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Summary of essential concerns over M&E Construction

Management in high rise building
a) M&E subcontractors’ site staff should be clearly defined, if anyone leaves
during implementation, one to one replacement to be provided. No provision
to give responsibilities of the absent person to another. In this case developer
should look after subcontractors’ staff in such a way that replacement of
anyone of the staff would not make the progress of the project suffered
directly or indirectly.
b) B.Sc. (Eng.) minimum 5 years of experiences or equivalent should be placed
as the project manager and there should be a way of intervening of his salary
and perks in order to make sure to be employed throughout the project.
There is a common issue that project managers who work as sub-contractor
do not stay in service for a long period of time due to dissatisfaction about
the employment.
c) Shop drawing approval – it should be highlighted that any alteration, omission
or deviation from the original construction drawing to be highlighted. Later
contractor cannot say that the consultant has approved the shop drawings
and take them as final.
d) During Defect liability period, suitable staff concluded with skilled and
unskilled labors to be maintained depending on the level of defect
rectification activities.
e) Fixing of fittings, fixtures and equipment should be initiated after PM
approval, because, outlets, commode, light fittings were scratched due to
balance civil work such as ceiling work, painting, and so on.
f) Include extra quantities of light fittings, switches & sockets, circuit breakers,
fuses so that later managing agent can do maintenance in the initial stage
easily. In BOI approved projects, there is no way to maintain excess quantity
of materials the project, but in practical recovery of damaged and defective
fittings are nor highlighted. Therefore keeping extra stock is very
g) Progress of the work should be mainly measured through physical progress of
the work, not the work done amount. This is again controversial decision that
has to be made by the project manager. Because if you chase the financial
progress of the project, the quality of the work tends to be degraded. I
recommend physical progress is the best option to be chased for progress
monitoring in order to get quality work output.
h) There should be a mechanism to handle complain from client for kitchen
equipment, if the equipment get defected, client could be able to contact the
local agent and get the item rectified.
i) Contractor should indicate clearly about – procedures for site inspection,
material approval, variations, clarifications
j) Contractor should prepare coordination drawings for critical locations where
several services are run along the same path. e.g. Bathroom access panel,
corridor ceiling, elevation in kitchen area