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For either an Urban or Rural area, describe the fieldwork and research you

undertook to investigate the need for rebranding?
In places such as Walton-On-the-Naze, you would need to undertake a range of
different research and field work in order to obtain evidence for the need of
rebranding. We looked at Census of data of the area and this showed high levels of
unemployment in the past 10 years which was overall higher than the UK average.
The population is also ageing as many young people have left due to the lack of
amenities, but to also go to university or get a higher skilled and higher paid job.
There has been an overall decrease in population size due to young, higher skilled
workers leaving the area to find better employment opportunities and as a result
an unskilled labour force remains. The area has little people with disposable
income to spend money and due to the ageing populations fewer taxes are spent
on improving the facilities such as education and schools and as a result the area
is in a constant spiral of decline. There the need for rebranding is clear, the area
needs to have a wider sphere of influence and be able to attract a range of people
to the area, included employers. Other research includes looking at local plans.
From this we were able to see what the people of the community wanted and
create bottom up development. This showed that the area itself was suffering from
unemployment and that to regain status the community would war a strong
economy with high a unique selling point to attract tourists but also create a place
people will chose to live.
Fieldwork such as Land use surveys could be used to show whether rebranding is
needed in the area. These included retail index surveys, RICEPOTS and goad maps.
The evidence this gave would determine whether rebranding would necessary.
Areas such as Walton-on-the-naze had many low order good shops, derelict
buildings a prevalent amount of seasonal business that are abandoned during the
winter months. Charity shops were common because rent was cheaper and there
were many pound shops which attract few people; area’s such as this need
rebranding to take place due to the low socio-economics of the area. The shops
here indicate what the populations and afford and these have a large impact on
what attracts tourist to the area – the area and shops are not attractive to the
populations and people usually only travel long distances to visit areas with high
order stores or area that offer something unique. As a result there is strong
evidence that rebranding is needed to gain a wider sphere of influence and bring a
range of stores to the area that offer and uniqueness and more skilled
employment. Another piece of fieldwork you could undertake is a clone town
survey. If an area needs rebranding the results from this will normally be a low
quality hometown status, where independent stores offer low order goods that
attract little customers from out of town places. Therefore rebranding needs to
take place due to the lack of uniqueness in the area and also due to the narrow
sphere of influence in which few people are attracted to the area. Questionnaire
data is also fieldwork which can be undertaken in order to see whether an area
needs rebranding. Local people are able to give responses and tell you their
opinion of the area they live in, creating an idea of bottom up development.
Therefore we are able to see how the area needs rebranding and why this needs to
take place. In coastal towns such as Walton-on-the-Naze, local people felt that the
area did need rebranding and to do these appropriate methods would be to
improve the environment, and give better opportunities for young people instead

. Many help to gain an insight into the area itself and the opinions of the local people. The area itself however would benefit from rebranding and questionnaires would help to provide the local people with what they want. Overall a range of different fieldwork and research techniques could be carried out in order to see whether an area needs rebranding.of them leaving to get better skilled work elsewhere. However 6% of elderly people felt that Walton didn’t need to change as it was already unique and did not need a change of character.