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Islander II ™

Unattended Fleet and Retail System

Whether your site is private,

commercial, or retail, Islander II has
the features you need. The Islander II
provides 24-hour controlled access to
your fueling island. Completely self-
contained, Islander II keeps installation
time and cost to a minimum.

Commercial and private fleets will

appreciate the many features offered
by the Islander II. For example, fuel
restriction ensures that the proper fuel
is dispensed. Or, a chain pump feature
that auto-activates adjacent air, water,
or oil fueling positions when one
master position is selected.

Bank, fleet, and oil company network

interfaces accept an assortment of
credit and fleet card types. Or, connect
to major retail dispensers to offer
conventional retail station services at an
unattended location.

Any combination of card, smartkey,

keypad, or hands-free access method
allows you to customize data entry
to meet your requirements. Even
previously issued cards can be accepted,
giving you the opportunity to add users
without forcing them to change or carry
an additional card. You also have the
ability to issue user-selectable PINs and
send personalized messages per user or

Gasboy, the world's largest supplier of

fleet dispensing and fuel management
systems, has a 24-hour help desk and
over 250 nationwide authorized service
outlets. Backed by a one-year parts
and labor warranty, the Islander II is a
system you can rely on.

Fleet Management • Commerical Dispensers • Liquid Transfer Pumps • Service and Support
Islander II Standards and Specifications

SYSTEM FUNCTIONS Island Data Input Capabilities Transaction Data Recorded

• Single card with keypad entry of driver or • 19 (35 with Fuel Point™) digits for card/key,
Site Control vehicle number, odometer, and miscellaneous vehicle driver, department numbers, etc.
• Controls all system operations and entry • 8-digit miscellaneous keypad entry.
components • Dual card (driver and vehicle) with keypad • Transaction number
• Multi-tasking, multi-user, real-time operating entry of odometer and miscellaneous entry • Date and time of fueling
system • Single or dual smartkey w/ transportable • Pump number and product code
• Components are modular, refer to the price odometer and user-selectable PIN • Cost per gallon and total sale amount
list for configuration pricing • Keypad-only data entry operation • Fuel quantity
• Supervisor card/key mode for input of any • Odometer reading
Reader card encoded data • Transaction error messages
• ABA Track I or II magnetic stripe insertion • Fuel drop cards/keys can update the system’s
reader (standard) tank inventory and/or create a transaction Miles Per Gallon Report
• Single or Dual Key receptacle (optional) • Stick Reading transactions can be created • Beginning and ending period odometer
• Mag reader plus single or dual key receptacle • Fueler ID records the same fueler ID for • Total miles driven and total gallons
(optional) every transaction at a fuel island for attended consumed
• Static read optical insertion reader (optional) operation • Average miles per gallon and cost per mile
• 4 x 4 weatherproof membrane keypad with • Any combination of card, key, keypad, and • High and low MPG flags
audible tone feedback Fuel Point
• 2 x 20-character, .5 " LCD display Fuel Allocation
Fuel Point Data Entry • Controls disbursements for specified field
Fuel Point Reader • Hands-free automatic transfer of vehicle name (dollars or gallons)
• Stand alone or attached to Islander information • Add, subtract, and print commands
• Optionally use with keypad or employee
Pedestal Receipt Printer card entry Pump Totals
• Transaction receipt • Daily shift, and cumulative
Card Network Interfaces
Pump Control • Fleet – COMDATA, CFN Network, EDS, Inventory Report
• Mechanical dispenser control Gascard, NTS, SPS Fleetshare, T-Chek, • Current balance by tank and product name
• 4 or 8 hoses built-in Wright Express (via Third Party Processor) • Inventory reorder prompt
• External pump control unit available in • Bank – Buypass, FDR, NaBanco, NBS, NDC, • Electronic tank monitor interface software
4-hose increments for interior wall mount PaymenTech, Shazam, VisaNet, Zions (hardware required) with variance reporting
• Electronic Dispenser controls • Oil Company – CITGO, Coastal, Diamond
• Direct connection of Gasboy 9800 or Shamrock, Gulf, Phillips, Pennzoil, Sinclair, Pump Control
Tokheim 2600 Electronic Fleet Dispensers via Tesoro, Texaco • Up to 32 hoses
RS485 port • Loadable pulse per unit to 1000 (gallon/liter
• Tokheim, Gilbarco, and Wayne electronic Lookup Program or dollar)
dispenser interfaces (additional hardware may • A cross-reference file that allows you to set • Resolution to .001 gallon/liter
be required) up cards/keys or numeric codes with • Chain Pump--31 additional fueling positions
proprietary card functionality. Reads Gasboy can be activated when one master position is
Gate Control Reader proprietary and code card/key formats; and activated
• Relays for gate control on other cards, ABA Track II up to the first • Variable pump timeouts up to 1 hour
field separator
POS Systems • PC executable version allows lookup records Power Requirements
(Check Point/Profit Point) to be maintained at a central PC • 115 VAC +/- 10%, 47-63 HZ, 220 Watts
• Fully integrated POS; includes pump • Assign user-selectable PIN to a card or maximum
authorization, ECR, and card processing lookup record
functions • Personalized messages can be sent to a reader Environmental Requirements
display for maintenance reminder messages, • -40o C to 50o C (-40 o F - 122 o F), 95%
SOFTWARE FEATURES etc. relative humidity, non-condensing

System Parameters System Controls **Note: System configuration will affect

• Controls up to 32 hoses • Fill limit per transactions by vehicle transaction storage and user capacity.
• Handles up to 99 products • Fuel type restriction by vehicle or driver for
• Stores up to 4000 transactions** up to 99 products.
• Handles up to 3.2 million lockouts • Expiration date Failure to follow these instructions may result in
• Offers lockout by employee and vehicle • Variable keypad entry requirements for any property damage, personal injury, or loss of life.
Gasboy products must be installed by a qualified
combination of odometer, PIN, or installer and used in conformance with all building,
Island Reader Interfaces miscellaneous (e.g. driver or vehicle, etc.) fire, and environmental codes and other safety
requirements applicable to their installation and use
• Gasboy® Satellite Islander Reader entry including, but not limited to, NFPA 30, NFPA 30A,
• Gasboy® Fuel Point Reader • Cumulative fuel limit set by volume or and NFPA 70. This product is only part of a fuel
dispensing system, and additional equipment and
• Tokheim® DPT* money and hours for all users accessories, such as, but not limited to, breakaway
• Gilbarco® CRIND* • Reasonableness check on odometer readings connectors, shear valves, pressure regulators, and
other safety devices may be necessary to meet the
• Wayne® CAT* applicable codes. Qualified installers shall be familiar
*Additional hardware maybe required with fuel system installations under the above stated
building, fire, and environmental codes and other
safety requirements required for the particular type of
installation. Gasboy dispensers shall not be used for
the direct fueling of aircraft without filters, separators,
and other equipment necessary to ensure product
purity. All sales subject to Gasboy standard warranty.

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