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Scene (A): The half-moon hangs just above the horizon as you enter the Docks district. The bright
moonlight illuminates the miles of shoreline consumed by the many docks, wharves, warehouses, and
stockyards. The cool sea air breezing inland carries the heavy tang of brine and salt.
Grunwald leads you on to the dilapidated and rundown ruin of a dockside godown, its roof missing and
large doors hanging precariously from their rusted hinges. Its crumbling stone walls lie in the grip of slick
moss and thick vines of an unknown nature. Grunwald slips in between the space left by the hanging doors
without any hesitation.
A shrill shriek splits the silence of the night, followed by the clash of metal on metal.

Combat encounter for the PCs

o The PCs should rush into the warehouse, in order to defend the Envoy
o The last of the Envoy's security detail should be cut down just as the PCs run in
Scene (B): The sand, dust and grit crunches underfoot as you rush into the shadowy interior of the ruined
godown. You barely notice the yawning emptiness of the warehouse's innards, the rotting remnants of
crates and barrels piled high along the far wall, and the thick layer of dust and sand that covers the tiles.
You see a woman, gurgling her last and her sword falling to the floor with a clang, slip off a bloodied blade.
The blade of a humanoid figure swathed in shades of black, his lower face covered with a scarf of the
same hues. There are four of them, all dressed similarly in their sinister black. But one does not don hood
nor scarf. Instead, in the moonlight, you see hair a shocking shade of red pulled back into twin ponytails
and bright green eyes that seem to almost glow. But, all that pales in comparison to the gore-splattered
silver hammer gripped in her left fist.
Grunwald has already locked swords with one of the assailants while another presses a large man, wearing
a high-collared gray cloak and a tricorn hat, back against the stacks of rotting crates. The red-haired one
points at you and advances at pace, followed by the last of her black band.

vs. an Elven Vigilante Hit Squad @ the Hitelves

Elven Killer (Spy) x3

Str: 11 (+0), Dex: 15 (+2), Con: 10 (+0), Int: 13 (+1), Wis: 14 (+2), Cha: 13 (+1)
AC: 12+1; HP: 16
Short sword: +4 TH, 1d6+2 (P) dmg; Hand crossbow: +4 TH, 30/120 rng, 1d6+2 (P) dmg
Multi-attack: make 2 melee attacks
Sneak attack: +1d6, 1/turn
Cunning action: Dash/Disengage/Hide

Squad Captain Birellynna

Elven Dervish (Berzerker)
Str: 17 (+3), Dex: 17 (+3), Con: 18 (+4), Int: 13 (+1), Wis: 11 (+0), Cha: 14 (+2)
AC: 17+1; HP: 40
Warhammer: +7 TH, 1d8[1d10 2H]+3 (B) dmg; Short sword: +7 TH, 1d6+3 (P) dmg
Follow-up: make a 2nd melee attack as a bonus action if the initial attack succeeds
Rage: 2/long rest
Sneak attack: +1d6, 1/turn
Cunning action: Dash/Disengage/Hide

o Chaotic Good
o recurring NPC (adversary, though this may be subject to change during gameplay)
o Live to fight another day: if the fight is going badly, she will Disengage and flee. She will
also drop her cursed amulet of protection in her flight.

XP Rewards:

o per Elven Killer: 200 xp, half on escape

o Birellynna: 450 xp, quarter on escape

Note: Full xp if captured

Amhotep's Seal of Loyalty

Cursed Amulet of Protection +1
Each of the elves wears one of these, believing them to be enchanted amulets that grant
increased protection to its wearers. These were part of the incentive for the attack on the Envoy.
In actual fact, they are runic charms that serve as a failsafe, protecting the identity of the
issuer, by ensuring the deaths of their wearers under certain conditions. If subjected to
interrogation or torture, the amulet will detonate in a controlled manner, causing whatever is
above the amulet to explode like a blood sausage.

o Comprehend Languages (spell) or a Linguistics roll (Drow or Undercommon, DC 10) will

reveal the origins of the runic engravings upon the amulets.
o the pictures for the runes will be added later
Map: Abandoned Dockside Godown
Each square is 5' x 5'.
Godown's dimensions: 60' long x 30' wide
The walls are covered in slick moss and thin vines (Athletics, DC 15, to climb or run up).
The ground is covered in a thick layer of sand and grit, which can be disturbed and scattered.
There is no roof, but the moonlight does not come from overhead nor are there lit torches along the wall,
therefore low light conditions exist, but no disadvantage to attacks due to moonlight illumination.
However, there could be plenty of shadows to hide in.

The stack of rotting crates and barrels is 10' to 15' high, with some places to hide due to height differences
in the stacks.
The staircase directly opposite the crate pile is 10' high as the godown was built on a slope.
There is no ramp at the far end, directly opposite the PC's entrance, which makes a drop of 20'
(Acrobatics/Athletics, DC 10, to safely jump down).
Abandoned wooden wharf/pier is rotting in places, but still holds firm. 10' wide.

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