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Complete the sentences with a, an, the or – .

1 ________ man who burgled ten houses was my next door neighbour.
2 I was listening to _______ radio when I heard _______ strange sound.
3 Scientists believe that in _______ 22nd century there will be no prisons.
4 _______ reporters asked _______ criminal why he had chosen to rob _______ bank in
_______ USA instead of one in his country, _______ Mexico.
Complete each sentence using the word given so that it means the same as the sentence
before it. Use no more than five words.
1 Mary is taller than Donna.
Donna is not ________________________________________ Mary.
2 His latest movie is not as good as the previous one.
His latest movie ________________________________________ the previous one.
3 There’s no singer like her. She is number one in the world.
She is ________________________________________ in the world.
4 A cinema ticket is usually cheaper than a concert ticket.
A concert ticket is usually ________________________________________ a cinema ticket.
5 Happiness is more important than money.
Money is ________________________________________ happiness.
6 Everybody in the class is younger than Justin.
Justin is _____________________ in the class.
Write the word correct using the ones given.
Do’s and don’ts for those who want to be famous
 Don’t be (0) _____impatient_____ (patient). All celebrities worked (1) _________________
(hard) than you can imagine to become successful.
 Don’t be (2) ____________________ (honest) about your career so far. No-one is going to
believe you sang on stage with Madonna and Michael Jackson. If you lie, you’ll only end up (3)
__________________ (employed).
 Do find out more about yourself. Find out what you can really do (4) ___________________
(good) than the others, eg dance or sing. If you are (5) __________________ (certain) about
your ability to do something, try it.
 Do work (6) ____________________ (much) on your weak points and spend
(7)__________ (little) time daydreaming.
 Do prepare yourself for the interviews. The last thing you want is to feel (8)
______________ (comfortable) with some unexpected questions.
 Don’t look (9) ____________________ (tidy), especially during an interview.
 Good luck! For (10) ____________________ (far) information, you can call our support
line on 000443212345
Use the adjectives once only to fill the gaps. ("X2" means you use it twice.): bad, clean, big
(x2), dangerous, far, good, cheap, expensive, luxurious.
1 The distance from Sydney to Madrid is ________________ than the distance from New York
to London.
2 David's kitchen is very dirty. Mine is much ________________
3 That film was terrible. In fact, it's ________________ film I've ever seen

a) __________________________________________________ b) ___________________________________________________ Time. 9 If you buy ________________. The job advertisement attracted a large number of applicants. 5 Riding a motorbike is ________________ than driving a car. you won't get the best. 2. 6. We had _____ cake with the tea 7. There are _____ pears left. 1. a) __________________________________________________ b) ___________________________________________________ Glass. I can lend you a ______ money if you need it 4. 8 Rolls Royce make some of ________________ cars in the world. Chicken. I have a certain ___________ of respect for her. a) __________________________________________________ b) __________________________________________________ Chocolate. 6 Clare's apartment is just as ________________ as Michael's. The ship was carrying a _________ of wheat. Only two 10. 9. the coffee in Spain and Italy is ________________ than the coffee you get in Britain. 7 One night at The Ritz is ________________ than a week in The Holiday Inn.4 Generally speaking. 5. 8. The disease affected a large __________ of horses in this region. a) __________________________________________________ b) ___________________________________________________ Work a) ___________________________________________________ b) __________________________________________________ Complete with the correct quantifier. 3. Use one word. I ate ____ sandwich for lunch. Would you like _____ tea? . The police found _________ drugs in the warehouse. 10 The aquarium in Valencia is ________________ in Europe Countable or Uncountable depending on the meaning.