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I am concerned about the cleanliness of my yard, clutter in my neighborhood, trash on the

city streets, excessive pollution in the air, and reasonable protection of our trees and
native plants. I don’t throw paper wrappings out my car window; I pick up litter wherever
I walk. I even recycle plastic bottles and reuse plastic grocery bags. I don’t smoke
limiting 2nd hand smoke and of course don’t have cigarette butts to toss on the ground. In
other words I am interested in the welfare of my small section of the planet and desire
others to do the same.

However, the rebel in me urges an outrageous reaction to the “over-the-top” rantings the
environmentalist wackos that include Al Gore and a multitude of celebrities along with
the liberal congress and their stooges, the left wing liberal media. They make me want to
toss a candy wrapper out my car window in protest.

They complain about the gas prices and try to blame “Big Oil” for making increased
profits during the energy crisis. All the while we have huge resources available to easily
meet the demand in our own country but “Big Oil” is not allowed to drill in areas that are
the protected domain of the environmental cabal. Off shore sites are restricted, the
Alaskan wilderness is restricted. The huge resources of coal cannot be used due to
pollution dangers. The simple solution to meet demand is increasing the supply. Which is
a basic concept of economics. Searching for alternative sources of fuel is important and
our capitalistic society is motivated to do so. The immediate solutions of solar, wind,
corn for ethanol, and electric power have merit but are not yet cost effective. The
politicians and environmentalists deliver “sound bites” that offer no real solutions but
spew negative criticisms of conservative viewpoints to benefit their personal agenda.
Many well-meaning citizens accept the words of change and hope as solutions without
calling for substance to the self-serving remarks made on the public podium.

I am resisting the inclination to take issue with every mention of “global warming” and
the impending incineration of the planet. But I don’t know how long I can restrain
myself. I continue to politely consider contrary opinion but I am nearing the end of my
considerable patience. I know the earth and even the universe has fluctuations of climate
just as we have alternating weather in sections of the country; just as we have change in
the directional flow of streams and rivers; just as we have receding and growing
shorelines; just as we have growth and reduction of vegetation; just as we have changing
length of day and night; just as we have birth and death. Using mathematical models to
predict coming global warming or cooling is merely an exercise in statistical folly.

I think I will head to the 7-11 and buy a huge Mr. Goodbar, my favorite, and eat it in the
car. I wonder if I can resist the urge when it’s gone and I have the wrapper in hand.