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JUNE 24th, 2015.



1. A little over a year ago, I stood before you to share with you the progress made in
the implementation of the County Government of Kiambus policies and plans,
share our success stories and highlight some of our challenges.

2. With your continued support and unwavering commitment to the development of

Kiambu County, we have come a long way these last twelve months. Once again,
in line with my Constitutional duties and those outlined in Section 30 of the
County Governments Act, I am honoured to address this special sitting of the
Assembly and share our progress.

Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members:

3. Our vision for Kiambu County is no longer a vision. Each day these last several
months, we have worked to translate our goals and commitments enunciated in the
County Integrated Development Plan into a reality. Our Vision remains clear. But
today, it is more than just a vision. Its daily implementation is giving birth to

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

tangible developmental progress for our County and the lives of our People whom
we serve.

4. We have been bold and bullish in our developmental agenda, and in the process,
have blazed the trail in several sectors, drawing glowing accolades across the

5. Kiambu was recognized as the First County to go live on full revenue automation.
We won the first ICTAK award on best use of ICT in the County Government
Category. We have been declared the Best in adherence to Procurement laws by
PPOA. And the CRA has ranked us third in the Financial Year 2013/14 on fiscal
responsibility, budget absorption and prudent use and management of resources.
We look forward to being Number 1 in the Financial Year coming to a close next
week and to drawing more positive attention to ourselves.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members:

6. This recognition has been the result of a concerted effort by my Government to

ensure that effective management and discipline become engrained as a way of life
for each person who serves in the County Government. With your oversight role
as the County Assembly, we have proven that it is indeed possible, in spite of any
actual or perceived differences, to work in unison for the greater good of this
County. I thank you for this Assemblys continued support in the implementation
of our development agenda.

7. Article 10 of our Constitution binds all state organs and stage and public officers
to observe the national values and principles of governance. The rule of law is a
key principle of Governance. Every function of the County Government is
anchored under the law and the discharge of those functions is guided by set laws.

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

The County Government set up a legal office to aid the County Government in
performing its functions under strict compliance with the law. Indeed, the
achievements by the departments outlined in this Address would not have been
realised without tremendous support from our executive legal team, which is
working closely with the legal team within this Assembly.

8. With no legal officers inherited from the former eight local authorities on
devolution, the County Government now boasts a fully-fledged legal office housed
in the Department Public Service and Administration. The establishment of this
Office was preceded by the conduct of a full audit of all legal matters inherited
from the former local authorities, with a view to ascertaining our liabilities under
such matters and centralizing all legal functions for efficiency and expediency

9. The office is staffed with 4 qualified and competent Advocates of the High Court
and 2 legal assistants charged with the responsibility of dealing with all legal
matters affecting the County Government. The office now handles almost 80% of
all litigation and contractual drafting without engaging external counsel and this
has drastically reduced the costs attached to defending the County Government in
court, and thus releasing much needed funds for application towards other
development projects.

10. Over the last year, 9 significant pieces of legislation have been passed by this
Assembly ranging from matters finance to health.

12 other Bills are under

development from the various departments and are either already before you, or
will be presently before you. Your joint efforts in the legislative drafting process
are laudable and I encourage this continued collaborative effort as we create the
necessary enabling environment for governance, transparency, and investment in
Kiambu County.

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members:

11. None of our collective efforts to give effect to our CIDP would be possible
without the allocation of sufficient resources to our development budget.


inception, we have been, and continue to be challenged by the issue of a huge

wage bill and related recurrent expenditure, a legacy from the former Local
12. This Governments challenge has therefore been to adopt various measures to
ensure that we see an increase in service delivery to our People, improve the
quality of such service, increase Locally Generated Revenues within the
parameters outlined in Article 209 of our Constitution and balance our workforce
and payroll. In the end, we aim to reduce this County Governments reliance on
the National Government allocation.

13. In order to achieve these objectives, this government has fully embraced
technology commencing with the implementation of an automated receipting
system and business intelligence system. We are now able to track all revenue
collection on a real time basis, consolidate the legacy system LAIFOMS from 8
former local authorities into one central system and thereby establish a single
trustworthy source of information for decision making.

14. We have introduced a self-help portal for all the residents of Kiambu County
accessible on where our residents can log in and
request for services from the county and be able to effect payments online. For the
convenience of our residents, we are supporting different modes of payment,
MPESA, Airtel money, Visa and MasterCard. Earlier this year, we introduced QR
Codes for licence verification to avoid fraud.

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

15. In response to our Head of States call to coordinate more with national
institutions and leverage on existing structures, the Department of Finance also
solicited the support of the National Youth Service which deployment of 85
additional Revenue & Enforcement Officers. We thank this Assembly for its
timely approval of the engagement of these officers as their visible presence on the
ground complemented our internal automation efforts.

16. Finally, the County Government will be issuing an initial 100,000 residents with
the Visa-Enabled Kiambu County Cards, which will be used for various fee
payments to the County Government and which can also be used on other
platforms such as matatu fare payment and online shopping amongst others.

17. Our investment in these measures has not gone to waste. Revenue collection as at
May 2014 stood at Kes 1,1 Billion compared to Kes 2,1 billion in May 2015. We
expect to see an increase in the coming fiscal year, as our residents and workforce
get more accustomed to the digitization taking place within the County.

Out of

the total internal revenue collection, a total of Kes. 456 Million has been used to
fund the development budget.

18. It is my expectation that as the internally generated revenues increase, so will our
obligation to develop the necessary Infrastructure to meet the future growth of our

We will continue to entrench ourselves as innovative & efficient

Government, utilizing international best practices in revenue collection. As a

result of our successes, we have received tremendous support from international
agencies such as UN Habitat, who have assigned a consultant to work with us
through this process of enhancing local revenues and strengthening our financial
management systems.

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

19. In addition to the support we are receiving from UN Habitat, the County
Government is working closely with the ICT Authority and the World Bank Group
in finalizing our ICT Roadmap on how to better use technology to improve and
increase service delivery to our People. This will ensure that we continue to invest
in the appropriate technology which will serve as an enabler in efficient, costeffective and transparent internal operations and ensure that it we maintain global
best practices while integrating with national and neighbouring County ICT
infrastructure and systems, consisted with the philosophy of shared ICT services.

20. Other commendable efforts of our Department of Finance include the

establishment of the County Budget and Economic Forum in line with the
provisions of the Public Finance Management Act. This body has provided the
public with opportunities to participate in how their County is governed, including
how public finances are managed to deliver services and foster development. It
has been a crucial tool and has served as the primary institution for facilitating
public participation. Its establishment has been an integral part of the
governments strategy to improving accountability and public participation at the
county level.

21. With the establishment of the Emergency Fund in early 2014, the Department has
had to approve disbursements from the Fund to the tune of Kes 26.4 million spent
on emergency cases. A further Kshs.15.2 million was loaned to Department of
Health Services at the beginning of the financial year when the Hospitals were in
crisis due to delayed disbursements from the Controller of Budget.

22. The Department has also eliminated all forms of manual payments and has fully
adopted the IFMIS System and e-procurement system, measures that will
minimize tampering and fraud usually endemic in procurement processes.

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

23. Finally, the Department has already embarked on the process of attaining ISO
9001:2008 for Quality Management systems. This certification is aimed at
ensuring continuous improvement of our processes and procedures.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members:

24. The business of service delivery is tough business. It calls for a rationalization of
our workforce on the one hand and an investment in their talent for improved
service delivery to our People. It requires us to rid ourselves of deadwood while
recognising that the livelihoods of many are in our hands as a government. The
roles of our County Public Service Board and the Department of Public Service &
Administration are therefore pivotal in managing this balance.

25. In the last year, we have been able to fill various administrative positions in
accordance with the provisions of the County Governments Act. These include 10
County Chief Officers, the County Secretary, 12 Sub-County Administrators and
46 new Ward Administrators. Other departmental recruitments include 134 health
workers comprised of nursing officers, clinical officers, laboratory technicians,
nutritionists, radiographers, pharmacists, among others. In addition, the Board
ratified the appointment of 46 doctors who had been posted by the National
Government and these have been deployed in various health facilities across the

26. With infrastructure development being a cornerstone of our growth as a County,

we have recruited another 54 officers to fill various positions ranging from
superintendent of works, engineers, surveyors and various maintenance inspectors
for the Department of Transport & Infrastructure Development. The Department
of Land, Housing & Planning will also benefit from the ongoing recruitment of 58

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

officers at Director level through to technical officers such as cartographers,

monitoring & enforcement officers, valuers, among others.

27. With our special focus on performance management and quality service delivery,
the County Government has implemented a Performance Management System
with the support of the World Bank. The System is instrumental in monitoring
efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of the various Departmental
activities and has proved to be a vital tool in ensuring optimum performance in the
delivery of services to our People.

28. In our recruitment of personnel, the Board has endeavoured to adhere to the
Constitutional thresholds including the requirement that at least 30% of vacant
posts at entry level are filled by candidates who are not from the dominant ethnic
community in the County. While Kiambu County is a cosmopolitan County with a
projected population of 1.2 million by 2017, we still find that the majority of the
applications come from one dominant community. During the recruitment process
for Ward Administrators, for example, it was difficult to achieve the one-third
threshold, leading to the re-advertisement of 14 positions, primarily targeting nondominant communities within the County.
29. We expect that with time, we shall be able to attract the right talent from across all
communities representing in the County, and I encourage Kenyans from all walks
of life to apply for the positions advertised by our Board.

30. The Department of Public Administration and the Board are in the final stages of
approving all necessary Human Resource policies, our Service Charter and
Performance Contracts in line with national and international best practice.

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

31. Our County Executive Committee has also embraced ICT with the implementation
of the e-Cabinet solution in September 2014. This has enabled the Executive
Committee to hold online discussions with Members being able to submit agendas
online and vote for them. All Executive Committee papers for discussion prior to
the Executive Committee meetings and this enables all Members to participate in
the meetings even when they have travelled abroad.

Needless to say, this

development has greatly increased efficiency in service delivery spearheaded by

the County Executive Committee.

32. While Kenya was recently ranked the third fastest growing economy in the world,
behind China and the Philippines, the World Economic Forums Africa
Competitiveness Report, 2015 launched last month, identifies corruption as the
Number 1 impediment to doing business in Kenya. My County Government is
determined to promote a Corrupt Free environment.

To this end, we have

established the County Anti-corruption Coordination Unit and a Departmental

Procurement Unit and it is my hope that effective measures will continue to be
implemented to rid ourselves of this negative image and promote Kiambu County
as the place to do business in Kenya.

33. Finally, the Department of Public Administration has established a Task Force to
fast track the completion of our County Governments Headquarters in Kiambu
Sub-County with a view to permanently locating the head office to our gazette
headquarters. With completion of the works almost done, it is anticipated that the
shift will take place in the early part of this coming fiscal year.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members:

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

34. Our investment in the early education of our children is an important element in
ensuring we develop the next generation of leaders. However, while the Board
shortlisted and interviewed over 2,000 teachers for our ECD centres, we continue
to be embroiled in the national saga around their recruitment and cannot finalise
this process with the current court order still in place. I however remain confident
that this protracted legal process will culminate in a favourable decision for the
County Governments, so we can proceed with our work of investing in our
childrens future.
35. Finally, the County Government continues to labour under the legacy of historical
legal actions filed by employees of the former local authorities, and negotiations
are still underway for out of court settlements which we hope to conclude in the
near term.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members of this Assembly:

36. As the fastest urbanising County in the Republic of Kenya that has over 70% of its
population reliant on agriculture either directly or indirectly for their livelihoods, it
is imperative that the right balance be maintained to ensure sustainable
development of our County while remaining the breadbasket of our nation. Our
agricultural land sizes are diminishing to pave way for real estate developments in
an effort to deal with the increasing population pressure. Our people continue to
rely on rain-fed agriculture due to limitation of irrigation infrastructure and uptake
of modern technology and scientific farming methodologies in the agricultural
sector remains slow.

37. Last year, I reported that my Government had undertaken a comprehensive review
of the strategy for the agricultural sector in order to come up with a new agenda
for this sector and the rural economy in general. I am pleased to announce that,
following these endeavours, the Department of Agriculture launched its Strategic

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

Plan which is aligned to our CIDP and the National Vision 2030. The main output
areas of this plan are food security, wealth and employment creation.

38. The Department of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries has in the last twelve
months placed great emphasis on the training of our farmers. The department has
constructed 60 green houses in all the sub-counties. These are used as
demonstration centres for farmers and through these centres, more than 1,500
farmers have been trained on agronomic practices of crop management. The
process of procuring 20 more greenhouses is now complete and these will be
constructed in several wards across the County.

39. We have not stopped at the provision of training facilities. For ease of marketing,
all the green house groups were brought together to elect delegates and to form a
marketing cooperative the Kiambu Agri-business Marketing Society Limited
or KIAMA as it has popularly come to be known. The cooperative has been used
to market produce from the 60 green houses with the aim of using it for collective
marketing of horticultural produce of Kiambu farmers. The cooperative has
already been registered and has opened a bank account.

40. My Office has negotiated with various retail chains including Nakumatt, Fruity
Fruits and Zucchini Groceries to enable our farmers produce is absorbed into
these outlets. While the group has managed to meet several orders, the main
challenge remain meeting the quantities required. The Department of Agriculture
is therefore working with the co-operative to strategise on how to bring in more
groups on board so that the quantities required by the retail outlets can be met.
However, I am pleased to report that several groups have already banked over Kes
100,000 through this initiative and we are honoured to be part of the process of
increasing the income levels of our People.


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

41. With the growing number of obesity and diabetes related health complications in
our society,

the Department of Agriculture has embarked on a campaign to

reduce the consumption of sugar and replace this with sweeteners. To this end,
Stevia promotion and growing has been initiated in Kiambu County and Stevia
cuttings have been provided to 120 farmers from the upper highland areas of
Githunguri, Lari, Limuru, Gatundu North and Gatundu South.

42. The County Government sponsored 20 farmers and 8 staff for a study tour on
stevia growing at Kericho and has executed a Memorandum of Understanding
with an offtaker - Pure Circle who will purchase all the stevia that our Kiambu
farmers will grow.

43. We had commenced the training of our farmers in tissue culture and banana
promotion in the last financial year.

This year, to ensure technology

dissemination, farmers have been trained at the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock
Research Institute and Waruhiu Agricultural Training Centre. In support of the
technology, two banana hardening nurseries have been constructed and 10 more
are earmarked to ensure constant supply in all the sub-Counties. Training on
banana production and value addition have been conducted to about 1,000
farmers. Finally, a Banana collection centre will be constructed at Karuri market
where farmers will leverage on the benefits of collective bargaining.

44. With Food Security being a priority across our continent, the Department of
Agriculture is collaborating with the national government in a food security
project and has supplied planting seed and fertilizer to farmers across the County.
Under this initiative, plans are underway to provide dairy goats and indigenous
chicken worth Kes 160 million to vulnerable families in arid and semi-arid areas
of Nachu and Ndeiya.


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

45. In order to address the challenges our farmers are facing in accessing government
subsidized farm inputs such as fertilizer, the Department of Agriculture has
entered into an agreement with National Cereals & Produce Board to facilitate the
opening of three fertilizer depots for farmers to access fertilizers easily. Though
the depots are run by officers from NCPB, the department facilitated refurbishing
the depots and equipped them with the necessary infrastructure including Internet
access, Computers and printers.

46. In the year 2014, the Kiambu County produced 300 million litres of milk valued at
Kes 9 Billion. The County Government through the Department of Agriculture has
therefore already embarked on value addition measures to ensure dairy farmers
will be cooling and processing their own milk. This year Kes 63 million was set
aside for installation of 6 bulk milk coolers of 2,000 litres, two bulk milk coolers
of 5,000 litres and one Pasteurizer of 500 litres per hour capacity.

47. On Aquaculture, the County Government has finalised the construction of 4 fish
ponds per sub-County and procurement of fish liners and fingerlings completed
ready for our various farmer groups that have already undergone training in this
48. While most of us consider rabbits to be childrens pets, there is a recent steady
growth of rabbit consumption in the County. For this reason, the Department has
trained over 3,000 farmers in rabbit production and processing to meet the
increasing demand of local supermarkets and restaurants.
49. The National Governments Ministry of Industrialisation & Enterprise
Development has identified hides, skins & leather development as one of the key
investment areas for our country.

Kenya currently earns approximately Kes 9

Billion from this sector, mostly in unfinished wet blue leather. However, Kiambu

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

County farmers earned about only Kes 230 million from this sector. Recognising
that finished leather goods account for about 6% of leather exports in Kenya, the
Department of Agriculture is advocating for a revitalization of the cottage
industries as a step towards the promotion of job creation in this sector.

50. We have, therefore, invested in the training of 200 cobblers at the Training and
Production Centre for Shoe Industry based in Thika and the Kenya Industrial
Research Development Institute in Nairobi. The trained youths will serve as
contact persons in our sub-counties for our other youths and dealers in leather
activities promotion in Kiambu County.

51. As irrigation provides a powerful management tool against the vagaries of rainfall,
the County Government has completed three irrigation projects in Mangu Ward,
Gatuanyaga Ward and Nyanduma Ward with five more currently ongoing in other
wards and several more planned in the upcoming financial year.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members:

52. I now move on to the state of Transport & Infrastructure Development in our

53. Our Department of Roads, Transport & Public Works continues to work under its
guiding principal of building top quality roads at the minimum possible cost in an
effort to reduce the distance between people, markets and health services across
the County.

54. The Department has remained active in the construction of new roads as well as
conduct of routine maintenance of rural roads across the County. Key highlights


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

include the 15 Kilometer Ndumberi-Githunguri Road whose works are still

ongoing with about 8.5 Kilometers of the carriage way being completed to date.

55. Works are also scheduled to commence under a recently awarded Kes 221 million
roadworks contract for the conversion of the existing single carriageway on the
Kenyatta Highway and roundabout into a dual carriageway upgraded to bitumen
standards. Drainage works, street lighting and beautification also form part of this

56. Over 114 contracts were targeted for rural access roads across the County, several
of which are completed and many of which are currently ongoing. A total of 33
Km have been completed by external contractors and works are currently ongoing
on another 103 Km across the County. In order to reduce costs, the County
Government is also undertaking roadworks in-house from materials sourced
locally within the County from quarries, Ruiru Sewerage works and various other
sites. To date, another 89 kilometers or rural access roads have been constructed
across 10 sub-counties in this financial year.

57. The Department is also working closely with the World Bank funded Nairobi
Metropolitan Services Improvement Project and works are currently ongoing on
new roads in Kikuyu, Ruiru and Limuru Sub-Counties.

58. Construction of non-motorised transport and pedestrian paths is also underway

covering Garissa Road, Kenyatta Highway, Haile Selassie Road and General Kago
Road. Works are also scheduled to commence in Kikuyu, Ruiru and Limuru


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

59. The Department had targeted the construction of three bus parks. Construction
has commenced at the Githurai Bus Park while the designs for Kiambu and Juja
Bus Parks are ready and procurement for construction scheduled to commence
early in the next financial year.

60. The Energy Directorate also falls within the Department of Roads, Transport and
Public Works. To this end, the Department is working closely with the World
Bank in the installation of 275 street lights using 80Watt energy saving LED
across seven urban centres in the County. In addition, 11 High Masts of 30 meters
and 64 High Masts of 30 meters are also being installed using 200 Watt LED. It is
expected that this installations will reduce the power bills by about 50%.

61. The strategic location of the high masts in shopping centres, market centres,
hospitals, schools, informal settlements and police stations is aimed at increasing
security across the County. The Department also continues to maintain and repair
the existing 139 High Masts and 3,300 street lights across the county to ensure
improved lighting for, and enhanced safety of our residents. The Department
however faces the challenge of proper equipment and have budgeted for a man-lift
to fast track repairs of the street lights and high masts in the coming financial year.

62. In collaboration with the Rural Electrification Authority, the Department has
finalised the identification of all primary schools not connected to the national grid
which should be connected within the next financial year.

While rural

electrification is now a devolved function, this joint exercise is meant to ensure

that the national governments target of electrifying all primary schools in the
Country is indeed realized. As noted by our Head of State in his State of the
Nation Address earlier this year, more primary schools have been connected to the
national electricity grid in the last two years than been since independence.


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members:

63. Last year, I reported that the process of developing the 10-year County Spatial
Plan had commenced. I am pleased to report that this exercise is now complete
and serves as a framework for providing the County with spatial planning
instruments in accordance with the provisions of the County Governments Act.
This exercise is aimed at strengthening the capacity for effective coordination of
all property development within the County.
64. The Department embarked on an audit of poorly developed buildings in selected
areas of the County. Given the complex nature of the exercise and the historical
ad hoc development that had been ongoing, the Department increased the number
of staff including development control officers. It has also procured GPS hand
held devices which shall be used for purposes of expanding the scope of the audit
as well as fast track other survey activities.

65. The Department has also embarked on data capture of all the land use activities in
the County. The pilot project for this exercise is currently underway in Thika
Town with the assistance of planning students engaged as interns from the Kenya
Polytechnic University.

66. A major achievement of this Department is the clearance of all the back log of the
building applications that have delayed construction in the County. One significant
intervention has been the approval of all minor applications comprising of
Bungalows and Maissonettes at the Sub- county level within 14 days.
Comprehensive and major applications shall continue to be processed through the
main pre-technical committee which has adopted new stream-lined pre-approval
procedures for development applications. The Planning Technical Committee
holds sessions every month to deliberate and approve submitted applications to


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

ensure that we do not have future back-log problems with our planning approval

67. The Department is also collaborating with the World Bank funded Kenya Informal
Settlements Improvement Programme, through which two informal settlements Gachagi in Thika Town and Shauri Yako in Kiambu have been identified for
various infrastructure upgrades including roadworks and street lighting. We are in
discussions with the Programme coordinators to so that the scope of Gachagi shall
also encompass Umoja area since these seem to be seamless on the ground. The
Department has also received a double-cabin pick-up from the national Ministry of
Lands, Housing & Urban Development to facilitate their work in this programme.

68. Finally, the Department is working closely with UN Habitat to develop a more
robust Housing Policy and urban renewal models as well as regularize old
developments that were not compliant with planning regulations. As a key source
of internal revenue, the streamlining of our land-based revenue sources and
processes remains a high priority for this Department and we anticipate continued
support from UN Habitat on this end.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members:

69. My Government has prioritized environmentally sustainable urban development
for our People as access to water and sanitation is a fundamental human right and
essential to life, health and dignity. As the County continues to experience rapid
urbanization, timely and adequate provision of clean water and sanitation services
to uprooted people is particularly important, given the vulnerability of their
situation. The Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources has
therefore embarked on various initiatives to improve access to water and sanitation
amongst the residents of Kiambu.

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

70. We recently completed the construction of an elevated 100 cubic meter water tank
in Tinganga ward and the distribution of pipe work is on-going. Work has also
commenced on the Gitiha water project in Githiga Ward and the project is
awaiting connection of electricity by KPLC.

71. The Juja Salama borehole that required the removal of a burnt motor from the
borehole and re-equipping with a new motor is now operational and over 200
families have access to water from this source. Other initiatives include the
rehabilitation of the Lussigetti community borehole in Nachu Ward and the
rehabilitation of the Mwiki borehole, both of which are now fully operational.

72. In Thogoto, the improvement and rehabilitation of three water tanks, construction
of one water tank and a water kiosk was funded through the Water Services Trust
Fund. Today, more than 3,000 residents are benefiting from improved water
services. The Fund has also financed the Gachie Water Project in Kiambaa with
more than 5,000 residents benefiting from this water project.

73. Works are also currently ongoing at the Ondiri Water Project, which, once
complete, will serve Gikambura and Karai areas, supplying more than 5,000
residents with safe adequate water.

74. In collaboration with the World Bank and Athi Water Services Board, works are
still ongoing at the Ruiru Sewerage Plant with the trunk main sewers, aerobic


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

ponds and reticulation systems almost complete. Another 70,000 households are
expected to benefit from this project.

75. With regards to public sanitation and garbage control, the County recognizes that,
with only five registered dumpsites, there is a huge problem in waste management.
Several initiatives have therefore been implemented including the development of
a Semi-Aerobic Landfill in Thika.

The Kiambu Dumpsite Rehabilitation is

complete and others are presently under rehabilitation and garbage trucks stationed
at Gatundu South and Ruiru Sub-Counties have also been rehabilitated to
facilitated garbage collection.

76. The Department has constructed several sanitation blocks in Githunguri, Uthiru,
Kangangi Market, Githurai Market and Limuru Market sanitation block is

77. It is expected that the coming financial year will see the introduction of a specific
budgetary vote for environment management, increased citizen participation in
solid waste management as we finalise the establishment of the Solid Waste
Management Authority that will also provide a framework for managing value
addition to give garbage economic value and create employment amongst our
youth. Across the globe, garbage is increasingly being viewed as a valuable
source of income, and it is my Governments hope that we can tap into this
resource in the coming year.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members of this Assembly:

78. Closely linked to matters of water and sanitation, is the issue of the health of our
People. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. The same is true of our County.


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

79. In spite of our rapidly urbanizing status, the County of Kiambu remains largely
rural with the bulk of our residents facing a unique combination of factors that
create disparities in health care not found in urban areas. Economic factors,
cultural and social differences, educational shortcomings, and the sheer isolation
of living in remote rural areas, all conspire to impede access to quality healthcare
amongst these residents.

80. With these challenges in mind, the Department of Health Services has in this
financial year, embarked on an aggressive process of rehabilitating health facilities
across the County. We have renovated over 14 health centres, dispensaries and
sub-district hospitals and several others have contractors about to take possession
of the sites for commencement of rehabilitative works.

81. Another 18 facilities have been targeted for expansion in various wards and we
expect to collaborate with the private sector and the donor community, to ensure
the rapid roll out of these health facilities.

82. In order to ensure rapid response of our health workers to provide emergency
services to our ailing citizens, 9 new ambulances were procured and a further four
have undergone refurbishment and been allocated to Kigumo, Ndieya, Lusigetti
and Kihara facilities.

83. With the expansion of the new wing at the Thika Level 5, we expect that we shall
have a state of the art Maternity and Neo-natal ward completed within the next 24

Mr Speaker and Honourable Members:


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

84. Our children have a special place in the future of this great County. It is for this
reason that the Department of Education, Culture & Social Services has placed
great emphasis on investing in the improved quality of their early education.

85. In this year, we have completed the refurbishment of 8 ECD centres and four
polytechnics, with works currently ongoing on a further 25 ECD centres and 8
polytechnics. Work on these institutions is expected to be complete in the first
quarter of the coming financial year. In addition, we have invested in equipment
worth Kes 54 million for the polytechnics, with each establishment receiving
equipment worth Kes 1.8 million, resulting in increased enrolment in this last
financial year.

86. As part of increasing our Peoples literacy levels, the Department has installed
library seats and shelves for Githunguri Youth Empowerment Center which is
currently in the process of being equipped with necessary literature and library
equipment. The Department has also prioritized equipping a further 5 Youth
Empowerment Centers and construction of more in the sub counties that do not
have these centres. With the support of institutions such as Children International
Kenya, our children have benefited from a donation of library books worth over
Kes 10 million as we seek to improve the reading culture amongst our youth.

87. Following a survey conducted in late 2013, it was established that several children
in our County faced severe challenges, key among them being going to school on
a hungry stomach. In this last financial year, my Government set aside Kes 30
million towards a feeding programme. Today, 120 of our 477 ECD centres are
beneficiaries of this programme with children being fed nutritious porridge made
from flour that contains proteins, vitamins, sugar and carbohydrates.


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

88. As part of improving the health of our early learners, the Department has
embarked on a regular de-worming programme in collaboration with various
NGOs and the donor community active in the County.

89. With the children fed and more prepared to learn, the Department partnered with
IBM in the provision of the Kidsmart ICT learning equipment installed in 65
learning centers and a further 35 almost complete. It is targeted that by 2016, the
Kidsmart learning equipment will have been installed in 200 centers across the

90. With the support of the Honourable Members of this Assembly, the Department
successfully implemented the Kiambu County Education Bursary Fund Act and
relevant regulations.

To date, a total of Kes 157 million has already been

disbursed to bright and promising young students in the County who have
demonstrated financial need to further their education. It is our intention to
continue with this noble endeavor to ensure that no child in the County is denied
an education on account of the inability to settle school fees.

91. The Department has been very active in gender issues and ensuring the observance
of the 30% procurement threshold for women, youth and persons living with
disabilities. We have partnered with the Public Procurement Oversight Authority
in training women and persons living with disabilities in all the twelve sub
counties on how to apply for tenders in the County and in the Country. We also
partnered with KIST, in training youth and Women leaders in the twelve sub
counties in ICT.

92. In support and recognition of the persons living with disabilities in the County, the
Department, in collaboration with Mt. Kenya University, organized Mr & Miss
PWLD finals. Speaking at the event, the Chief Officer for Education reiterated the

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

County Governments continued commitment ensuring that the vulnerable

members in our Community are able to meet their basic human needs as advocated
under Article 43 of the Constitution.

93. My County Government has also been working very closely with the National
Gender and Equality commission to ensure that issues of gender are addressed
across the Board and our County Executive Member is a member of the Working
Group on National Gender-Based Violence.

94. Finally, with the ICT Directorate being housed in this Department, we are proud to
have invested heavily in different initiatives that have set us apart in this sector.
The Department provides regular, timely and accurate data and information to the
other Departments for purposes of policy formulation, planning and evidencebased decision making on staffing and development issues. The Department also
administers the County Governments website, manages the Local Area Network
and Data Centre at the County Headquarters and has overseen the implementation
of the Wide Area Network to ensure that all our Sub-County offices have access to
Internet connectivity.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members of the Assembly:

95. The active engagement of our youth in various activities ranging from sport to
economic endeavours is instrumental in reducing the crime rate in our County as
well as the heightened levels of alcohol consumption that has become rampant
across Kenya today.

96. It is for this reason that the Department of Youth & Sports Affairs has embarked
on a vigorous campaign to engage our Youth in activities through which they can
expend their energy. For sporting purposes, we have completed the rehabilitation

Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

works of Thika Stadium and the rehabilitation of Kirigiti Stadium is expected to

commence in early July 2015.

97. Our Youth have demonstrated excellence across the board in sports with Kiambu
All Stars currently participating in the Kenya Premier League Division One
League. The County Government of Kiambu participated in the KICOSCA Games
in August 2014 and emerged 5th place overall. Our mens Volleyball, Basket Ball,
Darts and Table Tennis teams as well as Womens netball and draughts teams
excelled tremendously, with four of these teams proceeding to the East African
championships in Kampala.

98. Two youth sponsored by the county government were part of the Kenyan Cycling
team that participated in Commonwealth Cycling Games held in Botswana. Our
Rowing and Canoeing teams were best overall in the country and also participated
in the East Africa Rowing and Canoeing Championships in Uganda.

99. Our Thika Queens, also sponsored by the County government emerged 2014
Kenya Premier League Ladies Champions. Finally, the Kiambu Karate Team
participated in the East and Central Africa Marshall Arts Championship in South
Africa, bringing home 21 medals amongst the team members.


As we nurture our youths sporting talent, we have also chosen to invest in

their economic empowerment. Last year, I stood before you to announce that the
County Government had embarked on the establishment of the Youth, Women and
Persons with Disabilities Fund. This was successfully launched in October 2014
and successful applicants have undergone a rigourous financial training boot camp
last week to ensure they are skilled in basic financial management and soft
business management skills prior to disbursement of funds.


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015


412 people, including 31 groups comprising of youth, women and persons

living with disability, have been identified and trained as beneficiaries for the first
disbursement of the fund out of an overwhelming 32,000 applications.


The current Fund Size is Kes 300 million shillings and this is targeted to

increase by a further Kes 100million in the financial year 2015/2016.

Applications were received from various sectors including agri-business,
(especially poultry, dairy farming, pig farming), the transport business
(specifically boda boda operators) and general retail shops. Beneficiaries of the
Fund will be closely monitored and mentored to ensure the optimal success of the
Fund, which is a first for any County Government and we are proud to be a
leading example to be emulated by other Counties.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members:


As we encourage our Youth to participate in, and take up new activities to

actively engage in the economy of our County, our Department of Trade, Industry,
Tourism and Co-operative Development is actively facilitating the continued
investment into our County from the local and international business community.


To ensure better trading environments for our vendors, we have constructed

and rehabilitated several markets at Githunguri, Gitaru, Limuru, Dagoretti, Karuri

amongst others.

With the increasing number of Boda Boda operators in the

County, the Department has also overseen the construction of 60 bodaboda sheds
in each ward to centralize passenger collection and drop off points as well as
protect the operators from the vagaries of the weather.


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015


The rehabilitation of the Jua Kali sheds in Gikambura, Gatuanyaga,

Kiambu, Ruiru and Gatundu North Sub-Counties is complete and our artisans now
have better working environments from which to operate.


The Department is also overseeing the current rehabilitation of Cultural and

Tourism Centres at three major sites within the County such as the 14 Falls-Thika,
the Mau Mau Caves; and Ondiri Swamp in Kikuyu. The scope of works for these
include landscaping, installation of public toilets, park benches and proper signage
with a view to enhancing the recreational experience of our visitors to these sites.


Charged with oversight of our cooperatives within the County, Department

has overseen the audit of several cooperatives, conducted inspections, registered

over 40 new cooperative societies and revived 10 dormant ones. It has also
invested in the training of cooperative committee staff, and members to increase
their governance and management skills.

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members of this Assembly, Ladies & Gentlemen:


There is no doubt that the County Government of Kiambu is on the right

track. A lot has been achieved in these last two years, and I look forward to the
continued collaboration of the two arms of the County Government in the next
three years as we seek to meet our development agenda as promised to our People
on the Campaign trail. It is our duty to prove to them that they made the right


Once again, I thank you for the opportunity to address this Assembly and I

commend you in your commitment to the continued prosperity of our County. We

have several success stories to share with our fellow Kenyans. Let us take every


Address By H.E. William Kabogo,

June 24th, 2015

opportunity available to amplify these as we continue to advance the

transformation of this County.

Together, we move Kiambu County Forward.