The CCCNJ Weekly Prayer Requests 2/3/ 10 Scripture: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean

not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." (Proverbs 3:5-6) Weekly Theme: “The Service of Church Coworkers”
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Thank God for the leadership of our pastors and directors; Pray that they may have more heavenly wisdom to lead the church. Pray that God equips us to carry out His work with our best effort, to build up His churches, to unify with His Word, and to know His Son so that we may be like our Lord. Pray that our church pastors, elders, and coworkers are all connected to our Lord Jesus Christ, and have an attitude of working together in harmony so that we can help and edify one another with love. Pray that God would bless our service in the ministries of the church as we serve with fear and love; Pray that we may draw closer to God to renew our faith each day. Pray that God would inspire more faithful, humble, and spirit-filled brothers and sisters to serve Him in His Kingdom. Pray for the church planting including expansion & setting up. Pray for the Mission organizations﹕ Taiwan Operation Dawn; Missionaries﹕ Keli’i & Patty Akina, and Seminary student﹕ Becky Pigott (Columbia International U.); Also pray for the peace and safety of those brothers and sisters who are on overseas short-term missions.

---English and Youth Ministry: 1. Pray Chris Chu and Paul Shen for this Sunday’s preaching and chairing. 2. Pray for youths and adults as they pray for direction on their participation in STM. 3. Pray for FEAST as the series on 2 Corinthians this week recent attendance been low. 4. Pray for lessons learned in the ‘Truth Project’ have impact in the life of the attendees. 5. Pray for the 6 fellowship groups and the leaders. Pray that more people who are not in any regular fellowship will come to attend. 6. Upcoming winter retreat: Feb. 12-14: that the youths may encounter Jesus. 7. Chinese New Year celebration (2/13 night): that the neighbors may come and return to worship with us. --- People: Health of the many who are suffering: Tim’s neck, Fenny’s spine, Mauro’s prostate cancer treatment, Elder Lee’s health, Anna Chau’s shoulder, Amy’s shoulder 2. Job seeking: Fred, Jill, Rob. 3. Lee: Ray, Angela, Abby, Jenna 4. Ahokas: Jim, Debbie, Jennifer, Michael

--- Children Ministry: Please pray for ages 2 & 3 Sunday school teachers: Lily Cui and Lina Chen; assistants: Ren Li and Lillian Xie. Pray that the Lord give them strength as they plant the seeds of children’s faith. 2. Please pray for all parents as they build good characters in their children, the Lord will give them wisdom and patience.

--- National:


Victims and rescue workers in Haiti due to the earthquake. Burglaries that are happening locally as people get desperate.

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