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ViciDocs Enterprise


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ViciDocs enables organizations to cut turnaround time and cost, automate business processes and
improve employee productivity through document imaging and workflow solutions. The product's
flexible and scalable architecture adapts easily to the existing IT infrastructure - from a small
department application to the enterprise level

Features Offered
ViciDocs Enterprise is a comprehensive multi-user Document Management solution with Email Archival.
With a rich set of features, ViciDocs Enterprise is ideally suited for digitizing documents, archiving them,
retrieving them from a standard web browser like Internet Explorer. Given below are the feature-byfeature descriptions of the DMS module under various headings.
ViciDocs - Document Management product

General Features:

Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

H. No: 3-7-218, 2nd Floor, Gen. Choudary Road, Karkhana, Hyderabad 500 015
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ViciDocs is a comprehensive Document Management solution that works in network

environment with support for multiple users and can be deployed over
The software works on PCs running any windows operating system like Window NT,
2000, XP, 2003
ViciDocs is compatible with any ODBC compliant database like SQL Server, Oracle
etc. Based on client preferences, software can be configured with any of these
ViciDocs is a web based .NET application with a user friendly and user intuitive
Has support for Named users and concurrent users.

ViciDocs provides the ability to create multiple folders and subfolders with virtually no limitation
on the number of levels. More importantly the properties or attributes of a folder like security,
meta data etc., can be made to percolate to the lower levels.
ViciDocs has the capability to directly capture images from scanners and users can also edit the
page settings, resolution, color options etc. Works with any TWAIN compatible scanner.
ViciDocs has the ability to import electronic documents directly into the repository either from
the local machine or from the network drives.
With the usage of Barcode technology, automatic routing of documents into the appropriate
folders can be done, which is very useful in backlog scanning. Barcodes can be used to create
multipage documents as well.
ViciDocs allows the storage of around 150 different file formats. Documents belonging to any of
these file formats can be imported directly into the repository. Not just that, the ASCII content
from all these formats can be extracted thus allowing the creation of full text index for all these
document formats. Any other file format can also be stored without any limitation on size.
ViciDocs permits elaborate security settings definition at individual user level as well as user
group level. ViciDocs supports multiple permissions like Search, ReadOnly, Write, Delete, Full
Access, Owner permissions etc.
ViciDocs allows the creation of custom data type definitions, where in each meta data type can
have multiple variable number of fields. Users can set a specific data type for a document and
fill in the corresponding fields. The index field data type can also be specified to be numeric,
character etc. so that data is validated and range searches are possible.
ViciDocs comes with an inbuilt Indexing and Search engine for performing content searches on
the documents. Supports text extraction from 150 different file formats including graphic(tif, gif,
jpeg, bmp etc using external OCR engine) and non graphic file formats (doc, xls, pdf, ppt etc
using text filters).
ViciDocs supports document linking, where in links can be provided on the top as well as in the
bottom of the documents, thus enabling navigation across related documents.
Search and Retrieval:
Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
H. No: 3-7-218, 2nd Floor, Gen. Choudary Road, Karkhana, Hyderabad 500 015
URL:, email:, Tel: +91-40-27743167/8









ViciDocs provides browser based search and retrieval features. Access to this interface is
ViciDocs supports meta data search, where in the users can search for documents by entering
the required data in the fields, which will act as filters and queries for retrieving the documents
based on the criteria specified.
ViciDocs provides full text search for searching across the content of the documents. ViciDocs
provides various types of searches like Word Search, Phrase search, Fuzzy search, Word
Stemming, Proximity search, Boolean search etc.
Saving Searches and bookmarking the documents from the search results enables access of
information at finger tips.
When user performs a search for a word or a phrase, in the search results text around the
search term from the documents will be displayed so that the user can get a feel of the
document before deciding to open the actual document. The words searched for will also get
highlighted providing the user with the context of the document around the word(s).
ViciDocs supports the display of the document in textual format, native format and also can
display the document in an optional integration of a powerful viewer that supports viewing of
various image and document formats even without the native application installation.
Version Control:
ViciDocs has an inbuilt version control system. The Version Control system supports various
features like Check In, Check Out, Undo Checkout, View History, View Latest version etc.,
ViciDocs Version control system is quite elaborate with the following features. Single CheckIn
and CheckOut of documents, thus avoiding conflicts in versions. Users with valid permissions
only can create new versions of the documents in the repository. Version History of the
documents can be viewed with appropriate comments entered by the user.
Plugins Support:
ViciDocs has extensive plugin support with multiple integrations.
ViciDocs Toolbar can be deployed directly in Office applications like Microsoft Word, Excel
Powerpoint which allows access to ViciDocs straight from those applications.
The office plugins support opening of documents, Version control of documents & searching of
documents directly from the office applications.
ViciDocs has a comprehensive BackUp and Restore mechanism with which the various data
components (like the database, documents, indices, registry entries etc.,) can be backed up as
well as restored easily and effectively.
ViciDocs is a highly scalable solution with ability to define multiple volumes across different
machines for storing data across machines. This ensures that the data storage can be scaled up
depending on the volumes of data.
Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
H. No: 3-7-218, 2nd Floor, Gen. Choudary Road, Karkhana, Hyderabad 500 015
URL:, email:, Tel: +91-40-27743167/8


ViciDocs supports different audit trail reports to track the documents uploaded, modified,
deleted etc.
Documents deleted by the user are stored in Recycle Bin so that they can be either restored or
purged by the Admin user.



ViciDocs has comprehensive collaboration tools for enabling collaboration across the users in
the organization.
Discussion Forums enable the users to create new threads for discussion and posting messages.
Events module allows the administrator to post the latest events happening in the organization
to make all the users aware of whats happening.
Polling application enables the publishing of the opinions of the users in the organization on
multiple topics and subjects.
Shared Docs module allows the users to share the documents with different users in the
organization for perusal.
Bookmarks and Favourites section allows the users to book mark their favorite documents and
URLs for later use.
Document Expiry module allows the setting of Documents and Folders for expiry and a
notification through email will be automatically sent to the configured users reminding of the
expiry of the documents.
Document Notifications module allows the monitoring of specific folders and documents for
various events like Document Addition, Deletion, Modification, Move, Copy etc.

ViciDocs also provides a comprehensive integration module, where in the documents stored in the
repository can be retrieved from home grown solutions through .NET interfaces.
No Component
Servers Pricing
1 ViciDocs Enterprise base DMS Server

Data extraction server for OCRing and

2 content searches
Client User Pricing
ViciDocs Enterprise DMS user license
1 charges (per named user)

Unit Pricing
(in INR)




Supports 25,000 scanned pages per

month for OCRing. There is no
limitation either on the number of
pages that can be scanned or the
number of non graphic documents
that can be imported.


With Graphic Image Viewer for

Viewing scanned images along with

Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

H. No: 3-7-218, 2nd Floor, Gen. Choudary Road, Karkhana, Hyderabad 500 015
URL:, email:, Tel: +91-40-27743167/8

Terms and Conditions:

1. The software will be delivered as is and any enhancements or modifications will be provided
based on cost and time estimates for the specific requirements provided by the client.
2. 30% of the project cost has to be given on the issue of PO, 50% after delivery and 20% on User
Acceptance. Prices are exclusive of taxes, if at all applicable.
3. From the date of delivery, the user acceptance has to happen within 4 weeks.
4. Free Support will be provided for the software up to 3 months from the date of User
Acceptance, and support of any kind after that will be provided only on the purchase of AMC.
The AMC cost will be 15% of the total project cost.
5. Support will be provided between 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m IST. No support will be provided on
Saturdays, Sundays and other official holidays.
6. Any onsite visits for implementation or training have to be covered by the client with all
incidental expenses like Visa, travel, boarding and lodging. The man day rate for the Vicisoft
personnel will be dependent on the actual site.
ViciDocs Track Record

ViciDocs has installations where the storage has run into more than 5-6 TB
ViciDocs installations have been use with customers for more than 5 years.
Installations with 500 users are running ViciDocs successfully.
Some of the implementations have more than 10 million documents.

Contact Details:
Sastry Chemudupaty
Web URLs: and
Tel (O): +91-40-27743168, 27742608
Mob: +91-98490-30737

Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

H. No: 3-7-218, 2nd Floor, Gen. Choudary Road, Karkhana, Hyderabad 500 015
URL:, email:, Tel: +91-40-27743167/8

Appendix I (Client List)

ViciDocs Clientele spans India,, US, Mid
Mid-East Asia and Singapore and some our key valued clients are
DMS and Knowledge Management
Portal for SPRING-IQC,
IQC, Singapore - a
Govt. body

user Document Management
System implementation for archiving
and retrieving paper documents
Bahwan Engineering Services,
Muscat OMAN

Software for full text indexing and

full text search of documents for
Deutsche Bank AG, Mumbai India

Application for Paper to Text

conversions for SCOPE, (Part of SCB),

Enterprise Implementation at LHO

BP (P&I), Hyderabad
Implementation at 6 branches in
Vijayawada Module.

Implemented ViciDocs as a BPO

solution for data entry and tracking
for multiple clients of Daksha.

Implemented ViciDocs as a BPO

solution for data entry and tracking
for multiple clients of Medigain.

Al Khafji Joint Operations, Saudi Arabia

APGENCO, Vidyut Saudha, Somajiguda.


Implementation of ViciDocs
Enterprise through GTL Limited
Implementation of ViciDocs across
11 of AP GENCOs stations in the
state with archival of all power plant
drawings and manuals

Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

H. No: 3-7-218, 2nd Floor, Gen. Choudary Road, Karkhana, Hyderabad 500 015
URL:, email:, Tel: +91-40-27743167/8

Perfect Relations, New Delhi, INDIA

Abu Dhabi Ship Building

XLRI through SIFY

Through Sify Limited


AHA trading LLC, Dubai


Tamilnadu Roads Development

Corporation Limited (TNRDC), Chennai
Through Sify Limited
The Road Infrastructure Development
Corporation Of Rajasthan (RIDCOR),
Through Sify Limited




Implementation of web based

ViciDocs Enterprise for IMM division
for media monitoring. Additional
features for clipping and highlighting
news articles.
Implemented ViciDocs Enterprise
along with workflow through a
partner in the Middle East. ADSB
manages all their engineering
drawings across multiple locations
across the globe using ViciDocs
Implemented ViciDocs Form
Processing Solution for extracting
user information from XLRI
application forms.
Implemented ViciDocs Enterprise
with Workflow for managing the
profiles and resumes of candidates
for outsourcing
ing to companies
interested in recruitment.
Integrated ViciDocs into existing
form based system through a
Implemented comprehensive
Document management and
workflow automation solution
Implemented comprehensive
Document management and
workflow automation solution
Implemented comprehensive
Document Management system
with multi-location
location Offline capture
and centralized web based workflow
Implemented ViciDocs Enterprise
DMS module for the Logistics and
Accounts departments of Tyco
Electronics, Bangalore


Tyco Electronics, Bangalore

Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
H. No: 3-7-218, 2nd Floor, Gen. Choudary Road, Karkhana, Hyderabad 500 015
URL:, email:, Tel: +91-40-27743167/8

Appendix II
Hardware and Software Requirements
Processor: Xeon or PIV 3 GHz+ dual processor
Hard Disk: 40 GB
Data Extraction Server:
Processor: PIV 2 GHz+
Hard Disk: 40 GB
Storage Server:
Depending on the volume of data being stored, the appropriate storage space should be available.
Client Machines:
Processor: PIV 1 GHz+
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk: 40 GB
Operating System: 32-bit Windows 2003
Database: SQL Server 2000/2005
Web Server: IIS 5.0
Application Server: .NET Framework 2.0
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000
Browser: Internet Explorer 5+

Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

H. No: 3-7-218, 2nd Floor, Gen. Choudary Road, Karkhana, Hyderabad 500 015
URL:, email:, Tel: +91-40-27743167/8