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1. If we delete the history log field then what will happen?

Ans - present in the master question list which was previously sent>
2. What are the fields that get created when we configure a workflow?
Ans - Workflow assignee and workflow stages
3. Which option is not present in the data import?
Ans we can filter the data and then import.
There will be another option called, we can choose the locale. This option is
available for data import.
4. License is required for which format?
5. Which display format is not available for the report?
6. Which is not true for the syadmin role?
It can be altered.
7. If we select BLUE for a values list field and select CONTAINS
operator, then what we are going to have in the search results?
Only those records will be displayed, where the values list will have BLUE
8. Out of the following which cannot be copied?
a. Role for applications
b. Role for questionnaires
c. Users<ans>
d. Security Parameters
9. What is the file format for packaging?
Packaging option is present under?
Application Builder
If a user has read, update and delete access, then which one of
the following is not applicable or possible?
He can copy the record and change the content of the fields and save it.
Licensing details can be seen under
Manage Applications
End user can change the password from
View profile
Configure Display Order option in the Manage workspace page
does what?
Left and right alignment of the workspaces to be displayed once a user logs
To temporarily stop sending a subscription notification what
should be done?
Deactivate or inactivate the notification
In the search result page what cannot be changed?
Value for the fields displayed in the search result
What determines the content of the notification?
Fields included in the notification assuming user has access to the fields
In the advanced search if we select current user against the
field Business owner, then what is going to happen?
It displays the records, where current user who is running the report has his
name populated against the field business owner.
Where personal dashboard option is present?

Manage workspace
If an access role is assigned to a group then which statement
is true?
The role does not get assigned to the sub groups
What is the use of cascade option for a private field?[look for
this in the book]
My answer was only members of the group and all child groups will have the
access to the field
Which is not mandatory for user account?
Subscription notification
Which is not a field type
Which makes us read user account details?
Web APIs
iviews which is true
a. Multiple applications can be searched in quick search iview<ans>
b. Multiple videos can be embedded in video iview
c. Multiple RSS feeds can be tagged in the RSS iview
d. Multiple URLs can be embedded in embedded url iview

26.Solution quick reference takes us to?<I made this wrong>

It displays the navigation menu from the quick reference link itself.
Which is not true for groups and sub groups?
A parent group cannot be a child group of another group
What cannot be imported in Data Import?
If 12 columns are present in the data import file and there are
18 fields, then what will happen to the remaining 2 columns?
Those two will be ignored
30.One question was there whose answer was LOCALE
31.One question from on demand notification templates?
32.What is the best possible way to send notification to non archer users about
the content of a record.
Option was like this by clicking the email icon, the content can be sent to
the non archer user in a predefined format.(this is nothing but on demand
Here one option was like this we can export the content of the record by
exporting the record in RTF format and then we can send it through email to
the user.

33.Who cannot create a global report?

a. Sys admin
b. Application owner
c. Report admin
d. Workspace and dashboard admin<ans>
34.All archer users belong to a default group called?
35.Global reports are assigned to a default group called
36.How we can send data to external system?
Data publication
37.Which is not true for workflow?
Record gets rejected in the first stage
38.What does NEW option do while we are going through the records present in
the search result?
Creates a new record in the application
39.What is true about on demand notifications
40.How we can send PDFs to the end users?
Schedules report distribution
41.Which is not delivery criteria
42.If the business owner wants to know the changes happening to the records on
daily basis, then what is the way?
Notification delivery should be of daily digest type

43.Dashboard access can be given on what basis? Choose three

a. User/group
b. Solutions
c. Roles
44.What cannot be included in the quick reference?(I answered content record.
So this was wrong)

45.What is configured in global notification setting?
Read receipt

46.One question was there where the answer was add new relationship
47.Which cannot be used to send notification?
a. User group field
b. Record permission field
c. Text field with email mask
d. External link field with mail to link<ans>
48.What cannot be packaged?
Data of a record
49.Which doesnt trigger a notification?

Deleting a record
50.Which is not true for solutions?
Deleting a solution also deletes applications
51.At what three levels access can be given? Choose three
a. Field
b. Record
c. Application
52.What is the data format for data import?
Csv/flat delimited
53.What is true for application owners
They can read all the records for the application they have ownership
54.Which is not an action for DDE
Set required field
55.Which notification cannot be unsubscribed from
56.What is not true for values list
Left right alignment
57.What is not applicable to security parameters
Provide application level rights
58.Which status hides the application from the end uses
59.Which cannot be made a calculated field
Cross reference field
60.How to inactivate user account?<I answered Locked. So this is wrong>
Make it inactive
61.What is true about global reports?
User must have access to the application to see the global reports
62.Which is not true for record level permissions?
Calculated permissions
63.One questions was there for which answer was column filter
64.What is the meaning of as needed option for calculated fields
65.What is the meaning of round robin option for workflows
66.Which is not present in apply conditional layout?