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Seeking to handle any sort of responsibility with challenging assignments to harness my
technical skills,achieve organization,want to be a part of an environment that promotes effort
and provides opportunity for values based growth as well as career advancement while
making a significant contribution to an employer organization.

Having 2+ years of experience in WebMethods 6.x,7.x developer.

Integration development, support and maintenance using My webMethods Server and

webMethods Integration Server. Worked extensively in My webMethods Server and
Integration Server. Have sound knowledge of EAI concepts

Successful experience and strong skills in various aspects of system analysis and
design, including the administration of technical support, development/provision of
Integration solutions, management of WebMethods Integration Components and analysis
related to integration

Worked on Windows XP and UNIX platforms.

Very good analytical and programming skills.

Able to communicate effectively with multifunctional teams, programmers and

technical staff at all levels.

Ability to deliver results, meeting tight deadlines.

Ability to learn new technology, new domains and share knowledge.

Good communication skills.

Degree University
% Year of Passing
B.E Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, AP
86 05/2007
Inter Board of Intermediate,AP
84 05/2001
Organization Designation Duration
North Gate Technologies
(06/2007) till date
Operating Systems Windows(ME,2000)
C, C++, Java.
Web Related HTML. XML
Tools & Utilities
WebMethods 6x,7x,Trading Networks, Toad 7.3,WebMethods
Manager,Optimizer,WebMethod Monitor, webMethods designer, MWS
1. PROJECT Consolidated Payments EAI Integration
Client Avaya Inc, Basking Ridge, NJ
Role Developer
Organization North Gate Technologies

Jun 2008 to Aug09
Team Size
Project :1
Module : 1
Environment Software
Web Methods 4.1,6.1,6.5 & 7.1 Architecture, Web Methods
B2b Server, Trading Networks, Web Methods Integration Platform 6.x Oracle 9.x, Toad 7.3,
Java, Document Tracker, Optimizer, webMethods Manger, webMethods 7.x Fabric.
The objective of the project is to build B2B/EAI solution (Request Processor) to lay the
foundation upon which the future enterprise business systems and applications will be
supported to achieve strategic goals.
Key player at onsite for requirements gathering and detail planning for implementation.
Worked on various Adapters such as JDBC, Flat Files.
Developed Java, Flow util services to help services in the Framework.
Designed and developed mapping utilities for Flat files & XMLs to send/receive documents
Developed efficient Flat file Gateway and created processing rules, extended fields in TN.
Maintenance task:

Enhancement of the flow services useful for environment maintenance

Configuring and setting up the 6.x environment. Setting up the environment for TN,
wMmonitor etc.

Migrating the Brokers from 4.x to 5.x/6.x and Broker Storage Correction

Handling maintenance activity in rebooting of test & stage servers

Maintaining back up of the environment and also taking care of outage for clean up
Production Support:

Configuring adapters and event sharing among territories as per requirements

Migrating code from one environment to the other

Decommission the integration from production environment

Analyzing and Resolving the live production issues

Development Support:

Testing support for the newly developed integrations in 6.x/4.x

Worked as a facilitator for development community

Monitoring the complete environment and get resolved the issues related to it.


Project Name: Flash Dashboard Integration

Client Metron Aviation, Inc. Sterling, VA

Role Developer
Organization North Gate Technologies
Aug 09 to till date
Team Size
Project :2
Module : 1
Environment Software
Languages : webMethods flow language, Java
Database :Oracle 9i
Middleware : webMethods6 Integration Platforms
Tools : Developer
webMethods Monitor 6.1.5,

webMethods Integration Server 6.1.

Flash Application.
O/s : Windows XP
Flash Dashboard Integration is basically a client to web server Communication where the
data to flash application is flows through webMethods and we have to retrieve the data from
the websites like yahoo and Google and need to send the data to Flash application in the
required XML format.
The invocation of the service in webMethods will be done through browser and the input data
to the service should be collected from the url of invocation. The data will be sent to the
client by output template technique.

Developed the integration using Developer and TN

Developing the interfaces using flow service, creating utility services

Created Unit test plan and Integration test plan documents with sample
Inputs provided from client

Tested the code in Dev Environment for the given instance provided by the client

Reviewing design docs, code and test plans

Provided support during the test phase

Provided support after the completion of the project for 3 weeks

Migrating integration components from one environment to other.

Creating technical design documents

Email Id
Date Of Birth 09-09-1986
Contact Number

Declaration: I undersigned hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the
best of my knowledge.
Place: Hyderabad.