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The following appears when I open a model:

How to resolve???

typically bends such as the following: . Example #1: Must review the entire model looking for incomplete components. The following are known: 1.Answer: There are a few issues that cause this error to be displayed. using the Solid model view feature. Incomplete Bend. look for transparent pipe.

B16) Options: a.This bend point radius is too large. The bend's Near or Far point would occur outside of the next node point. Or the origin point of a segment is a bend that is not configured with a Near point as shown above (ex. reduce the bend radius so the entire bend can be displayed with the space allowed befor the next node point. . (ex. B76 above).

and then add a third segment to complete the tee. Or. Or.b. then you will ensure another warning message. select the bend point and press Modify> Convert Point to > choose Point. Or insert a short pipe segment before the point to provide directionality for the entire bend to be displayed. d. c. However. select the bend point and press Modify> Convert Point to > choose Tee. . 90 deg kink in pipe that will need to be addressed.

Notice that there is a Point.Example #2: See piping and Point tab information below: Why does this cause the E723-23: Error message when trying to run an Analysis? Answer: See the Paint Tab of the input grid. Bend. What is missing or is a mistake? Please see the following AutoPIPE help section: Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Command Reference> Insert & Modify commands> Component Reference> Bend Points> read this entire page: .

. Run command.. Bend.06.. Unlike other AutoPIPE components. check all settings for Tools> model options> General. convert the 2nd bend point into a run point using the Convert Point to. Run ... 3.. and Mid points. enter another run point after the 2nd bend to complete the specification of the 2nd bend TIP. use Tools> Model Consistency Check command. Perform this step until this warning no longer appears in the model listing report. Near Zero length element Perform a Model Consistency check on the model looking for the following warning: W726-6: Near zero length element at following point(s) AutoPIPE does not like to have pipe lengths that are near Zero length. Therefore. Unidentified General Model Options: When opening a model from a higher edition with a lower edition (ex. Solution. Or.xx and lower.01. bends cannot be placed in a drawing until its orientation is known. 2. what is missing the next run point to identify the 2nd bend point direction. Edit. and Results. Also review the Input grid for missing data .. a. Pipe code = ASME NB is only available in the Nuclear version and not in Standard or Advanced (Plus) ). Near.. Far. what is the problem. Bend. b. open AutoPIPE Nuclear model with AutoPIPE Standard edition) some features of the higher edition are not available in the lower edition (ex. Again. move or delete the node point that is causing the run length to be near zero length. Note: For AutoPIPE 09..

if used. Furthermore. .(especially under pipe properties). check all dynamic analysis settings.