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Mission and Values Our Value Proposition Our Services Management Profiles Our Clients Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility Media Coverage Final Copy.Table of Contents About Contax Partners Message from the CEO Our Vision.indd 3 2/25/15 4:20 PM .

metal. and what impact these can have on your growth plans for the Middle East. renewables. Having operated in the Middle East energy market for over 25 years.indd 4 2/25/15 4:20 PM . elevating the quality of business decision making • Developing growth strategies to address market requirements • Supporting new companies to enter the MENA region and helping existing ones to achieve their full potential • Increasing the probability of successful project acquisition • Accelerating value creation to facilitate synergies through formation of new joint ventures Contax Partners’ customers benefit from our ability to meet these needs through a unique set of integrated services providing market insights. and water sectors. refining. petrochemical. business development and business investment support. power. We provide an unparalleled set of professional services to support our customers’ Middle East strategies which include: • Fact-based market analysis and insights. Contax Partners has been the advisor of choice for companies operating within the constantly evolving Middle East energy industry. Our teams of advisors. 1 Final Copy. Contax Partners works with business leaders across the entire supply chain in the oil. mining. market analysts and business developers work with our extensive network of industry and market relationships to bring global perspectives to regional challenges. Contax Partners is well placed to understand the challenges. business advisory. consultants. we have a track record of empowering our customers to win business. gas.About Contax Partners Since our establishment in 1985.

We give back to our community through a number of socially responsible initiatives. we communicate. We network. Contax Partners’ mission is to empower our clients to succeed. To do this. This enthusiasm is reflected in the continuum of achieving our goal to gather the rarest strategic intelligence on the energy market and converting the data into competitive advantage for our clients. we extend this philosophy to include not only our clients. 25 years ago. we set our goals high and persevered. I look forward to doing business with you 2 Final Copy.indd 5 2/25/15 4:20 PM . We build to last. Contax Partners today is regionally renowned for its expertise in the energy projects and infrastructure arena. and we love what we do. we connect. both in business and in private.Message from the CEO We are passionate about what we do. certain beliefs are critical for the success of any initiative. and we work hard to identify and maximize business opportunities. We believe in our mission and stand by our projections by assuming accountability alongside our clients. We are the partner of choice for all energy related companies operating in the Middle East and beyond. but our environment at large. Working as a team.

3 Final Copy. We value knowledge. pragmatism and delivery of measurable benefits to our clients.Our Mission: To empower our clients to succeed in the Middle East energy market and beyond. Our Vision: To be a consultant of choice for all companies operating in the Middle East energy and energy-related industries by providing measurable benefits through our end-to-end strategic advisory services. Our Values: Contax Partners’ business is built on the relationships and the trust we develop with our clients.indd 6 2/25/15 4:20 PM . which is largely attributed to our business ethics. partnership.

to support our clients in making better and more informed decisions. gathered and developed over 25 years. enabling our research team to deliver superior fact-based market analysis and insights. Innovative commercial model Our objective is to empower our clients to succeed. ministers. Market and sector knowledge Our ability to access key decision makers such as project owners. Unique integrated business model Our clients benefit from end-to-end advisory solutions involving project teams made up of analysts. on-site business development managers and advisors. Fact-based analysis We focus on bringing fact-based insights combined with market intelligence.indd 7 2/25/15 4:20 PM . Business Development and Business Investment solutions through: Unique proprietary data Extensive data on the MENA Capex market for energy and energy related projects. contractors. and we often share our client’s risk through a success-based fee structure. consultants. and other business leaders enables us to test and validate our findings and assumptions of the market.Our Value Proposition Contax Partners provides end-to end Business Advisory. 4 Final Copy.

We Serve the Following Sectors in the MENA Region: Gas Power Renewables Oil Petrochemical Refining Metal Water Mining 5 Final Copy.indd 8 2/25/15 4:20 PM .

and to reduce their bidding risks through informed market intelligence and a customized bidding strategy. risk assessment and due diligence. 6 Final Copy. Business Investment A model through which we provide market entry support and create greenfield business in return for a sweat. and other energy related service providers within the Middle East region.equity in the newly formed company. market entry and growth strategies for project owners.indd 9 2/25/15 4:20 PM . contractors. Business Development Advisory Our business development team assists contractors and equipment suppliers to improve their chances of winning the right projects. suppliers.Our Services: Business Advisory Our consulting practice provides project related market intelligence.

data for over 5. Gain a unique advantage over your competitors through superior market insights Our consultants have real time access to the most comprehensive breadth of information. through our extensive database of projects and a team of dedicated researchers and analysts. Analytic tools which enable our consulting team to perform the following: • Market Capex and Workload – Overall market Capex report and analysis of workload including peaks and troughs • Tiering Analysis – Segregation of projects based on likelihood of proceeding • Market Forecast – Future project activity by country and sector • Award and Execution Schedule – Schedule of awards of different contracts and specific project action plans and timelines Benefits to your business Rely on quality data that can be trusted – The quality and integrity of our data is of utmost priority to us.indd 10 2/25/15 4:20 PM .000 energy and energy related projects across the MENA region which value in excess of US$1. we are transforming information and data into actionable knowledge and insights that drive decision making. We are fortunate to have an extensive list of close contacts that can be trusted and have on-ground presence in order to provide the most reliable data in the market.5 trillion.Business Advisory Project Tracking and Monitoring Contax Partners has been gathering and delivering Middle East market intelligence for over 25 years to support company corporate strategies and business development. Minimized risk of decision making through provision of customized information – Our market analysis team will customize the information that you require in a detailed and structured report that will help you make better informed decisions for your business. Today. 7 Final Copy. All data gathered goes through a rigorous series of checks and validations before it is released for use by our analytics team.

Contax Partners was retained as the principal provider of detailed and timely market intelligence whilst the client won contracts in excess of US$20 billion over 8 years.indd 11 2/25/15 4:20 PM . competitor and market related knowledge. delays to existing projects of interest and project awards.Business Case Study Client Situation How We Helped Impact A top tier international EPC (Engineering. On a quarterly basis. 8 Final Copy. and Construction) contractor with substantial presence in the GCC was struggling to make any substantial traction with project owners and was unable to develop a sizable opportunity pipeline that its business development team could pursue. The client was looking to support its business development and customer account management process with a source of trusted and fact-based market intelligence. Industry updates on relevant sectors and players were researched and compiled on a timely basis and exposed to rigorous analysis to derive up-to-date project. Contax Partners conducted an assessment of the project Capex and contractor related trends evolving in the GCC that were likely to drive future project announcements. synthesized analysis and insights into the GCC project Capex landscape that helped the client in quick and informed decision making. Contax Partners supported the client in assistance with understanding the GCC market trends. Procurement. The client was able to obtain detailed. new project announcements.

Highly Consumable Goods (HCGs).indd 12 2/25/15 4:20 PM . heavy equipment. Conduct thorough due diligence on contractors to understand any financial risk or capability risk that they may pose to a project Labor Rates and Productivity – Track labor rate movements by discipline and the impact of project activity on productivity levels Benefits to project owners Identify and mitigate project risks .Our market intelligence team closely monitors contractors and subcontractors. dynamics and drivers of the market and its implications to project owners Project Feasibility Study – Factors that would affect the overall viability of the project Project Contracting Strategy – Most appropriate contracting strategies in order to develop winwin scenario Prequalification Support – Identify and develop key evaluation criteria in order to short list contractors Project Benchmarking – Analyze best practice project execution features in order to support world class project development Project Risk Assessment – Assess market related risks associated with projects Demand/Supply Analysis – Current market situation in relation to key construction commodities and services (e. Long Lead Items (LLIs). steel. and provide on-going support throughout the project execution journey in order to ensure an effective outcome. Contax Partners closely tracks market movements.Project Life Cycle Support There are numerous challenges that project owners may face from the study to the commissioning phase of any project. Plan for a successful outcome . and can identify and forecast labor and material swings and imbalances that can help project owners take proactive measures to minimize risks. Identify and evaluate the best contractor . through its in-depth market assessment on resources and contractors.) Contractor Benchmarking – “Competency Fit for Purpose” and “Ability to Execute” benchmarking methodologies to identify the best suited EPC contractors to execute the project Contractor/ Subcontractor Due Diligence – Identify contractor/subcontractor strengths/ weaknesses in terms of capability.g.Get a thorough understanding associated with future workload peaks and impact on critical inputs which can affect project execution. cement. 9 Final Copy. and can help project owners identify and evaluate the right contractor for a project. labor etc.Develop a criteria of critical success factors for successful project execution. reputation on previous projects and access to labor and suppliers. Contax Partners. Tailored research to drive and support critical decision making Market Analysis – Trends. makes project owners aware of the risks that may have a significant impact on project execution. existing commitments.

oil field service providers and other associated service providers. The client was looking to assess the incountry infrastructure. capabilities and risks prevalent within the Kingdom which ultimately helped the client in developing a well thought-out execution strategy. and identified sweet-spots on when the client could commence the award process for the project to be in a better place vis-à-vis its competition. resources. Contax Partners conducted a detailed analysis of future workload patterns of competing large. in-country infrastructure and resources (construction commodities. contractors and service providers within Saudi Arabia to understand the capabilities and constraints available within the country. procurement providers. With Contax Partners’ inputs. In addition. the client was able to access factbased analysis of the latest local trends and data.Business Case Study Client Situation A JV formation (the client) between a National Oil Company and an International Oil Company (IOC) was in the testing phase for undertaking a mega onshore gas exploration project.indd 13 2/25/15 4:20 PM . Contax Partners was able to collect critical information about the market. Impact By conducting an exhaustive study. engineering and construction companies and consultants. and ultimately resulted in a Capex saving of US$ 40 million. labor. analyzed and cross validated information on a real time basis. The client wanted to conduct this detailed study as part of its planning and risk mitigation exercise to model potential risks which could impact the successful delivery of the project. equipment). EPCs. and mega projects within the country and the GCC at large. 10 Final Copy. and execution strategies in order to ensure timely commencement of the project. Contax Partners conducted over 100 interviews with market experts within all the specified categories and collected. which fed into the client’s proprietary Risk Mitigation Model. Through a rigorous on-the-ground research approach. The client was able to take necessary steps ahead of time to make adjustments to its procurement. How We Helped Contax Partners supported the client by conducting a detailed assessment of the entire Oil & Gas landscape within the country (specifically Eastern Province) including: planned Capex and Workload. resources.

Relationships – Our strong network of relationships within the industry and outside can assist companies through introduction. identify and capture new opportunities. resources and connections to identify opportunities and to establish business relationships Country operating procedures and documentation requirements Entry and execution strategies to gain market share Market intelligence and helping to size the market Customer procurement habits Competitive landscape and strategies Partner identification. In addition to helping new companies enter the region. due diligence. partnership or investment. our clients typically reach out to us when they need support on their most critical growth challenges. Using our widely recognized market intelligence platform. Growth strategies – Companies already present in the region look to Contax Partners to assist them in identifying and developing strategies for new markets and offerings. We have a deep understanding of all major energy related verticals that can be leveraged upon. We help clients dominate their core businesses. Right from market assessment to going live and beyond. Contax Partners can provide an entire gamut of services that quickly help new businesses establish themselves in the market.Strategic Support for Market Entry and Developing Winning Growth Strategies Contax Partners has developed an unparalleled reputation for helping companies enter and thrive in the competitive Middle East energy market.indd 14 2/25/15 4:20 PM . and consolidate their markets where appropriate.   11 Final Copy. introduction and negotiation Physical office setup and recruitment support Organisational structure and definition of world class processes Opportunity identification and business development support Competency building to generate sustainable long-term success and competitive advantage Benefits to your business End to end solution – Contax Partners has the expertise and experience in helping new companies setup and grow their businesses. knowledge across various industry verticals and key relations with a variety of business experts. Contax Partners is able to provide a full-range of advisory services for companies looking to enter or grow in this market. Leverage our expertise.

recruitment. by assisting the client with its initial setup. Contax Partners helped significantly reduce the client’s go-to-market time by 9-12 months. Post approval. In addition.Business Case Study Client Situation How We Helped Impact A global renewables company was looking to penetrate the GCC market and wanted to understand the renewables space in the region. the client was listed to the approved vendor list of many of the major project owners in the region. the client was also looking for initial administrative support with licensing. and to develop relationships with key government entities in order to prequalify for upcoming renewables projects within the region. payroll. and assisted in developing a strong bidding strategy for several of its opportunities. Additionally. 12 Final Copy. Additionally. office setup. and other administrative related procedures. Contax Partners also helped the client with initial administrative support and registration procedures with major project owners across the region.indd 15 2/25/15 4:20 PM . Using Contax Partners’ proprietary database of market intelligence. and helped the client to develop an opportunities pipeline that matched the client’s competencies. Contax Partners monitored the activities of different project owners and contractors. The client wanted to track competitor and contractor activities. In addition. we monitored and tracked current and future developments within the regional renewables market on a monthly basis. administrative support and registration. Contax Partners helped the client understand the selection criteria of various project owners. Contax Partners has continuously supported the client through assistance on its bidding strategy helping it prequalify for over US$700 million worth of projects. Contax Partners was able to provide current news and opportunities to the client on a monthly basis which ultimately helped the client to prioritize its resources to pursue the most appropriate opportunities. Through a laborious exercise of vendor registration and documentation support. With the help of our proprietary market intelligence database.

Whether you are an EPC contractor or equipment supplier of boilers. We understand the documentation. compressors or other critical products or services. We understand that every project is unique and therefore selecting the right business development partner who has the right expertise within the local market. and a deep understanding of client selection processes will make a difference between winning and losing. Our team of seasoned business development experts is backed by comprehensive support from researchers and analysts to ensure that our clients benefit from up-to-date and accurate market intelligence.Business Development Advisory Business Development Advisory There is a fine line between winning and losing. 13 Final Copy.indd 16 2/25/15 4:20 PM . relationships with customers and clients. Empowering you throughout the project developmental cycle Act as your market sensor to identify the “right” opportunities Match customer’s strength to appropriate opportunities Competitor monitoring and understanding their value proposition Develop winning strategies aligned to your business priorities Strong understanding of the decision making structure Detailed analysis of the bid evaluation process Network of relationships to help create value Advise during contract negotiation process Benefits to your business Increase the rate of success and reduce risk – In a competitive market place where numerous companies are bidding for one project. decision making and bidding processes that could be invaluable to your business acquisition process. Contax Partners can help advise you on how best to increase your success rate in winning projects. having a market expert such as Contax Partners helps companies to be informed on upcoming opportunities and ensures that they are ahead of their competition. The complexity of developing winning strategies to acquire new business is something that we at Contax Partners know well. Improve efficiency in your business development process – Our world class business development team has over 25 years of experience working within the regional energy space. heat exchangers.

Contax Partners helped the client pre-qualify with most of the large project owners within Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. Contax Partners helped the client understand the projects bidding structures and facilitated in developing a successful bidding strategy. mining and industrial sectors wanted to explore business opportunities within the GCC region. strong insight into projects and contractors activities within the GCC and a strategic network of relationships to help them pre-qualify with project owners and get short-listed with leading EPC contractors. we were able to develop a robust opportunity pipeline for the client. Given our strong focus on market intelligence and keeping a close pulse on the market trends. As part of the on-going business development support. Contax Partners is helping the client connect with the project owners and the winners of different EPC packages as part of its registration and relationship building exercise. Our strategic relationships and our history of working with project owners and contractors allowed us to guide the client in registering with all the major project owners within the two markets.Business Case Study Client Situation How We Helped Impact A European manufacturer of material handling systems for the energy. The client was looking for a local agent with accurate market intelligence. 14 Final Copy.indd 17 2/25/15 4:20 PM . In addition. competitor actions (within GCC) and the know-how of the bidding process pertaining to the different project owners which ultimately helped the client stay ahead of the game in its bidding and pre-qualification strategy. As an on-going exercise. Contax Partners provided the client with regular market intelligence of the EPC packages. Contax Partners was selected as the local partner for the company in the key territories of Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

management agreements and visa applications Initial administrative support (introduction to banks. 15 Final Copy. and to enable their successful launch and rollout within the region. incubating the ideas into tangible entities.) Joint venture maintenance and on-going operational support Benefits to your business End to end solution – Contax Partners has a successful track record in bringing new concepts. forming strategic alliances with carefully selected partners and providing on-going business support to help grow these companies to their maximum potential.Business Investment Business Investment Contax Partners’ Business Investment division has established a proven track record of empowering its clients to achieve successful partnership creation in the MENA market. government formalities. recruitment firms. Proven track record in creating strategic alliances for innovative companies looking to enter the region Development of business plan and opportunity feasibility Identification of strategic partners and assessment of strategic and organizational fit Partnership negotiation support and courtship Assistance with company registration. working closely with patent rights owners. financial institutions and local partners as they grow into profitable ventures. partnership or investment. Relationships – Our strong network of relationships within the industry and outside can assist companies through introduction.indd 18 2/25/15 4:20 PM .) Recruitment and logistical support (office search. business sponsorship. staff accommodation. etc. We have developed an innovative sweat-to-equity model through which we provide on-going advisory and business development support for a predefined stake in the newly formed entity. etc. We are committed to actively identifying new and innovative technologies worldwide. Our aim is to align the company with the right business partner that would provide it with the necessary support in developing a strong and profitable venture.

The client was looking for a strategic partner that could help set up within the region. we realized that bringing the technology to market was essential. and decided to partner with the client as part of its market entry strategy. Contax Partners provided the client with a strong platform on which the company was able to showcase its capabilities to its target market. the client was able to concentrate on its core business of marketing its innovative technology. office and administrative procedures and other business related formalities. licensing and administrative work. while the client focused on developing its sales and marketing strategy.indd 19 2/25/15 4:20 PM . ultimately helping to market this technology within the region. Using our network of relationships within the local market. 16 Final Copy. the technology was initially tested on a few residential establishments and after receiving positive feedback a full scale rollout ensued. By assisting the company in a structured manner. government paperwork. By eliminating the hassles relating to company incorporation. After conducting a market study and sizing exercise. and also to develop a successful model of market entry that can be rolled out into other Middle Eastern markets. Contax Partners saw a large potential for this technology within the region. and therefore took charge of the registration. Contax Partners was able to help take the concept to a commercially successful level.Business Case Study Client Situation How We Helped Impact A unique and innovative technology company with a US-patented process for water disinfection had an exclusive right for its proprietary technology within the Middle East. and further size the opportunity.

utility construction sectors. aspects company. is the Chief Contax Partners. Ann-Marie is the Director of Business Advisory Services at Contax Partners. Filippo joined FM Construction Manager high value EPC and the roll-out of a global Contracting and Lateras in an hisArea career. professional accounting certification. and Europe. working in various Minerals. She has led significant Control in Iran. but also actively supporting the strategic direction Consultant with Accenture. aofCustomer Manager and development helped the company grow its sales exponentially. andfrom holds in the field ofAnn-Marie engineering froma Ph. manufacturing services Wayel holds a BSc in Applied Electrical Engineering from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Wendy started her career in areas related to Finance. Since joining Contax Partners in 1999. has ledCanada significant Commerce fromEDF the Energy. management. business operations andstarted variousher corporate in the discipline Ann-Marie career as a restructuring activities. She has over 10 years of strategy development and 20 management. Filippo joined FM Construction as anprojects Area Manager responsible for setting up the company’sresponsible operations for throughout thethe GCC. after transformation programs ranging from design and implementation of which she obtained her professional accounting certification. WendyOilhas since worked in various consulting roles in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He has over years business development and sales experience directing not20 only the of business operations and various corporate across the Middle East. While Wendy joined Contax Partners in 2006 to manage the commercial and financial Wayel is of thethe Director of Business at Contax Partners. particularly in the Oil and Gas sector. University British She Columbia. Filippo heldPetrochemical senior positions programs ranging from design and implementation of a Bandarhas Imam Complex. project business Partners.D from evolved the University of Manchester directing not only of theBiochemistry. Wayel then moved tomanaging a Dow Jones listed company as a reputedServices international property company in Dubai. Wendy obtained Bachelor skills in buildingdegree high-performance sales teams andColumbia. leading sophisticated of Commerce from the University of British Canada after which sheand obtained herorganizations.transformation Filippo has held senior positions at several leading engineering and construction companies including and construction journey management initiative for high value strategic mega projects at several leading engineering companies including Bonatti where he set up the company’s first branch in Abu Dhabi. but withalso a strong background in the the strategic energy and restructuring activities. 1717 Final Copy. He utility has a and strong background in the energy. transformation. andofothers. a ProjectWendy Manager for in various consulting Eastern Europe and the East.indd 20 2/25/15 4:20 PM . and EPCincontracting experience within the and Middle East aspects of theAnn-Marie company. recognized as a trusted partner to major companies operating in the Middle East and beyond. her role has since into many areas. He has a strong backgroundand in the energy. Wendy wasinmanaging theshe commercial aspects Partners’ consulting and advisory practice to helpinserve ofContax a reputed international property development company Dubai. risk operations. Later development of a Dhabi. Contax Partners nowa leading provider Contax Partners growisinto strategic intelligence energy of clients around the world. years of business development. Prior to Ann-Marie joined Contax Partners 2008 where has transformed joining Contax Partners. KuwaitofNational and expansion of the company. corporate transformation. business operations. management. important energy clients around the world. Contax Partners is now Middle East and beyond. actively supporting utility sectors.D from the University of Manchester University of Florence. serving a range of International Energy Filippo started his professional career with F. risk joined Contax Partners 2006 to manage the commercial financial management. Wendy obtained her Bachelor Petroleum degree Company. Kuwait National Control Manager in Iran. without new installation additions.Fochi in 1992 as a Project career with clients including Shell. Wendy is the Chief Operating Officer of Contax Partners. serving a range of International Energy clients including Shell.ofand was involved in the reconstruction Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex. setting up company’s operationsStrategy throughout GCC. and EPCand contracting experience within the Middle East Russia. before moving Strategy into international business. Ann-Marie started her career as a the University of Florence. and holds a PhD inconstruction the field of engineering thea PhDand Europe. project management. She has over 10 years of strategy development and Wendy is the Chiefproject Operating Officer of corporate Contax Partners. Europe and Russia. Wayel is anofexperienced sales strategist andher tactician with direction and expansion the company. roles and organizations in Canada. particularly in the Contracting Oil and Gasand sector. While Wendy implementation. EDFofEnergy. before moving intoincluded international hasresponsible since worked Wayel’s early jobs beingbusiness.Fochi in 1992 as Petroleum a Project Development Oman. holds sectors. Since Wayel joined Contax Partners in 2010. holds a Ph. and market strategy experience across MENA. her role Development has since evolved into many areas. Contax Filippo’sPartners’ leadership has helped to the energy and energy related industries. He has of over 20 years of business development. Petroleum Development Oman. recognized as a trusted partner to majorto companies in the the energyoperating and energy related industries. Filippo started his professional F. Wendy was the commercial aspects utility company. project management. Procurement for the a major International Oil Company. and market strategy experience across MENA. Europe implementation. risk management strategy for the execution of Bonatti where he set up the company’stofirst branch in Abu in his career. Consultant with Accenture. in the discipline of Biochemistry. Procurement for a major International Company. Prior to improving technicalroles data in and material cataloging of Middle a leading regional joining Contax Partners.Management Management Profiles Profiles Filippo is the Chief Executive Officer at Contax HeExecutive has over Officer atAnn-Marie is the Director Business Advisory Services at Contax Filippo Partners. he has made a significant effort to Contax Partners’ Business Development activities by helping clients to succeed in more than $1bn worth of project acquisitions. Filippo’s leadership has helped Ann-Marie joined Contax Partners in 2008 where she has transformed Contax Partners grow into a leading provider strategic intelligence consulting and advisory practice to help serve important Sinceofjoining Contax Partners in 1999. a journey management initiative for high value strategic mega projects to development a risk in management strategy for theworking execution of Wendy started herofcareer areas related to Finance. in various highand value EPC projects the roll-out of a global roles organizations inand Canada. and others. and was involved in theManager reconstruction Petroleum Company.

indd 21 2/25/15 4:20 PM .Our Clients 18 18 Final Copy.

Contax Partners participated in the sponsorship of American Mission Hospital Island Classic golf tournament. The money was used to purchase a CTG machine used to monitor babies after birth and a scanner for its obstetrics gynecology clinic.000 to the AMH through its sponsorship of the AMH Island Classic golf tournament. 19 Final Copy. AMG Chief Medical Officer Dr. Contax Pratners participated in the Championship Flight of the annual AMH Classic Charity Golf Championship. George Cheriyan received the donation comprising medical equipment.Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility A donation was presented to American Mission Hospital by Contax Partners as part of its commitment to the country’s healthcare. The aim of the event was to raise funds to buy necessary and much needed equipment for American Mission Hospital.indd 22 2/25/15 4:20 PM . Contax Partners donated BD 2.

indd 23 2/25/15 4:20 PM .Media Coverage 20 Final Copy.

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