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The only Tracker

you will ever need!

A New Dimension in Tracking

What is PFTrack?
Firstly it is important to know what PFTrack is not. PFTrack is not merely
another single purpose match moving application. It is much more than
that. Certainly PFTrack enables computer generated effects to be exactly
matched with film or video sequences no matter what their resolution.
PFTrack is also a comprehensive suite of analysis technologies designed to
extract both detailed camera information and pixel motion data from
video and film sequences and allow this data to be fully utilised within a
post-production environment.
We had a very young team on Cloverfield, and for a lot of the trackers it was their
first show. We had every Matchmovers nightmarew, we had huge blur we also had
to deal with huge zooms, a very shaky handicam and dark plates. In addition the
shots were very long.PFTrack helped a lot here, with its great interface and easy
set up of shots, within a couple of hours all of them had the hang of using it. Sam
Schwier, Matchmove Supervisor, Double Negative
Where PFTrack stands head and shoulders above the crowd is its
comprehensive range of tools and its common-sense approach to dealing
with complex workflow issues and data management. These include the
handling of proxy image resolutions, stereoscopic footage support
manipulation of image data and batch processing of tracked shots over a
cross platform network, allowing multiple shots to be accessed and
processed simultaneously. The philosophy behind data produced by PFTrack
is analyse once use many times. PFTrack allows the user to work with
camera, pixel and geometric data within a fully collaborative environment.
Once the data has been generated, it is available to provide a single
reference source for multiple operations. Since everyone working on a
project will be using the same data (from the 3D animation team to the
2D compositors) consistency throughout a project is guaranteed.
This delivers improved results along with time and cost savings and
removes the need for multiple clip processing. The optical flow data can be
used to retime shots or produce motion blur while the camera data is used
for match moving computer generated animation.

spline-based F-Curves. Hybrid, automatic and manual tracking options

provide the means to get the best of both worlds when tracking complex
Ludovick Michaud, Technical Director, Janimation: "We used PFTrack and its
phenomenal geometry tracking to track in the horses and bulls heads to animate
the talking animals.The suite of tools and the performance of the product coupled
with a price that is competitive with lesser capable products made it an easy
decision. And the range of features that the software has is just great."
PFTrack, in conjunction with other Pixel Farm products, has been designed
with first hand knowledge of digital content production and management
in film and television. It addresses practical problems of logistics and
production workflow within a post facility as well as generating the data
required to get your job done.

The unique geometry tracking system in PFTrack allows 3D geometry to be

imported into PFTrack and then matched to sequences, making this an
ideal tool for head and facial replacement meaning artists can now be
confident that animated CG, when rendered and composited, will exactly

PFTrack in Match Moving

PFTrack offers users the most comprehensive suite of match moving tools
in any application, as well as providing unique ways to obtain camera and
motion data from footage. PFTrack offers:
Fully automatic tracking capabilities
Advanced Geometry-based tracking with paintable vertex wieghting
Advanced user feature tracking
Solving of Stereoscopic footage
Reference Frame support
Support for Stereoscopic (3D) footage
Solving multiple types of camera motions within the same shot
Object tracking
Editable post solve camera parameters
Partial Solve recovery
Extendable Solves
All these features are backed up with the most robust camera solver
available, giving you fast and accurate results. Unlike other match moving
applications, PFTrack allows you to manipulate tracking data at many
levels. From the simple one button click approach, right thought to
building complex mattes and editing of individual camera parameters via

One day saved in Post Production

Image courtesy of Janimation

match the live action. Complex Geometry can be imported and used to
solve cameras in addition to the use of automatic or user placed features.
This is perfect for problematic shots or for tracking set extention models
into footge. Using motion groups it is a simple task to extract both camera
and object motion. Any or all motions can be exported along with
animated geometry if required. Version 4.1 has Geometry Tracking vertex
weighting this allows you to paint the influence each vertex point has on
the final tracking. A simple paint tool allows you to quickly paint onto the
imported 3D geometry.

pays for PFTrack

The fully 64-bit application architecture is built around highly optimised

tracking and motion analysis algorithms. PFTrack is fully scalable across
multiple machines allowing batch processing of shots to be tracked when
workloads rise.

PFTrack in Pre Viz

PFTracks motion capture functionality, image based modelling and
automated Z depth extraction are all ideal tools for use in the previsualisation stage of a project. The tools within PFTrack have been
designed to provide ways to quickly produce useful information that can
be used as guidance when working up a project.
Animation guidance and path planning can be made a lot easier by
providing both geometry and camera information to the 3D department.
The, fully integrated image based modelling capabilities allow users to
quickly build up 3D environments by using the background image as a
guide. The Auto-Mesh tool allows selected solved auto and user feaures to
be used to generate an editable mesh. This is a great tool for the modelling
of organic shapes and Topologies.

Whats Under The Hood?

Camera Motion Key frames can be automatically or manually placed to
break a shot down into distinct motion groups and each motion can then
be assigned one of 6 camera motions. The new solver can then produce a
single export that combines these motions. This means you no longer have
to break a shot into segments and solve each one and conbine then back
together in a 3D system.
PFTrack includes a Focal Length Estimation tool to greatly aid solving. This
provides the user with a graphic means to calculate focal length, often
improving results.

The addition of, fully integrated motion capture tools provide everything
you need to do motion capture tests. The ability to solve for several
cameras in a single scene provides a means to produce 3D point cloud data
by matching points in each camera. A day or two saved in a Motion
Capture Studio by pre planning shots pays for PFTrack in one go!
PFTrack in Composting
Clearly this is not simply a single purpose match-moving application but a
high-end 3D data analysis and production workflow toolset, designed to
produce excellent results while saving you time and money. PFTracks
optical flow tools track individual pixels from one frame to the next,
building a comprehensive data model of all pixel movement within a shot.
PFTrack has a comprehensive toolset to modify and enhance any
anomalies in the flow data, allowing you to produce an accurate flow data.
A suite of editing tools allows you to clean up flow data before exporting
the optical flow data for use within 2D compositing application. Optical
flow data can be used for retiming, Image Stabilisation, Motion Blur and
even for driving 3D particle systems. The Z Maps produced by PFTrack are
ideal for use as clipping guides, depth based matting, focal effects and
layer generation.
PFTrack 5.0 is available as a node locked or floating license for Mac OS
X Universal , Windows XP/ Vista, and Linux for 3000, $5500, 4500.

The ability to save tracking data even if a solve fails is a boon for those
who need to track long shots. PFTrack also allows you to add frames to an
already solved shot and extend the tracking data without the need to start
all over again. Working with long shots is also helped with the new fit to
Ram playback, this allow you to compress footage to fit into memory
without the need to reduce the image quality for tracking. PFTrack is also
the only tracking application to support true 3D stereoscopic footage.
Solving both left and right eye footage and delivering the quality of data
demanded by 3D Movie production.
Extend Your Options
To get the most from your investment in PFTrack you can extend the use of
data using application plug-ins. Focused on key day to day tasks Pixel Farm
plug-ins take data from PFTrack into your compositing system for far more
than a match move or corner pin. We have turned the best tracker around
into an invaluable everyday production tool. Current plug-ins include; PFZed
that automatically generates depth information for every pixel within a frame
using optical flow data, PFStable, PFRetime, PFBlur and PFBarrel. Whats more
these are free for Shake users with PFTrack!

Farming Pixels,
Herding Data
Fully editable F-Curves within PFTrack make cleaning up tracking data
extremely easy and accurate. You can quickly view and edit each individual
property of the camera within a graph editor in the timeline curves can
be represented by both linear and Bezier splinesand simply smoothed or
edited using the tools provided. Once edited, the new camera solver
quickly produces a new camera without the need to totally re solve every
parameter in the sequence. Camera and Tracking errors can also have a
graphic representation and can quickly be adjusted with instant feedback.
To ensure that you are always upto date we offer and annual
support contract that includes all software upgrades and email
technical support. On-site training can be provided on request.