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June 26 2015


Swedish Royals On Fijian

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Fiji News

Arun Kumar Trial: Family Disgusted At

Manslaughter Verdict
One teenager guilty, second cleared over Arun Kumar's death.

The family of a slain Auckland

shopkeeper said they relived the worst
day of their lives countless times for
nothing, after a teenager was cleared of
After a day's deliberation in the High
Court at Auckland, a jury found
the 14-year-old boy guilty of the
manslaughter of dairy owner Arun
Kumar but not guilty of the more serious
His 13-year-old co-accused was
acquitted of manslaughter and embraced
tearful family members in the public
gallery while telling his friend "good
luck, my bro".
The pair will retain name suppression
until at least the end of next month
when defence lawyers will apply for
permanent non-publication orders.
Outside court, the family of Mr Kumar
spoke of their disgust at the outcome.
"The heart and soul of our family was
taken away," the victim's son Shivneel
Kumar said.
CCTV footage of the horrific incident,
from inside the Railside Dairy on June
10 last year, was played regularly during
the three-week trial.
"We endured countless reruns of my
dad's last moments. We tolerated all this
to obtain justice for my dad."
Shivneel, supported by his sobbing
mother Anita, said they now felt that had
been for nothing. "We are now living in a
society where kids are on drugs, roaming
the streets with weapons at the ready,"
he said.
There was never any dispute during the
trial that the 14-year-old caused the fatal
wound to Mr Kumar when he stabbed
him in the neck, or that his co-defendant
was standing outside the shop with a
metal pole.
But defence counsel spent much time
detailing the boys' backgrounds and the
psychologically debilitating effects they
had on them.
The court heard evidence that the older
defendant suffered a severe head injury
after being hit by a car six years ago.
The lack of rehabilitation and an
addiction to synthetic cannabis resulted
in a reduced mental capacity, particularly
in "complex" situations.
His lawyer, Maria Pecotic, argued that
such a situation arose in the dairy when
Mrs Kumar entered with a phone to call


The jury also heard details of the 13-yearold's troubled upbringing.
His lawyer, David Niven, said his client
had a brain "like Swiss cheese" after his
mother smoked methamphetamine and
consumed alcohol while pregnant with
He had taken drugs and witnessed regular
domestic violence, which contributed to
his lower IQ and behavioural disorder.
Mr Niven told the court the boys'
original idea was to break into a nearby
shoe shop. The change of plan to hit the
dairy came at the eleventh hour and they
would have had less than three minutes
to plan the theft.
The Crown said the armed robbery
might not have been well planned but
each of the boys wanted money and had
weapons to achieve their goal.
Prosecutor Kieran Raftery said the older
boy had the knife concealed and "at the
ready" and they must have known there
was a reasonable possibility of violence,
making him guilty of murder.

However, the jury disagreed.

The 14-year-old was convicted of
manslaughter and remanded in Child,
Youth and Family (CYF) care by Justice
Graham Lang.
He is one of about 10 children. A source
close to the family said most of the
children had been in and out of CYF
care. He will be sentenced next month.
Dad behind bars
The father of the 13-year-old boy
acquitted of manslaughter in the Arun
Kumar trial is in prison awaiting
sentencing over a home invasion in
October 2013, near where Mr Kumar
bled to death.
He and six other men, dressed in Mongrel
Mob regalia, kicked in the door of the
house. A female resident was stripped
of her jewellery, a man had a pot plant
smashed in his face, and another woman
had petrol poured over her and was told:
"I'm going to make an example of you,
Six men will be sentenced at the end of

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Fiji News

Flag Design Hunt Continues

None of the current flag designs is locked
in stone, says Prime Minister Voreqe
And if necessary, we will review the
current process to get the right result,
he said yesterday.
He encouraged people to suggest new
designs if they were not happy with the
23 proposed.
Mr Bainimarama said: A great country
deserves a great flag. Theyre the words
of the American flag expert, Ted Kaye,
who has been helping us design a new
one and I couldnt put it better myself.
As you all know, we have a range of
designs that people are now being asked
to comment on. And I know that the
public reaction to the 23 designs that
have been put out hasnt been entirely
positive. We also know that many Fijians
do not object to the flag being changed
but want a design they like.
We also know that a lot of Fijians are
now, only after the designs have been put
out, are getting engaged and suggesting
new ideas. In our vakamalua attitude
to most things, it sometimes takes us


Fijians a while to get involved but now

that is happening. And that is good. I
welcome this debate about the designs,
the criticism of designs as well as the
positive responses that have come in.
I urge every Fijian of every age and
background to give your opinions on the

current designs, suggest new designs

and join our crusade to find a national
symbol we can all identify with a
design that speaks to the experience of
being a Fijian now and in the future, not
the experience of our colonial past. A
great flag for a great country.


Fiji News

Fiji Airways Appoints Andre Viljoen As

CEO And Managing Director

Fiji Airways has a new CEO and

Managing Director the current head of
Air Mauritius, Andre Viljoen.
Mr Viljoens appointment to the national
airline was announced by the Chairman
of Fiji Airways, Mr. Nalin Patel. He will
take up the position before 1 October
Mr. Viljoen has 33 years of professional
experience in the airline and tourism
industries and has been the CEO of Air
Mauritius since 2010.
Mr. Patel said the Fiji Airways Board
was extremely pleased that the Company
would be led by someone, who as CEO
of Air Mauritius, had transformed that
airline, restored it to profitability and
attained the coveted Skytrax 4 Star
rating for product and service.
Andre is an experienced airline
professional with a strong business
and customer focus. We believe he is
the perfect person to lead Fiji Airways
and will have the full support of the
Board, together with our experienced
management and team.
Mr Viljoen joins Fiji Airways after
its recent transformation, including
its rebranding from Air Pacific and
a fleet upgrade, and at a stage when
it is exploring further commercial
opportunities, including new routes.
I am very excited to be joining Fiji
Airways, the leading airline in the South
Pacific, and will continue to build on its
strong brand and lead its dedicated team


to even greater heights, Mr Viljoen said.

The Attorney General and Minister
for Public Enterprises, Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum, welcomed Mr Viljoens
appointment on behalf of the Fijian
Government, the airlines majority
Im delighted that Fiji Airways has been
able to attract yet another outstanding
international airline executive to head our
national carrier and fulfill our ambition to
make it the worlds best boutique carrier.
Andre has big shoes to fill in replacing
Stefan Pichler who produced a record
financial result for Fiji Airways last year
but this is an outstanding choice and
we look forward, under his leadership,
to expanding the airlines footprint into
other international hubs, the AG said.
Biography Andre Viljoen
Andre Viljoen, born in South Africa,
has 33 years of seasoned airline
experience. He holds an Honours
Degree in Commerce and is a Chartered
He started his airline career with Comair
British Airways in South Africa in the
1980s as Financial Manager and soon
grew to the position of Group Financial
and Commercial Director, which he
held for more than 10 years. He played
an instrumental role in elevating
Comair from a small regional airline
to becoming South African Airways
principal domestic competitor flying the
British Airways brand.
He then went on in 1992 to join South
African Express Airways, the largest
regional airline in South Africa, as Chief
Operating Officer. He devised and led a
turnaround program to restore the airline

back to profitability and to expand its

fleet to include regional jets.
In 1995, he joined South African
Airways, South Africas National Airline,
as Chief Financial Officer and took over
as President and Chief Executive Officer
in 2000 until 2005. He implemented
an aggressive transformation program
known as Perfecting the Basics which
restored the airline back to profitability
by 2002. The transformation program
also earned the airline a Skytrax 4 Star
Rating, as well as many travel awards
such as The Leading Airline to Africa.
He then went on to join the tour operator
group Cullinan Holdings as Chief
Executive Officer from 2006. The group
is well known for its travel brands
Thomson Holidays, Thomson Tours and
In 2009, he joined Air Mauritius,
Mauritius National Airline, initially as
Chief Financial Officer and then from
2010 as Chief Executive Officer. In 2012,
he launched a successful turnaround
program known as the 7 Step Recovery
Plan. The plan was focused on rebalancing the companys network,
improving revenue management and
commercial, as well as re-fleeting
with new generation aircraft. The plan
restored the airline back to profitability
by 2014 and it has ordered 6 Airbus
A350-900 new generation aircraft to
replace its aged fleet of Airbus A340300s. The service quality improvement
program implemented as part of the
7 Step Recovery Plan has earned Air
Mauritius the Skytrax 4 Star Rating, as
well as the travel award of Leading
Airline to the Indian Ocean.


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Fiji News

Need For Safety And Security At Sea: Koya

The Government will continue to ensure
the safety and security of visitors while
out at sea.
Minister for Industry, Trade, and Tourism
Faiyaz Siddiq Koya told those at the Fiji
Tourism Expo yesterday that maritime
safety is a priority.
Being an island nation, our tourism is
heavily reliant on sea transport and many
of our key attractions and activities are
Mr Koya made special mention of
SeaFijis pro-active stand in ensuring
safety and investing in the tourism sector.
SeaFijis vision is well aligned with
our Governments policies to ensuring
high safety standards and emergency
procedures on our waters.
He said that regular training and
awareness campaigns on safety
standards and licensing requirements are
conducted in coastal communities.
SeaFiji launched two new products
as well as its safety video at the Fijian
Tourism Expo 2015 in Denarau.
Global director Ron Bradley said SeaFiji
Airlink in conjunction with Pacific Island
Air would offer air connections from
Nadi airport while SeaFiji Link offers a
direct boat service from Port Denarau to
Resorts in the Mamanuca islands. They
cater for all in-bound flight arrivals into
Nadi before 4pm daily.
Ms Bradley said: We decided to use the
Fijian Tourism Expo 2015 as a platform
to launch our two new products, SeaFiji
Airlink, SeaFiji Link and our Safety
Video because the event brings buyers
from around the world as well as

Specializers in fares to:


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suppliers who are using our services

already together in one venue.
We have the opportunity to promote
these products effectively at one
time. Whether by sea or air, SeaFiji is
committed to getting our guests safely to
their destination for an affordable price.
She said they can fly or boat transfer
to island locations such as Castaway,
Likuliku, Matamanoa, Tokoriki and
others for $385 by air or $159 by sea.
Safety remains the top priority for the
SeaFiji team.

That is why we decided to produce a

unique and funny video which would
encourage our customers to pay
attention and take note of the important
safety features they have on board their
Other products include full and half
day cruises, resort transfers, interisland transfers within the Mamanuca.
Plus a variety of water sports including
snorkelling, game and sport fishing,
semi submersible submarine which are
all available at Mana Island Resort.

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Fiji News

No Politics In National Development Sayed-Khaiyum

The Attorney-General and Minister for

Finance, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, says
the formulation of the five-year and 20year development plans will be done in
an apolitical manner.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said this while
speaking at the Citizens Constitutional
Forum (CCF) Budgetary Process
workshop at the Peninsula Hotel in Suva.
It is not done with the FijiFirst Agenda.
It is done based on national priority
and all governments need to focus on
national priority, he said.
The national priority must supersede
any political agendas. The problem in
Fiji has always been that everything
seems to be politicised.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum gave an example
of this saying two days ago when they
released the Land Transport Authority
report, the General Secretary of the Fiji
Taxi Association, Rishi Ram, said it was
a very good report. On Monday, Mr
Ram said it was not a good report.
Because I think someone from the
National Federation Party (NFP) came to
talk to him and he decided to change his
tune because he was ex-NFP candidate.
What Im saying is that we need to be
able to look at these things objectively,
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.
He said if we want to grow the
economy then we have to be objective

about how we look at things. There are

certain things that are beyond politics;
economic development, jobs, looking
after poor people.
If we start thinking along those lines
then Fiji will greatly improve, Mr.
Sayed-Khaiyum said.
He said that Government providing
free essential services like medicine,
education, water and subsidised
electricity was not a political stunt.
Why are we giving free medicine from
this year? Why are we giving free water?
Why have we subsidised electricity?

Because we want to help people at the

bottom end of the socio-economic scale
to have certain things that only rich
people can have, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum
It is not a political stunt. We want
to help people on the lower end of the
socio-economic scale so that they have
more money in their pocket, so we look
after their basic needs.
He said in connecting people through
proper roads, water and electricity we
help to grow opportunities.

Military Unveils Statue Of Late Hero

The unveiling of the statue of the only
Fijian to receive a Victoria Cross at the
Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Nabua, was
another timely reminder of the service
expected of our men and women in green.
Republic of Fiji Military Forces
Commander, Brigadier-General Mosese
Tikoitoga said this as he reminded
soldiers at the Infantry Day celebrations
the lessons one could learn from the late
Corporal Sefanaia Sukanaivalu.
Corporal Sukanaivalu made the ultimate
sacrifice by laying down his life for his
comrades in the Solomon Islands during
World War II.
After the unveiling ceremony, BrigadierGeneral Tikoitoga said: We need to
look at ourselves, what legacy do we
leave behind us. We need to create a
legacy each one of us, for those who
will follow.
He spoke briefly about the sacrifice the
military endured since 2000.


We have been gossiped about, our

children have been sworn at, we have
been told off by elders but we have
The Day was probably the most
memorable for 75-year-old Rayasi Damu
of Ketei, Totoya, Lau.
He had constructed the statue in 1997
the same year he retired from the
The incomplete statue was kept at the
Engineering Unit.

Sergeant Damus inspiration came

from the pictures he saw of the late
Sukanaivalu and his uncle, the late
Corporal Waisale Veikoso.
Im just so blessed to be able to come
back and complete this work.
Otili Vulakoro, wife of the late
Sukanaivalus grandson, Eroni Delai
Vulakoro, spoke on behalf of the family.
Its such an honour for the family to
have this done.
Vulakoro is currently serving in Sinai.


Fiji News

Three Jailed In $3.1M Road Scam

Three people accused in the $3.1million

road scam were given custodial sentences
while the fourth was handed a suspended
The four are businessman Firoz Jan
Mohammed and three former civil
servants Iliesa Turagacati, Navitalai
Tamanitoakula and Aisea Liwaiono of
the then Department of National Roads.
Tamanitoakula were convicted of bribery,
obtaining a financial advantage and abuse
of office while Liwaiono was convicted of
two counts of dishonestly causing a loss.
They were charged by the Fiji Independent
Commission against Corruption.
Mohammed was sentenced to eight years
behind bars with a non-parole period of
five years, Turagacati jailed for six years
in jail with a non-parole term of four
years, Tamanitoakula sentenced to four
years imprisonment with a non-parole
term of two-and-a-half years while
Liwaiono was sentenced to two years in
jail suspended for two years.

Justice Paul Madigan, while sentencing

Mohammed at the High Court in Suva,
said the accused disregarded many
people and deprived them of better road
Justice Madigan rejected Mohammeds
annual salary statements which showed
that his salary for 2012 and 2013 were
around $9000. He said the accused did
not declare his full assets and was seen
driving an expensive luxury car during
the trial.
You have been found guilty of three
counts of dishonesty and to present
dishonest material in mitigation of
sentence, is an insult to the court,
Justice Madigan said to Mohammed.
I am left with no inference, other than
that you are an utterly dishonest man.
For Turagacati, Justice Madigan said
that the accused brought shame to the
road department by accepting bribes and
approving payments although he needed
to raise funds for his sick son.
For Tamanitoakula being the senior

accounts officer, Justice Madigan said

he should have checked when he was
alerted of overpayments, which he did
not, although there was no evidence of
the accused benefitting from facilitating
payments of $2.46million.
He said Liwaiono being the roads
engineer had a responsibility where he
should have checked, inspected and
verified if works were done before letting
the bulldozing company make claims.
However Justice Madigan suspended
his sentence because he had minimal
involvement, suffered from high blood
pressure and the after effects of stroke.
Sentence summary
Count one, Bribery: Seven years, non
parole of five years
Count three obtaining financial advantage:
Eight years, non parole of five years
Count eight, perverting the course of
justice: 12 months
Total sentence: Eight years imprisonment
with a non parole of five years, sentence
to be served concurrently
Count two, Bribery: Six years, non
parole of four years
Count four, Causing loss: Five years,
non parole of four years
Total sentence: Six years imprisonment
with a non parole of four years, sentence
to be served concurrently
Count five, causing a loss: Four years
imprisonment with a non parole of twoand-a-half years
Count six and seven, causing a loss: Two
years imprisonment, suspended for two

Colonial War Memorial Hospital

Diabetic Centre medical officer, Dr
Rajeshwar Sharma is urging foot care
nurses to be more proactive when
providing awareness on diabetes.
Earlier this year in February I trained
12 nurses for two weeks and gave them
a project each. Each nurse was asked to
organise an open day, Dr Sharma said.
He made the comments when he
officiated at the Diabetes Open Day at
Nadi Hospital on Wednesday organised
by the foot care nurses at the hospital.
The training is part of the four-year foot
care project which includes five strategies
which are to provide a two-week training

for foot care nurses, training of doctors,

addressing diabetic peer groups, young
diabetic patients and surgeons.
This is a collaborative project for
Diabetes Fiji and the Ministry of Health.
It is sponsored by International Diabetes
Federation Fiji.
The issue about diabetic foot care is that
we have a lot of amputations in Fiji. We
have about two amputations per day and
the whole idea is to prevent amputations
and diabetes.
Dr Sharma wrote the foot care manual
that was launched by the Assistant
Minister for Health and Medical
Services, Veena Bhatnagar, in April.

The emphasis is to get many diabetics

and teach them about foot care and
control of their diabetes. Last year
we had this programme in the Central
Division and this time its in the West.
Nadi Hospital Diabetic Clinic staff nurse
Shwita Shankar commended the training
because it helped her organise the Open Day.
I attended the training at the Lautoka
Hospital in February and the theme was
Look After Your Feet As If They Were
Your Face. It was beneficial since I look
after 1800 patients, Ms Shankar said.
Dr Sharma said a Diabetes Open Day
would be held in the Northern Division
next year.

Nurses Urged Awareness On Diabetes



Fiji News

Fiji Airways To Compensate Passengers

For Disruption

Fiji Airways will be offering further

assistance and compensation to the
passengers who were affected by the
flight delays last weekend.
A statement from the company said they
are currently in the process of contacting
all affected passengers.
Manager Public Relations Shane
Hussein said: There are clearly lessons
to be learnt and so we are using this as
an opportunity to review our disruption
management protocols.
What happened?
On Thursday, Fiji Airways had to cancel
the Nadi-Brisbane flight and the return
Brisbane-Nadi flight due to flight crew
Mr Hussein explained: All affected
passengers were notified and rescheduled to fly on the Nadi-Brisbane
and Brisbane-Nadi flights the next day
(Friday 20) utilising the larger A330
But then
There were a series of difficulties which
beset our weekend operation for which
we must offer our sincere apologies to

all those customers affected.

The company alerted all their passengers
that the aircraft needed mechanical
attention when arriving in Brisbane.
Mr Hussein emphasised that safety is
always the first priority at Fiji Airways.
The comfort and safety of our
passengers is our main priority and
therefore this necessitated a delay to
the departure time for passengers flying
Brisbane Nadi.
Following examination of the aircraft,
it was determined the fix required an
extra part to be flown in from another
city, he said.
Due to the attention needed, the flight
was then further delayed.
Passengers who were connecting to Los
Angeles were re-routed to fly direct,
while some others were routed to Fiji via
Other passengers were booked from
travel the next day via Fiji Airways.
The carrier then accommodated the
affected passengers.
Affected passengers were given

accommodation and meals at nearby

hotels whist awaiting their flights.
Unfortunately the aircraft part arrived
later than expected leading to a series of
rolling delays to the departure time on
The aircraft was deemed fit to fly
on Saturday afternoon and departed
Brisbane at 1711 hours, he added.
Also on Saturday, the Melbourne to Nadi
flight was delayed due to an ill pilot that
caused a delay of 14 hours.
Due to the two reasons stated above the
Fiji Airways flights to Auckland, Sydney
and Los Angeles where delayed on
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr Hussein explained: We are fully
aware of the impact this had on our
customers and completely understand
the frustrations expressed.
Some of the experiences shared were
avoidable and we are extremely sorry
for the problems and inconvenience
Whilst the events were unforeseen .
every effort was taken to accommodate
and communicate with our customers.




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Fiji News


Swedish Royals On Fijian Honeymoon

Newly-married Prince Carl Philip and
Sofia Hellqvist of Sweden are reportedly
spending their honeymoon on Laucala
Island near Taveuni.
They arrived on the island last Tuesday
and have stayed in their private villa for
most of the time.
As part of its policy, the island resort is
not saying anything.
Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper,
reported Fiji will be the first stop on a
three-week trip for the couple.
The couple, it said, requested to stay
out of the spotlight declining to be
interviewed by Aftonbladets crew on
the scene, before taking another flight to
Laucala belonging to the Swiss owner of
Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz.
A room on the island, called Laucala,
costs up to 45,000 Krona (FJ$14,205)
a night, and can count Oprah Winfrey
and Elle Macpherson among previous
guests, the newspaper reported.

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Fiji News


Tourism Fiji Promotes Green Fiji

Tourism Fiji has taken onboard the
initiative to promote the tourism industry
as Green Fiji.
Minister for Tourism Faiyaz Siddiq
Koya called on all Fijians to regard Fiji
as a precious destination.
This is in line with Governments initiative
which was launched earlier this year, the
green growth framework for Fiji.
Mr Koya made the comments at the final
day of the 2015 Fijian Tourism Expo at
Sheraton Fiji Resort and Spa on Denarau
Reducing our carbon footprints
by ensuring new developments are
more environmentally friendly a
new integrated approach whereby all
stakeholders collectively work together
for a common good.
He said strengthening social cultural
education for environmental stewardship
and civic responsibility was also
A number of local tourism operators
have already embarked on initiatives to

mitigate the issues of climate change.

Fiji has sterling examples of industry
partners who have been conscious
of the fragile nature of Fijis natural
environment and have already put
environmental best practices in place to
ensure its sustainability.
Mr Koya gave the following examples.
Talanoa Treks works with the
communities, promote the natural
footprint, practicing the 3R concept and

incorporating into conservation guide

Mamanuca Environment Society works
in the field of protecting the marine
and terrestrial resources and creating
awareness for a sustainable tourism.
Nukubati Island Resort has done it all
from clean solar power to the sourcing
of sustainable food and produce and
community education which does
not undermine the beautiful marine
environment that sits around.

RTD Tribe is a locally manufactured by

Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Limited for the
local market.
However, the product is also exported to
the international market.
Sales & Marketing Manager, Rowena
Taito, said: We have exported within
the pacific and this is part of our long
term plans.
Bounty Rum and Cola is a big part

of our RTD business and with the

great global awards for our Bounty
Rum thats used to make this great
RTD, we see the same success with
our RTDs.
Other Flavours
Tribe has six other assorted flavours
which are Tribe Fusion, Pineapple,
Passion Fruit, Bourbon and Cola,
Raspberry and Blue Lagoon.

Introducing Tribe Ice

For all you Tribe lovers, Paradise

Beverages (Fiji) Limited, Ready-ToDrink (RTD) Tribe brand launched
its newest addition the Tribe Ice.
It was launched at 18 night clubs around
the country with live performances by
local bands.
The new RTD Tribe Ice contains Vodka,
lemon and soda encompassing 5.5 per
cent of alcohol.

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Prayers Answered For Naresh Kumar

I feel like a baby, getting back on my
feet and starting to walk again, said an
emotional Naresh Kumar, 52, when his
prayers were answered by the Ministry of
Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation.
The ministry gave Mr Kumar a bean cart
after the Fiji Sun highlighted his plight
last month.
Mr Kumars only source of income was
snatched from him when his bean cart
at Makoi, Nasinu, was dismantled by a
group of men.
Through this, he sought assistance and
his prayers were answered when a good
Samaritan, a Fijian citizen in Australia,
donated a bean cart to the ministry to
assist him.
The new bean cart worth $550 was
handed over to him.
The ministry commends the generosity
shown by the good Samaritan, Mrs
Akbar said.
He has shown that compassionate heart
and helping hand will go a long way in
creating positive changes in the society.
The assistance came about in recognition
of the ministrys perseverance to reach
out to people and help them become self
Nareshs bean cart was damaged by
some thugs who have no value for hard

work and we are grateful for Naresh

that he sought assistance from us, Mrs
Akbar said.
Although he did not want any social
welfare assistance, we are glad to be able
to provide him with the means of earning
his own income.
Together with the bean cart, the ministry
will give him $200 worth of goods to get
Overwhelmed with assistance, Mr
Kumar thanked the ministry and the

humble man who contributed towards

arranging the bean cart for him.
I was really worried when my bean cart
was damaged in April and I was looking
for someone to help me, he said.
I sold packets of beans, bhajiya and
other Indian sweets to earn my living
and getting the new bean cart has eased
my struggles.
I feel so happy to be able to get back on
my feet and start earning again.
Even at this age I believe in hard work.

Garbage Shredder Trucks For Suva

The Suva City Council received two new
garbage trucks and a new green waste
shredder at the Suva City Council Depot
in Samabula.
The Minister for Local Government,
Housing and Environment Infrastructure
and Transport, Parveen Kumar, said he
was pleased with the Suva City Councils
These significant investments made
by the council shows that they will go
a long way in delivering effective and
efficient services in the area of solid
waste management, he said.
Mr Kumar said on average, 80 tonnes
of garbage and 10 tonnes is collected
daily from Suva City for disposal at the
Naboro landfill.
I am pleased to learn that the city has
already planned to inject two more
similar garbage compactor trucks into its
fleet upgrade programme, he said.
The two trucks would be delivered by
late this year or early 2016.






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Festival Sponsor Invests On Waste


Pinto Industries Limited has invested in

effective ways to reduce solid wastes.
This was highlighted by company
managing director Shirley Narayan at
the Duavata Northern Crime Prevention
Carnivals Bula night on Tuesday.
It is the major sponsor for the week-long
carnival, which ends on Saturday.
Mrs Narayan was speaking on the topic
of solid waste disposal becoming an
issue affecting the environment.
As a manufacturer of plastics and
PET bottles in the Northern Division,
we are investing millions of dollars
every year in importing raw materials,
buying machinery and employing many
people, she said.
These people work in our factories to
manufacture different types of plastic
These products are sold and used by
almost all of us in our homes, work
places, communities, towns and cities
locally and abroad.
Mrs Narayan said as manufacturers
they had to pay these extra levies and
tax and apart from that they improved
their manufacturing processes to include
biodegradable materials in all products.
Our company has purchased additional

machines to recycle our waste plastic

products and reuse the materials, she
We are taking some very effective ways
and systems to reduce and minimise
solid wastes in all our nine factories in
It is time we change our perception on
our litter or solid wastes.
Our Fijian Government has introduced

Voter Registration
Begins In July

the Litter Decree to prevent and minimise

littering in our cities and towns and even
in our local communities.
They have introduced certain levies and
tax on a number of products to mitigate
these issues.
Pinto is a major manufacturer of mops,
brushware, plasticware, cleaning products,
carbonated drinks, pet bottles, ice pops,
sun pops, (printed) plastic bags, etc.

PHASE ONE of Voter Registrations for the next elections will begin
in July with the Fiji Elections office saying it remains committed to
keeping a continuously updated Voter Roll.
The FEO will mostly target schools to capture Fijians who have just
turned 18.
"I take this opportunity to invite all eligible Fijians to take advantage
of this opportunity to register to vote," Fijian Electoral Commission
Chairperson, Chen B Young said.
"Under the 2013 Constitution and the Electoral Decree, 2014, the
Electoral Commission is responsible for the registration of Voters and
the FEO is required to administer the process.
"We must continue to update the Voter Roll and ensure that registration
is accessible to any Fijian as registration is a voluntary process."
FEO registration teams are currently in the Lomaiviti group
accompanying the Commissioner Eastern's tour.
Teams will also be stationed at the FEO booth at the 2015 Fiji

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Frozen Yogurt Introduced To The Market

A new product is expected to hit the Fijian
market soon. But most extensively to
resorts, restaurants and service stations.
Frozen Yogurt was launched at the 2015
Fijian Tourism by Frozen Fiji, based in
Pacific Harbour.
Managing director Heather Crossingham
said, We are introducing the first soft
serve Frozen Yogurt machine to Fiji
which is now a healthy alternative to Ice
cream, a new concept.
Ive lived for the last five years in Pac
Harbour, and this is one thing I missed a
lot which is a really big craze in America,
Australia and New Zealand.
Ms Crossingham said the Frozen Yogurt
is 98 per cent fat free with its base
product imported from Australia.
Once the product is established, we will
also manufacture the product in Fiji. We
have monthly release on new flavours
which will be Fiji inspired flavours like
coconut, kava and cinnamon flavour.
She said they will continue with research
and development.

The main ingredient requires the frozen

yogurt base and flavours can be added later.
Then it will be the distributor, supplying
the machine to the hotels, restaurants
and service station so that everyone can
have an alternatives option to ice cream
as the healthy option or a treat.
At the moment they have three machines,
two just arrived into the country on
We are going to do some sampling on
the machines, for the researchers on the
development of the flavours and see
what people like, because it is something
new for Fiji. We want to see what works
and what doesnt, well try chocolate,
and various Fiji inspired flavours, Ms
Crossingham said.

For us its a pretty large investment

because were buying the machine and
supplying them to the hotel so were
pretty committed with the concepts.
She said using the FTE was a good time
to launch the product.
We used the FTE to launch so that the
hotels and resort can try it, including the
travel agents and we do some feedbacks,
so far have been amazing and everyone
seems to have loved it, a success.
Weve had so many feedbacks as most
of the hotels said that they want the
machine in their hotels for the tourists and
for educating the local community and
knowing that theres another alternative.
Frozen Fiji is a subsidiary of FreeDive Fiji
Charters which has been in operational in
Pacific Harbour for the past five years.




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FNPF Declares 6% Interest, $224.8M


The Fiji National Provident Fund Board

has declared an interest of 6% for the
financial year ending June 30, 2015,
compared to last years 5.75%.
This will equate to an estimated $224.8
million being distributed to FNPF
members accounts on Tuesday night
(June 30th).
In a first for the Fund, this years interest
is paid under the new interest crediting
formula that was adopted in November,
2014. The formula ensures members get
interest credited on their balances at the
end of the financial year.
In the past, interest was paid on the
previous years closing balance.
The new formula brings FNPF in line
with best practice.
FNPF Board Chairman Mr Ajith
Kodagoda said 2015 has been remarkable
and one of the best years for the Fund in
over a decade.
It is now very clear that the Governmentinitiated reforms and the hard decisions
have benefitted our members."
This rate has been reviewed by the
Actuary, as required under legislation,

to ensure that no undue pressure is

placed on the solvency requirements
for members funds. The Actuary has
certified that this requirement has been
met and FNPF is stable.
He said the 6% interest, which is tax
free, closely matches the income earned
from investment this financial year, after
allowance for all costs of operating the
The Board is pleased that members
will directly benefit from the Funds
judicious management of its different
FNPFs Chief Investment Officer Mr
Jaoji Koroi said it has been a challenging
but rewarding year for FNPF as it
continued with the Reforms inclusive of
investment rehabilitation.
He said the separation of the pension
business from current members
contribution fund continues to augur
well for members.
The Retirement Income Fund caters
for the pension business and has been
further strengthened with allocated
assets set aside to ensure its continuity

as part of the solvency requirements,

Mr Koroi said.
The current members fund purely
accumulates members net contributions
for their investments. FNPF then
credits interest from returns made on
investment to members funds. As such,
members now directly benefit from the
investment made on their funds as part
of our continued commitment to grow
our members savings to secure their
The 6% interest is well above the
inflation rate and shows advantages
from investing in long-term retirement
compared with short-term like 12 months
with commercial banks for 2-3%.
FNPFs declared interest stood at 5% in
2010 with member payment allocation
of $121.2m, in 2011 it stood at 525% and
payment made to members amounted to
$133.6m and in 2012 the interest was 5%
with a payment allocation of $132.8m.
In 2013, the declared interest was 5.5% and
payment made to members amounted to
$155.6m while last years interest was 5.75%
and payment allocation stood at $175m.

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Skinny Jeans Cause 'Fashion Victim' To

Collapse In Adelaide Park At Night, After
Cutting Blood Flow

A woman whose skinny jeans cut off the

blood supply to her calf muscles was
forced to crawl from an Adelaide park at
night to seek help after collapsing.
A consultant neurologist at the Royal
Adelaide Hospital, Associate Professor
Thomas Kimber, told 891 ABC Adelaide
the woman, 35, noticed her legs become
weak before she fell and could not get
up again.
He acknowledged the woman had spent
her day helping relatives move house,
requiring a lot of squatting, but labeled
her a "fashion victim".
"When she got up that morning she
decided to wear skinny jeans. She
noticed they were somewhat tight, but I
guess skinny jeans tend to be," he said.
"She spent all that day really squatting
down to help her relatives clean out
"She noticed that her legs were becoming
increasingly uncomfortable as the day
went on [but] didn't really think much of
The woman's ordeal lasted for "some
time" and she had to hail a cab to take
her to hospital.
"When she went for a walk she noticed
she was tripping; her feet became
increasingly weak to the point where
she fell in a park," Professor Kimber


"By this time it was dark and quite late

at night and she was unable to stand up
again, and really was there for some time
before she could crawl to the side of the
road, hail a cab and bring herself to the
Royal Adelaide Hospital."
Jeans cut from victim due to swelling
Medical staff had to cut the woman's
tight jeans from her legs to be able to
treat her.
"When she arrived she had massive
swelling of her calf muscles, they had
to actually cut the jeans from her, they
weren't able to remove them any other
way," the neurologist explained.
"As a result of this prolonged squatting
she had really cut off the blood supply
to her calf muscles, they had become
massively swollen, and as a result of that
she had suffered compression to two of
the major nerves in her lower leg and had
developed this leg weakness as a result."
The woman recovered after a stay in
hospital lasting several days.
"She had quite severe ankle and foot
weakness for several days and she'd
suffered quite significant calf muscle
injury and, as a result of that, some

proteins are released into her blood

stream and she needed to be on an
intravenous drip to flush those proteins
through so that she wouldn't develop any
damage to her kidneys," the specialist
"Fortunately by day four she was able
to be discharged, and she still had some
residual ankle and foot weakness but I
understand that subsequently she has
made a full recovery."
Professor Kimber said people needed
to consider whether their clothing was
loose enough to avoid injury.
"The take home message I would like to
leave people is if they are going to doing
a lot of squatting ... wear something
looser, with more elasticity perhaps," he
"Certainly if you're squatting in skinny
jeans for whatever reason and your legs
feel uncomfortable or tingly, you should
stand up and walk around to get the
blood pumping again."
In documenting the case for the
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery
and Psychiatry, Professor Kimber and
a colleague said the woman had quite
literally been a "fashion victim".
Neurologist's clothing tips:
Wear appropriate clothes for the task
Looser clothing, perhaps with
elasticity, will let muscles expand
If tingling is felt, such as when
squatting, get up and walk around





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Decades-Old Rotting Meat Worth $500

Million Seized In China Food Scandal: Report

Over half a billion dollars worth of

smuggled frozen meat some of
it thawed, rotting and more than 40
years old has been seized in China,
according to local reports.
"It was smelly, and I nearly threw up
when I opened the door," said an official
from the central Hunan province, where
800 tonnes were seized.
More than 100,000 tonnes of chicken
wings, beef and pork worth up to $624
million were seized in the nationwide
crackdown, the state-run China Daily
newspaper said.
Poor food safety is a major concern
in China, where standards are lax and
scandals involving tainted products are
Yang Bo, the deputy director of the
anti-smuggling bureau in the Hunanese
capital Changsha, said smugglers would
often transport the goods in ordinary
vehicles, rather than refrigerated ones, to
save costs.
"So the meat has often thawed out several
times before reaching customers," he added.
Two gangs from the province were
among 14 busted across the country.
Reports stated that the meat seized
locally came from the "border area"
with Vietnam, where it was "difficult to
control the flow of meat".
The China Daily said smugglers bought

cheap meat abroad, shipped it to Hong

Kong and on to Vietnam before bringing
it to the mainland.
Officials from Guangxi, a southern
region bordering Vietnam, found some
of the meat was "more than 40 years
old", meaning it was originally packed
and stored when the country was still
under the rule of Communist China's
founding father Mao Zedong, who died

in 1976.
The seizures were not reported
on the website of China's General
Administration of Customs.
China was rocked by one of its biggestever food safety scandals in 2008 when
the industrial chemical melamine was
found to have been illegally added to
dairy products, killing at least six babies
and making 300,000 people ill.

Couple Blames Langley Township For

Decision To Build Home On Neighbour's
A Langley couple's $82k claim with Langley Township was rejected.

A Langley couple claims they are out

$100,000 after they bought a two-acre
property and then discovered the house
on that property was actually on their
neighbour's land.
Elizabeth Pett says they bought a run
down home and two acres for $605,000
with assurances from Langley Township
they could build on the old concrete
She says they received a note from the
township saying "we have no problem
with you building on an existing
With what they saw as the go-ahead
signal, the middle-aged couple tore down


the old house, and then hired surveyor

who gave them a shock.
Dream house turned nightmare
"Then my surveyor came in and said that
you're on the neighbour's property and
you have to move the foundation," said
Pett says she and her husband a
contractor by trade moved the
foundation at what they say was a cost
of approximately $100,000.
Pett says she complained to Langley
township that they'd made a mistake and
launched an $82,000 claim to cover part
of the cost of the misunderstanding.
The township rejected the claim in a

letter, with Alex Campbell from the

finance division stating:
"While unfortunate you incurred
unanticipated construction costs while
building your new home, I find no
evidence to suggest the Township of
Langley was negligent or liable in any
way with respect to those same costs
Pett and her husband have hired a lawyer
to handle the claim and says she feels as
though they did not consider the case
"You don't sleep at night when your
financial costs soar. And they have no
regard for you at all," she said.


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Law Firm Adlawgroup Asking Junior

Lawyers To Pay $22,000 For Job; Fair
Work Ombudsman Investigating
A new law firm asking junior lawyers
to pay $22,000 for a job is being looked
into by the Fair Work Ombudsman, as
Law students said the two-year work
placements at Adelaide-based company
Adlawgroup were exploitative.
But the company said it was responding
to an oversupply of law graduates, who
are desperate for work.
The advertisements for "junior lawyers"
were advertised on the job site Seek, but
have since been removed.
Adlawgroup project manager Tina
Hailstone said the company's supervised
positions were an "investment".
"The $22,000 fee is the price for
participation in the program," she said.
"It covers a number of things and reflects
to a certain extent the cost of being able
to provide the opportunity for these
students, or well, graduates.
"In the first instance there are quite a few
people who've said 'Yes, please, we'd
really like to sign up'.
"There is also very few opportunities for
the recently admitted lawyer."
A Fair Work Ombudsman spokeswoman
said the workplace watchdog was
"making inquiries" about the company.
The spokeswoman said it was illegal to

charge an employee for a job.

"The Fair Work Act would apply if
employees were required to make the
payment once they have started work, or
if it was deducted from their pay," she said.
"The Fair Work Ombudsman does
investigate and has commenced litigation
where this has occurred."
No guaranteed income for those who
pay for job
Adlawgroup said its junior lawyers can
make money, but only if they do work
for clients.
But Ms Hailstone said any income was
not guaranteed for the junior lawyers
who would be hired.
"The employment contract is a different
thing, the fees that they earn, the income
they earn is derived from providing legal
services to our clients," she said.
She said junior lawyers who did not get
work with clients would "probably want
to move on".
Ms Hailstone said the company was
looking at a policy to give a refund to
people who choose to leave the program.
Marie Iskander from Australian Law
Students' Association said she thought
Adlawgroup's pay-for-a-job model was
"We'd hate to see this business model

take off and become the norm, or be

emulated anywhere else in Australia,"
Ms Iskander said.
"It's clearly something that's an
opportunist business model that's taking
advantage of our law graduates."
The South Australian Law Society was also
concerned by the advertisements, according
to society president Rocco Perrotta.
"The [law society's] ethics and practice
committee is concerned just to ensure
that the business model is appropriate,"
Mr Perrotta said.
Student associations are worried that
hundreds of Australian law students
cannot get jobs, because of an oversupply
of graduates.
The Law Society of New South Wales
president Michael Tidball said many law
graduates were worried about the jobs
"It is very, very tough out there," Mr
Tidball said.
"There are 36 law schools nationally
but there have been changes that have
occurred in the economy, there are
increased competitive pressures."
Adlawgroup said it has delayed the onset
of its junior lawyers program to satisfy
concerns of the South Australian Law

Surgeons Remove 2.5Kg Mass Of Human

Hair From 15-Year-Old Girls Stomach
A 2.5kg mass of human hair was
removed from the stomach of a 15-yearold mentally challenged girl following
surgery at the civic-run Chhatrapati
Shivaji Memorial hospital in Kalwa.
The girl used to swallow her hair, and
over the years was diagnosed with a rare
disease, trichobezoar, and operated upon
at the hospital.
The resident of Shahapur in Thane
(rural), used to eat strands of hair and
paper for the last few years. Her parents
were aware of the habit but did not realize
the ill-effects till she started complaining
of a stomach ache recently.
The family initially consulted doctors
at Shahapur, following which they
approached the civic-run hospital. The
doctors performed various tests on her,


and after diagnosing the condition,

decided to operate on her.
"The patient was brought here following
complaints of loss of appetite and weight,
and abdominal distension. During
investigations, she was diagnosed with
the rare disease. In this condition, a
bunch of hair is formed and collected in
the stomach," said Dr Sukesh Thakur,
who operated on her.
The three-hour operation was performed

along with Dr Vishwas Sapatnekar on

Wednesday afternoon, after which the
hair was removed from her stomach.
The doctors made a three-inch incision
on her stomach and removed the lump
from her stomach.
"It was not an easy task removing the
huge ball of hair through the incision.
It was a unique operation," said Dr
Thakur. The girl is now recuperating at
the hospital.

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The World 'Largely Likes' The US, Says

Global Survey
A global survey of 40 countries by the
Pew Research Center finds that large
numbers of people have a favourable
opinion of the United States, its economy
and the US-led fight against the Islamic
Overall, the US is largely seen in a
positive light, with a global median of
69% of people saying they viewed the
US favourably. That's up from 65% in
2013 and 2014, says Pew.
But when it comes to the issue of post9/11 interrogation techniques - which
many consider to be torture - the US has
received a worldwide rebuke.
USA v China
Chinese and USA officials, at the helm
of the world's biggest economies, are
meeting in Washington for annual talks.
While the recent global downturn stoked
fears that the US was losing ground to
China economically, there has actually
been a rise in the number of people who
think the US is still on top.
Of the 40 countries polled, a majority in
30 of them view the US as the world's
biggest economic power. India has seen
the biggest jump in the number of people
who think the US is on top.
However, it's important to note that
majorities in 27 countries believe that
China will eventually replace the US as
the world's top superpower.
The European Union is the most
convinced of China's inevitable
Islamic State conflict
US soldiers left Iraq in 2011
When it comes to the US-led fight

against Islamic State, the US enjoys

broad support.
A median of 62% of people around the
world say that they support US military
actions against the Islamic State group.
That figure is compared to the 24%
of people who oppose US-led efforts
against the group in Iraq and Syria.
While the Iraq war that raged a decade
ago was largely unpopular, majorities
in America's key European allies are
supportive of the campaign.
A near-majority of people in important
Middle Eastern allies are supportive as
Back home, 80% of Americans including 88% of Republicans and
80% of Democrats - view the campaign
favourably. Across the northern border,
the fight enjoys the support of about twothirds of the Canadian public.
'Torture' after September 11 attacks
What's not popular? The interrogation
techniques employed by the US
following the 9/11 attacks.
A median of 50% of people disapproved
of the US government's interrogation
techniques that it used on suspected
terrorists - techniques that many
described as torture.
Only 35% said the techniques were
Majorities in the United Kingdom,
Spain, Germany and France said the socalled torture was not justified.
Interestingly, there were some outliers.
Italians were largely split on the issue,
and people in Poland tended to believe
that interrogation techniques were

In the Middle East and Asia, the
techniques were largely seen in a
negative light - except in Israel, India
and the Philippines.
Most Americans, though, see the
techniques as justified - but sharply
divided along political lines, with
Republicans largely supportive and
Democrats largely not.
President Barack Obama
The US president, however, enjoys
widespread support that, in many places,
has been growing - except for in one
Mr Obama's popularity in Israel has
taken a nosedive in Israel over the past
12 months. Last year, he had the backing
of 71% of Israelis. But this year, only
49% gave him the thumbs-up.
However in India the opposite is true.
Over the past year, his popularity in that
country jumped from 48% to 71%. He's
seen his popularity grow in 14 of the
surveyed countries.
Considering people in all 40 countries
around the world, Mr Obama has the
backing of a median of 69% of people
(much higher than his approval rating in
the US).
In all the countries surveyed in the EU
and sub-Saharan Africa, half or more
support the American president. In 29
countries, majorities said they were
confident that Mr Obama would do the
right thing when it came to world affairs.
The Pew survey was conducted between
March and May of this year, and included
responses from over 45,000 respondents.

Buddhist Monk Stabs Older Monk In Face

US authorities say a Buddhist monk has
been charged with attempted murder in
the stabbing of another monk in a San
Francisco Bay Area monastery.
Tuesday that authorities say 30-yearold Sokphanna Phen acknowledged
stabbing 66-year-old Mahamonirath
Pinn in the face and head with two
kitchen knives at an East Oakland
monastery on June 16.
Pinn was being treated at an Oakland
Officer Bradley Miller says Phen told
police he was angry with the head monk
for his disciplinary tactics.


Police say Phen has also been identified

by the victim. Phen was being held
without bail.
Oakland police were not immediately

available for comment on whether Phen

has an attorney. The Alameda County
Public Defender's Office was checking
to see if it's representing Phen.

A New Take On Cutting


A Chinese man was driving along the

Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway in
central China when he noticed a giant
circular saw spinning at speed towards
his windscreen.
The 1.5m blade collided with the bonnet,

ripping through its engine as the man

frantically wrestled the wheel of the
swerving vehicle.
The blade, which had fallen from a pickup
truck that crashed, wedged itself 50cm into
his truck but the driver walked away unhurt.




Low Carb Diet Can Cause Digestive


Low carb diets may be used as a weight

loss tool by some people, but dieticians
and nutritionists warn that the tactic may
be contributing to a reduction in fibre
intake and thus, helping in setting up
health problems instead.
The average fibre intake is already low
and avoidance of foods like potatoes, a
surprisingly important fibre provider,
according to the latest survey, is bad
news for digestive health.
Potatoes provide 12 percent of the
average adult intake of fibre, which is
twice the amount we get from breakfast
cereals and 30 percent more than a
person's intake from brown bread,
including wholemeal bread.
Potatoes are an even more important

source of fibre for teens, with 11 to

18-year-olds getting 15 percent, nearly
one sixth of their daily intake, from these
food items.
Fibre is crucial for good health and longterm population studies suggest it may
help reduce the risk of heart disease,
diabetes and some cancers. It also aids
digestion and supports weight control by
promoting a sense of fullness.
Dieters often wrongly believe potatoes
are calorific and fattening, yet they are
naturally fat free, lower in calories than
most people think, and provide only 6
percent of the energy intake for adults,
less than white bread and the same
contribution as alcohol.
But fibre is not the only reason to tuck into

more tubers. Potatoes are also a useful

source of potassium, which counters the
effect of salt and helps maintain healthy
blood pressure.
It is recommended that half of a person's
calories come from carbohydrates,
particularly starchy carbs such as
potatoes and whole grain cereals.
There needs to be a change in the
population's diet so that people derive
a greater proportion of dietary energy
from carbohydrate-rich foods that are
low in free sugars and high in dietary
Dietary fibre intake should be largely
achieved from a variety of foods, such
as whole grains, pulses, potatoes,
vegetables and fruits.

Women And Health Care

Screening reminders for women of all
Mammogram for breast cancer
yearly screening for women over 40
years of age
Pap smears screening every 2
Physical that includes blood
pressure check, breast exam, hormonal
check if close to menopause
Calcium level check in order to
avoid osteoarthritis
Routine colonoscopy if over 50
years of age to prevent colon cancer
Diabetes blood levels will be
Discuss any abnormalities you
have noticed because remember you
know your body best, so discuss these
changes with your family physician
Physical activity and health care: know
the importance of physical activity and
why it is important. To be active is to
stay healthy.
Ask your family physician for these
screening when you visit him or her
next. Remember you are own advocate
for your health care. Information on any
type of cancer including the causes, risks,
signs and symptoms, diagnosis, types
and stages is available on the website at
Women's Healthcare Guidelines
Information Center offers the following
10 things you can do to help live longer,
live better, and live happier:
Be Informed. Learn about


health promotion and disease prevention

and ask your physician for specific
information regarding your needs.
Be Good To Your Bones. For
healthy bones, be sure to replenish your
stock of calcium every day with plenty
of foods such as milk and dairy products,
tofu, leafy, green vegetables, canned
salmon or sardines, and calcium-fortified
juices or breads. Speak with your
physician about calcium supplements.
Avoid Illegal Drugs and Alcohol.
For women, the definition of moderate
drinking stops at one glass. And, where
illicit drugs are concerned, there is no
such thing as "moderate" use.
Take Medicine Wisely. Read
the labels, follow the instructions
carefully, and remind your physician or
pharmacist about any other medicines
or supplements you might be taking that
could interact with your medication. If
you have any questions about possible
side effects, call your physician or

Play It Safe. Avoid injuries.
Buckle up. Wear a bike helmet. Use
smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
Wear sunscreen and UV protected
sunglasses. Use street smarts and
common sense. Practice safe sex.
Get Checked. Get regular
checkups, preventive examinations,
and immunizations. Do not forget selfexaminations, too.
Do Not Smoke. Smoking is the
leading preventable cause of death in our
Eat Smart. It is the secret to good
health. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables,
and grains. Enjoy a variety of foods,
balance foods from each food group, and
exercise moderation.
Get Moving. The other secret to
good health: just 30 minutes of physical
activity, accumulated over the course of
each day, can radically improve the way you
look and feel, both physically and mentally.




Tips To Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

Known as a silent killer, many

Canadians aren't aware they have high
blood pressure. Here are some tips that
will help keep your blood pressure at a
healthy level.
1. Get moving
Every morning, take a brisk 15 minute
Amazingly, you don't need a lot of exercise
to make a difference to your blood
pressure. When Japanese researchers
asked 168 inactive volunteers with high
blood pressure to exercise at a health club
for different amounts of time each week
for eight weeks, blood pressure levels
dropped almost as much in those who
exercised for 30 to 90 minutes a week as
in those who exercised for more than 90
minutes a week.
2. Monitor your blood pressure
Buy a home blood pressure kit.
A study found that home blood pressure
testing can provide a better overall picture
of blood pressure levels than readings in
a doctor's surgery. In the study, surgery
readings failed to identify 13 percent of
patients who had high blood pressure
only when measured in the surgery
(white-coat hypertension), and 9 percent
who had high blood pressure at home but
not in the surgery. In addition, a study
presented at the 2004 European Society of
Hypertension meeting found that people
who monitored their blood pressure at
home had lower overall blood pressure
than those who had their pressure taken
only at the doctor's surgery.
3. Munch on nutritious snacks
Dip tortilla chips in guacamole.
Why? Avocados have more bloodpressure-lowering
any other fruit or vegetable, including
bananas. Canadian men and women
should get 4,700 mg of potassium every
day, but many get just half this amount.
Eat a handful of dried apricots every


Like bananas, apricots are a particularly

good source of potassium. Plus they
have lots of fibre, iron and beta carotene.
The drying process actually increases the
concentration of these nutrients, which
are all good for your circulatory system.
And as a snack, dried apricots are low
in calories: roughly eight total just 100
calories. Look out for an unsulphured
Snack on roasted soybeans for a crunchy,
nutrient-packed munch.
Studies show that people with high blood
pressure can lower their systolic readings
by an average of 10 points by eating 30
g of roasted soybeans (also called soy
nuts) a day for two weeks. The beans
are available at some supermarkets and
health-food stores. Make sure you buy
them unsalted.
4. Add flaxseeds to food
Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds on
your yogurt in the morning and mix 2
tablespoons into your ice cream, soup,
spaghetti sauce or other food later in the
day. One small study found that adding
4 tablespoons of the seeds significantly
lowered systolic blood pressure (the top
number) in postmenopausal women with
a history of heart disease. Flaxseeds are
rich in many nutrients and in fibre.
5. Choose a better beverage
Drink tea instead of coffee.
A study found that each one cup increase
in daily tea consumption decreased
systolic blood pressure by 2 points and
diastolic pressure by 1 point. But the
benefits ended after 4 cups.
Drink a glass of orange juice every
morning and another at night.
One study found that this lowered
systolic blood pressure by an average of
7 percent and diastolic blood pressure by
an average of 4.6 percentthanks to the
high levels of potassium in orange juice.
6. Nibble dark chocolate
Turn to dark chocolate when your sweet
tooth asserts itself.
Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate
is rich in flavonoids that keep your
arteries flexible, preventing the increase
in pressure that come with stiffer blood
vessels. That's thought to be one reason
for the normal blood pressure of a tribe
of indigenous Panamanians who eat a
high-salt diet but also consume massive
amounts of cocoa. In addition, a study
found that 85 g of dark chocolate a
day helped to lower blood pressure
in older people with isolated systolic

hypertension (when only the upper

number of a pressure reading is high).
Other good sources of flavonoids include
tea and wine, as well as many fruits and
7. Add some spice
Flavour food with lots of pepper.
Pepper is a strong, dominant flavour
that can help you to reduce your taste
for salt. Without salt, meals may seem
bland for a couple of days, but your
taste buds can easily be retrained. Add
more pepper and, if that doesn't appeal,
try garlic, lemon, ginger, basil or other
spicy flavours you enjoy. After a week,
old favourite foods will taste extremely
over salted and your blood pressure will
be singing your praises.
8. Share some love
Hold hands with your partner for 10
minutes. That (plus a brief hug) is all it
took in one study to keep blood pressure
steady during a stressful incident.
9. Get a better night's sleep
Sleep with earplugs in tonight.
Studies suggest that being exposed to
noise while you're sleeping may increase
your blood pressure as well as your heart
rate, so block out any noise.
Think about your sleep.
Are you waking up tired? Is your partner
complaining that you snore a lot? Talk to
your doctor. You may have sleep apnea.
Studies find that half the people who
have the condition, in which you stop
breathing dozens or hundreds of times
during the night, also have hypertension.
10. Cut back on salt
Find (and eliminate) at least one hidden
source of salt a day.
For instance, did you know what many
breakfast cereals contain salt? Who
needs salt in their cereal? Find a brand
that's salt-free.
Take these supplements daily: garlic,
fish oil, calcium, CoQ10.
properties. Just check with your doctor first.


For Woman


Beauty & Style

There's nothing better than looking in the
mirror and feeling good about yourself.
It gives you the confidence to meet life's
challenges head on. Our personal care
range is here to make you feel that way
all day, every day.
The road to radiant skin

The chill of winter may be gone, but that

doesn't mean your luminous colour has
to fade with the season. With the right
products and techniques, you can keep
that straight-from-the-shore look long
after the sun has set on summer.
Brighten up
Regain radiance with a moisturizer that
is "light-effective." Most are infused
with antioxidants to keep skin healthy,
but the real magic ingredients are
lightweight 3-D particles that diffuse
light. The effect? A brighter, more even
skin tone. When light bounces off your
skin, fine lines are softened and minor
flaws become less noticeable with or
without make-up.
Go for the bronze
For a subtle, sun-kissed kick, apply
bronzing lotion or powder to your face
and neck. Smooth it all over for a justback-from-vacation look, or simply
highlight cheeks and nose for a beauty
boost. For a longer-term fix, opt for
sunless face tanners-the faux glow lasts
about a week.
Open your eyes
When you illuminate your eyelids, it
brightens up your whole face. First,
use concealer under the eyes to lighten
circles. Then, dab a pale, opalescent
shimmer cream onto the innermost
corners of your eyes to bring them to
life. Finish by applying a bright, creamcoloured shadow across the lids. Pinks
work best for pale skin tones while
neutral shades are better for darker
10 Minute Rechargers


Self-care isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

Boost your well being with these
energizing tips.
Take more breaks
Sure, you have a lot going on this season,
but that's exactly why you should take
more breaks. A little downtime is all you
need to recharge your body and look
your best. Here's how.
Take a mental vacation. Close your
eyes and picture yourself in a serene
setting that soothes you (like catching
a breathtaking view from the top of
a mountain). Doing this for just five
minutes can boost your energy. If you're
on the road, make a pit stop at a local
park and step out into nature to clear
your mind.
Free up some minutes to get active! Buy
a week's supply of paper plates, cups
and plastic tableware and give up doing
dishes. Use the extra time for stressreducing exercises: Go for early morning
walks and enjoy the solitude at the start
of your day. Follow up with after-dinner
strolls or bike rides.
Instead of serving the usual cider and
eggnog, try a glass of sparkling water
garnished with frozen strawberries
and fresh lime. Or get a healthy
boost from a cup of tea. Natural tea is
loaded with flavonoid antioxidants, the
same compound found in fruits and
After a long day of holiday shopping,
soothe pinched, aching feet with a
custom-blended footbath. In a large
bowl, mix your favorite moisturizing
body wash, Epsom salts and warm water.
As you ease your feet into the bath, let
the events of the day fade away.
* Tea is not a replacement for fruits and

Seven steps to fabulous feet

No doubt about it - winter wreaks havoc
on our skin, hair, nails and especially our
feet. Wake them from winter hibernation
with a home pedicure and show them the
light of spring days.
Tips for a home pedicure
1. Remove
Clean off old nail polish using a cotton
ball soaked in nail polish remover. For
smaller toenails, a Q-tips cotton swab is
the perfect tool.
2. Trim
Cut nails straight across using toenail
clippers. File, if necessary, to smooth
any rough edges.
3. Soak
Fill a bucket or large bowl with warm
water and Epsom salts. Find a comfy
chair and a good magazine and relax for
at least 15 minutes. Rinse feet in clean,
warm water and pat dry.
4. Smooth
Use a pumice stone to smooth away
rough spots on toes, heels and the balls
of feet. (Doing this after every shower
helps keep your feet in shape.)
5. Neaten
Using an orangewood stick, gently push
back cuticles. Never cut the cuticle; only
trim hangnails.
6. Moisturize
Massage an extra-rich moisturizer like
Vaseline Intensive Care into your toes,
ankles, soles even calves to improve
circulation, relieve fatigue, and energize.
7. Polish
Polishing toes is easier with a foam toe
separator available at most dollar stores.
Apply a clear base coat to help keep
your nails from absorbing the pigments
from the polish, two coats of colour and
a clear topcoat. In a hurry? Try two coats
of clear polish for an easy, elegant look.
If you paint outside the lines, dip a Q-tips
cotton swab in nail polish remover and
wipe off the stray polish.




Tips To Keep Your Child Safe From Online


Many websites that your child visits

have public groups and forums where the
members share information. Educate your
child about the dangers of sharing personal
information as this could lead to identity
theft, cyber bullying or internet fraud.
Niharika met a boy on Facebook and
decided that she was in love with him.
A few months later, the 16-year-old
ran away from home to be with him.
Fortunately for her, the boy, who did
not know that she was a minor, did not
take advantage of the girl; instead, he
escorted her home and explained the
entire situation to her distraught parents.
Most children are not as lucky. Drawn to
social networking and gaming sites that
also help them stay connected with their
friends and strangers over chat windows,
young children are increasingly falling
prey to Internet predators, or being drawn
into unsavoury bullying online. Often,
unsure of how to deal with the situation,
and afraid to talk to their parents for fear
of censure or being misunderstood, they
allow the problem to escalate out of hand.
All of this can be remedied by children
knowing how to behave online. So,
its up to you to teach them Internet
etiquette, and what constitutes bad
online behaviour. Follow these pointers
and secure their online activities:
1. Information-misinformation
Many websites that your child visits
have public groups and forums where
the members share information. Educate
your child about the dangers of sharing
personal information as this could lead to
identity theft, cyber bullying or internet
2. Meeting unknowns

Lay down a rule for your child - Children

should not meet anyone he/she do not
know personally as it is very dangerous.
Encourage kids to communicate only
with people they know in person and not
add random strangers as friends.
3. Name and nickname
Ensure that your child does not use his/
her full name on social sites as it is easy
to trace your personal details. First name
or a nickname is good enough. Also see
that he/she uses a nickname that does not
attract inappropriate attention.
4. Emotional turmoil
Warn your child not to express strong
emotions via blogs, tweets or Facebook
status. Explain to your child that there
are predators on the lookout for such
emotional vulnerabilities.
5. Cyber bullying
Teach your child about cyber bullying
and its impact. Tell them that if they
are ever bullied online, they should talk
to a trusted adult and share the details.
Communicate with your child all the
time and always keep an eye on his
internet usage. A child will only tell you
what is happening if he trusts you with
his secrets.
6. Picture perfect
Make sure that your child does not
reveal personal information through the
pictures he uploads on Facebook, Twitter
or Pinterest. A random click of your car
license plate, street name or school name
could be an easy way to identify your
7. Start learning
Be a student yourself. Take an interest
in the websites your child visits. Read
his blogs. Learn about Facebook and its

privacy policies so that you can teach

your child how to be safe online.
8. Rules to follow
Set your own rules at home. Internet
usage should be monitored. Lay down
rules as to which sites your child can
visit and use. Avoid setting a computer
or laptop in your childs bedroom as
you will never know what the child does
when you are not around. Instead the
computer should be set in a place where
you can easily view the screen. This
will discourage your child from visiting
unwanted websites.
9. Age limit
The recommended age for signing up for
websites is usually 13 and over. Do not
let your child access the sites if they are
10. Gaming
Ensure the kind of games your child
plays online. There are a lot of adult
online games that your child is not
supposed to play. These games include
a lot of bloodshed and sexual content
which can affect your childs emotions
and mindset

Can Chronic Ear Infections Cause LongTerm Hearing Loss?

My daughter has had one ear infection after another. When she gets an infection, she seems to have trouble hearing, but
with medicine it always gets better. Still, Im worried that these infections could lead to permanent hearing loss somewhere
down the line. Could this happen?- Yasmine
Ear infections are common in childhood. infections is at risk for permanent hearing hearing exam.
As with your daughter, some kids do loss only when damage has been done If your daughter's ear infections
have temporary hearing loss due to the to the eardrum, the bones of the ear, or continue to be a problem, the doctor
accumulation of fluid in the middle ear, the hearing nerve. Since your daughter's might refer her to an otolaryngologist
but it usually goes away with treatment. hearing appears to return to normal (ear, nose, and throat doctor), who may
It's very rare, however, for kids to after treatment for an ear infection, suggest ear tube placement to help
develop permanent hearing loss, even she's probably not at risk for permanent reduce the incidence of ear infections
when they've had several ear infections. hearing loss. But if you're concerned, and limit the potential problems they
A child with frequent or chronic ear talk to your doctor about scheduling a can cause to her hearing.




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Amazing Health Effects Coconut Oil Has

On Your Body

1. Helps shed fat

Coconut oil is great for shedding fat
as it kills appetite and improves the
fat burning process. It helps shed fat
that accumulates around the waist and
abdomen. Most cardiac diseases are
caused by accumulation of fat in the
abdominal area.
2. Good for hair, skin
Coconut oil plays a vital role in
protecting the hair and skin against
damage. Applying coconut oil regularly
on the hair enriches it. It also works as a
sunscreen on the skin and moisturizes it.
3. Coconut oil helps burn fat faster
Coconut oil helps fight obesity by
helping increase energy expenditure.
Coconut oil offers a great solution for
treating obesity. The energy levels are
increased, thanks to the medium-chain
triglycerides present in coconut oil.
4. Reduces hunger pangs
Coconut oil has the tendency to control

hunger pangs. The ketene bodies present

in coconut oil create an appetite killing
effect. The less we eat the better health
we enjoy.
5. Prevents risk of seizures
Consuming coconut oil helps control
the risk of seizure attacks. Epileptic
children who cannot bend. Coconut oil
consuming communities are healthier
nab from drugs obtain amazing benefits
from coconut oil. Increased ketene
bodies in the blood are responsible for
this benefit.
6. Coconut oil consuming communities
are healthier
People living in areas where coconut oil
forms a staple food live healthier lives.
Especially people living in the South
Pacific region consume coconut oil
extensively, and are a healthy lot.
7. Improved blood cholesterol levels
Coconut oil enhances HDL, the good
blood cholesterol levels in the body. It

also helps convert harmful LDL to a

benign type. It also reduces the levels of
triglycerides and prevents blockages in
the arteries.
8. Acts as a natural antibacterial
The lauric acid present in coconut oil
acts as a natural antibacterial agent. This
helps kill dangerous pathogens such as
viruses and bacteria present in the body.
9. Boosts brain function
Coconut oil boosts brain function
considerably and helps fight dementia.
Regular use of coconut oil helps fight lifethreatening diseases like Alzheimers.
The ketene bodies present in coconut oil
supply the necessary energy to the brain.
10. A combination of fatty acids with
medicinal value
Coconut oil has been depicted in poor
light as containing harmful saturated
fat. However, it is a repository of
beneficial fatty acids that do more good
than harm.

Foods To Eat For Better Skin

It seems as if a new superfood is
discovered every other week, and
while expert opinion may differ on
what makes the list, we know there can
be significant health benefits to adding
these potent foods to our diet. So what
about applying them to our skin?
Skin health clinician says that by
ingesting as well as applying certain
superfood ingredients, we can give skin
its best chance at absorbing nutrients and
maintaining a healthy texture.
We have to nurture and protect our
skins texture, she explains.
Take dehydrated skin it loses water
topically, so to replenish and stop that
happening, we can apply certain topical
ingredients to help prevent water loss and
drink the recommended amount of water.
One of the main ways to effect positive
changes in skin health is by the
absorption of these nutrients through
product application, she adds, and with
the right cosmetic formulation and
delivery system, these superfoods can
also benefit our body from the outside in.
Here are some superfoods for skincare.
Oatmeal has soothing, calming and
moisturising properties, making it ideal
for those with eczema, sensitive, irritated
or inflamed skin.


The seeds are rich in punicic acid, which

has antioxidant properties to promote
cell regeneration and renewal, and help
brighten skin.
Crushed walnut shells are gentle enough
to be used as mechanical exfoliants on
the face or body.
Coconut oil
This is a natural anti-fungal that helps
balance skin without clogging pores. It
also reinforces the skins support structure
to keep it smooth, firm and lifted.
Omega oils
These essential fatty acids hydrate,
stimulate collagen production and
improve the blood flow supply of
nutrients for healthy skin cells.
Manuka honey
This has potent anti-inflammatory and
healing properties, and honey also works
to regenerate, soften, nourish and deeply
hydrate skin.
Cocoa has the feel-good factor (it
enhances the production of moodenhancing neurotransmitters, which
reduce the stress hormones that can
cause collagen breakdown), plus
antioxidants to fight free radical damage,
and it helps to increase blood flow for
better hydration.
Goats milk

This is gentle enough for those with

skin conditions (dermatitis, psoriasis,
eczema), and has lactic acid to help
stabilise pH levels.
The super-algae offers protection against
free radicals, helps detox the body, and
has amino acids and proteins that repair
and restructure the fibres responsible for
firming the skin.
All berries from blueberries and
blackberries, to cranberries and strawberries
are high in antioxidants, which help the
body fight infection and free radical damage
caused by external pollutants.




The week will produce good and

balanced results. You need to maintain
friendly relations in all your dealings
with others. By doing so, you will be able
to realize the pros and cons of life. You
will be able to accomplish difficult goals
with amazing ease. You will carry out
your work in a systematic manner and
with keen attention. You will be able to
gain good name in your job after facing
some initial struggles. You need to be
more determined about your progress.
You will gain more money for the week.
You will be able to increase your savings
potential. You can make use of the
week to venture into new investments
that will give you satisfaction. Mutual
understanding will prevail owing to your
pleasing talks with your partner. You will
be seen more flexible in your approach
towards your partner. You will take
measures to build a good relationship
with your partner. By doing this, you
will be able to develop affection. You
will be fit and energetic. There will not
be any health problems. You will not be
having any health problems.


You will find yourself lucky for the week.

You will be able to accomplish your goals
and this will bring cheer to you. It will be an
ideal week to take major decisions. You will
be seen very courageous and determined
in attaining success in your endeavors.
Work front will yield progressive results.
New opportunities will open up your way
and this will make you very cheerful. You
will be very quick in completing your
work on time. By setting good standards,
you will perform with excellence. You will
be able to maintain good level of savings
and you will be in a position to utilize the
available money towards useful purposes.
You will find significant increase in your
bank balance. You can utilize the money
available towards productive purposes.
You will be able to express your feelings
in a humorous manner. By doing this, you
will be able to develop more affection with
your partner. You will be able to show your
loving feelings with your partner. This will
enable to develop deeper understanding.
You will be seen very courageous and
determined. This will enable you to enjoy
a fine state of health. You will be seen fully
fit for the week. This will be possible due
to your mental courage.


You will not find the week to be an

active one. You need to think deeply


before initiating any action as there may

be chances of negative results. Keep
your mind inclined towards listening to
music and amusements. Avoid taking
major decisions and this will keep you
secure. You are likely to commit errors
in work and this will be due to lack of
concentration. It will be sensible to be
more attentive while carrying out your
work. You will witness both expenses
and gains. Curb your spending habits and
practice thrift to avoid any further loss.
There will be rise in unwanted expenses
and this may cause worries in you. You
will face some unpleasant moments
with your partner. You will tend to be
sensitive and emotional and this will
affect the level of happiness. Due to your
ego problems, your relations with your
partner will suffer. This will affect the
level of understanding with your partner.
It is essential to avoid ego and be friendly
with your partner. You will not face any
health problems. However, minor throat
pain is indicated. Good health will not
be possible. Be relaxed as you will have
chances of facing headache.


You will not find the week ideal to take

major decisions. You have to sacrifice
certain comforts and this will give you
worries. You will strive hard towards
your progress, but you will face obstacles
that will hinder growth. You can relax by
listening to music and this will give you
happiness. You need to be more efficient
in carrying out your work. Scheduling
your work is most vital. You will have
stress while performing your tasks. Work
atmosphere will fail to be cordial and this
will cause botheration in you. You have to
be flexible with your colleagues in order
to get the work done smoothly. You will
incur expenditure towards the health of
your siblings. You will face problems of
communication with your partner. This
will be due to lack of deep understanding
and you will not be in a position to
understand your partner. You are likely
to enter into arguments with your partner
due to poor level of understanding. Be
calm and composed while interacting
with your partner. You can make your
health fit by doing yoga or meditation.


The week will favor your development.

Smooth flow of things will be possible.
Involving in spiritual pursuits will prove
to be beneficial to you. You can make
use of the week to fulfill your desires.
You will be able to bring out your talents

while performing work. Your work will

gain suitable recognition from your
superiors. Progressive results will be seen
at work place. You will be very quick in
finishing your tasks. You will be able to
secure monetary assistance from your
friends. Monetary position will bring
about satisfaction in you. You will be able
to save considerable amount of money
too. You will be able to cherish happiness
and loving moments with your partner.
This will help you to maintain satisfaction
in relationship. You can make the week
very pleasant with your partner. This
can be possible during travel. It will be
the ideal time to prove your sincerity and
loyalty towards your partner. Good health
is indicated for the week. You will be seen
in high spirits. You will find yourself to be
fit and energetic.


You will lack confidence to handle

challenges for the week. However,
you need to take steps to rebuild your
confidence levels. You need to think
deeply before initiating any action
to avoid bad results. You need to
handle tough situations with tact and
understanding. Postpone any major
decision to another week. Hectic work
schedules will be seen at work front.
You will be assigned with additional
tasks that will be time-consuming. This
will cause worry in you. Work front
seems to be challenging. Stress will
prevail at work front. This may be due to
unwanted worries about your future. Be
relaxed and carry out your job with more
enthusiasm. You will be seen spending
money towards renovation of your house
or reconstruction. It will be good for you
to have open and direct communication
with your partner and make the week
pleasant. You will have uneasy feelings
with your partner. It will be advisable
for you to be free and adopt a flexible
attitude. You will incur expenses towards
the health of your mother.
The week will fail to produce expected
outcomes. It will be wise to avoid
taking major decisions. You need to
keep yourself entertained and this is
most essential for the week. Involving
in prayers and divine practices will
greatly benefit you. Stress will prevail
at work front. This will be due to
increasing commitments. You may also

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face disturbances from your colleagues.
Money flow will not be satisfactory.
Financial planning is needed to secure
your monetary interests. Earning good
amount of money will not be possible.
Despite earnings, you will be compelled
to spend towards recurring expenses.
You need to take conscious steps to make
yourself happy. It will be wise for you to
be more sportive in your relations with
your partner. You will be very sensitive
in your feelings towards your partner.
This will create less harmony and loss
of happiness with your partner. You may
suffer due to pain in your feet. Relax for
a while, do meditation and this will keep
you in good health. It will be fine for you
to drink plenty of water and take your
food on time.
The week can be spent in listening to
useful religious discourses and by visiting
temples. It will be good to plan and
organize your goals. This is most vital for
the week. Changes will be seen and they
may not be completely of positive nature.
Work front will not yield good progress.
There may be chances of work pressure
that you need to handle. You will not be
able to finish your work. Work front will
pose tough and challenging situations.
Perform work with a mature attitude. You
will incur additional expenditure for the
week. Expenses will be seen on the rise.
You will incur additional expenditure
for the week. Luck will not favor you
to have money gains. You may have
chances of losing money too. You may
tend to utter careless words causing hurt
to your partner. You need to avoid such
behavior to make the week happy and
spend meaningful moments with your
partner. You will feel that your partner
is indifferent towards you. You need to
avoid such feelings to sustain happiness
with your partner. You may suffer due to
back pain and pain in legs. Avoid taking
cold items as you may catch cold.
The week will favor many opportunities
of growth that will come your way. Make
use of the week to the fullest extent. You
can spend the week in engaging yourself
in matters of spiritual interest. Progress
of your children will make you very
happy. You will reflect such a fine quality.
You will be able to perform extremely
well in your work. You will also be able
to gain the confidence of your superiors.


Monetary progress will be smooth for

the week. You will be spending money
towards productive purposes. Stability
with respect to money will be very
encouraging. You will be spending
money towards auspicious occasions
bound to take place in your house. You
will feel a sense of satisfaction while
exchanging pleasant words with your
partner. You will be able to please
your partner through your pleasing
communication skills. You will find
yourself happy with your partner. You
will be able to share pleasant moments
and nurture good feelings towards your
partner. You will possess good fitness
and strength. You will be seen very
courageous and energetic. This will
enable you to maintain smooth health.
You will be fortunate enough for the
week. You will be able to accomplish
difficult goals in an easy manner. You
will be seen more courageous in your
outlook. You will be able to achieve a lot
through your pleasing communication.
You will be able to bring out your talents
easily with respect to job. Your style of
functioning and your way of executing
tasks will be appreciated by your
superiors. Job prospects will appear
bright. You will be able to handle your
work with efficiency. There will be fine
chances to increase your savings. Money
flow will be seen in plenty. Saving more
money will be possible for the week.
You will be able to exchange pleasing
and sweet words to your partner. This
will enhance the affection shared with
your partner. You will be able to share
sincere and loving feelings with your
partner. This will make your partner to
be very happy with you. Fine health will
be enjoyed for the week. Your happy
frame of mind will enable you to enjoy
good health. Fine health will be enjoyed
for the week. Your optimistic feelings
will keep you in fine health.


The week will not be an encouraging

one. You will find things a little tough for

the week. You may have more concern
over your future development. This may
cause worries in you. Engage in prayers
and meditation for beneficial results.
Travel is indicated with respect to your
work. Your work may not fetch good
returns and also fail to catch the attention
of your superiors. You need to use
your intelligence to handle challenges
effectively. Money will be scarce for
the week. You will fail to witness good
monetary returns. You will maintain a
serious approach with your partner. This
may not help you to see happiness. It will
be wise for you to be more humorous and
jovial. You need to have pleasant and
optimistic feelings towards your partner.
This is required to develop happiness
with your partner. You may show signs
of aggression in your approach.
You will be filled with pessimistic
feelings for the week. There is a need
for you to be more direct and straight
forward in all your dealings to see better
results. It will be fine to avoid thinking
excessively and be balanced in approach.
There are chances for you to face delays
in your work. Plan your work and do it
in a systematic manner. You will not find
the job atmosphere to be pleasant. You
may face some unpleasant situations
with your superiors. In spite of money
gains, you will not be able to save enough
money. You will have chances of loss of
money for the week. Therefore it will be
wise to be extra careful while handling
money. You need to be very patient while
communicating with your partner. This
is most required as there may be chances
of quarrels. You will tend to show your
confused thoughts to your partner. You
need to avoid such confusions and make
yourself free and happy. You need to
take things in a light manner. This is very
much needed as you will be subjected
to stress. Your health will not be in fine
condition. There will be chances of
digestion related problems.






Ranbir Harms Salman Yet Again

The second installment of the 1994 hit Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is apparently being planned with Ranbir Kapoor in the lead
The grapevine is abuzz with rumours
about Sooraj Barjatya penning the
sequel to his 1994 blockbuster 'Hum
Aapke Hain Koun' starring Salman Khan
and Madhuri Dixit. Sources in the know
suggest that the producer-director is in
the process of finalising the star cast and
has approached Ranbir Kapoor to play
the hero.
Says a source, "The film had ended with
Prem and Nisha getting married and the
sequel will pick up from there. Barjatya
will start working on the project soon.
Contrary to rumours, Salman will not be
seen in the lead role, but Ranbir. Barjatya
will start the pre-production work only
after locking the star cast."
A source close to the filmmaker's
production house confirms the buzz

while saying that the filmmaker is

presently focussed on 'Prem Ratan Dhan
Payo' that stars Salman in a double role.
"Hum Aapke... sequel will go on floors

only after his current project releases.

No actor has been finalised, but Ranbir is
definitely being considered for the lead
role," adds the source.



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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane To Come To An

This Ram Kapoor show just couldnt make the cut

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane is one of

the most emotional shows on television
today. Conceptualised by Mahesh Bhatt,
it was supposed to bring story-telling
back on TV. Rams emotional journey
along with his daughter and son really
made us teary-eyed. And it seems its
time to be teary-eyed for real with the
show is apparently going off air soon.
Yes, you read right, Dil Ki Baatein Dil
Hi Jaane will soon go off air. The last
episode will be aired on July 17. The
show was launched earlier this year

with a great fanfare and was expected to

change things on television. According
to a daily, it failed to draw the viewers
to its moving story and thus the channel
apparently has decided to give it a boot.
The cast has been informed about its
closure and evidently, everyone is really
unhappy. Well, in todays day and age,
its all about numbers. If not for box
office figures, TRP ratings do decide
what remains and what goes off on TV.
We definitely will be sad to see the show

Shraddha Kapoor A Part Of Shah Rukh

Khans Dilwale

Rohit Shettys Dilwale undeniably has

the dreamiest star cast on board. It not
only reunites Bollywoods iconic couple
Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. But further
presents a hot new pairing between Varun
Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. Definitely
cant get any better than this. However,
dont be surprised if you also get to see
Shraddha Kapoor doing a scene or two
in the film. Confused?
Well Shraddha made this keen
revelation during her recent promotions
for ABCD 2. Though it was all in the
jest of it, she said, Varun is already in
Bulgaria shooting for Dilwale. Remo
too will be soon joining him there. I
think even I should leave and join
the Dilwale team! To which, Remo
DSouza who was right next to her
promptly added, She is the new entry
in Dilwale.
Considering it was just a passing
comment made by Shraddha, its very

unlikely to see her in Shettys film. But

dont rule her out completely from your
list. You may still place your bets on

advertise on

Shraddhas forthcoming ventures like

Rock On 2 and Baaghi opposite Tiger




Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (PG) ****


By Robert Waldman

Dealing with death can be a trying

experience. Smart writing and the ability
to navigate the minefields of a young adult
who is sick succeeds beautifully In Me and
Earl and The Dying Girl. So many things
are happening in the lives of the parties
involved turns this Fox Searchlight Picture
into one of the best movies of the year. Let's
hope members of the Academy don't have
short memories as here's a movie flush
full of brilliant performances deserving of
Oscar consideration. Be an early concert
to the cause at the International Village
Cinemas and certain Cineplex Odeon
cinemas smart enough to book in this gem.
High school can be vexing for even
the most well-adjusted kid. Not quite
ready for prime time is the nerdy Greg
who sort of also narrates this story.
Impressive as hell is Thomas Mann who
wrestles with a host of growing pains. To
escape a rather meddling mom and aloof

dad Greg embarks on a celluloid journey

of exploration with "buddy" Earl. Cocky
as ever as the boy from the other side of
the tracks is RJ Cyler. Both their lives are
thrown for a loop when Rachel, a teenage
girl they know, gets stricken by a disease.
Hearts will go out for the work of Olivia
Cooke who shines bright as the girl who

appears to be on a slow death bed.

Warm and sincere Me and Earl and the
Dying Girl features a standout cast and
a well presented story on a very difficult
subject and makes it accessible to all.
Really worth seeing this feature gives hope
to us all and shows how vital friendship is
no matter how difficult the times.

The 2015 NHL Awards were broadcast

live from Las Vegas on Wednesday.
Here's a look at which players and
personnel added to their trophy cases:
Art Ross Trophy (scoring champion)
WINNER: Jamie Benn, LW, Dallas Stars
Benn ended the season with 10 points in
his final three games, finishing with 87 one more than John Tavares.
Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy (goalscoring leader)
WINNER: Alex Ovechkin, LW,
Washington Capitals
Ovechkin's 53 goals were 10 more than
anyone else in the league. This is his third
consecutive Rocket Richard Trophy, and
fifth overall.
William M. Jennings Trophy (goaltender
who plays at least 25 games for the club
allowing the fewest goals)
WINNERS: Corey Crawford, G,
Chicago Blackhawks and Carey Price,
G, Montreal Canadiens
The Blackhawks and Canadiens finished tied
with a league-low 189 goals allowed each.
Ted Lindsay Award (most outstanding
player as voted by the players)
WINNER: Carey Price, G, Montreal
Price set a franchise record for wins
with 44, and led the league in both
goals-against average (1.96) and save
percentage (.933).
Selke Trophy (forward who best excels

in the defensive aspects of the game)

WINNER:Patrice Bergeron, C, Boston
Bergeron led the league in faceoff wins,
claiming more than 60 percent of his
Norris Trophy (top defenseman)
WINNER:Erik Karlsson, D, Ottawa
Karlsson led all defensemen in points for
the third time in four years, notching 66
in 82 games.
Jack Adams Award (top head coach)
WINNER:Bob Hartley, Calgary Flames
Hartley guided the Flames to a 97-point
regular season, 20 points better than the
team's 2013-14 total and the biggest
improvement in the Western Conference.
General Manager of the Year
WINNER:Steve Yzerman, Tampa Bay
King Clancy Memorial Trophy (for
leadership on and off the ice and
noteworthy humanitarian contribution to
WINNER:Henrik Zetterberg, C, Detroit
Red Wings
Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award
WINNER:Jonathan Toews, C, Chicago
NHL Foundation Player Award
(community service)
WINNER: Brent Burns, D, San Jose

Calder Trophy (top rookie)

WINNER:Aaron Ekblad, D, Florida
Ekblad is the youngest blue-liner to win
the award since Bobby Orr in 1967.
Vezina Trophy (top goaltender)
WINNER:Carey Price, G, Montreal
Price earned 27 of 30 first-place votes.
Lady Byng Trophy (player best
combining sportsmanship and ability)
WINNER: Jiri Hudler, LW, Calgary
Hudler recorded career-highs in goals
(31), assists (45), and points (76) while
registering only 14 penalty minutes fewest among the league's top 20 scorers.
Masterton Trophy (perseverance and
dedication to hockey)
WINNER: Devan Dubnyk, G, Minnesota
Dubnyk started 38 straight games for
Minnesota, helping the Wild qualify for
a playoff spot even though they were
eight points out when he arrived.
Hart Memorial Trophy (most valuable
player to his team)
WINNER: Carey Price, G, Montreal
Price's career year helped the Canadiens
post their best season since 1988-89. He
is the first goaltender to be named a Hart
Trophy finalist since Henrik Lundqvist
in 2011-12.

2015 NHL Awards Results






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