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Gasketed plate heat exchanger for marine and offshore applications

Designed for seawater cooling systems, the Alfa Laval T35 gasketed plate heat exchanger provides longer running times,
less fouling and reduced maintenance costs.

Some 30 years ago, Alfa Laval introduced central cooling
systemsto the marine and offshore industries with the
AlfaLaval M30 gasketed plate heat exchanger. Due to its
solid performance, the M30 has been amainstay onboard
theworlds fleets.
When investing in new heat exchangers for todays vessels,
ship owners, operators and yards are looking for ways to
reduce costs, boost performance and meet energy efficiency
and emission requirements. Recent technological advances
contribute to improved performance, greater reliability and
lower lifecycle costs that have a positiveimpact on profitability.

T35 gasketed plate heat exchanger from Alfa Laval

The Alfa Laval T35 gasketed plate heat exchanger is the
next generation of large plate heat exchangers designed
for central cooling systems, lube oil cooling systems and
coolingsystemsin exhaust gas cleaning applications.

Engineered for cost-effectiveness, the Alfa Laval T35 has a

newheat exchanger platform optimized for durability and high
mechanical strength. Compared to other large gasketed plate
heat exchangers, the T35 with its innovative plate, gasket and
frame designs delivers unrivalled thermal efficiency, greater
temperature flexibility and minimal fouling. These innovations
also contribute to significant gains in heat transfer efficiency
and reduce investment, operating and maintenance costs.
For added value, each Alfa Laval T35 is custom built and
optimized for the unique operating requirements of the
vessel.Moreover, the T35s compact size makes it easy
to install where space is limited as well as easyto expand
whenadditional capacity is required.
The T35s space-saving design and innovative features
means that less raw materials are used to achieve higher
heat transfer efficiency than comparable units. All told, that
amounts to lower total cost of ownership, making the T35
asolid choice for profit-minded ship owners.

Features and benefits

Lower investment costs
Upfront investment costs of the T35
with its innovative platform and patented
plate design are considerably lower
than comparable marine central cooling
solutionsusing conventional plates.

Low maintenance costs

With its highly uniform flow distribution,
the T35 eliminates stagnant zones and
reduces fouling. The intervals between
cleaning are therefore longer, which
means more uptime and lower costs for
labour, cleaning fluid and spare parts.

Higher heat transfer efficiency

With its patented plate pattern, the
AlfaLaval T35 provides superior flow
distribution across the entire plate
surfaceand maintains a low pressure
drop in the distribution area, making
use of a greater portion of the available
pressure drop for heat transfer.

Easy to open and close

New frame features make opening the
T35, when required, speedy and efficient. These include the Swing Foot,
Five-Point Alignment System, bearing
boxes on tightening bolts and protected
stainless steel pressure plate roller.

Flexible and compact

Two different plate and frame sizes offer
greater flexibility, enabling the T35 to be
tailor-made to the available installation
space. This reduces costs and makes
it possible to expand capacity in limited
Reduced operating costs and
Compared to traditional heat exchangers
that have an equivalentheat transfer
area, the T35 offers a lower pressure
drop to fulfil the thermalduty. In this
case, the investment costs are more or
less the same; however, the operating
costs for the T35 are lower because the
lower pressure drop results in reduced
pumping costs with energy savings of
up to 20% and subsequentreductions
in carbon emissions.

Global support from a leading supplier

Alfa Laval is a truly global supplier and
experienced marine equipment and
solutions partner. Shipyards can expect
clear and thorough T35 documentation
as well as expert consultation. Ship
owners can rely on a worldwide network of harbour support, with technical
support, onboard service and genuine
spare parts available at short notice.

Innovative T35 features

The Alfa Laval T35 gasketed plate
heat exchanger incorporates innovative featuresand enhancements
that simplify installation, operation
and maintenanceas well as boost
overall performance. Cost, efficiency
and serviceability are behind these
noteworthynew T35 features:

Improved plate design for higher

thermal efficiency
The Alfa Laval T35 features the
patentednew Alfa Laval CurveFlow
plate pattern with patented distribution
area that has unique advantages:
Lower pressure drop in the distribution area compared to conventional
Superior flow distribution with
uniformflow velocities across the
Higher mechanical strength.
Non-circular portholes for improved
flow distribution and higher heat
transfer efficiency.
Moreover, the transition between the
heat transfer surface area and the distribution and porthole area includes a
divergentflow distribution strip. This
evenly distributes the flow across the
entire plate at a uniform speed, further
improving heat transferefficiencywhilst
eliminating stagnant flow zones.
Enhanced gasket attachment system
for reduced maintenance costs
Patented Alfa Laval ClipGrip attachment system offers improved gasket
fixation, enabling 100% glue-free
fastening. This provides easier handling
and maintenance of glue-free plates
as well as improved turnaround times
for service and re-gasketing. The new
design also extends gasket lifetime and
lowers replacement costs.

Heat transfer efficiency

Flow velocity



T35 plates

Conventional plates


The T35 plates provide uniform distribution

at high velocity, which results in higher heat
transfer efficiency than conventional plates.
This eliminates stagnant zones and reduces

Alfa Laval gives you global support, technical

advice, onboard service and fast access to
spare parts.

The Alfa Laval ClipGrip attachment system

holds the glue-free gasket firmly in its groove.

The new Alfa Laval T35 plate design raises

thermal efficiency and minimizes fouling.

The system is optimized for high and

low pressures, for different plate thicknesses, and for quick mounting and
secure positioning. Moreover, ClipGrip
significantly reduces the risk of gasket
creep, plate pack misalignment and
leakage compared to traditional gluedgasket plate heat exchangers. However,
glue-type gasketsare also available, if

the rollers from jamming. An added

advantage: the reduced overall height
of the plate heat exchanger, which
makes it easy to install in areas with
limited space.

between the plate and the carrying

and guide bars, keeps the plates in
the correct position.

Lightweight frame for ease of

installationand maintenance
The enhanced lightweight frame design
with optimized frame thickness, two
frame heights, updated marine class
approval, new roller assembly and
special foot attachment make the T35
easier to install and easier to open and
close. These enhancements also contribute to ease of maintenance.
Slide-out roller assembly
Positioned underneath the carrying bar, this next-generation roller
assemblyeasily slides in both
directions, protecting the stainless
steel T-bar from contamination and
preventing the pressure plate on

Slide-out roller assembly.

Carrying bar.

Swing Foot
Swing Foot makes it possible, when
servicing the heat exchanger, to
move the frame feet to the side without removing them. Moreover, the
bolts that hold the foot in place are
positioned in an oblong slot, which
enables radial adjustment to compensate for any deflection of the carrying
bar. This ensures that sufficient space
is available to remove the bolts and
swing the foot to one side, even
when a downwards force is exerted
by the pressure plate.
Five-Point Alignment System
During the critical closing procedure
of the heat exchanger, the force of
the compressed gaskets generally
exerts pressure, which tends to push
the plates out of position. This FivePoint Alignment System, which is
named after the five contact points

Guide bar.

Maintenance intervals: Due to the
superior anti-fouling characteristics
ofthe T35, regular maintenance intervals can be avoided. Maintenance
should only be carried out if there is
a notable reduction in performance,
such as a reduction in pressure.
The System Manual provides detailed
information in electronic or printed
Installation instructions
Operating instructions
Service and spare parts
Commissioning and technical services
are available from all Alfa Laval offices
to start up the system and to provide
advice about operation and maintenance.
Onboard training for the crew is
availableupon request.

Flexible and compact tailor made

to available installation space.

Standard material
Frame/pressure plate


Capacity range
The Alfa Laval T35 gasketed plate
heatexchanger is custom-built to
accommodate vessel capacity and
canaccommodateflow rates of up
to1900 m3/h for seawater duties.

Technical data
Design pressure (g)
T35P-FL pvcALS 0.6 MPa

T35P-FM pvcALS 1.0 MPa/

TS35P-FM pvcALS 1.0 MPa/

T35P-FM PED 1.0 MPa

TS35P-FM PED 1.0 MPa
Design temperatures
Nitrile NBR up to 140C

EPDMC up to 160C
Plate types
T35-P / TS35-P
Connection size
350 mm/14", 300 mm/12"
Connection Standard
See below

Other materials, grades and custom paints are available upon request.

T35P dimensional drawing, mm




MDD00041EN 1310

How to contact Alfa Laval

Up-to-date Alfa Laval contact details
for all countries are always available on
our website at

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TS35P dimensional drawing, mm





21016376 21016376

Alfa Laval reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.

Alfa Laval CurveFlow and Alfa Laval ClipGrip are trademarks owned by Alfa Laval Corporate AB.
ALFA LAVAL is a trademark registered and owned by Alfa Laval Corporate AB.

Particulars required for quotation

Flow rates or heat load
Temperature program
Physical properties of fluids in
Desired working pressure and
Allowable pressure drops

Mild steel, coated with water-based epoxy paint

Carbon steel, rubber linings
Metal lined: Stainless steel Alloy 316, Titanium
Stainless steel Alloy 304, Alloy 316, Titanium
Nitrile, EPDM

Optional equipment
Glued gaskets
Port filter
Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) unit
Instrument rings for connection of
thermometers, pressure indicators,
vent and drain valves