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Carol L.

2028 Post Rd
Madison, WI 53713
Cell Phone: 608-225-1111

To work in a position allowing me to utilize my experience to help support and grow your business. Ultimately to
use my variety of experience in all facets of a long term career. Will consider an entry level position with
advancement opportunities. Currently attending the IT Programmer/Web Analyst Program at MATC.

Dates: March 02 – Present
Employer: DigiSound Music, LLC
Position: Administrative Asst. / Webmaster / On Call / By Appointment
Duties: Technical Sound and Digital Imaging Services is the main focus of the business. My partner manages
the shows and most of the other on-site work which is mostly a weekend/summer business. We provide PA
equipment, qualified sound personnel, and digital imaging services for festivals, nightclubs and bands. I
coordinate marketing and advertising efforts for DigiSound and our affiliates, bookkeeping, technical support and
customer service.

Miscellaneous: During this time I’ve also worked intermittently computer consulting for various small businesses,
bartending, and waitressing which helps in many social aspects. I am currently studying, and implementing web
technologies, online marketing techniques, and website affiliation programs in my spare time.

Dates: February 05 – August 05

Employer: Sitel Corporation – Supervisor: Ben Varela
Position: Financial Services Specialist
Duties: Telemarketing - assist financial institution prospects and customers with filling out home equity loan and
line of credit applications over the phone, including calculating loan payments and advising on potential savings
possibilities using these products.
Reason For Leaving: Limited Term Employment

Dates: November 99 to March 02

Employer: TerraCom Internet Services & Telecommunications – Supervisor: Ed Narans
Position: Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper/Technical Support (Part-time which developed to full-
Duties: This position started as part-time technical support in a small business environment. Bookkeeping was
added to my duties, which made it full-time and resulted in TerraCom’s first year showing profit since their
founding in 1995 by recovering many past due accounts and streamlining the order process.
Customer Service/Technical Support - Local ISP telephone support and online support using interactive
email/chat and remote control programs. Specialized in MS Office support, Postini mail filtering, and
network/hardware troubleshooting.
Bookkeeping – Upgraded, and maintained credit card billing system, ran monthly ACH automatic check debit
billing, and streamlined the processing of new service, cancellation and suspension orders to require less time
and human resources to complete and track.
Network Administration/Internal Technical Support – Upgraded, and maintained hardware and software for
office network. Also troubleshooted problems with hardware, software and the network. Operating Systems:
DOS, Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95/98/NT/2000/XP, OpenBSD, and Mac
Reason For Leaving: Moved to LaCrosse area for one year to expand the market for DigiSound services.

Dates: December 1998 - August 1999

Employer: American Family Insurance National Headquarters/Interim Technology – Supervisor: Donato
Position: Technical Support Analyst (Full-time)
Duties: Telephone support for American Family’s conversion to the world’s largest domain based network for
agents and corporate employees in 14 states. Included conversion from RS/6000 Server networks to Windows
NT networks using Windows NT 4.0 Server, Novell NetWare, Windows NT 4.0 workstation, Windows 95, and
mainframe operating systems. Supported applications included Expert Advisor, Internet Explorer, PC Anywhere,
Dial In Network Access, Internet Mail, Outlook 98, Outlook Express, Office 95, Lotus Notes, Attachmate Client
Sessions, and several proprietary applications specific to the insurance industry.
Reason for leaving: Limited Term Employment
Carol L. Meister
2028 Post Rd
Madison, WI 53713
Cell Phone: 608-225-1111

Dates: March 1998 - December 1998

Employer: Easter Seals Donation Center – Managers: John Gilmore/Rebecca Hoffman
Position: Network Administrator/Shift Supervisor (Part-time/on call)
Duties: Provided training and support for outgoing call center, maintained database of 250,000 customers on
Windows NT Server and Stratasoft proprietary telephony system, and assisted in routing drivers via mapping
software, radio/phone, and fielded incoming phone calls.
Reason for leaving: Full-time LTE position with American Family Insurance

Dates: September 1997 - November 1997

Employer: Sitel Corporation – Supervisor: Keith Johnson
Position: Technical Support Engineer (part-time)
Duties: Telephone support for America Online members. Supported applications: America Online, Internet
Reason for leaving: Limited Term Employment

Dates: August 1993 - January 1996

Employer: OMNI/PRO Real Estate Services – Self-Employed
Position: Broker/Owner
Duties: Developed and implemented marketing plan and designed marketing materials using Aldus PageMaker,
created and maintained contact management database using Act!, setup and maintained Boris/Photocom
software to run via modem with the Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service. Tracked accounting records using
Quicken and TurboTax.
Reason for leaving: Sold business to pursue computer and Internet related career

Dates: August 1989 – June 1992

Employer: Madison Area Technical College – Marketing Program Director: Peter Vlisides
Position: Teaching Assistant – Work Study for Marketing Program Director
Duties: Assisted in grading assignments, developed and maintained a computer system for tracking assignments
and grades.
Reason for leaving: Graduated

New Horizons Computer Learning Center - Advanced Windows NT 4
Self and employment educated in operating systems, hardware/software upgrades and maintenance, graphic
design and sound applications using various resources and the Internet.

Madison Area Technical College - Madison, WI

Major: Marketing: Tourism/Recreation
Minor: Real Estate Marketing and Sales
Graduated: June 1992-Associate degree
Extra Curricular: Dane County Recreation, Inc. - Secretary/Treasurer - Assisted in development of "West Fest"
Westside Community Festival and worked with the Graphic Design Department at Madison Area Technical
College to develop marketing materials and coordinate advertising. I also booked and coordinated entertainment
on 4 stages.

Hobbies: Building/Upgrading computers, learning to use communications, multimedia, graphic design and music
programs, singing, learning saxophone, cooking and finding humor in everything.

References: Furnished upon request.