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Founded in 1802, DuPont puts science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better,
safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a
wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture, nutrition,
electronics, communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and
DuPont Pakistan Operations (Pvt.) Ltd. DPOL is a subsidiary of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and
Company, U.S.A. Headquartered in Karachi, DPOL started its operations in 1989 and is present in
the country for over 20 years now. Since inception, DuPont has contributed to the economic
development of the country and has achieved substantial growth. It also expanded its local presence
to Lahore, Pioneer Pakistan Seed Plant in Sahiwal and DuPont Refinish Training Centre in Karachi.
Since inception, DuPont's main focus in the region was Agriculture, Automotive and Packaging and
Industrial Polymers. Today, DuPont focuses on all industries in Pakistan including food,
construction, energy and transportation.
DuPont Pakistan markets a wide range of offerings including Crop Protection Products, Liquid
Packaging Systems, Solae soy proteins, Titanium Technologies, Performance Coatings, Packaging
& Industrial Polymers, Glass Laminating Solutions, Engineering Polymers, Surfaces, Advanced
Fiber Systems, Personal Protection, Nonwovens, Chemical Solutions, Safety Resources, Clean and
Disinfectants, Imaging technologies, Flouro Products and Ink & Speciality Colorants in varied
market segments of agriculture, food and nutrition; home and construction; safety and protection;
transportation and infrastructure, bringing to life its powerful philosophy of The miracles of
science to create a better living for all.
Quick Chronology
Started Operations in Pakistan as a Liaison Office with sales primarily through a
distribution network

Pioneer Pakistan Seed Limited, seed processing facility inauguration in Sahiwal


Branch Office in Lahore


DuPont Refinish Training Center inauguration in Karachi


DuPont Pakistan wholly-owned subsidiary of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Mission statement
DuPont is a science company. We work collaboratively to find sustainable, innovative, marketdriven solutions to solve some of the worlds biggest challenges, making lives better, safer, and
healthier for people everywhere.

Value chain analysis

Safety: Concern for the safety and health of employees is deeply ingrained in DuPont corporate
culture. We operate on a single corporate philosophy: all accidents are preventable the goal is
Ethics: Our commitment is to conduct business with highest ethical standards and work diligently to
be a respected corporate citizen worldwide. We consistently apply our ethical standards to all global
business relationships to enable a work environment that is conducive to individual and company
Respect for the Environment: We affirm to all our stakeholders, including our employees, customers,
shareholders and the public, that we will conduct our business with respect and care for the
environment. We will implement those strategies that build successful businesses and achieve the
greatest benefit for all our stakeholders without compromising the ability of future generations to
meet their needs. We will continuously improve our practices in light of advances in technology and
new understandings in safety, health and environmental science.
Respect for People: Respectful treatment of employees has been a DuPont core value since its
inception in 1802. We believe that people are our greatest resource. Today, with fewer layers of
management, the people of DuPont have the responsibility and freedom to directly contribute to
business performance more than at any other time in the history of the company. DuPont seeks to
provide the best possible working environment, conducive to creative thinking and action, in an
atmosphere of collegiality.
Strategic goals of the organization/Strategic business unit
DuPont is divided into 14 strategic business units . Within the strategic business units, a wide range
of products are manufactured for distribution and sale to many different markets. These include the
transportation, textile, construction, motor vehicle, agricultural, home furnishings, medical,
packaging, electronics , the nutrition, health markets, safety and protection, plastics , marine and
government and public sector . The company operates through five market- and technology-focused
growth platforms: DuPont Electronic & Communication Technologies; DuPont Performance
Materials; DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies; DuPont Safety & Protection; and DuPont
Agriculture & Nutrition. A sixth grouping - Textiles and Interiors looks likely to be spun off as a
separate company.

External analysis

Dupont SWOT analysis:

Most companies likely to use SWOT analysis to analyze their business performance. It can help the
company to do in-depth research on the potential growth or problems of their business. With

studying the internal and external factors of the business environment that Dupont involves, they use
SWOT analysis to understand the companys strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats so that
they can maintain their position in the market.
Dupont has its core competency which is they have a strong research and development basis.

The unit contains technological competence and with a proper management makes Dupont
able to use and develop the technology. Since Dupont is a US science and technology
company, they have launched many products and services with innovative technologies such
as Kevlar fibers, Teflon fluoro-polymers and nylon.
Besides, they have employed more than 1500 people in the R&D centre to leverage
scientific services and do the research activities. A strong focus on R&D which able to
transfer technology from the laboratory to the market place lead Dupont able to launch new
innovative products and be the first movers advantage.
which is they have strong cooperate culture in the company. Culture can influence
cooperates ability to survive in the market, and also can create the basis for a superior
competitive position. Dupont has an extraordinary core values and beliefs in ethical to
conduct their business.
They conduct and manage the business in ethic manner which they try to find ways to get
pioneer among the competitors. For example, Duponts success in their Flooring Systems
commercial carpet franchise is because they have this strong culture permeate throughout
the company to develop the system. All the Duponts employees tend to hold the same
culture and behavior lead the company to achieve successfulness.
Dupont is a technology and brand leader among their business industry. With the strong
technological competence in Dupont, they are able to be a leader in many industries. For
example, Dupont has strong position in fluoro-products and is a market leader in
flexographic printing and color communication.
Besides, Dupont is also one of the leading automotive coatings suppliers and is the largest
manufacture of titanium oxide white pigments. Since Dupont had their pioneer market
position, it has increased their brand image and creates the competitive advantage to the
DuPont has lower operating margin compare with their competitors. The poor cost structure
in the company makes them unable to use their financial resources well in their business
operating. Besides, poor financial management due to DuPonts unable to control its costs
effectively cause the company has lower operating profit margin.
Duponts have record average operating margins of 7.7% as compare to the industry of
average 8.9% and lower than their competitor, Rohm and Hass Company which has margin
of 9.4%.
Dupont may face problem in develop their business in an effective way with low profit
margin and have to search for other ways tried to save cost while conduct their business.

DuPont safety and protection:

DuPont Safety & Protection expects to grow aggressively by being the
global innovation leader in engineered products, services and systems that

protect people, the environment, and critical processes, as well as providing

sustainable building solutions. The segment satisfies the growing needs of
governments, businesses, and consumers globally for solutions that make life
safer and healthier. By uniting dynamic science with the strength of highly
regarded brands such as DuPont Kevlar, Nomex, Tyvek, Sontara, and
Corian, the segment delivers products and services to a large number of
markets including construction, industrial, automotive, consumer, military and
law enforcement. In addition to serving its existing customer base, DuPont
Safety & Protection is investing in the future with growth initiatives such as
building innovations, personal protection, government solutions, environmental
solutions, and safety and sustainable operations consulting.
In the face of the ever-increasing global industrialization, DuPont continues to improve upon its
materials and standards that help keep all of us safe in the toughest conditions.
Growing populations, mounting pressures, rising hostilities, inhospitable surroundings these are
the harsh realities of living in the world today. Thats why DuPont takes safety and protection so
seriously. We innovate and collaborate with companies, governments, industrial manufacturers, and
academics to develop and test a wide range of materials, like DuPont Kevlar aramid fiber for
ballistic and cut protection, DuPont Tyvek for general industrial protection,
DuPont Tychem for industrial chemical and chemical warfare agent protection , and
DuPont Nomex flame resistant fiber for fire dangers.
We also continue to higher our standards by helping to improve workplace culture and safety
performance to meet the expansion of global industrialization. Our Sustainable Solutions business
leads the transformation of workplaces and work cultures around the world to become safer, more
efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Our safety consultants can also help improve
performance, develop employee skills, and minimize risk.
While no company can solve the worlds protection problems alone, DuPont is proving that, by
working together, we can all increase our chances for living on a safer planet.

Growth strategies

Deliver continued high growth pace in developing markets

Differentiate powerful brands and unique value propositions through market-facing
Drive unique technologies and new Application development
Improve competitive position by reducing cost
To serve Leverage DuPont knowledge into commercial Consulting and service offerings
Invest in capacity expansions to support growth


Through our collaborations with customers, partners, academics, governments, and other
organizations we find new and sustainable ways to provide for the worlds food, energy and
protection needs. In communities around the world where we live and work, we lend our
expertise to improve the quality of life at the local level.
This organization has collaborated with DuPont to give new ideas and experiences about DuPont
product so they can make it better in future.
This is an advertising agency which advertises for DuPont to promote and tell the world about
the newest inventions and suitable products for the consumers.
DuPont in Pakistan is also collaborated by the government in different departments for example
nuclear department, special aircrafts materials etc.
They help in inventing and doing research for new products for DuPont .
Macro environment
Pest analysis:
Politically there is great impact of the DuPont Kevlar as this the material which is specially made
for the protection and in Pakistan the protocol vehicles and gunmen are fully armored all
customized by Kevlar so to protect them from attacks .so this help in making an image that
Pakistan can accommodate foreign delegates etc. .legally this Kevlar made product are only
authorized by the interior ministry or defense ministry so there is no misuse of the product.
Over 60% of the lethal injuries were caused by fragments from artillery and other fragments; only
about 20% of all injuries were caused by bullets so Kevlar was given to them as its the strongest
fibre which can stop bullets and this Kevlar is very economical as the production cost is very
this help consumers to lower their budget . day by day this Kevlar is improving in the technological
side from steel armour to light weight fibre which can sustain bullet.
Dupont have made 1040 new products to feed the world. DuPont not only working in making the
products but also working in social area by educating ,providing food , shelter etc in the
underdeveloped countries .dupont has developed so much and helped everyone in a very good way
that it specially helpd in education .dupont also made the lilihoods of farmers far more better than

Customers and market analysis

Even though Kevlar has been used in hundreds of different products since it was discovered, there
are still people out there developing new and innovative uses for it. Contrary to popular belief,

Kevlar is not just used in the military and in law enforcement but it had many commercial uses as
One up and coming use for Kevlar is in cookware. Because of Kevlars miraculous ability to
withstand high temperatures, it is often used as a lining underneath a Teflon coating on the surface of
pots and pans. Kevlar provides safety and convenience when used in this way. Along with lining in
pots and pans, Kevlar has been integrated into cooking gloves. These gloves provide consumers with
protection against temperatures of up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit. To add to these gloves capability,
the strength of Kevlar also protects against accidental knife injuries while cutting food. If more
people used these gloves, knife injuries in the kitchen would drastically decrease.
Fiber optics is a new technology that has gaining recognition in the technological community.
Kevlar provides strength and protection against mechanical stresses. Proper conduction is very
important to signal transduction in fiber optic cables and if any object were to crush or cut the cable
the signal would be interrupted. Kevlars strength acts to protect the cables from being crushed and
adding to the reliability of the connection.
One under looked problem in households is the flammability of mattresses. Modern mattresses
contain very flammable materials. A common attempt to counter this is to include fire resistant
materials inside the mattress to prevent a fire from reaching it. However, this is not the most
effective way of solving the problem. Recently, mattresses have been made with Kevlar weaved into
the outer lining. This decreases the chance of a fire entering a mattress and igniting the flammable
materials inside. Certainly this is a very beneficial thing for all mattresses to have.
With all these new technological uses for Kevlar, it is easy to think that it will eventually run out of
new uses. However, the research in this world is always expanding and there is bound to be new
applications of this material that will benefit all.
KEVLAR is the choice fibre with unmatched records in both civilian and military
KEVLAR offers the broadest range of protection.
DuPont continues to develop new fibre products and technology to provide better ballistic protection
with improved comfort.
In the market Kevlar is now becoming very famous and important these days as this plays a vital
role in the daily life. The market demand is increasing because of the daily risk is also
increasing .the market share of Kevlar industry has increased from 2011 till 2013 especially in
the industrial sector. Industry 61%, Automotive is 5 %, military and law enforcement 7%
consumer 13% construction 14% this is the segmentation of the product sales
Competitive analysis
DuPont have very less competitors for example Freudenberg in the production as DuPont is
making Kevlar since 1965 .
there are some industries in Pakistan who are making type of Kevlar but there have a very low
quality which do not satisfy the customers but DuPont has a experience since 1965 so its have
made excellent quality and satisfied the customers as it have a longer lifetime ,durable, reliable
and very tough which attracts the customers .so DuPont is on the top of the list which will
remain on the top as they have matched their strategies with their competitive strategy.
One thing about Kevlar that deterred its inception was the high production cost. Originally, DuPont
feared that Kevlar might cost more than they could reasonably sell it for.
First of all, not just anyone can produce Kevlar. The proper equipment is required to carry
out just the right reaction to create it. DuPont was able to produce Kevlar because it was an already

established chemical company with both research and production facilities. Not many other
companies, at the time, had the same resources that DuPont had.
Secondly, the reaction process calls for concentrated sulfuric acid to keep the polymers
dissolved in the solution. Sulfuric acid is not only dangerous, but very expensive. Due to it being
dangerous, it is expensive to handle and contain. Along with this, it is a painstaking process to get
the sulfuric acid so concentrated, so there is another contributing factor to its high cost.
In addition to all these prior costs, there is also the cost of labor. Workers at DuPont were
certainly not underpaid, which means that a lot of their profit goes to the hard working employees.
While it may seem unlikely for Kevlar to be profitable, the applications for it are so incredible that
consumers were willing to pay the high prices.
In Pakistan main competitor of Kevlar is Revel industries. They are exporting military
tactical and police gloves but they are not using highly tech quality so they product is not that