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Dear, faithful readers of my story: “Sunrise”, Here is a list of surnames: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • LaBeouf Fogler Bowens Skyguard Brosnan Frears Dunn Henstridge Culp Cohen Darnell Flitter Sorbo Quinn Hewitt DeLuise Redford LeFevre Elmaleh Tautou Seymour Arlie Ravanello Culkin Pesci Stern Blossom Levine Bestall Buxton Underwood Siddig DeBoer Lofton Ehle Doumani Rowell Tucci Bettger Nelson

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Culverhouse Applewhite Sergei Hicks Dano Heuton Donovan Anwar Romero Goldberg Wymark Locke Pradha Hepburn Holden

These surnames are real surnames that I saw on TV or found on internet... I need your help (as I decided to change some surnames and I need surnames for new characters) with choosing the best surname for: 1. 2. 3. 4. Calla+Nick+Their family (original surname=Gravelle) Sarah+Logan (original surname=Railey) Vlad (you can suggest a forename too and I’ll consider it) A negative character- school bully (I’m not 100% sure if I’ll include that character but I want to be on the safe side), (most likely female).

Here is what I thought out earlier on: Instead of Gravelle: LaBeouf/Hewitt/LeFevre/Romero/Goldberg/Blossom/Frears Surname ideas for Vlad: Fogler/Buxton/Flitter/Heuton/Stern/Culp/Cohen/Bowens/Underwood Instead of Railey: Ravanello/DeLuise/Seymour/Tatou/Bowens/Hewitt/Arlie/Applewhite//Skyguard/He pburn Negative character: Sergei/Pradha/DeBoer/Lofton/Darnell/Wymark/Sidding/Locke/Culp/Pesci/Cohen/An war/Buxton

Things that can help you decide with surname choice for Vlad: He is at first a positive character. He is very cocky. He would rather rescue himself than a person he loves. He becomes a bad character because of jealousy. He is a liar. The good thing about him is that he can cheer Kate up. He makes her feel better. He can keep secrets as long as his life isn’t endangered.

Well overall he is like in the middle of bad… he doesn’t do anything bad unless he has no choice…

If you don’t like any of these surnames above: feel free to suggest one that hasn’t been mentioned :) You can have up to three choices for each character. One last thing: Please choose a name for the negative character: Female names: Stacy/Lydia/Jill/Carol/Julia/Juliette/Penelope/Mariann/Kaly Male names:David/Damian/Jason/Hugh/Jude/Claudius/Clyde/Geoeff/Jaden (You can suggest different ones too)

Thank you, Klaudia Karbowiak

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