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<Voyage 15840>

--- Migrant Worker Photography Album and

Activity:Migrant Worker Photography
Exhibition Opening + Migrant
Worker Photography Album
Release Party
Time:May 6, 2007 (Sunday), 1:30pm
Place:FuXun Park (Zhong Shan North
Road Section 3)
Photography Exhibit dates :May 6-13, 2007

The high-speed rail line, the Kaohsiung MRT, the Xue Shan highway tunnel, Taipei 101, The East-West Highway…
over the past 10 years, migrant workers have contributed to every one of Taiwan’s important public works projects.
Waiting at the corner for the garbage truck, weekends at the Railway Station park, within the walls of construction
sites, in the large dormitories in industrial districts, in the critical care rooms of hospitals… everywhere we can see
migrant workers busily coming and going, and the traces of their labors.

The Taiwan International Workers Association (TIWA) has been serving these migrant workers for a long time.
Aside from a deep understanding of the personal and systematic problems they run into, we understand that these
workers have remained largely invisible within Taiwanese society even after more than ten years. Real pathways
of communication between these international workers and Taiwanese society are sorely lacking.

Adopting the realist cultural concept of “living records, recording life,”

we have successfully completed two photography workshops.
Using point-and-shoot cameras, we train workers in observing life
and expressing their views.

The workers use the first-person viewpoint of the camera lens to

unearth all kinds of phenomena which surround them, but which are
often ignored, the real situations of their workplaces and
communities. They write brief captions to express their opinions
about their place in society and to raise questions about cultural
differences they observe.

We hope that the publication of the photograph album and the photo
exhibition will give this group of workers the opportunity to have their voices heard. Photography is a practical,
easy, and lively method to let local society see and understand. We also hope to open up Taiwanese society’s view
of the diverse culture of workers.


Please make a donation! Any amount is welcome.
If you donate US$60 or more, we will send you a copy of the album, Voyage 15840 (28 x 17cm),
featuring more than 80 of the best migrant workers’ photographs from two workshops with
captions in English, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai.
To make a donation please go to, our paypal account is; or go to TIWA’s website:, click on the “Donate”
box, and follow the instructions.
THANK YOU!!! Your support makes a difference!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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