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BKWSU admits published history is not true & must be hidden

The so called Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University admits that its
published history is not true and must be hidden from the general public.
For over 30 years, the Brahma Kumaris have promoted a false history of their
founder and organization to newcomers and would be adherents West, a rich
source of financial support for the new Indian religion. Leaders such as
current head Dadi Janki Kirpalani have both sanctioned and promoted the
strategy as true.
The BKWSU has now announced that this publication, called "Adi Dev, The
First Man" by Jagdish Chander, translation by Shanta Trivedi PhD and
edited for Western sensibilities by ex-BK Robert Shubow, "should not be
positioned as the official record".


As you would already know, a Yagya History research project is currently
underway to record our early history and will eventually culminate in a book.
Some of you would have also attended our beloved Wendy's presentation over a
year ago on her historical research to-date, which is now being continued by
The recent research has uncovered interesting and amazing new facts and some

long-held BK facts, especially about timelines, are now being questioned e.g. when
the Yagya began and how old Brahma Baba was when the Yagya started. This topic
(Yagya History) is a ongoing topic being discussed in the Global Integrated Media
group (GIM).
So we feel that until we get further clarity on these facts, the Adi Dev book should
not be positioned as the official record of our Yagya's history but rather that it is the
authors' own interpretation of stories gathered from those that were at the time, or
from stories passed on to them from others.
As such we suggest the "Adi Dev" book is not displayed as part of your literature
stand, nor actively promoted either in your Centre's library or with students during
the Foundation Course, etc.
Soon we will have new material to give out to students on our unique history.
In Baba's Yaad
Charlie (on behalf of the Australian Board)

Although historical revisions, particularly relating to the God of the BKs failed
predictions of the End of the World were known amongst older BKs, but again
not publicly discussed, 'Brahma Kumaris Info' was the first to publish original
documents from the 30s and 40s proving the extent of the BKWSU's fabrications
and to campaign for higher ethics within the religion. It is not mentioned in the
BKWSU news release.
First published in English in 1981, Adi Dev posed Sindhi millionaire jewellery
shop owner Lekhraj Kirpalani as the founder and primary medium of the Brahma
Kumari religion. Stating that he was the first and only ordinary man to be able to
become equal to God, the Brahma Kumaris went on to claim that he was the first
deity and Adam, the Father of Humanity and that God himself had possessed and
started speaking through him in 1936.
An account of the religion's early days proven since to be an extensive fabrication.

Lekhraj Kirpalani died of a heart attack in 1969 aged 85. Although he had earlier
instructed that if the 'End of the World' the Brahma Kumaris call "Destruction" did
not happen by 1976, all the wealth and assets of the religion should be surrendered
to the Indian government, a small group of individuals, including its accountant
Ramesh Shah, chose instead to establish a trust to take over control of the fledgling
It was this group that sanctioned the publication of such hagiographic books to
encourage adherents, borrowing heavily from other religions.

BKWSU wrote:Adi Dev - The First Man by Raj Yogi Jagdish Chander, Brahma
Kumaris World Spiritual University
A Life Story to Transform Your Life
You will not be able to read this vibrant account of the extraordinary
transformation of Dada Lekhraj, a simple human being, into Prajapita Brahma, the
Father of Humanity, without being transformed yourself. The insight into reality
contained here will melt away all veils of illusion. The nature of time and space, of
matter and the soul, and of God, our Supreme Father, are revealed with perfect
The truth within all of the world's religions is explained, as well as the climactic
destination of the cosmic drama. In the miraculous founding of the Brahma
Kumaris World Spiritual University, we are witness to the long awaited victory of
spirit over matter, providing convincing evidence of the coming of the new Golden
if it was not for those filthy SHUDRAS ... the Lowest of the Low ... at Brahma
Kumaris Info, none of this would have come out in public, and their divine
enlightened supremenesses would never have been challenged.

will the next version be honest and "accurate"?. It will just be another slightly more
polished and diplomatic fake.
The Brahma Kumaris forgets to mention that for decades BK Jagdish Chander
Hassi was their one and only official author and chief publicist of the BKWSU.

Like the physical sun, which gives light and life indiscriminately to all beings, God
is the Spiritual Sun, giving light to all, whomever and wherever they may be.


Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani (15 December 1876 18 January 1969),also

known as Dada Lekhraj, was the founder of theBrahma Kumaris.

Organizations like the Indian National Congress and Arya Samaj accused Om
Mandali of being a disturber of family peace.

In 1980 the Brahma Kumaris became affiliated to the United Nations Department
of Public Relations as a Non-Governmental Organisation. In 1983 when the
Brahma Kumaris achieved consultative status with the Economic and Social

Council at the United Nations. The BKWSU now has a permanent office space in
New York for their work with the United Nations.
The leadership and membership of the BK movement remains primarily female,
for example, in the UK only one-third of the 42 centres are run by males and 80%
of the membership are women. As of February 2015, the BKWSU website
reported over 8,500 centres in 110 countries. These centres are mostly in followers'
own homes with a tendency toward middle or upper class membership.

Pratibha Patil, the UPA-Left candidate and former President of India said on
camera during the Indian presidential election, 2007, that she spoke to "Baba" (a
term the BKs use for God of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University at
their headquarters in Mount Abu, Rajasthan Patil stated that when she meet Baba
He had indicated great responsibility was coming her way. She had gone to seek
the blessings of Hirday Mohini, also known as Dadi Gulzar or Dadiji.

Brahma Kumaris recommend a specific lifestyle in order achieve greater control

over physical senses.
Complete celibacy. in or out of marriage

Sattvic vegetarianism, a strict lacto-vegetarian diet (excluding eggs, onions,

garlic and/or spicy food) cooked only by the self or other members of the

The Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations is an international non-governmental

organisation (NGO) in general consultative status with the Economic and Social
Council of theUnited Nations. and UNICEF. It is associated with the
UN Department of Public Information. It was granted International Peace
Messenger Initiative status by the U.N. for the Global Co-operation for a Better
World campaign and has permanent office space in New York for their work at the
United Nations.

Brahma Kumaris is one of over 1600 accredited observer organizations to the UN

Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the group has attended events
including World Summits on the Information Society, a Global Forum on
Reinventing Government and Framework Conventions on Climate Change.

The Brahma Kumaris have launched several environment initiatives. Their work in
solar energy and sustainable energy has included the 2007 development of the
world's largest solar cooker, and a solar thermal power plant in Talheti at the base
of Mount Abu, where the International Headquarters is located. The 25-acre site is
projected to produce 22000 kwh of electricity daily. The project was made
financially possible with the support of the Indian and German governments .

The Brahma Kumaris expansion in size has led to a greater participation in more
mainstream community services.

Global Hospital and Research Centre (GHRC) was started Rajasthan India in
1991, funded by the J. Wattammull Memorial Trust. GHRC provides free
healthcare to one of the most impoverished areas in India.

In 2004, the Brahma Kumaris established the G.V. Mody Rural Health Care
Centre & Eye Hospital, located at the base of Mount Abu.

Thiruvananthapuram, 14th October 2013: Swami Gururethnam Jnana Thapaswi
said that the world will salute India,when we absorb the true culture and values of
our country.India becomes great not through conflicts but through excellence in
upholding culture and values.

Swami was delivering the benedictory speech at the function of the Santhidooth
Yuva Cycle Yathra for Glorious Bharath,jointly conductedby Youth Wing Rajayoga
Education and Research Foundation Prajapathi Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa
Vidhyalaya on 14th October 2013
BK Mike George, Writer and Author of The Immune System of the Soul
Mind control is the process by which individual or collective freedom of choice
and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or distort perception,
motivation, affect, cognition and/or behavioral outcomes. It is neither magical nor
mystical, but a process that involves a set of basic social psychological principles.
Conformity, compliance, persuasion, dissonance, reactance, guilt and fear arousal,
modeling and identification are some of the staple social influence ingredients well
studied in psychological experiments and field studies. In some combinations, they
create a powerful crucible of extreme mental and behavioral manipulation when
synthesized with several other real-world factors, such as charismatic, authoritarian
leaders, dominant ideologies, social isolation, physical debilitation, induced
phobias, and extreme threats or promised rewards that are typically deceptively
orchestrated, over an extended time period in settings where they are applied
A body of social science evidence shows that when systematically practiced by
state-sanctioned police, military or destructive cults, mind control can induce false
confessions, create converts who willingly torture or kill invented enemies,
engage indoctrinated members to work tirelessly, give up their moneyand even
their livesfor the cause.
Power struggles
It seems to me that at the heart of the controversy over the existence of mind
control is a bias toward believing in the power of people to resist the power of
situational forces, a belief in individual will power and faith to overcome all evil
adversity. It is Jesus modelling resistance against the temptations of Satan, and not
the vulnerability of Adam and Eve to deception. More recently, examples abound
that challenge this person-power misattribution.

From the 1930s on, there are many historical instances of state power
dominating individual beliefs and values. In Stalins Moscow show trials, his
adversaries publicly confessed to their treasons. Catholic Cardinal Mindzenty
similarly gave false confessions favoring his communist captors. During the
Korean War, American airmen confessed to engaging in germ warfare after intense
indoctrination sessions. The Chinese Thought Reform Program achieved massive
societal conversions to new beliefs. It has also been reported that the CIA put into
practice nearly 150 projectscollectively termed MKULTRAto develop various
forms of exotic mind control, including the use of LSD and hypnosis. More than
900 U.S. citizens committed suicide or murdered friends and family at the
persuasive bidding of their Peoples Temple cult leader, Jim Jones.
The power of social situations to induce ego alien behavior over even the best
and brightest of people has been demonstrated in a variety of controlled
experiments, among them, Stanley Milgrams obedience to authority studies,
Albert Banduras research on dehumanization, my Stanford Prison Experiment and
others on deinviduation.
Understanding the dynamics and pervasiveness of situational power is essential to
learning how to resist it and to weaken the dominance of the many agents of mind
control who ply their trade daily on all of us behind many faces and fronts.


The real truth about the Brahma Kumaris is hidden to the public, very much as
Scientology is hidden to the public. Here are some of the hidden real truths about
the Brahma Kumaris:
Are they a doomsday cult or a nation of sheep? They believe the more money you
give to their organization, the better your position in heaven will be, or as they
inisist "the greater your fortune will be". Wealthy individuals and celebrities are
considered to be VIP's by God. Since when did God consider bank accounts more

important than virtues? If Members fail to follow their principles they will become
a servant in heaven ("Golden Age" as they call it). Servants in heaven? Aren't we
all equal in heaven (Golden Age)? Speaking of heaven, they believe they will be
the first and only ones in heaven.
The Brahma Kumaris (B.K.) believe that God told them the world is only 5,000
years old and will be destroyed soon. This is why many of them will quit college or
will make no effort in earning promotions at work. Why loose weight, buy a house,
or get an education when the world is coming to an end? They are brainwashed
into serving the leaders of the organization in order to gain a higher status in
heaven ("increasing their fortune") before the world ends.
B.K. follow a strict vegetation diet in which food can be eaten only if cooked by
their members. You are not allowed to eat food even if your grandmother cooked it.
Many women become human hippos or end up looking like extremely flat chested
skinny boys. This could be the reason why so many women (even those in the
"higher status according to God") will leave the organization and become sexually
insatible when they regain their former healthly figure and once again experience
lust (which is forbidden because celibacy is required to enter the Golden Age.)
The once timid women will soon begin to shop at Victoria's Secret because they
were required to cover themselves in drab white clothing. They flaunt themselves
in extremely revealing clothes as a means of defiance. The men and women that
leave the Brahma Kumaris can once again enjoy going to the movies, rock
concerts, reading newspapers or novels, watching television, dating, sports,
exercise, shopping, and traveling. All of these are forbidden to the Brahma
Kumaris lifestyle in order to go to the Golden Age.
After being told daily by "God" that "you are impure and degraded souls", there is
eventually a need to escape and return to peace and happiness in the life before the
Brahma Kumaris. This explains why so many of them start partying with alcohol
and drugs after experiencing such brainwashing. Many of the "deserters" become
leaders, managers, start their own business, graduate from college, earn promotions
at work, and most importantly, gain self-esteem and the ability to think and reason
for themselves once they leave the Brahma Kumaris. However, their return to


society is always haunted with guilt and hatred due to remembrance of their once
abusive and perverted lifestyle. Although the suicide rate is low, this data hidden
from public view.
World's largest doomsday cult or a nation of sheep? You be the judge.

Brahma Kumaris hidden doctrine. What Brahma Kumaris dont want you
to know.
Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga is now promoted behind the facade of new age,
positive thinking, values based and coporate training courses. Many individuals
experience benefit from these. Indeed, some individuals can look back at their time
as a student of the BKWSU positively. However, BKWSU teachings and
lifestyles are identical elements to recognised cult behaviour. Elements that are
hidden from the general public and slowly introduced during the process of

Whilst claiming to have 8,500 centres in 100 countries, the vast majority of these
are privately owned residential homes and apartments, many taking donations to
pay for personal mortgages.

Brahma Kumari beliefs include;

belief in the imminent destruction of this world by an unavoidable Nuclear
Holocaust (now overdue by 30 to 50 years)


belief in themselves as the only true messengers of God.

belief that God only speaks to them and them alone in person at their Indian
headquarters via a mediumistic channeller.
hypnagogic, trance-like practises and repetitive auto-suggestion.
fixation on attracting VIPs to enhance their credibility and act as
microphones for their message.
exaggerated distinction between pure (their teachings and activities) and
impure (the rest of the Worlds opinions and leaders)
exaggerated sense of self-importance (they being topknot Brahmins), the rest
of the World (Untouchables or Shudras)
belief in an unrealistic view of science, e.g. all of time existing within one
endlessly repeating 5,000 year timeframe.
a slow and gradual re-writing of their core beliefs as they fail.
unquestionable and unaccountable non-democratic leadership.
amassing of considerable wealth from followers under such pressures.
complete separation from non-BKs by complete control of diet, demanding
lifestyle, celibacy.
graphic exaggeration of the plight of those that leave the group ; grinding of
teeth like the sound of mustard seeds crying tears of blood at Destruction,
sexual activity being like throwing ones self from a 5th storey high building,
having to face a severe God at Judgement Day.
secrecy, revision and disguise of the nature and process of teachings.
intense and long lasting social and psychological problems within individuals
leaving the organisation.
The Brahma Kumaris encourage followers;


not to eat food cooked by impure non-followers such as physical relatives.

to practice detachment from parents and children.
to separate from non-Brahma Kumari partners and family so as not to make any
more karmic accounts with them that would be obstacles to their path.
Under these pressures, individuals are willing to put aside reason and surrender
themselves mind, body and wealth, to the will of senior members of the BKWSU.
Most of these senior members are professionally untrained in any manner
whatsoever. Despite dabbling with perhaps the deepest levels of the human mind,
many of these senior members have only ever had a basic education, e.g. 3 years
schooling, and no professional experience. One senior BK recently estimated that
in India there were as many as 20,000 so-called teachers that have had no training
whatsoever. The curriculum and teaching methods have been likened to that of a
primary school or kindergarten where followers are infantilized as children.
In this situation, individuals are open to manipulation, the influence of the group
or other psyches. Major life decisions are taken on their behalf under the guise of
Gods instructions. They take on many new, extreme and unproven beliefs
unquestioningly in a wish to be accepted. At the point of the failure in these beliefs,
or the failure in trust of those self-elected senior practitioners, ex-members are
almost without any social support mechanism whatsoever.
Ex-Brahma Kumaris (female) and ex-Brahma Kumars (male) are often unable or
unwilling to accept the help of family, or even the help of professionals, who have
not gone through the same experience. The strength of mind, developed will or
depth of ill explained experience make ex-BK Raja Yogis very independent,
detached and resilient.
The organizations mental training roots distrust of non-B.K.s at a deep, even subconscious level. It is suggested that perhaps only others that have gone through
similar experiences can help to explain these, share their pain and make
suggestions on how to survive.


The American Bar Association along with the National Council of Churches
become strange allies of the Scientologists. This is similar to the reaction of the
evangelical right which came to the defense of Sun Myung Moon when he was
charged with tax fraud.
Dr. John Clark has noted some of the following characteristics in those who have
been affected by cults.
1. Loss of free will, personal control, and decision making skills;
2. Reduced use of irony, abstractions and metaphors;
3. Diminished intellectual ability, vocabulary and sense of humor;
4. Reduced capacity to form flexible and intimate relationships;
5. Paranoia and de facto slavery;
6. Poor judgement;
7. Physical deterioration;
8. Malnutrition;
9. Hallucinations, panic, guilt, identity, diffusion, floating;
10. Neurotic, psychotic or suicidal tendencies.
The following are typical methods employed by destructive mind control cults.
Isolation: Recruits are isolated from society and from contact with opposing points
of view to prevent critical judgement.
Peer Group Pressure: Recruits doubt their own convictions when everyone around
them acts totally convinced of other beliefs.
Love Bombing: A beguiling sense of belonging is contrived through flattery,
touching, hugging.
Removal of Privace: One is never left alone to thing through and sort out these
confusing new experiences.
Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue: Adequate sleep is prevented, work hours are
excessive over long periods of time, making members vulnerable and disoriented.
Games: Playing strenuous games with confusing rules builds increasing
dependence on group leaders for correct answers. This undermines decision
making skills.


Indoctrination: Members are conditioned to stop thinking and to accept without

question the revealed truths from the master. Fatique prevents the members
from seeing the contradictions.
Confession: Recruits are maneuvered into sharing innermost secrets. This helps
destroy personal egos, induces them to buy the new truths. Later any escape
possibilities are compromised by the knowledge that these exaggerated secrets may
be revealed.
Change of Diet: Omission of nutrients increases susceptibility to manipulation of
ones emotional highs and lows.
Guilt: Guilt is used endlessly to force members to work harder and without relief.
Guilt about mankinds sorry state and the members personal sins is used as a
lever to force acceptance of holier beliefs.
Fear: Physical and spiritual fear is constantly injected to maintain group loyalty.
The slightest negative thought is held to be soul threatening. Tragic consequences
for self and family are prophesied for anyone leaving the group.
Chanting and Singing: Constant repetition of mind-narrowing chants block
rational thought and induces a quasi-hypnotic state of susceptibility.
Childlike Dependence is promoted by denying opportunities for normal decision
making. No questions are allowed. Total acceptance is mandatory.
Dress: Conformity in dress removes ones individuality and promotes
Elitism: Only the group is righteous; everyone else is satanic, or at best,
Replacement of Relationships is promoted by sabotaging communication between
members and families. Cult-arranged marriages further disrupt previous ties.
Rejection of Old Values: Old life values are constantly denounced to make them
seem worse than they were even things that may be spiritually neutral.
Financial Commitment: A member may burn his bridges to the real world by
donating earnings, savings, and possessions to the cult, thereby limiting escape
possibilities due to a lack of money in order to start over again.
BK Jagmohan Garg, Brahma Kumaris follower and one of their business experts,
is named as owner of the Brahma Kumaris Om Shanti Studio and founder of the
BKs Peace of Mind channel. He has been implicated in massive NSEL fraud


called the NSEL crisis which was splashed all over media internationally last
The NSEL was the National Spot Exchange of India and the scam worth an
estimated Rs. 5600 crore or nearly US$1 billion. It came to light after the NSEL
failed to pay its investors. It was discovered that most of the underlying
commodities did not exist, and the buying and the selling of commodities like
steel, paddy, sugar, ferrochrome was being conducted only on paper. In short, a sort
of Ponzi scheme
A special anti-money laundering court in Dehli froze Rs 126 crore (approx USD
$19,782,000) assets of Gargs Mohan India Group and held that BK Jagmohan
Garg of Mohan India deceived investors into putting money in NSEL
sugar showing bogus warehouses and warehouse receipts. Mohan India is said to
be one of the large defaulters in the scam, with an initial liability of Rs 950
crore (approx USD $152,000,000). Bribes were paid to trash income tax and other
government officials to evade taxes and the money allegedly came from the
defaulting Delhi-based company.
The mess, affecting over 60,000 small investors, is ongoing.
What becomes more interesting is do you remember that shopping mall that the
BK Dadis were involved in opening? One of Mohan Indias ventures is Mera Baba
Reality projects, builders of shopping malls Mera Baba, usually written
Meera Baba, is a blatant BKism meaning my sweet Baba, as in their
godspirit. One of Mohan Indias ventures is Mera Baba Reality projects, builders
of shopping malls Mera Baba, usually written Meera Baba, is a blatant
BKism meaning my sweet Baba, as in their godspirit.
Delhi based Mohan India and its Sister concern Tavishi Enterprises led by
Jagmohan Garg & J.S Srivastava as company directors. The group companies are
promoted by an influential business family from north-west Delhi.
The group was one of the Defaulters in NSEL Exchange. As per media reports, the
company had bought 2,16,324 tonnes of sugar for Rs 605.2 crore in the year
between 2011-12. The total earned profit was approximately Rs.2,044 crore.


During the recent NSEL crisis, Mohan India Group was one of the major defaulter
of NSEL crisis, Close to Rs. 600 crore, out of Rs. 852 crore that they got, were paid
to several unrelated bodies and close Rs. 200 crore to related entities.
More appallingly, Jagmohan Garg, had diverted investors monies to several
ventures such as the five star hotel Radisson, real estate properties viz. Mera
Baba Reality projects in Pitampura and Rohini, and a lot more.
Jagmohan Garg swindled these funds from these known related entities to
unrelatedentities.As per Media reports It is also said that the money was siphoned
off after having been laundered. What emanated out of it was that all the money
was directed to the political leaders, those who backed them.
In October, 2013, Mohan India agreed to pay Rs.771 crore as final settlement, out
of its combined obligation and the deal safeguarded by asset mortgages and penal
clauses for the delayed payment obligations.
At present Mohan India is one of the largest defaulters of NSEL and Mr. Jagmohan
Garg and Jai Shankar Srivastava have yet to honour their obligation.
These habitual defaulters are using their clout to safeguard their ill-gotten assets
from money laundered through the Exchange. But the law is catching up fast with
such financial criminals and justice should be delivered soon.
Mohan Indias proclaimed divinity Faking morals
Is it mysterious reality or pretence? Inscrutability to deceive heightened, when
divinity flagrantly boasted power all the time, unto everybodys illusion. Can
changing clad, eluding talks of renounced acquisitiveness and deluding charisma
leading to gluttony make people believe that can be unbelievable and impossible?
The answer is, relatively, yes; whilst we dwell in the phase ruled by the pedigree
of a section of elite, pseudo-transformed as Babas the idiomatic appellation for
suchlike, glorify themselves to be spiritually elevated and avow to possess powers
to reverse misery to prosperity. Are there instances of miracles that may have
mutated plight to prims? It is, for the most part, a perception. They capitalise the
gullibility of the impoverished strata that tend to be desperate for such short-term
solace providers; treachery inhabits in the latter most of the time, which they are
oblivious of.


Self-styled demigods have gained dominion over millions of vulnerable ready to

get preyed, for pecuniary benefits of the former. In the past, many have been
implicated for criminal acts like land encroachments, molestation and several
heinous offences. Either Netagiri is the blazing aspiration for them or thriving on
the mantle of political heavyweights has been their lumber room. Perhaps the more
the criminal charges they face the bigger is their heirloom and authority in
Recently, numerous gangsters turned self-professed Babas have battalions of
armed soldiers and guards, resisting law enforcing authorities when approached to
be apprehended, for illegal and miscreant acts. The soul remains unchanged, just
the superficial bluster gets added. They are some of the typical hoodwinkers that
trick people to ascend the sovereignty of wealth, even if it is others hard earned
Now, its the sphere of Babas with a veneer of sophistication, resonating corporate
culture in baba-ism. One of the major defaulters in the NSEL crisis, Mohan India
Group has looked for all stealth recourses to evade pay-outs, illegitimately earned
by dwindling NSELs trading clients and NSEL itself. Stockpiled wealth, breaching
trust of several investors and NSEL, Jagmohan Garg, promoter of Mohan India
group owns gluts of properties, most of them spun in with the money earned there,
rupturing their trust.
Jagmohan Garg has been a devoted disciple of Prajapati Brahmakumari. A facile
faade preaching values and morality has been a shrouding disposition of his,
which many may not be aware of. What a paradox; this approach has been to
serve as a camouflage, perhaps, to guzzle up others wealth and possessions.
Among his possessions are several profit making ventures in hospitality,
entertainment and money spinning properties. His Mera Baba Reality has
numerous projects in its realm viz. D-Mall in Pritampura and Rohini in New Delhi.
He owns a studio named Om Shanti studio for production of contents for a channel
called Peace of Mind, created for broadcasting Brahmakumaris teachings; he
is also a founding member of this channel.


He owns several other properties which include Radisson Hotel a five star grade
and S P Goenka School in Delhi. All of those were attached by the EOW of
Mumbai Police.
Mohan India two-times Diverted investors monies to own properties
Even inveterate swindlers would be stumped whilst deciphering the magnitude of
the deceit orchestrated by Mohan India Group, who gave a hoot to peoples
investments and their stakes. A lot has been said and written about them in the
previous blogs and several other platforms across the media vents that now people
have fallen in impasse of words and expressions to narrate the synchronised
betraying demeanour of the group, largely.
Perpetuation of spiralling properties after properties to possess was the heaving
desire of the promoters of Mohan India group.
On the whole, as in the previous blog, we saw the deceptive divinity of Jagmohan
Garg and how he portrayed insincerely for pecuniary benefits in the illusory garb
of spiritual discourses and creating means for all of that. With the money spun in
from NSELs investors, he generated real estate properties, studios and so on.
As buyer of 216,324 tonnes of sugar Mohan India group was one of the major
borrowers of NSEL. Close to Rs. 600 crore, out of the Rs. 852 crore that they got,
were paid to several unrelated bodies and close Rs. 200 crore to related entities.
More appallingly, Jagmohan Garg, it is said, had diverted investors monies to
several ventures such as the five star hotel Radisson, real estate properties viz.
Mera Baba Reality projects in Pritampura and Rohini and a lot more, and all of
those were turned away into these ventures from the money that returned from the
related entities to unrelated entities. It is also said that the money was siphoned off
after having been laundered. What emanated out of it was that all the money was
routed to the political big cheeses that backed them.
In October, 2013, Mohan India agreed to pay Rs.771 crore as final settlement, out
of its combined obligation and the deal safeguarded by asset mortgages and penal
clauses for the delayed payment obligations. Around 500 acres of land in Bikaner
belonging to Mohan India was securitised, along with a bungalow plot
admeasuring 14,000 Sq.yard in New Delhi. A promise made by him to liquidate


gold worth Rs. 14 crore to pay back investors was breached along with the terms
of agreement by Mohan India Group; thus the group flunked in living up to the
agreement terms of final settlement.
Jai Shankar Srivastav, Jagmohan Gargs associate, as weve seen in the previous
blogs, owned luxury cars like Audi 7, Mercedes SUV, Bentley and Fortuner,
besides gifting some exclusive cars to the then colluding officials of NSEL and
their relatives. The vehicles in Jai Shankars possession have already been
attached by the EOW of Mumbai Police.
On the BK Divine Life website, BK Jagmohan Garg says
Knowledge is Power.
Knowledge is the source of income. Knowledge is light and might. Knowledge
acts like a sword which help you fight all the obstacles. But all these are only
possible when you remember, churn and apply it in your practical life.
Brahmakumaris preach that money, like food, can transfer spiritual vibrations and
hence they have claimed for decades not to accept donations from impure (nonBK) individuals.
And yet it seems the very foundations of these ventures is based on blatant fraud.
Nothing new really birds of a feather flock together.
Strangely I have not heard of any response from the Brahma Kumaris PBIVV
about said allegations yet and the International Office of the BKWSU (aka Sister
Jayanti Kirpalani) refuses to answer any questions about what goes on in India
washing her hands of any responsibility whilst, it seems, financing its
operations to the sum of over 500,000 per year and accepting funds from it.*
* (We have yet discovered exactly *how* Sister Jayanti finances her international
jetset lifestyle as she is allegedly not paid any salary by the BKWSU (UK) charity
which, again, the trustees of the BKWSU UK refuse to explain).
Gargs partner, Jai Shankar Srivastava Director of Mohan India, is reported to
enjoy and pamper himself in the company of escorts at his up market hotels
Mohan India Director Srivastava spends on escorts; NSEL traders dues remain
unsettled (I have no way to confirm the veracity of such allegations these might


just be ordinary young girls but they are represented as starting point for further
See also, India Today e.g Rs.6.74 crore was used for buying vehicles, Rs.6.15
crore for buying gold.

The Brahma Kumaris in a Nutshell

Brahma Kumarism: a
strictly millenarian (End of the World), spiritualist cult based on mediumistic
teachings from a spirit entity adherents believe is the god of all religions. God,
the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University teaches, speaks to humanity
exclusively through their psychic mediums only.
They BKWSU remains extremely secretive of its original teachings which they
call Sakar Murlis. This is due to their inflammatory nature, especially towards all


other religions which are considered to completely impure and degraded, and
yet they claim these are inspiration for all other religions.
These channelled messages are being gradually re-written by the leadership to
exclude failed predictions, incorrect references, politically incorrect utterances and
lengthy repetition thereby disallowing adherents and researchers alike grounds to
gain a full understanding of the religion and its founder.
The Brahma Kumaris do not follow or promote Hinduism, nor do they teach
ancient Raja Yoga as they claim. Instead they use the language of such traditions,
the New Age and personal growth movements with hidden meanings in order to to
attract and acquire new adherents.
Beliefs: that 7,000,000,000 plus human beings must die during an imminent and
desirable End of the World they called Destruction, in order that 900,000
faithful Brahma Kumari followers will inherit a heaven on earth before 2036.
To outsiders, BKs refer to this event as a Transformation and adherents are led to
believe that a heavenly royal status can be achieved after it by donating money,
free labor and unquestioning mental submission to the Brahma Kumari leadership,
who will rule the world as Emperors and Empresses. Those who do not will are
said to become servants.
According to the Brahma Kumaris, a high status in this future heaven on earth is
achieve by donating the most to them at this time. The world is to be purified by
an unavoidable nuclear holocaust, which they will give courage to scientist and
military leaders, and inspire. All other continents except for India, which the
BKWSU predicts it will rule after the Government hands over power to them, will
sink below the oceans. Previously their leaders, Lekhraj Kripalani and young
female follower Radhi Pokardas Rajwani, believed themselves to be the cause of
WWII and it to be the End of the World.
This is referred to as The Knowledge and largely kept hidden from
Controversies: The Brahma Kumaris have, over decades, invested millions in a
public relations front which hides the truth of their religio-political cult. Not only
outsiders, such as the politicians, United Nations Organization and VIPs they
target, but also newcomers to the religion are deceived by the leadership. Few,
even amongst their regular followers or supporters, manage to penetrate the facade
of positive thinking and self management leadership courses used to encult


outsiders and enter their inner circles to learn the truth of their politico-religious

As with other occult religions, the Brahma Kumaris leadership has sought to cover
up or deny child sex abuses at its headquarters, multiple suicides of followers at
centers, financial corruption and abuses, immigration abuses, the persecution of
minor or breakaway groups, the breaking up of families and continues such
practises as the mass marriages of virgins girls to their god spirit, whilst demanding
dowries from their parents and the wealth of Indian villagers, often in the form of
gold and jewellery.
Latterly, seeking an Central Bureau of Investigation inquiry, the cover up of cases
of murder and rape have been raised by the Government of Haryanas financial
commissioner Sri R R Fuliya to Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot.


Much of the academic documentation about the religion is equally superficial and
misled. Where in the past the Brahma Kumaris have courted, or been able to call
up the support of misinformed cult apologists, recently long term adherents have
started producing their own biased academia about the religion. Much effort and
expense is spent in chasing microphone souls, high profile, non-adherent
opinions formers who they believe will broadcast their chosen message often
unaware of their ulterior motives, and the creation of opaque front
The organization has been accused of being a destructive cult, splitting up families
and using hypnotic practises to control adherents since the 1930s.
Background: from 1932 until after 1950, followers venerated their millionaire
financier Lekhraj Kripalani as the god Brahma before, again borrowing from
Hinduism, introducing a new god named after Shiva. Such historical
revisionism, as well as a number of failed predictions of Destruction going back
to WWII, 1950, 1976, mid-1980s and so on, have been covered up from new
followers and re-written. Likewise, so have the original mediumistic messages
called The Murlis BK leaders claim are God speaking to humanity during mass
seances at their Indian headquarters, the only place on earth they say is pure
enough for God to incarnate.
The BKs God Shiva says he comes to destroy all other religions. Brahma
Kumarism is the one, true religion. All other religions, called the path of
ignorance, are said to be partial and imperfect memorials of Brahma Kumarism.
BKWSU leaders claim to be, and encourage their followers to believe they are
becoming, the deities worshipped by Hinduism today, the angels venerated by
Christianity and the top 8 or 108 human beings who ever lived.


Time, according to the Brahma Kumaris, is limited to a single, identically

repeating, 5,000 year period called, The Cycle in which human beings
procreated by the power of mind for the first 2,500 years, and will do again from
2036, and the dinosaur period existed at the time of Ancient Greece. Likewise, in
another 2,500 years into the future, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
leaders teach that Abraham, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed will all be reborn
again in order to start to teach, after having re-learnt their religion under them at
this time.
According to the Brahma Kumaris, Abraham, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed and
others are also said to be spirit mediums, possessed by spirit entities which whom
they continue to reincarnate for the duration of their religions history as in Jesus
and a separate individual the Christ.
The organization will claim to be both a religion and not a religion according to
which status benefits it the most. It has both religious and political ambitions.


Leadership: known as a wealthy religion in India, the BKWSU leadership

continues to financially benefit from their position by encouraging their adherents
to a total mental, physical and financial surrender to their God. Service projects,
largely PR event rather than actual charitable acts, increasingly involve
business class air travel and 4 star hotels.
The benefits of leadership includes the appointment of unpaid personal servants, a
tax free existence in an environment where adherents are encourage to donate in
cash, and the shared enjoyment of a valuable international property portfolio,
including a number of attractive international retreat centers.
The Brahma Kumari leadership, many of whom were closely related to the
Sindhi founder and medium Lekhraj Kripalani, offer little by way of
democracy, accountability and security to their followers. Many who leave,
leave as empty shells.
In the 1970s, the BKWSU started to target Westerners who were then used for their
appeal to Indians, light skin having a higher status. The start of Brahma Kumari
expansion into the West, under its current chief BK Janki Kirpalani, is notable for
its purchase of freehold property at the same time it was encouraging its followers
that the end of the world was to happen (1976) and to give over their life savings.
From its earliest days, the organization was willing to accept government money to
assist its expansion from both within India and outside. Latterly, this has included
the donation of land, properties and the negotiation of tax benefits.