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This presentation will cover the following. About Terrabind Terrabind in the field The science behind Measured impact Comparison to other soil stabilisation materials • Cost economics • • • • • .

The uniquely designed composition comprises of compounds that are ecologically safe while the construction methodology reduces carbon emissions when compared to conventional construction methodology .About Terrabind Terrabind is an advanced liquid soil stabiliser designed for clay soils that will improve cohesion and reduce shrink/ swell in expansive clay soils The interaction of compounds in Terrabind significantly improve soil strength and layer durability.

Laterite soils can be strengthened with Terrabind to the extent that it could reduce depth or eliminate the granular sub base layer placed above it – i.About Terrabind Black cotton soils may be modified with the application of Terrabind to meet the soil engineering properties required for use in roads and buildings thus eliminating the need for soil replacement. .e directly place a concrete or bituminous layer above the Terrabind stabilised soil layer.

TERRABIND IMPROVES THE PROPERTIES OF ALL CLAY SOILS . The solution releases ions that penetrate the clay lattice. expel ionised water and dissolve mineral salts. cohesion and hardness. Re-crystallisation of the dissolved minerals in the pores result in an improved cementing effect thus increasing material density.The science Terrabind’s electrolyte emulsion attacks the clay lattice of the soil by altering the ionic charge in clay thus break down swell and capillary action.

Additionally. the compounds used in Terrabind pose no risk to the ecology or ground water and are infact commonly used in organic farming applications in natural fertilisers and drainage improvement agents. . Terrabind solution compounds reengineer the inherent molecular structure of clay such that the clay acts as a superior binding agent between soil molecules.The science Leaching is not a concern as Terrabind solution is not a binder. The Terrabind to soil ratio constitutes only 1:5000 by mass (approximately). Instead.

cement. other lime based soil stabilisers.The science Terrabind can catalyse/ improve the effects of lime based stabilisation agents such as fly ash. lime. . Terrabind also works well with locally available low cost reinforcing materials such as paddy straw/ jute/ coconut fibres etc. Terrabind can be combined with locally available materials such as jute/ coir/ paddy straw to provide further reinforcement to soil. In rural roads where lime based stabilisation is avoidable due to its leaching and subsequent harmful effects on the ecology.

.Terrabind in the field Terrabind is easy to use and transport. Compaction is carried out almost immediately after. A final stage of resurfacing and compaction is normally carried out a day later. One litre of Terrabind is mixed in 300 litres of water and mixed with 7. Mixing can be carried out with low cost equipment like cultivators. agricultural rotovators and graders.5 MT of soil.

Some of the noted ones are the United Nations. The UN measured a 300% increase in CBR (from 6% to 18%) within 10 days of curing. NIT measured significant improvements in black cotton soil when treated with Terrabind. National Institute of Technology. Suratkal.Measured impact Terrabind has been tested by various labs and agencies. .

the CBR increased to 21% while FSI reduced to 0%. Post application of Terrabind. The natural CBR of the soil averaged 7% with a Free Swell Index (FSI) of 20%. good strength during rain and had grass growing on the treated soil layer.Measured impact Terrabind treatment on black cotton soil was applied at at India’s largest theme park . .Adlabs Imagica. The WBM and DBM layers were not completed and the treated section supported the passage and parking of heavy vehicles through the monsoon with minimal undulations.

Comparison to other soil stabilisers While most lime based soil stabilisers can render better results. low grade petroleum derivatives and glue derivatives – all known to have negative effects on agricultural ecology. they do so at a higher cost and/ or process complications and/ or negative ecological impact. . Most other liquid soil stabilisers tend to contain compounds such as naphthalene. Terrabind does not hinder the growth of flora and fauna in its treated soils nor does it leach or have a negative impact on groundwater and/ or the environment. +91 9701123232 +91 9849537002 www.TERRABIND is one of the world’s lowest cost ecologically safe soil stabilisers.c om .com info@terranovatechnologies.

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