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By: Fred Markle
The Fourth of July has been
a popular event in Linton for over
100 years. The first parades, as you
can see, were on Vincennes Street west
then up Main Street. Picnics, music, and
entertainment filled the day in Haseman
Grove (the woods north of the elementary
school). The story was once told that a man
giving hot air balloon rides lost control of
his balloon and ended up in the ditch north
and east of the school grounds. Fireworks
always ended the day and they were held over
by the baseball fields.

The pictures include one looking at the parade going down
South Main. Also, one photo is a car dressed up to advertise Scott
dry goods. They were located 42 South Main Street in what is now Doc Ferd’s Castor Oil Remedy
the Trustee Office. They sold all types fine cloth on the first floor and
ladies’ clothes in their upstairs showroom. The other two pictures Used to be when someone thinks about castor oil they think of old movies
were in the 1930’s and show the parade going up Main Street. when a kid had a stomach ache and his kin poured him a tablespoon of
castor oil. Well it is true that was its main usage, but I have found another
use. When you have tired and burning feet, rub some castor oil on them.
The Lintonian is owned and published by The It not only helps easy the pain, it also keeps the skin smooth and moist.
Linton Publishing Club, Ltd. The views ex- It is great for dry skin and calluses. I have also talked to people who say
pressed in this magazine are not necessarily the it helps neuropathy. Give it a try!
views of the editors and publisher.
Copyright © 2007 The Linton Publishing Club, Ltd. All rights reserved.
No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written consent of The Linton
Publishing Club, Ltd. Requests for permission should be directed to:
The Lintonian
44 South Main Street
Linton, Indiana 47441

Hoosier day and watch the racers in action. There’s no fee for those
who wish t o just stop in and watch or kick up their heels in
support for their favorite racer.
of each heat are posted on the announcement board at the
end of the race day.

Hobbies Want to race a mini but don’t have a vehicle? Then drop in
and see Jarman in his shop. He sells ready-to-run mini-cars
How about practice time in order to get more proficient at
racing your vehicle before you compete against other racers?
Once again, Hoosier Hobbies is the place to go. Doors are

as well as build-it-yourself kits. You could even purchase a open for practice time on Tuesdays from 5-9:00 p.m. and the
mini-helicopter, too. Not certain what type of vehicle is right cost is only $7 to use the indoor track.
arman Lannon, owner/operator of Hoosier Hobbies, for you? Jarman is more than happy to lend a hand to those
located on Hwy 54 west of Linton (former Jack Wheeler who are looking for their dream mini. He offers free advice For those who would rather race gas-powered minis versus
Ford dealership), offers a unique pastime for those who love and tips on building a mini-racing vehicle. battery powered, Hoosier Hobbies raceway is the perfect
racing cars. Interestingly, the vehicles cannot be ridden in, place to bring such vehicles so the fun may begin.
but they can be driven. The Hoosier Hobbies shop also stocks parts for nearly all the
racing minis. Every mini-vehicle that Hoosier Hobbies sells If you just need parts for your mini then shop hours are:
Hoosier Hobbies opened an indoor race park this past has replacement parts available for it—unlike those at Radio Tuesday 1-9:00 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday 1-6:00
February where mini-car racers could show their love for Shack or Wal-Mart. So if you’re planning on doing some p.m., and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (race begins at
the hobby and the sport. Jarman raced tent-scale minis for serious racing—and your mini will get beat up and parts 1:00).
several years before finally deciding to make a dream come will be lost or broken—then it’s best to go with a model
true by opening his own race park. By word of mouth, news for which replacement parts are readily available. A plus to Hoosier Hobbies even offers something for area business
of the race park has traveled far and wide so that mini-car having the shop next to the race park is if a racer wrecks the owners/operators looking to draw more customers to their
racers from all over Indiana, as well as other states, visit the vehicle during a race they may be able to get it repaired on own enterprise. Advertisement space is available at the
race park to compete against each other. the spot and just in time to enter it into a later heat. raceway park via vinyl or wooden signs that are posted
around the inner raceway wall. Contact Jarman Lannon
Mini-cars, stock-trucks, and stock-buggies are the types Now then, you have a mini-car ready to race but could never for more information on how to put your business in the
of vehicles racers may maneuver around a large indoor find a place to run your vehicle? Hoosier Hobbies offers you spotlight.
dirt track. There are several “heats” and each heat lasts 5 a fun racing park where you can spend time doing what you
minutes. The driver who completes the most laps wins the love the most. Races run every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. with Hoosier Hobbies: 847-0257 or go online
heat. warm-up time starting at 10:00 a.m. There are varying heats
racers may sign up for—stock-buggy, stock-truck, mini to:
Don’t like to be behind the wheel but you like to be a (1/18 scale), and novice. Fees for racing are $13 for one
spectator? Then this is the place for you. Drop by on race class, $20 for two classes, and $25 for all classes. Winners Written by Ruby Moon-Houldson

Everything You You must remember that purchasing a domain name is Effective Domain Name Uses
Need to Know About similar to leasing it. You must pay a yearly fee to maintain

Website Design
your domain name through the registrar of your choosing. A When you choose a domain name, it is best to pick one that
registrar is a company that is allowed to sell domain names. is short and easy to remember. A domain name for example
I suggest to my clients that all domain names be purchased as www.mybusinessdomainnameisgreat.inf is not going to
Part 3: What is in a “Domain” Name? and maintained through because of the easy- easily be remembered by people interested in your business
to-use management system and reasonable pricing. Each and with a longer domain name, they are more likely to
domain name with a different extension is priced and paid make mistakes typing it in.
By: Kegan Inman & Charles Garwood for separately.
You may also want to consider when presenting your
Domain Name: The unique name that
Domain Extensions domain name to the public, a practice referred to as
identifies an Internet site.
Intercapping. This is so the public can easily distinguish
.com: Pronounced as dot-com, this domain name is the words in your domain name. I do this frequently with
There are several things you should know about the internet
generally meant to be used for commercial organizations., presenting it as In
and developing websites. Before you can even get people to
It is also the most popular of all the domain names on the the intercapped version, it is easy to make out the “Visit”,
your website, you must have a domain name. This is used as
internet. “Greene” and “IN” and by doing that, you will more easily
part of your URL (Universal Resource Locator) so people
.net: Refers to networks and commonly used by internet remember the domain name.
do not have to remember complicated IP (Internet Protocol)
service providers.
addresses. Another part of the URL that is generally not a
.org: This domain is mostly used by organizations, non- Some people undertake purchasing a domain name
requirement anymore is www. This prefix stood for World
profit and profit. themselves but many prefer to ask the advice of a trusted
Wide Web but with modern web browsers, it isn’t required
.biz: This is a domain that never really was popularized but local website design firm to pick the best domain name.
except in very few circumstances.
started for use by businesses. Local website design firms are skilled in the area of domain
When choosing your domain name, there are many
.edu: This domain is reserved for educational institutions. name choosing and purchasing and will not lead you astray
extensions to choose fro m and reasons to use each
.mil: The military has exclusive rights to using this domain in your journey to your own website.
extension. You should consider these reasons when picking
name extension.
your domain name. You can purchase and use all of the
.gov: Government agencies use the dot-gov domain name Kegan Inman / Charles Garwood
extensions. But if you do not plan on purchasing all of the
for their purposes only. Co-Owners of Kegan’s Kandy Web Services
extensions which is a common practice, then you should
.info: The dot-info domain has no real group that it was set / 699-0628
choose the one that is appropriate for your business,
aside for use by, but generally refers to informative websites.
organization, or personal use.

Linton Attracts
be interested in another state to consider bringing their
businesses, and those jobs, to Indiana instead.

First High-Tech
At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Part Tec CEO Herchel
Workman was asked why he chose Linton as the site location
for their newest facility. Looking and nodding toward Linton

Mayor Tom Jones he said, “Because of that man right there.
Tom Jones is the reason we are here.”

Part Tec, Ltd. When asked about the incredible opportunity to have the
first-ever high-tech manufacturer in the county, Jones said,
“This company is exactly what we’ve been trying to attract
By: LuAnn Kohler to locate in Linton. For the past two years, I’ve concentrated
heavily on economic development. This project, due to its
confidential nature, was not brought in through the Linton

O n a warm May morning, Part Tec, Ltd. CEO, Herchel
Workman, and Linton Mayor Tom Jones held a gala ribbon-
Economic Development Committee because it demanded the
utmost confidentiality and I was asked to keep things quiet
until Part Tec was ready to announce that they had received
cutting ceremony for Greene County’s first and only high- the Department of Energy contract. I am incredibly proud
tech manufacturing plant right here in Linton. that Mr. Workman and Part Tec have decided to locate in
Linton, and I am even prouder that they have the faith in us
Part Tec, headquartered in Bloomingon, opened its doors
in late winter under the hush of falling snow, and almost
that we can provide them with the facility and services they
require to perform their unique manufacturing. It is great that THE WRITER’S
as silently, until the ink was dry on their much-anticipated
contract with the Department of Energy, which was approved
in early March. Part Tec was awarded a $513,000 contract
they are the only facility of their kind in the world, and they
have chosen Linton as the place to develop their products.
We welcome them and wish them the best good fortune in
Written by: Lintonian Staff
to build neutron detectors that will supply the Spallation their endeavors.” Traveling along Highway 59 just south of Linton,
Neutron Source, which is located at the Oak Ridge National several eyes have alighted upon a curiosity sitting tall in
Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. When asked about Part Tec’s impact on economic a Linton resident’s yard. The question most frequently
development in Linton Jones said, “When other companies asked is: WHAT IS IT?
Part Tec CEO, Workman, said of the project, “Part Tec is are looking for a site, they want to know that the location
very pleased to work with SNS and glad that we can assist they are looking at is appealing to other companies and Well, you can now come and see for yourself. The
such a notable organization with their research needs.” that other companies have recently chosen that location. object…a 12x12x12 foot pylon-shaped building. A
Part Tec’s presence in Linton means more to economic pylon looks like a pyramid but with the top cut straight
Workman went on to say that, “Part Tec is the only development than most people realize because now that they across instead of being pointed. What is the purpose of
commercial enterprise in the world producing this type have shown confidence in Linton, others will see that and the building you may ask? It is a quiet getaway spot for
of neutron detector and we believe this contract will help want to locate here as well.” one area author (Ruby Moon-Houldson) in which she
position us as the preferred partner in supplying this may work with minimal interference from those around
technology for public and private organizations conducting “Its all about perception of growth. When a community her. The unique atmosphere inspires creativity for her
neutron scattering research.” does not grow, the perception site selectors get is that work.
the community is dying. Linton has been on the move,
Dr. John Cameron, President of Part Tec said in a recent improving infrastructure, improving services, updating The interior is unique. It has neon-lighted accessories,
press release, “This contract is the result of the unique equipment and buildings, and positioning itself as a leader. a misting fountain bowl that changes color, glow-in-
expertise that Part Tec has gained through an SBIR grant We still have some work to do, and we are working each the-dark wallpaper, blacklight reflective carpeting, a
from the Department of Energy and from the support of day to make great opportunities happen for our citizens. We bookcase, books, table and chairs, television, and a
Indiana’s 21st Century Fund to develop advanced detectors anticipate more manufacturing companies locating in Linton VCR/DVD combo unit. Much of the building materials
for use in this area.” in the next twelve months.” and interior decorating supplies have been purchased
from local merchants–Diana’s Wall Paper, Ross’ Floor
The Department of Energy awards various grants to
companies that are developing technology the government The Lintonian would like to welcome Store, Rice’s Building Supply, Linton Glass Company,
and Wal-Mart to name a few. A few specialty retailers
would like to implement into its own systems. Often, new
technologies are developed by private companies and when
Part Tec, Ltd. to our community! contacted the owner and contributed items for the project
seeing that it was such a unique undertaking.
the DOE, or the Department of Defense or other government
entities are sought out by these companies, the government The entire outer shell is smooth aluminum sheeting (a
issues grants for future research and development to satisfy product available from the Amish), and held together
their stringent regulations. with stainless steel screws that will never rust. Erecting
the building proved to be quite a challenge for the main
The 21st Century Fund is one of Indiana’s most valuable builder. All he had to go by was a picture and a paper
economic development incentives. The Fund offers model because there were no building plans to be found
new, emerging, high-tech manufacturing companies the on the Internet or through any other building construction
opportunity to get funding and incentives to support their source. Careful planning and many long hours went
endeavors and encourages companies that might otherwise

Photos by: Shad Cox


n the seventh grade the school band instructor, Mr. Once band practice started, Jack was 4th Trumpet 5th Chair
Barnes, set out tables of free instruments for any – last in the lineup of the trumpet section. He said he sat there
student who wanted to learn how to play. Browsing a and tried to play, and when he heard what the first chair guys
table full of instruments he didn’t know the names of, were playing, he decided then that was where he wanted to be.
one young man picked up a baritone horn and headed “No one had to tell me to practice. I loved playing. All I wanted
home. It was pouring rain and he used the bell of the horn to to do was play that horn. Other kids were out doing stuff and I
cover his head to keep from getting wet. was home playing my horn.”

When he got home, his father said, “Wasn’t there anything When he was a sophomore, Taylor Brown and Bob McFadden
smaller?” So, he headed back to the school and searched until took Jack to see jazz great, Gene Kruppa, in concert. He set at
he found a small coronet. He picked it up and took it home. a table by himself in the front. He said he was transfixed and
The rest, as Jack Shelton says, “is history. That’s when it all absolutely loved what he heard. At that moment, Jack would
happened.” become a jazz trumpeter, the style he enjoys most to this day.

Jack took five lessons in seventh grade, couldn’t read the notes So he practiced and got better, but it wasn’t until Bill Pirtle
real well, but admits the band needed bodies and the band took him under his wing and taught him to train his ear that the
instructor told him to go get measured for a band uniform. real passion began. Pirtle also taught Jack patience, and told

Jack to put away the music charts and listen, pick and has asked Jack and the band to travel to play
a note in the chord and bring the music to life. with them. Jack graciously accepted, contacted
From then on, Jack was sitting at the front of the all of those musicians, and the group will travel
trumpet section. together to several destinations to play.

When he was a sophomore, he played his first gig Roy Clark and Jack have had a long friendship,
with Fred Tincher in Indianapolis at a Catholic started with the introduction of Phil Harris. This
golf outing. He recalls making $17 for the show. fall, Roy Clark is having a benefit in Florida, and
From there, he began playing out with his teacher, has asked Jack to fly down with several others to
Bill Pirtle. With much respect and emotion, Jack perform.
recounts the first night Bill Pirtle introduced him.
“This is my student, Jack Shelton. This is a case When asked what the most memorable gig is,
where, as you will hear, the student is better than Jack says, “I suppose I should say playing for
the teacher.” After reflecting on that night for a President Reagan in Peoria, Illinois. But, that’s
moment, Jack commented, “That wasn’t true, but not it. That’s just something I can say I’ve done.
it sure felt good for him to say so.” I’ve played with some great guys and I’ve enjoyed
every minute.”
After playing with Pirtle, Jack accepted an offer
to play with Jimmie Nash’s Orchestra. For 27 Currently, Jack plays out about once a week. The
years, Jack performed in the orchestra, playing next venue Jack is playing is the Bears Club in
everything from jazz to big band, with a little Bloomington on July 5, starting at 5:30 p.m. The
latin swing thrown into the mix. Later, Jack began jazz club has been the favorite stop for such greats
playing with the Shrine Circus. Mike Puckett, Bill as Dizzie Gillespie.
Pirtle, Jack, and several other musicians played
for the Shrine Circus for 19 years. Many people in Linton know Jack as a “shear”
genius. His barber shop has been the site for many
In 1979, Jack played in his first Phil Harris Show hands of Euchre and some of the tallest tales in
to raise scholarship money for Linton students. town. In years past, it was a place where anyone
Jack has played all but two shows since that was welcome to get a cut and a shave and talk
year and recalls fondly playing with such greats about the events of the day. Jack said he rarely
as Boots Randolph, Roy Clark, Phil Harris, and spent time alone in the shop because people were
Peter Marshall, to name just a few. always stopping by to see what was going on in
town. “I miss those guys who used to be around
Jack recalls Peter Marshall (of Hollywood Squares all the time.” Jack still cuts hair but says it isn’t
fame) being concerned about the difficulty of his like it used to be when the “boys” would come
music charts, but Jack put together a 17-piece around and the shop would be full of friends.
orchestra that brought the house down. That
concert was recorded and Peter Marshall was Jack and his wife, Sona, have been lifelong
duly impressed. That soundtrack is still being sold residents of Linton. They have four adult children
by Marshall, and he admits it was the best group and beloved grandchildren. If you ask Jack about
he’s worked with. Jack says the charts were very his accomplishments, he says, “I have the best
difficult, but he beams with pride when he talks of it all – I have my family, the shop, the Clerk-
about amazing result and the incredible musicians Treasurer’s job, and I play out whenever I can. I
he brought together. have been blessed – truly blessed.”

Saxophone great, Boots Randolph, recently asked
Jack to get the same 17-piece group together that
he and Peter Marshall played with that impressed
them. Randolph is performing at several venues
including shows in Indiana and in Atlanta, Georgia,

Do You Ever Really I
f you think you really own your home just try But what if the property owner pays within the twelve
ignoring your real estate taxes and see how long month redemption period? He or she pays interest – and a
you “own” it! No, this isn’t a dare, but just a lot of it!

Own Your Home?
friendly reminder that property taxes will be due
very soon. In this month’s column, we will look at the For up to six months, the holder will receive a refund
process of what happens if a person fails to pay – and how equal to 110% of the minimum sale price and 10% per

By: Christopher Wathen
some people invest in the resulting tax liens. annum of the amount that the purchase price exceeds the
minimum sale price. So, on an annualized basis, the return
First, let’s discuss the basics from my research on the is much, much higher than 10% if redeemed within a short
topic: period after the sale! If redeemed more than six months
from the sale, the property owner must pay 115% of the
Any property that is at least three installments behind is minimum sale price, plus 10% per annum of the amount
eligible to be added to the tax sale list. The minimum that the purchase price exceeded the minimum sale price.
bid for the auction is set at the amount of property
taxes owed, any penalties, and the associated auction As a person can see now, the returns to the investor are
costs, public notice and advertisement fees, and other very high in comparison to other investments, but there
miscellaneous charges. At the public auction, the are several risks, including:
bidding starts with this minimum bid and proceeds until
there are no more bids. The highest bidder receives a The bidder must determine what it is that he
tax lien certificate on the property in return, which is or she is actually bidding on, as it could be a
essentially a first-priority lien and one that is superior to property with environmental contamination,
most everything except federal and state tax liens, even a useless strip of ground only five feet wide
superior to previously-recorded bank mortgages. (As you and hundreds of feet long, or a parcel with
know, Uncle Sam always gets his money first, but the other major issues. There are no guarantees or
Governor does too!) This is an interesting phenomenon warranties, so that can be a huge risk, too, if the
because liens typically attach to a property in the order (or bidder does not do his or her homework.
priority) that they were filed, so tax liens are unique in this
respect. (This also explains why banks want to escrow for The tax lien holder does not actually own the
property taxes when you have a mortgage, so they know property during the twelve-month redemption
that the taxes are paid – and they won’t have a higher- period, so the tax lien holder has no right to be
priority lien to resolve.) on the property. Needless to say, the owners – or
vandals in general – can damage the property
Three months prior to the expiration of the redemption during that time.
period (a typical redemption period is 12 months from
the date of sale) the purchaser of the tax lien must send If the winning bidder on the tax lien fails to have
a “notice of sale” letter to the owner and any other the cash or financing available to him or her to
person with a “substantial interest” in the property (e.g. pay the County Treasurer the full amount of their
the bank with a mortgage on the property) with all the winning bid by the deadline on the sale date,
information required under the Indiana Code. Of course, which is usually in the afternoon of the auction,
this requires a title search to be conducted to find out who the bid is not only canceled but the bidder is
these “substantial” interest holders are. After these notices subject to a penalty equal to 25% of the total
are sent, the tax lien holder asks the same court that amount bid.
issued the original judgment for delinquent taxes on the
property to order the County Auditor to issue a tax deed If the tax lien holder fails to notify the owner
if the property is not redeemed by the redemption period and those with a substantial property interest, as
expiration date. discussed above, the court may say, “Sorry, you
just lost everything that you bid on it because
During the period between the tax sale date (the auction you didn’t follow the rules!” So, a total loss of
date) and the expiration of the redemption period investment is possible!
(12 months), the tax lien holder may pay all taxes,
assessments, penalties and fees due for the property. As you can see, where there is money to be made, there
Immediately upon paying for any of these additional is also risk. Greater returns typically involve greater risk.
costs, including the title search mentioned above, it must So, if there are morals to this story, they are: (1.) pay your
be reported to the county auditor’s office with the receipts property taxes on time, and (2.) if you want to invest, be
to record them using what is referred to as Form 137B. If sure to find a competent legal advisor with experience in
this is not done, those additional expenses may not be this area of investing.
reimbursed if the tax lien is redeemed by the property

So, if the tax lien is not paid by the property owner by the
end of the redemption period, the tax lien holder receives
a tax deed and becomes the new owner.

day. It is a day of celebration packed 5) Jim Stevens of Jim and Dee’s Karaoke TENTATIVE UNVEILING
with fun-filled events which will include & DJ Service will provide music for the SCHEDULE
door prizes, tours, music provided by Open House.
area musicians, and a picture/music July 14 – Time TBA – Moving books
video depicting snapshots taken of the 6) Monetary donations from countless and items from present to new building
old library as well as the new library as it members of the community to purchase (community involvement)
went through its growing stages. special items which weren’t covered with
the building fund—thank you all. July 16 through July 29 – All library
Many community members have offered services will be on hold until new building
services or donations in order to see that 7) Table and chairs in the tutoring room opens
the new Linton Public Library offers not paid for by Ruby Moon-Houldson.
OPENING SOON only up-to-date library services, but that 8) Virgil Franklin will offer his time and July 30 – Linton Public Library will be open
it presents to the public the look and feel talent in providing music at the Open to patrons—full service
By: Ruby Moon-Houldson of an inviting and safe place to visit. A House event.

heartfelt thank you goes out to all who August 4 – Time TBA – Open House
have helped along the way. Donations of 9) Picture/music video created by Ruby
he dream is now a reality. The various items and services for the new Moon-Houldson that will be presented to
building is nearly complete and the town UPCOMING EVENTS AND
building include: the public at the Open House.
is abuzz with anticipation. The new SPECIAL PROGRAMS
Linton library 10) Black and White Fine
will serve Art Prints for the tutoring August 9 at 5 p.m. – Writers Group Meeting
as the heart room from Hollywood in the Community Room
of the city’s legend Leonard Nimoy
information (working in conjunction September 22 – Mr. Marion Walker, one of
system with Moon-Houldson) the few remaining survivors from Iwogema,
in which will speak on his experiences during that
creativity will The library is taking difficult period in time.
flourish. shape in readiness for the
tentative July opening, November 6 through December 4 – Images
On July 14 yet there are still some of Native Americans—the Wanamaker
(time to be hurdles to be overcome. Collection of Indiana University will be on
announced Landscape greenery display. This is a traveling art exhibition.
and date may and flowers are yet to
change in case of inclement weather) the become a permanent element of the CONTIUNED FROM PAGE 5
community is invited to band together for
the long-anticipated move as books and
other library-related items are transferred
1) Friends of the Library group is donating
over $18,000 worth of shelving and other
items for the childrens’ and young adult
property surrounding the library. Bids are
out for landscaping services. What the
library does need is donations of items
from the Margaret Cooper Public Library
to be permanently housed in the new
library. Books will be carefully stacked
area. that would help with the upkeep of the
landscaping. Those items are: several
2) Two hand-painted prints by Bonnie gallons of “Preen”, mulch, water hoses, into erecting this unique building that has
on book carts and shrink wrapped. The Bowersock (former library staff)— sprinklers, rakes, shovels, clippers, and electricity and air conditioning. Lighted palm
carts will then be hoisted onto flatbed donated by the family. “River Rock” to go around the bike rack. trees, a variety of greenery, and nightlights
trucks and driven to the new building for If anyone would like to donate one or adorn the outside of the building.
unloading. Members of the community 3) A large chalk landscape print by more of the aforementioned items, please
are invited to join together in forming a Emmalee Morrison and donated by her don’t hesitate to drop them off at the The author, Ruby Moon-Houldson, will hold
line between the two buildings to assist son, Jim Morrison. library. And, thank you in advance for an open house day so all those who wish to
in handing off additional items down the your support of the new Linton Public satisfy their curiosity may do so. That day will
line from the old building to the new. It 4) The 5th and 6th grade students from the Library. be July 15 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. So drop on
will indeed be a sight to witness. Linton Elementary School sold freezer in, take a quick look around, and say hello to
pops in order to raise money as a donation Look for more Linton Public the one who works within the writer’s get-
A tentative date of July 30 has been set toward purchasing a bike rack. Jeff Thom away. The author will also host her first group
for patrons to visit the new library and provided inspirational input for the bike Library news and upcoming of guests in the month of July when the area
check out books. Please be aware that
new equipment will be in use and there
rack so as to make it a work of art versus events in the August issue of Writers Group members get together for their
it being just a plain bike rack. J.D. Scott of July meeting.
may very likely be some kinks yet to be Scott’s Welding is creating the bike rack the Lintonian.
worked out of the system. So please be which will consist of a stand of cattails So there it is. The writer’s unique get-away
patient with staff as they work hard to made from steel along with forged cast spot is done at last and you’ve been invited
serve you. iron insects and animals, as may be found to stop by and take a look—free of charge.
Open House is tentatively set for August in the Goosepond area. The stand will be (Located on Hwy 59 South, 8/10 of a mile
4. Books may not be checked out that located on the East side of the library. south of the 54/59 junction).

Full-Contact First order of business is to pan-fry the
of eating, but you could add them whole if you
prefer. I use the entire pint for two salads. Put

Cooking ground meat with the seasoning. There is a
technique that I recommend for this to keep
the veggies on the lettuce.

with Tim Shonk the powdered seasoning from clumping onto Put about 20 Dorito chips into a plastic
only part of the ground meat. Take about ¾ cup ziplock baggie. Do not zip the top shut. Begin
of water and pour it into the frying pan. Then to crush the chips into very small bits. I use a
take the first packet of regular taco seasoning baggie so I don’t get the cheesy powder all
and the ½ packet of the hot and stir into the over my hands. If you don’t care about that, just
water until the crush them in your
seasoning is
well-mixed. This Ingredients hands. Put the Dorito
bits on the salad.
avoids clumping If you put them on
and improves 2-3 heads of Romaine lettuce (or bibb, boston, or before the hot meat,
flavor. Brown buttercrunch) your lettuce does not
the meat until 1 lb. Ground beef (or chuck, sirloin, or ground turkey) wilt.
fully cooked and 1 large green pepper
reduce to low to 1 pint of grape tomatoes (or 2 medium tomatoes) Next, spoon the
keep warm. Stir 1 bag of shredded sharp (or mild) cheddar cheese seasoned ground
often. Doritos (regular or choose your favorite) meat on the top. Wait

his article is for the person who 1 packet of regular taco seasoning (powder) a minute and then
believes the garbage disposal is an all- Next, wash all ½ packet of hot taco seasoning (powder) stir the salad. Put
purpose meat grinder. This article is for of the veggies. the cheddar cheese
people who want to be good cooks, even if it There are special Optional ingredients: on last on top of the
means a trip to the emergency room. So, put on soft vegetable Mullen’s French salad dressing or Catalina salad stirred salad so the
your goggles and have some band aides handy. brushes or dressing cheese does not melt.
Let’s begin full contact cooking with Tim. sponges to get Hot peppers
any pesticides or Sour cream Garnish with sour
Something simple that everyone loves once residues off the Guacamole dip with Lime juice (for a twist and a cream, guacamole,
they have tried it is simple taco salad. Mine is veggies. If you do preservative) salsa, or whatever
made with a twist, though, because depending not have a salad Refried beans else you like on
upon what you add to it, you can really enjoy spinner, I highly Onions tacos. I eat mine with
the experience, or wish you hadn’t added the recommend just Mullen’s French
hot stuff. Just remember, drinking water only getting one. Spinning keeps the lettuce Dressing, but you can add whatever you like.
makes things worse. The only way to turn down from being soggy and forming a puddle in Some folks swear by Catalina dressing. You don’t
the heat on hot peppers or other hot foods is to the bottom of the plate or salad bowl. It is have to add anything to it because it tastes
drink milk. unbelievable how much water actually pools in great with just the veggies, meat, cheese, and
the bottom of the salad spinner after spinning! chips.
I got mine at the Dollar Store for under $5. Wal-

Taco Salad Mart has them too. Once you have washed the
veggies, begin tearing the lettuce for the salad.
Cutting lettuce bruises it. Tearing it is better.
TIP: If you want to make your own
guacamole (avocados, garlic powder, sour
cream), there are two ways to preserve it in the
(with a twist) Put equal amounts of lettuce on each plate
refrigerator: either put the large seed pit into
the bowl or spritz with citric acid (either lemon
or in each bowl. Next, cut the green pepper into juice or lime juice). Both methods preserve
Prep Time: 20 minutes small pieces (about half an inch squares). For guacamole sauce and keep it from turning
You are going to need the following two salads, I use an entire large pepper. If you brown. Enjoy!
ingredients for this recipe (feeds 2-3 people): want to add hot peppers, add them to taste.
Be careful to use latex gloves for habaneros or For those of you who enjoy this recipe, email
You’ll need a frying pan with spatula or any other very hot peppers. Discard hot pepper me, and let me know how it works for you. For
wooden spoon, a knife, a large ziplock baggie, seeds or dry them to plant in the garden. Cut up comments or suggestions or to share recipes,
latex gloves if you cut hot peppers, and a salad any other veggies you want to put in the salad. I email:
spinner. Serve on plate or in deep salad bowl. cut the cherry or grape tomatoes in half for ease

THE FOURTH there will be a time in your life when you would
give anything just to talk to your loved ones that
I always tried to figure out. Grandma’s fried
chicken was the best.
are gone now. Virgil Mitchell would come and bring
OF JULY By: Scott Stanton
I remember when I was a boy, our friends
would plan for weeks on what they were going to
pork chops and chicken. He would make some
makeshift grill and black the meat and it was
do on the 4th of July. We would buy goofy clothes so good I still remember the taste even now. He

C an they ever be the same as they were that looked alike so we would match for the would tell some of the best stories you have ever
when we were kids? Sure. Just put parade. They were usually so ugly you just wore heard. We kids would wrestle in the wet grass
your life on hold for one day, call everyone you them once and never again, but you did it for the until we itched so bad we couldn’t stand it – and
love up, invite them over, shut off the TV, set one you loved. Aunts and uncles would come we smelled like dogs!
down and talk, and for a change – listen to each over you sometimes only saw once a year on the This would go on until we were completely
other. Play some pitch and catch, horseshoes, 4th. It wasn’t because they didn’t want to come worn out then we would set around till dark in
bad mitten, or get out the color crayons for the over and visit. It was because at that time, work the aluminum chairs listening to everything they
little ones and watch them color. Hang up every was tough to find, so a lot of good friends had said. Uncle Evert raised watermelons on the sand
picture, take a walk together, cook some hot to move away to get jobs. So, when they all got in Carlisle. He would bring a pile of watermelons
dogs – they’re always good – and, anyway, just back home together it was a blast. Those parties and mush melons. He did something us kids had
think, if you had eaten at a restaurant instead, two still run through my mind. never seen before. He would split those big, long
minutes after a $50 meal is in your stomach, you When I was a boy, we didn’t waste food or green watermelons down the middle and just eat
wish you had your money back and had just ate stuff ourselves like pigs. That’s why you always out the heart. Man that was living!
bologna instead. looked forward to the 4th because there was Our parents would have to watch us kids or
Talk about the past. Tell the stories that make going to be a barbecue. Grandma would pick out we would eat clear down to the rind. Those were
your family laugh and sometimes cry. Something a big fat hen, step on her head, and give it a pull the best times of our lives! Was it the food, or the
that’s hard for me to do is to shut up and listen. – a painless death for the chicken, but it’s motor games, or the stories that made it so great? It was
Do some of that stuff that might cause you to system would take over so us kids would chase friends doing things together. Its a time that can
sweat or miss your favorite TV show. Trust me, the chicken flopping around the yard without happen again this 4th of July. •
it’s head. Wow! That was one of those things

Happy 4th of July
The Lintonian

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