respond to e mergency spills. 325998. 8(a) WOSB Atmospheric Ana lysis a nd Consulting. landfill gas and othe r types of a ir sampling quicker. convention. It c ould be used to provide large are a coverage of metha ne measurements along the coast and over the ready image ry manage ment and dissemination Gulf from the oil spill itself in a ddition to the dec omposing oil.longbeachcallcenter. Security patrols.Environme ntal E nginee ring. kerosene . SLi is dedicated to serving the nee ds of occ upational / environme ntal health a nd sa fety achieve ments a re due to a strong.c o m/ Organic Hydrocarbon Demulsifier Capabilities: Provide a broad a rra y of produc ts and servic es from safe highly e ffec tive fire extinguishing products a nd fire blocking agents to fully organic beach c leaning se rvices. 541614.562998. sha llow wa ter. profiling and w aste ana lysis to to e mergencies any where in the country in two (2) hours. hours. genera l business se rvices A ida Villagracia 415-468-8890 w ww. training. M itigation Pla nning and NAICS: 541620 Permitting SPCC Plans Pollution Prevention Surve ys Community Right-To-Know Act Reporting Waste Management Consulting Se rvices (including waste ma nagement plans) Waste minimiz ation Exposure Assessme nts Identification and M itigation of T hreats Compliance M ana gement a nd/or Contingenc y Planning Hazardous Waste D etermina tion M inority Woma n OwnedVeteran Owned Oil Water Se parator. PA 15216 Environme ntal Consulting. E mail: T C5170@aol. Small Disadvantaged Busine ss. progra ms.c om/ Atmospheric Analysis and Consulting is a full Analytic al capabilities include: Hydrocarbon a nalysis using EPA me thods TO-15. We are a small business with less tha n 500 employe es. Inc. E nvironmental & Public He alth D r. and the tubular pate nted quiet zone. diesel fuel. w ater. Office: 309 LaRue France.defense. de -osc illation ba ffles. versus the days or w eeks conventional methods need to expose la rge numbers of individuals to suc h control comparable fires. water. USCG licensed Captain. lead.and Post-dredge Conditions. Contact Center. Ca 94105 environmental & O SHA service s. O ur documentation proc ess is exact and complete. 541360. New M exico 87701 La s Vegas. and NY E LAP. KT_G S. NAICS 541620 whose purpose is to Environmental Services M obile 505-259. soil. LL C 7000 Southland Fie ld Rd. 1/24 scale model available for de monstra rket. and a 18-foot a luminum john boat. O ffic e: (703) 741-0402 M obile: (703) 967-3476 w ww.252) oil-water se parator that ac celera tes the spe ed of separation and e nhances the Oil water separation device designed specifically Small women owned stored fuels quality of the division. soil. Assura nce Progra m.

to provide temporary she lter and to transport supplies. 541618 . w omen metro-area a long the Gulf Coast. logistics. 561210. managing. drum top pa ds. Site Re stora tion Soil Remedia tion Demolition Debris Remova l Asbe stos/Lead Abate ment Mold Aba teme nt La rge Company w/ over 600 traine d and certified pe rsonnel. beach. 3112233. Earth Systems is one of only six e nvironmental consulting firms w ho currently possess contra cts to pe rform work direc tly for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FD EP) Bureau of Waste Cleanup and FDEP’s Bureau of Pe troleum Storage S ystems. monitoring and assessment of sediment.6") All of our products are 100% granite a nd we routinely deliver throughout E ast Mississippi. engineering. SC.e. OCCU-TEC G uy H olt. Design Servic es. Our 7 office s throughout the nation enable us to move quickly to the are as a ffec ted. technic al. 921110 . coastal restoration. is an enginee ring. ENE RCO N helps our government sector clients meet rising customer and stakeholder expectations for performance in an environment of declining budgets and staffing. 541330 soil. 407-209-8757 cell w ww. chemical applications and Technical emphasis on corn oil. 860 Johnson Ferry Road Ste. pads. solvent de greasers. Water Sampling Short and Long Term Monitoirng of the Oil Spill Small Business Vendor on a Re giona l Sc ale using avaialble Landsat Technology and Blue Water Sate llite developed technology E nercon-Cornerstone G overnment Robert (Bob) Sanders Servic es.E xec utive Offices.Nature Parks and Other Similar Institutions. enginee ring and support NAICS code s. long-distanc e 484230 Waste hauling. Geology. spill sorbent kits. AECOM has restoration. De fense Commissary Agency (D CA ). President 510-530-9388 w ww. E nvironmental Consulting Servic es 541620 Haza rdous Waste Collection 562112 "Waste collection services. Bowling Gre en. The c ompany's 26 years of expe rience in supporting priva te se ctor clients. FL 33615 445 Lantana Rd. AE COM's primary e mphasis would be incident response . thereby beginning the emulsifica tion of the oil. 488. site chara cteriza tion. 575-202-3380 4490 Old Willia m Penn w ww. other PPE. La nd.NA ICS Codes 484210 Used Household and Office Goods Moving 493110 General Warehousing and Storage 493190 Other Warehousing and Storage 531130 Le ssors of Mini-warehousing 484110 Container trucking GA 30281 Spill absorbents. Suite 200. On a molecular level. fa cilities. FL 32250 Environme ntal consulting and engineering services. and veteran owned. Earth Syste ms is one of only six firms in the state of Florida that currently holds c ontrac ts with the Burea u of Petroleum Cleanup and the Bure au of Waste Cleanup. This grea tly inc reases biodegradation of residual NA PL. field support services for underw ater operations. Consolida tor expe rience in manufacturing. EOS-24 is specifically formulated to emulsify oil to greatly increase the surface area exposure for biological destruction. 541614. Vacuum removal and transport of oil and contaminate d sand and wa ter to designated loca tion Innovative Remediation Technologies.oc cute c. Water. soil flushing. a nd 9-11 in NY. the population of naturally occurring petroleum degrading mic iroorganisms will greatly incre ase to digest the oil by utilizing the nutrie nts within the EOS-24. 422610. SE BASTIAN. Our instructors have the experience and expertise to provide workers with top-notch guidance in the cha llenging areas of safety and environmental management. Our consulta nts inc lude Certifie d Safety Professionals (CSP). OCCU-T EC energy services offer emergency response fue ling during hurrica nes and other natura l disasters. iSOC. 484220. hazmat rec ycling and consulting EnviroTech. T he firm has bee n re cognized a s a provider of on-time delivery of high-qua lity products. Inc. custom built underwater/harsh environment equipment. gholt@occutec. 713930 . FL 32250 904-247-0740 Additional offices at: 6015 Sheldon www. staging of goods and reverse logistics. 816-994-3425 M O 64116 www.000 personne l in Gulf Coast State s experienced in environmenta l. absorbent booms. PA 15668 ECGS provides leasing and sales of e quipment a nd EN ERCON-Cornerstone G overnment Service s. Rick Ofsanko / Principa l O wne r 445 La ntana Rd. ASTM . TX 76903-9310 Ford F550 Trucks Vac-Tron units – 250 to 550 Ga llon (Vacuum Excavation Units) Small to large whe el loaders O ther specializ ed excava tion equipment as needed Housley Communica tions is capable of mobilizing 20-25 two men exc ava tion crew s (more if needed) equippe d with small to medium Vac-Tron vacuum units for bea ch cle anup anywhe re along the Gulf Coast. L LC 101 http://w ww. and othe r mate rials in support of ongoing operations a t Shaw Characterization. Inc ludes Marinas and Boa t O wne rs. Containers can be placed onsite on pa ved or non-pa ved surfaces. with expertise that extends beyond familia rity with OSHA .com 4151 N M ulberry Drive.D redging program design and mana gement He adquarters 5585 Rio Vista Drive Clearwater. EO S-24 is effective in ma ny diverse ge ologic forma tions. 541890 . observing/sampling DOER Marine/Deep Ocean Exploration and Research is registered with the CCR and ORCA systems. Rita.Logistic s Support M onitoring and Assessment .net Beac h. 4842. 223 12th Ave N. EN ERCON ha s ca pabilities that help clients to address both today's and tomorrow's problems. nonhazardous solid" Solid Waste Colle ction 562111 Re cyclable material collection service s GSA small business GRAN ITE ENVIRONME NTAL. 23799. a nd groundwate r Small Business E nercon Services. Florida. Jackson TN http://www. air. 921190 .O ther Services Related to Advertising.Spill and Disaster Response discipline s.Othe r Manageme nt Consulting Se rvices. RV Chemicals Dispe rsants. public. design. 541620. community relations and other disciplines.S. Inc . Jac ksonville Geoff Bearda ll. The produc t dissolves into the oil rapidly carrying water w ith it. Water. All of our materia ls meet DOT specifications.gre enboatingusa. a nd manageme nt services to the federal gove rnment as w ell as state and local governme nts. 541922 . Government Sa les POD S Corporate M ana ger Bruce M itche ll. EO S-24 further a ccelerates bioremediation by providing e ssential nutrients for healthy biologica l growth. a relia ble. and logistical support AE COM has over 2. 140-242 Atla nta. 483.Ambient Air a nd meteorologica l monitoring Shoreline Restoration D esign.c om Carl Ste wart O ffice 972-930-0436 Cell 214534-4689 email cstewart@hc-inc. support c ontrac t vehicles ava ilable for use.Canberra Corporation: porous clea ning. Wetlands. In addition to our sorbent line.c Satellite Monitoring of oil in the Gulf Consulting Services.Administration of Conse rvation Programs. engineering. 23899. Sam Pratt. 42412.Coastal Zone Cleanup and Habitat re stora tion Stakeholder and N GO inte rfa ce . AECOM 's primary emphasis Wate r.Remediation (sediment. 424590. Alameda CA 94501 L iz Taylor. II. wate r and soil sampling. 238910. (ENE RCON ). absorbent pads.Othe r Genera l G overnment Support. VP 407-855-2365 of. pillow s. Site relate d to oil and gas reme diation a nd site safe guards. EO S-24 is compatible with most existing remedial technologies (i. marsh. safety. Randy Niblett: ove r 40 yea rs industrial and he alth care industries. w e offer a w ide variety of spill containment products including pallets. T ampa. inc luding utilities. OCCU-T EC can provide a n expe rienced staff of environmental. air spa rging. 488999. 235. Bacte ria will not grow to any signific ant destructive le vels at the oil/wa ter interfa ce in an oil spill event bec ause of a general lack of these esse ntial nutritional ne eds. 5100 E Ske lly Drive. surface wa ter. 452990 . IV & V) and gabion stone (3" . 562910 (Reneditation Services). FL 32824 John Jenkins. Planning and Implementation De lta Ja nitorial Products LL C P O Box 98 L oxley. H AZM AT-handling equipment. M ember L LC.. Ohio 43402 M r. Environmental Consulting. Inc. Other customers include the Department of Homela nd Security (DHS). FL 101 33615. coastal Technic al Consulting Service s) as w ell as othe r construction. AFB. NFPA. meters. spill kits. Individual petroleum de grading bacte ria the n engulf the tiny solublized pe troleum mice lles for use within the bac teria as food for energy and production of additional bacteria cells. 712190 . strippers. L antana . 237. Campgrounds. EOS-24 thus greatly improves the condition for biological destruction of oil by naturally occurring microorganisms. E arth Systems has provided creative yet practica l solutions to a broad spec trum of clients ove r se rvices the last 21 years. logistics. 423840. systems integra tion. w 200 Bobby Bergeron 693-0192 (850) Construction Management NAICS Code 236220 Construction Management Sma ll D isa dvantage d Business 8(a) E arth Systems. EO S-24 is specifically formulated to emulsify oil to grea tly inc rease the surface area exposure for biologica l destruction. general. Conse rvation and Wildlife Organizations. 311225. 6015 Sheldon Rd. 541620 Home Ow ners. and groundw ater. OCCU-T EC's tra ining solutions inc ludes hundre ds of occ upational safe ty and health c ourses. Relative to this need. Inc. design and remediation ove rsight.200 professionals in a broad ra nge of discipline s. socks. GA. dispersants. D othan AL L ewis Rowe 770-990-0067 ww w. 2373. manufac turing firms. and funnels.. c ontainment.Incident c ommand support HAZ WOPER Training . blockers. OCCU -TE C maintains a nationwide ne twork of fuel vendors stra tegica lly positioned across the country. FL 33760 http://w ww. w aste disposal. prefabric ated nonwood.Temporary Help Se rvic es. Re lative to this ne ed.All Other Ge neral Merchandise Stores. Water. furniture and clean up equipment to the shore s. M ilt Baker 419-728-0060 w ww.Private H ouseholds. 484230. Lantana. monitoring a nd Consulting Se rvices). O il a nd Gas Engineering. AL 36567 A ndrea Allen (251) 214-2484 Chuck Allen (251) 747-5131 w Emergenc y Response Cleanup & Mitigation Hazardous Waste M gmt.canberracorp. 541611 . L LC (ECGS). With 17 offices and almost 1. 53249. Inc. EN ERCON also has extensive experienc e in the oil and gas industry. and government sector clients throughout the United States. oil is primarily ma de of carbon. specia lty products) 541611. community re lations a nd other . PODS also maintains fleets of sma ller trucks that can deliver single containe rs to affected are as. G reen Products. 4883. evaluate and control the factors which may adversely a ffec t the health and safety of personnel on land or AECOM Technical Services Shore line Restoration Design. process industrie s. 561210. 561499 . CA .com Project Ma nagement Support Services Disaster Relief Se rvices Emergenc y Fue ling Environme ntal Characte rization Remediation De sign a nd Ove rsight Environme ntal Sampling Air and Water Quality Consulting OCCU-T EC ma intains a G ene ral Service s Administration (G SA) contract sche dule and blanket purchase agre eme nt for environmental training a nd consulting service Road. Ware housing POD S Brand Containe rs siz es: 8’ x 8’ x 16’ 8’ x 8’ x 12’ 8’ x 8’ x 7’ POD S has a dedicate d fle et of flatbe d. CST Environmental. M SHA and USACE standards to include industry consensus sta ndards and safe work practice guidelines established by . Re mediation. 924120 .POD S E nte rprises Inc (PODS) Ben Cross.O.aspx D onald Dw ight. 2111. 721211 . 562910 The PODS Enterprise has 10. hea lth and safe ty proje ct managers. etc. and Land 8(a) Joint Venture and SDB supplie s including re spira tors. design. P.G reen Business Bureau Busine ss Certifications E Highway.envirotechcorp. and logistical support AE COM has performed a broad range of federal disaster re sponse and recovery services along the Gulf Coast for FEMA rela ted to over 2.Re crea tional Vehicle Deale rs. FL 561. 703-382-3352 Na ples. 48831. and the Small Business Administration 8(a) Busine ss deve lopme nt me ntor-protégé regulations. 42469. emergenc y response Enginee ring services 541330. less-than-truckload (LTL ) 484122 LTL (less-than-truckload) long-distanc e fre ight trucking 484230 Automobile carrier trucking. technica l a nd manageme nt services firm providing a broa d ra nge of professional servic es to priva te.enercon.3985 ext 33462. We and our Our Technical expe rtise is dealing w ith hazardous n/a affiliates ha ve responded to the c ommunitie s hit by H urricanes Katrina. 36526) http://w & solvent Janitorial Produc ts ( c an liners. and Robins AFG.Boa t D ealers. 561320 . EOS-24 sa tisfies these needs w hile also gre atly increasing the surface area for destruction through emulsification. . Jack DiGangi Inc.541620 (Other Scie ntific and asse ssment of sediment. IN C M ARK WILKIE PO BOX 772-646-0597 780928. Principal Beac h. dec on pools. reporting. Stockbridge. Environmenta l Consulting Services. workforce mana gement.Environment. and other Small Businesses. White Sands Missile Ra nge. OCCUTE Cs’ environmental tec hnicians a nd project manage rs are proficient -and-eme rgencie s/disasterrecovery. 38301 (G reen Boating U SA. O ur personnel are cross562998 trained so that they are certified to perform both major types of services. and the refore a ccelerates remediation. III. long-distance Buildings. Daphne Al. vegetation) . long-distance.Administrative Ma nagement and G ene ral Management Consulting Se rvices. The firm specializes in 924110 providing creative ye t pra ctical solutions for 924110 industry and the regula tory community. Communica tion Services to our Large Social Network of M arinas. FL 33462 Earth Systems performs e nvironmental asse ssment 541620 and remediation to address petrole um and 562910 ha zardous waste contamination in surfac e water. NA ICS CODES 212312 212313 212319 Oil Spill barrier n/a Reilly Construction M att D ise ati 2805 South Horseshoe Drive .Marinas. organic performances.588. Small Busine ss and Physical Distribution. manufa cturer of chemic als with over 45 years expe rience in business De lta Janitorial Products : start up company 2010 providing services and products to customers across the Gulf Coast E Z ‘Clean and Gre en’ Processes Terri Carrier Consulting Services 502-542-0219 122 Fourth Stree t. building ma terials. Provide products a nd training for janitorial. AE CO M is a le ading c ontractor to U. 441222 .c om . disinfe cting. Inc. When normal. E NERCON founded in 1983. Suite 201. merchant wholesalers" 423390 Other Construction Ma terial M erchant Wholesale rs Broad Range of Environmental. and operations firm providing a full range of service s in Environme nt. We offer the be st prices available and can provide delivery of material to the jobsite. Federal E mergency Ma nagement Agenc y. degreasers. 487210 .506.Process. planning design.8292 Andrew Drive .com Subsea robotics. booms and spill kits. construction. Air. CE S is a provider of PPE. Campgrounds and RV Ow ners. thus increasing the e xposed molecular surface are a of c ontaminants to available bac teria.All Othe r Business Support Service s. BOCA. Site Characterization. Housle y Communic ations 3550 South Bryant Blvd.gre enrvingusa. 23711. We have large fleet of waste of all kinds. where the petroleum de grading bacte ria actually live. and Waste Management Large Business Blue Water Satellite. ha s a complete line of high-tech sorbents for almost e very leak and spill applic ation. (FE MA) a nd Unite d States Property & Fiscal Office (USPFO ) support for M ontana (M ontana National Gua rd). submersibles.fortuneonegroup. and the Proté gé – Cornerstone Equipment and Supply.cstenv. Chatwood Circle. nonhaza rdous. se abe d) . T he two members tha t make up Re spira tor a nd other PPE a nd Health a nd Safety Heavy equipment. & West Georgia. Remediation services 562910 Environmental consulting and engineering Within these service areas. ECGS also provides ECGS are the M entor – Enerc on Services. drivethru berms. water. DO ER Marine 1827 Clement Ave. Bergeron M aterials L LC Royal Orleans Ct. Single Friendly watersa tellite. NAICS: 562910. Government Sales M ana ger 727-538-6342 727-538-6484 Portable S tora ge gsgroup. neutral ph and safe to use The produc t c arries w ith it the essential. 311225.Consulting a nd EcoWoma n Owned. AL 36551 Delta Janitoria l Products L LC 23040 A M cAuliffe Dr Robertsdale .ezprocesses. E OS-24 must be spra yed directly onto the contaminated surface. We have more than 350 Sorbents to choose from including mats. absorbent rolls. air. floor w ww. 3112.Scenic and Sightseeing T ransportation. 541330. Tra nsportation. Wetlands. Beale AFB. EO S-24 offe rs exc ellent solubilization and desorption of contaminants in soil and groundw ater.innrt.000s of containers POD S E nte rprises Inc is an in the Gulf Coast region and delive rs containers to enterprise made of smallse rvices 90% of the shore line.FL 32958 www.granite environmental. environme ntal. a nd Logistics Consulting Service s. We are registered a nd prepa red equipment to support our work and an exc ellent safety re cord that de monstra tes our commitment to our personnel’s well to work in over 48 sta tes to pe rform remedia tion being. Transpora tion and Gra nite Environmental specializ es in Erosion Pollution Control Products and Site Spe cific solutions for Industrial Spill Clea n Up Applications and e mergency use. loc al 484110 M otor freight carrier. We a re re gister in Duns & Bradstree t a nd the Federa l G overnment systems. 487110 Eco-Friendly Solutions for ‘Home. equipment. engineering. safety. 561410 . T he following provides some relevant background information on the members of the JV. water. 541690. and the relatively insoluble target conta minant. and de molition se rvices. disinfecta nts. 541614 . 562910.Oil storage Fortune One Group Inc. re mediation of contamina ted soils. ca pable of quick response to natural disasters. spill berms. 48411. 813312 . organic n/a compounds that conta in the nutrients nece ssary to degra de oil that is emulsified. 541620.000 personnel in G ulf Coast States Hurricanes K atrina and Rita. 234. Work a nd Scenic and Sightsee ing T ransportation. This dedication to product service w ill be brought to our clients to provide profe ssiona l servic es. a nd financia l servic es firms is effectively integrated with a proven trac k re cord in the public sec tor. manage ment and support services including: Incident Response L ogistical support Monitoring and Assessment A full-service Provide Environmenta l Consulting Services and 441210 . EO S-24s cre ates micelle s or “micro emulsion”. Florida 34104 w ww. engineering.EarthSys. It does not conta in any appre ciable amounts of the nutrients ne cessary to support biologic al growth. NM. They ca n be used for storage .) EO S-24 is non toxic . 541330 (Engineering Se rvices. G as Infusion Ge nerator. Orlando. Inc. Tampa. engineering a nd environmental consulting se rvices (CE S). 717 359 1915 Box 824 Westminster MD 21158 ww w. haz ardous" Haz ardous Waste Collection 562112 Haza rdous w aste collec tion se rvices Solid Waste Colle ction 562111 "Waste colle ction services. Georgia complete site specific solutions small business recruiting and staffing 561311 Bachelors in Business Administration Fortune O ne Group has bee n in business for 4 yrs and is a minority owned business. dec ks. 562910. and Waste Management characte rization. w orkforce Incident Response manageme nt. Murrysville.Commerc ial Photogra phy. Principal 223 12th Ave. skin ca re. E PA and currently has ERRS a nd RA C and L ogistical experienc ed in e nvironmental. E nvironmental Services Roan Berry 161 770.reillyconstruc tion.Community Involvement Support . dunes. and others. Our spe cialists in industrial hygiene can anticipate . quality control and c ontrac tor oversight for: air and water quality. The other member of E CG S is EN ERCON. EO S-24 has proven to easily form mice lles. air. AE COM provides se rvices unde r NAICS codes 541620 (E nvironmental would be incide nt re sponse. of products that provide s on site training and distribution and training of application specific c leaning com. loca l 484110 hc-inc. Subsea robotics and submersibles systems Large Business Small Business certified woma n owne d sma ll business . The conta iners c an be picked up and stored offsite if need be . trainers and field technicians. They a re use d to store surplus ma terial. and c ommitment that ha s led to growth a nd succe ss. Kansas City. Ja cksonville w ww. pans. PODS also has non-profit. online or in mobile classrooms. NAICS Codes include: 541330 E nvironmental engineering se rvices 541620 E nvironmental and site remediation consulting 541690 Sa fety c onsulting service s 611430 Professional development training 811310 E lectrica l genera ting equipment maintenanc e se rvices 624230 D isa ste r relie f services 454311E merge ncy Fueling Environmental risk manageme nt and assessment Small Business including: data collection.Document Prepara tion Se rvices. skin care. There are secure business franchise owners. A ssessment and reme diation of petroleum impacted soil. hazardous material site cha racte rization and reme diation / restoration oversight. and Land Oil and Gas Engineering.Administration of Ge neral Economic P rograms Gree n America Approved. Forma tion of micelles is unde rstood to significa ntly enhanc e bioremediation of petroleum and petrochemica l c ontaminants w ithin soil and groundw ater by greatly increasing the surface area contact between the w ater phase. Tulsa OK 74135 Robert (Bob) Sanders 575-202-3380 w ww. Suite 12. environmental.Graphic Play’. Kee sle r AFB. Suite 450. Geology. scanne rs. Alabama. All Class size s (I.ea rthsys. rolls. 8a and disabled-veteran owned distributors in the Gulf Coast region. Environmental consulting service s 541620. recognize. 926110 . Planning a nd Implementation Cleanup Prioritization .com G ranite Rip Rap supplier. stora ge facilities that may also be used in e very Some are minority. Poe Road.RV (Re crea tional Vehicle) Parks and Campgrounds.pods.. 814110 . Hydrology. Used in subsurface bioreme diation. E nergy. E NERCON is an e mployee-owned c ompa ny w ith a reputation for innova tion. E xperienced AuditorProcess Improvement L eader Doc umentation and Technica l Writer G reen Irene Eco-Consultant . 541330. By drawing upon our diverse experience.Disposal of Contaminated materials (Sediment. San Enercon provides engineering and environme ntal consulting servic es EN ERCON provides e ngine ering. ww w. Associate Vice President 781-224-6286 don. including H AZWOPE R. limited on-ha nd fuel supplies are insufficie nt and local re-supply not possible. responsive a lternative is esse ntial. ge neral freight. LL C (ECGS) is a joint venture (JV) between a Mentor and Protégé unde r Air. Once emulsifica tion occ urs. North. 440 E . diligence . comprehensive site chara cteriza tion. We routine ly provide materials to counties in Florida for FEM A projects. air-ride equipped 53’ trailers that can deploy resources nationw ide. a nd the decontamination and decommissioning of structures and fa cilities. Remediation. E arth Systems. 238. Spe cific services are: planning design. Hydrology. 541430 . oil c ontainment booms & barrie rs. 233. EOS-24 does not contain any inorganic phosphorus or nitrogen compounds. 422690. porous and non.dwight@aecom. site assessment. pads.. L P 11208 Boggy Creek Rd. local 484122 G ene ral freight trucking. Petroleum degrading bac teria are know n to furthe r enhance the de gradation process by produc ing additional surfac tants of the ir ow n to further enhance the solublization of petroleum.Remote Sensing/airborne data collection/manageme nt/analysis inc luding GIS -T reatability and E nvironmental Toxicology laboratories -Sediment/air/water modeling . MS. pump & treat. EOS-24 ha s prove n to easily form mic elles. We pride ourselves in providing high quality technic al consulting a nd unequale d client se rvice.doe rmarine.

541620. manage ment and coordination. VA 23220-5117 G reg Brow n. 237210. SV OC. CEO/O wne r 336. A deployable. Real Estate. Colorado. water and air samples include but are not limited to me tals. All of our scie ntists. QSS is minority-ow ned with Small Disadvantaged Business and HUBZone certifications. 562910 Remediation Services 562998 All Other M isc ellane ous Waste M anage ment Services 541990 Professional.infopa th. Housing rental properties.qualitysupportservices.22.14. 1 GC/MS for SVO A Woma n-owned. industrial duty geomembranes a nd geotextiles used for primary and secondary containment. FL 32824 Phil Cz echowski (407) 855-2365 Phone (407) 855-2356 Fax (407) 209-7080 mobile www. CISE Contac t : E mmanuel DE N ANTE UIL Position : Head of Remediation Department A ddress : 21 rue du Tertre L a Chapelle des Fougeretz CS 46833 – F35768 ST G RE GOIRE FRAN CE Phone : +33 2 99 13 14 50 Fax : +33 2 99 13 14 51 E -mail : e.Fl. We ha ve GSA Schedule contract 736 for temporary staffing for the positions we place.5801. and on-site OSHA. materials.886. • Holder of a M SA w ith BP RM for Environmental services with pre-agre ement for working on BP sites or under BP proc edures • US local partne rs through the Inogen jointventure • Dedicated oil spill experience and e xpertise for many years with numerous references in oil spill consulta ncy and site remedia tion • Innovative tools like OERS sanitary impa ct asse ssment developed through R&D Manageme nt consulting services. Don Sc ott & Assoc ia tes. and NY E LAP. Additionally. staff Extensiveleexpe rienceawith PA Superfund Remediation services and consulting services n/a 562310.Experts in Regulate d Waste Tre atment and Handling Technologie s . e nterprise -re ady imagery mana gement a nd dissemination system tha t ca n consolida te data from disparate systems and dramatically reduc e the time needed to deliver cruc ial data . lea d and industrial materials. ra te d as a Top 20% Small DisAdvantaged Performer by O penRatings.45.32563 Breakfast. Geomembrane Liners and Contaminant Recovery Systems to Contain. Senior Vice President Steve Boloudakis. CIT that is typical for our industry. SLi holds ce rtific ations and accredita tions in nume rous states whic h include haz ardous wastes. Estimating scope of w ork. revegetation. Salce do STE 101A. CPES C. Reno.RichardsonSafety.13. PhD Phone:972-840-8983 Cell: 972-742-6438 Fax: 972-840-8993 e-ma il: Stephen. e tc. earplugs. (647) 381-9611 Environme ntal Consulting S ervices. ge nerators.Testing Laboratories Environmental Services High SE S (Cana da) Corporate Ove rview Trenching and Shoring Safety First Aid / CPR Tra ining Gulfport. as w ell as governmental entitie s.c om 98104 O ffice : Manageme nt Consulting a nd Acc ounting Se rvices Schneide r Laboratories. ge otextiles.50 Fax : 02. environmental and c limatic standpoint. enterprise. 2 GC/MS for VOA .please see summary below Environmental Consulting Services. IH (organic. 236116. WA baker@demarcheconsulting. specialize s in temporary and contract staffing.). produc ts. We are also NV LAP accredited for Louisia na. safe ty glasses. Colorado 80120 O ffice Fa x # (303) 795-7746 Petroleum Wastes Cell Phone # (303) 726-0427 . SL i holds accreditation in all PCB. 237990. Installation and Operation of Environme ntal Cleanup Systems .com 92029 Quality Support Services.Design. security. Inc 2512 W. L4Z 1Y2 w ww. PAH. 541611. Pollution M apping.76. CAGE Code : 49F03 NAICS Codes: 561320. lead. wetland planting. ITT a lso provides the end-to-end da ta proce ssing and product gene ration of the data collecte d in e asy to use and understa nd formats for users.c om n/a n/a n/a n/a ITT Space Systems Division 800 Lee Road PO Box 60488 Roche ste r. Our personnel are expert in the selec tion and use of personal protective equipment and monitoring instrumentation. GFCI devices. soil. 238910. Cleanups and Site Closures Inc. 301-850-4875 M D 20877 w ww.Expert in M apping Contamination in Surfac e w ww. 800 Cailin Ba ker: 5th Ave. CA 94608 USA U mesh D udaney M ana ging Principal ududane y@yahoo. LO TO.fdenvironmental. and metals in various NE LAC accredited. Infopath 6825 Tom Loughran Shiloh road E ast. PV C. Construction Manageme nt. 561210. safe ty shoes/boots. Environmental Western is a small business providing environmental clea nup and assessme nt services for 17 years.14. restoration. 236118. fire prote ction. 541614. 541380 .Weste rn E nvironmental Technologies.inoge Worksite Safety Assessment (On site safety n/a inspections of ongoing operations) Hazardous M ateria l H andling Safety Hazardous Waste O perations TrainingEmergenc y Response / Incident Command System Training (ICS Hazardous M ateria ls Transportation Hazardous Communications Training Permit Re quired Confined Space Training Fire Protection Prevention a nd Fire Extinguisher Training Persona l Protec tive E quipment T raining Respiratory Protection Training Lock O ut / Tag Out Training Safe O peration of Forklifts and Aerial Lifts Training Fall Protection Tra ining Safe Sc affold E rection T raining worksite safety n/a Fidelis Re alty. CA www. etc. SLi is dedicated to serving the nee ds of occ upational / environme ntal health a nd sa fety achieve ments a re due to a strong. providing business process design. Inc. All personnel pe rform the ir duties in compliance with Sta ndard Operating Proc edures and with Site Spec ific Health & Safety Plans. 541620 NAICS code 541380 Testing Lab NAICS code 541710 Research 423840. 541612. L A. design of da ta colle ction and ana lysis. ha rd hats.C Floyd Brown 402 991-4663 w ww. distributor of sa fety. WBE and hygie ne laboratory. clea nup consultant to a ma jor oil company. la borers. respirators. Inc 6444 SW Gaines Ave. n/a Woma n-owned. Inc. We can provide sa mpling media matrices including paint. NY 14606 Randa ll Bass Airborne Re mote Sensor for Hydroc arbon Gases 571-203-7317 http://w ww. tra ining and janitoria l/maintenanc e chemicals and supplies Certifed M BE/HUB. drilling IT T Geospatial Syste ms ha s developed an airborne remote sensing LIDAR system to dete ct and mea sure methane Airborne remote sensing. and Business (WOSB) as the two Managing Partners are forme r managers at a Big 4 firm.itt. through implementa tion or reengineering of technology based syste ms and proc esse s. including e nd-to-end data processing beds and landfills.99. a nd commercial ana lytical testing environmental lead testing categories (EL LAP) by NE LAP. hours. analytic al testing labora torie s. Ground Water and Soil m . 60% PhD High-T ech Approaches: 2 GC/M S for Air. n/a Remediation works • Site re mediation (in-situ / ex-situ) of contamina ted sites • Coa stline cleanup Indigo Systems L LC 4 Anchor Drive. Our outstanding ana lytical laboratory. w aste transport companies. inc luding samples of L ouisiana sw eet crude. w e feel we have the experienc e to ma tch. Cary Street Richmond. Scientific and Technic al Services 562211 Ha zardous Waste Trea tment and Disposal 237120 O il a nd Gas Pipeline and Related Services 238910 Site Preparation Se rvices 424710 Pe troleum Bulk S ta tions a nd Terminals 531390 O ther Ac tivities Related to Real Estate 562219 O ther Nonhazardous Waste Tre atment and Disposal 561410 D ocument Prepa ration Service s 213114 Support Activities for M etal Mining Rogers E nte rprises of N orthwe st Florida D/B/A Billy Bobs Catering 911 Gulf Breeze parkway Gulf Bre eze. Toronto Ontario. #443 E meryville. Bugbee Consulting. Gulfport. many square miles could be cove red per day to augment in situ collections. We have a large and small Cell . food services n/a De marche Consulting Group. L P 11208 Boggy Cre ek Road Orlando. Inc. Gaithersburg. tec hnical and scientific om positions such as Website : www. New Orleans. E mail Addre ss: Soil. is a San Francisco Company.505.denanteuil@hpc-e nvirotec. (SL i) is a full service SLi specializes in the analyses of organic compounds. 70125 heavy duty liners Terry M cCall. asbe stos and meta ls in various matrices.we ste rnenvironmentaltech.Design and Installation of Grout Curta ins. strate gic planning. reduc e costs.Industria l De contamination of Systems. Along with the raw data. Waste Disposal. EL LAP/NL LAP. building DBE w oman-ow ned. and management consulting se rvic es. We have been doing work with public se ctor a gencies for ove r 25 yea rs. QSS is a n approved GSA Sc hedule Contractor with the Ge neral Services Administration. Sampling media are a vailable upon reque st.dena nteuil@hpcenvirotec. a nd are experienced in regulatory parameters. (QSS). Wyoming and U ta h.Deployme nt of Oil Containment Booms and Berm Construction .ame ricover.Ha vlice k@gmail. Hazmat containment (products including HDPE . Founded in L as Vega s. The system w as developed to detect mea sure ment of hydrocarbon gases such as leaks in underground natural gas pipeline s but has since been used to me asure the amount of methane see ping from coal methane. 678-592-70000 30040 w ww. CIM . E mmanuel DE N ANTE UIL Dé parteme nt Tra vaux Responsable de Service Tel : 02.Sampling and Testing of Waste Accumulations.bugbeeconsulting. Weste rn has be en Environmental Cleanup. employe d on an airship or airplane. Oil spill Consultancy • Technic al asse ssment of clea nup options and technique s • Drifts predic tion • Oil spill modeling • Oil spill tracking • Environmenta l a ssessment of impacte d sites and remediation options selection • Modeling of the sanitary impact on cleanup operators • General corporate c onsultancy (technica l a nd strategic advisory. Western is under c ontrac t a s an eme rgency response Environmental Testing. Liners are ava ilable in custom siz es or roll stock. it could also be used to locate oil ready image ry manage ment and dissemination and we have the spectroscopy research to demonstra te that. labels. design of data collection and analysis.92 e. We ha ve recently completed environmental Surface Water and Ground Water Sampling.indigosystemsllc.. a sbestos. 561110. 493110.slabinc. 424235 Experienced: First Crude Oil relea se w ork done 1984-5 Santa Ba rbara Channel VOC in Air: 1. privately held c onsulting and challenging e nvironmental cleanups of hazardous. compounds. and therefore pre-qualified for inte rvention on BP sites or under BP procedures around the word. (416) 561-6426 Steve B. Industries frequently re quire the use of geomembrane s in order to check see page into the surrounding environment.. EPA require d tra ining.000 gallon. first-aide kits. 2395-B Tampa St. detection a nd La rge Busine ss conc entrations at ground surface le vel to a high degree of accura cy and confidence . woman-owned business under NAICS c odes 541611. NV 89512 (775) 322-7755 Point of Contact: Claudia Cha mbers We ha ve every type and size piece of equipment 23. We offer ta lented professionals and technic ians who are responsive to our customers.505.Cleanup and Disposal of Hazardous. project and progra m ma nagement of technology projec Ben W. 561720. Chemica l a nalyses of bulk SLi spec ializes in the ana lyses of organic SL i is an indepe ndent. PG. Weste rn has maintained a perfect safe ty rec ord with not one incident or acc ident in over 17 years of service . Cle an-up.99. 541512. hea lth and environmental equipment. De marche c an provide strate gic planning.cstenv. e nvironmental protec tive clothing.c skilled trades. Suite 4100. the discove ry utility and dissemination of high-resolution geospatial intellige nce /imagery in seconds as c ompa red to tra ditiona l syste ms (that can span minutes. housing for crews Direct Low SES Richmond Construction. H PC E nvirotec provides both consultancy services and reme diation w orks. Broker 228-365-0550 w ww. 13 Escondido. wipes. materials handling equipment. CHMM . 1515 S. and data manipula tion and reporting serivce s to turn data into knowledge . Western has successfully managed a number of specialty subcontrac tors. full dinners up to prime rib. ana lysis. Toxic and L ittle ton. wetla nd restoration. NAICS Code : 541380 Assura nce Progra m.400 –Compound Petrochemica l Waste water Survey 2001-10 Ca pac ity: ne arly 400 SUM MA Canisters Ce rtific ations: T X/NE LAP T104704250-10-T X High-T ech Staff: 100% c ollege grads. These collec tions a nd measurements w ould be be neficial from a health and safe ty. w astewater. Re stora tion S ervices Western has maintained a loyal customer base with many repeat customers. 423840 GSA Schedule Contra cts: 03FAC – Facilities Support Contra ct number: GS21F0046U support service HUBZone certified. QSS is hea dqua rtered in Louisiana and serves a national market.IT T's AGIL E Access/IAS syste m is a deployable. MS 39507 AG AT La boratorie s 5835 Coopers Avenue .com/M KT_G S. facilities management and industrial supplies distribution. We Response TN: PUB-022-06-10 ha ve a 4. biosafety. Se attle. w ww.3029E) whose core mission is to impac t real and positive cha nge by working w ith governme nt agencies and corpora tions to inc rease efficiencies.5800. VOC. confine d spa ce. Facilities and Land . Re leva nt to this e ffort. 541511. barricade s. 561730. Fl 34997 D on Scott (O SHA Authoriz ed T rainer # U SF-05854) (772) 485-8886 Construction Services. 423450.defense. Ne 68110 P. ve ntilation equipment. Demarc he ca n provide strategic pla nning. and monitoring criteria. toxic and petroleum wa ste s. Our firm is ready to Just c ertifie d in H azardous Waste mobiliz e equipment to Mississippi or w herever you O perations and Emergency ne ed help in both the clean-up and restoration. 561730. President we provide contra ct labor services to federal agencie s and la rge prime contractors. L LC 1107 Cowan Rd. 236210 Direct middle SES M arcus Maguire. proc ess design and ree ngine ering NAICS Codes: 541611.Environmenta l Pe rmitting Assistance . Soil. We offe r a va riety of food from cold sandwic hes. storage units. the AIH A. dec ision making. VP Contracts. Our technical staff is w ell trained in nume rous analytica l methods w hich include EPA. wetlands and beaches. Capture and Store Surface Water a nd Ground Water Contamina nt Plumes . Fl. Waste Characteriz ation. asbe stos. Relevant to this effort. and M arketing 804-353-6778 Ce ll: 510-757-8040 w ww. (Western) is a small busine ss located in Littleton.Drilling of Soil Test Borings and Monitor Well Installation and Sampling .Cleaning and Removal of U nderground a nd Aboveground Fuel Tanks . enterprise Gulf from the oil spill itself in a ddition to the dec omposing oil. or even days). contracting company.300 gallon a nd an 800 40-Hour Course ga llon hydroseeder.Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments of Properties a nd Facilities . RE P – Oil Spill Asse ssments. a sbestos. Sediment. Since the syste m is system. 541618. sorbent boom. Fax: 206. de contamination a nd re mediation pads.c om n/a Demarche is a small. 541519 DUN S #: 121170638 CCR CAGE #: 4VZX3 Dun & Bradstreet Open Ratings Past Performa nce score of 95 perc entile relative to similar compa nies Indigo Syste ms LL C. Inc 2020 Surrett Court High Point. vacuums. CSI a nd OSHA whic h is one of the few holders of a MSA (M aster Service Agreement) with BP RM (Remediation). clea nup and a ssessment projects in Colora do. Custom chemical analyses can be developed in-house w ith our tec hnical staff. ASTM . direct cleanup services SBA-disadvantaged business CST Environmental.000 sq mi O ilfields E mission Survey 1991-93 Oil/Water Hydrocarbon Partition Study for E PA 2004 Attention to Deta il: 1. via a we b-based interfac e. Laboratory ce rtifica tions include IAHA IHL AP. and inc rease ove rall customer satisfaction. and 541618. M anage r Tec hnical Services M arcus M. LLC 431 32nd St. silica) and and air pumps for environmental sample collection. The AGILE Acce ss/IAS system has tw o operation vanta ge points: The ve rsatile ingest processing of new data and the user a ccess and da ta retrie val processes veraging fre e E viewing tool. sale or purchase of real estate. Rogers 850-712-5293 billybobsbarbe cue . With some modific ations. pumps. and data manipulation and reporting se rivces to turn data into knowledge . safe ty cans/containers. Florida and Texas. Small Business Suppiler.hpc-ag. focused Q uality bulk asbestos. suc h as excavating companies. 424240. 541690. PhD or Ste phen H avlice k. SDB Certified by Ba y are a based management consulting company US SBA ( Schneider L abora tories. Surface Water & G round Wate r Weste nviro@a Environme ntal Ana lytical Servic es Consulting Service s – Fate of Chemicals in the Environme nt Environme ntal Ana lytical Research Richardson Safety Equipment. HPC Envirote c is part of the joint-venture Inogen E nvironmental Alliance (www. It c ould be used to provide large are a coverage of metha ne measurements along the coast and over the and product generation.dsasafety. spill control. NV in 1995. QSS strives to delive r exceptional se rvices that are tailored to the needs of e ach clie nt. We provide http://w ww. 3. entry de te ction equipment/PPE.agatlabs. Sales. Sediment. n/a Industrial Automation for Cleanup we have a oil sea water separation solution. clean up a nd Hurrica ne Wilma emergenc y response work.fidelisrealty. 236117. QSS works with a broad spectrum of clients including privately and publicly held businesses. 236115. Stuart. suite B-1 Ge orgia. consulting a nd training as needed.htm FD Associa tes E nvironmental 2505 n 24th st ste 215 Oma ha. suite F 800-747-6095. proc urement) HPC Envirote c is an engineering c ompa ny specialize d in e nvironmental se rvices and site remedia Americ over L isa Richards 2067 Wine ridge Plac e.Expert in Produc ing Technical Environmental Assessment Reports Western E nvironmental Technologies.(775) 741-8875 straw blow ers and drill se ede r etc. CPES C – Certified Professional in E rosion a nd Sediment Control CIE SC – Certified Inspector of Sediment and E rosion Control Fax: (775) 322-6606 E mail: cla udia@kelle yerosioncontrol. MS 39507 N ic ole Ne zat. 562910 and 924120. 541219 We be lieve that we can provide quality service as Woma n Owned Small a fra ction of the price of a larger big 4 firm.cca slab. and data collection.13. strea m female -owne d small business Water. 237310. hot me als such barbecue. Senior Environmental Scie ntist for Oil & G as Companies 2060 West L ittleton Bouleva rd O ffice Phone # (303) 795-2500 .com . It c an ope rate efficiently over low bandwidth c onditions down to typica l modem speeds – while operating effective ly across distre ssed ne tworks. hazardous wa ste characterization. small business Quality Support Services Ke lley Erosion Control. TX 75041 M ary Havlic ek. tape s. 238990. lunch and dinner delive red w ithin a 60 mile radius of Pe nsacola. NC 27264 Curtis Ric hardson. 541330. safety specia Website: kelleye rosioncontrol. mitigation strate gies. e nginee rs and field technicia ns are O SHA Certified for Haz ardous Waste Ope Website: www.8533 all industry-type personal protec tive equipment (PPE ) inc luding glove s. etc. We w ould love to be involved with the restoration of the marshes. Carolinas M inority Supplie r De velopment Council (CM SDC) and the State of North Carolina . The AGIL E Ac cess/IAS system provide s a broad user community.51 M obile : 06. drinking wa ter.c om 40 Hazwoper certified and trainer Coast to Coast Analytical Specialists (CCAS) 2703 N ational Place Ga rland. professionals worldwide . M ark H. Inc. Inc. LL C M atthe w Bugbee 909 Hidde n Ma rsh St. over-fill drums/containers for ha zmat. Testing Laboratories . AIH A / http://w ww. O ur documentation proc ess is exact and complete. ext. Jason Ne zat 228-365-0797 richmondconstruction. Western has planned and managed c omplex and Assessments. soil. Baile y.O. EPD M.

80 hrs Green 724-5800 cell Construction/Weatherization. Tesis Automation & IT Tom Reed: treed@te sis.O ther Technical and Trade Sc hools 611699 . petroleum bioma rkers. distribution.N ational Security Personnel.cullen@ge.483111. (currently non published) Consultation for Solution Systems. Contracts. President 703-916-1660 Field sampling (water. In addition.austin@ge. SW Atla nta GA 30314 NAICS Code 524291 & 524298 We provide on-site property & income loss adjustment. LA 70170-2500 D ia ne Samuels. Alarm and Control of low and high oil levels . Woman Ow ned (certified by WBEA ). T X G ustavo Castro: gca stro@tesis. Support. Vacuum removal and transport of oil and contaminate d sand and wa ter to designated loca tion M inority-ow ned Women Business M edium Business Global tra ding company with a netw ork of offices International Trading in almost every major city. Cha nnel Rd. pore wate r extraction and a nalysis (SPME). CODE S: 54161 – 54199 – 54151 – 54161 . M icroba c Venice FL 115 Corporation Ph. oil and gas industry environmental impact analyses for E Ford F550 Trucks Housley Communica tions is capable of mobilizing 20-25 two men exc ava tion crew s (more if needed) equippe d with small Vac-Tron units – 250 to 550 Ga llon (Vacuum to medium Vac-Tron vacuum units for bea ch cle anup anywhe re along the Gulf Coast. and Safety remediation and clean up. Illinois. We ha ve extensive. storm and heavy equipme nt as ne ede d. and execution of these proc edure s. packaging and preservation. environme ntal & construction ma nagement. Within this range. civil. Excavation Units) Small to large whe el loaders Other spe cialized exc avation e quipment a s needed To efficiently use 2”or 3” vacuum hoses. Ca nada and 481112. Automatic Control of Oil Skimmers a nd Pumps.1484 WWW. with light extension Services and Controls. prepared testing.a spenenviro. FL . ISI LL C P. booms.488510 Mexico. 541340. 541712 SIC: 8711. Hea dqua rtere d in S.Rac hel Wolski 9188 Cloverlawn. Inc. Haz ardous 811310. ext 722 703-727-1837 Mobile 888-O PP (677)-0101 Public rela tions. Ca nada and M exico. 711510. 541711. work plans.Genera l c ontrac tor 238320.APEX TECHL LC. Housle y Communic ations Carl Ste wart 3550 South Bryant Blvd. methodology developme nt. Extensive ne tworks of Company. CA 94510 (707) 745-2080 office T roy Peters (707)974-0648 Ron Kenyon (916)761-4505 w ww. 541330.48121. 541430. our on-site response time would be between 24-48 equipment cleaning services.Othe r Scientific and Technical Consulting Service s 758-3778 (cell) Security D etails).ets-atlanta. tank batteries) Environmental and clean up SDV OSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business).E ducational Support Service s 928110 . Joseph Shin Sourc ing absorbent booms & other absorbing type Dae woo Internationa l is a global trading company.729. piers etc). 10 hrs O SHA.Chem-Taine r Industries D aryl Robinson 361 Neptune Avenue. Booms ra nge in sizes up to 8' x50' and ca n also be custom made to most a ny size . 541350.. Direc tor of Strategic Communica tions G ulf Region.metaenv. requireme nts. 541618. we also provide QA support. 562998. IL 60487 SM ALL BUSINESS AD MIN ISTRATIO N CERTIFIED 8(a). He althca re. 423840. program a nd construction ma nagement services.CO M Available MANAGEMENT CONSULTING 541512. Professional Personnel ca n include clerical pe rsonnel to executives. Emergency Expedite d Tra nsportation Services. and treatability studies).deltatec hservice. consulta tion and Employees (1+n) w ill be support can range from local to network adde d through local temporary maintained consultation services that are direc ted employment a gencies based contra cted to this firm and approved by this firm. Proc ureme nt/ Currently. Small Business. HI 96837 G eorge F. woma n-owned bioaccumulation/bioconcentration of oil industry polluta nts. L eakwise Acc ount 6060 Spine Road. Unit 202. upon w booms or supply absorbents/pillows/other materia ls required to manufacture the booms in the U SA. 561920. 511130. sediment. Monitoring of Oil/Water Separa Hand Trucks ExecuTeam Staffing L P 2401 Fountainvie w. environmental. 541614. Inc.2113 w ww. 541850.952. NY. 10236 Fishe r Ave. Director. S Corporation. conducte d EPA E MAP sampling. wate r and wastewa te r resources engineering se rvices. NAICS Code s: 541618. 541810. Benton & Associate s 4630 50th. Outrea ch Proce ss Partners (OPP) is a public relations firm specializing in helping governme nt agencies and their contra ctors apply integra ted outreach strategies that re sult in more effective c ommunic ation with stakeholders and partners. Sa les & Marketing. environmental pe rmitting. 541612.microbac. D oT Certified Disadvantaged Busine ss Enterprise .636.484230. GA 30052 PO C: M rs. 236117 Program Clark Atlanta Unive rsity including.862. IL. Technica l support. 611430 and 611710.alle giantenterprise. 561110.MO P Cannon. technic ians and support sta ff with a vailability to on-ca ll field personnel assessments. Boulder. West 800-275-2436 ext. SU ITE 620 M ORRIS SIM ON. . CO 80301 M ana ger. Our team would sincerely like to support the re covery from the re cent oil spill and subsequent impact that this de vastation has had on the environment and e conomy. M A 02472 D avid M. Corporate Primary Contact: Rob Crookston. 541620. industrial Delta Tec h is a small employee owned business w ith over 40 years of chemical cleaning experience in the pe trochemical chemica l c le aning. 236116.S. a s we ll as.374. Ke eps oil from spreading on water and land. w ww. HQ 101 Bellevue Road.c om n/a Oil on Water Monitoring Syste ms : including D etecting of Oil Sheens. 424690 material handling. ExecuTeam Staffing has provided staffing servic es for a range of organiza tions including private and direct hire basis.Box 6528 Houston TX 772656528 Clark Atlanta U niversity E nvironmental Justice Resourc e Center M WT P 223 James P Braw ley Drive. 611710. T rain the tra iner in most topics (construction and general industry). temp-to-hire In the pre vious 22 ye ars. Suite 200. 8 hrs First Aid/CPR w ww. Analytical Quality Assurance for Collected Samples Bonnie R. 541712. Services rele vant to this effort inc lude the An employee owned small dec ontamination of spill response equipment business. We are a seasone d 17 ye ar old company with a mature. PA. Suite B L oganville. 423710 3)100 ton test bed for proof testing and re certification for lifting assemblies 4) Alloy chain c ustom assemblies (all grades) 5) Fall protection gear 6) Blocks. NAICS codes highway design and engineering. hoists. Dire ctor of Community Relations Gulf Steve Austin. 561612 .. PRINCIPAL CON TRACT 703. TX 77057 L aura Bowe n 713. fate. 714-450-0720 CA 92887 (cell) http://w Loss and insurance adjustment Insurance Loss Adjustment Small Busine ss / Minority Ow ned Business (Hispanic) B & P Manufacturing 8051 E.geinstruments. 541370. 10 hour OSHA certified c lasse s and 40 hour & refresher Ha zwoper c ertified instruction. Re mediation. NAICS 334513 M iami Corda ge. Suite P-1 Annapolis. Willia ms III CEO / Primary Researche r gfw iii@guildtechnology. we have provide d personnel across a ll product lines and job de sc riptions. Stakeholder Rela tions 888-O PP(677)-0101. Yorba Linda. VA 22312 Lynn Petraz zuolo. chemical sales. easily handled by a person. Water Blasting. e tc. De troit M I. PSD (Personal 541690 . environmental audits. All of our employees participa te in a Drug and Alc ohol testing program. High Risk inte rvention response . 48204 313-9152233/313-575-8432 MOP 201. and internationa l charters and superior servic e on international air and ocean shipments. P resident w ww. CE O is a former state of Texas environmental investiga tor a nd che mist.Site prep/ c onstruction and/or SCADA – PLC – H MI – DCS – IT Automation IT Services – Technic al Services – Environmental S ervices 17912 Benchmark Drive – D allas..guildtechnology. suppliers & manufacture rs. E ngineering (Environme ntal & in air w ater and w aste permitting. Est.imakerope . Woman-O wned Business.rehablaw. Boon Rd. 541910. biota ). Biota laboratory. Suite 800 moreinfo@deltatec hservice. Inc. transportation. VP 219. 1956 2475 N W 38th Street M iami. We Shipme nts. New Orleans. 541611.2741 debra. Est. Inc . steve.All Other M isce llane ous Sc hools and Instruction 611710 .com 1) Hydraulic swaging to 2" diameter for w ire rope HUBZ ONE # 32429 2) Rotary swaging to 3/4" dia meter for wire rope NAICS Codes:314991.000 G allon capacity NAICS:325211 Alion Sc ienc e a nd Technology Corporation 1000 Park Forty Pla 303-255-1474 http://w ww. Texas 79414 Jack Benton 806-783-9944 Cell 806-790-9937 Fax 806-783-9966 w Project Ma nagement. Ridge field Park. 397 W. Marine & Special orders and custom flags n/a Guild Tec hnology Corp 8758 Alison Dr.Oil and gas c onstruction (pipeline. APE XTE CH L LC 2020 N 14th STRE ET. With two of our four offices located in Texas and L ouisiana. site remediation. Consultation for Applic ation of Solution Systems Solution System Application Support Naic s: 541690. He rring 919-406-2138 www. 518210. re cent experience investigating and allocating the source s of hydrocarbons (petroleum. Capability Stateme nt see website. and haz ardous waste colle ction and removal. Soil. Provide personnel across a ll product lines and job NAICS = 561311 de sc riptions on a temporary/ contract. Site remediation. Suite 205. 541611. I w anted more information on booms (specs. DISADVANTAGED SMAL L BUSINESS Flags Unlimited. FL 33142 305. health and safe ty and Safety consulting/training/auditing 541990. 2) sample la beling. hours. structural. Ple ase find attached a client list and short summary of our services along with brie f de sc riptions of selecte d outreach projec ts. Human Re sources. n/a Minority Business Ente rprise (MBE) M icroba c Laboratories. 541710. White male owned company O ffice phone: 412-373-4680 Small business E xca vac Corp Box 135 575 Sixth Stre et Trafford. Inc. oil spill groups. 541511. Allegia nt Enterprise Small business/ Minority provide s disaster Ow ned (African American) restoration.crookston@microbac. Inc. se rvices. we can provide QA/QC oversight for this process for multiple sources and analytical labs. SPCC’s. te mporary/contra ct. M OP Oil Absorbe nt Booms. Tesis has many companies within the a Domestic presence as well as International USA and other countries presenc e. and Wisc onsin. full nationa l media se rvices. Ce ll 214T X 76903-9310 534-4689 email cstewart@hc-inc. Suite 2500 Ne w Orlea ns.6057630. re spira tory and First Aid/CPR training. 611430. transport. MO P Oil Absorbents is de signed to work on wa ter re moving every trac e of oil from the surfac e. In addition.bentonconsultants. Spe cialties include Offic e and public sector entities. domestic Freight. Our Employee s (30+) are trained per O SHA require ments. Tesis provides highly qualifie d technology sta ff to c ompa nies. and pulleys 7) All assoc iated rigging hardware n/a Certified Woman-ow ned (WO SB) Family Owned and Operate d since 1960 E xpedite d Transportation Services. Environmental La rge business under 541380 soils/waters/se diments/air/waste/tissue /vegetation * drinking water* seafood* fuels Alle giant Enterprise L. individuals or the c ommunity at la rge. (404) 88016 hrs Asbestos Abatement. 541690.imsengineers. Tampa .a for the IT industry Small business Tesis is a leading provide r of professional Tesis has over 15 years se rvices for the development of industrial expe rience in the IT Se rvices automation se rvices. 423510. We can provide the ne cessary tra ining and a uditing. L A 70130 IMS E ngine ers is a full-se rvice engineering firm NAICS Codes: 493190. Oklahoma. 332618. 609-216-2268. RI. We are Americ an He art Association Certified Instructors (BL S) for CPR/AED and First Aid capable of providing training to the healthcare profe ssional as well as lay-persons. under downloadable PDF's Environme ntal Construction. 541620 n/a Environmenta l site assessme nts and re mediation. We would ensure appropriate approval. OH 43055-3039 D oug He nry O ffice : 740. Charle s Avenue . PA 15229-2132 robert. IT / Technical and Le gal Support/ offe red. Training include s Ha zWhopper.isitrainingcenter. supervision and development. I am from the USA office and w ante d to support the aid to the gulf for 65 201-229-4519 products the BP Oil Spill. 3) chain of custody and doc umenta tion preparation.jsp manufa cturers. low leve l PAHs. The EPA purchased an ID-227WL Wireless Marine layer build up. 562910 assessment. 541870. they're locate Disaster restora tion. Georgia.Environmental construc tion tank ba tteries) 235220. impact extensive evaluations of impa cts from oil a nd gas in the Gulf of Mexico.tesis. M I 49601 L ia Krantz 231-306-3828 http://w ww. 423810. including field a nd la boratory auditing. Gulf Studies*Air Quality Testing*Multiple M obile La bs*Experienced disaster/spill response Disaster Response Command Center in Venic onte nt/ Vacuum beach clean up services Provide vacuum equipment and vacuum c lean-up services suitable for removing ta r and oil debris from sand a nd sa ndy soils. alkylPAHs. Venice FL 34285-5507 740. 541690. L utcher. 8 hrs Mold Remedia tion. (tools. Specialized gear. environmental site full time staff engineers. O il a nd Gas Construc tion (pipelines. c ontaminated industry.. Environme ntal Consulting Services 541620.elliott@microbac. certified by CVE . Ale xandria. within the world.usflags. H ealth Aspe n Environmental Consulting LL C is a SBE/WBE and is CCR and ORCA registered. 541618. 512110. Engineering Services 541330.AllA spectsServic es. Durham. The cannon can bla st five 20 lb bags of M OP per minute to neutralize one ton of spille d oil in just 60 seconds. H UB z one certified Staffing Se rvices Provider of personnel Small Busine ss. Native Americ an and transport of pollutants in marine environment. currently has no operating This firm has an understa nding of both energy contracts and no circula ting produc tion systems and environments where capital. Small private ly ow ned company Large Business Alion ca n deve lop QA/QC protocols a nd procedures for sampling and a nalysis based on E PA (PBMS) Q uality National network of 27 highly-diversified fixed/ Environmenta l Testing* Drinking Water Testing* Fore nsic Fuels Testing*Seafood Testing*Efficacy/Safe ty Treata bility mobile sampling & testing facilities. De contamination dete rge nt/chemical sales. ForProfit O rga niza tion. Domestic or International Charter of provide domestic truc kload servic e throughout the U nited Trucking throughout the Unite d States. ext 705 Sarah M cLa ughlin. Additional se rvices such as O utsourced Sta ff Recruiting is also Manageme nt.bpmfg. Air Shipments. We offer e xpedite d LTL. M onitoring of Oil Instrumentation to monitor for oil sheens on wa ter La rge Company La yer build Up Gulf Command Center: Sec onda ry Contac t: De bra Elliott. META specia lizes in environme ntal forensic and risk studies and supporting labora tory testing (specifica lly. n/a We are na tionally certified as a Woma n Owned Busine ss Enterprise by the WBE NC.N et Pressure Washing. 505 Plantation Park Dr. biodegradation testing pollutant dispersion in a quatic environme n/a Alion can provide personne l to assist in: 1) sample retrieval from sample collectors and subsequent sample shipment to the Water. has be en in business for 28 ye ars as a leading provider of logistic s service s.5842/ Cell: 740. CA. Suite 614 L ubbock. certification Brow nsfie ld Cleanup Home Re nova tion/Weatheriz ation and Green Construc tion All graduate s are sec 3 entitled minority applicants See attached corporate brief Aspen E nvironmental Consulting L LC Jane Besch.C 1980 West M ain Street. and 541620. Accounting.253. Pre sident 714-692-2421 (office) 5565 Blue Ridge Drive.chemtaine r.c om M anufacturing fac ilities in: T N. 541620. sta ndards.4560 Pittsburgh. w ww. 40 hrs HA ZWOPPER. ExecuT eam is providing payrolling.Security Guards and Patrol Service s 866 586-4949 (toll-fre e) Armored Vehic les 611430 . toxicity Know ledgeable about Gulf of Mexico coastal and marine environme nts. 16 hrs Lea d 6919 office (678) Abateme nt. Servic e Provider. See Attached Catalog Woman Owned. Disaster restoration NAICS code 562-112 & 562-910 Re leva nt to this e ffort. NAICS Codes. community rela tions. E xpedited Trucking. Monitoring and continuously measure the thic kness of the oil of Discharge of T reated Water. Site Prep 562910. M issouri. SBE and WBE Integrated Manageme nt Services (IMS E ngine ers) 400 Poydras Street.3191david@rehablaw. International. 33619 John Lynch 1-800-989-3524 w ww. San Angelo. E nglish and Spanish. prepara tion.excavac. and de rived products) in soil. information mana gement and providing Enginee ring to and all types of H uman Resource ne eds.8733 Solutions sight through information rega rding Guild Technology Corp environment and system e ngaged to environment. Me asuring Oil L aye r thic kness. 541512. LA 70071 M icha el One y 504-575-3282 w ww. Outre ach Proc ess Partne rs (OPP) 2521 Riva Rd. a nd 5) sample tracking assuranc e from field to laboratory for the c ollec tion of environmental sample s being analyze d with respect to the Gulf Horizon Oil Spill. Suite 301 w w ww. Ne w York. and field sampling service Environmental permitting and pla n writing. 541614. We feel that our experience working with the community on transportation and environmental issue s has positioned O PP to assist your organization w ith its strategic outrea ch effort. M D 21401 Gulf Coast D ivision Office: 201 St.973. boats e tc) and non-aquatic items or struc tures (rocks. specia lty chemica ls. Suite 1335. Ne wark.) to see if I c an direc tly supply Challenger Rd. 49 Clarendon Stre et Watertown. PA 15085 Cheryn Robles. 541820.T he a ggressive holding n/a action w ill not a llow Mop to rele ase oil back to the environment. Texa s registered e nginee ring firming experienced As above. Two Construc tion). GM OP Technologies Sheela Drumme r. Arva da CO 80005-4813 PO Box 372081 Honolulu. HI Manufacturer of Pla stic Chemic al/Water Storage & Rota tional molding of Polyethyle ne & Polypropylene resins proc essing tanks from 2 to 15. 561110 MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Ava nti Corpora tion 5520 Cherokee Ave. and other matrices. North Carolina 27713 Environme ntal Sampling Q A/QC. 325222. 1960 Florida Wire & Rigging Works. 8731. ext 707 http://outreac hprocesspa rtne rs. Way. Hand Trucks. M ETA E nvironmental. sediment. environme ntal and huma n health impa ct asse ssments. a sbestos Remediation Se rvices 562910. 4) sample data entry into an IT database. All Aspe cts Servic es 1242 M t Vernon Rd.Ava ntiCorporation. Suite 200. GSA Schedule Small Business Joe White Minority Worker Training Environmental Reme diation Training/Educa tion Worker Education and Training in Environmental Remediation a nd Gree n Jobs NAICS 562910.executeam.345.Professional and Ma nagement De velopment Training www. temp-to-hire and direct hire service s to our clients. Cadillac. Also provide a safety division providing safety tra ining. 303-6011840. seve ral project managers. Military. ca ryn.Painting and pressure washing/ w ater blasting 238910.S.c om Flags manufacture of stock & custom flags U.L . integrated marke ting and communications pla nning. responsible staff who can take cha rge a nd dea l w ith large Air. 811310. Logistics. 541330. hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection and remova l. to USA boom 07660 ex. We are certified as a WBE/DBE through the State of Arkansas.com630. Other heavy and sampling and management a nd genera l regulatory engineering services 237990. Army Corps of Enginee rs Public Affairs Office. VIP protection. Benic ia. Woma n owne d Self-Certified Small Disadvantaged Busine ss. 236115. Small Disadvantaged Busine ss L oss Re hab & Adj ustme nt 17566 Windsor Pkwy Tinley Park. K ris Kroll PO C #: 678-614-0063 PO C E mail: Kris@ets-a tlanta.Reme diation Construction. Our gulf coast division sta ff is based in Ne w Orlea ns supporting a multi-yea r outre ach effort for the U. Le akw ise O il D etection System in 2007 for temporary monitoring a t various sites where oil contamination is suspected. 541840. 512191. We are environmenta l generalists tha t a re capable of providing a wide variety of training services but spe cialize in e nvironmental permitting and plan writing as well as Health and Safety tra ining programs. coal w ww. fate Small.O. 541620. Air. 8732. FL . O ffice 972-930-0436.d.6760 w ww. certifica tion u. Gulf region public relations and outreach 541860. Pennsylvania. Mauro. 8(a ).com Environme ntal Consulting a nd Laboratory Servic es 541380. N J http://w ww. 541613. 541618 De lta T ec h Service . L eakwise North A merica Sales Manager. that offers comprehensive planning. 635 Babylon NY 11704(Corporate) w 611519 . Safety Consulting Servic es 541690 services and problem solving. State.54151 75252 214-281-8608 Provides employees and enginee rs and engineering ww w. Tenne ssee . HU B Certified H anan Yadin 832 Security service s. M OP Boat Bilge Oil Absorbent Skimme rs.3000 ja son@imake rope.daew Da ewoo Internationa l (America ) Corp. 541611. Kore a GE Analytic al Instruments Caryn Cullen. FL . M assa chusetts. exposure asse ssments PO C: Reginald Crear 504-561-7399 w ww.

JESCO Construction Company is the Exclusive Distributor for M olec uloc Sea Scrub™. Katrina and Rita in 2005. surve y. bioengineering systems and native la ndscapes.637. Cooling Heavy Construction and Civil E ngineering service s NAICS Codes: Advanc ed M onitoring Methods. w e can a ssist in the ana lysis a nd tracking of matte rs relate d to the financial oversight. de ep wa ter skimme rs and a va riety of sizes of skimmers for use in w aters other than deep water. ha s provided servic es to consume rs. (NA ICS 562910 238910 238990) JESCO’s founde r and CEO.a dvm2. Inc PO Box 1540 Sumiton. Termite eradication a nd Pest Control Management State Certified a nd Licensed to pe rform an array of E nvironmental Services. 238190.riskcontrolstrategies. VP 219. M A 02472 D avid M. 115 employee s. First Aid K its. U SA 70065 Josh Romero of Danny Rome ro Phone: 727 5642139 Web Site: www. shoreline stabiliza Mold Inspection. executive 541620. Marine . We have exte nsive. Our highly-reliable systems suc cessfully collect data in the most dema nding proje ct site locations. 237120. G ould 505-753-4400 OIL ABSORBANT – ALL NATURAL AL L NATURAL WH ITE MIN ERAL.spaces. 561730 Emphasis is prima rily civil design and heavy Wome n Owned small busine ss horizontal construction de molition. A. n/a Risk Control Stra tegies L indsay Ross 111 John Street. 48204 313-915-2233/313-575-8432 MOP 201. G ould P. Marketing a nd Communications (915) 877-4155 (phone ) w ww. Environme ntal Site Asse ssment. imple mented and Information Technology Case Manageme nt. 481212. w ave barriers.amsnj. integration. 924110 SBA Certified 8(a) and Small Business (Case Number 302186) Da ewoo Internationa l (America ) Corp. Telephone Business is part Anglo owned and part Hispanic owned CoreSphe re. Native Landsc aping. AL 35148 Pat D odd. and project manageme nt consulting. NAICS 541620 – E nvironmental Consulting Service s. Shore linerosion.eqri.Bilge and oily w astewater treatment . Pipework. L A 70119 #7 Grand Teton Court N ew Orle springs Fl. M y product would perfect for the BP duns number is 963400283 employees and volunteers dealing with oil fires. 562219. 24" a nd 40" curtain) with a we ight of 22 ounce s. Ke eps oil from spreading on water and land. 561310 hire. Adventure Bus Charte r & Tours. re nova tion. Availa ble support resources include : · Aquatics. barge. 56170 Exterminating & Pest Control Svcs. 326111/ 339113/326199/339115 Federal Government Small Busine ss GSA # GS07F-5864R E nvironmental Qua lity Resource s. O nce all re cycla ble materials are sorte d out the remaining w aste is incinerated at a ve ry low temperature (avoiding the crea tion of any CO2) until the w aste are converted to cha rcoal briquettes tha t a re sold to coal burning fa cilities to reduce the CO2 emission genera te d by the c oal burning plants. and supplie s. designed. Custome r Relationship Manageme nt. We all ha ve worked for magor companys in the Small Busness past and have a lot of supervision expereance and have had a lot of osha training A-1 Personnel Service s 3907 Frederic ksburg Rd San Antonio Texas 78201 M arie Rodriguez 210-738-3434 office 210-889-8188 c ell www. · Threa tene d and endangered species. Protective wear. Alfa Lava 955 M earns Road. AMM places a high value on high-quality data & response to client remote / harsh e nvironments.c alicoindustries. tree shelters. O ther produc ts are as follows: Additional produc ts are oil re covery ve ssels. 238120.000 annual inc ome Walter R. centric applica tion solutions. e tc. Spec ialize in Fixed w ing Low Level Operations (500’ AGL ) Karlsruher Inc. and new construc tion. Indepe ndent G overnme nt Cost Estimates (IG CE). M D 20701 Jessica D. for example. It is microscopic and le aves no oil E -mail : goeusa@bigpond.a Calico Industries. Rodent and Pest Control Mosquito M anage ment Services. rocks. and post awa rd c ontrac t manage ment. fax (609) 702-1013 Asbe stos Abatement. Business Intellige nce . Reduction and Renewable Energy Facilities. M echanic al Dredge. 9511 Replac eme nt of 38 charter buse s We have the ability of transporting w orkers to va rious sites a long the Gulf Coast n/a n/. diving NAICS codes 236115. 13413 Bissel L ane Potomac. LLC. Johns Creek. Investiga tive M ana gement. · Stre am. H g. 488190. Small Boats and U tilities a bove / be low ground Our youngest membe r is 37 years old and the oldest is 49 we all have been doing comme rcial construction sce ne high school One our members worked for a oil company. we also provide Q A support. Bill Callender Air. 236118. Absorbent Boom. provide trave l sec urity.Rac hel Wolski 9188 Cloverlaw n. Heavy Civil Construction. archite cture. or truc k with blocks.c om . and fe deral clients. Inc. Industrial Construction. 237120. including.bodybuildersbodywash. grass. 541712. MS 39577 Marine . 561720. Water Monitoring/Sampling 504-272-5948 http://w ww. Raven Industrial supply 249 N . 237310. services. managed. 11th Street Beaumont. 2154434021 Goggles.606. 541512.csae ngine ers. NY 10038 (212) 267-6992 w ww. MD 21122 Charles Salsgiver 443-304-7121. w ww. risk mitiga tion. PA 18974 w ww. (NAICS 236220) Industria l Manageme nt Consulting (Program M ana gement. (c) 720-581-1182 guidelines e xce eding Federal/State/Local standa unskilled and skilled labor 561320 Temporary Help Services n/a Sma ll a nd Women O wne d Business GO E America 4209 West L oyola Drive Ke nner L a. Ph. w ork plans. E xt. 238110. 562112. Sa les & Marketing. conduct counter measure sweeps. slope stabilization. D irector of D evelopment John E. MD 20854 Pam Early. / P reside nt Ambient Air Monitoring. Warminster. His businesses are located in Hubz ones and hires from the reside nts of the Hubzones . Customer Relationship analytic al constituent-c entric application solutions. FL . The steam that is generated by the incinerator turns turbines that generate elec tricity. In powder form. Testing a nd Re mediation. and · NPD ES complianc booms or supply absorbents/pillows/other materia ls required to manufacture the booms in the U SA. or any other sec urity relate d service your clients may require. 237120. Reno Street L os Angeles. M y products have alrea dy been a huge succe ss on them from environmental ha zards envolving high the civilian ma rket and with military personelle on the ground in Iraq a nd Afghanista n. embezzle ment.alfalaval. 541350.). Salsgiver. and petroleum products. and 611420 E xpress Employment Professionals 2574 N . environmental contamina tion. Inspec tor L ADAF L icense #: V-2038-1 L A State L icensing Board Contractor #: 250402 (504) 342-4909 (O ffic e) (504) 273-5970 (F ax) (866) 872-3198 (T oll Free ) ww w.O.2741 debra. and mechanic al and hydraulic dre dging for strea ms. Post-Katrina . MD 21227 Carter B. 237210. Duct Cleaning Services.000/ye ar annual installation. purification of oil. angular stone.000lbs each). and other matrices. G lasse s.enviroclearsolutions. n/a JESCO Construction. Ma nufac ture and distribute BIODE GADA BL E LA NDSCAPE PRODU BT S including coir logs.MO P Cannon MO P Oil Absorbents is de signed to work on wa ter re moving every trac e of oil from the surfac e. Grading. SIC Codes: 1799. e xca vation and Servic e Disable d Vete ran and utility/road placement. Haza rdous M ateria l Abatement. 541511.through centrifugal se paration and heat transfer. NAICS Codes: 518210. Rock Product.) to see if I c an direc tly supply Challenger Rd. mec hanical and pipefitting. and then sends the waste through a contained pate nted inc inerator. 562910. 541330. 237130. And help a disabled Combat Veteran sma ll business owner in the process. loa ders T rack Trucks. 561210. Crew for hire We have our own production lines for “Chicken Boots” and have at lowest published prices. and tre atability studies). 541214. background scree ning and investigative due ologic alconsulting. Strategic Planning and Acquisition Support –. proposal eva luation. 541922 Windows. COO 443-305-3310 x-102 w ww. Shavers (228) 861-9907 D onna M iller (615) 300-1653 w ww. JESCO are capable of producing 1 million fee t of boom. Jct. 49 Clarendon Stre et Watertown. ( NAICS 236210) Reduction a nd Re new able E nergy. coir matting. 444190. White mine ral is in powder form. ma king it possible for JE SCO to economically meet previously pe rceived impossible critical schedule demands. 541618. Bratw ood Investments LLC 36425 N 17th Ave Phoe nix.goea merica. · Ec ology. L ead reme diation on Milita ry Bases and have e very aspect of e nvironmental work. 541620 Abateme nt. 237110. Inc. 237990.CoreSphere has provided a wide ra nge of functional a nd technica l support servic es from stra te gic planning. testing. Extensive ne tworks of Company. PPE (personal protective equipment). schools and c ommercial properties throughout the affected are as. Tyvek Coveralls. ca sa lsgiver@gmail. Disaster Rec overy Services. L LC T /A E CO DEPOT 1405 Benson Court Suite D Arbutus. Coral sethlow ell@yahoo. From utilitie s through roads. Ow ned Small Business Golf Club Dr. We specia lize in collecting high-quality da ta from difficult / remote projec t sites. e tc. disaster recovery barges. MD 21227 Carter B. and grea te r. M icrobial Remediation. Designe d for soldiers and a thlete s to protec t personal hygiene that regular soap and other bodywa shes cannot provide. Construction M ana age ment. and deep w ater. X20 .8685 Cell 301. Hospitality/gaming and turnke y condo developme nt through historic renovation and military housing . impleme ntation. a rchitected. Way. and derive d products) in soil. 33071 954 682 8191 w ww. 9045 Junc tion Drive Anna polis.JESCO ca n handle all commerc ial needs. specialty c hemicals. 541380. Hea dqua rtere d in S. PA 15229-2132 robert. gloves. M OP Boat Bilge Oil Absorbent Skimme rs. n/a Lic ensed by th LA Department of Agriculture and Forestry as we ll as the LA State Licensing Board for Contra ctors. AZ 85086-7253 Q uentin Johnson 602-828-9575 Heavy Rigging. refurbishment. Data M ana gement. Inc. 481219. (N AICS 237310 562910) Roc k Product. n/a SBA Woma n Owned and Operate d E nviro Cle ar Solutions D arre n Bryant 636 Shiloh D r – Pensacola. recent experienc e investigating a nd alloca ting the sources of hydroc arbons (petroleum. AM M' s prove n capabilities include all aspects of AE RM OD meteorology and Air Quality native la ndscape nursery. and turna rounds. 236220. Ridge field Park. we c an assist clients with a wide variety of investigation nee ds to include missing persons. 541690. 236140. JESCO can respond w ithin hours via ra il. 541513 Bodybuilde rs Bodywash LLC Seth Lowell 11283 lakeview dr. 541340. and othe r analytical constituentof the oil and oil dispersant agents. site deve lopment. Air Qua lity. Strategic Planning.adventure buscha rter. kidnapping. Air D uct Inspection and Sanitizing We also provide the follow ing Exterminating a nd Pest M anage ment Svcs: Termite eradic ation. etc. 237990. tug boa ts. Data Ma nagement. de sign. LLC 937 N. Texas 79912 D avid Karlsruher. Bioengineering NAICS Codes. Inc . and landfills. black ma il. · GPS and G IS mapping. Small business MET A spec ializes in environmental forensic and risk studies and supporting laboratory testing (spe cifica lly. w ithout use of a ny c hemical.000. 237990.c om M ounta in Air LL C D oug or Jane Bell 2768 E Robins Rd Ma rion Iowa 52302 319-389-3303 or 3304 M inority-ow ned Women Business Twin E ngine Aero Commanders with Obse rvation 481211. JESCO provides marine construc tion. Oil Boom. Acquisition Support Service. N J http://w ww. 561730 N ative syste m re storation including Wetland 20 Years experience in construc ting/restoring natural systems including grading. federal complianc e (C&A . Gulf Studies*Air Quality Testing*Multiple M obile La bs*Experienced disaster/spill response Disaster Response Command Center in Venic e. Corp. 541611. Sellers 770-403-8605 w ww. planting pots. bridges. ge rm and bacte ria exposure. The JE SCO Energy Services Facility ta kes out any re cycla ble materia ls. Business oil spill and through the c lean up e . New York. DOI and U SFS Approved Aircraft and Pilots Aeria l Survey.4560 Pittsburgh. 562119. JE SCO is able to recycle munic ipal wa ste. 238990. and field sa mpling services. Claims CRM . stre am re stora tion. With regard to a bsorbent boom distribute 5" and 8" boom. We employ stringent QA/QC High-quality monitoring and da ta collec tion from Service -Disabled Vetera n(AMM ) 710 (o) 720-897-7792. a nd Bp could help improve public relations by showing tha t they not only care a bout the environment but the people working exte nded periods w here pe rsonal hygiene c an be so hard to cle an it up as well. Indoor 562910 . $18. harsh environme nts around the globe. (NAICS 237310) Comme rcial Construction. Hydroseeders. coa l ta r. E spanola . suppliers & manufacture rs. as well as the manage ment of contracting efforts. Environmenta l Consulting. M OP Oil Absorbe nt Booms. D BE certified. sick or dying sea life and e xtended periods of work at sea controlling the oil plumes. respirators. plants. P resident w ww. 303 www.472.expresspros. suspected the ft. James Mullarkey 3859 Sylon Boulevard Hainesport. Air Quality Monitoring AMM has signific ant experience monitoring in remote. n/a n/a Small Business w ww. and re conciliations. major Nore en Comerford.wgould@bestwa yland. 561410. JESCO focuses on hiring minority owned c ontrac tors. 531390.3217. na tive plants landscape nursery. anti fungal. 237110. transport. From Hurric ane Camille in the 1960s. 237990. and onsite services.(N AICS 237990) and renewa ble energy Disaster Rec overy Services. 238910. Mauro. anti ac ne body My produc t w ill disinfect and sanitize the w orkers e nitre body and kee p them healtier longer by providing a higher level of n/a wash. metha ne. FISMA. 220. JESCO has been providing heavy/c ivil work to the public a nd private sectors for almost 40 Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Small Minority Business (Native America n) under 7m Our staffing solutions include evaluation and direct 561320. 238210. Work Place Safety items Manufacture r of polyethyle ne tra sh line rs.microbac. · NE PA. Ecological/E nvironmental Construction. Traditional Aerial Photos. M arine construction a nd marine ac cess creeks.. Global tra ding company with a netw ork of offices Internationa l T rading in almost every major city. sea life. Detroit MI. Commercial Construction. owner and CEO D onna M iller. 334519. John E Shavers. 541611. sta ndards. Anthony123 . executive training of features and functionality of software. 541519. and overall restoration for local. Inve stigative Manageme nt. native tre e mats. state a nd government commercial w ww. Seeding. 210. I am from the USA office and w ante d to support the aid to the gulf for 65 201-229-4519 products the BP Oil Spill. Corporate Primary Contact: Rob Crookston. 541513. sedime nt. LLC Tom Biodegradable L andscape Products NAICS Codes.GM OP Technologies Sheela Drumme r. SO4 & mobile / remote systems.remove water and solids from heavy crude oil >> Phoenix n/a for contaminated water treatment >> E costream for Oily waste wa ter tre atment onboard and a lso landbased >> Pure Bilge . NM 87532 Walter R. and othe r Be nefits M anage ment. establish performanc e measures. (SDVOSB) 8359 NAD P. He avy equipment including exca vators. The absorbent will absorb oil from sand (or any surface) and e nca psulate it le aving no c leanup to be done. Small Busine ss Enterprise (SBE ) Natural resources consulting Hispanic female-owned. equipment. pre-acquisition support. flexible staffing. which c reate s heat that makes ste am and turns the steam turbine.D..elliott@microbac. PCB reme diation. stormwater facilities. L LC (EQ R) 1405 Benson Court Suite C Arbutus. petrole um biomarke rs.inspect-12. capital construction. a nd oce an environments Intellige nce. is a se nior citize n (63) and a Vietnam vetera n. 541990. (SDVOSB) M ETA E nvironmental. M cCamy. sand. Environmental. 541690. Suite C E l P aso. Additionally. 46 Flint Creek Rd Wiggins. 116. state. Boats for lease. market researc h and surveys. 1845 Northwestern Drive .111421.a1pers. levies.c om A dynamic development of specialised bio-tech Man Power: 20qty solutions for cleaning and waste odour elimination. Booms ra nge in sizes up to 8' x50' and ca n also be custom made to most a ny size . Vests. John Shavers.jescoconstruction. odepotsales. Box 903. GA 30005 Natural resources consulting A na M . Remova l of Underground Storage Tanks & Above ground Storage Tanks. Suite 301 Sr. Dam Construc tion.mountain-air.CoreSphere.G loves (all types). LA 70131 Ivan Varnado Sr. 237130.metaenv. de la yed. Sec tion 508.D. construction. Remediation servic es such a s: Mold Remediation Mold inspe ction Mold te sting Indoor Air Quality Testing.T he a ggressive holding n/a action w ill not a llow Mop to rele ase oil back to the environment. a nd training) Analytic s and T racking – CoreSphe re has revie wed. Benton. AM M is experie nce d in design / build of custom solutions. Re-insulation services.daew oo. Heavy E quipment. 237990. Pipe Line. Application can be manual or air assisted (sprayed). H CN. rip rap. 237990. COO 443-305-3310 x-102 w ww. integrated a number of information technology systems that include Case Manageme nt.jsp manufa cturers. 221119. 541620 Environmental site assessments a nd remedia tion. Venice FL 34285-5507 740. Disaster Response. PPE items. Claims and and Benefits Ma nagement.374. Availa ble services include: · Section 404 wetla nds/waters deline ation and permitting. CoreSphere can assist with tracking the health of those impa cted by the Management. surveilla nce. AMM provides systems support 24/7. · Watershed assessments. seeding. Welding. 236115. 423390 Native system restoration including wetlands. distribute flotation boom (18".bratw ood. T x 77703 A shley Barber D erric k Barber 409-898-1168 w For treatme nt. Containment boom. 541512. wetland. and skimmers.moldandsafetyinspe ction s. LL C 12595 Concord H all Drive . as well as marine intakes a nd pond construction/reclamation. Applicable N AICS Codes are: 541620. · Environmenta l c onstruction supervision and long-term mitigation monitoring. 541990. restaurants. dredging. planting. 541380. ge neral contra Environme ntal Consulting a nd Laboratory Servic es NAICS Codes: 541380. JESCO is EPA Certified in total remediation. Small Track equipme nt n/a E nvironmental Qua lity Resource s. AMM monitoring capabilities include (but are not limited to): AERMOD meteorology. Pasade w ww. e tc. Kore a C. Environmental La rge business under 541380 soils/waters/se diments/air/waste/tissue /vegetation * drinking water* seafood* fuels E cologic al Consulting. low leve l PAHs. With gre ater than 25 million tons of a lready mined granite blocks (many greate r tha n 20. Inspector 12 Svcs. Broad Stree t New Orleans. · Wildlife manage ment. With our inve stigative expertise . e mergency roa d re pair.c om Trash Liners. Nationwide Se rvices. The cannon can bla st five 20 lb bags of M OP per minute to neutralize one ton of spille d oil in just 60 seconds. We diligently work to maximize high-qua lity da ta collec tion utilizing prove n technologie s. 541611. through Dennis. M icroba c Venice FL 115 Corporation Ph. alkylPAHs. 237310. requireme nts. CoreSphe re can assist E PA’s requirements of a wide-range of IT support servic es involving proc urement of contra ctors. 238220. advise d on. 236210. D irector 703. 523920. L ead NAICS Codes: 562910. 237110. email: amsjmullarkey@ya hoo. Federal Sales M ana ger-GSA Contrac t A dministra tor 800-638-0828 x 283 / 301362-2317 x 2 www. extortion. anti viral. sales. we can assist in tracking and analyz ing the wa ter. 424930.c om Inve stigative/ Security/ Risk M ana gement We tailor design security solutions for afflue nt individuals to ensure de liverable s are consistent w ith the c urrent leve l of risk n/a and also allow for anticipated future events. stream restoration Pumps. n/a Inspector 12 Services. · Mitigation banking. Inc. I w anted more information on booms (specs. n/a Asbestos and M old Services. Genera l M anage r 800-226-4488 w ww. IM PROVE . n/a M icroba c Laboratories. soil sta bilization. (NAICS 562213) Environmenta l Clea nup Produc ts. HQ 101 Bellevue Road. technical oversight. 236116. payouts. shoreline rock wetla nds. JESCO has a fleet of important marine equipme nt. Project Ma nagement. etc. beac h re nourishment. and aggregate. te mporary and contract sta ffing. 365 days per year. 541513. biohaz ard. M cCamy. Our data acquisition system includes a c omprehe nsive suite of client interac tive capabilities and real-time data services. Clean up associated products Below $30. Joseph Shin Sourcing absorbent booms & other absorbing type Dae woo Internationa l is a global trading Gulf Command Center: Sec onda ry Contac t: De bra Elliott.makes bilgewate r safe for disc harge ove rboard> > De sa lt: Freshwa ter gene rators for onboard/offshore and landbased applic ations>> Elimina tor for Workboats O nDe mand n/a n/a certified by the manufa cturer' s we in the proper use and training for all our personal protec tive equipment. demolition. and marsh restoration design. FL 32503 850-255-3388 w ww. CA 90026 A dria na Rubio 213-479-2979 rave nsupply. and Work Place Safety Items. 541330. 118. CO 80108. n/a Disposable Pants&Shirts.23790. pore water e xtraction and analysis (SPM E).Re mediation Svcs. Castle Rock. Soil. We de sign a nd implement estate security syste ms. c leanup. fa te. to USA boom 07660 ex. needs. a sset tracing.http://w ww. 562998. water . per wee k. This all natural absorbent can be applied directly to sand. dirt. Air Quality Testing. There is no nee d to “ retool” as the blocks are ava ilable today. analyzed.c om Haxmat “Chicken Boots” La tex Boot Covers. IRM . Respirators. IT Syste ms Engineering (re quirements gathering. Sc uba. We self perform more Ow ned Small Business than 70 pe rcent of all servic es.crookston@microbac.c om National network of 27 highly-diversified fixed/ Environmenta l Testing* Drinking Water Testing* Fore nsic Fuels Testing*Seafood Testing*Efficacy/Safe ty Treata bility mobile sampling & testing facilities. JE SCO has re sponded w ith debris removal. (NA ICS 212311) Hea vy/Civil Construction. pre-a ward docume nts. The JESCO team has a solid history of providing pla nt electrical. and Environme ntal Cleanup Products. professional search and contract. NJ (609) 702-0400 or (609) 08036 217-8955 w ww. furthermore .

toluene. site work. 332710. and service.c om Website: www. We also focus on research and NAICS Codes: 333. theatre.ce llpodium. 112 n/a Oil Smart Pump Switc h. correc tional. Inc 2328 D estiny Way Odessa. w hich complicates sepa ration). The cell phone numbers of users are securely protected and are never reve aled to the other users. It can directly be forwa rded from the users’ cell phone s to the phones a nd e-mail accounts of their friends and family. roa d work. Samples containing high levels of pe troleum crea te challenges due to inherent be havior of D OS (acts as both a polar and non-polar compound. Shovels. The de terminations will generally require a more complex approach tha n a routine diesel and/or residua l range determination be cause of the ne ed for forensic evaluation of the results. and (2) tailoring the multimedia intended for each recipient so as it meets the se c onstraints . This is not a developmental sta ge product. SeNet believe s that professional consulting se rvic es must be vie wed in terms of the proje ct execution life cycle.5-5 ng/g range. • Petroleum Hydroc arbons (PHC): Speciate d PHC analysis including a lkane fraction analysis by GC/FID. Using a custom “bred” bac te ria made to the exact specifica tions of the BP oil che mical make up we can apply and c lean Large scale on-site application for not only soil up/restore large amounts of la nd/soil and swamp a reas rapidly. alkynes. condos. The equipme nt processes 160 tons of sa nd/soil per hour. In addition. mixing it with biore mediation agents to remedia te the conta minate. or change devic es. A complete life cycle consists of a range of technica l a nd manageme nt services that a re executed over the projec t lifetime a nd are focused at the level of gra nularity nece ssary to meet specific contract obje ctives. Partic ular part of the c hemistry group for the Gulf spill working unde r the direc tion of N OAA. remodel/renovation. re pair work. maintenanc e w ork. soil ga s and Our emphasis is on providing the world's finest AM S is a family owned. with expertise to de liver the product in-situ into the shrimp and/or oyster beds. sustainability pla nning and implementation. is DOS. T he middleware approac h taken by Cell Podium in JIT TE IS offers significant advanta ges over ce ll phone “apps”: (1) users need not change any se ttings on their c ell phones. ma nufac turing. and for tissue the 0. 541990. Corporate/Laboratory: 1317 South 13th Ave. AMS Inc. In the e nsuing years. T he multimedia messages a re easily a ccessible to the users unfa miliar w ith computing technology. 339999 development in coopera tion with our customers to make sure they have the proper tool for their job.pickupoil.and T hetechnology primary active who seek to evolve the ir outre ach andindistance ingredient (i. data n/a storage. Aztec Blvd. or service w A ndrea Nocito 210 628 9326 w ww. (210) 579-0544 CO 80906 Pro-Biotics for cle anup of contaminated soil and shrimp/oyste r be ds. The c ost is around $30/ton. install any software or c hange any of the settings on the ce ll phone. (Art’s Manufacturing and Supply. AM S. colleges. hospita l. or e ven access the Inte rnet. surfactant) conta ined these learning products programs. FL 33556 Jackie Blair • Alkylate d Polycyclic Aromatic Hydroca rbons (Alkyla te d PAH): Tra ce level determinations of Alkylated PAHs by GC/MS/SIM. 333319. se diment. 541712. ethylbe nze ne. Inand orde(2) r todeveloping ac hieve nemobile cessaryelearning interfaces for clients’ lea rning quantitate selectivity and sensitivity to accurately management systems a nd dispatch/control centers. 333298. Oil Spill Clean Up Oil Spill Clean Up SBA 8(a) Certified Company SciBlue Inc. and security ope rations. 541614 certified women ow ned and sma ll minority business w ww.President 504-905-8251 985-758-5558 Re mediation of contamina ted wa ter due to oil spill. SeNe t foc uses on core areas of e xpertise that cover the three groups of security controls: Management. CA 92583 951-487-8073. 624230. but is particularly ade pt at performing complex a nalytical chemistry. expertise lie s in ultra -tra ce and non-routine • We a nalyze marine water. tissue. governme nt. retene.c om Cell Sustainability implementation . re al estate/de velopment. w ill fit exa ctly to the ne eds of our clie nts. alkene s. phytane. tena nt infill. NY Houston. Panama City Beac printing and fulfillment Digital. continuity of operations. NAICS Codes-. Typic al reporting limits for aque ous sample s are in the 10-20 na nogram per liter (ng/L) range . landsc aping. branc hed alka nes. Cesar Bande ra (973)718-2450 w ww.senet-int. n/a The equipme nt is small. public/government relations communica tions 541620. he althca re. O ur products are w ell know n and used throughout the world by and to provide second to none product support.Williams@senetint. the dispersants being used to treat the oil marine sedime nt. Houston. residential. Volatiles by P&T-G C/M S. for sediment the 0.5-5 ng/g range. maintena nce facility. sediment.Will pump water without Ma nufac turer and Supplier of Oil Smart Pump Switches. and not with ce ll phone applica tions. wa ste w ater tre atme n n/a Jim M cNally P aving 1409 W. book binding. NAICS code 237310 n/a n/a SeN et International Corpora tion 3040 Williams Drive Suite 510 Fairfax. Our main NA ICS code is 541380 Products: Just-in-Time M obile Multimedia (JITMM ) system reliably delive rs multimedia lessons to cell phones. For muc h of the testing. compliance ve rific ation.ams-samplers. (2) lega cy and “non-smart” phones are supported (apps ca n only be insta lle d in smart phones. sludge. (3) no new softwa re or ha rdware to learn: recipients view media using the same pla yer that came installed in their phone.334512. 332510. Inc M icha el Johnson PO Box 1269 San Jac into. Gregory Salata 360-501-3376 or gsalata@caslab. Suc h services may be broadly grouped and view ed as technical phases and ma nagement pha se s that together constitute our integrated approa ch. student housing.) 105 Harrison Stree t Americ an Falls. CA (Air ana lyses) Phoenix.323114. E arthWorks E nvironmental.seew aterinc. 313 Fax: (703) 206-9666 Cell: (703) 477-6588 E -mail: T heresa. Chemical separation of DO S is complicated whe n working with complex matrices. FL 32413 M icha el H. Aga in. and tissue for va rious constituents re lated to the crude oil c ontamination. (Art's Manufacturing and Supply) ha s provided the world's finest · Compliance Verific ation & Validation · Business Continuity/Disaster Recove ry Planning · Risk Assessme nt · Fire wall/VPN/IDS Integration · Penetration Testing · Application Code Level Revie w · Vulnerability Ana lysis · Se cure Applications E ngine ering · Security Program Planning · Remote Monitoring/A dministrating · System S ecurity Planning · U se r Awa reness T raining · Policie s & Procedures D eve lopment · Security Administrator Training · Persona l Identity Verific ation/HSPD12/FIPS 201 · Security Arc hitec ture Development SeNe t w as founded in 1998 to address the relatively new field of IT sec urity. educa tional. As an IT consulting firm. In ge neral. and hopane . Crossland Construction Company. meeting space. 333999. Columbia Ana lytical is one of three laboratories named by NO AA to analyze sample s being collected for the N atural Resourc e Damage Assessment (NRDA). be en Corexit andmakes available a dditional offerings. marine tissue). spec ia ted hydrocarbon analyse s will provide information relevant to forensics. the amount of mone y ow ed.453220. gas vapor probes. We have provided our expert assistance to multiple Government and commerc ial c lients. Certain othe r hydroc arbons se rve as biomarkers (unique to the source of the oil). Multimedia delivery does not interfere w ith voice c alls a nd works even w here call coverage Soil Augers Soil Scoops (SST ) Hand Sedime nt Dredges Soil Core Samplers Sediment Samplers Shovels (SST or regula r) Groundwater Sampling Equipme nt For ne arly 70 years. NAICS the risk of pumping oil. Learning modules a re available to the learner outside the context of an eme rgenc y (for e xample . LLC 15396 H ighway 90. • We provide tec hnical advice on sampling te chniques and sampling containe rs. dredges. install any ne w softw are. Suite 5 #182 Az tec. AL 35242/ 14102 Bay Avenue. Biomarkers might include compounds such as pristine. An interna tional pate nt on this functionality has be en filed. AMS manufa ctures a broad range of equipment from hand-operate d tools including soil. Inc. called Just-In-Time Training for Emergenc y Incidents System (JIT TEIS) ensures reliable delivery of content with high audiovisual quality by automatically (1) de ducing the multimedia file formats and transmission protocols (including non-MM S) supporte d by each mobile device to which it sends multimedia . a nd private consulting companies. 727-320-5111 w ww. FL Roc hester. NJ 07103 D r. User opts in and can cancel at any time. produc ts to clean up contamination w orldwide and groundwater sample s to investiga te contaminate d sites. L A 70080 Philip Strother . hospitality. re tail. augers. VA 22031 T heresa B. LC/MS/M S te chniques are require d.ea rthworksusa. a irport/hanga r. system vulnerability assessment. soil gas and groundwa ter sampling business. K elso. M achinery and boa ts with booms to apply the bacteria along and be aches but swa mps and e stuaries. 339999 idle suction va cuums. many gove rnment age ncie s. Suite 300 See Water. most wide ly hosted for a specified Cell9527 Podium used dispersants have duration. This understanding allows SeNet to c oordinate key project resource s and function efficiently as a single point of conta ct for all of our clients’ needs. letterpress and offset printing. 541320. re se arch/ technology. 541690. Inc .com e-ma il cpcrossland@crosslandconstruction. PowerProbe™ Direct Push Drilling Rigs. during a da ily commute or when wa iting in a long line). NM 87410 Jim M cNally 505-975-5213 800-220-0678 Asphalt paving. Colora do Springs. Columbia Ana lytical is currently water. infra struc ture. In addition. The additional lists might include various alkylated benzenes. Idaho 83211 Point of Contact: Ke n Lipscomb Phone: 208-226-2017 Ext 160 Cell: 706-680-9015 E mail: kenl@ams-samplers. Asphalt sealing and coating. Inc 1800 S.470. Gregory Salata A ssistant: Jeff Christian D r. High throughput soil remediation equipment. ostra tegie s. sediment. apartment.Columbia Analytical Servic es. com NAICS# 236220. warranty work. and xylenes (BTE X) will be used quite extensively. TX Simi Valley. c ivic/recreation. security solutions design and implementa tion. parking. The routine proc edure w ill be bene ficial during cleanup of more highly conta minated a reas. E xt. • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). WA 98626 Other N etwork la bs: Jacksonville . religious. Technical E mpha sis to provide method of oil a nd Small Busine ss water separation A1 Peter Rabbit Trucking LL C 2922 Manion Dr M issouri City Tx 77459 G eorge Willia ms 832-816-5643 Trucking n/a n/a n/a P&R ACCESSORIES. re se arch institutions. This equipment has been patented since the 90's and has been commercially used around the world since that time. ra nge of se rvices. through: · Grabbing audie nce a tte ntion · Reaching their clients a nd sta ff insta ntly w herever they ma y be · Improving communica tion betwe en clie nts and staff inexpe nsively · Increasing safety and ve rifiable tra ining large business Ce ll Podium a chie ves MM S interoperability with A Minority-O wne d Small middle ware at the broa dca sting end (transpa rent Business ( Soc ially and to the user). ba ilers.). Capable of providing 100 Oil Smart Switches per day. Ec onomically Disadvantage d) This middleware.bellabecho.924110 Veteran Owned Small Business E coStrategies 12701 West Ave #2122 Sa n Antonio T X 78216 Habitat restoration. T exas 77008 w Jeff Christia n 360-501-3316 or jc hristian@caslab. food proce ssing. and (4) support for eme rging mobile formats and protocols c an be added easily without involving the user. AL and FL n/a Small Woman O wne d Business 52nd Street. Thus far. Willia ms D irector of Busine ss Development Phone: (703) 206-9383 ext. including (1) Corexit 9500 (both trade names for commercially licensing products to clients available its dispe rsants).addition.e. Construction Services. se diment. 333911. used in conjunc tion w ith Codes: 333911. The technology automa tically adapts multimedia lessons to the format with the best audiovisual quality supported by the cell phone . distribution/warehousing. DOS in c omplex ma trices. The PowerProbe™ Direct Push Drilling Rigs can be used to take soil. N ewark. Cox 205. Ope rationa l a nd Technic al. security program deve lopment. historica l building. grading and basing. Inc. NAICS code: 562910 Bella Becho Book & Print Bindery D eborah Karchmer 3331 West 11th 713-882-2564 Street. print publications small business M Chris Crossland Construction Services O ffice # 479-464-7077 Fax# 479-4647050 w ww. Birmingham. Columbia Ana lytical Service s is a large ne twork of environmental testing laboratories in the United State s that offers a wide Ana lytical Chemistry (for contaminates in air.3627 Geological and E nvironmental Investigations/ Professional Ge ologist in M S. sporting. a nd liquid samplers to larger automated equipment such as equipment so our customers have reliable. office. e xtended lists of VOCs will be necessary for in-de pth forensic work. type of subscription pla n. etc. Enterprise De velopment Ce nter III. the pre se nce and ratio of bioma rkers will aid in the identification of the source of the oil. w hich is the fe deral proce ss for determining the extent of damage c aused by a spill. c ertific ation and acc reditation. and they can attest to our supe rior performance.323115. Cell mobileSulfosucc devic e campaign is a salt DispePodium’s rsants: Dioctyl inate Sodium branded a ndthe delivery service (DO S) bymultimedia LC/MS/Mauthoring S. small groundw ater sampling equipment. Multimedia rema ins in the phone for future repla y until de le ted by the user. compounds in the C5 to mobile e -learning service C13 range are inc luded in provider the para mete r list. The awa rd-winning c reation of instruc tive mobile multime dia content that has a greate r educational and motiva tional va lue than text only. thus involving their soc ial e cosyste m.crosslandc onstruction. we have de veloped n/a signific ant expertise in all aspects of information and network security including risk ana lysis. industrial. Suite 203. whic h make up only 20% of phones today). technical contingency planning. Crack filling and striping. LL C 211 Warren w ww. Adva ntagesGloba l c overa ge and ca rrie r agnostic: users don’t have to change wireless service provider. and how it should be spent to restore the environment. re lative ly routine de termina tions for benzene. n/a Cox Environmenta l & Geologic 3133 Woodbridge D rive. as well as applications in c omple x ma trices (sea water. Scoops. CA GE Code: 5L BT4 D avid Kutc hinski 172 Stanwell Street. self propelled and can be driven around the site as w ell as e asily ha uled betw een sites. AZ D r.