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Vol. 70 No. 50 February 17 - 23, 2010 50 cents

Chris Paul, Jason Belmonte Win Brian Graham Blasted 300-837,

PBA Celebrity Invitational
ORLEANS, La. - New
Buonanno, Manigault Hit 300
Orleans Hornets All-Star point guard At North Arlington
Chris Paul has made plenty of clutch NO. ARLINGTON, NJ – Brian Veneziano 268-751, John
shots during his basketball career, but Graham blasted 300-837, and LoGuidace 278-743, Jose Cabrera,
in his bowling experiences, he had Anthony Buonanno and Lewis Jr. 269-743, Mike McCabe 258-
never thrown a bigger strike than the Manigault each hit a 300 game in 730, Joey Kowalski 268-730,
one he rolled in helping partner Jason the Sunday Morning Trios at Justin Sloan 269-726, Chris
Belmonte rally their team to victory North Arlington Bowl O Drome. Schanne 279-724, Charlie
in the Chris Paul PBA Celebrity The team of Jay Judowski, Veneziano 267-718, Tom Jordan
Invitational at Riverboat Lanes on the Anthony Buonanno and Ken 259-717, Orlando Lapa 247-717,
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base. Carson shot 866 their first game. Michael Hendricks 265-712, Evan
Paul's seventh-frame strike, sand- Jay Judwoski shot 287-798, Bob Davis 269-710, Rody Kemple
wiched between strikes in the sixth Lipinski 290-780, Joann Foti 268- 247-710, Tom Wusyk 267-704,
and eighth frames by Australia's two- 778, Ken Carson 279-765, Mike and Mike Kigner 254-700.
handed sensation got Paul and
Belmonte back into their title match
against Pittsburgh Steelers' Pro Bowl Jim Zimmerman 814 at Holiday
linebacker LaMarr Woodley and OAKLAND, NJ- Jim Zimmerman Aiello 258-249-741, Mike
PBA Hall of Famer Norm Duke. And topped the Coors Light Singles at Morgan 246-255-735, Frank
Photo courtesy of PBA LLC
Belmonte finished the rally with three Chris Paul and Jason Belmonte win second annual PBA Celebrity Holiday Bowl blasting 257-279- Serico 266-244-733, Jim Hosier
strikes in the 10th frame to complete Invitational event. 278 for a high series of 841. 258-246-730, Steve Aiello 267-
the 180-177 come-from-behind win. Joe Truchan shot 280-247-749, 723, Robert Mockenhaupt 259-
back strikes twice in cruising to a spare in the ninth frame, Duke struck
The Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Chuck Coslet 289-744, Shawn 719,and Wally Casola 246-696.
175-131 victory over Weber and on his first shot in the 10th frame, but
Invitational, taped in early January
Ludacris. left a 4 pin on his second attempt, giv-
before an overflow crowd of U.S.
military personnel, aired Sunday on
"Ludacris told me he wasn't that ing Belmonte a chance to win. The Anthony Marine Won First
bad of a bowler," Weber said with a reigning PBA Rookie of the Year
ESPN. The event was a cooperative
venture between the Professional
grin. "He asked for some pointers. threw three strikes in the 10th frame Handicap Mini- Eliminator
Didn't work. We bowled a 131. I for the win.
Bowlers Association and Paul's CP3
think he was pretty nervous. But it "We were bowling the Chris Paul
Foundation which provides financial
was a great time. They were all great Invitational for charity, so the idea
assistance to many organizations in
guys, very nice, a pleasure to be was to have fun," Belmonte said.
his native Winston-Salem, N.C., and
around. They asked us a lot of ques- "But I'm a competitive person and
in New Orleans.
tions and, of course, we asked them a Chris is an extremely competitive
The competition itself was a Baker
lot of questions, too." person, so we wanted to win. That
Format doubles stepladder, with
In the next semifinal match, Duke was our strategy - have fun, but make
Storm Products representatives Duke,
matched Woodley's strike in the third sure we won, and we did.
Wes Malott, Pete Weber and
frame for a double that proved to be "To put his name on the trophy was
Belmonte teaming up with Paul,
the difference in their 165-149 win our goal from the beginning, and
Woodley and fellow Pittsburgh
over Malott and Ward. we're very happy to have done that," Damon Gizzi, Chad Murphy of Columbia 300, Anthony Marine, Lonnie
Steelers star Hines Ward, Grammy Waliczek or Columbia 300, and Landon Young.
"At first I was kind of skeptical Belmonte added. "But bowling with
Award-winning artist and actor Chris
about what was going on, bowling celebrities like Jack and Hines and LAS VEGAS, NV - Anthony a minimum of $200. To every-
"Ludacris" Bridges. Jacksonville
with star athletes in other sports," Lamar and Ludacris and Chris? For Marine, a senior bowler from one’s surprise, Columbia Brand
Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio also
Malott admitted. "You hear stories blokes like me from Australia, we Long Island, NY won the first ever Manager Chad Murphy
was a contender to bowl in the finals,
about how rude and inconsiderate pro don't get chances to do that very handicap Mini-Eliminator spon- announced all finalists would
but he lost a five-frame roll-off against
athletes in other sport can be. But often. It was lots of fun." sored by Columbia 300. Tony won receive a brand new Full Swing
Woodley, 70-42. Woodley was then
these guys were nothing but great to "It was a great time and the other $5,000 by bowling a 233 scratch High Performance Ball. The event
paired with Duke for the finals.
everyone. Being on the naval base athletes seemed to enjoy it as well," game (251 with handicap) in the paid over $30,000 in cash and
As expected, the PBA stars threw
was special, something that isn't an Duke added. "LaMarr and I teamed final shootout. Finishing second prizes even though entry fees were
most of the strikes and converted
every day event. All in all it was a up great, and Jack was a joy to bowl was another Long Islander, as low as $75.
most of the spares, but because of the
great event. with as well. To see them wearing a Damon Gizzi of St. James, who The Mini-Eliminator has been
Baker Format - where teammates
"Hines especially was a lot of fun. version of my jersey was really cool. shot a 195 scratch (226 with hand- running in Las Vegas since 1993
bowled alternate frames - it was the
He's definitely a man of many emo- It made me want to call my mom and icap) and earned $2,500 and third and has paid out over $20 million
celebrity skills that ultimately decided
tions," Malott laughed. "He got pretty tell her I had made it to the big-time." was an expecting dad, Landon in prizes. The expansion into the
the matches. Adding to the pressure
excited about a few shots." For all of the fun and frolic, the Young of Las Vegas who earned handicap event was created to
was a pledge of $1,000 to the CP3
In the title match, a Woodley strike Chris Paul Invitational proved to be a $1,250 with a 164 (197 handicap). allow average league bowlers the
Foundation by country music super-
between a pair of spares by Duke in heart-warming event for the throng of The initial Classified Mini chance to experience a big money
star Garth Brooks for each celebrity
the title match gave the duo a 13-pin servicemen and their families who attracted a great crowd for its first tournament in Las Vegas. With
lead over Paul and Belmonte, setting were invited to attend. Garth Brooks' event. A total of 33 bowlers, over 330 recorded entries the
In the first semifinal round match,
the stage for the Paul-Belmonte rally. pledge netted $7,000 for the CP3 almost one-third of the entrants, event considered a huge success
Paul and Belmonte managed back-to-
Following Woodley's two-count Foundation. advanced to the finals and earned and will return in July.
2 SPORTS REPORTER February 17 - 23, 2010

J o a n Ta y l o r ’ s
Te n P i n R a p . . . .
On a Sunday afternoon last before, but having taught at the enjoyed bowling in Australia and
month one person achieved so Dick Ritger bowling camps, I England. In March she will partic-
many things in two televised heard (Dick) Ritger in my head ipate along with Carolyn Dorin-
games at the PBA Tournament of with all of his great bowling tips.” Ballard, another Jersey Girl, in a
Champions. She put New Jersey Having her mother, Carol, there tournament in Malaysia. She
I've always had the deepest numbers that dwarf those of
on the map, advanced women’s the entire week just made it even laughs at some difficulties
bowling to the level that a woman better. encountered in International trav-
respect for Mike McGrath, as other activities.
could beat a man without a huge And yet she is the affable and el, such as “trying to order food in a PBA Hall of Fame competi- How can we respect our
power game, and she could easily approachable Kelly, who just one Chile. Instead of two sandwiches tor, as a thinker, and as a per- sport more?
have had her own “Survivor” week before the 45th annual we got two meals. I guess I didn’t son who found it easy to Don't keep signing athletes
show, or maybe she did that day. Tournament of Champions was point correctly.” express his words and feelings from other sports to represent
This was Kelly Kulick, Union, NJ. contemplating going to cooking Her physical fitness regimen in voice or print, no matter and promote bowling when
I caught up with her at Hanover school. “I enjoy cooking and I includes 5-6 days per week of aer- where his sharp arrows found we have so many greats in our
Lanes in her Tenpinners League. started questioning myself as to obics, and yoga twice a week. She a necessary target. own sport. They can teach,
You would never know she defeat- what I wanted to do (with a eats five small meals per day, And he proved it again in instruct, inspire speak and
ed two mega-champions to career).” This is from a six-title takes several vitamins and drinks
the January issue of Bowlers mix as well as anyone in
become the first woman to win winner that includes the Women’s plenty of water. You would think
this prestigious title. She is still World Championships, which got that once the tour starts up, there is Journal International sports. There are countless
Kelly. her into the T of C, the 2007 no time for anything else. “One Magazine when he was asked bowlers in every field who are
This 32-year-old right-hander USBC Queens Tournament and thing people might not know what the biggest challenge the really interested in the sport
was a little amazed on that day, the 2003 US Open. about me is that I enjoy country bowling industry faced and and don't take part in more
defeating “Major” Mika The aftermath of the big win was music and country line dancing. he responded: bowling activities because
Koivuniemi in a cliffhanger game, the start of many experiences, It’s fun and can be quite a work- "Having more respect for they never were asked.
227-223. She then proceeded to some unexpected. “Jeff Gordon out.” She also enjoys fishing with itself. We're the only sport On bowling TV shows we
throw the first four strikes against sent me flowers.” Kelly has her father at the Jersey shore when that seems to respect athletes need commentators and
Chris Barnes. When the dreaded appeared in Gordon’s annual she’s home.
from other sports more than guests who can add to the his-
7-10 appeared in her fifth frame, bowling fundraiser. “I wanted to Being on a “men’s tour,” who
she calmly took out one pin and get a sports agent (which she has) are her friends? “Leslie (Mrs.
our own." torical knowledge and lore of
told herself to make the next frame so I could possibly leverage this Parker) Bohn and when Riga History proves him right on the sport in a solid narrative
better. She finished with a big 265 into endorsements for anything I Kalfas was on tour, his wife, the ball. First of all we should or humorous way instead of a
to Barnes’ 195. The next day she am into such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Shelley and I were good friends.” put bowling in its proper per- cheap way. Bowling has a
was in Jersey Lanes in Linden, energy bars, a women’s health Her guy pals include Parker Bohn spective. proud, long history as a
then New York City for a media magazine, cosmetics, and even my III, Jason Couch and Tommy Bowling is not pro football social, caring and competitive
blitz of appearances including new hairdresser in Las Vegas.” Jones. What is the toughest part of or any other bruising physical sport, a giving leader to every
ESPN’s “First Take” and ABC No stranger to notoriety, Kelly the tour? “The food on the road. contact sport, but neither is it worthy charity.
World News among others. Even was featured in a Spiderman There are plenty of fried things know nothing, do nothing, And speaking of TV, every
the Fox 5 Business Report fea- comic book last year. She has been and it’s tempting after bowling a
feel nothing, think nothing time there is a bowling show
tured her on camera. a member of Team USA six times bad block to give in to that.” So
Despite looking unfazed, Kulick including this year. The team she walks, runs, and does pushups enterprise. On the highest on TV it should be on a TV set
admitted that her legs were like members train for three weeks at and jumping jacks. “The other level it is a sport and takes in every bowling center in the
jelly, especially in the first match, the Olympic Training Center in tough part, compared with the physical and mental superior- country, at least on one of the
which she had to win to get a shot Colorado Springs, CO. “To repre- women’s tour is that the PBA ity. On its lowest level it still sets in every bowling center
at the title. “I had gone out there sent 300 million people as one of schedule is different. You practice remains a challenge for all and even if there is a major
(to Las Vegas) with no expecta- ten on the US team makes me feel and then bowl for a day, but if you though it gives all an outlet event and there is only one
tions. I didn’t think about making both powerful and humble,” don’t make it there’s dead time. If for exercise, competition, and set, another should be
the show. I couldn’t sleep the night Kulick said. She particularly you do make it, the number of satisfaction in many ways. brought in to air the bowling.
games can be exhausting. With the
Baseball may be the nation- Patronize the worthy spon-
Sports Reporter
women’s tour it was drivable and
there were always two days off
al pastime, but bowling is the sors of bowling and let them
which gave us time for cama- people's sport. know you do. Don't be afraid
Editor/Publisher - Dan McDonough raderie and socializing.” The other Bowling may be a favorite to ask non sponsors why they
difficult part of being on tour..any subject for the jokes of the don't sponsor and if they
Pat McDonough - 1967-1996 “no matter how bad you elitist sports writers or can't tell you why tell them
Circulation Manager Editorial Assistant perform, you have to come out searching comics, but almost goodbye.
Henry Allen Immaculatta D'Elia smiling.” And it’s not cheap out all major writers recognize We should never stop con-
Contributing Writers there. Fortunately Kelly is on the and respect bowling. structive criticism of bowling,
Chuck Pezzano George Faytok Joan Taylor Ebonite Staff of Champions. Situation comedy shows and but there are so many ways
Dick Evans John Jowdy What are the goals of Kelly
other national TV series have that bowlers can work with
Martin Michel Vince Albrech Joe Rizzi Kulick now? “To be known as a
For information regarding advertising, better person than a bowler.” This realized that almost everyone bowlers, centers with centers
subscriptions, or editorial content call: sprung from a fan in Las Vegas has either bowled or had a fel- bowlers with centers, manu-
who remarked about how nice it low worker, relative or friend facturers with membership
(201)865-5363 was that Kelly brought her mother that was a bowler of sorts. groups and all along the line.
with her, and took care of her And that means audience Remember, anything good
Fax: (201) 865-6246 mother during that week. She tells interest and a bit of bonding. for bowlers and bowling any-
E-mail - up-and-coming young bowlers, “If We are saddened by our loss where is good for bowlers and
Sports Reporter you want something bad enough it
is worth the hard work and sacri-
of numbers in sanctioned bowling everywhere---and
P.O. Box 1491, Secaucus, NJ 07094 play, but should revel in the respect heads the list.
fice” Her example has truly
defined that.
numbers that we still have,
February 17 - 23, 2010 SPORTS REPORTER 3



300 GAME


7XHVGD\(DUO\%LUGV )5,'$<1,*+70,;('


300 GAME
300 GAME


9LVLWXV2Q/LQH# %5$1'1(:67$7(2)7+($57
:::-,%/DQHV&20 %5816:,&.6&25,1*6<67(0



4 SPORTS REPORTER February 17 - 23, 2010


By Dick Evans
RENO -- Looking down at the lights of downtown Reno bus or hitching their way Reno to bowl. I came up with Looking out the giant window in my 18th floor room,
from my 18th floor room at the Eldorado Hotel/Casino that educated guess by adding up all the single entries I could see and take pride in the role that bowling has
made me realize what a great role that bowling and the in previous ABC and WIBC and USBC national tourna- played in modernizing the downtown area.
Eldorado have played in the revitalization of this once ments. Two blocks from the Eldorado I could see the lights of
cowboy gambling Mecca. And you could add in at least another 200,000 the state-of-the art Aces Ballpark, which opened last
The first time I drove through Reno in the 1960s the bowlers who have entered other tournaments at the year. The 2010 team will start playing Triple A baseball
rave in the casino I visited was about the upcoming National Bowling Stadium like the Professional April 8, with many of the players only a homer or two-
rodeo. It was not surprising because there were a lot of Association. And then you could add at least another hitter of being moved to the Arizona Diamondbacks'
cowboys in the casino and I liked the sign hanging over 100,000 people who have traveled with family mem- roster.
Virginia Street: "The biggest little city in the world." bers or friends to watch them compete in the National My eyes then moved to the left and I spotted down-
But the world has changed in the past 50 years and so Bowling Stadium. town Reno's newest Ballroom where many convention
has Reno in my mind -- it is now one of the most excit- So by my figures, Reno owes much of its growth to activities will be held.
ing and versatile cities in the world and cowboys have one million bowlers, friends of bowlers and bowling I have stayed in too many hotels and motels to count
been replaced by bowlers. workers. during my life and as times change my tastes change. I
And with the change from the old west to the new Make no mistake, Reno has rolled out the red carpet always have liked to stay near the action and that is why
west came the beautiful National Bowling Stadium, for bowlers and bowling industry leaders like no other I have enjoyed hotels like the Showboat, Sam's Town,
located only a block from the Eldorado. city in America and in my mind Reno richly deserves The Orleans and MGM Grand/Bally because the bowl-
In my estimation, the revitalized downtown civic area national tournaments from 2009-2012 and a BPAA ing centers were connected to the hotels.
owes much of its new charm and modern facilities to Bowl Expo in 2013. The Eldorado is one block from the National Bowling
the fact that the $40 million National Bowling Stadium The Reno leaders who gambled on bowling have hit Stadium and offers the best view of the beautiful bowl-
has been a tremendous drawing card since it opened in the jackpot 100 times over. ing facility so it is close to the action.
1995. And sitting right in front of it all is the Eldorado, my And here are personal reasons I like to stay at the
I realize that Reno survives on other people's gam- favorite hotel for many reasons. Eldorado when I am in Reno for a bowling tournament.
bling money but I wonder what in the world motivated One thing that appeals to me about the Eldorado is the 1. The Eldorado is short walk from the National
the Reno/Sparks leaders starting in about 1992 to build fact that Gregg Carano, one of the gifted Carano family Bowling Stadium.
a $40 million, 78-lane bowling stadium in downtown members and the man who runs the Eldorado, likes to 2. The Eldorado elevators, and there are enough of
Reno. bowl and he also is a fine chef. His actual title at the them, always work. Chuck Pezzano (PBA historian)
Never in the history of the world had a city invested Eldorado is Vice-President, Corporate Food & used to complain about the elevators never working
40 million dollars to build a permanent bowling stadi- Beverage but I just think of him as a bowler. right when we stayed at Showboat Hotel in Las Vegas.
um that would not cater to local citizens -- only tourna- On one trip to Reno, I rode with super instructor John And we stayed there often because the old Showboat
ment bowlers from across the world. Jowdy and Gregg to a nearby bowling center where hosted three PBA tournaments in a year.
The leaders certainly were gambling money and their Jowdy gave Gregg lessons for two hours. 3. There are security guards at the Eldorado that
reputations because the entries from three previous Gregg will be bowling in the 2010 USBC Open check everyone who gets on the up elevators at the
ABC National Championship Tournaments held at the Championship and maybe his closeness to the sport is lower and upper casino areas so you don't have to look
Reno/Sparks Convention Center in Reno (1977, 1984, one of the reasons the Eldorado goes out of its way to over your shoulder when you are walking to your room
1990) were not impressive -- with 35,679 bowlers in cater to bowlers and bowling leaders. at night.
1977, 41,900 in 1984 and 46,000 in 1990. I know my bowling average is going up and I love 4. I always enjoyed eating at cafeterias when I
Sure, the ABC tournament showed steady growth but that. I enjoy bowling and am back in a league and enjoy worked 40 years at The Miami Herald and I love the
not enough to risk $40 million in a bowling stadium it more than ever," Gregg said. "I am personally excited buffet at the Eldorado. My only request is that they
that could become a White Elephant. to bowl in this year's tournament and test out the new include tomatoes among things you can put in your
But maybe the Reno leaders saw the potential of Brunswick equipment at the National Bowling omelet in the morning.
bowling when 78,462 ladies rushed to Reno to compete Stadium." 5. The sports book appeals to me because I can sit
in the 1988 WIBC National Championship tournament. And he realizes how much the 2009 USBC Women's there and play the horses or bet on
In a way, the stampede of women bowlers -- many Championship and the 2010 USBC Open basketball/baseball/football games and watch the faces
who loved to play the slots ---was reminiscent of the Championships have meant to the entire area during of the bowlers as they return from the National Bowling
silver rush days to nearby Virginia City in the late these tough economic times. Stadium and almost figure out who shot good and who
1890s. It was an amazing turnout for the WIBC tourna- In a down economy, we are very excited about hosting were disappointed with their score.
ment because the host bowling centers -- Carson Lanes such a great sports event for bowlers from across the 6. On a few occasions, I have been invited into the
and Bally's Grand Lanes -- were located about 35 miles world." Gregg said. "The USBC Open Championships Gold Room and it lives up to its name -- it's golden. I
apart. are great for the Reno-Tahoe area and having a conven- have been fortunate to get a lot of stories by interview-
Once the Reno/Sparks leaders decided to gamble their tion along with the actual tournament is a natural fit and ing bowling leaders in the Gold Room.
reputation on bowling, they had to talk both ABC and makes it a total event in my mind. 7. I love Italian food and the Italian restaurant in the
WIBC leaders into bringing their national tournaments “My father, Don Carano, and all my family, with an Eldorado (LaStrada) is second to none in my opinion.
to Reno once every three years. emphasis on Glenn Carano and Rick Murdock, have 8. Not even my buddy Chuck Pezzano, who used to
The opening ABC tournament at the National been and will continue to support the USBC, NBS and get lost in the Showboat even after 5,000 visits, cannot
Bowling Stadium in 1995 drew 85,664 bowlers and the the bowling industry when it comes to the Reno area. get lost in the Eldorado.
first WIBC tournament at the Stadium in 1997 attracted We believe in bowling." 9. The Eldorado has been very gracious about hosting
88,279 singles entries. Gregg then pointed out what I believe is true: "The Bowling Writers Association of America events and
Little wonder the Reno/Sparks delegation sweetened Eldorado and the Silver Legacy and Circus-Circus (the also meetings of the California Bowling writers. In
the pot when a new contract was signed. And little won- Tri-Properties) have been the No. 1 promoter of bowl- other words the Eldorado is writer friendly.
der Reno spent $1.3 million on renovations on the four ing since the sport started playing such a giant role in 10. Most of the employees seem to like bowlers. I
story building that occupies 330,000 square feet, the economic growth of the area." never will forget how a security guard helped the late
including a 100-seat theater. I wouldn't be surprised if Gregg was expecting to Joe Lyou, the greatest Korean-American bowling writer
The 2010 USBC Open Championship begins Feb. 20 bowl a couple good sets during the tournament and in the world and a good buddy, after he almost fainted
at the National Bowling Stadium and will run through wants to boast a little so that is why the Eldorado has coming out of the buffet one morning. The guard not
July 4. set up a dedicated area on the casino floor for tourna- only got Joe a wheel chair but took him to his room and
More than 72,000 male and female bowlers on 14,000 ment bowlers. It will be located behind the sports book helped him get in bed.
plus teams will bowl nine games in hopes of winning a and will be called the "Strike Zone" and feature daily All bowling roads between Feb. 20 and July 4 lead to
title and a beautiful gold eagle. drink specials for the duration of the tournament. Reno and many to the Eldorado.
Believe it or not, bowling has been responsible for I wonder if they will let old bowling writers in if I Email address:
more than 750,000 people driving or flying or taking a bring my tape recorder?
February 17 - 23, 2010 SPORTS REPORTER 5

James Joyner 300 at Hanover AT HOLIDAY

EAST HANOVER, NJ - James Joyner blasted a 300 game while Dwayne Shuart 789
competing in the West Morris Men's League at Hanover Lanes and fin- OAKLAND, NJ – Dwayne Shuart
ishing with a 729 series. led the scoring in the Tuesday
Jeffrey Fischman bowled games of 222, 268, and 256 for the night's Early Men’s League firing a 287
high series of 746. game for a high series of 789.
Paul Douvas posted a 715 set followed by Joe Thorpe 266-714, Greg Davidowicz hit 749, Frank
Romeo Lerro 279-710, Fred Shelton 270-710, Gil Maistro 709, Nathan Stampone 278-738, Paul Chiarello
Bryan 266-706 and Steve Stecher 706. 737, and Rick Gambuti 727.
In another session, Robert Russano and Fred Shelton blasted the pins
with Robert shooting games of 234, 268 and 266 for a 768 series and Keith Cienki 773
Fred shot 247-249-266 for a 762 series. OAKLAND, NJ- Keith Cienki led
Mark Carmen tallied a 720 set with a high 278 game and Joe the Wednesday Early Mixed
Borowic’s 717 highlighted by a 269 rounded out the 700 sets. League firing a 259 game for a
.. high series of 773.
Dennis Kish 300 at Carolier Dave Valerius hit 259-753, Ed
Casler 279-733, and Stacy
NO. BRUNSWICK, NJ- Dennis Kish fired a 300 game in the Valerius 268-267-740.
Middlesex County Major League at Zone Carolier.
Pete Danyo, Jr. rolled 290-256-242-788, Sean Riccardi 269-247- Tim Fitzgerald 774
247-763, Bill Daunno 217-268-268-753, J.D. Santalucia 269-237-235- OAKLAND, NJ – Tim Fitzgerald
741, Matt Hage 225-278-228-731, Nikki Bucci 2592-65-203-726, Ray led topped all rollers in the
Smarsh 278-208-238-724, Frank Bertucci 295-236-719. Monday Nite Early Mix League
firing a 268 game for a high series
Rob Giles 764 at Stelton Lanes of 774.
Ron Krzesinski hit 267-696,
PISCATAWAY, NJ – Rob Giles topped the scoring in the Thursday
Vicki Allen 248-680, and Stacey
Men’s League at Stelton Lane by rolling 255-230-279 for a 764 set.
Bade 237-668.
Ed Bienvenue shot 266-255-213-734, Rich Hunton 212-266-244-
722, Andrew Ducsak 236-245-225-706, and Keith Urquhart 224-249- Carl Larson III 742
OAKLAND, NJ – Carl Larson III
led the Sunday Adult Junior
Les Porzio 761 at Plaza Lanes League firing games of 268-258
MADISON, NJ – Les Porzio led the scoring in the Pharma Plus for a high series of 742.
League at Plaza Lanes when he posted a 279 game in a high series of Lee Woods hit 278-655, Don
761. Gross 638, and Carl Larson IV
Jon Russo hit 245-644, Joe Paino 224, and Carol Johansen 211. 224.
6 SPORTS REPORTER February 17 - 23, 2010

Brian O'Flaherty 742 at Montvale

MONTVALE, NJ - In a week of high scores in the Montvale Singles at Montvale
Lanes, Brian O'Flaherty led the pack with scores of 278, 239 and 225 for a 742 series.
Also bowling well was Bobby McCarthy, with a 238-234-193 for a 665 day, Mike
Wuhrman at 238-210, Bryan Kist 227-224, Nick Rossi 216-207, Tim Frantin 237, Eric
Sibbald 203, Jon Frantin 201 and Jason Prezant 199.

In the Strikers league, Jillian Holmsen was high for the day with a 160 game, Matt
Macchione shot a 158, Jamie Mager 157, Lauren Folkers 145, Tiffany Ebanks 139 and
122, and Davis Badaszewski had a 139.
For the Power Preps, Colin Hanrahan was high with games of 137 and 127, Nicholas
Leo rolled a 130 and Matthew Leo a 128 game.

Greg Work 743 at AMF Wallington Lanes

WALLINGTON, NJ - Greg Work, while rolling in the Tuesday Late 4-Man League at
Wallington Lanes, shot games of 257, 206 and 280 for the night's high game and series
finishing with a 743.
Paul Stamos bowled 719 followed by A. J. Johnson with 712, Mike Plafcan 279-704
and John
Jawor 266-702.
P LQ ^ Q [ QW V /
Q Z[ \X T IK MQQ VM IK PL /=):)6<--, 
): )6<--, 
[ K P W T I Z[P Q X [ In another session Darshan Shak rolled 256, 267 and 204 for a 727 series followed by
Jose Bermudez 696, Gary Vicente 671, and Frank Di Lorenzo 661.
At another meeting Paul Tortorici had high series at 721 and Larry Timpson had high
9 ] I T Q N a Q VO,I\M [" ,Q^Q[QWV[
, Q ^ Q[QW V[ game at 280. Tony Lore tallied a 709 set followed by Paul Stamos with 708, Frank
Lorenzo 706, Carlos Javier 702, Jeremy Rybak 696, Jamie Reid 693 and Albert Choi
I\ ] ZL Ia5 Ia \\P
P ; K ZI\KP, Q ^ Q[ QW V
;KZI\KP,Q^Q[QWV 689.
)^ M ZIOM [0 QOP M Z
 "XU "XU
"XU"XU Steve Semancik 717 at Parkway Lanes
0 I V LQK IX, Q ^ Q[ QW V
0IVLQKIX,Q^Q[QWV ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – Steve Semancik led all pin attackers with scores of 192-279-
)^M ZIOM [*M T W _
)^MZIOM[*MTW_ 246 for a 717series in the Wednesday, Teterboro Bowling League at Parkway Lanes.
I\ ] ZL Ia5
Ia 5 Ia
\ P
P  Joe Mercurio posted a 247 in a 709 set followed by Roy Castelein with 235-658, Rob
- 16)4;9=),7.
<0-99=)41.A 16/:7=6,
A )
Byrd 230-657, Rich Miller Sr. 234-653, Joe Garafola 246-647, James Willis 214-639,
Jim Lang 226-635, Jim Viola 247-634, Reyes Peralta 235-633.
At another meeting Rich Miller Sr. took the lead with scores of 279-191-235 for a
705 series followed by Jim Baer with 257-687, Jim Viola 266-676, Joe Mercurio 245-
; ] V L Ia5 Ia\ P
;]VLIa5Ia\P "851;764A78-6<7
"85 1;76 4A78
A -6<7 672, Rich DeRosa 244-666, Fons McKoy 256-665, Rich DeLorenzo Jr 257-661, Bill
*7?? 4- :;?0 7): - Scrivens 234-655, and Joe Donnarumma 234-653.
"XU"XU :--6<-:16/
: --6<- : 16/

78 -6 <7 )
)44 A7=<0*7?
)44A7= <0 *7?
? 4- :;
W ] Z V IUM V \.W Z U I\"
* W _ TM Z[_ Q T TM V \M Z_ Q \ P\ P M Q ZP QOP M [ \ !
[ M I [ W VJ W W SI^M ZIO M 
0 I V LQK I XQ [J I [ M L! N
; K ZI\K P, Q ^ Q [ Q W V "* W _ T [O IUM [IK ZW [ [ TIVM[
0 I V LQK I X,
X , Q ^ Q [ Q W V "*
" * W _ T [O
[  O IUM [I
[ IK ZW [ [T
[  T I VM [ 
= V 4 Q U Q \M LZM M V \ Z QM [X T IK MW V K M 
<W XQ VM IK PLQ ^ Q [ Q W VZM K M Q ^M; K P W T I Z[P Q X5W VM a
J I [ M LW VM V \ Z QM [ 

.00 USBC

Q V I T [";
" ; I\ ] ZL Iaa5
a 5 Ia
Ia V L 


.Q V I T [N W Z U I\"
<W XJ W _ TM Z[Q VM IK PLQ ^ Q [ Q W V_ Q T TIL ^ I V K M\ W\ P MN Q V I T [  7>- : 

V[ K P W T I Z[ P Q X [
6 W V ?Q V VM Z[_ Q T TIL ^ I V K M\ W\ P M++ W V \M V LM Z[*ZIK S M \.Q V I T5 I\K P_ Q T T P
K W V [ Q [ \W N?Q V VM Z[*ZIK S M \K P IU X Q W VI V L+ W V \M V LM Z[*ZIK S M \K P IU X Q W V  Q V\M VaM I Z[

.7:),,1< 176)416.7: 5)< 176+76<<)+<<" . : )6 3? 1 43 16

.7:),,1<176)416.7:5)<176+76<)+<".:)63?14316;76 6;76 !!
0 a T I V* W ] TM ^ I ZL;;\ I\M V1 [ T I V L 6M _A
AW Z S_ _ _ ZI J [ T I VM [  K WU
February 17 - 23, 2010 SPORTS REPORTER 7

Jaylin Floyd is Bowler of the Week Anthony Pepe, Kelly Kulick Update
In Stan Niemieck Youth Travelers SEATTLE, Wash. - After her historic win in the Professional Bowlers
By Vince Albrecht
Luis Gomez Association Tournament of Champions two weeks ago, Kelly Kulick of
HACKENSACK, NJ 01-17-10 - Jaylin Floyd, who’s been melting the
pins for Manchester high school lately, found his groove in the Stan
LIGBT Champs Union, N.J., will return to competition in the Bayer Don and Paula
Carter Mixed Doubles at Brunswick Zone Wheat Ridge in Wheat
Niemiec Youth Travel League this past Sunday at Bowler City, earning SYOSSET, NY - The LIGBT, Ridge, Colo. Feb 16-21.
Bowler of the Week status by mercilessly pounding the maples for thirty sponsored by Columbia 300, had Kulick became the first woman to win a Lumber Liquidators PBA
frames, finishing with 255-693 with notable backing from teammates’ another big event at AMF East Tour event by defeating Chris Barnes, 265-195, in the title match of
Jake Rollins 191,216 and Chris Marco-Hunt 200,190, Jaylin led his Fair Meadow. Close to 120 bowlers the Tournament of Champions, one of the PBA Tour’s four major
Lawn II team back into first place with a 5-2 win over Bowler City; the packed the center which featured championships.
latter’s top scores came from Stacy Fernandez 199-562 and Ray Geller some of the highest scoring in “It’s been a dream of mine to win a PBA Tour event but I couldn’t
180,183. LIGBT history. Standing with the have imagined it would have come in the Tournament of Champions,”
Holiday Bowl II climbed into fourth place behind the glitzy play of Rich champion’s trophy at the end of said the 32-year-old right-hander after her victory.
Gutches 245-620, Tim Scott 243-615 and this year’s Passaic County the day was scratch winner Kulick was the second woman to bowl for a PBA Tour title, but the
Girls Champion Colette Malyack 213-599 their combined efforts were Anthony Pepe ($1,000) and hand- first - Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y. – lost her bid against Tommy
enough to take two of three from Fair Lawn I which had fine outings icap winner Luis Gomez ($500). Jones in the 2005 Banquet Open. Both women will be on hand for the
from Simon Lezaja 213-592 and Deandre Lightly 213-583. The scoring at AMF East Bayer Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles, and both will come to
Individual average leader Bryan Kist scored 226-614, Bobby McCarthy Meadow was outstanding and a town with high expectations.
205-585 and Brian O’Flaherty 202-579, bringing about a 5-2 win for Kulick, who has been dealing with a national media whirlwind since
surprised to all. Anthony Pepe,
Montvale II over Holiday Bowl I which rallied to win the finale behind her Tournament of Champions win, is eager to step out of the spotlight
from Queens, NY, has been a
Brian Rizzi’s 241 and Rob Andresen’s 216. Montvale I escaped the cel- and get back to business.
dominant figure in the LIGBT but
lar, securing seven points as Ryan Cauwels tallied three deuces for 624, “It’s been pretty hectic but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,” Kulick
had never won a title. That is now
the session’s second best set and teammate Bobby Manella emerged said. “But I can’t wait until I get back on the lanes again where I do
history as Anthony took home the
with a huge over average performance of 196-540. what I do best.”
$1,000 top prize with a wonderful She will be after her third PBA Women’s Series title of the 2009-10
258 game in the finals. The final
Mihai Cristea 300 at T-Bowl Lanes shootout had 2 lefties and 2 right-
season. During the PBA World Series of Bowling in Detroit last
August, Kulick won a pair of PBA Women’s Series presented by
WAYNE, NJ – Mihai Cristea topped the scoring in the Knights of ies. The top righty, and second BOWL.COM titles – the PBA women’s Shark Championship and the
Pythias League at T-Bowl Lanes blasting a 300 game. place finisher was senior bowler inaugural PBA Women’s World Championship, which gave her the
Mark Duca hit 289-753, Steve Dehaan 737, Steve Aiello 248-722, Sean Joe Conigliaro of Valley Stream, first berth ever for a woman in the PBA Tournament of Champions.
Crapps 730, Anthony Lentine 277-704, Mark Galliano 700, and Jason NY who came up 1 pin short with She converted that opportunity into a historic victory against a field of
Barkley 671. his 257 game. Joe earned $600 62 male PBA champions.
for second place. Johnson will arrive in Colorado as defending Mixed Doubles cham-

Other top finishers were David pion. She and Norm Duke won the 2009 Don and Paula Carter Mixed
Parker of Brooklyn, who finished Doubles in Reno, Nev., but if she wins again, it’ll be with a different
third and earned $400 and Tom partner. Duke, who has been nursing an injured ankle, has withdrawn
Zientarski, of Rockville Center, from the Mixed Doubles.
ROUTE 22, UNION, NJ NY who earned $250 for his 4th Despite their recent successes, there is no guarantee Kulick or

908-687-9300 place finish. Tom, was the quali- Johnson will even make the match play finals field in Wheat Ridge. A
fying leader by averaging 255 for field of the 32 of the best women bowlers in the world will be on hand
the day. A total of 11 bowlers for the final PBA Women’s Series presented by BOWL.COM event of
DANNY WILLIAMS, PROPRIETOR advanced to the finals. The total the season, and those 32 will compete for 16 spots in the match play
AL BRIDGES, MANAGER payout for the scratch competi- finals where they will be paired with the top 16 qualifiers from the
tion exceeded $5,000. field of 64 men.
The 210 and under handicap The unique mixed doubles format requires PBA Tour male players
event had a huge turnout as 72 and PBA Women’s Series players to compete in separate 14-game
bowlers jammed the lanes look- qualifying rounds. Based on their qualifying ranking, the top 16 men
ing to take home the $500 top and top 16 women will be paired together to compete in match play.
After 16 head-to-head doubles matches, the top five teams will
prize and champion’s trophy. Luis
advance to the stepladder finals. The finals format will use the Baker
Gomez, Corona, NY outlasted
Format where each player will bowl five alternate frames to combine
everyone to earn the title. Luis
for one score.
finished third in qualifying but
The Bayer Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles finals will be tele-
barely made it through the first vised live by ESPN at 1 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Mountain) on Sunday,
round of the finals. He shot a 235 Feb. 21.
to advance which was the cut
Luis had to defeat two great
competitors in the final shootout.
Finishing second was Mack
Oakman Jr. of Wheatley Heights,
NY who shot a 237 and earned
$350. The third place finisher,
with a 218 game, was Alex
Padmore of Jamaica, NY who
earned $250. A total of 18
bowlers advanced to the finals
and enjoyed a $2,800 prize fund.

It Pays to Advertise in the

Sports Reporter
8 SPORTS REPORTER February 17 - 23, 2010


Brian Lynch 717 Carmine Latin 714 Lauro Perez 698 Robert Dickerson 762 Bobby Willis 289-722
HOPELAWN, NJ – Brian Lynch HOPELAWN, NJ – Carmine Latin HOPELAWN, NJ – Lauro Perez ROCKAWAY, NJ – Robert ROCKAWAY, NJ – Bobby Willis
topped the scoring in the Raritan topped the scoring in the His & led the scoring in the Sunday Nite Dickerson topped the Foursome led the Classic Trios League firing
Bay Men’s League firing games of Hers League firing games of 235- Mixed League firing games of League firing 279-268-215 for a games of 289-216-217 for a 722.
212-248-257 for a high series of 257-222 for a high series of 714. 261-206-231 for a high series of high 762 set. Tyrone Waal hit 266-226-220-
717. Shelly Jacques shot 236-218- 698. Ray Skovonsky hit 247-239-200- 712, Joe Karas 2582-36-688,
James Medoro shot 204-257- 223-677, Bonnie Desimone 206- Dennis Quintana shot 257-227- 686, John Zielinsky 269-215-679, Harry Franz 267, Sean D’Amico
232-693, Joey Weisenstein 234- 215-215-636, Dennis DeCrosta 669, John Delgado 216-213-611, Ricky Exner 250, Lies’l Apgar 267, and Lies’l Apgar 223-207-
224-212-670, Sean Irvine 248- 229-212-633, Mary EllenOehler Tono Mendez 234-601, Anthony 236-205-634, and Joan Dakak 221. 213-643.
223-668, Gabe Ferrari 212-227- 215-214-616, Andy Shafer 225- Herrign 226-204, Cid Stentella Kreg Gibbons 704 Robert Scott 674
228-667, Dave Jackowski 275- 608, Stecey Riebesell 204-235- 235, Frank Nebus 204-212, and ROCKAWAY, NJ- Kreg Gibbons ROCKAWAY, NJ – Robert Scott
203-665, Aaron Kilichowski 215- 607, and John Strassner 224-600. Carole Lopoez 192-180. topped the scoring in the Monday paced the County Tuesday Night
243-205-663, Ted Lapka 225-258- Joe Mosquera 690 In the Atlantic City Trios League Early Birds with 247-234-223 for Mixed League rolling 242-209-
660, Ben Sheedy 279-651, Charlei HOPELAWN, NJ – Joe Mosquera Mike Vicomini shot 239-215-215- a 704 high series. 223 for a high series of 674.
Diehl, Jr. 227-236-647, Ray paced the Thursday Mixed Nuts 669, Jeff Warmke 225-225-634, John Zielinsky hit 246-207-230- Ricky Torres shot 269-210-648,
Velazquez 215-212-217-644, Ed League firing games of 215-234- Willie Hall 227-619, Dave 683, Joe Miller 259, Dale Eppel Pat Hill 246, Ron Curtis and Brian
Hayes, Jr. 247-638, Rob Williams 241 for a high series of 690. Wybraniecd 211-237-617, Chris 249, and Michelle Clouse 201. Dungan 245, Mikey Pukas 211-
258-634, Craig Hockman 214- John Sylso hit 255-232-684, Kevin Freedley 234, Erick Kerekes 219- Charles Wilfong 682 204-606, and Sue Marrero 255.
212-217-644, Diana Ragusa 279- Kennelly 214-258-667, Joe Herber 224, Mike Rodriguez 224, Ralph Julio Soto 658
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Charles
630, Ray Velazquez 215-212-102- 213, and Sharon Medoro 200. Doerfler 206-223, and Joe
Wilfong led the County Tuesday ROCKAWAY, NJ – Julio Soto led
617, Harry Combe 206-226-624, In the Vacation League Lauro Cordisco 212.
Night Mixed League firing 257- the scoring in the Spanish-
Elliot Carrasco 205-213-205-623, Perez rolled 289-630, Richard Dorien Soto shot 211-201-231-
215-210 for a high series of 682. American Mixed League firing
and Bob Kerwin 234-606. Maddock 204-208-603, Sean 643, Matt Cestone 213-218-614,
Matt Pukas shot 235-224-223- games of 259-208 for a high series
In the Avenel Youth League Williams 230-600, Mike Garcia Vinny Medvetz 216, Mike Serio
682, Andre Traverso 258, Bill of 658.
Wayne Babert hit 246-213-654, 204-214, and Willie Freeman 202. 221, Andrew Smith 215, and
Ratliff 256, Tyron Roberts 244, Joe Goodsons hot 214-245-654,
Jason Ciszewski 234, Kristy In another session Mike Garcia Frank Coghan 201 in the Thursday
Sandy Turner 248, and Brenda Jack Gonzalez 200-225-226-651,
Bebert 186, and Tyler Sharfetz hit 211-232, Lauro Perez 205, and Nite Mixed League
Stewart 214. Lupe Zaragoza and Benny Nieves
179. Laura Grabowski 202. Steven Kertesz 685 Joe Goodson 648 247.
HOPELAWN, NJ- Steven Kertesz John Neral rolled 247-621, Chip
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Joe Goodson
led the scoring in the Saturday Vincent 229, Keith Garrison 229,
rolled 245-202-201-648, Julio
Nite Mixed League firing games and Alison Gomer 201 in the PBA
Soto 257-640, and Tyrone Waal
of 215-269-201 for a high series of 243-202-201-637 in the Spanish- Experience League.
685. American League. Nichole Spratford 617
Lenny Gonzalez hit 248-223-
670, Rose Lada 206-237-226-669, Miguel Galloza 248 ROCKAWAY, NJ – In the PBA
ROCKAWAY, NJ – Miguel Experience League Nichole
John Kertesz 255-211-657, Mike Spratford took the spotlight when
Newman 216-232-628, Ricky Galloza rolled 248, Ricky Exner
247, Jonathan Larick 242, and she hit 215-209-617, Ken
Smith 210-219-623, Chris Yokobosky ran a close second
Huntley 246, Dave Wybraniec Donna Formica 202 in the
rolling 228-208-606, and Curt
214-204, Rolondo Vazquez 210, Monday Nite Mixed League. Frazier followed with 208-206-
and Barbara Oliveira 207. 604.
In the Friends and Family League
Vinnie Milazzo shot 213-227-636, Walter Ray Williams Jr, Makes
Andre Strazza 238, Diane Martino
207-210, and Linda Lynch 221. Dream Come True for 15-year-old
Jack Gale 659 PBA Hall of Famer and all-time titles leader Walter Ray Williams Jr.,
HOPELAWN, NJ- Jack Gale took made a dream come true for 15-year-old Eric Mandzuch of Los
the high series honors in the Angeles, who has recently recovered eye cancer, prior to the start of
Friday Late Night Mixed League the One A Day Dick Weber Open.
firing games of 212-223-224 for a The Make-A-Wish Foundation and PBA teamed up to allow
high series of 659. Mandzuch to bowl with Williams at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley,
Vincent Babcock shot 227-203- Calif., where the teenager also received some valuable pointers to help
with his game during a friendly three-game match.
204-634, Michaen Benvenuto
"I'm overwhelmed to be here," said Mandzuch, who holds a 194
201-207-222-630, Thomas Tobias
average. "It's amazing to see all these pros here. Being here is giving
275-625, Dennis Lawrence 254-
me a lot of inspiration to pursue my dream of becoming a pro bowler."
608, Mike Jasion 212-207, and
While Williams won their three-game match (608-531), the experi-
Tim Fink 241.
ence was something Mandzuch will never forget.
"He gave me a lot of help with my spares," the Culver Park
"Twenty years from now you Independent Study High School sophomore said. "I found out how
will be more disappointed by tough it was to bowl on PBA lane conditions. I can see why these guys
the things that you didn't do are the best."
than by the ones you did do. The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with
So throw off the bowlines. life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience
with hope, strength and joy. Founded in 1980 when a group of caring
Sail away from the safe harbor. volunteers helped a young boy fulfill his dream of becoming a police
Catch the trade winds in your officer, the Foundation is now the largest wish-granting charity in the
sails. world, with 65 chapters in the United States and its territories. With the
Explore. help of generous donors and nearly 25,000 volunteers the Make-A-
Dream. Wish Foundation grants a wish every 40 minutes and has granted more
than 180,000 wishes in the United States since its inception. For more
information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit and
-Mark Twain discover how you can "share the power of a wish®."