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Flexible integrated automation solutions for

retrofits and new substations.

Automation 3

■ Substation automation and integration
■ Powerhouse solutions
■ Retrofits and new stations
■ Industrial and utility solutions
■ Protection, control and monitoring

System Solutions
■ System responsibility
■ Integration services
■ Turnkey solutions and project management
■ Consulting services
■ Custom engineering and drawings
DESCRIPTION ■ Custom rackups and panels
■ Equipment supply and manufacturing
When it comes to managing your remote access and control. In addi- ■ Screen programming
substation, the challenges can be tion, by using a modular approach ■ Startup and commissioning
difficult. Anything from unknown and common data structure for inte- ■ Training, technical support and maintenance
equipment status to unexpected gration, the system is easily services
outages can turn decision making expandable. ■ Remote monitoring and diagnostics
into guesswork. Now, GE is bringing
you an improved solution for your The GE Substation Automation ■ Project financing
substation automation needs. With system provides standard network ■ Partnerships
integrated solutions from GE Power interfaces, open-layered multi-proto-
Management and GE Harris Energy col support, and centralized network System Benefits
Control Systems, the total return on management to efficiently communi- ■ Reduced total cost of ownership
investment for your substation cate between generating plants, ■ Deferred capital expenditures
automation project can be even substations, and operation centers. ■ Improved performance and uptime
greater. Legacy protocol devices can be ■ Improved maintenance productivity
combined with MMS/UCA2 and ■ High speed peer-to-peer LAN control
GE Substation Automation systems DNP 3.0 compliant IEDs or a host of ■ Reduced wiring
provide comprehensive automated other protocols including open ■ Hassle free integration
power management, protection, ModBus ® /TCP and ModBus ® RTU ■ Common modular platform
control, and monitoring solutions over a high speed fiber optic commu- ■ Reduced training
for substation automation. Systems nication network to accommodate
are scalable and upgradable, allow-
ing for a minimal initial capital
the optimum combination of devices. Communications
Comprised of communication equip- ■ MMS/UCA2 for interoperability
investment while maintaining the
ability to upgrade. ment, protocols, gateways, HMIs, ■ DNP 3.0 over serial or ethernet
engineering tools, GE’s multilingual ■ Legacy IED and SCADA protocols
In combining the hardware and soft- UR (Universal Relay) family of IEDs ■ SDH/SONET based systems
ware components required to and the D25 IED, the GE Substation
efficiently integrate various power Automation System directly inter- Features
system IEDs, the GE Substation faces with EMS and SCADA systems ■ Control/monitoring over the LAN
Automation system can seamlessly incorporating GUIs (Graphical User ■ System scalability
integrate IEDs of many sources with Interfaces) for local and remote ■ Configurable schemes using FlexLogic™
different protocols to the substation control, application development, ■ URPC software
LAN. Additional substations may be database management, and enter- ■ Open architecture design
added to the LAN to further leverage prise connectivity. ■ IED interoperability
■ Programmable logic control
■ Powerful diagnostics viewers for
DFR and PQ analysis

GE Energy Services
GE Substation Automation

Around the world, competition contin- ■ Perform condition-based maintenance ■ Common database enables predic-
ues to drive electrical utilities in search rather than scheduled maintenance tive maintenance, volt/VAR control,
■ Upgrade equipment for life exten- and self-diagnostics
of economic solutions. The technology
sion and improved performance ■ Web-enabled design affords
they turn to is “Substation Automation”.
■ Save considerably by remotely resource location flexibility
and the company is GE.
switching feeders
3 Improve Asset Management
GE Substation Automation seamlessly ■ Achieve tight system control through
Improve Productivity
integrates the protection, monitoring, ■ Adjust voltage, transformer loads, transformer and feeder load balancing
diagnostics, control, measurement, and and feeder loads from central office systems
software functions of your substation PC or remote laptop ■ Extend equipment life and operate
system. The results can include reduced ■ Improve equipment operating effi- peak remote real-time performance
ciencies through real-time monitoring
capital and operating costs, increased
monitoring and diagnostics ■ Eliminate redundant transducers,
reliability and asset utilization, enhanced meters, event recorders, annunciation,
■ Fine-tune operations in real-time
operational efficiencies, reduced over user-friendly, secure access and RTUs
outages, easier regulatory compliance, ■ Save 30% or more in capital
■ Reduce crew trips to substations by
and elimination of unnecessary equip- 10% or more upgrades through automation
ment and resources. All of which add up
Centralize Automation Enhance Information
to providing superior customer service.
■ Immediate access to remote loca- Management
And that’s the bottom line.
tions from a centralized location ■ Automatic analysis of key operating
■ Enable predictive maintenance through conditions for timely decision making
SYSTEM analysis of operating conditions ■ Quickly assess load management,
■ Lower costs through centralized load shedding, reactor and capacitor
BENEFITS switching
communications to remote substations
With maintenance budgets tightening
and power demands changing, real-time
remote access to your substation equip-
ment can save you time and money –
without necessarily having to replace
what you’ve got. Around the world, GE
Substation Automation systems are
Volt/VAR Losses 4%
providing the answer for cost-conscious
utilities in several important ways. Substation
Minimize Customer Outages
■ Proactively identify faults before
catastrophic failures occur Reduced Trips
■ Manage fault detection, auto-
to Substation 10%
sectionalizing, and auto-restoration
■ Enhance security and reliability with Reduced
integrated protection, monitoring,
and control
Outage Minutes
■ Monitor power delivery equipment New
status to achieve peak operating
■ Monitor status of all substation pri-
mary, protection, and control devices
■ Reduce customer outages by 10% or Equipment Costs 30%

Reduced Operating and Deferment of

Maintenance Costs Capital
■ Centralize equipment oversight typical benefits.eps
through remote monitoring
■ Optimize crew dispatch and work

Be it a retrofit or green field project...

GE has a substation automation solution that will deliver value.

20 Substation Automation

GE Substation Automation


Software Applications Intelligent Electronic Devices Monitors and Sensors
A powerful suite of flexible, user- A family of modular and flexible intelli- With a portfolio of sophisticated moni-
friendly software applications and gent electronic devices is available for toring and diagnostics systems for
graphical user-interface modules are solving the biggest challenge of inte- critical substation equipment, remote
available. These advanced user inter- grating relays from existing
faces and easy to configure tools monitoring of performance and critical
enable improved date reporting and substations and new systems. Our fault detection is achievable. These
relay family provides the latest for 3
database configuration management. advanced systems enable you to
relay integration, protection, and improve performance and service relia-
control, with high-speed, open stan- bility as well as extend the useful life of
Network Communications
dard peer-to-peer communication for critical assets.
A range of network components are
available to tie new and legacy equip- connecting directly to the LAN.
ment into one unified system. GE can Feeder Automation
provide secure and reliable communica- Gateways/Servers
tions media based on experience and Distribution Automation Remote
Robust systems for monitoring and
expertise in numerous network systems. Terminals equipped with auto-section-
controlling substation devices as well
alizing and automation restoration
as for performance automation, IED
Engineering Expertise gateways, and host communication software can dramatically reduce a
GE’s industry leading expertise and functions. Our systems have the customer’s outage frequency.
experience are capable of completing all processing power to monitor and
engineering facets of your automation control over 40 IEDs and thousands of
project - from consulting and design to I/O points.
installation and commissioning.

GE Integrated Substation Control System (iSCS).

Power Link / URPC EMS / XA21

Remote DMS / ENMAC
Workstation SCADA / Small World


System Control Center

56K V90
Regional Control Center
Data Faxmodem
Engineering D20 RTU


Bridge / Router Power Link ● Local control LEGEND:

● Analysis Copper
● Alarm Fiber
Ethernet Remote
● Annunciator Dual Fiber Hub
56K V90 ● Metering
Access Server Data Faxmodem Telco
10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN (Redundant Hubs)

UR - D60 Distance
Energy Control Systems

D25 IED Sensors


220kV \ 13.8kV
UR - F60 Feeder GEHARRIS

L90 Line Current Differential
Energy Control Systems

13.8kV - Bus

L60 Line Phase Comparison
UR - F35 Multiple Feeder Sensors
Other UCA or
F60 F60

Feeder 1 Feeder 2
D25 Multifunction IED
UR - T60 Transformer ModBus TCP/IP IEDs HARLEY

D60 Distance Relay

Touch Screen

UR - C60 Breaker
Digital Feeder Protection

DFP200 Feeder

Bay Level HMI T60 Transformer Management Relay

(Optional) F60 Feeder Protection Relay

UR - C30 Controler HARLEY DFP10 0

F35 Multipule Feeder Protection Relay

UR - L60 Line Phase Comparison Other SYPROTEC

Legacy IEDs
C30 Controller

UR - L90 Line Differntial

C60 Breaker Failure


Discrete I/O Transducer I/O Virtual I/O (via LAN) Discrete I/O Transducer I/O

UR - T60 UR - T60
UR - G60 TMMS UR - L60/L90 UR - L60/L90 TMMS
Bus Bus Bus
UR - D60 UR - D60 UR - F60
UR - C30/C60 UR - C30/C60 UR - C30/C60 UR - C60 UR - C60 UR - C30/C60
Generation Transmission Distribution



COMPLIANT IEDs LEGACY DEVICES Substation Automation 21

GE Substation Automation

System Responsibility Manufacturing points and reports. This will ensure the
GE can take full responsibility for system GE’s equipment meets demanding correct operation and prolong the life of
design, installation, and commissioning. international manufacturing and engi- your system.
GE works closely with the client to neering standards such as ISO, UL,
define the scope of supply and deliver- CSA, and CE Mark. Remote Monitoring and
ables. The power of the package allows Diagnostics
3 GE to pull together all our resources to Startup and Commissioning We provide products, systems, and
make your project a success. Our commissioning engineers have services to monitor your system
experience in solving problems under remotely and diagnose problems that
Integration Services difficult situations, in different geograph- may arise in real time. This increases
GE can help you with your integration ical areas and for a diverse range of the availability, reliability, and longevity
challenges from concept to operation. projects. They can take responsibility or of your investment.
Our team of experts has the experience complement your team when you wish
and resources to integrate legacy to ensure that the start up will be as Long Term Full Service
devices, IEDs from various manufactur- smooth as possible.
ers, different protocols, and different Agreements
communication equipment. Our integra- This service goes above and beyond
Training traditional offerings. What we can do
tion solutions ensure that legacy We are committed to bringing customers
investments will not be stranded or lost. for you is service all aspects of your
the highest quality training on a global system without you having to think
scale. A combination of classroom about specialized equipment or exper-
Turnkey Solutions and Project lectures and hands-on lab exercises tise. We have it all.
Management ensure knowledge that students can
We can coordinate your project from order apply immediately.
Project Financing
to commissioning. We can manage all When financing is required GE Capital
phases of the project and meet your Technical Support can help you with very competitive
project milestones on time and on budget. We know our products intimately and rates and payment terms.
we are available 24 hours a day 365 days
Consulting Services a year to help you any time you need it.
Need help to solve a specific problem? We want our customers to benefit from
Our years of experience and in-house Maintenance Services our capabilities which in turn makes us
applications expertise in substation When preventive or regular maintenance stronger. This allows us to continue to
automation provide us with the resources are required, we have the expertise to help our customers, creating a win-win
to help you solve your problems. carry out a complete maintenance circle of growth and competitiveness
program for you, with specific check for both.
Custom Engineering and
When you need expert engineering
help to complement your team, we
have the experience to help you bring
your ideas to executable designs.

Custom Rackups and Panels

Panel solutions with high quality
design engineering, materials and
workmanship for custom rack ups or
modifications, GE can suit your needs.

Equipment Supply
IEDs, gateways, hubs, communication
equipment, computers, software and
all necessary components for substa-
tion automation as well as the
electrical equipment for your whole
substation at the transmission and ModBus® is a registered trademark of Modicon
distribution level. Let GE show you the Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft
‘power of the package’. Corporation Simplify the
order process –
visit our
on-line store
GE Energy Services

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22 Substation Automation