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Sanai, take your ass home. Pul-leassssse . . .
That’s what Sanai Theas had been telling herself once the atmosphere in the club changed.
Fights were breaking out between different cliques and there was just an uneasy vibe to it all.
Too many of the males in attendance were a lot younger than she was. So no, she couldn’t stay
here, not when the clientele was barely legal.
One of those specialty taxi thingies was parked right outside the front door, empty of a
passenger, so she decided now would be a good time to bail. Hell, if her cousin Fiona, who was
Miss Party Central didn’t want to come to this dump, that should’ve been a message. Wobbly
from sore feet and too much alcohol, Sanai made a superhuman effort to lurch forward, grabbing
the handle of the cab’s back passenger door, relieved to find it open. She quickly slid in the back
seat. “Hi, can you take me to-”
The driver was slumped over with his head resting on the window, open mouthed as he gave
off a buzz saw of a snore. His tattooed, beefy arms circled the steering wheel.
Horrified, Sanai responded as only she could.“Ewww OMG. What is this shit?”
Maybe it was the high whine in her voice, but Scott McClure frowned in his sleep, swatting
at his nose as if a gnat had landed on it. Then he cracked an eye open, coldly staring at Sanai
from the rear view mirror. Now that he was no longer slouching, his shoulders were like
boulders, taking up the driver’s seat and spilling over to the passenger side.
“Hey,” Scott said, nodding. His head swiveled her way and she was stunned into silence by
the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. And his face looked so familiar. As if he’d just taken a nice hot
shower, Scott yawned and stretched, giving Sanai an up close view of his two muscular pythons,
appendages that most people called arms.
Before Sanai could casually go out the way she came in, the back passenger door locked.
That’s when she realized this was a bad idea. A very bad idea. The zombie driver was wide
awake. Oh dear. “Uh, hey,” Sanai said right back to him, wondering what she could do to escape.
“This is super embarrassing. I’m soooo sorry. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think I’m leaving
just yet.”
A police siren blared in the distance, the sound growing from faint to near in a matter of
seconds. That jumpstarted the driver into action, though he didn’t ask, “where to?” He just took
off, nicking the car in front.
“What are you doing?”
“Gettin’ the hell outta here.”
“Wait, wait, I need to get out-”
“Lady, you should never have gotten in,” Scott said, his green eyes looking positively
“Please . . . just stop and let me out. I have money. I’ll pay you to let me go-”
One of his blonde brows went up at her desperate bribe. “How much?”
“I have-I have-” How much did she still have on that debit card? Five dollars?
“Too late. I can tell you’re lying.” Stomping on the gas pedal, the little car barely made them
jerk as it struggled to increase speed.
“If you don’t let me out I’ll scream,” Sanai warned.
“No you won’t”
“Oh yes I will.” And she had a weapon. Two, maybe three. Formulating a plan, Sanai
thought about slipping off one of her stilettos and bashing him in the ear with the pointy heel.
She’d seen something to that effect done on a movie once, except it was really gross, because the
heel went in one side of the guy’s head out the other, so there was blood and brain matter and . . .
Besides, as big as this guy’s head was, a heel in his ear would be nothing but a Q-Tip. And
what if he turned her own shoe on her?
Okay, time for plan B. Maybe she didn’t have any Mace, but Sanai was certain she had
something even better. Perfume. And guys positively loathed perfume, especially if they’re
wearing it. Sanai waited until his narrowed eyes left the mirror and returned to the road. Slipping
her hand into her purse, she fumbled around until the tiny canister of designer perfume was
firmly in her grasp. “Drive me back to the bar, or I’ll hurt you.”
“You’ll hurt me?” Scott couldn’t help laughing. Taking another glance in the mirror, his
heart almost stopped. She was real pretty. No, she was beautiful. Especially the way her dark,
upturned eyes challenged him.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
“Lady-” That’s as far as he got. With his head turned sideways as he snapped at her, Sanai
had a better angle. She got off one spray before the car swerved, knocking her off balance.
Quickly righting herself, her scream matched his shout of pain. “WTF!!” Scott wiped at his face,
his eyes stinging. When he turned back around Sanai gave him another blast, this time directly in
his face. He let out another howl of pain. “Oh shit! Oh shit! My eyes! My eyes are burning!!
They’re BURNING!!”
The car smashed into the vehicle in front, though it was a good thing they weren’t going fast
enough to do real damage. The sound of metal on metal froze everything, until the realization
that an accident had occurred sunk in. The guys piling out of the car they’d hit didn’t look as if
they wanted to hear any apologies. They were raining down curses like “WTF man?” A stocky
dark haired guy pointed at Scott, promising to bust his face up, but good.
“Unlock the door!” Sanai demanded.
“I never locked it!”
“You’re a liar!” Ignoring his protests, Sanai banged on the passenger side window. “Help!
He kidnapped me! Call the police!”
“Whoa, did you hear that? Dude is serial killer! Let’s kick his ass.” One of the other men
suggested, “Get out your cell phones!”

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