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Alfred B.

2801 Keith Street apt# P-3 Temple Hills, Maryland 20748
H: (240)619-2017 C: (202)409-1335 or

Objective: To build upon, and advance in the field of Information Technology by

continuously improving and expanding my skill set through hands on and
theory based challenges.

Summary of
• Customer Assistance and Help Desk Supervision.
• Professional maintenance and replacement of Microsoft
Windows PC and Apple hardware components.

• Installation, configuration and upgrading of Microsoft

Windows PC and Apple hardware components.

• RAID 0/1/5 Setup, Maintenance, Repair and Backup to

increase system speed and efficiency.

• Imaging, Backup, Configuration of Computer Lab Systems

to limit downtime.

• IP address assignment of Administrative Systems, Printers

and Internet devices.

• Networking Security Configuration of lab systems and

wireless modules.

• Maintenance, Repair and Tracking for Laptop Carts

numbering thirty systems

• Network Server Maintenance (Server 2000, Server 2003).

• Setting up domain precedence in a multi tiered, multi OSI

model setup, streamlining incongruencies to limit network

• Cabling and utility of WLAN, WAN, WEP, WAP Networking

Desktop Installation Technician
SOTEC Resources (General Service Administration)
October 27, 2008 – October 31, 2008 (Project Suspended

• Migrated user data to share point on an external hard

• Disassembled their current workstation
• Installed new workstation, which included: Dell Inspirion
laptop, docking station, and LCD Monitors
• Migrated data from share point and restored to new
• Reassured user data was consistent with data migrated to
share point.
• All systems are running Window’s XP Professional Edition

Desktop Installation Technician

Prism- Pointe Technologies (AMC Hoffman Centre 22
October 7, 2008 (One Day Contract)

• Set up Data Share Server

• Pulled all user data from workstations using Microsoft Data
Transfer feature within the OS (all current workstations are
running Window’s ME)
• Disassembled workstation
• Installed IBM Think Centre Desktops (Microsoft XP
previously installed by CDW-G)
• Pushed user data from Data Share Server
• Converted Data Share server into workstation
• Reassign user login information

Technology Support Assistant

Friendship Schools
May 2006 – May 2008

• Answered service calls from staff and administration

• Resolved network problems (IP address errors,
connectivity problems, etc)
• Supported over 1,600 users
• Built desktops to cut down on downtime of desktops in
classrooms and offices
• Used TRACK It and School Dude to track user requests and
• Maintained Active directory while primary technician was
• Troubleshot Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP Professional
• Used Cloning device and Norton’s Ghost and a Ghost
Server to reimage Dell, IBM/ Lenovo, and Toshiba Laptops
and Desktop Computers
• Supported Symantec Anti- virus; Microsoft Office
2000/2003/2007; Mac editions of Office 2000/2003.

Administrative Assistant
Friendship Schools
May 2005 – May 2006

• Customer Service, Office Management, Inter/ Intra Office

Records and Correspondence according to standard
operating procedures.

Education Strayer University (1/12/09- Present)

• Currently enrolled in online course for Bachelor of
Science in Information Systems- Computer Security

ICI System, Inc. (7/9/2008)

• Passed CompTIA A+ IT Technician exam

Friendship Collegiate Academy (8/1999- 6/2004)

• Obtained High School Diploma

Currently seeking CompTIA A+ Essentials, Network

+, Security +, Cisco and Microsoft Certifications
Professional Upon Request