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New Features CYME 5.

Cooper Power Systems is proud to announce the release of the latest CYME
5.02 Power Engineering Software.
This new version comes with multiple additions to the equipment models,
new engineering analyses, and also extends the one-line diagram editing
capabilities. The breakthrough in system performance offering much faster
processing time contributes to make CYME 5.02 one powerful and robust
software solution for distribution and industrial power systems.

Renewable Energy
CYME continues to invest in its capability to model different
distributed generation sources to allow a more accurate
network representation for you to study various aspects of DG
Models available include:
Wind Energy Conversion System doubly fed, variable
speed, constant speed
Photovoltaic using an user-defined library of sun
intensity models as a function of time
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Dynamic Control Models are available, and they include the
representation of DC/AC pulse width modulation (PWM)
converter and new models of turbines, exciters and stabilizers
as per IEEE published transactions.
CYME 5.02 is equipped with powerful analyses to allow the
study of:
Islanding operation
Generator fault contribution
System response to transient events

CYME 5.02 New Features


Protective Device Coordination

Secondary Network Network Protector

The fully integrated TCC module helps power engineers

perform analyses requiring protection data and design
their coordination scheme in one single software platform.

Feature enhancements will allow even more precise modeling

and analysis of secondary networks.

The CYMTCC device database includes over 7000 devices,

which is equivalent to more than 100 000 curves of North
American, European and Asian manufacturers.

TCC view to show time-current plot to visualize

curves of fuses, relays, circuit breakers, motor
starting, cable and transformer damage curves
Protection and Coordination analysis to determine
the reach, loading and coordination of protective

New Equipment:

Network Protector

Network Protector features:

Relay settings with automatic sensing of reverse power
flow with three trip modes
Automatic closing scheme
State adjustment following a load flow analysis

Instruments and Controls

Load Flow Contingency

New instruments and controls have been added:

Designed to assist the users for power flow related static

contingency analysis, this module operates in conjunction with
our robust load flow calculation methods.

Voltage and Current transformers

Three-stage load shedding voltage and frequency
relay control
Under and over voltage/frequency relay controlled

Unlimited What If scenarios
Define Single Outage or Multiple Outage concurrently
N-P scenarios
Report Contingency ranking and Limit Verification
Use in conjunction with Secondary Networks to evaluate state
of network protectors after contingency events

CYME 5.02 New Features


Fault Analyses
CYME 5.02 hosts new tools to analyze the impact of faults
in different ways.

Network Fault to study in a batch mode the

global effect of faults on different locations of the
system. Useful to determine fault contributions
from generators

Voltage Sag to evaluate the impact of sudden

reduction of voltage magnitude caused by faults

Fault Locator to determine possible locations at

which a fault could have occurred

PV Voltage Stability

General Enhancements

This analysis assesses the ability of a power system to

maintain acceptable voltage under normal conditions and
when being subjected to disturbances.

Enhanced Analyses


Capacitor Placement Iterative Search

Load Balancing new brute force algorithm, new

objective (balance by voltage) and multiple-location

User-defined contingency scenarios

Load increase and generator power re-dispatch
Voltage Collapse point calculation

Harmonic Analysis


RLC Branches

Harmonic current
distortion limits as
per IEEE-519

Other New Features

Density Plots

CYME Equipment Library

User Data Extension

Device Templates

Background Map ESRI Shape Files