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Who Owns It- A Social Network that Brings People

Together to Help Who Lost Their Personal Items
S.S Weerasinghe1, K.N Samarasinghe2, M.A Corera3, S.Kumarasinghe4, P.L Rupasinghe5 and D de Silva6,,,,,
Abstract— Losing precious items in day to day life has become a major topic of concern worldwide, including Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka,
as a developing country, has a population of 20 million people. Among that population approximately 85% of people lose precious
items and does not find it back.15% of people lost the items and have found it back. These things happen because of the busy life style
of the people. There is no action taken yet in Sri Lanka or in other countries to solve this major problem. The proposed system ‘Who
Owns It’ is kind of a social network gather all the people in to one place and help each other to find the lost or misplaced items. We
will give a separate account to each and every registered person and they can include all their personal items to their account. Then
comes the Universal Identification Number concept. Can put lost notices and found notices by referring the Universal ID of that item,
so that he/she can get some information about the owner. Resolution process comes when item founder handed it over to the
owner, then the system will publish about that great work on our Social Network, so it will helps to motivate them. Also
based on the user’s current location mobile application will generate alert notifications regarding the items. Location Analytically
Engine is another concept that we are introducing through this system. Item transferring process is also part of our system. Other
than those services we planned to provide tracking service for some selected items.
Keywords— Social Network, Universal ID, Location Analytically Engine, NFC, Lost Item Alert



Everywhere in the world, every day and almost every time
people misplace their personal belongings like mobile phones,
luggage and thumb drives etc. Most of the time this happens
due to the business of the current society, almost everyone
lives a busy life. So they tend to forget and misplace things in
their day to day life. Then to find the lost items back people
spend lot of time and money. Because each and every
personal item is highly valuable to its owner, regardless its
true price. But most of the time owners don’t get to find the
lost item. Then all the money and time that has been spend
becomes an utter waste. So a lot of people suffer daily due to
this problem.
And even if someone found an item that has been lost, most
probably they don’t tend to return it to the real owner. The
main reason is there are no proper, strong and effective
methods in the world to motivate the society to return the
misplaced item to its real owner. Almost every person likes to
gain something back after doing some good work as a reward,
to make a good name, to increase their popularity in the
society, to make a clear position among the people in the
society. It is the human nature.
So our team is developing a social network that bring
people together in to a single place and motivate them to help
each other to find their lost/misplaced items. By using our
‘Who Owns It’ social network users can get a better service to
their day to day life not only to find lost and misplaced items,
but also to keep them safe, to avoid those items getting lost
and to help each other.



The problem we are trying to solve is not local or regional,
it is a worldwide issue. Below are few statistics to support that
- This report gives the detailed statistics report of car
thefts reported all around the world [1]. The highest
value of 1,246,096 is reported from United States of
America. Their source is The Eighth United Nations
Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of
Criminal Justice Systems (United Nations Office on
Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime
- This employee theft statistics report says shoplifting
percentage is 35.6% for the date of 18-9-2012 [2]. It is
a big value and a dangerous situation. Their source is
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Easy Small
Business HR, and Institute for Corporate Productivity,
Jack L. Hayes International, Inc.
- Daily mail news website reports that more than 200
items stolen every day from checked baggage at the
JFK airport [3]. In the report it says once a passenger
lost $160,000 worth of jewellery. So it is becoming a
huge problem especially as there is no way track down
stolen items.
- This laptop theft statistics report shows a small
statistical detail of laptop thefts happened 2003-2007
[4]. According to the report says that laptop theft is
growing at a rate of 20% a year. [5].

It is like people are keeping their own item list and make sure they are safe. Since the wall is a public area. When posting a lost and found notices several algorithms and mechanisms get involved to take some decisions systematically such as. less than 2% of the lost or stolen laptops are recovered [6]. As there are no specific way to track down lost items this has become a huge crime problem for past few years [7]. - Our own survey which was conducted before the research project involved around 100 different people. Then we will issue a Universal Identification Number (UID) for each and every item. The found notices can be published by using the UID. IV. Publicity will be achieved through the publicity panel. points and stars as social currency and badges etc. others can see the lost notices. Using that can add their private information and contact details and other users can access these data according the situation. using NFC tag or sticker through web and mobile. like baggage. Each item will have a status indicating whether it has been lost or not. what to when a found notice get reported before a lost notice. Registered users can add whatever the • One of the main part of the Who Owns It system. making it more useful. • • • OBJECTIVES The ultimate goal of this research is to gather majority of the people in to this social network to help each other to find out the items which are lost in day to day life due to carelessness of the people and their busy life style.O Fig. it says that shoplifting is 31%. While we are doing that we have to manage privacy of each and every user. The lost and found wall is the section where members can post information about their lost and found incidents.UID generated one time for an item. Other 98% stayed lost and that is a big problem. In this crime statistics report it shows that robbery is becoming a huge problem by using graphs and etc. The status will be changed according to the lost incidents. TABLE I UID GENERATION Continents Countries Item Categories Item No(10digits) Asia R1 Sri Lanka C001 Electronic -E 0000000001 Vehicle . And also throughout this social network we are going to improve the good qualities of the people worldwide by giving huge publicity about the great work that has been done in our community. • • METHODOLOGY A. As a result finding of items is quicker and get accurate data. After the correct found notice is being reported. When a user submitted a lost report item status will be changed and the report will be published on the wall.V Animals . Same goes for the found notices. theft of bicycles is 9%. Figure survey shows it. identify the correct found notice for a lost notice and how the resolving process is done after a lost and found incident etc. there will be a resolving process between the owner and . personal items that they want to keep in touch with. Survey Primary feature of this system will be identifying items uniquely. phone etc. existing found notices and all other related information. out of the people that has experienced a lost incident. According to the statistics. 85% has not found the item back.A Other . In a breakdown of thefts by types. And the wall only shows the posts related to the logged user’s location. Other than that through the Who Owns It system we provide high ended free services for the users. UID Generation When new user sign in to our social network through web or mobile application he/she can have their own profile. Universal ID (UID) is generated in hierarchical way. Initially system is mainly focused on identifying the items by the Universal Identification Number (UID) Using meaningful UID can easily identify the information of the item. When we give that item to someone else we have to go through the item transferring process.- In this article it says that according to the FBI. theft from buildings is 15% and etc. Then the system will identify the existing lost notices. B. Lost and Found Notices III.1. and only 15% has found the item. As well as it speed up the performance of the system.

In there.2 shows a simple example of risk locations.2. The Location Analytically Engine (LAE) • This is where we analyse lost incidents for further usage. And another map with risk locations categorized by item categories such as vehicles. But in this example as the value of A∩B is not Ø. For the rl2 risk location. rl1 and rl2 have been identified as risk location centre points. the user can use any communication device and send a SMS to the phone indicating security code. |A| is 13 and |B| is 12. electronics. If GPS is not available. so they can pay more attention to their belongings. Target of this alert mechanism is to give a pre warning to travellers and tourists. So there is a huge process to determine the resolving process. the black dots represents lost and found locations in an area. That will use communication provider’s cell tower information and it will approximately locate the requested phone. That will be depend on user’s privacy and security levels. The Risk Alert Management Based in the LAE • • • Inputs to this mechanism are the results of the Location Analytically Engine. they are ignored from the calculation. animals and other personal items. In that we provide a world map with risk locations for different time periods such as past month. Although the LAE is developed and operated on the web level. Target of the LAE concept is to help users by providing useful information regarding the status of the current society and their neighbourhood. . LAE • The Fig. Then we analyse and filter them using our own algorithms and we identify particular locations where there is a high probability of items are getting lost. And more statistics about highest lost item locations for each main item category and the most dangerous risk location in the world. it has a risk area of A. which is calculated from the radius r2. both GPS and GSM information are being taken. Highest priority goes to the GPS technology. past 3 months. Then the phone will respond to it indicating its location. past year and past 2 years. we analyse those identified risk locations to get the accurate information about them. to increase the efficiency of the LAE algorithm we used the Pythagorean Theorem. In the real world. This mechanism locates the phones location in when needed. the x and y values are treated in a special way in the LAE algorithm. • D. When the system runs for some time there will be lots of lost and found notices. q and r are outliers of the location analytically engine algorithm. If the cardinality of a set S is |S|. when a Who Owns It registered user enters to l1 the mobile application will give a notification regarding the ir1. We identify those locations as risk locations. Each application will have a security code based on the user’s likeness. the risk level of a risk location is defined. The isolated locations like p. it has a risk area of B. GSM technology will be used. Mainly based on • Phone Tracking Security Service Management: The Who Owns It mobile application is secured with a self-tracking mechanism. At the end. Target is to provide an opportunity to help each other and take the lost reports to the relevant society for a better result. The service will identify the latitude and the longitude of the location. the mobile application will produce a risk alert to the user. which is calculated from the radius r1. this value and some other factors. For the rl1 risk location. Item Tracking Management 1) •   Fig. • C.• the person who found the item. The information about lost and found incidents will be achieved through the real time synchronization. for the real time usage mobile level is used. Then if the user lost or misplaced his/her phone. and will access its information to notify the risk locations in the real time. E. This whole process is called The Location Analytically Engine. To achieve this mobile solution will be synchronized to the Location Analytically engine directly. F. real time when an user enters to a risk locations like A or B in figure LAE. Currently the android mobile platform is used for this. LAE is mainly displayed in the web solution as a dashboard. So at the end the output will be a clear lost and found wall containing all the lost and found notices relevant to the logged user and resolving process for each and every lost incident. Then again for the 2nd time. As inputs for this location finding mechanism. Lost Item Alert Management • • If location l1 has a recent unresolved lost item report ir1.

That way we can develop the confident between 3rd parties as well.[13][14]. Bluetooth Tag Solution Apart from the radio tag solution. Process is quite the same. then the tag will send a response. which is accurate to every second in time and every inch in distance. Then an application can be developed to configure the radio tag and communicate with it in such way that application produce an alert when the user walks away from the tag. Communication will be done using SMS. any time. Target is to give an opportunity to track user’s own mobile device in case of an emergency situation.[8][9]. Target of this is to give the user a higher technology for their personal life and to track their items like vehicles. Then we can attach it to a bag and then when the user walks away from it the application can produce an alert. Then an area will be marked and the location will be identified approximately.   Fig. RESEARCH FINDINGS AND FUTURE WORKS A. we chose responsive web development technologies. D. so an UID will be issued for each tag. with any screen resolution and any screen size. VI. F.Easy to access the main functionality in the system . Tags will be registered through the system. c3 and c4. It would be really helpful when the tag is attached to an item like travelling bag. Then they them self can access their own feeds without giving access to us directly. C. So the mobile application uses a SMS sending service to communicate with the device. this solution can be better than the radio tag solution.3 shows how the cell tower information is being used. But it is a huge solution based on lots of security and policy manners. But when doing the research and the development we found that if we can use a GPS tag which has a high processing power. Following is the summery of comments given by them. The mobile device should be capable of capturing radio frequencies. tag uses both GPS and GSM technologies. Radio Tag Solution Currently we are using the NFC and GPS tags to keep in touch with items. a high ended GPS chip and a way of communicating through an internet channel. Responsive Web Development To make a web site which is compatible for any device.3. GPS Tag Management: • • V.Good interfaces and easy to understand . c2. 3rd Party Security System Integration And also we found that we can integrate security camera systems to our main web solution. RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS User acceptance –We conducted a user testing phase. even when the GPS is not reachable. When the location request is been made mobile device will identify the nearby cell towers which are c1. Selecting NFC Tags To release highly protected and durable NFC tags which contains important details we selected MIFARE Classic 1K NFC tags. • Positive feedbacks . We tested the system with elderly people in the age range of 40+ and few SLIIT student in the age range of 20-26. we also found that the same thing can be achieved by using a Bluetooth tag. E. in special emergency cases by accessing security feeds from the cameras we can find lost and stolen items.Use light colours to the website . travelling luggage in an effective manner. we can also keep in touch with items by using that. remotely battery status checking etc. we can come up with a mobile solution that is capable of tracking the GPS tag in the real time. As most of the new generation android mobile devices are not capable with radio frequency. Part from location requesting. Just like the mobile device. Users will be able to maintain their own GPS tags to track down their personal items. GSM • • 2) Fig.High technologies provided in a simple way that can be used by a common user • Suggestions . it can be accessed by any kind of device very easily. Because of our system is 100% responsive. Accessing security video feeds can be achieved by giving a separate integrated web solution separately to 3rd parties. GPS Tag Replacement The current GPS tag version uses SMS technology to communicate with the outside world. So if we can get permissions and integrate 3rd party security camera solutions to the web site. Each and every element in the web application will re-arrange according to the screen size. the tag will have SOS. And also it’s processing power and the capability of the GPS chip is considerably very low.No lengthy web forms to fill . User will send a request. Each sector is protected with two different keys called A and B. B. It offers 2014bytes in 16 sectors.[10][11][12]. And we also found that if we developed a radio tag which is capable of configuring via internet and can communicate via radio frequencies. we used those keys to protect the stored information inside the NFC tag. But the issue is such GPS tags are very expensive. The mobile device should have the Bluetooth facilities.

businessweek.- Improve the content on the help and support pages Develop the mobile app for IOS as well VII. [Online]. Research paper on Global Positioning System. Moreover main reason to do this type of project is to find out the real owners of the lost items.India.writemypapers. [Online]. [Online]. In That case they have to spend lot of time and money to recover the Available: http://www. On the other hand society motivation can be done to habituate a good habit to their day to day lives.articlesbase. .Computer Science Department Stanford University. “GPS and GPRS Based Cost Effective Human Tracking System Using Mobile Phones”. Available: http://www. Ruchika Gupta. There are many unique features in ‘Who Own It’ than the other systems. How does GPS work? [Online]. Available: http://cias.dailymail. His willingness to give his time so generously has been very much appreciated. Lost Items news in JKF airport. Laptops theft statistics based on FBI We analyze our historical data about the lost Delhi. Jayantha Amaraarachchi for providing guidelines to do a proper high level research project in a well-organized manner. Department of Computer Science & Engineering. According to the statistics requirement for a system is in need . BVR Reddy.nationmaster.ijhealthgeographics. [Online]. [14] Statistics of the automobile thefts. Available: http://www.pdf (Accessed: 5 Jan 2014). Even when they return it they are not too sure about the real ownership of that valuable item. GKCEJNTUA. Although based on the current location mobile app will generate alert notifications regarding the items that have lost. When find some other person valuable item they do not have proper way to return it back. Available: http://www.“ SMS-Based Tracking. Although we are giving some points to people who find the lost items and finally we ranked them and showing those names in our publicity wall about the great works that has been done in our community.html (Accessed: 5 Jan 2014).com/employee-theft-statistics/ (Accessed: 8 Jan 2014). Although this acts like an insurance because people can register their valuable item in one place. Available: http://www. [Online]. project co-supervisor for his advice and assistance in keeping the project on the right (Accessed: 3 Jan 2014) Laptop theft statistics. Available: (Accessed: 5 Jan 2014). Manhattan Police Department crime-statistics. Available: http://www. Lam. [Online]. Available: http://www. Navigation and Broadcasting System” . Dilshan De Silva.manhattan-beach. [Online]. Finally. We would also like to thank (Accessed: 10 Jan 2014).2011. Employee theft statistics report. [Online]. We use social network for this because we can gather lot of people in to one place and help each other to find lost or misplaced items in there day today life.“Touch and Run with Near Field Communication (NFC)”. Available: http://www. Laptop theft statistics. Available: (Accessed: 7 Jan 2014). So that from our mobile application will be able to identify the risk locations and it will notify the risk levels to the user while they travelling across the REFERENCES [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] ACKNOWLEDGMENT We would like to express our very great appreciation to Mr. CONCLUSION Thousands of people around the world have lost some precious items in their day to day life due to carelessness and their busy life style. We can minimize the thefts before it could happen. Lakmal Rupasinghe. we wish to show our thanks and appreciations to our parents and colleagues for their support and encouragement throughout our study. Scanning Near Field Communication (Accessed: 2 Jan 2014).2014. G p%20Theft. [Online].There for we come up with our own solution ‘Who Owns It’. India.asp?id=55 (Accessed: 5 Jan 2014).html (Accessed: 4 Jan 2014).physics. So that we do small survey based on the lost and misplaced items. by analyzing the past history of the data we can do predictions. Ben Dodson. GPS enabled cell phone tracking.html (Accessed: 5 Jan 2014). Monica S. [Online]. Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University. project supervisor for his valuable and constructive suggestions and support during the planning and development of this research work. Hristo Bojinov. Our grateful thanks are also extended to Mr. It is kind of a social network. We provide live GPS tracking for some special items.