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Helen Church
4157 Maple Grove Rd. | PO Box 222 | Vineland, Ontario | L0R 2C0

Phone (905) 562-7427 | Fax (905) 562-7789 |

Fr. Philip English
Office Administration
Aggie Agnino, ext. 1

Mass Times
5:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. - St. Helen Church

11:00 a.m. - St. Mark School

Gym, Beamsville
Opened - October 2, 1938

St. Mark School
Principal: Dean Stunt
Phone: (905) 563-9191
St. Edward School
Principal: Adrian Bishop
Phone: (905) 562-5531

Available Sundays at 1:00 pm. Call
parish office.

Established as a Parish - January 1, 1986

Before or after mass or by appointment.
Six months notice; marriage prep

Travellers Prayer
(Before Starting a Journey)

My holy Angel Guardian,

ask the Lord to bless the
journey which I undertake,

Anointing of the Sick

Please let us know when someone
has a serious or prolonged illness or
is to have surgery. This sacrament
celebrates the healing of mind and
body and the forgiveness of sins.

Catholic Funeral Rites

First Communion & Confirmation When a death occurs in your family,
Arranged through school. If your
please call the parish office and we
child is not in a Catholic school or is will assist you in making the necesnot baptized in the Roman Catholic sary liturgical arrangements.
Church, contact the parish office.

that it may profit the health

of my soul and body; that I
may reach its end, and
that, returning safe and

sound, I may find my family in good health. Do thou

guard, guide and preserve


Kindly complete the following and place in collection basket

New Parishioner*
Change of address
Phone__________________ E-mail___________________
Postal Code__________________
I will use offertory envelopes
If , pick up in foyer: St. Helen Church or St. Mark School

We welcome you and invite you to share in the spiritual and social activities of your parish

Year B - June 29 to July 5, 2015


Requested for



8:30 a.m.

Intentions of Linda & Nick Bruch

Kathleen Bruch

9:30 a.m.

Stacey Family
Dario Grisonich

Misetich Family
Vilma & Milan Jaglic

8:30 a.m.

Intentions of Sue & Ron Bruch

Kathleen Bruch

8:30 a.m.

Dora Geczy & Elizabeth Barna

Alex Geczy

5:00 p.m.

Silvestro Izzo
Camillo DiTomasso

Maria Iannotta
Maria DiTomasso

9:00 a.m.

For the People of St. Helen - L&D

11:00 a.m.
St. Mark School

Requested by

Amelia Landin
Helen & Andy Hendriks - 55th Anniversary

Stewardship of Treasure
June 21:
Offertory Envelopes (129)
Building Fund Envelopes (55)

Bill Zettler
Nancy Winslow

Mass Intentions

L & D (living & deceased)

$ 3,082
$ 179
$ 2,301



Ministry for the Sick and Homebound

We are grateful to those who give of their time
and care to bring holy communion to our parishioners who cannot make it to church due to sickness or infirmity. If you know of anyone who
would like to receive communion in their home,
please contact the parish office or Frances @ 905
-562-5475 and arrangements will be made to
bring Holy Communion to your home.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry continues to create
handcrafted shawls for parishioners, their families
and friends who are coping with illness, loneliness, pain or trouble. During the past year, we
have distributed many prayer shawls and lap
blankets. The shawls are knitted with compassion and prayerfulness. They are available to anyone who needs one. Please call the office to
request a shawl or lap blanket or if you would like
to join this ministry. We meet monthly and welcome new members.

St Helen's CWL wishes to thank the Senior Parishioners and CWL ladies who attended our
Strawberry Social at Colleen Drakes home. A
special note of thanks to Colleen for being so
generous in offering her home to host our social.
Thanks also go out to the organizers who took
great care to plan the event and to all those who
helped. Every one enjoyed the nice sunny day
and especially the cake and berries. We hope
you will come and join us next year.
The Catholic Women's League meetings will resume once again in September. We would like to
wish everyone a safe, happy and blessed Summer.
St. Helens
congratulates all
of our Graduates!

Bulletin Advertising
Our advertising sponsors on the back of the bulletin support us and make your bulletin possible;
their advertising revenue helps reduce our printing costs. Please support them when you can.

June 28, 2015 - 13th Sunday Ordinary Time

Led Beyond Fear

Wis 1, 2 God overcomes evil and death.

Psalm 30 Lord, you have rescued me.
2 Cor 8, 9 Imitate Christ by giving generously
of yourselves.
Mark 5 Jesus heals the hemorrhaging woman and
raises Jairus daughter.
Jesus restored life to Lazarus, to the daughter of
Jairus, and to a widows
son. These three stunning
acts of compassion were
preceded by pleas from
family members.
The story of Jairus
daughter is found in all three synoptic Gospels,
Matthew, Mark and Luke.
The story begins with the father falling at Jesus
feet, pleading for the life of his child. On his way to
the dying daughter, Jesus passes by a woman who
reaches out to touch his cloak. She is immediately
healed of her hemorrhage. The daughter dies before Jesus gets to Jairus house, but even then, Jesus restores her.
Todays Gospel assures us that with fervent prayer and our own absolute confidence in Jesus, we
too, can reach out to touch the power of Christ, who
saves even when all seems to be lost.
-- Dc. Dick Folger

Next Weeks Readings

Ezek 2 God calls Ezekiel to prophesy to Israel.
Psalm 123 Our eyes are fixed on the Lord.
2 Cor 12 Paul is called, despite his weaknesses.
Mark 6 Jesus is rejected in the synagogue.


Dear Parishioners,
When Constantine named his mother St. Helen as
Augusta Imperatrix he also gave her unlimited access to the imperial treasury whereupon she built
and refurbished three churches during her travels to
holy places in Palestine.
The key to the bank went missing somewhere in
the shuffle to the 21st century and we need your
connections to potential organizations and businesses that may be willing to support our new
church building campaign. Corporate sponsorship
is an integral component of our fundraising initiatives. The Corporate Sponsorship Fundraising
Committee is organizing a dinner September 30
and is asking for parishioners help to submit the
names of those businesses that might be invited to
attend. Your help is vital to the success of the dinner and the building of our beautiful new St. Helen
Please send your suggestions to:
Rose Luppino:
Joanne McDonald:


Let us pray and live for a world
where people of all nations will be
united in thought, word and deed;
help us to be honest, pure and loving
in our relations with others in our
world. Let us pray for peace and
harmony for every person in this nation and every nation; help us to work and live so
that all people everywhere will live a good life, that
hunger, poverty, ignorance and disease will disappear and the kingdom come indeed. Amen.
Parish office is closed Canada Day.

St. Helen Church

Walking along beside me, Jesus,

as I begin the months of summer.
As I work, play, enjoy family time and friendships,
may I hear your voice within me,
guiding me toward all that is right and good.
Give me faith in your presence,
knowing that you walk beside me in everything I do.
Gracious and Loving Jesus, thank you for the gift of
May the warmth of its sun and the beauty of its light
remind me daily of Your love for me.

Parish Office Summer Hours

(July & August)
Tuesday to Friday
9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m.
Emergencies will be tended to. In
an emergency situation, please call the parish office
and press #2 to leave an urgent message.

Childrens Liturgy
This Sunday (June 28) is the last day for Childrens
Liturgy for the summer. It will resume again in September. we welcome volunteers and new ideas for
Children's Liturgy. Also, donations of crayons, pencils perhaps even children's bible stories would be
appreciated as well.