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Lebanese American University - Beirut

School of Arts and Sciences - Department of Communication Arts

Survey of Middle Eastern Music MUS312
Course Instructor: Fadi Kallab
Assignment 1

I- Click on the link below (or simply copy it and paste it in your web browser) and
listen to the music several times then answer the following questions.
1- What is the name of instrument playing at the beginning? Research and write briefly about
this instrument.1
2- The previous instrument plays alone until 1:12 approximately. Do you think that the music
played is part of what is to come or an independent section? (List the musical elements that
led to your answer)
3- Do you think there's an underlying logic behind the way the instrumentalists are seated or
they're just seated randomly? (Could it be for acoustical reasons?)
4- Listen to the music several times from 1:24 to 2:03 and answer the following questions:
a- How would you describe the general character of the music in this part? (Happy, light, sad,
dramatic....) In your opinion, what makes the music feel like this?
b- Is there a repetition in this part? If yes, are there new musical elements used in the
2nd time for variety purposes?
5- Listen to the music several times from 2:04 to 2:42 and answer the following questions:
a- Do you think the character of the music changes slightly from that heard in the
previous section? (happier? joyful? slightly dramatic and tender?...)
6- What is to follow (from 2:43 to 3:20) is probably the most beautiful part of this music. How
would you describe the color of the music in this part? How would you describe your
emotional response to this part?
7- If you listen to the music from 2:43 to 3:01, can you identify a melodic shape? Where do
you feel the music is at its most intense, in the beginning or end of this excerpt? Why?

1 It is imperative to indicate your sources whenever a research question is involved. Please

note that such questions will not be determining from a grading perspective, simply
paraphrase and just write down the important details.

8- What would you say about this music in general? Do you think the composer has
succeeded in conveying different feelings in his music? (Justify).

II- Oral analysis of Muwashah "Munyati 'Azza Istibari") )

Click on the link and listen to the
muwashah several times. (The lyrics are attached with this email)
This muwashah is composed by Sayyed Darwish and its principal maqam is
Nahawand. It depicts a passionate lover who is infatuated and yearns to gaze upon
the face of his beloved.
a- Write briefly about Sayyed Darwish, his works and contributions in the domain of
Arabic music (indicate your sources).
b- Explain the meaning of the expression "principal maqam".
c- Between 3:26 and 3:55, the music takes a dramatic dimension and the listener
feels that the scenery has become somber.
c.1-What is the term used in music to describe the change from the previous
c.2- Can you guess the name of this new maqam?
c.3-What are the emotional repercussions of this change on the listener and
what are the
insights that the listener has about the characters in the song and
their story? (Explain in detail. If necessary, you may also include illustrative examples
from personal experience.)