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Natural Nail Polish

Nails increase at the regular 2mm a month that is why it take fifty percent a 12
months to develop it back again.
For correct nails treatment you have to do manicure (classic, European, very hot
or hard) at least twice a month. The spot choice for the manicure is up to you.
It can be a attractiveness salon, great pal or oneself. If you like to do manic
ure on your personal or made a decision to try it your self, you will want speci
fic manicure set. It includes several files, significant and modest cutting plie
rs, nail scissors with tiny, curved blade, cuticle pusher and orangewood stick.
There is no doubt that all these items have to be held clear. You can boil them,
clean with spirit or
Let's look at the structure of a all-natural nail
Nail plate (the part where natural nail polish is applied on), which is the visi
ble aspect of the nail and is lifeless. It consists of keratin, which is like po
rcelain enamel of a solid issue and is situated in a nail bed.
Nail bed. A nail bed is guarded from possible trauma
ll or cuticle.
Matrix. The most critical part of a nail. This is an
the base of a nail bed, from wherever the nail comes
be noticed as a white hole. There are existence nail
me to a nail plate.

and infections by a nail wa
intercellular substance at
from. Sometimes matrix can
cells which, when dying, co

Organic nails treatment consists of
1. Matrix nourishment. Get nourishing massage for your nails. It will strengthen
your nails, boost metabolic rate, soften nail walls and your fingers will searc
h very well-groomed. The nourishment is carried out with the enable of a nail cr
2. Softening. A finger bowl with very hot water and foamy stuff (liquid soap, li
quid for classic manicure) will soften the tough skin close to your nails and wi
ll serve as a stress-free agent for hand muscle tissue.
three. Cuticle elimination. You can use the traditional method (cutoff manicure)
or a unique device for cuticle elimination.
four. Apply some hand cream, having to pay special focus to the cuticles. Manicu
re is proposed to be accomplished the moment in 10 days.
5. Use only high-good quality cosmetics, natural nail polish elimination need to
not have acetone. It dries nails plate.
six. It is much better to use a higher-high quality natural nail polish which do
es not consist of acetone. The issue is that acetone affects the nail plate, thi
nners it and leads to crumbly nails.
seven. Nourishing masks.
eight. It is really practical to rub vinegar, lemon, cranberry, red and black cu
rrant juice into your nail plate.
9. Proper diet. Your ration has to incorporate:
vitamin A - that strengthens your nails. It is contained in liver, butter, green

helps make them tougher.has an influence on nails' versatility and hardness. carrots vitamin E . is contained in cabbage. creed fragrances latest update. . is contained in laminaria and spinach Silicon .improves nails expansion. sprouted wheat Iodine needed for nails plate structure and type Howdy. I'm from Indonesia exactly in Jakarta. like to every thing related to the web. tomatoes. It is oxidation preventive and is contained in oil. is contained in dairy prod ucts Iron . is contained in v eggies Calcium . like to work internet.that nourishes. egg yolk. I like my task. sunflowers seeds B group vitamins are important for nails expansion.strengthens nails. I was a total time on the web mark eter. Natural nail polish. yea st.

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