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Sushil Acharya

Psychological Counselor

After completing my Post graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling from

Trichandra Campus I have done my Internship in Clinical Counseling at Tranquility
Hospital, Hattiban. When Earthquake came on the day of 12 th Baisakh 2072,
Saturday I was on my room so I called mom plz be safe earthquake is coming coz
my room was far then mom room. I followed the technique taught by experts Duck,
Drop and hold and save myself after it stop for a minute I take my father and
mother to the open space just front of my House, they were so scared I counseled
them there and make engage with other people so that their fair will slow down
phone was not connected at that time so my newly born baby and wife were at their
mothers home so I went there and took them to my home and keep them with my
family in open space. It was very difficult at that time no vehicle on the road my
home is at koteshwor madhevsthan and my wife father house is at kausaltar our
baby is just 2 month its very tought to take them to koteshwor by walking but we
need to stay safe so at that situation we are ready to do so. My father-in-law and
mother-in-law are not ready to come with me because the house where they are
staying was so serious condition they are not going to stay out of kausaltar so we
make them to stay at safe and open place for the timing.
After 6 pm in the evening of 12th baisakh I collect some of my local fried and we
planned to distribute water in every camp and open space where there are numbers
of people staying. We make tent we distribute water till 2 am in the morning after
that we went towards our family to support them. Next day we make people to
clean surrounding where we are staying and the 2 nd big quake came on 13th of
baisakh at 12:56 so many were afraid I saw people fear then I was inspired and
realized I have studied the same course where to utilize I need to collect my
Psychology friend and we need to work in this field we need to help them to make
normalization. My wife is nurse so she was positive with my words so I left my 2
month baby to my wife , she is strong hearted in the sense she can normalize the
situation and can motivate parents and can take care of baby. I including my friends
of tri-chandra we made meeting how to work and from where to start this

Then finally we start from Tudikhel Kathmandu in the name of Psychological

Counseling Group in association with Rapid Academy but we were self Initiated
group of Psychology. In Tudikhel there were 12000 people staying for shelter. We
take training of Psychological First Aid, Psychosocial training, and many training
about working in community for natural disaster after our training we are capable to
train other and easy to work in the field where survivor needs us. We make them
engage in different activities, motivational things, we care them and support
them .Even we conduct different program to children, we went to all the camp
where people are taking shelter how they are feeling, what is their condition, what
they wants, and how can we help them; after staying 3-4 weeks in Tudikhel we went
to different places like Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Rammechhap,Sinduli, Gorkha, kavre and
other we were involve in teacher training, children teaching and trauma heeling
activities to different communities we are still in the field.
Right now we are at NeelBarahi camp where Tatopani-4 Sindupalchok people are
staying in more than 95 camps, jorpani gokarna camp, Kamalbinayak camp, and
some of are busy in giving teacher training in different Schools. With my coordination we went to these three schools Birendra sainik, Baudha Meridian and
Meridian international school, Gokarna Higher secondary school for teacher and
students training where many teachers and students were happy after these
training and were ready to continue their classes.
Till now we have contribute our own pocket money for everythings we are not
looking for any other NGOs or INGOs fund but some time we team member feel if
we have fund we can go to all places where nobody have reach and who are in
PTSD or in Trauma.
Many places I found children are misguidance by family that when earthquake come
you need to jump from windows, roof, Terrance and other so please do not teach
these things, they need your total support and real words do not make joke of
children or other who are in fear. Make them you are there to support them, talk
positive things, and make them positive, teach safety places, techniques, take safe
food, water, and Promote hope, take care of them.
To work in the field you do not need to be celebrate, big person, psychologist, dr.
Army, Police or any if you are Normal and you have humanity then please help
others dont look or run after money if you can contribute little money otherwise
contribute your support to survivors how you can.
Stay safe and save others.
Now our Active Team members are

Til Bahadur Bhandari(Suresh Bhandari)
Sushil Acharya

Psychosocial Counselor


Anish Shrestha
Sajin K. Dhungana
Kabul Baniya
Sunil Adhikari
Laxman Pokhrel
Jagdishshwor Pandey
Dhiman Niraula
Poonam Basyal
Bijyata Kathayat
Prabodh Acharya

Psychosocial Counselor
Psychosocial Counselor
Psychosocial Counselor
Psychosocial Counselor
Psychosocial Counselor
Psychosocial Counselor
Medical Officer/Counselor
Public Relation Officer

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