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Advantages of holistic marketing:

Professional Image
Creates goodwill
Differentiates from competitors
creates right environment for success
motivates support

This concept is based on development, design and implementation of
marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize their breadth
and inter dependencies. Holistic marketing recognizes that “everything
matters” with marketing and that a broad, integrated perspective is
necessary to attain the best solution.
Dove provide a flexible and holistic approach to care. Each plan is tailored to
the needs and wishes of the individual client.
Dove holistic approach include:
Assist in running of the household

Preparation of meals

Personal care

Medication assistance


Shopping for or with the client

Escorting to any social events

Accompanying on holidays either in the UK or abroad

In a way Dove also make use of various methods of Holistic Marketing such
as Personalization in which they reach out to the customers in mass and
make sure that no two costumers are same, with the help of internet they
have captured the mass and have discovered a new marketing strategy.
Integrating marketing in a way have integrated many marketing activists
which has resulted a win situation for different customers as well as for the
company, because dove has always believe in “The whole is greater than the
sum of the parts”. Through Internalization marketing they have understood
the importance of each and every customer and so it becomes very
important to describe the actual product to customer in the language they
understand, to motivate customer to stick to the same brand by giving good
offers and making them understand how are they important to the company.
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The main target market is upper middle class and premium class people
(higher social economic group. It targets the Indian young women and
focuses on real beauty of women widening the stereotype view of
beauty. The targeting strategy can be presented as division of three aspects:
Age, Sex and Lifestyle. The age group segment of 17-50 years old women,
who are socially active with or without job and belong to premium section of

. wants . • It does not use celebrity rather makes regular women to be its super model.smoother and softer hair. behavior or which might want different products and services. The Pop’s of Dove Shampoo are – • Available in different size • Available for different hair type • Almost at the same price • Focuses on Indian hair problem Point of Difference : • Three times stronger. SEGMENTATION – Market segmenting is dividing the market into groups of individual markets with similar wants or needs that a company divides into distinct groups which have distinct needs.Point of Parity : The POP stand up against the advantage of Pod’s of competitiveness thus build a strong consumer base for the product. • Focuses one emotional selling proposition • Its not just a shampoo its a therapy that repairs your hair & enhances real beauty in you.


October 1. Dove had done research regarding its product and had involved a much amount of analysis. and choose among alternative brands and suppliers There are three buying situation :   New Task Modified Rebuy Straight Rebuy Buying Decision Approaches – Casual Approaches– It involves no information search or analysis. . Dove did not apply this approach as it had done research regarding what the people demand and what are their needs. 2013Leave a comment SESSION 16 & 17: ORGANIZATIONAL BUYING BEHAVIOUR Organization buying is the decision-making process by which formal organizations establish the need for purchased products and services and identify. evaluate. On basis of that they launched their product Dove shampoo which had one of most distinguishing factor and that was moisturizing. ROutine Low Priority – Decisions are more important and involve a moderate amount of analysis.

Dove shampoo had to take into consideration many factors because they were going to launch a new product which was somewhat an brand extension for their company. Thus all such factors which were important were taken into consideration while launching their new product.There are many forces that influences the organizational buying behavior. September 28. 2013Leave a comment SESSION 15: CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR KEY PSYCHOLOGICAL PROCESSES: .

September 27. 2013Leave a comment .Motivation: Some needs are BIOGENIC. Learning: It induces changes in our behaviour arising from experience. It is the way by which consumers select. for example hunger. The marketing of a product should be such that it creates the right brand knowledge structures and maintain them in memory. Perception: Perceptions affect consumer’s actual behaviour. esteem or belonging. Memory: All the information and experiences encountered ends up in the consumers long term or short term memory. thirst and discomfort whereas others are PSYCHOGENIC such as need for recognition. organize and interpret information inputs to create a meaningful picture of the world.

Strengths .SESSION 14: SALES MANAGEMENT Sales management is about leading the people and process your company uses to sell prospects and service customers. territories and quotas  Setting the right projections  Motivating your team  Tracking revenue against goals  Resolving conflicts  Training and coaching sales reps  Managing processes  Getting the sale! DOVE SALES MANAGEMENT TEAM USES SWAT ANALYSIS AS THEIR TECHNIQUE TO HAVE AN EFFECTIVE SALES. Responsibilities include:  Building the right sales strategy  Hiring the right team  Creating the right compensation plans.

The new technologies researched by Dove(micro serum and fiber actives) nourish hair and provide extra care to damaged hair. who tried Dove. Dove should try to attract more first time users. Weakness:   Feedback available on internet forums Some of the product feedback on internet forums claim that dove leaves the hair oily after wash and the serum in shampoo does not get washed from hair which makes the hair brittle. Threat: . So. This is expected to further grow till 43% of total population in”. Dove can utilize its brand image to launch a shampoo for colored hair.Product quality and product variety: Dove offers seven varieties of shampoos that cater to various hair problems which Indian women face. But. Expansion opportunities:  Shampoos for colored hair from L’Oreal and Garnier Fructis are available in the market. Dove has now transformed into a Therapy for hair. One of these attempts is the dove samples available on “Cheap free. no such shampoo is offered by Dove. The emerging strength of middle class in India also shows an expected growth in the market potential for shampoo industry. Head &Shoulders and L’Oreal. Opportunity:  Growing market opportunities:  From the available data the middle class population has increased from 18% in 1995 to 41% of total population in 2005. appreciated the product. The prices of dove shampoos are at par to the other shampoo brands like Pantene. This had lead to higher volume sales for the company. High product adoption ratio: Within 15 months of its launch Dove had become the fastest growing shampoo brand in the country. Majority of the women.

Nyle and Himalaya are preferred in comparison with normal. 2013Leave a comment SESSION 13: DISTRIBUTION DECISIONS For Dove. herbal shampoo brand like Vatika. September 25.  Intense Competition from other brands: The shampoo industry is highly competitive.8mn distinct outlet with directly servicing 1 million stores and 7000 stockists and distributers. are distributed through a network of 2500 redistribution stockists covering around one million retail outlets. Dove had already faced the situation of price-wars with Pantene in 2004. It is more popular in Metropolitan cities. So. Sharing potential market with herbal shampoos: Indian shampoo users still feel that shampoos contain chemicals that damage hair. Distribution channels HUL’s products. Pantene. HUL has 2. Head and Shoulders and L’Oreal are the prime competitors for Dove shampoo. .

2. 2013Leave a comment . Company’s policy is to work in advance payment mode. the stockists are evaluated and are selected by the company. HUL provide tailor made services to each of its channel partners.The general trade comprises grocery stores. wholesale. kiosks and general stores.. chemists.000 suppliers and2000 distributors serve HUL’s 37 factories reaching 6. September 25.3 million outlets. Based on the factors like the investment capacity. appropriate Sales force. infrastructure etc. number of retail stores covered. This is to ensure that the there is no delay in fulfilling the demand of the consumers and sufficient stocks are available to cover the entire range and categories of Dove shampoos.

Its mission now stated “to make women feel more beautiful every day by challenging today’s stereotypical view of beauty and inspiring women to take care of them.11 & 12: IMC. In 2008 mission of DOVE changed from increasing sales among beautiful women to concentrating overall age women without any categorization on the basis of looks. print. It launched ‘Dove Campaign for Real Beauty(CFRB)’ as its advertising campaign. . Message is executed by various advertisement strategies that no more included slim models but the actual users-beautiful and average looking woman. tele-marketing. The stage in PLC is ‘augmented product stage’ where this product has come up with sensitive augmented benefits like-damage therapy for hair and intense therapy for hair care. OOH etc.SESSION 10. (BTL)Below the line promotion involves direct marketing and interactive marketing strategies such as emails. websites etc. ATL.v. Dove brand has always been very particular about their promotions be it ATL or BTL. BTL IF IMC WAS TO BE DIVIDED INTO 2 PARTS – THEN ON THE LEFT WILL BE THE ATL STRATEGIES AND ON THE RIGHT WILL BE BTL STRATEGIES. (ATL)Above the line promotion involves use of mass advertising to reach the audience like t.

global sales surpassed the $1 billion mark in 2004. And it recognized there is no stronger way to build an intimate connection with a woman than to see into her real self. The reason for its success was that it “empowered” women to believe in their own beauty. show that you understand. . and tell her that you love her anyway. know her secret thoughts. Through research. Dove uncovered that there is a pent-up demand for a company to understand and acknowledge what women all over the world were feeling.The Campaign for Real Beauty exceeded company expectations. And that’s exactly what Dove did with the Campaign for Real Beauty.

The name itself—”Pro Age”—is a wonderful touché to all of those “anti-wrinkle” creams and “age-defying” potions that trade on the .Its latest promotional strategy is also on similar lines.Pro-Age advertising to Prime Time Women.

women of all ages and size. September 22. Being a premium brand Dove has never been using samples or coupons as its promotional strategy It position itself as a urban class brand amongst HUL haircare brands.negative stereotypes of aging. Dove is successful largely due to its unique and impressive promotional campaigns. The message to be spread among them was ‘each woman beautiful. irrespective of her age or size. 2013Leave a comment . It formely targets working class and upper class women. “Pro-Age” reflects the PrimeTime Woman’s confidence and comfort in being just who she is. Thus providing a cash refund offers or price pack or samples can harm its standard and image in minds of customer. The main strategy was shifted from concentrating over the product to concentrating over the target customers.

To understand how to price products or services it is important for the brand to understand the perceived value of those products/services provided to the end buyer. The selling price adopted by a company for its products directly affects the profitability and eventually the viability of the company. prices and offers Step 5: Selecting a Pricing Method Step 6: Selecting the final price Dove took utmost care while setting the prices. it came into the market with a high price in the very beginning. Setting the price for a product is very important. by keeping the prices low since it positioned itself as a premium product.SESSION 9: PRICING DECISIONS What is Pricing Strategy? Determining how the products of a brand will be priced is critical to ensure customers will continue to buy from the company.e. The following things should be kept in mind by when setting the price: Step 1: Objective Step 2: Determine demand Step 3: Estimating Costs Step 4: Analyzing competitor’s costs.The objective for Dove was to maximize market share and it couldn’t do so through market penetration. Therefore. i. . It also important to understand the market position of the brand and competitive products to set a price that will attract the attention of potential customers.

there were many shampoo brands already in the market. It is consistent and well recognized. for instance in design or image. Thus. The advantages of having a strong brand are that it: •Inspires customer loyalty leading to repeat sales and word-of mouth recommendation •The brand owner can usually charge higher prices. the success of dove soap was what attracted many consumers towards trying out dove shampoo as well and this helped in increasing sales despite a relatively high price. With limited shelf space it is more likely the top brands will be on the shelf than less well-known brands The brand does not spend a lot of time in promoting its corporate brand to general market. This is known as brand extension – a product with some of the brand’s s characteristics. Examples include Dove soap and Dove Shampoo (both contain moisturizer) . However. Dove. September 14. 2013Leave a comment SESSION 8: BRANDING A brand is a product with unique character. the price of Dove shampoo being high as compared to others did have a negative consequence and for a long time there were not many takers. The brands under it have different target markets and this diversification or segmentation is the strongest point of marketing. Thus Dove is able to clearly focus on its target markets. especially if the brand is the market leader • Retailers or service sellers want to stock top selling brands. hasn’t brought down its prices to a large extent owing to its loyal consumers except very slightly now and then. The strength of a brand can be exploited by a business to develop new products. Dove has had its price set on the basis of perceived value since it is aware of its customer base.Since. therefore.

The logo of Dove is a perfect representation of•Softness •Gentleness •Sophistication The image of Dove or peace pigeon symbolizes the purity and softness of Dove in its products. establishes brand loyaltyand can create a favorable image.The logo on a product is an important part of the product. It is important because it is easy to recognize. 2013Leave a comment SESSION 7: SERVICES AND SERVICE MARKETING What is Services marketing? . A logo is a symbol or picture that represents the business. September 14.

and effort. labor. Services’ marketing typically refers to both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) services. Ancillary services:. and complaining about a particular product. service customers expect value from access to goods. financial services. air travel. window and interior display. all types of hospitality services. or other assets for which purchasers have responsibility. which can be split into the two main areas of GOODS MARKETING (which includes the marketing of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and durables) and SERVICES MARKETING. time. Pre purchase services:.It is a sub field of marketing. networks. The range of approaches and expressions of a marketing idea developed with the hope that it be effective in conveying the ideas to the diverse population of people who receive it.This includes general information of the shampoo. Services of Dove (Shampoo):1. car rental services. In exchange for money. but they do not normally take ownership of any of the physical elements involved. fashion shows. . health care services and professional services. and trade-ins. professional skills. and systems. 2. Services are economic activities offered by one party to another. performances bring about desired results to recipients. objects. 3. advertising. repairing if the product is faulted. adjustments and returns. and includes marketing of services like telecommunications services. and free samples They also provide services as follows: Intangible services:-These are the services which are not physically seen for example mailing and giving feedback.This include accepting telephone and mail order. facilities. Often timebased. shopping hours. gift vouchers. fitting rooms. Post purchase services: – This includes shipping and delivery.

4 P’s . Dove provides a customer satisfied services which has helped them to cover such a huge market worldwide. So their perishabilty is a problem when demand fluctuates. September 11.These are services which are provided by dove employees directly through a door to door bases or on a telephonic call. where a customer can directly contact to the technical team and can solve their problem in seconds. 2013Leave a comment SESSION 6: PRODUCT MIX In simple language. Perishibility: – These are services which cannot be stored. Variability:. a product mix is the set of all the products and items a particular seller offer to sell.Dove in particular have a training professionals which take care of the customers complain and revert back in seconds with a solution and also note complains which always helps in improving the upcoming products. in short.Inseparable:. which gives a better customer satisfaction.

emotional connection between brands and consumers Promotion  From 1995 to 2007. DOVE used to target young Indian population  with the projection of its brand aiming at ‘perfect’ female population The brand earlier portrayed its main theme for ‘perfect’ women as  role models Main objective was to form a brand image of leading and ‘best’ brand for beauty products and other personal care products enriching the skin with glow and maintaining beauty of beautiful women Place .Product  Combination of moisturizer and softness so as to satisfy the   particular need which was earlier not met Focused on women (non models) -beautiful in their own way Based on a global study on perceptions and attitudes of women   with regard to personal beauty and well being Point of differentiation.moisturizer and meeting consumer needs Strong personal.

but has created a more strong customer base  Price quality inferences: consumer perceives high prices as an indicator of quality . thereby attracting upper middle class consumers Dove more expensive. Provide custom made services to channels partners. Price     Initially expensively priced Higher income earners did not consider it worth buying Change of strategy – Lowered prices.distributed through a network of 2500 redistribution stockists  covering around one million retail outlets. The general trade–grocery stores. chemists. kiosks and  general stores. wholesales. HUL.

. Its categories are      Haircare Soaps/Bars Facewash Deodorants Lotions LENGTH – Length of any product means the different types of products provided by that brand within a particular category. For ex. length.A company product mix has a certain width. These concepts for the consumer-product division of Dove shampoo are :WIDTH – Width of any product conveys how many different categories of products the company carries. depth and consistency.Dove brand consist of about 5 different categories and is entering into more and more gradually.

or some others way. production requirements.Dove has different variants like anti-dandruff. Color hair. Dove Damage Therapy Shampoo Nourishing oil repair. Dove product lines are consistent insofar as they are customer goods that go through the same distribution channels. Deodorant=3. (Hair care=7. and 500ml etc. The lines are less consistent insofar as they perform different functions for the buyers. and damage control and the size in which it comes is of 50ml. Dove has 7 different types of products like Dove Damage Shampoo Therapy. 2013Leave a comment SESSION 5: PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE . Dove Daily Moisture Replenish Shampoo.Under hair care. and etc. Overall. September 10. Dry hair. Dove has a length of 22. Body wash=6. Face wash=3. Lotions=3) DEPTH – Depth of any product means how many variants are offered of each product in line for ex. CONSISTENCY– It refers to how closely related the various product lines are in end users.

its sales increased once people started overlooking the premium price of the product and perceived high prices as an indicator of its quality. The promotions for the shampoo were up to the mark. Since Dove is a quality product. Its price was initially kept at a higher range as compared to its competitive brands. . Despite the fact that Dove Shampoo entered its growth stage a little late as compared to its competitors. the brand decided to follow the same pattern in terms of pricing as in case of the ‘dove soap’.Dove was when introduced into the market. but since then. A large section of the customer base of dove soap came to try the shampoo due to their liking for the soap and the experience they had had with it. its sales have skyrocketed. The sole reason for this was Dove wanted to keep the ‘premium’ tag of the brand intact as recognized with the dove soap for the shampoo as well. perhaps. Promotions helped promote the dove shampoo to a large extent and more customers were attracted to try it. Higher income earners did not consider it worth buying at first.

Dove and Clinic are produced by HUL. interesting promotional campaigns. August 26. Continuous innovations to the product. large customer base has contributed to Dove shampoo’s success so far and should continue to do so.Dove Shampoo has been in the maturity stage for a very long time now and is considered to be one of the best hair care brands in India. . 2013Leave a comment SESSION 4: MARKET STRUCTURE AND COMPETITORS HUL Dove and P&G Pantene have been major players in the shampoo market since last 5 years The top three most sought after brands Sunsilk.

continue their stronghold specially in semi-urban and rural markets. Sunsilk. followed closely by Sunsilk. While L’Oreal and now Dove are at the top of the heap. Pantene and Head & Shoulders occupy the next rung of pricing. The top-end constitutes new entrant Dove.Indian shampoo market is segmented on the basis of price. HLL’s Sunsilk. while low-tier brands include Ayur and Chik. The brand takes the strength from the equity of its soap and has been trying to leverage on that strength. Vatika and Garnier Ultra Doux constituting the bulk of the market. HLL’s Clinic Plus and P&G’s Rejoice are at the mid level (price points: Rs 5560 for 200 ml). L’Oreal Garnier Ultra Doux and Dabur’s Vatika. . L’Oreal. The top segment consists of premium brands like L’Oreal. Head & Shoulders etc. Lakme. P&G’s Pantene and Head & Shoulders. Sachets at price points of Rs 1. Average price points in this segment range from Rs 115-240 for 250-ml bottles. It is evident that the premium segment was created and dominated by L’Oreal and HUL felt that it should be having a brand in that segment too. meanwhile. The presence of milk lotion acts as the differentiators. 2 and 3. Garnier and other imported brands. mid segment consists of popular brands like Clinic. Dove is pitted against Lo-real and is positioned as a premium shampoo with moisturizing properties.

2013Leave a comment SESSION 3: CUSTOMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR Consumer behavior is the study of how individuals. services. . buy. UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER BUYING DECISION PROCESS Generally in consumer buying process there are five stages involved. use and dispose of goods. ideas or experiences to satisfy their needs and wants.August 23. groups and organizations select.

The very first stage is the PROBLEM RECOGNITION. Internal search is scanning one’s memory to recall previous experiences with products or brands. The third stage is EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES i.Behind the visible act of buying a dove shampoo product lays a decision process that needs to be investigated. The second stage is INFORMATION SEARCH i. One could also search about dove shampoo and its benefits etc in the official website or go through advertisements and other marketing gimmicks on TV. Whichever product will give the highest customer . Now in case with the dove product it could be using dove shampoo prior and having loved the end result. assessing value. manageable hair as the end product of a hair wash. External search could be from references from friends. This stage clarifies the options open to the customers and may involve internal and external search. Another way of knowing how the product is can be through the various portals which have feedbacks given by dove users regarding their experience of using the product. This stage could begin from something as simple as a need for a hair wash or in more specific terms. seeking value.e. a need for soft. The consumer would look for which one of the available shampoos would provide him/her the benefit he/she is looking for be it hair fall/split ends/dry hair etc. family. It could also be impulsive shopping decision where the need arose when the consumer saw the product on the shelf and wanted the product. Earlier the customer had various options to choose from in the case of shampoos. The need could also be triggered by marketing efforts such as an advertisement on TV or a simple billboard on the highway.e. beautiful. In this stage he compares various shampoo products or brands for the final purchase decision. It can arise from a friend referring to the ‘dove’ product as good and effective when used by him/her. neighbors or acquaintances.

the customer would end up buying that product. However. unanticipated situational factors and perceived risk may all affect the decision to buy. personal experience with the brand or even a random discount offer. evaluates it with the other products and decides not to buy dove shampoo instead he could go for cheaper shampoos or shampoos with other benefits.e. Satisfaction or dissatisfaction affects    consumer value perceptions consumer communications repeat-purchase behavior . In this case for dove shampoo. a sale. it is considered as a No Purchase. shopping pressure. The fourth stage is the PURCHASE DECISION i. After buying the dove shampoo products. reasonable rates. No purchase – a consumer looks at the product. There could be three possible sub stages here. terms of sale and return policy.e.perceived value. The fifth stage is the POST PURCHASE BEHAVIOUR i. The consumer will also survey if any retailer or kirana store is giving any store discount on the product or any sort of bundling offer happening anywhere. A few adventurous consumers might also purchase dove because they have been buying some other shampoo for a long time and they might want a fresh experience with a new product. the consumer compares it with expectations he had and is either satisfied or dissatisfied. Value in Consumption or Use. The attitudes of others. a few might not take the natural route and choose a product on the basis of product recall. When to buy – store atmosphere.  From whom to buy – which depends on considerations such as past  experience with a buyer. buying value. Products  discounts or attractive offers could be more around festivals and during special occasions. brand name and other subjective factors such as prestige.

The glycerin content of this shampoo repairs and soothes hair so it shines and looks sleek all . ensuring that hair grows stronger every day. Behind the visible act of buying a dove shampoo product lays a decision process that needs to be investigated. 2013Leave a comment SESSION 2: CREATING CUSTOMER VALUE CUSTOMER PERCEIVED VALUE is the difference between the prospective customer’s evaluation of all the benefits and all the costs of an offering and the perceived alternatives. Different variety of Dove shampoos cater to different hair problems. Composed mainly to fight hair fall. Customer Perceived Value= The milky composition of this shampoo allows ease of usage on hair and also smoothes the hair shaft.In reality it is this post purchase behavior of consumers and the post purchase satisfaction that drives the sales of the dove shampoo. the Dove rescue shampoo provides nourishment to hair from the root all the way upwards. August 20.

PRODUCT VARIETY – Five varieties of Dove shampoos are available in the market. it is readily available in all the mom and pop shops as well as the big and mega big retail shops such as BIGBAZAAR. Thus. Hence time and energy spent on acquiring dove soap is minimum. hair fall. Hardly any psychological costs involved since dove shampoo has not attracted any sort of complaint till date.Which helps the customer to choose product according to there own requirements and preferences. SIZES. 200 ml and 375 m. RELIANCE etc. As it is available in different sizes it helps to fit into consumer budget. These treat various hair problems like split ends. so men and women can now enjoy gorgeous hair and smiles all day long. Dove being one of the most selling soap in India. no risks involved. 100 ml.Available in sizes of 8 ml.the time and one needn’t worry about all the damage that frequent straightening has left behind. 8ml 100ml 200ml 375ml Dove Hairfall Rescue 3 64 117 205 Dove Split End Rescue 3 64 117 205 Dove Daily Shine 3 64 117 205 Dove Nourishing Oil Care 3 64 117 205 Dove Intense Repair 3 64 117 205 Dove Dryness Care 3 64 117 205 Dove Dandruff Care 3 69 134 215 . This shampoo is formulated to suit all hair types. dullness and dryness of hair. A dove user can style her hair like a diva and bring out the star in her as people start admiring the new improved look.

August 12. 2013Leave a comment SESSION 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE PRODUCT . And accordingly purchases best combination available.PRICES – Majority of users are satisfied with current market prices. It is very handy as it has a plastic bottle. CONNECTS WITH THE CUSTOMER – Dove does not use celebrity rather makes regular women to be its super model which helps a consumer to connect easily with the product. As the product is available in variety of range the consumer gets a choice to select in how much quantity and in what range it wants to purchase product. PACKAGING – The packaging of DOVE shampoo is very attractive and appealing.

Nourishing Oil care and Color Rescue. Dove also provides- DOVE BAR & SKIN CLEANSING Dove got women to experience the ‘real’ Dove difference. with the Face Test campaign. Dryness Care.Dove entered the Indian market in 1993. It’s highly conditioned formulation delivers the moisture promise of Dove. Apart from the hair care range. and Dove. Dove helps you pamper yourself in a new way every day. The range includes Daily Shine. and since then Indian women have relied on Dove for beautiful skin. DOVE HAIR CARE RANGE Dove launched its hair care range in India in 2007. Thousands of women across the country put their soap. They all had the same answer – Dove made their skin soft. with a wide range that includes skincare. hair care and deodorants. DOVE ANTI-PERSPIRANT DEODORANTS . to the test. Hair Fall Rescue. and became the fastest growing shampoo brand in the country. Dandruff Care. Intense Repair Therapy.

The body of work not only shows the evolution of Dove as a brand. under the umbrella of Unilever. introduced Dove. Silk Dry and Clear Touch. 2013Leave a comment DOVE-THE BRAND In 1957.Your delicate underarms need tender care. Try the New Dove Deodorants with ¼ moisturising cream. From the beginning Dove has always celebrated REAL WOMEN at the heart of everything the brand does and believes. Real beauty embraces diversity – no woman is or should feel excluded from the world of beauty that the brand represents. Real women are the brand’s true inspiration. for visibly softer. 24-hr protection from sweat and odour. August 10. it . DOVE LOTIONS & CREAMS Pamper your skin with the unique rich moisturisers and pure silk formula of Dove Lotions and Creams. Choose from 3 variants – Original. smoother underarms. Lever Brothers. Dove has evolved as a brand in the most revolutionary time in women’s history.

Dove extended their products from a cleansing bar to a complete line of personal care products.also shows how the attitudes of women and their role in society has changed in the past 50 years. soft and . leaving skin clean. from shampoo to liquid shower gel. “Dove is Good for Your Skin” is still selling the brand today. With its patented blend of mild cleansers and ¼moisturizing cream. August 4. “Dove Won’t Dry Your Skin Like Soap Can”. Now Dove has products ranging from bar soap to lotion. Follow FOLLOW “DOVE” Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. even though beauty trends and the representation of women have changed throughout the decades. Dove’s iconic Beauty Bar rinses cleaner than soap. During the 90’s. | The Trvl Theme. the consistency of Dove’s and David Ogilvy’s original messages: “1/4 Cleansing Cream”. Sign me up Build a website with WordPress. 2013Leave a comment Older posts POSTS Posts CATEGORIES Categories Create a free website or blog at WordPress.